Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out at Sarah Palin

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lindsay Lohan isn’t happy with Republican vice presidential candidate John McCain’s choice of running mate, Sarah Palin.

“I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin,” the actress, 22, wrote on her MySpace blog Sunday.

“I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female,” Lohan said.

“I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president,” she added.

Although Lohan said she feels “it’s necessary for me to clarify that I am not against Sarah Palin as a mother or woman”, the star believes that Palin — the Incumbent Governor of Alaska — isn’t ready to run the country.

She said, “I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor, which is probably all she is qualified to be.

“Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

Lohan — who is rumored to be in a relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson — also referenced Palin’s views on homosexuality.

“Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

“Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?”

In conclusion, Lohan cited an Associated Press story reporting that Palin’s church advocates a conference about prayer curing homosexuality. Wrote Lohan: “Palin’s Desire to “save and convert the gays” – really??”

Ronson also chimed in.

“Vote for obama!” Ronson wrote. “Mainly because if she gets elected my green card probably won’t get renewed!!!”


  • Anonymous

    Um – who is Lindsay Lohan?

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha!!!… Does anyone care what ditzee lowHAN has to say??? Too funny!

  • H


    Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    A. Lincoln

  • pmp

    I love it!! Every time a celbutard opens his or her mouth (maybe both in this case), the Repubs gain a couple more points in the polls. By the time HOhan, Matt Dumass Damon, Barbara Striesand, etc get done spouting off, McCain/Palin will be coasting to the White House in a landslide. Please, please promise us you’ll leave the country when McCain wins…and then keep your promise.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘good points’ Lohan made are based on ignorance, which explains her support for Obama.
    No point in going into details for the sheeple in here, but Lohan’s arguments and points are based on factually incorrect information Lohan likely read off some blog at DailyKos. Just more of Hollywood pseudo-intellectualism rearing its ugly arse head.

  • Anonymous

    A 22 year old sexually confused drug and alcohol addicted so called entertainer who comes from a white trash background makes a profound statement. I am on the edge of my seat awaiting her next political editorial.

  • Ampersand

    Thank you Lohan! I’ve been waiting to hear your opinion before I decided who to give my vote to. Everyone knows you are world renown for your brilliant into so many things… including politics of course! Now I’m off to the P-Diddy blog to get more educated! Thank god for you celebs!! How would us common folk figure anything out if you weren’t there to lean us on the facts!!
    Osama 08!


  • Anonymous

    So we’re here griping cause some ex-coke snorting, too hard partying, not sure if she’s straight or guy whiner who barely has a high school education and has shown to be completely over(rated, paid, exposed) drunk says someone who’s accomplished more than her is only qualified to be a news anchor. Wait I was going somewhere with this.

    Lindsay says for Palin to be news anchor cause thats “all she is qualified to be” is sad. Cause Lindsay can barely act, can’t sing, is no longer easy on the eyes…I could go on but I’ve wasted enough time thinking about what Lohan “thinks”.

  • lezby hohan

    The less we see of your snatch, er, face the better. The next time you think, don’t.

  • Greg

    Lindsey Lohan is truly a train wreck. Lack of talent, lack of relevancy, lack of moral integrity; classic HOLLYWOOD EXAMPLE!! So vote OBAMA and let’s teach our children and grandchildren the importance of what Hollywood stands for; condoms and sex education in kindergarten, that marriage between a man and a woman is old fashioned, bring on the gays into every aspect of our lives, allow sex predators to prey on our children, and sex up the rest of the nation through sleazy programs for the almighty buck. Go Hollywood, go Obama, the French love him, the terrorists love him, what are we waiting for? Let’s join the socialists and let’s destroy the nation, let’s go Obama, he wants complete change! The same man who won’t wear an American Flag, salute the flag, talk about how much he loves America, but instead will fly over to Germany and the rest of Europe and tell them how much he hates AMERICA. Where are the alarm bells people?!

  • Anonymous

    Jesus said the following and He is the ultimate authority and the final judge of such things:

    (Rom 1:26 KJV) For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    (Rom 1:27 KJV) And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

    (Rom 1:28 KJV) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    (Rom 1:29 KJV) Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    (Rom 1:30 KJV) Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    (Rom 1:31 KJV) Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    (Rom 1:32 KJV) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    Let God’s Word be the final authority on what is or is not sin. Homosexuals will have their place in the lake of fire along with the others who will not repent, accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and live a holy life. Without holiness no man [or woman] shall see God. But there is hope in Jesus Christ who loved all of us so much he died for our sin. But for God’s grace, there go all of us. Thank you, Jesus.

    (John 15:13 KJV) Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    (John 15:14 KJV) Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

  • Wiley

    “I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female,” Lohan said.”

    Ya know Lohan, I feel the same way about electing the first African American President. But let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.
    How on earth we ended up with a candidate for President with less experience than even Palin is to say the least quite puzzling.

    Guess I’ll have to vote for the most qualified at the top of the ticket, John McCain.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief…doesn’t Lindsay have a rehab session to make? Or a traffic court hearing? Or a counseling session with her mommy and daddy?

    Listen up Lindsay – you are irrelevant to America. Just keep giving your gratuitous nip shots and shut your mouth.

  • USAmomof4

    Well…I was going to vote for Obama BUT…since Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson and Matt Damon have all come out in support of him, I’m going to have to take another look. That’s downright scary! Man! If you guys can relate to him, he must be worse than I thought he was! I’m taking another look at McCain-Palin. Thanks, Lindsay, for the encouragement!

  • doug

    the informed and persuasive ms lohan must not have received the copy of “us weekly magazine” with barry hussein obama on the cover…

  • Anonymous

    A 22 year old ignorant, sexually confused, alcohol and drug abusing, white trash, uneducated imbecile from a broken, abusive home makes a profound statement on her political views. I am on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting her next comments, political or otherwise.

  • Independent Voter Tired of Hollywood

    Yes! Another spoiled rich kid with an arrest record, and no talent (yep, ever see Georgia Rule?) doesn’t like a good role model mom and politician. Jealousy, or just plain poor judgment — who knows? But she picks politicians like she drives — very poorly.

    Thanks to the Hollywood “elites” telling responsible, hard-working American women how to vote, support for McCain and Palin keeps rising. So keep telling us how to vote and pouring your big money into Obama’s coffers, and we’ll keep working harder for the true mavericks, not the Senate’s #1 & #3 most radical left members.

    Oh, and btw, congrats on winning those Golden Raspberries!! You earned ‘em!!

  • Wiley

    “I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female,” Lohan said.”

    Ya know Lohan, I feel the same way about electing the first African American President. But let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.
    How on earth we ended up with a candidate for President with less experience than even Palin is to say the least quite puzzling.

    Guess I’ll have to vote for the most qualified at the top of the ticket, John McCain.

  • Carrie

    You are obviously the biggest fag in the brothel. stop projecting your self-hatred of y our homosexuality onto others. who elected you god? how is it your right to say what is sinful or not? judge for yourself.

    and as for the person who asked “how dare the epitome of white…” it’s called FREE SPEECH. it makes me sick that people like you even have the right to vote when you are unfamiliar with OUR CONSISTUTION. you obviously cared enough about miz lohan to read the article and comment on it so dont pretend you were above it or had something more MORAL to concern yourself with. no one is buying it

  • Oatway

    I wonder when she will write and tell Sen. Obama to quit posing for tabloid/celebrity rag magazine covers. Or is that just another double standard held by this brainless has-been?

  • Anonymous

    Well, of course, if you vote for Obama, it’s a vote against the Law of Nature and a vote for perversion and the unnatural. To allow perversion into our society will mean the end. It was for Rome long ago and it will be for us. Nothing against Lindsey as a person, I’m sure she’s sweet, but the anatomy was made for something different and if you condone the lifestyle, it will mean the erosion of marriage and family.

  • Anonymous

    A 22 year old ignorant, sexually confused, alcohol and drug abusing, white trash, uneducated imbecile from a broken, abusive home makes a profound statement on her political views. I am on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting her next comments, political or otherwise.

  • Carrie

    You are obviously the biggest fag in the brothel. stop projecting your self-hatred of y our homosexuality onto others. who elected you god? how is it your right to say what is sinful or not? judge for yourself.

    and as for the person who asked “how dare the epitome of white…” it’s called FREE SPEECH. it makes me sick that people like you even have the right to vote when you are unfamiliar with OUR CONSTITUTION. you obviously cared enough about miz lohan to read the article and comment on it so dont pretend you were above it or had something more MORAL to concern yourself with. no one is buying it

  • Anonymous

    Yet another narcissistic under educated Hollywood mouthpiece convinced her opinion should matter because she has become famous. “Palin isn’t ready to run the country”, she says. Maybe someone needs to tell her she isn’t ready for political commentary, at 22 with only a high school diploma (if that). Perhaps she doesn’t like Palin’s politics, but if she doesn’t grasp that homosexuality is considered a sin by most all religions, then she needs to go back to school.

  • Anonymous

    Fame does not equal an education. Lindsay Lohan reveals her utter ignorance by lashing out against the Republican Vice Presidential candidate with no prompting other than the talking points handed out by the Democratic Party folks. She says, “I cannot bite my tongue any longer.” Exactly who was egging her to make a comment? She would have done much better to stick to her skill set – moderately funny movies. A political commentator, she is not. Opening her mouth destroys any other illusions of competance beyond the movie set.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay has always looked like a tramp even when she was 13. She hates Sarah Palin because she is clean, beautiful, spiritual, strong, decent and human. Lindsay Low-life wishes she could have been all that, but she was born a devil-tramp.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay has always looked like a tramp even when she was 13. She hates Sarah Palin because she is clean, beautiful, spiritual, strong, decent and human. Lindsay Low-life wishes she could have been all that, but she was born a devil-tramp.

  • me myself i

    evryone ehos saying she is totally irrevelent how could that be so with about 200 comments on 1 little teensy blog she posted? and who won the election? OBAMA! comeon people chill. it’s done and over with, and now i am proud to be an american. go OBAMA!

  • me myself i

    for all you guys who say she is totally irrelevant how could that be true if there are about 200 comments on one teensy blog she wrote. and if she’s such a bad person then why did you take the trouble to read the whole thing and comment comment? gays enrich our culture and they have a right to love whoever they want and who are you to say “oooooh they will go to hell and burn because they are in love with a person who isnt the opposite sex” gosh people just chill! and who won the election? say it, just say it, come on i know you want to OBAMA!!!!!!! yay!

    • bps5178

      Hey dummy, I have not read one comment here that states “we” are judging her sexual preference and whether that will lead to her going to hell. “we” simply have stated what the bible states. Homosexuality is a sin, that is all. If the bible says it is a sin then it is a sin, unless you have some other information, then please enlighten us all. Tired of everyone saying that we are judging. The Lord judges and he says it is a sin.

  • no one

    for all you guys who say she is totally irrelevant how could that be true if there are about 200 comments on one teensy blog she wrote. and if she’s such a bad person then why did you take the trouble to read the whole thing and comment comment? gays enrich our culture and they have a right to love whoever they want and who are you to say “oooooh they will go to hell and burn because they are in love with a person who isnt the opposite sex” gosh people just chill! and who won the election? say it, just say it, come on i know you want to OBAMA!!!!!!! yay!

  • Dannie

    LOL.. Obama.
    But Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, Kelsey Graham and Stephen Baldwin, what a joke!!! These guys attend their self created Friends of Abe meetings and think up ways to self promote each other with first this award and then another.
    They All claim to be such conservatives at heart with great family values.
    We all know about the Baldwin episodes within that family, and also what a not-so-great father Jon Voight is since his own daughter, Angelica Jolie won’t even speak to him.
    But the worse of these is Sinise
    Don’t get me wrong. I admire him as an actor. And greatly, too.
    But the man is fake, where his ultra conservative pretense is concerned. He tots on what a conservative is all about. But I’m from a military family and I know about Sinise and The Lt Dan Band’s after parties. They get more wild with each passing year.
    At the military bases where Sinise enjoys performing for our troops, the General’s are like Gods in the communities. The women, especially the gold diggers, will hang around the Generals like they are part of their harlem.
    And Sinise is one of the worse for wanting lots of ‘company’ at his after parties, along with a full bar and buffet dinner spread for his ‘guests’ which of course other then the band members are all female.
    Some of the men in the Lt Dan Band are married, but at these after parties they ALL tend to forget that point along the way.
    Sinise ia a good actor, and I’m not taking anything away about that. And he’s been acting like a conservative which has fooled many of us for a long time.
    But I am so tired of this bunch of so called conservatives hanging out, creating one award after another to give to each other, and worse of all, Sinise being the playboy at heart that he is and saying his marriage is 28 years strong. Oh granted, he may have married Moira Harris 28 years ago, but their faithfulness to each other is long ago gone, gone, gone.
    Lohan, thank you. Sinse, thank you for the acting, and for fooling us for so long.

  • Hazelgal

    Why would anyone even take Lohan seriously for her and Pam
    Anderson to come out and tell you who they dont like actually
    makes you want to vote for that person..since we can see that
    they are such classy decent strong positive role model women
    and the rest of us should look up to them..



  • John L

    Sarah Palin attacked by the biggest slut in Hollywood, Go Figure!

  • barbara burr

    saran palin is a slut. plain and simple. she had an affair that was proven and she is not intelligent enough for president just cunning and her coal black witch hunter from africa drove witches out of her. you want that lunitic in power ?

  • edward przydzial

    moonbats and libtards and rich hollywood elitists sure are a bunch of sicko douche bags aren’t they? you bet.

    and they are all of the same feather and stick together…

    it’s funny seeing pete townsend, woody allen supporting other pedophiles…
    intersting how they all claim innocence but when they gather they all have the same type of beliefs and issues… funny ain’t it how it’s not what they say it’s what they do, huh? liars, every one of them.

    ashton kutchner and demi have taken the ‘pledge’…


  • edward przydzial

    moonbats and libtards and rich hollywood elitists sure are a bunch of sicko douche bags aren’t they? you bet.

    and they are all of the same feather and stick together…

    it’s funny seeing pete townsend, woody allen supporting other pedophiles…
    interesting how they all claim innocence but when they gather they all have the same type of beliefs and issues… funny ain’t it how it’s not what they say it’s what they do, huh? liars, every one of them.

    ashton kutchner and demi have taken the ‘pledge’…


  • Fernando

    Lohan, if you want to know more about sin, read the Bible!

  • Elitist

    Maryily Monroe was delusional enough to believe she was a profound thinker, an actress of compelling brilliance, and First Lady material. Rielle Hunter is delusional enough to consider herself a spiritual guide with First Lady potential. Lindsay Lohan is delusional enough to spout off on any topic imagining she has critical thinking skills (no matter that these are present in college material and sharpened with college-level studies). The three had in common garish celebrity… not much of a qualification for anyone.

  • http://Yahoo Chris

    Does Lindsay have a brain?


    I hope Palin does run for election again. It will be the same results. Jesus taught his disciples to Love God and to love your neighbor. So simple and so many fail. If you need a bible verse to hate others you are in sad shape my Brothers. God does not hate, people hate. Muslims, Republicans, democrats, everybody. Very ironic.

  • MsV

    Ok, so the Lohan chick has her troubles but I agree with her opinions. Sarah Palin has her good points but running this country is a job she is definitely not qualified to do. I wonder how she even became gov of Alaska. As for the whole issue with her daughter, the unwed mother, she should be ashamed of herself for how she handled that.

    America hates Obama for one reason only and it’s because he’s black. Racism is alive and well in this country. He’s asking people to step outside the box and look beyond their comfort zone…could it be there might be something better outside of small town USA??

    I’m a democrat, a woman and a lesbian and really don’t give a $%#! what anyone has to say about it.

  • Tonya

    I don’t quite understand the world nowadays. Since we have had a black president, all I hear is negative things about people whenever someone says they like or voted for him. You all are very closed minded about whats going on. Lindsey being gay is nothing to be talking bad about. I am not gay, but I believe they are as equal, qualified, as any other person. I am so tired of people putting our country down because we have a black president. Anyone who agrees with Sarah Palin is letting us know that they are prejudice, and should live in Alaska with her.

  • obama012

    lmao… at all the conservanazi’s and their proclamation’s regarding the republican victory… which didn’t happen. wha, wha, whaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Well, this came out awhile ago so I don’t think there is really any meaning behind this anymore. I think this also came out after the market collapsed and after McCain said beforehand that the fundamentals of the economy were strong. I don’t think Palin was ready back then either but I think she is learning and has come a long way.

  • Mikey Doodle Doo

    What a numb skull.. Whaaaatttt you say… Trash bucket… Palin has no track record … Oppps, except running a state. Obama has not ever run a kiddie camp or made a days living doing anything? Community Organizer doesn’t mean or count for anything… the guy os so far over hos head, … and fools like you pick on palin for lack of experience.. its laughable. I personally don’t like Palin for President… but not for lack of Experience. Compared to whats his name in office, she has tons more experience. Obama is the least experiences man in ANY room! Even when his one term is up, he still will be just another loud mouth agitator… a preacher without a pulpit! Cant wait to get this clown outta here and return the USA to the people who make it a great place to live. ALl US haters, please leave, get out of dodge.. we wont miss you at all…

  • Observer

    Ummm….has no one caught that this brilliant girl mis-quoted Palin? It was NOT “…lipstick on a pig…” but instead …”difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull, lipstick.” Which is actually a damned funny and witty joke!

  • Observer

    My, my..and now that the elections are long over…aren’t all of you fools at least a little bit embarrassed that you voted for Obama? Afterall, he running running the nation so very well. Ha, ha, ha. The polls indicate that his popularity has plummeted by a full 50%. Ha!! It never ceases to amaze me how the herding instinct kicks in full force merely because someone may be a good orator. Let us not forget, Hilter was a good orator, too. You fools. Are you all gonna start doing meth, too, cause everyone else is doing it? (And, NO….I was not a McCain supporter, either.) LMAO at everyone who voted for the big “O.”

  • http://yahoo.comm steve

    i would like to bang them both lindsay and sara in the azz they are both dumb but they are HOT

  • sara

    WAIT!! This just doesn’t feel fair to me. Everyone here is expressing their opinion just the same as Lohan expressed hers. We all have the right to say what we want, and to vote for whom we want. Yes, you are right to say she has made some bad decisions, but there are so many 24 year olds that have psychological issues and substance abuse issues.

    It is certainly interesting to see how riled up everyone seems to get when a person such as Lohan writes her opinion? The backlash that she gets whenever she talks is certainly taking its toll on a 24 year old woman. She can’t do anything right. She is not a politician, trained in the art of debate and emotionally prepared for personal attacks.

    If many of you have a point that she is not emotionally stable, and she is not well, then why does her opinion matter in the first place to you? Why get so angry about it? If you are religious, why not instead pray for a fellow human being to get better. Or if you aren’t, why not just hope that she finds some help. Anger doesn’t solve any issue, it just seems to cause high blood pressure and poor decisions. I’m wondering why it so personally infuriates everyone. In reading some of the responses on here, I would almost believe she is personally attacking some people.

    Honestly, I am 24 also, and I have a hard time just holding up under the pressure of maintaining a social life and a school life. I can’t even imagine dealing with such a barrage of personal attacks and hatred from so many people that I don’t even know. I will admit that I am also opinionated in politics, but that is what my vote is for and my right to go to political meetings or rallies. I believe my right to vote comes with attempting to keep politics clean, act like an adult, and listen to the facts. Becoming over emotional can lead to overlooking some important facts. I saw some people on here writing about how they won’t vote for someone just because of Lohan’s opinion. Emotions in this case seem to be blinding us.

