Angelina Jolie Schedules C-section For Next Tuesday

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Angelina Jolie is set to give birth to twins via a scheduled c-section in a French hospital next Tuesday, according to a report.

America’s In Touch Weekly magazine claims the Tomb Raider star — who has been staying at the private Lenval hospital in Nice for a week — is said to be so ‘fed up’ with the pregnancy — she’s demanded to have a Caesarean.

While staff there were amazed by her extreme politeness when she first arrived, Angelina has become increasingly grouchy over the last few days, the publication claims.

A source says, “She’s starting to feel that the staff are starstruck and not attentive enough.

“She’s throwing fits if she rings and they don’t come quick enough.”

The 33-year-old has even insisted she be served salmon for lunch, despite the dish not being on the hospital menu.

The source added, “And I don’t mean asked — demanded. The food at Lenval isn’t very good – it’s hospital food – and I think she was fed up.

“A staffer went out and bought some and it was made for her.

“I think she’s in meltdown mode. She’s been getting upset if there’s not enough ice in her glass.

“She’s not walking around anymore. She doesn’t even take a shower early in the morning. She just stays in bed, talking on her phone, typing on her computer, reading magazines and watching TV.”

However, Angelina becomes a little happier when partner Brad Pitt drops by for a couple of hours each day.

“Brad has visited almost every day by helicopter or car,” the insider said. “He always stays for two or three hours.”

And when Brad, 44, brought the couple’s four children — Maddox, six; Zahara, three; Pax , four; and Shiloh, two — Angelina was ecstatic.

The source added, “She completely lit up. She was laughing and smiling. You can tell they mean a lot to her.”

The twins will be the fifth and sixth children for the couple — who along with their family have been staying in the south of France in preparation for the birth since their arrival shortly before the Cannes Film Festival in May.