    I wish that this was not a country that seems so obsessed with the personal lives of celebrities. With our freedom, also comes our freedom to ignore what celebrities are saying if you so wish. In fact, if you believe she is such an attention seeker, then in giving her and her opinion so much attention, you are giving her just what she wants. Adding fuel to the fire. I’m just wondering if all of us have enough drama in our personal lives that we should be attending to. We should put more energy into dealing with our own family drama and solving our own problems. Maybe this comes with putting less energy into contemplating and fuming over the lives and opinions of celebrities.

  • AnyMouse

    Just how drunk was Lohan when she wrote this? Fallen off the wagon again dear? I bet she was so drunk she couldn’t tell if she was kissing Paris or Perez!

  • Nate Coleman

    All this crap about Lindsey who?

  • Reasoned

    Lindsy is the better writer of the two. Beyond that I’ll leave it to the mob who are busily beating a dead red herring. Celebs (and I count Palin as a celeb) are not policy wonks. That would be me.

    While scrolling down, I paused at the comment by Joseph who was busy writing his opinion as though it were fact with great authority.

    Homephobia means nothing close to what you purport. Homophobia is literally a fear of homosexuals. If there is one thing we have in abundance in this country it is a lot of people who act out of fear. When did anyone make a good decision while afraid?

    I’m done here. Going back up for some air.

  • dad

    One style of glasses that is still popular is the wrap-around style. This style has been around for a quite a few years now, popularized by all your favorite rock stars and movie stars. Aviator inspired shades have been a popular style of cheap eyeglasses for men for generations

  • http://theirisnonebutiwillworkonit christopher drew rowe

    will you email me?

  • Conniepadilla747

    these people who live under the lime light  have what they want attention from others  how vain and empty is that i see nothing good in thier lives i call it a false leadership allureing  people to nowhere land …………..dont should end all the  focus on them and put it on the real people who deserves the real attention …get them off my yahoo

  • Anonymous

    BI or Gay – Ms Lohan is coming into her own as an adult. This first adult sober relationship is really wonderful for her.

  • Dan

    Why is this story even being run??? Everyone knows that Hollywood is full of pathetic, overpaid, whining actors who think they have their place in politics just because they are well known. THEY DONT! Keep the politics to yourself hollywood…Just because we watch you in the movies doesnt mean we want to listen to you bitch and moan about conservative America on your myspace blog.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up

    Hollywood idiots like this will help to put McCain and Plain in the Whitehouse and stop the socialist revolution that Mr. Obama would like to curse America with. It has never been so true; those who take it in backwards think backwards. Between the lifestyle and the drugs this little girl is messed up and needs some serious help. I hope Palins church will pray for her so she can be cured of the sickness that she apparently suffers from.

  • megan

    how is this newsworthy? i’d rather read about my 14 year old niece’s view on the campaign rather than lindsay lohan’s view. does lindsay read the ny times, the wall street journal or some other reputable source for political information? the most that i gathered from her rage was she was upset sarah palin’s now a competitor to be on the cover of the gossip mags. oh, not to forget that she’s now gay and wants a pro homosexuality and gay rights leader. i suppose that’s reason enough to vote for obama! viva carpet munching!

  • Anonymous

    I love it when these Hollywood bimbos, whose measurements far exceed their IQs, pontificate on politics, religion, morality, etc. (That goes for their male counterparts too.) Perhaps Lindsay can “educate” us on what accomplishments and qualifications Obama has that come close to those of Sarah Palin’s. Note: being good friends with unrepentant terrorists, a 20 year member of an anti-American cult and supporting infanticide (and lying about it) do not count. Neither do being ignorant about American history (“When Kennedy met with Khrushchev, we were on the brink of nuclear war.”), being so clueless about the Middle East that you’re getting advice from George Clooney, or having a foreign policy advisor who relies on Winnie the Pooh for guidance. (

  • Anonymous

    Anytime someone has a different political opinion,you can count on the CONservatives to trash mouth other people.According to THEM,Liberals are supposed to keep their mouths shut and let THEM have their say,since they are the only ones who count. (sarcasm). Lindsay,you are correct. Palin is NOT QUALIFIED to run anything let alone the highest office in the land.She is like a robot,the repukes tell her what to say and she says it over and over and over on every campaign stop. That interview was too painful for me to watch. She couldn’t answer the questions and her MOOSE IN THE HEADLIGHTS stares were overwhelming. Go kill and butcher another moose,Palin….that’s really all you are qualified to do. And take Gramps McSame with you. GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigMike

    What in the world does this little tramp know about politics and how it affects the daily lives of Americans. She lives in her slutty, drug induced fantasyland and could begin to imagine how Obama will destroy our economic system.

  • T.J. Hooker in London

    If this broad had to play a scene dead she would f*%k it up! She should stick to what she does best which is chewing on box and sniffing booger-sugar… What I LOVE about Sarah Palin is that she seems to be pissing off ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lets stop, and take her comments for what they are worth…..She and B Hussain Obama…2 peas in a POD. Perhaps she will get invited for a drug party at the Whity House.

  • Anonymous

    Its to bad that the hollywood actors who are lucky enough to have a part time job think they know more than the average american. When i here a actor put their foot in their mouth about politics dont they realize that half the country is for the other guy and when they do this its going to hit them in the pocketbook. Lohan should put her mouth where her lesbian croch is and shut it in public.

  • Markos

    I think floozies like Lindsay have not right to pass any judgement on Palin when her canidate Obama seem to be friends with all kinds of Islamist who like to wreck USA- Nation of Islam, Raila Odinga, and now Khalid al-Mansour his Harvard and His Housed of Saudi connection.

    Basically we have choice between a patriot and a Saudi plant. and she is for the Saudi plant. Figures she is blond after all.

  • Anonymous

    If Lohan thinks (is that possible) negatively about a Palin, a woman with solid core values, then Palin is a spectacularly sound choice. Whatever the bush biter says is a good bell weather for what is loony and on the wrong side of common sense and truth. Lohan is a confused, damaged human who is awash in the lunacy of the Hollywood left.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay who?

  • Bob Buffet

    Lidsay wrote, “”Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    Linday, what planet are you living on?? Sarah has more experience that Barack, and she’s the VP not the Prez nominee! Has Barack ever been in charge of National Guard troops-No, Has Barack ever been a mayor or governor with REAL responsibilities-No, Has Barack ever had to balance a budget of any kind-NO, Has Barack ever taken on leaders of his own part-No. Sarah has done all of that, yet you are too blinded by your extremist liberal friends living in LaLa land to see that. Wake up and join the rest of the Real America.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all these gutter repukes posting in here. God almighty,I’ve never seen such a bunch of sore losers in all my life. Lindsay having an OPINION? Oh my word NO. Not with the facists around. This country USED to be the greatest country in the world until the neo-con facist hitler type crowd reared their ugly heads. Lindsay has more money than all you ditto-heads have put together so your opinions about her means SQUAT! Heh….keeping hating, hitlers. That’s all you know how to do.Oh and try to have a nice day and brush that chip off your shoulders just because Gramps McSame is going to LOSE. ROFLMAO!

  • Anonymous

    re comments to Lohans adult informed comments on that Neo Nazi, gun toting, oil drilling, excuse for a so called politician.

    At least some celebrities are actually using their public power to some effect, standing up for the basic rights of all human kind.

    And as for some of the replies to this on this page –
    who the fuck are you people ? stuck in your own sterile, boring dumb middle American lives, WAKE up, your country is sinking under the rule of that monkey you call a President, a plummeting economy, natural disasters left right and center with little or no rescue support as half your nation is off fighting a war that doesn’t warrent your presence, and the bright possibility of a Vice President who spends most of her time on photo shoots for the latest trash mags.

    Hollywood weirdo ? take a look at who could be your next vice.

    Instead of fighting each other and the rest of the world, why don’t you red neck morons concentrate on fixing your not so United States of America.

    Maybe then you’ll stop fucking up the rest of the world…. for once.

  • Minjae Lee

    Lindsay Lohan is a drunk and has shown no sense of personal responsibility in her life. Somehow she has come up with the brilliant idea that what she thinks about politics is somehow relevent. Lindsay – grow up, show that you can take care of youself first and make a contribution other than acting in a movie before you start thinking that your opinion has any worth to the rest of us. Sarah Palin is so far above you in wisdom and responsibility that you are not worthy to shine her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really care what ANY of the Lohans have to say? Didn’t think so. Although I do personally find it highly amusing that Ms. Lohan is angered by Sarah Palin posing for a “tabloid”. I assume she has no problem with Senator Obama posing with his wife as well, since he IS just another vapid celebrity. But don’t worry Lindsay. Even though it must feel like EVERY woman in Holywood but you gets “your” roles these days, Mrs. Palin isn’t going to take them too. She’s got a bigger part in mind.

  • GD

    What a ticket / drugs & comics that will fix it !!

  • Frank

    Yes Homosexuality is a sin…

    “Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

    Senator Palin believes in standards that are more then just man-made.

    That does not mean that there is no hope for homosexuals, drunkards, etc. One just needs to repent, turn away, from their current actions that are contrary to the Bible and accept Christ sacrifice. There is always hope with Jesus Christ.

  • PhoebeMoses

    Who the hell cares what Lindsay Lohan says??

  • Tim adams

    I love how Logan thinks she is so insightful. From Disney to low budget films she thinks her words are so insightful. Let’s face it I’m not for pallin either but I would be hestitant to be so judgemental especially for how washed up and such a sell out you and your family are.

  • Anonymous

    Have you included Arnold the Gropenater,Chuck Norris,Richard Petty,Sarah Evans,and all the rest of that small little group of nazis who support the GOPerverts in on your little hatefest? Nah….I didn’t THINK so……..HYPOCRITES. LOL!

  • Big Mic

    Let me see if I understand this correctly: we’re supposed to take political advice (and scientific advice in the case of ‘Global Warming’) from a group of people who, by and large, have never worked a real job in their lives, who’s education barely if ever extends past high school and who spend more money on rehab and psychotherapy than the GNP of most countries? Hmmmm…. Here’s a suggestion: shut your pie hole, Lindsay. Nobody cares what you think.

  • Anonymous

    this so called woman is proof , YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID… yea just what america needs a actress who’s main press lately has been her drunken acts and car wrecks..

  • Anonymous

    We’ve all read about some of Lindsay Adult choices in reason years. Look like they’re not getting any better! She doesn’t have to worry about Christians that will pray for her perversion, but worry about the Muslims that men like Mccain will protect her from death at there hands. For they have no tolerance for her perversion.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lezho looks like a tranny.

  • Anonymous

    LL is posting here! Or it could be her “partner” sticking up for her comments.

  • Anonymous

    Please people….don’t be swayed by the STARS in Hollywood, most of whom are very negatively affecting the youth of the country with their sleazy behavior and trashy movies and music. THEY need to be held accountable…WHY IS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY PERMITTED TO RATE A FILM? It aint fair! AND….it encourages bad behavior in the “stars” by rewarding them with money and publicity to further influence our kids with their silly, know-nothing comments regarding the future of our country.

  • hawk

    Lohan wants to argue Palin’s experience. Yet she wants to promote Obama who has less experience than Palin and he is running for PRESIDENT, not the VP position. Lohan also is self conscious about her choice to be in a lesbian relationship. Palin has never judged her and Lohan has no right to judge Palin (or her daughter). Finally, what “experience” does Lohan have that gives her any right to decide who would be best for President? She has no understanding of the real world.

  • Anonymous

    Typical republican mindset. Say as I do and do as I say!

  • Anonymous

    When boildown what Lindsay said, it basically comes down to she is concerned about who she gets off with. Newsflash – who cares.

    Also thanks for your assessment of Palin qualifications for various jobs. However I did not see your qualifications of being a potical analyist. Why do you claim to be expert?

    I’d suggest you stick with what your qualified to do – get off most of clothes and smile.

  • Texas Yankee

    Another bubble-head read and regurgitate actor speaks. Hollywood is far as removed from the “real world” as one can get. Actors without the capability of producing a coherent sentence without a script are in no position to speak to us politics or any other subject other than the “make believe world” they live in.

    When Lohan can do something useful, like skin a moose, then she can speak to the rest of us about matters other than the land of make believe she resides in at this time.

    Taking actors seriously is akin to taking somebody seriously who wants to invent a wheel without understanding concept of circumference.

  • Outsider

    Did someone up there actually say that homosexuality is a SIN? Wow. According to who? We’re all one… we’re all GREAT… regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion. When are people going to wake up and realize that we’re not better than anyone else in the world …that grouping, categorizing, separating ourselves is the end of us. Come together. Now, I’m not going to agree or disagree with Lindsay Lohan, but I do respect her opinion and I congratulate her on overcoming the many obstacles in her life. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Well, DUH! Homosexuality IS a sin. Of course, so is adultery, murder, and covetousness, among others. It’s all there in your Bible if you want to read it.
    You are angry with God not Sarah Palin.
    Take it up with Him.

  • Anonymous

    Okay so Ms Lohan tell me what experience Obama has over Palin and what is he going to do for us. Besides take from one group and giving to another, taxing us to death and leaving us vunerable to another attack in this country, what good or new ideas do you see here?

  • brutal

    while we all see Lindsay all over the tabloids for her drunken drugged out lesbian episode, we don’t really know her in real life (or care to) but she is a hypocrite, and a drunken drugged out lesbian as been shown all over the tabs and news. At least Palin is serving her country, state & community.. Maybe not the way Lohan likes it but but at least she is doing SOMETHING! not going from car accident to rehab to puking in the street to rehab to car accident to crappy tv/movie to rehab. When Lohan actually does her community servive with dignity and grace then maybe she can come out from under the rock. Otherwise, stay away…her opinion is valueless

  • Anonymous

    What a total moron. She should stick to what she knows…movies and rehab.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my Goodness. I absolutely hang on whatever the FIRECROTCH has to say. Now I know for sure who to vote for. McCain/Palin all the way. Thanks Lindsey.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing to me that these worthless, self-absorbed,crack-heads think that people really care what they think. Just shutup and do whatever it is that you do!

  • BlueMax372

    Actress? That’s a stretch. Sub-cretin sex-obsessed weirdo is more like it. Her opinion matters?

  • david v

    Lohan is such a little idiot. She said that Palin isn’t ready to run the country; this coming from one who cant run her on life. On matters of church and morality, Lohan knows nothing at all,and that is just sad.

  • Sanity

    Really…do I need to go further than my subject line?

  • Jon

    I am thrilled everytime I see these left-wing wackos say anything about Sarah Palin. Everytime they do McCain/Palin’s poll numbers go up.

  • Slick

    lohan’s just mad that she’ll never get to munch Palin’s carpet…

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan newest member of team STFU! Congrats lindsay! Now STFU! I mean seriously why are you like a hollywood actor when really all you’re qualified for is lesbian porn?

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly the type of person Obama needs on his side. Her depravity is exceeded only by her stupidity. She makes a good case for abortion.

  • tjmenke

    Lindsay needs to work on staying out of jail, behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, rehab. IT cracks me up these “celebs” think that their opinions really matter to anyone. BUT unfortunately they do matter to FAR to many people.

  • chris

    Who gives a fuck what Lindsay lohan has to say about politics? She should stick to talking about what she knows, like how to be dumbass alcoholic psycho lezbo with a skank ass ugly “girlfriend”. Like anyone with an ounce of common sense is gonna follow her advice on who to vote for this November. What a stupid whore Lindsay Lohan is.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Lindsey Lohan?

    GO McCain/Palin 2008

  • Oliver Curry

    PLEASE give the Hollywood crowd more air time. The more they talk the more irrelevant they show themselves to be. Lohan’s “analysis” is emotional and shallow. What a dolt.

  • Randall Glover

    And I had been waiting for the endorsement from this drunken, mentally challenged, idiot!!

  • Aleck

    Let’s face it, that’s all you have left and that audience is small.

  • christopher van

    Like every idiot in Hollyweird, why doesn’t Lohan stick to acting because she is obviously too uninformed to understand the economic ramifications of putting a socialist in office. Learn more about the Marxist oppression of political correctness run amok at

  • Anonymous

    McCain/Palin have it in the bag! Keep endorsing Obama, Lindsay!

  • Fargin Bastiges

    When McCain/Palin are elected, the credit (or blame) will go to ignorant and hypocritical comments of Hollywood celebrities. Lohan criticizes Palin for her perceived lack of experience, and then supports Obama who has EVEN LESS! She criticizes Palin’s pictures in tabloids, but doesn’t mention that Obama’s mug has been printed in substantially more (at least Palin does all her pictures in clothing, Lidsay). Then she has to drag out that well-worn liberal paranoia that a fundamentalist christian in office will mean an apocalypse for homosexuals. I’d rather have someone with Palin’s beliefs in office than Obama, who attended a radical, racist anti-American church for twenty years. Keep talking, celebrities. America is made up of people much smarter and more informed than yourselves.

  • Randall

    Well, Obama…looks like you’ve got “The White Trash” vote!

  • Anonymous

    I love the irony. Lohan is “qualified” to judge an accomplished woman like Palin?!? Then again, Lohan has as much experience as Obama…none. She needs to keep her mouth where it is appreciated…in her gal pal’s crotch. Don’t insult white trash by associating them with Lohan.

  • Anonymous

    One thing I was pleased to read in this article is that the lesbian Ronson has a green card. This means we can have that piece of trash deported back to Lesboland. THis will allow Lindsay Dcup to go into rehab yet again. Hohan is from a realcrap family. Her mother is some wannabe star whoring herself all over LA. Her father is a raging drunk who has been in and out of jail as much as Dcups has been in and out of rehab. The liberals are running scared. Their allies the sexual deviants and retards are terrified. Obama isn’t qualified to put lipstick on a pig like Lohan so MCCAIN/PALIN in 08. GOD BLESS AMERICA–DEPORT THE CARPET MUNCHER!

  • lou

    sweet lord in heaven my mind has been made up!! thank you lindsay, you have shown me the light. only your words come thru in this time of uncerta…. oh wait who on your staff was sober enough to write that for you. Did “Barry” send you this to post? still working the whole celebatard angle.

  • Sean

    WOW! It’s amazing that even LINDSAY LOHAN knows how disastrous Sarah Palin could be for this country. That’s how obvious it it that John McCain is putting our country in jeopardy for political reasons. Believe me, I’m certainly not a big Lindsay Lohan fan, but she is completely right here.

  • CYounger

    I thought Ms. Lohan was cute as a teen actress, and as Hollywood types go, she’s apparently brighter than the norm; but on matters political Ms. Lohan is clearly an amateur player. Although Ms. Lohan clearly does not understand who and what Comrade Senator Obama is and what he represents, she has formulated an opinion and spoken that opinion clearly…and that’s a wonderful start toward becoming an adult in more than just body.

    Ms. Lohan, I wish you well…ignore the taunts from those who demonstrate their immaturity and feeble mindedness by using vile epithets toward those with whom they disagree.

  • WayneinFlorida

    I wonder, did this little crack whore even finish high school? And now, she can lecture the American public about who is best for the country? I am so sick of the celebutards telling me what they think! These dumb***es can’t even tie their own $2000 shoelaces, much less relate to the American people… go to hell, Lindsey. Smoke another bowl!!!

  • Netboy

    Lindsey Lohan is important why ????? P L E A S E !!!!!!

  • CBJ

    If Shara is a homophobe due to what her church is doing then isn’t Obama an anti American that hates all white people?…God Damn America!

  • Common Sense

    Actors and actresses come and actors and actresses go . . . since when do we put any stock in a 22 year old addicted (possibly recovering) female who at best has very limited experience in politics . . . or for that matter Matt Damon whose age may give him a tad more say . . . please . . . maybe they should stick to what they know best . . . where to get your next high, which is the best rehab facility, and how much you are going to get paid for your next gig.

  • Tater

    With all due respect, Ms. Lohan. Yes it is a sin to be a homosexual. Read the Bible. Yes it is wrong to mother a child out of wedlock. The children grow up to be nutjobs like yourself. It is irresponsible and sometimes dangerous to have premarital sex, especially when someone can give you a gift that keeps on giving.
    You should hope to have a sliver of the class and success that our next female President of the United States, Sarah Barracuda. Just keep doing your drugs and sleeping all over Hollywood and stay out of politics. You don’t have a clue.

  • screwu


  • kmpk

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. Another Hollywood weirdo telling us that they are so much smarter than the rest of us. Honey, your screwed up lifestyle isn’t the backbone of America. Good conservative Christian values are. Thats why both parties cater to Christians and people of faith. Find yourself a good hardworking average conservative guy and dump the lezbo crap your currently with and start living right.

  • Guayo

    Girl, Are you concerned about bad imaginary judgments? How about real stuff: Three died in 1970 as a result of a bomb that went off. That bomb was intended for a DANCE attended AMERICAN SOLDIERS at Fort Dix, N. Jersey. Hundreds could have died had the plan been successfully executed.
    The day that he bombed the Pentagon in 1972, the terrorist said, “Everything was absolutely ideal. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the b_stards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”

    His goal: “Kill all rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents”. This man was William Ayers. Obama was 10 years old when these things happened. Obama was a child.
    By 1995 Ayers was clearly more than someone Obama ‘just ran into in the neighborhood on occasion’. Obama’s baby steps into politics took place in the living room of Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn (also a terrorist). Obama was 34 years old. He knew who these two were.

    There is a consistency between ‘The bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them’, and “God damn America!..America’s chickens are coming home to roost”. The men who said these words are close friends of the Obamas. This is REAL stuff. Girl!
    These ties are not just poor judgment, they explain why the Obamas have never been proud of America. Our vote will decide if these hateful men end up having dinner in the White House.

  • Anonymous

    Really, political advice from another Hollywood trainwreck? Lets take a look at the character of the people offering support for the various candidates and decide if we want to be a part of this herd. Remember, birds of a feather…..

  • Anonymous

    If you are going to decide who to vote for on the basis of Lindsay Lohan’s endorsement, you probably should vote for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    I feel so relieved that we once again have a Hollywood type pouring forth with their intellectual drabble. I’m sure we all would be much better off listening to experts like Ms Lohan because they provide all of us with great examples on how to live our lives.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Palin’s ministry say it was not true that his church encourages gays to go straight. It is “Focus on the Family” that does so. The church story is nothing more than a rumor.

  • Mike

    Lindsay Lohan – who are you to talk??? Fix your own problems before you speak out against someone else! You can vote for whoever you want but educate yourself before you open your mouth!

  • ed ver

    Wow Lindsay, thanks for the great insight…you are amazing!…Please note the sarchasm. Ever heard of the saying people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Every thing you stated about Palin could not be further from the truth…you are living proof that hate and fear truly fuels the liberals. Sorry Linds that Governor Palin has stolen some of your covers on mags too, maybe you could do another spread as Ms Monroe, cause God Knows that really showed some talent on your part…once again, in case you did not realize, that was sarchasm.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she must be on a load of Cocaine this time to think she has anything meaningful to contribute to an adult conversation. Tell you what cupcake, take the rolled up dollar bill out of your nose long enough to get a good (unfogged) view of the facts and then simply start by asking questions. That’s step 13…but you haven’t even finished the first 12 yet…so call us all when you accomplish that.

  • Louise

    who care what most actors have to say, their IQ is not needed to be an actor, all they do is read from a script, come to think of it that is what NObama does well!

  • BillDemo2

    1. Obama is the celebrity who poses for all the magazine covers.
    2. Palin’s church is not anti-gay or in favor of “praying the gay away”. That rumor has been debunked.

  • Anonymous

    news flash dumbass, homosexuality is a sin, pre-marital sex is a sin, read the bible. When youre being tossed into the lake of fire you wont be able to post in your blog how unfair God is being towards you.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She obviously is too ignorant to know she’s ignorant. She comments on Palin being on tabloid covers because she’s not a “star” but doesn’t comment on Obama being on magazine covers and he isn’t a star either. She comments that Palin “isn’t ready to run the country” but isn’t even aware of Obama’s complete lack of qualifications. She should just shut her mouth (keyboard) so her ignorance of everything isn’t so obvious.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how coked up she was when she decided to “voice her opinion”

    seems like another one of this no-talent hacks drug crazed rants.

    Go back to rehab Lindey, you need it!

  • I agree

    Who even cares what Linsey Lohan thinks…She can’t run her own life but she pretends to know who should run the country?

  • axzy

    Thanks for your thoughtful insight on this most important election… FIRECROTCH!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Way to go Lindsey: criticize a self-made woman that has far more to offer society than reckless behavior and tart, overexploited and increasingly marginal looks. Doesn’t make you look any smarter but it gets your name in the headlines where good acting fails.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true Liberal. I am a conservative and am sick of all the bashing. I do not care what you do in your personal life, just keep it in the bedroom. You tell me where the Bible says Adam and Steve? Ms.Ronson, don’t worry you are a documented alien.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she missed the week Obama and family posed for US weekly. If anyone is swayed by what celebrities have to say about candidates, they shouldn’t vote.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve come to realize that actors and actresses are not the brightest bulbs out there with Lohan being one of the duller bulbs on the actress tree. I don’t know why they have come to think that their political opinions should matter or persuade the rest of us smarter people in America that actually do something for a living, and not play make believe. I’ve heard more comments this week from actors and actresses copying the headline that “Jesus was a community organizer and Pontias Pilot was a Governor”. Pa….lease…. is that all you idiots can come up with???? Just stick to your make believe occupations and shut up about politics when you don’t know what you’re talking about. All you’re doing is losing your fan base.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan and the rest of the Hollywood celebrities are nothing more then Court Jesters, brainless no-bodies who are here for our entertainment an nothing else.
    Her opinion is an empty as her head.

  • Anonymous

    When Lohan and Damon can “sway” you, you need some serious help. If Palin is not ready to be prez, what does that say about Biden. He couldnt muster 1% of the liberals in the primary, twice.

  • AJBarnes

    Lindsey is about as qualified to make pronouncements on presidential politics as Bill Clinton is on making them about marriage fidelity. Her drug-addled brain has lost whatever precious few remaining cells that had been working. Lindsey… go back into rehab and stay there. NOBODY cares what you think about ANYTHING.

  • Anonymous

    It appears that we have an endless stream of leftist propaganda coming from mostly mental midgets who have nothing more than a high scrool diploma and who are granted access to lame stream media ONLY because they can sing or act – NOT because they have any brains and understand anything about governing a country. Did someone promise Lindsay some free crack to support BHO? Only MORONS give any attention to the opinion of people like Linday Lohan or Madonna or Barbra Streisand or yada..

  • Stop Unintelligence Now

    Ms. Lohan,
    I don’t think many people care about what you have to say. Honestly, the more drug addicted, over paid, selfish, mindless, moron actors/actresses that come out for Obama and slam McCain/Palin the more people will vote for McCain/Palin. The majority of the US knows you for who you are, a person used for our entertainment, not a person used to get political advice from. Now I suggest you quit the political-babble and quit embarrassing yourself and concentrate on how you’re going to entertain the American public. All this retarded talk spewing from your mouth/blog is just going to hurt your pocket in the end. Just trying to help you out Lindsay. Btw, I think its hot you like woman, but its very unattractive when you spew out stupid crap about politics. Stick to what you’re good at, looking hot, doing coke, acting like another person, keg stands, and licking twats. It will be much better for your career, and much better for who you support politically that way.

  • Savior

    Excuse me…Miss Lohan but, you don’t have the credentials to discuss politics in any form or shape…your last Movie, was a big stinker! what? have you done for the good of humankind//our species lately…Getting drunk and semi-acting is not good enough…You could Volunteer your money/time and help the least fortunate….or you could run for office, better yet just sign-up and enlist in the military….Until you and the rest of the worthless wonder’s in “Hollywood” sign-up and serve to protect our great country, just keep all your stupid/ignorant comments to yourself….Only the dead, know the end of war!! god help us, if the democrats win the presidential election.

  • Anonymous


    The rest of us are struggling, but Jesus still loves you.

  • She’s Just Another Clueless Drug Addict

    Question: Why is the political opinion of another 20-something year old drug addict newsworthy??
    Answer: It isn’t.

  • I See Dumb People

    Lindsay you are a obamanation!

  • Richard G

    Lindsay Lohan has as much right to inject her thoughts and opinions of the campaign as she does to be the epitome of white trash that she is. The day that this miserable woman’s thoughts even matter, we are sunk as a nation. And Lindsay, find a new girlfriend, please!

  • Love the Sinner

    What a great spokesperson for the consequences of sin. What a outstanding representation of the typical Obama voter. A young ignorant self-absorbed athiest is just what the world needs more of. How dangerous is a moral, intelligent, Christian mother. The difference between light and dark couldn’t be summed up any better. Keep talking Lindsey, you are only sealing your own fate in two ways. Your consistent rejection of the only Hope you have and your negative impact on your own candidate. I pray for you and your partner. May you come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

  • ME

    OH now that’s a ringing endorsement…BRAVO! More from Hollywood’s elite, keep’em coming along w/ Good Will Damon. Wonder if she’ll move to Canada after the election. HEY she can get married there and have FREE health care for her rehab stints!! AWESOME!!!

  • KFOR777

    OK – Lindsay Lohan is a homosexual drug addict. All homosexuals and all drug addict are going to support Obama. We already know this. What is so news worthy??
    Is this suppose to sway me to vote for Obama now? HA HA HA HA

  • Anonymous

    The Hollywood of today is NOT the same as it was when we enjoyed the likes of Gable, Hepburn, Tracy and Cagney. Today we have over paid no-talent, no-class spoiled alcoholics & druggies expressing views on subjects that they have no sober clue of where they speak. Maybe when Ms. “Low life Lohan” can finish just one Rehab stay. When her brain is NOT soaked in booze, she’ll be able to put together an opionon? I still won’t give a rats behind what that opinion is, but…
    Oh, if her Boy/girlfriend’s (What the heck is that?) Green card isn’t renewed? ALL THE BETTER. We need fewer morons in Hollywood.

  • EWG

    More incoherent ramblings from this drug addeled loser. What has she accomplished in life besided flushing her career down the toilet at a young age and making a fool out of herself?

  • Robin

    Lindsay Lohan another member of the countrys largest hate group, the democRAT party. Lohans so typical, she is living proof you can lack intellect and talent,and look like an unwashed skank, and still make a million dollars. Obama lacks the intellect and experience to be President, he’s finished.

  • David from Park Slope

    Girl, you need to grow up. Since you support Obama, have registered with his group, Public Allies? Then you could be indoctrinated in the crap he spouts.

  • DaNND

    Talk about throwing stones… Obama is a 6 month senator who’s only other experience is as a “Community Organizer”. At least Palin has some background with actually being accountable for decisions she made. The Obama camp is so bad that their V.P. pick is openly questioning his candidates decision making. Biden recently said that he wasn’t the vest choice to be Obama’s V.P. pick. Biden saw just how bad Obama’s campaign is from the inside, and now he wants absolutely no part of it. Biden’s only choice is stay in the campaign so that these Liberal sharks don’t cirle him and rip him into shreds. As far as Lohan goes, if the media really is going to report on the things she has to say like she is some political expert, then they are part of a 3rd rate rag like the Enquirer or Star. At least whatr Paris Hilton had to say was tongue in cheek and mildly entertaining.

  • Incredulous

    I love all these celebrities with their informed judgments and shared feelings. Please keep telling the American public who to vote for- obviously we are too stupid to think for ourselves and we need the likes of immoral, money-grubbing, no talents telling us how to think. Please vote for Obama so we can go ahead and become part of the EU. Socialism, handouts and taxes- that’s the European way. Don’t forget Universal Healthcare- because that’s worked so well in other countries. From experience- not because I’m a freckled entertainer and not even a good one at that- universal healthcare is slow to serve and overused like ER’s in today’s public hospitals. Thanks for the advise Lindsay. I’ll be sure to cast my vote, along with all the other people looking to Hollywood for political advise, just the way you want us to. Absolutely ridiculous. Shut yer pieholes!!

  • Matt Thompson

    …How long did you have to hold your tongue? Not very long? Besides other liberals in your community who aren’t drugged out whores, as you are, have been bashing Sarah Palin for the last three weeks. You just can’t stand that normal Americans, the one you called narrow minded, have someone that has them energized and will turn out to vote and defeat Obama. Who cares what her aspirations were four years ago. So she’s not a glory hunter whose only goal has been to aspire to the highest seat in the land meanwhile doing nothing deserving. That is Barak Obama. Mrs. Palin has a wide range of skills and jobs that Americans associate with, other than just running for office. Lindsay why don’t you just do the world a favor and go OD in a corner somewhere. Its time the Hollywood you and Paris Hilton represents fade away forever. I mean your not even a viable box office commodity anymore. What have you done that gets your voice recognized over other Americans? Nothing, that’s what.

  • John G

    Please, I don’t know why I do this to myself. Why did I read this, what is wrong with me? I mean Ms. Lohan and Ronson are as insignificant as it gets. Who wrote took the time to interview them then actually write this.

    By the way, I hope Ronsons green card doesn’t get renewed. I didn’t realize she wasn’t a citizen, I feel better now. At least one of them can’t vote, of course unless Nobama and his lawyers get that changed.

  • Chad

    Yeah, leave it to a raging coke whore to endorse a candidate. Once again, celebrities are going to cost the democrats this election just like they did in 04′.

  • Anonymous

    Is this not the same person who couldn’t remember to put on panties before leaving the house? The one who consistantly got arrested for drunk driving, drug posession and the like? Listening to her try to have a coherent conversation is as sad as trying to watch one of her movies. America needs to remind Hollywood people that they have a right to their opinion, but that the rest of us have the right to stop watching their movies afterword if we dislike their point of view enough. Good luck in your career!

  • Anonymous

    White Trash!! Your political knowledge is outstanding. Palin is only qualified to be a TV anchor? Please stop with the needles in your arm.

  • Biff Baxter

    I can’t stand either of the candidates but the notion this human train wreck would judge anyone for any reason is frightening. Her entire life is an object lesson in tragedy. I’m not a Republican but I admire Sarah Palin for being a stable, levelheaded woman more intelligent than probably any of the males running in this race – although that isn’t saying much.

  • Anonymous

    I guess carpet munching causes brain cell loss. What else could explain Whorehan’s comments. Oh wait, maybe its the booze, or wait maybe its the drugs, or wait maybe its the people who really think she is something more than a no talent piece of crap. Wait, that would be giving no tlaent pieces of a crap a bad name by comparing them to this loser.

  • Anonymous

    With this ringing endorsement, Obama can now count on the vote of over indulged, self obsessed narcissistic party girls.

  • Chris

    Hmm, looking at Lindsay’s great choices for her life so far tells us a lot.

    Palin and McCain bring real reform and proven leadership to the country. Both of them have more experience and proven reforms than Obama.

    Obama is just a socialist who has shown horrible judgement in his terrorist/criminal friends.

    Vote McCain/Palin!

  • Anonymous

    Why does the media continue to give a voice to these pampered and clueless people?

    If the average American had committed a drug-fueled carjacking and kidnapping like Ms. Lohan did on July 24, 2007, they’d be cooling their butts in prison for the next several years – along with losing their right to vote in any future election.

    She gets paid to play dress-up and make-believe and is now suddenly an expert on politics? Quick – get her a gig on the McLaughlin Group!

  • Lohan Who??

    What an idiot, Hey Lindsay, anytime you want to leave this great country, I’ll be happy to buy your first class ticket out. You Un-grateful litttle bitch. Where the F*** would you be without the opertunities this country gave you. You’d be nothing overseas.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what a left wing Hollywood fool thinks. Let get her drugs and go back to being nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, so many simple minded people looking to Hollywood and the morally decadent and drug dependent celebrities for clarity on such an important issue. It’s truly astonishing that Ms. Lohan can drag herself out of her depraved life style long enough to impart what she hopes is wisdom to these unwashed masses that grovel at her feet because she is a celebrity. This is the fountain of knowledge the left wing liberals are hoping Americans drink from, because credible evidence of the truth flies in the face mesmerizing rhetoric.CARTCHA

  • LarryW

    Wow! How suprising is it that a Hollywood bimbo would support a radical socialist. Now I can believe anything.

  • Michael Andrews

    Linsay babe….. I’d rather take political input from the cookie monster than you. You have already proved that you are as dumb as dirt and you have no principles which you live by.

    Furthermore, unlike Sarah Palin, you are a horrible role model.

    Do the world a favor: you and your girlfriend go to England or wherever and make the U.S. an even better place to live!

  • Anonymous

    Please…… when did this drunken slut become so involved in the political landscape of this country? She only likes Obama because he is more likely to lessen the penalty for OUI / possession of cocaine and lude conduct. Thanks for the opinion, but stick to taking care of you bride to be SKANK.

  • tommy richards

    this drug using, pot smoking, cocaine abuser has the balls to rip sarah palin…moron, just shut up and eat carpet!

  • Anonymous

    Now that Lezzy Lohan has chimed in. She feels like being gay this year what will she be next?

  • Anonymous

    It never ceases to amaze me that those who “entertain” us by “acting” think that that qualifies them to lecture us on who and what is right for this country. I look to informed sources to make my decision on who I believe is best. No person who spends their life pretending to be something they are not can convince me otherwise. Please go back to acting and good luck with the rehab visits.

  • Anonymous

    hey keep talking…keep talking…the more you all talk the more support Palin gets…you people in hollywood are too stupid to realize just how big a minority you are…the fact that you are an American gives you the right to free speech…the fact that you made the movie Herbie and well pretty much every other movie should take that right away…you need to keep talking because you run the danger of people forgetting who you are…you know since your acting career is about as bright as moose crap…take care.

  • Jane

    Yes LL is white trash. Her life is messed up. Does anyone really care about a 22 yr old that can’t even act well? Oh and by the way all those things you question are sins.

  • TK

    Lindsay raised her head up from between her Butch pard’s legs long enough to express a opinion!! Wow just what the world needs another drunkass celeb spouting off about something she knows nothing about.
    Please Lindsay throw on another bikini, do some shots and shut the hell up! Sarah Palin has more integrity and honor in a strand of her hair than Lindsay could ever hope to have!

  • Anonymous

    “Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. Uh… well if she actually READ a bible and understood the laws of God, YES – it is a sin!
    It also says that in the end of days that man would call good evil and call evil good. Seeing alot of that around lately.

  • Anonymous

    It took me several minutes for me to compose myself & stop laughing to write this. Anyone who would give more than a passing thought to the mindless drivel that spews out of your privileged Hollywood pie-hole automatically fails the intelligence test that IMHO all voters should be subjected to. You’re nothing but a rich, spoiled amoral little brat who has absolutely no concept of what the real world is like, just go away please!!!!!

  • Tom Pain

    EXPERIENCE, BELIEFS??? Well then I guess the ONLY points you Ms Lohan, are qualified to comment upon are: myriad rehabilitation facilities, and Samantha’s crotch. Why didn’t you continue too bite you tounge?

  • Anonymous

    LOSER – and who really cares. Get your act cleaned and the real people make. YOU ARE A HOLLYWOOD LOSER!!

  • Rob

    Lohan has the right to say what she wants, but why doesn’t she or anyone else say something about Obama’s belonged to a church that preaches racism and that he is married to a racist woman. Is there a separate set of standards for him because he is black, what’s the story, you can talk about her back ground but not his???

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey, I have to admit, YOU, of all people, pontificating on the judgement and morality of another person…I nearly spit my coffee on the computer monitor! That’s really funny Lindsay! Lindsay; 1) Lay of the booze, 2) Stop spreading your legs with your panties off in public 3) get that humongous plank out of your eye before you launch on the morality of another person. Oh, and Lindsay, did I mention that you are a piece of publicity seeking trash? Actually, you are basically the benchmark for early twenty first century trash. That’s quite a talent. Best, hope the “gay thing” works out for you, etc. etc.

  • gahusker

    I feel my mental capacity skrinking the longer I spend on this website!

  • Anonymous

    I love to hear a movie star or anyone else just restating the democratic talking points. Think for yourself. How can Palin not have enough experience to be VP and yet Barry O does have the experience. Look at your candidate whether it is Johnny Mc or Barry O and engage the critical thinking part of the brain. Everyone is ultra critical of the people and things they don’t like. If you love lindsey L. or Barry O take a hard look at these people and make some critical assessments.

  • Harry D in LA

    This tramp is the American equivalent to the British’s Amy Winehouse. A perfect waste of talent. Now she has a case of diarhea of the mouth. Go away tramp, go away.

  • Anonymous

    Palin isn’t ready to run the country? But LL, at 22, IS ready to publicly make that call? What is it about Hollywood that makes PERFORMERS think they are INTELLECTUALS? There must be a lot of FANS that take this seriously. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight…Instead of voting for McCain/Palin, we should listen to the 22 year old Lindsey Lohan , who has been a public servant for how long? What has she done for her country that makes her word worth listening to? What experience does she have that will help us to make a more “informed” decision on who to elect as our president?

    “Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

    Yes, to answer that multiple question question

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey- go back and lie down before you hurt something. The meds will kick in soon…

  • JB

    Seriously. Who even cares what this illiterate skank cokehead has to say about a subject way above her pay grade?

  • dastardly

    …your fugly DJ girlfriend, you silly Hollywood twit. Palin is more qualified to be president than Barack Hussein Obama is. The democrats would be walking away with this election if they had nominated a qualified, moderate candidate like Evan Bayh; but no, they have to go hard left to ram it down everyone’s throats. Well, I’ve got news for you leftists. The American people will not vote for an unqualified Marxist that is barely American. Obama’s campaign will go down in flames and the left will lose whatever mind they have left. In Lohan’s case however, she has nothing left to lose. Her family is screwed up, her career is in the tank, and she’s already dating ugly women.

  • Anonymous

    Why do these uneducated losers feel that they must pontificate about people and/or issues that they know nothing about. Slow-Han has more problems than she has freckles, and it is laughable that she would attempt to convince anyone of her opinion. She is on the same path of self-destruction that many of her Hollywood predecessors (and peers) walked. She will amount to nothing more than a footnote in the annals of celebrity catastrophes, and her opinions are completely ignorant, and irrelevant. Please go away Slow-Han (and your loser “DJ” girlfriend).

  • Anonymous

    Relax everyone. Lindsay’s comment is just spew from an immature child. Her opinion should be irrelevant.

  • Ken

    She is a celebratard and mrs palin is not considering passing legislation to take lesbian green cards etc….Not being gay but having many gay friends I have seen this propaganda put out by liberals to scare and shock the gay community that some bible thumping conservative will have them jailed or exhiled leaving my friends to freak out and say- WE CANT TAKE THIS CHANCE!!
    Al Gore raised my grandmas taxes(he cast the tie breaking vote to make it so) but in his run for the whitehouse he talked about how the evil republicans are going to raise social secuirty taxes and what was the reaction from the older citizens??? we just cant take that chance.
    This is BS and hype/scare tatics. If grandpa mccain and milfie moose hunter make it to washington lindsay can still a drug addicted lesbian and no where on immigrant visa applications will you see a new check box for are you gay. Grow up people and see how ALL politicians are playing you

  • Anonymous

    Why should we care what Lindsay thinks?
    She is soooo irrelevant!

  • getaclue

    Obama for President….come on, he has no more than 143 days of actual experience being anything other than a “community organizer.”

    You couldn’t get a job at McDonalds and become district manager after 143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t become chief of surgery after 143 days of experience of being a surgeon.

    You couldn’t get a job as a teacher and be the superintendent after 143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t join the military and become a colonel after a 143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t get a job as a reporter and become the nightly news anchor after 143 days of experience.

    From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee; he
    logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That’s how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World…. 143 days.

    We all have to start somewhere. The senate is a good start, but after 143 days, that’s all it is – a start.

    AND, strangely, a large sector of the American public is okay with this and campaigning for him. We wouldn’t accept this in our own line of work,
    yet some are okay with this for the President of the United States of America?

    Come on folks, we are not voting for the next American Idol!

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a rat’s behind what this soulless little twit has to say. So why am I responding, not sure. Just surprised that these morons are sticking up for her. SHE’S A LOSER. Like she has a clue or even knows wtf is going on. Are you people serious???

  • JohnS

    Whoever posted this entry,

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Those silly Hollywood elitist wannabes….and this is the type of base that Obama wants to win the White House? Even more sad :-(

    What a wanker!

  • Anonymous

    spoiled stupid millionaire brat

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this dopehead junkie even thinks? If you agree with her you are just as dumb!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Is it a sin to be gay?” … um…well…yes, actually, it is.

  • more realistic

    This coming from a women that has shown excellent judgment in her own behavior. And, excuse me little druggie Loan – Gov. Plain gave the journalist dream years ago you ill informed boob. Your language, Ms druggie, does not have any resemblance to impartiality, past or present. And THAT is what has divided this country. But I can’t expect reasonable dialogue for such an ill-informed person with such and obvious lack of judgment. Perhaps you should read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers to understand the Thinking of some one like Sarah Plain. You can find the thinking of Obama in the writing of Karl Marx and Lenin. You may also want to look at that AA book of yours (that appears to be gathering dust). It says personal responsibility is the way to mental health. “The Road Less Traveled” (that’s a self help book in case you didn’t know, but is obvious you didn’t read) also says the same. As do the teaching of Christ. Christ said YOU are responsible for your neighbor – not elect a government to take those responsibilities for your. Lindsey – you are a jerk!

  • Searchin4Truth

    Obama is an ARAB-American. Obama has ZERO experience leading anything, except his campaign.
    Obama has NO EXPERIENCE to lead America. PLUS, Obama can not be trusted. He only wants to “win”. What he do with America we can only guess because he hasn’t created any legislation himself. His voting record is EXTREME liberal. Oh, did I say Obama is ARAB-American?

  • Anonymous

    Oh no! Lohan is coming out against Palin…well, there goes the 12 year old vote! Damn!

  • Anonymous

    why would anyone care what this recently graduated teeny-bopper thinks? another very good actor who must be so because she is simply a hollow shell waiting to be filled by a script. i wish we would stop these things and reinforcing their thinking that they have something smart to say.

  • Anonymous

    did she even graduate from high school?

  • Hollywood hater

    Don’t you just love the way these uneducated nitwits like Lindsay Rehab Lohan pop up from behind their purple haze of controlled substances to wax idiotic about people who actually live in the real world?

  • Hamilton

    It is apparent Lindsey Lohan has enter an arena where the weapons of choice are wits and intelligence…not drugs, not booze nor a pre-written script…as the battle rages on we quickly learn she has enter unarmed….

  • Anonymous

    What does this 22 year old snotty nose kid know about politics that gives her the right to speak in a public forum about Palin’s qualifications or lack there of? She’s been in and out of trouble so many times that her opinion holds little value.

    What is sad is that young people will listen to her just because she is popular, sexy and a movie star who makes her living living vicariously as someone else in a TV show.

    Dumb is as Dumb does.

  • Kalibr

    Lindsy Logan is a moron! She can’t keep herself out of the news with her drug/alcohol addictions, traffic violations, and crotch shots and she’s going to share her political views with us? Is she freakin’ kidding? Celebs like Logan, Pam Anderson and their ilk need to keep their mouths shut so they don’t show their ignoranace and lack of knowledge. No one gives a crap what these untalented and overrated scum have to say.

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think this is news anymore then Pam Andersons thoughts? I am just so undecided about the choices so these actors and others with thoughts (looking for publicity) will be a big help to me. HaHa NOT!!!

  • John

    I really do not care a hoot about Lindsey allegedly being Gay. I do feel sorry for her being so young, confused and drugged out while at the same time feeling as if she has any grip on life or reality or has any comment worth reading or valuing while in this state.

    I feel great pity for her when I read of another one of her episodes. What a waste of a potentially pretty girl. Her environment is a sad one. The court makes the queen. Surround yourself with brilliance and you will appear brilliant. Surround yourself with idiots and ….

    I hope, for her sake, she can find herself.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Fonda likes this druggie. How about making a half decent movie and leaving the political opining to smart people.

    What an embarassment. Forget gay, it should be a sin to be this white trash.

  • Anonymous

    I find it amazing that anyone would care what this female says. You have a rich brat that is a druggie and a member of the hollywierd so called elite that is also a homosexual, a sin that GOD calls an abomination at least 5 times in the Bible. I know that I will be called a homophobe. I’m not. I just believe what GOD says abvout it. Anyway, what gives this 22 year old child the right to act like she is anything more than what she is; a sick, twisted, drug guzzling has been.

  • Brad

    Um yes Mrs Lohan homosexuality is a Sin according to the Bible. just because the Hollywood people think its ok does not make it so. Much like your drug addiction it is destructive. One thing I dont think you seem to understand is that Christians( those who follow the biblical truth) are tired of you “actors” knocking us for having moral value. yeah like I want my kids to grow up to be coked up actors. Get your life straightened out first, then give advice. The truth is you don’t like the Bible, be frank about it, your not hurting the feelings of believers. God can even forgive you, take your pain and addiction. Problem is you wont even try him.

  • John Dunn

    I thought she was fun in that lovebug movie. That, however, doesn’t make me care what Lindsay Lohan thinks about anything. Shut up and act, or get drunk, or flash the paparazzi.

  • Anonymous

    I find it very interesting that Lindsay Lohan weighs in on this. As usual the Hollywood elite think they are smarter than the average American because they can act. No education, but acting makes them so knowledgable. I realize that it would be hard for Ms. Lohan to understand a woman like Sarah Palin because God knows her mother was no role model (or father for that much). Instead of giving us your opinion, which is not worth anything, why don’t you concentrate on your own life and start cleaning it up. You are a disgrace as a role model for our young daughters and granddaughters. You have not earned the right to have an opinion on politics or anything else. Either go back to doing what you do best (partying, drinking, drugs) or go back to school and get an education, raise a family, get a real job, and make a difference in the world, then maybe you will be credible enough for us to listen to your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for having a opinion. And as my father always said never talk politics or religion with people you don’t know. As an adult I now understand!
    I wonder if celebrities understand they are in affect a “brand” and risk alienating the public who basically made them celebrities. For me once they become humanized off the screen it’s hard to take them seriously as an actor…you know what I mean? I personally can’t watch Oprah anymore since she appears to walking down the same path as Rosie O.. (forgeting her base) I’m just looking for the lighter side to life in my enterainers.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan,..for the sake of your career,.immediately fire your management, and your publicist for allowing you to believe that its OK for you to have a MySpace page. All you should be allowed to do at best is contribute to RockTheVote,..even then, just tell college kids to go vote,..and have no opinion. You do nothing more than inspire republicans to run to the poles at the rate you are going. DrudgeReport Lindsay,..billions now have a better understanding of just how stupid you are.

  • David

    Who the F’ck cares what Lindsey Lohan thinks about anything?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what a mis-informed, drug-addled actress has to say.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting….First the canadian Pamela Anderson and now wise-beyond-her-years Lindsey Lohan. I sure am glad these actresses are enlightening us with their political expertise. Has Alec Baldwin moved back to the states yet?

  • MinniePearlJam

    I guarantee you that if asked, this idiot would have to ask someone who her representatives in Congress were and probably couldn’t name a single cabinet member. What is funny is that these self obsessed Hollywood celebretards think they are helping Obama. Don’t they know that the public sees the choices they make in the rest of their lives daily in the media, therefore rendering any of their choices dubious? Are we really supposed to believe that a woman that has over and over again made the decisions to use drugs and alcohol, try to outrun police in her car, fail to show up for court dates is a wise choice to take suggestions from on ANY subject? Do I really want someone like Alec Baldwin who decides to drink excessively, beat his wife, abuse his child, and constantly piss off the people he works with and for to help me with decisions in MY life? Is it any wonder that they are voting for a man for President who didn’t know what the role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was? Is it any wonder that their candidate didn’t understand NATO? Who fills out the PEOPLE magazine subscription cards for these idiots?

  • Anonymous

    4 years ago Palin was a mayor, you jackass….which makes Palin more qualified to be President than the community organizer Obama Hussian. Not to mention that Palin is the GOV of Alaska. YOU, Lohan, are just another loser from Hollywood who doesn’t know her ass from her elbow. Why don’t you go have another drink and smoke another joint and stay out of something which you know NOTHING about!

  • leftie

    No better endorsement than the one from a drug addled, in rehab out of rehab inmoral tart.
    The members of the putrid part of society will always close ranks with those of theis ilk. Go Obama and sink the nation farther in. None of your people appear to have a moral compass. Welfare takers, illegal aliens, self serving homosexuals and egalitarian Marxists support Barack Hussein. This kind of endorsers they make my choice clear.

  • LohanIsAMoron

    Would these ignorant celebrities just stop. What makes them qualified to do anything more than take drugs and make crappy movies? Note to Lohan/Damon/The View/All other moronic Hollywood so-called celebs: You have zero credibility. Please keep your third grade views to yourself. Everytime you open your mouths, you push the Democrats further from getting elected.

  • Non Dufus Donkey

    Every time any one of you tinsel town intelligence wannabee open your mouth you continue to embarrass the rest of the country. The whole lot of you don’t understand a nano-squat of policy ramifications so please….just sing, make movies, and keep political debate to those intelligent to participate.

  • The Laugher

    Celebrity does not equal intelligence, and LiLoh just proved it again.

  • Kalibr

    I’ve been waiting for Lindsay Lohan, Pam Anderson, Matt Damon and P Diddy to share their politcal views before making up my mind for who to vote for in November. Yep, I’m voting for McCain/Palin!

  • Chaz

    This chick needs to give it up. Worry about yourself first. With your past problems, I don’t think you are in a position to be talking about anything……………..

  • Conservative Joe

    If conservatives are “homophobes” for their beliefs, then I think that gays and/or liberals are heterophobes, deophobes, theophobes, and Christophobes. I hope they’re glad they live in the USA where we don’t kill people for being gay or mental..I mean liberal.

  • Anonymous

    Gay or straight, I don’t care. Ms. Lohan is entitled to her opinion, but anyone who votes for or against a candidate because their favorite actor thinks they should has some self esteem issues. Start thinking for yourselves and believe in your own ability to pick a candidate. Don’t let others do for you what you can do better yourself.

  • JustMe

    Lindsay Lohan weighs in! Now we can all sleep better at night, knowing she’s pontificating about the state of the world and sharing her wisdom. Oh, this is good! She and Pink should run for office — with their shared brilliance, they could be unstoppable.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay: Your reputation negates any comments — good or bad– you may make about a candidate. Clean up your own life and then worry about the rest of the world.

    Ms. Palin would be a good role model for you to follow.

  • Anonymous

    It disturbs me to read such vitriolic hatred and ignorance spewing from the mouths of these commentors – America is still a country of free speech, incase these imbeciles have forgotten.

  • G Monet

    When we going to Lohan and Ronson lesbian movie that would be hot.
    Love to see Rosen eating Lohan and some bush bumping lesbian porn rocks

  • Anonymous

    the same goes for the rest of the hollywood elite morons….

  • celebritiesblowsometimes

    Her saying that Palin was doing network anchoring 4 years ago reminds me of how Matt Damon recently said that Vladimir Putin was the ‘President’ of Russia. These Hollywood blowhards need to do more research than rely on PMSNBC and the Clinton News Network.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay: Your reputation negates any comments — good or bad– you may make about a candidate. Clean up your own life and then worry about the rest of the world.

    Ms. Palin would be a good role model for you to follow.

  • Anonymous

    Another Hollywood Air Head rant. Sarah has accomplishments as a Mother, Mayor and Govenor that are unquestioned. Ms. Lohan has her not to be envied low life past (and present). As Lohan might say, “Duh?”

  • MinniePearlJam

    Oh for the good old days when these people were called “jesters” and knew their jobs were to dance, sing, juggle or whatever else they needed to do to entertain us. Of course, in those days they were forced to wear silly pointy hats so that everyone knew not to actually take advice from them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh geez, Lindsay….some people should not open their mouths to spew their ”Politics”.

    Maybe you are jealous Lindsay that the beautiful, smart, Governor from Alaska is taking your covers ??

    For the record, Sarah never wanted to be in the tabloids but the liberal press is out to get her and throwing horrible stories around her.

    Lindsay, you gotta get back into rehab. After all of the drinking, drugs and sexual addictions you are still in recovery from your stupid, stupid positons on important topics.

    Keep to memorizing lines sweetie.

  • Stark Granger

    Lo Ho hasn’t been qualified to be an actor since she was 10 either. Sarah Palin is going to be a great VP and Lo Ho will continue to be trash.

  • Lohan needs more rehab

    Whomever the Hollywood crowd says the American people should vote for, that only makes me run in the opposite direction. Why would I take advice from someone who cannot keep herself off drugs? What kind of judgement does that prove she has?

  • tadchem

    When is the media going to learn that us hoi polloi want our entertainers to *entertain* us, and we don’t care what their political opinions are until they cram their opinions down our throats enough to alienate us. Being too political is a bad career move in the entertainment industry.

  • Jeff In Miami Beach

    Lohan who can no longer act now is judging Palin, a successful woman who unlike her and her friends practices what they preach. Palin is not one of the too much botox (Nancy Pelosi), plastic surgery (Pam Anderson) ladies with an average of 7 abortions in Hollywood crowd. Palin is a governor of Alaska the largest state in the union (longer than Obama has been active in the Senate) who has made hard decisions about her state and her life. She chose to have a down syndrome child rather than abort the boy, that is character, nothing less. Most real men would prefer a woman like Palin to Lohan, oh that may explain her transition to being a lesbian. Obama is an empty suit next to Palin and a fake star compared to McCain! For those that disagree tell me all the bills he authored (not just voted on). He had time to write 2 autobiographies (seems he knows himself better than his friends crazy pastor, bombing terrorist and jailed land speculator). Tell me one time the man reached across to the Republicans. Obama voted 97% of the time with the Dem management! Drill in the US and Drill NOW, Offshore and ANWR.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely, a bonafide bimbo in continuos drug and alchohol incidents now presumes to speak as a political expert? Go snort/drop/drink more mind numbing sustances bimbo, and leave the adult world to adults.

  • Anonymous

    What an intelligent view from a cocaine sniffing, alcholic lesbian slut.

  • Hollywhacko

    …and that’s about it. It’s obvious she’s educated herself by watching the View.

  • Wolfcsm

    Why should any adult with a brain care what a 22 year old “Star” thinks about the experience of the Govener of Alaska? At 22, she has neither the depth nor bredth of experience to make the evaluation.

  • Anonymous

    I find it curious that anyone would take Ms. Lohan’s views on politics seriously…considering the cavalier and haphazard way that she lives her life in the limelight.

    I mean…does making one or 2 “moderately” successful films make one a political pundit?

    The other thing I find particulary disturbing are the accusations that Lindsay makes about Mrs. Palin’s views without actually looking into their accuracy and validity. Palin has never condemned homosexuality and states that people are free to make their own choices, but stated that her faith considers it a sin. (I know it’s hard to handle, but the Bible actuallly calls it a sin and refers to the act as an abomination.)

    Have you actually read about the candidate or watched an interview? How do you know what her beliefs are? Where does she really stand on the issues…ANY issue? Or…could you just be repeating what it’s acceptable in Hollywood to say???

    And…the comment about her posing for tabloid covers? Is there a hint of jealousy there that a woman twice your age looks just as good as you do on the covers…and manages to stay sober and keep her underwear on for pictures?


  • Anonymous

    Lovely, a bonafide bimbo in continuos drug and alchohol incidents now presumes to speak as a political expert? Go snort/drop/drink more mind numbing sustances bimbo, and leave the adult world to adults.

  • Hollywood is s. Get a brain Girlnot America

    Yea, well, no one that really loves America gives a crap what anyone who is an ACTOR thinks about politics. You are all so out of touch with the REAL America that YOU are the joke!!!!

  • danpa

    will somebody stick a sock in this douche bags mouth….. what a piece of pony poo……

  • Doctor Mikey

    Hey Actor’s Expertise……

    You are joking, right? About looking….”to people in show business for expertise in science, politics, and damn near everything else.”

    Really? Must be a joke, right? Do you think Matt Damon knows anything about the current ecavation of the atmosphere on Venus and how this helps us understand the atmosheric conditions on Mars [past, present, and future]? Do you think he knows the relationship between a planet’s magnetosphere, the solar wind, and atmospheric excavation? Do you think anyone in Hollywood knows what atmospheric excavation is? Do you think anyone in Hollywood knows anything about science except how to form a precipitate using cocaine hydrochloride and a double carbon base which easily bonds to the carbon atoms in the cocaine molecule, thereby forming crack cocaine? Probably not. And most of them are probably not very well versed on any other topics with the exception of liberal politics.

  • Anonymous

    Lol! Linny, Linny, Linny… come back when you get some life experience and share you opinions again then. :) Really! 22 year old knows all. *Snicker!*

  • mojo

    If a new movie contains a hollywood lib in it’s cast, I pass it up. And yes Republicans…your tax money is paying for PBS to run Washington Week, NOW, and Bill Moyer’s. If you’re not aware of the content of those shows, tune in any Friday night to see how your money is being used to smear you and your families.

  • Justin

    Lindsey Lohan is an actress, not a political pundit with years of experience in public policy and foreign affairs. I can’t believe anyone really cares what she, or Barbara Striesand, Pamela Anderson, or any other millionaire that spends more in one night on a party than most Americans make in 10 years, thinks. No one has printed who I feel is qualified.

  • Anonymous

    I have trouble making decisions. If it were not for Hollywood celebrities speaking out, I would not know who to vote for. These stars are well-informed and most people probabaly didn’t know this but many of them have degrees in political science and I believe Lindsay graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics so I highly value her opinion. I depend on people like George Clooney with his vast experience in foreign affairs and dealing with heads of state throughout the world. We should be greateful that we have such astute thinkers to help us poor feckless ordinary citizens understand the complexities of international affairs, the economy and of course the environment. Now that Lindsay Lohan has spoken out against Sarah Palin, I am so thankful. I am just a simple uneduacted American and thanks to Lindsay, I might have voted for Sarah. But wait, do I vote for Palin or McCain? Oh please help me!!

  • devolve

    garbage in garbage out

  • American Citizen

    “I couldn’t be more supportive of an African-American in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female,” American Citizen said.

    “I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the sexist comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe John McCain is the best choice, in this election, for president,” the American Citizen added.

    Although the American Citizen said he/she feels “it’s necessary for me to clarify that I am not against Barack Obama as a father or man”, the American Citizen believes that Obama — the Incumbent Senator of Illinois — isn’t ready to run the country.

    The American Citizen said, “I find it quite interesting that a man who now is running to be Commander in Chief of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a community organizer, which is probably all he is qualified to be.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay must be back on the boozwe and drugs, proving that you have to be a dope to vote for Obama.

  • Jesus Christ Hates Palin

    Lohan has the RIGHT – to speak her mind as much as the hating racist homophobic people on this message board does. The LAST eight years of Republican control governement with the US 9 Trillion in debt means nothing to Americans, over 4100 military people killed in Irag and it still means nothing,
    people losing their jobs left and right and gas prices the highest ever! THE STUPID AMERICANS still want to VOTE republican! A barely educated woman might end-up being a heart beat from control the most powerful country. I CAN only hope WE GET WHAT WE deserve for being the dumbiest on EARTH!

  • festus

    Lohan has the i.q. of a carrot and has the moral equivalency of john wayne gacy, that queer pedophile who got his kix sodomizing young boys, then murdering them. Lets examine the inner lohan; high school dropout, drug offender and addict, felon, rug muncher profiteer, and box office poison. Just another Hollyweirodo masquerading as an actor and citizen who’s probably not even registered to vote and wouldn’t know the 3 branches of the gov’t if I drew her a tree map.

  • Anonymous

    Twenty-two years old, a drug rehab drop-out who is so addled now she doesn’t know up from down, so unable to sustain a normal relationship she settles for a wannabe boy, a publicity whore and she feels it necessary to display her ignorance further by attacking a woman who is more accomplished than she can ever hope to be…Hollywood kills our children with too much money, ethereal fame, and a paucity of intellect. It is better to say nothing and look stupid than it is to open your mouth and prove it.

  • David Ables

    Another great american speaks! What, did she drop her bottle or something?

  • Brian P. Rabbit

    At least She has the integrity to sign Her name to Her comments.

    Brian P. Rabbit

  • Patriot

    Please put Sarah Palin’s resume next to Barack Obama’s. I’ll take mayor, governor, energy consultant (Palin), over Community Organizer, do-nothing “present” voting state senator, and do-nothing 143 days in office U.S. senator.
    At what point do we tell these idiot performers to go away, and stay out of politics. Does anyone think that this drug addled attention getter will influence someone’s vote? Someone that isn’t already voting for Obama?

  • BigJohnson

    Let’s see, on Friday, the biggest whore in Hollywood, Pamela Anderson (ok, perhaps that’s debatable….the biggest one that makes movies perhaps) came out that she hates Sarah Palin, and now Lindsey Loserhan comes out and says she’s against her.

    If that’s not a hint and a half who the better candidate is, I don’t know what is.

    Judge people by their supporters and who hate them and you’ll have a pretty good idea who the better candidate is.

  • Wisdom

    How many times do you have to be in rehab before your political opinions have merit?

    One more time than she has I guess, because she is obviously not there yet.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the sin, love the sinner.

  • Anonymous

    She seems most upset that Palin is bumping her from tabloid covers. Hilarious, I love it!! You go, Lindsay! I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

  • BitterClinger

    Once again, we have a celebrity who can’t run her own life attacking someone who can and spewing mindless drivel. Please, if you’re going to criticize someone for inexperience, check the data on the person you’re trying to elevate by your attacks. Palin was in an executive elected office before Barack Obama. Barack H. Obama didn’t even complete ONE term in Congress (143 days there) before beginning his presidential campaign. And that branch of government – if you’ll go back and learn what every immigrant has to learn to become a citizen of this country – is NOT the executive branch. You also might want to check on the work Barack did for ACORN, which is what I see the Obama campaign describing as “Community Organizer” work. Yeah – organizing registration of as many voters as possible. No problem with the “as many as possible” part, but when you identify the specific intent as registering ILLEGAL voters, then the country has a problem. He voted AGAINST legislation that would require voters to provide identification, citing that voters would be disenfranchised. CLUE: You can’t be disenfranchised if you didn’t have the right to vote in the first place.
    It’s a shame that celebs can’t buy a clue, even with the millions of dollars they’ve earned by doing something that they do understand. By venturing mindlessly into political analysis, they risk their future income and remove all doubt if anyone was still wondering if they actually had a functioning brain. For the record on executive experience: Sarah Palin – 2+ (years); Obama – 0

  • Steve

    Who cares what Lohan thinks of Gov. Palin. Lohan is washed up actress who has no brain or sense of direction in her life. What a waste! Go back to snorting coke and trying to find yourself Lohan and leave politics to the to the intellectual.

  • Anonymous

    An alcoholic/drug addict is telling us who to vote for, and there are some of you out there that are now going to vote the way that Lohan says to, you people are nothing but sheep. The American public has to make up there own mind, not be told by one of these do nothing media-whores.

  • festus

    Lohan has the i.q. of a carrot and has the moral equivalency of john wayne gacy, that queer pedophile who got his kix sodomizing young boys, then murdering them. Lets examine the inner lohan; high school dropout, drug offender and addict, felon, rug muncher profiteer, and box office poison. Just another Hollyweirodo masquerading as an actor and citizen who’s probably not even registered to vote and wouldn’t know the 3 branches of the gov’t if I drew her a tree map.

  • Obama

    Dear Lindsay,

    I appreciate your support and kind words, but I think it would be best if you would cease and desist. You, Pam, Matt, and P Diddy are really not helping my campaign. So please, just STFU!

    Your friend,
    Barack Hussein Obama II

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a person with almost no education. Why should we even care what Lindsay Lohan says about politics? It amazes me how these stupid people from Hollywood think they are experts during an election. Case in point – Whoopie Goldberg thinks she will become a slave again if McCain gets elected. That is utterly the most asnine idiotic statement I have ever heard. It is at the pinacle of stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    Well there is just another great reason to NOT vote for the sleeper candidate Obama.

  • festus

    Lohan has the i.q. of a carrot and has the moral equivalency of john wayne gacy, that queer pedophile who got his kix sodomizing young boys, then murdering them. Lets examine the inner lohan; high school dropout, drug offender and addict, felon, rug muncher profiteer, and box office poison. Just another Hollyweirodo masquerading as an actor and citizen who’s probably not even registered to vote and wouldn’t know the 3 branches of the gov’t if I drew her a tree map.

  • Michael

    Poor thing, this Lindsay Lohan. I’m sure that beneath all of the confused low self-esteem-psycho
    antics she is really a warm and sensitive soul.
    But her mother and those that genuinely have her best interest at heart should graciously tell her that her opinions are shallow. Would the country be better off with more Lindsay’s or more Sarah’s?

  • Mark

    Before you bash Palin you ought to look at your life. You are one of the reasons our country is end such bad shape. You are nothing but a High Class White Trash Jerry Springer Wannabe.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Lohan would be well served to just deal with her own life and continue her “acting” career and leave the political comments to those who are qualified. Just because the tabloids give her a platform to make such coments doesn’t mean they hold any water. Let me put it this way, if Lindsay Lohan states her opinion in a secluded forest and know one hears it, . . . did she say anything at all?

  • MDSeverin

    Governments do not decalre what is a sin, religions do. “Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?” Yes Lindsay, the bible says these are sins. The bible also says sins will be forgiven if you accept and believe in Jesus. The last time I checked, Governor Pailin is no imposing her religios beliefs on anyone except her family.

  • festus

    Lohan has the i.q. of a carrot and has the moral equivalency of john wayne gacy, that queer pedophile who got his kix sodomizing young boys, then murdering them. Lets examine the inner lohan; high school dropout, drug offender and addict, felon, rug muncher profiteer, and box office poison. Just another Hollyweirodo masquerading as an actor and citizen who’s probably not even registered to vote and wouldn’t know the 3 branches of the gov’t if I drew her a tree map.

  • Lindsay Who-cares?

    Hey Lindsay, maybe you should take your own advise instead of dipping into politics, which you know nothing about. All of you Hollywood actors get rich, loose reality, have a drug problem, and expect the rest of us who actually work for a living to actually listen to you. Oh by the way, if you haven’t noticed, your career left you two years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay got out of rehab long enough to piece this trash together? Maybe she could provide the world more of a service by finishing the cold fusion experiment she was doing in her basement.

  • SkumChiken

    Sigh. You gotta love these hollywood types. Like we’re going to take seriously the opinions of grown men and women who run around playing pretend all day.

  • Anonymous

    Yes homosexuality is a sin! God’s word is very clear about this.

  • Anonymous

    She asks the question. The Bible says that it is. I Cor. 6:9 lists homosexuals among those who will not inherit the kingdom of God. Romans 1, in a discussion of the godless and wicked, says starting in verse 26, “Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.”

    So, yesy, if you use the Bible as your standard about what is sinful, homosexuality is a sin.

    Don’t you just love it when the Hollywood crowd tries to lecture the rest of the world about what is “sinful”! Lindsey Lohan coming out with stuff like this is the best free campaign advertising McCain/Palin can get.

  • No LezHo

    Palin’s nickname is Barracuda.
    Lohan’s nickname is either LezHO or Drug Addled Bimbo.

    Palin goes hunting and fishing.
    LezHo goes to jail and to rehab.


  • are you kidding?

    you people are honestly going to be swayed by someone like Lindsay, Matt and Madonna? these people speaking up like this only shows that they are thinking solely about themselves and what they want, and NOT what’s good for the country. this article is proof.

    this is like me speaking out about the “Large Hadron Collider”, and how it’s going to swallow up the earth with the black hole it creates. I don’t have a clue how the thing works, so I’m going to shut my mouth about it.

    it’s sad how celebrities use their clout to try to bring people to their side.

    oh, and before everyone jumps me for being for McCain…

    Ron Paul ’08!

  • Jerry Miller

    “I always look to people in show business for expertise in science, politics, and damn near everything else. When Matt Damon spoke authoritatively about Sarah Palin, I began to waver. Now that Lindsay Lohan has spoken, I know she is wrong for America!”

    Nothing against actors or acting–nothing at all. But how does being an actor give anybody any qualifications above the rest of us to evaluate political candidates? I have never understood this. They are people. Some of them smart, some of them not so smart. Do you listen to conservative people in show business? If not, why? They’re still in show business aren’t they?

  • Frank The Crank

    Finally I have peace of mind, I couldn’t make up my mind whether to vote for a true American hero or a true American Zero. As I struggled whether or not to vote for Barry three autobiography Obama and his long destinguised 120 day career in the Senate or a War hero I decided to go where I always go ,to a washed up skaggy crack whore. Thanks Linday for sharing that great sophisticated mind of yours with us less informed folk out here in middle America.If its all the same to you crack head I’ll take the war hero over the empty suit.

  • Anonymous

    With which set of lips is our little tart talking, we seem to see both sets pictured in the media all to often. Lindsey, shut up and go back to rehab, obviously your brain is still clouded from all the alcohol and drugs.

  • Anonymous

    If it wasn’t for Drudge, nobody would even know this article existed. – Just my .02

  • David

    I thought it doesn’t matter what one’s private views are if they have the “right” public policy. So it doesn’t matter to Ms Lohan that Mrs Palin vetoed a bill in Alaska that seeked to limit the rights of gays regardless of what her church teaches. I don’t begrudge anyone the right to support Obama, but just remember that as long as 95% of any “group” votes only for one party that party is free to then file and forget you . . . just ask Jesse Jackson. The best that the democrats have done for you in eight years of Bill Clinton is don’t ask don’t tell.

  • SSWM

    Looking at her comments and looking at those posted here really put a finger on the pulse of our nation. On the “homosexual” matter, from a Christian point of view, Ms. Lohan, yes it is a sin…a big one from Gods point of view. Now if you choose to accept it or deny it, that’s your call. In the matter of politics, you can repeat the DNC’s talking points or try to think up some of your own and tell the world your own thoughs. Also it was pretty “ignorant” that your homosexual partner thinks the main reason to vote for Obama it to keep from getting her Green Card revoked. Bottom line… if you “legally” in this country and don’t break our laws, WELCOME… No matter your poitics or sexual preference. What DJ whatsherface said what just stupid. As far ar Ms. Lohan goes, People in Stoned houses should not throw glass….

  • Anonymous

    She tells Palin to “quit posing for tabliods”? Does that mean that Lohan was POSING all those times we saw her drunk on the cover of mags? I had no idea those were PLANNED!!! And why was she running away from photogs? It sounds to me like Lohan is jealous because somebody has had more (flattering) pics in the press than she has. Boo Hoo…

  • ScottinVA

    Ah, isn’t she just precious. Look, Lindsay, ordinary people couldn’t care less what dysfunctional, pampered little brats like you have to say. Now go to your room and leave punditry to those who actually have a clue.

  • Sober

    Lindsay Lohan is a confused liberal socialist who longs for Soddam and Gamorah renewal and the ultimate destruction of American society on this northern continent of the Americas. She hasn’t a clue about living life well.

  • Anonymous

    Palin spent more day’s gocverning than Barak obama. How is he qualified and she is not?

  • Chris F.

    Wow I’m sure it is really upsetting to Palin that she is not getting the coked-up Hollywood bimbo vote. That could really tip the election in Obama’s favor.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s what Obama needs… people like Lohan and Damon on his side. Keep it up Hollywood! The more of these self-important idiots that come out of the woodwork against McCain/Palin, the more the general public will see the messiah as a fraud.

  • Ptui!

    As they say “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth, thereby REMOVING ALL DOUBT”! Ms. Loball’s idiocy does make a case for abortion, though.

  • Anonymous

    Pay attention boys and girls. This is what abusing drugs and alcohol will do to you, too.

    What a shame. Such a bright light extinguished by the excesses and brainwashing of Hollyweird. RIP Lindsay.

  • Vlab

    Didn’t Lindsey Lohan or whats-her-name kill her self by over-dose of drugs? Guess that was another no brain actress. Another actress who shows that drugs do kill brain cells. Hey Lindsey! Open up the Bible! Homosexuality is a SIN!!! Hey Lindsey do you know what a book is?

  • mutt

    My favorite line from the story was;

    “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    Take your own advice Hohan.

    Yo, Hohan don’t be giving your political opinion any more your an actress ( a bad one at that) not a politician.

    All you morons in Hollywood please sit down and shut-up. Unless you are talking about helping a charity we really don’t give a damn what you think.

  • Anonymous

    The more Hollywood comes out gainst Palin the more convinced I am McCain made the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan speaks and people are actually believing what she says and reporting on it! The electorate has definitely been dumbed down!

  • Anonymous

    ..that a celebrity opens up their overpaid mouth – it’s a point for the opposite camp. GO SARA PALIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you can’t trust a Hollywild druggie with your political decisions, who can you trust?

  • bottleless

    I actually surprised that she know who Sarah Palin is!
    Its a very meager step in the right direction.
    The poor dear can’t quite see that one of the reasons she is considered such a joke is her agreement with those issues. If she had a glimmer of an open mind she could say “Maybe, just maybe those people had something with that values stuff.”
    Clearly we see what the result is when you don’t have a value system that is not afraid to say something is wrong.

  • Thank you Lindsay

    Thank you Lindsay, every time you know nothing liberal hollywood idiots open your mouth, McCain/Palin surge further ahead.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Lindsay is such a scholar. When you get a hit movie maybe I’ll listen. Your politcal opinion means nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Those were her agents comments, she couldn’t put a sentence together. He thought it would be a good idea to follow the Hollywood bandwagon.

  • Daniel Troppy

    Thank you for getting the young people out there a little more involved in this election. People do listen to you and I can only hope that they too will show up and vote for Obama. This election is very important for so many reasons. Young voters out there get out there and talk about this election, register to vote, contribute to his campaign, and wake up and vote in Nov. Thanks Miss Lohan.

    Daniel Troppy

  • Anonymous

    Every ridicules Hollywood blow hard that opens their mouth gives McCain more votes with middle America! I love it! What’s next, we gonna hear how much Flavor Flav or Kim Kardashian hate McCain/Palin, maybe even Bret Michaels will weigh in! The Sky’s the limit on this one!! Come on Hollywood, we need your help, we got a congress to win back!!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey just wants attention and she’s a herd follower like so many other liberal RATS! All these actors that talk politics should keep their traps shut! They are such closed minded IDIOTS and a lot of them are terrible actors anyways including Hohan! The problem is they don’t know their own a-hole from a hole in the Grown!Hohan your such a LOSER!
    GO McCain/Palin!

  • Anonymous

    First, don’t criticize Palin for people on a tabloid magazine. Especially since Obama and his family have been on everyone multiple times. Second, yes it says in the Bible that it is a sin to be gay.

    THIRD – and most importantly – I don’t bug Lohan about how bad her acting and music career are. It’s naive for her to think that her opinion matters in political conversations. Then again, the more hollywood chimes in on this race, the more common folk Americans realize how out of touch Democrats are.

  • comeon

    COMING FROM A HAS-BEEN ACTRESS who cannot seem to get any credit for her worthless acting and pathetic lifestle, I guess Barack should be proud that LINDSAY is supporting him! I am sure her comments will sawy America…AWAY FROM BARACK! GO LINDSAY!

  • Anonymous

    another failure trying to get publicity by mouthing off. leave it to a crack head to think she can make political decisions for the rest of america (the ones that actually have a real job)

  • RowdyTexan

    **yawn** Another wacked out left coaster under the delusion that anyone with half a brain really cares what they think.

  • Anonymous

    First, I think it is just great that Lindsay and whoever are happy together. It is always a wonderful thing for two people to find comfort and acceptance in each other. If you are hung up on the sex, well, that is your problem, not theirs.
    Secondly, I really don’t care what Lindsay or Matt or George or Sean or any of the Hollywood crowd have to say about politics, the world, my lifestyle, my habits, my beliefs, or any other aspect of my world views. I don’t care about their opinion any more than they care (or should care) about my opinion on their life view. I am capable of making up my own mind and forming my own opinion on things by weighing the facts I have available to me. Lindsay, stick to acting or singing or whatever it is you do and leave the political commentary to those who get paid for it, like Alan Combs and Charles Krouthammer. Good luck to you.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, HOLO, you ignorant piece of trash….she really poses for tabloids. Just stick with drinking…you are MUCH better at that. By the way, I will never support you or your movies again.

  • Anonymous

    I love how she tells Mrs. Palin not to pose for the tabloids because she’s not a celebrity. What a twit…I think she’s jealous! This poor gal must be one of the biggest loosers in Hollywood and she has the nerve to think we would respect her choice for President? Concidering her track record for bad choices, I think this is one endorsement Obama can do without.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Lindsay! You just pushed some more middle roaders our way by inserting your foot into your mouth. You sound like someone who missed their
    meds and are in one of your valley’s. By the way I thought your picture with your ring was especially disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    Why would we listen to what Lindsay has to say. She hasn’t made a good judgement to date. You and I have our own opinions because some of us grow up and some want not to take responsibilty for our actions. The government isn’t here to run our lives for us which is why there isn’t any difference in the two parties anymore. Palin is the closest we have to a real Republican since Reagan.

  • Anonymous

    COMING FROM A HAS-BEEN ACTRESS who cannot seem to get any credit for her worthless acting and pathetic lifestle, I guess Barack should be proud that LINDSAY is supporting him! I am sure her commens will sawy America…AWAY FROM BARACK! GO LINDSAY!

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when these overpaid, underworked, and uneducated movie stars who are so out of touch with the real world (try getting a real job) voice their feelings about candidates. The sad part is there are alot of voters who believe these movie stars know what they are talking about. If you want a good story try one on the amount of education and any public service that these so called celeberties have.

  • Anonymous

    Another Pea Brain drug addictic giving her opinion on politics. She didn’t graduated from High School. the only thing she know is how to spread her legs

  • Anonymous

    From the way her post is written, I would say that she had a ghost writer. It is far to coherent. What is said is completely DNC, Daily KOS propaganda but well structured and written. There is no way she wrote it.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey, quit being so judgmental! I don’t judge you! I give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re so hot! You should do the same with Palin!

  • RachaelGreg

    Don’t pose for any more tabloid covers? Now be truthful – is it really the Republican party or was Palin taking the limelight away from you Ms. Lohan??

    Go Sarah!!

  • The Patriot

    This is exactly why we can’t elect Obama. If trash like Ms. Lohan are supporting him, then he is the wrong choice for president. I am more than ready for a black president, (Colin Powell) but electing Obama just because he is black is the most racist thing I have ever seen. You are all racists for nominating him based on skin color. He is a socialist wacko who wants to take my hard earned money and give it to some crack head hooker because she is too lazy to get off her STD invested ass and get a real job.

  • John

    you’re not the brightest bulb in the box. Best you leave the politics to those with a little common sense and knowledge of how the world works. a 22 year old hollywood celeb speaking on such things is really only given credit by the morons who care what she has to say.

  • Anonymous

    You Libs will never figure it out. Your “Hollywood” connections are going to help you lose this election. Please Hohan, keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Why should we even care what Lohan says. Then again, based on what she has done with her life and the example she is to the youth of this country, we should do just the opposite. I am glad she is against Palin. It is good to have her NOT for Palin. Obama can have Lohan and all those like her. Lindsey, try to do something useful with your life and then you just might be worth listening to, or not.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have anything against these dimwitted Hollywood celebrities speaking their mind. But these people who are so un-intelligent that they have to use velcro to tie their shoes coming off as if they are smarter than the “little people” that earn a living actually working, is a joke. This particular dimwitted girl who makes millions as a bad singer and pushing her cleavage together is the biggest next to Matt Damon. Like we have to have their approval for anything. Go to Hollywood, make your millions doing nothing and shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Palin not experienced enough? Well I guess that leaves out Obama too, and Biden, and for that matter McCain, but not Palin. It is really amusing to see people gripe at people who are not “tolerant,” When in fact it the opposite is not tolerant unless you agree with them. Homosexuals are not tolerant of christian folks unless they agree with them. How does that saying go about a black kettle?…….

  • Scott from Nv

    Lindsay Lowlife pay attention Tramp!! For someone like yourself who is one step from working at one of our Nevada brothels and couldn’t get a gig doing a pay day loan commerical are you kiddn me? And you’re casting aspersions on Governor Palin? By the way Tramp get your speak n spell tuned up and warm up the google search engine to find out what casting aspersions means.The next time you wish to compile your thought Tramp.Let the sand run out of your head, Along with the various narcotics, booze.

  • Anonymous

    Its interesting to me that some people question Sarah Palin’s experience when Mr. O’Bama has a total of 143 days of experience. Ms Lohan could you get a leading role with 143 days of experience and most of those days you reported “present” ?

  • Anonymous

    If we go by these coments, McCain & Palin win in a blowout!!! I am so sick of people refering to Palin’s lack of experience, which is light years ahead of Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Who are you to say someone is in the wrong? You can not make your own mind up from month to month. I’m not against gays but I bet you will not be with your partner you have now next year or even 2 years. Your brain is in a daze still from being a recovered druggy and a drunk. Of course you would support Obama. And you want to talk about experience Obama does not have it. Did you know Lindsey that Palin received more votes running for governor then Obama did running for Senate and Alaska is a hec of a lot smaller in population. You need to have your head reexamined. And whats with your girl she looks like she is still on drugs.

  • Erin

    The problem with celebrities in this country is that they can’t say anything intelligent without a script. Maybe Lohan needs some more rehab.And how many covers has Obama been on? GO SARAH!

  • Anonymous

    oh that’s right….you don’t wear any

  • Anonymous

    a denouncement from a crack-addled whore is almost like an endorsement. Thanks.

    keep talking. the boycotts are coming against hollywood and when all the studios are bankrupted because Americans avoid hollywood like the plague, you will be holding a sign saying “will act like trashy whore for food”


  • Anonymous

    If we go by these replies, McCain & Palin win in a blowout!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey sounds just like another typical, ignorant uneducated person who doesn’t know anything about politics. She’s just mad because the repulbican party doesn’t support the gays and lesbians, she could careless about the other polices, the more important ones. If it wasn’t for Bush there would of been more like 9/11, the problem with the liberal party is that they don’t seem to see the bigger picture. They are very closed minded individuals.
    Linsey grow up and get a clue and tell your celeb. freinds to do the same because none of them are educated when it comes to politics! One more thing do everyone a favor and keep your mouths SHUT!
    McCain and Palin ROCK!

  • Anonymous

    the exponential boost to this young woman’s credibility, the rehab and a homo-sexual relationship. Journalist, please.

  • Whatever

    This article is overwhelming proof that celebrities should stay out of politics. Lindsay Lohan is merely attacking Sarah Palin in order to justify her own poor life choices (like being gay and that herbie movie). Linds I am sorry you would have more credibility if you weren’t a celebrity, and if you had never been addicted to drugs. Personally, I blame your mother for making you the pathetic washup you are today. Obama is NOT the right choice due to the fact that his policies will further ruin our country. I am sure he is a great person who makes pretty speeches but it takes more than that to get our country back. It takes character, and integrity. And leaving it up to a community organizer is just plain scary.

  • AlexWV

    this drug addicted, hell-bound lezbo doesn’t need to open her mouth and trash a governor of the biggesst state in the union and three-time mayor of a town whose people work hard and don’t spend their time in rehab and fornicate with other women. she’s just a no-talent ho.

  • Whatever

    This article is overwhelming proof that celebrities should stay out of politics. Lindsay Lohan is merely attacking Sarah Palin in order to justify her own poor life choices (like being gay and that herbie movie). Linds I am sorry you would have more credibility if you weren’t a celebrity, and if you had never been addicted to drugs. Personally, I blame your mother for making you the pathetic washup you are today. Obama is NOT the right choice due to the fact that his policies will further ruin our country. I am sure he is a great person who makes pretty speeches but it takes more than that to get our country back. It takes character, and integrity. And leaving it up to a community organizer is just plain scary.

  • Anonymous

    LL – Palin specifically when asked about homosexuality by way of a very publicized ABC interview said, “It is not my place to judge anyone….”

    Shut your drugged up lips and go back to trash talking Paris and the rest of your ignorant little party friends.

  • peterwoohoo

    Add her name to the growing list of do nothing,know nothing Hollywood celebrity losers. She wishes she could be 1 percent of what Gov. Palin is. Maybe Obama can hire Lindsey as a Community Organizer….
    Hey Lindsey! Get off your back & do some real House work. Call me if you need some cleaning tips.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what these “celebs” think? I know I don’t. Their opinions do not mean any more then anyone else’s. I feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to listen to someone just because they have made a few bad movies and flashed various parts of their body for the cameras. That hardly makes her an expert on what is best for this country. I have served this country for over 20 years in the military, I know who I am voting for, but that does not mean that I am qualified to tell you who to vote for. Look at the candidates for yourself, look at what they have done in the past, listen to what they are saying and have said in the past. Decide for yourself who would be best for this country, then vote for McCain…jk…Vote for the person you think best suited for the job.

  • Michelle Tyler

    Personally, I think these people in Hollywood are hypocrites. These people have NO idea who Obama is. I trust McCain and Palin over Obama who went to an ALL Black only Church. Who’s leader The REV Wright (who Obama talks about in his BOOKS as a great man) trashes white people and America. Obama has a shady history with Anti American haters. Obama is a divider not a uniter. Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing and Hollywood are as blind as bats.

  • Anonymous

    We should get more high school graduate alcholics and drug addicts to speak out.

  • Anonymous

    I read all sorts of blogs and response comments all of the time – especially during this historic election. The thing that sticks out to me the most, is that anytime a McCain/Palin stance is challenged, their supporters will come out with some of the most vile, hypocritical comments that I have ever read…”Hohan…all homosexuals should be put to death”, etc. The thing that I find most sad and disturbing is that these people do not seem to realize how utterly angry and closed minded that they present themselves. The thing that I find most frightening is that these are the kinds of people that have the potential of running our country.

    Any bets on the type of response this will invite?

  • Anonymous

    “Judge not, lest you be Judged, for the very Judgement you use; shall be used for you”

    Take care of your own house (YOU), and stop looking at others SIN. When we stand before a Holy God; you might be surprised what He finds SIN!
    Remember “Christians”: a lying tongue, gossip, murder (even in your heart) adultery,lust(even in you heart) sowing discord, envy, greed … STEALING … COVETESNESS …SIN!
    Or as you like to put “an abomination” before a HOLY GOD!
    Love your neighbor; and pray for your enemies!
    Hmmmm, Wonder WHO will stand NOW?
    (Or Cursed …God used a Jackass [BALAM'S DONKEY] and a Heathen Pharoah OF EGYPT to push HIS PLAN forward!)

  • jmello

    I’m finding this absolutley hillarious that all the focus has been drawn to the VP nominee and I hardly hear McCain anymore. Inexperience… has any checked the Presidential nominee on the other side yet… no that right were’re still in Obama euphoria the most unqualified man to ever run for office and to turn our heads from this undisputible fact what can we do o I got let’s pick on the VP.
    And I’m sick of everything hollywood says taken as some profound thought. Not for nothin but Linsay’s got to be one of the most counfused young adult ever caught up in “stardom”

  • Anonymous

    Either Lindsay Lohan was gay when she was a little baby or homosexuality is not genetic.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s sad that Lohan thinks anyone cares what she has to say. It would be a cold day in hell that she would acutally sway who I am going to vote for. Pathetic.

  • Cooz

    Oh, and for the few Obama supporters who are so shellshocked over the post palin poll results… lets add 5% more to the McCain side for the Bradley effect, which no one is talking about but is a proven fact.

  • Vink

    Lipstick on a Pig? Oh Lindsey, you must be talking about Samantha Ronson! LOL! Funny how a weak-minded, homosexual, drug addict, pimped out by her own Mother since childhood, marginally talented albino, is now an expert on Politics! Sweetie, you coul’nt shine Ms. Palin’s shoes. Now, get yourself cleaned up. Mommy is having some Producers over to have their way with you.

  • cj

    lindsey, you are hot. i’ll give you that. but why do i care what a drug addicted, attention loving celeb thinks about the presidential race. you should tell you friends, especially you boy/girl friend (who is NOT hot, by the way) that REAL people couldn’t care less about a celeb’s worldly views.

  • Vink

    Lipstick on a Pig? Oh Lindsey, you must be talking about Samantha Ronson! LOL! Funny how a weak-minded, homosexual, drug addict, pimped out by her own Mother since childhood, marginally talented albino, is now an expert on Politics! Sweetie, you coul’nt shine Ms. Palin’s shoes. Now, get yourself cleaned up. Mommy is having some Producers over to have their way with you.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a sin to be gay.. It is a sin to a act on every desire just because it feels good. Being gay and sexually active is the same thing as being straight and committing adultery. There are plenty of single unmarried folks out there who are not sexually active. It’s also a sin to use birth control and have sex before marriage. Thanks for trying though. This type of comment just helps the McCain_Palin ticket.. Keep it up Lindsay.. Please keep up the ignorant remarks and help keep the country from falling any further into the tank.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha You can put lipstick on a drug addled brain but…you get the point.


    I would like to thank Lindsay for not being able to bite her tongue any longer. Perhaps instead of spewing nonsensical rhetoric, she should apply that tongue to the body part that likes it best on Sammy & STFU. As she speaks, Diddy “Cirock Obama” speaks/blogs, Matt Damon – it is driving people in DROVES to vote McCain Palin. By the way – posing for celebrity rags? Did I not see King Obama on the cover of every rag mag with glowing beautiful articles?????? Hey Linds – you’ll learn with maturity (if you live much longer) that it’s better to make people wonder if you’re an idiot, rather than confirm it by opening your fat pie hole.

  • a mind should’nt be wasted

    She was whirling out of control a year ago, drugs booze in the fastlane…. she was in and out of rehab so many times she lost the concept of reality.Now she has found new love?? Carpet muncher!
    I despise celeb’s that use their status to support a candidate. White Trash Carpet muncher … that’s sums it all up!!!

  • PamelaAnderson

    Whew! I feel so much beter now. Thank Ghia. Finally a paregon of virchue and wisdum has finally spoken. I was so, like, ok, uhh, on the fence ya know…and now, like, I just feeeeeel so much behtter, ok…and like..WOW…I can see clearly now. ok and, and, Oh I just feeeel so warm and fuuuuuhhhzy! Thank you Lindsay! Lindsay for prezidant. Flex yor power gurl! Yea, ok, and ummm, Global warming realy is a choice…and I am pro choice..and, ahh, ummm, yeha, I am woeman, hear me roar, blah, blah, blah,

  • Anonymous

    I think it is time to start boycotting Hollywood. They depise anything good or decent and they especially loathe christians. They have created a hellhole for themselves and sold their souls that they want the rest of us to go down with them. Amazes me people who don’t want to listen to others have no problem telling others what to do. They are messed up in and out of rehabs, sexual relationships, mental institutions and THEY know what is the best for the country. Insane.

  • Dallas

    Ms. Lohan is not even a qualified voter in the United States. I would encourage Ms. Lohan to voice her electoral views in the country where she does have voting rights. I am sure her fellow citizens would enjoy her views and her dialogue about whatever issues face her OWN COUNTRY. Ms. Lohan needs to be reminded she is a GUEST of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. When I travel and do business in other countries I do not consider it appropriate to think I am ENTITLED to know who should be the leader of another country. NO MS. LOHAN— YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME ONE….UNTIL THEN YOU SHOULD LEARN TO BE A GUEST!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey, do everyone a favor and go back to rehab. Your so undeducated it’s pathetic! You are so stupid you would’nt no it if it hit right in the face! You are absolutley clueless. Stop drinking and stop doing drugs, see what happens when you do these things. Don’t talk politics because you have no idea what your talking about! Now people hate you, I personally never liked you to begin with because your such a horrible actress with no talent what so ever! Now I can’t stand even more…you ignorant FOOl!

  • Anonymous

    The more Europeans,Africans,Canadians, and brain-dead “celebrities” want me to vote for Obama, the more I know McCain/Palin is the right choice.

    I left the Democratic Party a few months ago and I’m soooooo happy not to be associated with these hateful people any longer.

  • Dan

    We’re taking political advice from Lindsay Lohan? Maybe she should understand that lack of experience hasn’t stopped her candidate from running. And BTW Governor Palin isn’t running for the presidency but it seems that Freshman Senator Obama, renown Community Organizer is running against her and not Senator McCain. Last time I checked McCain wasn’t running against what’s his name; you know the guy who is Obama’s running mate. After reading her blog on the Drudge Report I think we have all dropped a bit on the evolutionally scale and have now lost the brief time it took to read it, write a response and will never get that time back again.

  • Scott

    If Governor Palin was a Democrat none of this would be happening. She is the paradigm of an American success story and everything that America one stood for, namely: family, self-reliance and integrity.

    Furthermore, Governor Palin has more
    executive-level (Lohan – the US government has three branches: Judicial, Legislative and Executive) than does McCain, Obama and Biden combined.

    Does anyone on this forum know that the name “Barak” is the name of the horse Mohammed (Peace be Unto Him), rode into Jerusalem on when He had the dream which led to the writing of the Qu’ran? That dream is the single bit of ‘proof’ that there is any Islamic claim to the holy city of Jerusalem. Barak Hussein Obama will be our first Muslim President.

    As an “agent for change” why would anyone take Obama seriously when he did nothing for the infamously corrupt Daley Chicago politcal machine? I’m very suprised that Obama’s media vetting is so soft-balled while Palin is being trashed by the so-called main stream media. The opposition research has come up with suprisingly little and news orgs like CNN are spending entire segments on how long she and McCain “hug during political rallies”.

  • Anonymous

    i did not know you can think in a rational manner when your always on drugs and alcohol. if she had a mother like sahar she wouldn’t always be in the gutter.

  • lex harvey

    Isn’t it ironic that she feels Palin should avoid publicity, since running for office is a grave matter, given obama! has been the darling of the media, gracing cover after cover since his win at the Iowa caucus? And since when do the candidates get to choose what cover they appear on?

  • Frank

    I suppose there are people who cares about what this actor thinks, but I sure wouldn’t want them voting.

  • Anonymous

    Well, all of you “CELEBS” need to remember what happened to the DIXIE CHUCKS when they started blurting their opinions, and Sarah Sarandon, and numerous others that seemed to like to delve into the political scene with their ignorant worthless but most predominantly insulting interpretations of people they didnt agree with. Their careers when DOWN the TUBE. Go ahead,…..make our day Lindsay!

  • K E Lindberg

    Lindsay Lohan can afford Obama’s taxes. She can afford to buy health insurance abroad when Obama has socialized ours and screwed it up like they have in Europe and Canada. Lindsay Lohan can afford Obama. Most Americans can’t.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it convenient that if we believe that homosexuality is a perversion and sin, we are homophobes, narrow minded radicals as Ms. Lohan suggests. I would remind her that most christians and the bible tell us it is a sin. So is premarital sex, drug addiction, and hedonistic lifestyles. You want to twist all commandments to fit and suit your particular lifestyle so that there need not be any judgement or guilt. How convenient. Lets take that a bit farther. Pedophiles think their behavior is natural and normal. Gang members say that their lifestyle is justified, they are just surviving. Molesters protest they “love” their victims. No black or white for you people, no lines drawn, no social conscience. Just pleasure, fun and what feels good.

  • Jeff

    Could you please stop injecting your stupidity into the REAL world and return to the psych ward with your man-like lover; better yet keep on snorting it.

  • Anonymous

    The entire USA has been waiting with baited breath for Lindsey Lohan’s intelligent, in-depth commentaries on the election. NOT.
    Lindsey should stick to memorizing lines that someone else wrote for her.

  • pete

    Maybe Lindsay should be conncerned about making a decent movie, about her incarcerated father and her pathetic family.. Com’n people…She is pathetic..

  • Quiet, Cun#

    Maybe if Palin promised to “be adequate”, Linds might change her tune? Just bury your face in your pig girlfriend’s fetid snatch, and let the rest of us worry about the state of affairs in this country, mkay muffin? P.S. I truly enjoy watching your mother pimp out your talentless sister on basic cable….truly inspired television

  • Anonymous

    “Um – who is Lindsay Lohan?”

    Something tells me even Lindsay Lohan hasn’t figured that out yet.

  • james Greene

    Where is the questioning of his holiness the Dali-bama’s lack of experience? He has less than Palin, yet he is running for the top of the ticket. Oh, he’s a half-rican American, so I guess that trumps everything. We should vote for the Socialist-Marxist ticket so that we aren’t racist (even though 90% of the blacks are voting for Obamessia simply because he is black, but we can’t call that racist). Can’t wait for Nov 5th – when they finally realize that it is over and Obama-lama-ding-dong is a loser. There will be riots in the cities (free TV’s, free Rodney King) causing hundreds of dollars of damage.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA!! Who can honestly take this piece of trash seriously?

  • Anonymous

    Hint hint to you Lindsay…stick to those tabloid photos.You are only an actress and a mediocre one at that. Your opinions mean nothing.

  • LindsayLover

    Now that Lindsay has weighed in, I can rest easy as to how I will be voting. If I had only had her insight before going through all of the thought process. What an insightful woman/man – whatever. I digress. Thanks for all of the wonderful celebrity opinions. They mean the world to all of us who can’t think for ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell cares what Lindsay Lohan thinks, she is Lesbo/Drug Addict/Alcoholic who can’t act and is all washed up. She seeks attention anyway she can get it and now plans on getting married to some dyke, so you want to make a comment on Sarah Palin?

  • Anonymous

    …will not be affected by Obama’s socialist-leaning economic policies, so why should they care? It’s the left’s morally relative social views that they love.

  • Phoebe

    Linds, please quit trying to act like you know what’s going on out here in the real world. If you did you would know that you just alienated half of your fan base.

    And obviously the decisions you have made for yourself have really paid off. Good luck hon, you’ll need it.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay, you ignorant slut…

  • Lohan Schmoehan

    …can a girl more famous for drug rehab, purposely flashing her coochie to cameras, and occasionally doing a Disney Film, actually get news coverage for the ridiculous things she b*tches about in her Myspace blog. Seriously? Her Myspace blog got into the news and regurgitated? This is news? And what’s this about her pretending to be gay? Lohan isn’t gay. She’s just doing this to get into the spotlight again because everyone in Hollywood is either gay, into Kabbalah or Scientology, or both. I saw the news story where shes supposedly gonna get married to this other chick. If she was gay, I’d say “hey, whatever”, but she’s not. She’s a publicity whore that doesn’t have the financial backing of Paris Hilton so the fact that she’s talentless means she has to dream up crap then pose for cameras to get attention. Mark my words – within two years, after she’s milked the hungry media for what she can get out of it, she’ll quietly go back into rehab and confess that it was just a “phase she was going through” and she was mixed up. Lindsey, stop opening your mouth (and your legs) for cameras please. Retard. Oh, and loved you in Herbie the Lovebug.

  • Anonymous

    Who is she again? I’ve never heard of Lindsay Lohan. What does she do again?

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick a tired of actors using their status with the press to spout off about issues and people they know nothing about. Stay out of politics and go to work.

  • Anonymous

    How sad is this? Matt Damon, Paris Hilton, Susan Serrandon, and now Lindsey Lohan need to learn a truth. When people think you may be an idiot, it’s better to just remain silent…than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. John McCain and Sarah Palin must love this.

  • Trish

    Drug induced rant…this girl can’t even be relied upon to take care of herself on a daily basis. I might give some weight to her comments if she could put six months of sobriety together…well, maybe; but probably not.

    A message, once again, to Hollywood. Your job is to pretend…the rest of us live in the real world. You just keep playing Barbie and let those of us with some intellect and some sense of responsibility take care of the election.

  • Les Ismore

    Who gives a crap what another vacuous Hollywood no nothing thinks or says? They can say what they want, but I long ago stopped giving them my money. I will say thanks, though, because I was going to vote third party, but now will vote McCain. I just want them to see that their whining outcry has the opposite effect. I don’t care what the elitists think, they are hypocrites. How can millionaires vote for a Marxist that says he is going to take most of their money? Because they know he won’t. It is just political rhetoric.

  • Charlie the Tuna

    of which way the 22 year old drug addicted lesbian vote is starting to break.

    Now we only have to wait and see how the elderly alcoholic sheep sodomizer vote goes before we can predict a winner

  • Who is lindsay lohan

    Oh.. so now some punk 22 year old LUSHED out loser who used to be popular decides to come out and give her opinions?
    LINDSAY – no one give a crap what you think, your an actor (well – used to be anyway) now you just some loser dike druggie that thinks people actually care about what you think. Your a NOBODY now – Get a life loser – your not even pretty anymore. (and on behalf of republicans – thanks, you just gave us more votes because the general public thinks your a waco!!)

  • Jim W

    Who does this 22 y/o so called authority on politics thinks she is. O.B. hasn’t even been fully investated and when questioned, yells foul. But then she is a member of the “elevated no all Hollywood” think (sic) tank. And she can tell her G/F Ronson who the hell cares what she thinks. They can take their sorry asses to England and enjoy their sordid relationship.

  • AnonymouBigArch

    Do these Hollywood types think we sit around and await their every word ? Sorry but I could care less what she thinks.

  • Anonymous

    This proves that yes, you can put lipstick on white trash, but you still get a pig…..

  • Irate Because Youdont

    Oooh boy, that seals the deal. If LL is against SP then I am for her. These no talent ass clown Hwood celebs would to the Oman a favor by keeping their mouths shut.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for speaking out Lindsay and pointing out the obvious inexperience and evil that is Palin! Her son signs on to the war a week b4 the VP announcement is made – gimme a break! The woman has to sacrifice her own son in an attempt to gain legitimacy! Nader / Gonzalez 2008!

  • Harry Tuttle

    The opinions of drugged-up trollops mean less than nothing. In fact, their opinions end up swaying people in the opposite direction.

    Simple fact is that Obama is a racist and a Marxist. This country was founded on Democratic principles, thus Obama will never be its leader. And Biden? He’s not qualified to do my laundry, let alone sit in the VP seat.

    McCain/Palin is the only ticket in town.


  • Anonymous

    I am so sick a tired of actors using their status with the press to spout off about issues and people they know nothing about. Stay out of politics and go to work.

  • Ghost of Reagan

    I just can’t get over all the “celebretards” critisism of Palin’s lack of experience when it’s a hell of a lot more than the socialist,Obama.
    Lohan, Damon, et al, just shut up and act…on second thought, just shut up!

  • Peter Fusco

    A kid with an alcohol, drug and slight gender confusion issue, coupled with a career in tailspin and a brain on pause, should perhaps remain silent on matters of national politics. Presumptuous? Yes. Fatuous? Of course.

  • jimmy coomer

    I did not know who I would vote for. I was waiting for a drug addicted, lesbian actress to instruct me. Now that I know what sister crack head thinks I can make a proper decision at the polls. Thanks Linsey. Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

  • David

    Lindsey Lohan is a fool. She is dangerous to herself and to those who listen to her. It will end badly for her, watch.

  • Charlie89

    A drug addicted, lesbian, ex-convict with a GED is against Sarah Palin. Why is this even news?

  • Anonymous

    Lohan – Really??? People actually listen to her opinion and then report about it? C’mon, how many times has she in and out of rehab? Let’s report opinions from productive members of society.

  • working mom

    I guess the world will be safe now that the “brat” of Hollywood has chimed in on the election. Know your facts. Obama said the lipstick was on the pit. Sarah Palin was a mayor, is a govenor, was on the Energy commission. I think she has a bit of ability. Also if Mr Obama is so worried about this competition, he should be commenting and working on John McCain since he, not Sarah will be president. This is the first election in a century when the Presidential candidate spent so much time running down the Vice Presidential candidate. The presidential candidate is the one he should go after. By the way, Hollywood is not the way the rest of the universe thinks.

  • Mark

    Is this the same Lindsay Lohan who couldn’t get here butt off the couch in her trailor and on to the movie set on time so Jane Fonda had to go and chew her out for being an unprofessional actress and not getting to work on time? Yea! Thats who we need lecturing us on who will be the best president. NOT!

  • Get a Life

    This over-indulged rehab girl needs to stop hatin’ on Palin…she reminds you of what you could be – a better individual! You think your Obamanation is the answer – that clears it up for me. McCain/Palin for this country. Country First…selfish, self-centered hollywood trash, definitely not on the list of reasons to vote!

  • Timothy Ashmore, M.D.

    Why don’t you stick with topics that you have some expertise on! That would be clits and alcohol!
    We the general public don’t give a d@@n what you celebutards think! How many election cycles is it going to take for that to sink into Hollywood’s brain???

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like this lohan brat still has remnants of chemical brain disfunctions (or still mixing stuff into her kool-aid. It makes my laugh that she thinks anyone cares about her politics. I think this might be another awesome McCain-Palin tactic to turn undecideds towards the GOP in this November’s election. If so – these mavericks sure know how to play. Go John & Sarah!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need a sexually confused crack-whore to tell me how to vote.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan as with others in hollwood dont get it. They are dependent on how others view them. They lack the understanding of the real world except for how they see it. Keep living and working in the make-believe world that hollywood has created for you.

    Actors should be seen and not heard.

  • Bo

    We are all a little dumber for now reading Lohan’s views on anything.

  • angry canadian

    Lohan is a drug abusing, dysfunctional whore. She’s got more problems in her own life than anyone I know. Her parents are a complete sham that use her popularity to their advantage. Lindsay, you can’t sing, act or stay out of trouble. I hardly value your opinion on politics. You ask what Palin’s done, what have you done – nothing but be a bad role model for the young girls that have made you wealthy. You are a piece of trash and the weak minded people (sheaple) that follow your work and attempt to justify your inability to stay out of trouble. Get you life straight before you offer your opinion. About the only thing you’re qualified for is dancing around a pole…

  • education

    at what point did the ramblings of an uneducated drug addict on a social website become fodder for political discussion. The reason actors are in hollywood and not in washington is because the decisions made by our president and other government officials must be made with insight and with more than knee jerk reactions as to how “I” think it should be done. Just because someone provides you with a stage doesnt mean you should sttand on it and show how truly uneducated you are. When did Lohan learn about politics? at the club while she was getting drunk and high or in rehab when she wished she was getting drunk and high. Finally, Palin is more qualified than Obama. What has the man done, show me one thing he has done as a junior senator for one term, History shows that the downfall of the greatest nations on earth were preceeded by rampant homosexuality and a loss of moral leadership. at least thats the way i see it

  • Anonymous

    If you are swayed by anything this drinking drug impaired airhead has to say we are in trouble. I doubt she’s even read about any of the issues. probably more upset about how awful
    palins glasses are or more likely that she hunts poor little Bambi’s.

  • Anonymous

    …just because you aren’t like her.

  • tduck

    … let’s see , a drugged drunk carpet muncher , is now offering her opinion on Palin .
    … lohan , you are aging badly , better pop a couple pills , drink another fifth and spread ‘em for your girlfriend .

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t sure who to vote for…but when ever I need sound rational advice on financial questions, medical or psychological procedure, even spriritual enlightenment…I always go to Lindsey. She is a virtually monolith of knowledge, values and integrity. Thanks Lindsey for straighhtening me and…in fact… this entire country out. Congratulations on your engagement.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan questioning someone’s morality and judgement is a little like Paris Hilton questioning someone’s modesty and decency.

    I’d also suggest Lindsay stop showing up half naked and passed out on tabloid covers.

  • dka

    This slut has something to say? Who knew! Isn’t it usually : another bottle, more drugs! A 2-bit hoa, who is not getting offers from Hollywood, other than to perform on her knees needs to ‘give her opinion’? Just like all the rest of the uneducated trash from lalaland! Did they actually get through High school? Oh my, we are really quite shook up!

  • Anonymous

    Another hollywood lefty spouting the Obama campaign’s talking points. How original. She doesn’t have a clue.

  • Mike

    Lindsay, you’re already washed up at whatever age you are. You have failed at evry turn, just dealing with life’s minor challenges, like being rich before you’re 20, and you have the unmitigated gall to criticize a woman who has SUCCEEDED at everything she has done?

    How about Obama? He could actually RUN the country, and has absolutely NO practical experience necessary to run the greatest and most powerful country in the world.

  • A Republican

    Celebs just need to remain the puppets they are and keep their senseless ideas to themselves.

  • Cigarguy

    Since when do we take polictial vision from a trainwreck like LL. Let’s see, who should I set as role model for my daughter- LL- Multiple times in rehab, constantly a drunken/High wreck in the national spotlight, multiple pictures with no underwear. SP- Strong willed woman, great ethics, family first- I think i’ll choose SARAH

  • Bwaahahaha

    Another laughable comment by Lohan. What a joke.

  • ActorMorons

    Lindsay Lohan? This is a joke right? What’s really sad is someone who is so young is already a has-been so we have to think of a way to get back in the public eye so we think “I know, I’ll bash a real intelligent woman who has class” because she’s everything I would love to be, but I’m too stupid to achieve it” in an effort to remain in the limelight and hopefully get another gig in a low budget “B” movie. Bottom line, Lohan has the IQ of a snail; who cares what she says, or thinks? Go back to the nightclubs Lindsay and don’t forget to attend rehab.

  • mrindependent

    Lindsay, take your medicine first.

  • Who cares

    Lezhan is just as empty as obama. Get over it, you have no stock in hollywood and will be lcky to get a job again.

  • lee

    just remember lohan that in other countries you would be put to death for even speaking out.
    Its a shame you cant put the country first and must follow the other so called movie star line up with your ignorance. The only rights you believe in is what is good for you. a fake do -gooder who can preach and harp but has no idea the real work that needs to be done before anyone can have peace. have your 15 minutes of parroting then get some guts and think for yourself. the next time you mouth think of the americans beheaded and tortured because of you cowards. If you were held hostage by the sadistic terroist you would sure be begging for the war mongers to save you.

  • nettie wilson

    It saddens me to think that we really care what a so called “movie star ” thinks about politics. She does not hold a candle to Palin or Hillary or any other educated women in America. She is just a un educated movie star!!! If she knew how obama was going to share her money because she is rich. Or have her stand in a line to get medical services or bring our troops home undefeated or cause our stock market to crash or have us bow to the UN. I can’t wait for the change!!!! I would love someone to tell me what wonderful other changes Obama will bring. The only change we need is for the congress and senators to set term limits on themselves so that they can get something done for the good of the country!! They just keep running and running and running and running. Hello, we the people would like for them to do something for the money they are earning!!!! I know we blame good old George! but we put the other 159 jokers in that can’t make a dicession!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay is an uneducated twit with a mouthpiece. Palin has specifically said in an interview just a few days ago that when it comes to gays, she won’t judge other people. Lohan is doing pure homophobe-baiting, and it’s disgusting.

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay Lohan is voting for Obama? Hum…who should I vote for…oh yea McCain has got my vote now. Hadn’t made up my mind until now…by the way Lindsay, those of us that do believe in something other than ourselves do believe sex out of marriage is a sin, and having babies without two parents is wrong!!! F-N’ twit!



  • Kenneth

    This is simply pitiful. Here is a woman who is a drunk, A coke addict, Who has been filmed giving oral sex to a man on a cell phone and the video posted online , And I am suppose to take her seriously ?? She is simply part of the hate America leftist crowd in Hollyweird . We used to have real movie stars, But now all we have are drug addicted spoiled drunken whorish brats that have the IQ of a lima bean.Her hatred of Sarah Palin, A woman that has actually accomplished something shows how intellectually bankrupt she and all of Hollyweird is.

  • Ghost of Reagan

    I just can’t get over the critisism from “celeb-retards” on Palin’s lack of experience as a V.P., when it is a hell of a lot more than the socialist, Obama, running for Prez!
    Lohan, Damon, et al from Hollywierd, just shut up and act…on second thought, just shut up!

  • Anonymous

    How many mag covers has Obama been on? What? Huh? I can’t believe ayone cares what this stay awake all night, get up at noon, Never read a book, Shallower then a kiddie pool, following the crowd, misguided fool thinks….but thats just me. Now that she has “passed judgement” on someone …may we pass judgement on her…oh no She is a liberal!

    Got it….

    only be Tollerant of thins you want….

    code speak for “you have to obay political cofrrectness”

    I am glad the whole country votes….

    What a world

  • Harry

    Another Hollywood Idiot speaks.

  • Jack

    give me a break – Lohan is just another one of the Hollywood empty heads that is looking for some attention… do us all a favor and save it for someone who really cares what you think…

  • Anonymous

    Some of you people are amazing. This was taken from Lindsey’s My Space page. If she wanted it to be mainstreamed she likely would have written an OpEd piece for the LA Times. The people reading her MySpace are likely to be supportive of her. I cannot believe the level of vile hypocrisy in the way she is being attacked. Why do you spend so much energy caring what she thinks? Why are you afraid of her voice?

  • Anonymous

    First of all, who really gives a $%!# what Lindsay Lohan thinks, and why would anyone report on it in the first place. So the drug using, alcoholic freak Lohan has an opinion? I guess she pulled her head from in between her girlfriends legs long enough to hear the news and simply jump on the left coast liberal bandwagon! Bravo Lindsay…. too bad that two days from now you wont be able to remember what you said…. ya know the drugs and all!!!

  • beverins

    I shouldn’t be too surprised since this is linked off the DrudgeReport. All the Neo-Con Fascists will be coming here now, spouting the same hate-filled diatribes they love to label the “left” as saying.
    Like the poster above (fucking coward) who wishes for the deaths of homosexuals in their entirety – Hey, genius – Matt Drudge is a homosexual too. Get with the program, fool.
    As for Palin – she’s a raving Creationist Psycho. People who believe in a 6,000 year old Earth have no place being anywhere near the Presidency except maybe as a catering clerk.

  • Eric

    Oh, by all means, America should look to Hollywood and the music industry for social and political guidance. Who better to give advice than a bunch of ignorant, spoiled, self-indulgent substance abusers? Perhaps they should be satisfied with corroding our society with the trash they produce, and keep their mindless mouths shut.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan and all other celebs would look much smarter if they kept there mouth shut! She obviously doesn’t realize that Obama has less experience than Palin. He was elected for the first time into Senate in 06. At least Palin has actually governed a state!

  • dennis

    NUF said.

    D*Y*K*E W*H*O*R*E

  • Richard Solomon

    Lindsay Lohan is such trash that she engages in a homosexual relationship at this stage simply to get attention and to stay in the tabloids because her movie and tv career are in the tank. Her grotesque girlfriend, who looks more like a man than women, similarly should be ashamed because she hooked up with Lohan simply to raise her own profile. Very sad and very disgusting and the problem with people like Lohan is they assure their own destruction by offending the 50% of the people who support the other side. Celebs like her should shut their mouths because no one cares what they think. Just act and shut the F up.

  • beverins

    78 pages of sniveling brain vomit. Only the Drudgereport, run by the homosexual Matt Drudge, could generate people who post such amazingly useless brain vomit, as is seen posted on these comments.

  • OMNI

    Actors are never more entertaining than when they attempt to rise above their station and speak about matters that frankly, intellectually elude them. Ms. Lohan, who posesses the synaptic agility of driveway gravel, should immediately cease and desist from further comment on anything relevent.

  • Ned Broy

    Lindsey Lowlife has no idea about America.I bet see could not pass the citizenship test. Let alone swear the oath of citizenship.
    Enough already with this stoned, Clueless dilitante

  • Hillary

    What an amazingly ignorant blog, but since you harp on Palin’s experience, it was Obama in his own words who said 4 years ago that he is not experienced enough to run for president in 2008… and I agree with him

  • Counterculture

    Why are we even listening to this fool child. She goes from drunken binges and car wrecks to a lesbian activist in a very short short time. Who will she become tomorrow?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lindsey, Yes, it’s a sin to be gay. Yes, pre-marital sex is a sin. Jesus said the way to life is a NARROW road. Don’t you read the Bible? What do you do with your time? Why aren’t you pursuing the bigger questions in life? Homosexual relationships are not good for you. Wait until you see what a disaster they are. They never work. Never. It’s all temporary. You will be a tortured soul the whole time youre dating that girl. You are not in a good state of mind to be commenting on matters of national importance. Lay off the coke and the sexual adventures. Youre making a fool out of yourself.

  • Jim Schulenberg

    This woman is a mess. I have removed her videos from my kids library of discs, and do not let my daughter watch her shows on TV. When asked why originally, I told them that Lindsay is a drunk, drug user and therefore an phony. Now she has added ‘idiot’ to her title in our home.

  • Anonymous

    Another idiot Hollywood s**t for brains washed out actress who can’t even get her own life together telling us what is right. If Linsdy the lesbo thinks Snobama is right for the country, then that is more more reason to vote against him.

  • Anonymous

    When someone like Lohan says “Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers” and also says that her aspirations at one time was to be a news anchor is not qualified for office. Well, let us put it this way, Lohan far outnumbbers anything that Palin will have in magazine covers, especially when they decry her failed attempts at being a worthwhile member of society than some pampered child. Lindsey, what are your aspirations, let’s see you have failed at being an actress, singer, and now a sage of advice giving.
    Stick to what you do best….nothing and leave the rest of any decision making to us that can honestly seek truth, research claims and formulate an opinion on facts.

  • Anonymous

    Another actor/actress spouting off at the mouth and honestly believing that anyone cares what they have to say. She has the intelligence of an ironing board – who cares.

  • Anonymous

    People like Lohan who know 10% truth with 90% spin scare the crap out of me. Noone cares enough about you being a lesbian to do anything about it, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to agree with you. “Don’t pose for any more tabloid pictures?” What? Obama has been on the cover of every tabloid magazine multiple times. You think Palin asked to be on US magazine with the hatchet piece they did?

  • Anonymous

    I was in agreement with you until you said you thought the muslom boy would make a good president. You’re still just a drunk with a 6th grade education.. Go have a stiff drink and a line of coke. Do whatever it is that you do these days and please, just shut up..

  • Anonymous

    Just like you SOCAL dorks to think that licking the genitals of someone of the same gender gives you political insight beyond your houseplant IQ …IT JUST MAKES YOU A MO!

  • M N Gomes

    Has she graduated from grade school yet?


    All i have to say is what an Idiot! Why can’t Hollywood stick to acting?

  • Anonymous

    Stick to acting, Lindsay. All these celebrities are showing how narrow minded they are by speaking out. Hasn’t Obama been on the tabloids a lot more than Palin or McCain? What makes Obama more qualified than Palin? What important executive decisions has he made?

    Palin has been a leader, Obama is the equivalent of a college political science professor, and you have been in and out of rehab.

  • John

    Sarah Palin supports contraception, and in fact Alaska is the #1 ranked state is getting contraception to people. She claims to have gay friends respectful of eachother’s views, they probably wouldn’t appreciate her being called a homophobe.

    On top of that, who “poses” for tabloid covers? Haha. Oh Lindsay, thats a subject I thought you’d know better about. Nice to see youve come such a long way from your Disney roots.

  • Anonymous

    She’s kidding, right?? This drug-addicted, alcoholic tramp is criticizing Palin? How self-righteous and pompous this little bimbo is. She shouldn’t be lashing out at anyone.

  • Bubba

    Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa.
    Lindsay Lohan talking politics. Thats a good one. Don’t do any more tabloid covers (because Lohan got bumped that week maybe?) What better reason to vote FOR McCain/Palin than the fact that Hollywood seems to be against them! I still think the ‘She can SUCK IT.’ comment from Pam Anderson tops Lohan’s comments. Good first try Lindsay, now put down the crack pipe, close up the Macbook, and try to find another paying gig to support your girlfriends hat fetish.
    Good girl.

  • lwood

    What a moron. I still cannot believe anyone that supports Obama can even think to talk about Sara Palin’s experience. Obama has less experience and has done absolutely nothing to deserve to be president.

  • CTHILLARY’S Minion

    CTHILLARY needs your body, LiLo, for 2012
    won’t you give it up in the
    name of the Common Good?

  • wow…

    ooooo she put a post on her myspace blog! so i guess, according to the left, that would make her an actress AND journalist now!

    lindsay…no one gives a flying rats ass as to what you and your lesbian DJ friend think. you should probably concentrate on acting more than speaking out against a politician, whom you probably no absolutely nothing about.

  • Russell

    With lesbians and gays making a political stance on the issues. But when it comes to someone who’s obviously using politics to try to get themselves in the limelight again like Matt Damon then it’s something to be ignored. Besides, would you take political advise from your crack addicted, alcoholic, crazy as hell snatch showing neighbor ? Oh wait, that’s Lindsay Lohan.

  • Kevin Tipton

    Yet another lilly livered Hollywierd elitist. So out of touch. Does she really think her opinion matters? Did anyone ever ask then Vice-Presidential candidate Al Gore if he was qualified in 1992? Of course not. This is sexism wrapped in hate inside hypochracy.

  • Justin

    “Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    Lol… and she supports mr messiah, the most merciful, Barak Obama (peace be upon him). Talk about an empty head… whatta’ DOPE.

  • aww yeah

    Palin, not Lohan…. Don’t worry Lindsay, when the muslims take over with Barry, you won’t have the right to choose your sexuality.

  • Anonymous

    Who in the phuck care what a that kook lindsey lohan thinks.
    She has shown 100′s of times over she has NO ABILITY to make a wise decision.

    SO, I would suppose that HEr decision to be an IDIOT in the Hate of what is GOOD and DECENT PROVES that the McCain/Palin Presidency is what we will achieve!

    Keep up the good work, Lohan.

  • pfrg999

    Are you kidding? Lindsey Lohan giving political advice… What a joke… I would love to get into a political debate with that Idiot… and her “Friend”. They have no idea of what they are talking about… Go to college… Read a book.. put down the coke, be sober for at least a few days, study and then come back to the table. But for now… Shut the Heck up. And let’s talk about the awesome movie “I know Who Killed Me” Or “Herbie”…Enough said

  • Poor Lyndsay

    Four years ago Palin was aspiring to be a news anchor? Are you kidding me? Four years ago she was the ethics commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission. What were your doing four years ago Lyndsay? Falling down drunk at a party? Also, please don’t mention posing for magazine covers since OBambi’s been on the cover of Time magazine SEVEN times alone. It seems that “celebrities” take care of their own and support each other. Another example of stupid celebrity quotes provided by Matt Damon: “The hockey mom, you know, ‘Oh, I’m just a hockey mom from Alaska’…and she’s facing down President Putin.”

    Little does Matty know that the President of Russia is Dimitry Medvedev.

  • Anonymous

    As far as Lindsay Lohan being an actress…so was Ronald Regan and all Republicans try to BE him! And he sucked! Then Fred Thompson ran for president, and when he spoke at this year’s convention the right-wingnuts LOVED him!

    Then you have Sarah Palin who has, on record, claimed that her public service is a mission from God. She equates foreign policy experience with being able to see Russia from Alaska, and trips to Mexico and Canada!

    If that’s qualification, there are hundreds of drug runners with just as much experience!

    Lindsay Lohan is clearly more thoughtful and articulate than George Bush and most Republicans, but so is my magic 8-ball. Good for her and best of luck with her girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay you ignorant slut. Go back to your crack days, forget about the grown up stuff and sleep all day with your ugly nasty looking GFF. Leave the adult stuff to the adults. Stupid whate trash bitch.

  • JimmiP

    “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

    NO, Lindsay, you are correct, nothing “should be a sin”. Do what ever you want; lie, steal, murder, cheat on your “significant other”, curse God, worship idols, lust for your best friends “partner”, envy the other “celebrities” and what they “have”, falsly accuse someone of crimes and by all means dishonor your parents. And while you are at it throw stones at Sarah for “posing” fora tabloid cover. But please do not make sarcasm a sin!

  • Kathleen

    Nobody cares what Lohan thinks about politics. Like I am going to take advice from an unstable actress. I hope all of Hollywood comes out for Obama, it helps McCain so much.

  • conservative trapped in California

    Wow! What a “mentally adolescent” actress thinks about politics is really making news??? WTF??? Don’t we have enough to worry about with Hurricane Ike, Wallstreet, Al Queda, etc…are people really getting their panties in a wad because some snot nosed Hollywood kid is spouting off at the mouth? Who gives a hoot what Lindsay Lohan thinks about anything at all?? Go away Lindsey, Brittney, Paris, Nichole….you’re giving me a headache!

  • nelly

    The only newsworthy topic pertaining to Lindsey Lohan is whether she or her dyke wears the strap-on dildo.

  • cbk16

    Obama is less qualified the Palin, he has never run anything, only a one time senator. Obama is not the answer. The country is divided since Hollywood has brought the morals of the country to a new low. Hollywood will only be happy when everyone shares there sick values.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really care what Linday Lohan thinks about the Presidential Campaign? If so, we are in trouble.


    20 years ago she was an anchor… not 4. SILLY ACTOR, BRAINS ARE FOR REAL AMERICANS.

  • Anonymous

    The Lohan girl has a right to say what she want on her Blog, it is called freedom of speech and if you do not like it tune it out, She is an actress and that is all she is, but in the end of the day she has the right to speak, once she does not threaten anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone care what a celebrity thinks or says. Most can not string together a few words to form a coherent sentence.

  • foutsc

    Hollywood is a giant jobs program for those unfit for real life. Where else could drug-addled bums like Woody Harrelson and Sean Penn put on eyeglasses and suddenly become an environmental expert or a foreign policy scholar?

    Thank you Hollywood for employing the otherwise unemployable. Could you imagine Lindsay Lohan or Snoop Dogg trying to count change at the 7-11?

    –Nietzsche is Dead

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what she thinks? Just take another hit and chill out!

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone care what these ‘stars’ have to say?

    Underage drinking, drugs, and who knows what else, yeah, there’s a roll model for you.

    If it wasn’t for a nice set of tits she wouldn’t even be worth looking at.

  • Gary


    That’s the lever I am pulling in the booth.

    Dems are freaking out at the popularity of Palin. They have practically lost their focus on attacking McCain and are focusing on the VP! Who by the way has way more executive level experience in both city and state management than both JOEBAMA, who has NONE! She is responsible for 20,000+ state employees and manages a state budget of over 11 BEEELION dollars a year. How about JOEBAMA? Nada.

    Over the past 3 years of OBAMAs position as senator he has worked 141 days. Yeah.. lots of experience there. He has written to books and not one line of legislation.

    The lefties MESSIAH has been demoted simply but McCain selecting a down to earth NON LAWYER as vp.

  • Oh well

    I don’t think Ms. Lohan is particularly talented but on this I think she’s managed to put together some cogent points.

    Palin is a frightening prospect. I understand the down home “one of us” appeal, but she simply isn’t ready to lead the country.

    Give her a talk show or a high profile outlet on the national scene but VP isn’t a good role for her at this time.

  • Jeff

    I’m sure most undecided people will make up their mind to vote for BO now that Lohan has lashed out at Palin, LOL!!!

    Funny, how she says Palin has no experience and should stop posing for magazines because she is not a celeb. The exact could be said for Obama, except he is running for Pres, not VP.

    Why do people listen to this fool?

  • Kevin Hartman

    Lindsay, who really cares what you think about politics. Have you ever even voted before? Your life is a train wreck. You’ve made nothing but horrible personal decisions the last couple of years. Why would you opinion even matter? I’m sure Governor Palin will lose sleep at night over the fact she lost your vote.

  • You go girl!!!

    It’s about time Hollywood stepped up to comment on this bigot’s fascist views. Palin is the female HITLER! I bet she will make the US kill all homos, endagered animals and then nuke Iraq! VOTE OBAMA PLEASE!!!!

  • Platypus

    Ms. Lohan has every right to speak her mind. I’m just always amazed at what the news considers fit to print. This was on her Myspace blog. I just wish more people write about things more informative instead of feelings about subjects because they happen to lean more in one direction. Feelings are fine, I just don’t agree with her assessment on things. At least she is trying to be respectful.

  • Dave

    What an example Lindsay Lohan sets for young girls. After making countless Disney movies (some good), she’s been all over the tabloids in trouble with the law, drunk, falling, skirt up and more. Her opposition to Palin is a plus. Try being a role model and a socially responsible adult and use your influence to promote acceptable personal behavior before advising everyone on how to vote.

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny that one poster condemns accusing lohan of being a ‘ho (well, in street parlance, that’s what she is), but not for the lohan judging Palin with no basis for her opinion beyond what her libtarded handlers directed her to say.
    hussein is best for America how, exactly?

  • Anonymous

    Who really cares what this “Lady” Lohan has to say? Isn’t she just paid to ACT like she knows what’s going on? At least Mrs. Palin knows the difference between right and wrong. I would suggest that Lidssay go and make something meaningful of her life by looking out for the best interest of others instead of just herself. Mrs. Palin could be a good role model for her.

  • Anonymous

    Stick to making movies where you disrobe so joe-sixpack doesn’t think about the economy. in other words,, STFU

  • Christians don’t hate.

    Hmmmm, you are a riot… but some conservatives can see through your obvious ploy. Hopefully some of your liberal buddies can to.
    Do you truely think that a conservative like Palin or a moderate like McCain think homosexuals are below subhuman? or are you trying to make other people thing we think that way.
    Just because we don’t agree with that life style and we believe it’s a sin, should mean nothing to you in your life… so why the hate?
    Sin is a personal thing to be dealt with between you and your God.
    If you don’t believe in God, then you have nothing to worry about.
    We think you do, but you don’t. So what!
    Just because you hate us does not mean that we hate you.
    I feel sad you are so sad.

  • Joyce

    Please google the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” and Obama. He is FOR infanticide. This is NOT an issue about abortion, this is NOT partial birth abortion, this is about killing an infant once it is already delivered and separate from the mother. Please google the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”. You will be VERY surprised to learn that Obama was the only one that supported this. Even Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy disagreed with him. This man is evil! Know what/who you are supporting! Google this and research it!

  • AllorNone

    I can’t think of a greater compliment for Palin be dissed by an over paid, talentless druggie that can’t run her own life much less speak for a real person. And add the same thought to the over the hill, silicone injected bug ridden HO that use to be Pam Anderson. Who needs any of them?
    Go back to the hole you came from.

  • Anonymous

    The last person I want to take any advice from is this drunken idiot. Thank goodness she will be too hungover to actually vote.

  • Joyce

    Please google the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” and Obama. He is FOR infanticide. This is not an issue about abortion, this is NOT partial abortion, this is about killing an infant once it is already delivered and separate from the mother. Please google the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”. You will be very surprised to learn that Obama was the only one that supported this. Even Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy disagreed with him. This man is evil! Know what/who you are supporting!

  • quinn

    look at YOU Lindsey, you lie for a living. literally. and yes, being gay is a sin, a pretty serious one. Repent or face the Lake of Fire.

  • Don

    Who cares what a drunk, dope-head, slut, lesbian says about anybody!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Lohan trying to make a thoughtful and intellectually structured position on politics is like me trying to make such a statement regarding…….whatever the hell it is that Lindsey does….

    Then again, I suppose I have to cut her a break- I mean, if someone has a deficiency of intellect, how would they know?

  • Anonymous

    so munching muffins makes Linday Hohan an expert on all subjects, eh?

  • Joey

    Lohan lifts her head from the bong and/or pile of coke on a table for a minute and feels qualified to make adult judgements?? She should stick to what she knows best…being high, being dumb, and being a has-been.

  • Anonymous

    Considering your past actions Lindsay no one actually gives a rodents posterior what you think about anything.

  • Anonymous

    Why is someone like this given the time of day in the serious media? What experience does Lohan have to pontificate on someone that has done real constructive work. If she were to stop and really apply some thought to who she is supporting, she would see the empty suite he is.

  • Dr. Pepper

    I find it funny that the people most in the news because they can’t manage their own lives, are the most likely to speak out against others.

    Hollywood is a disfunctional group of overpaid brats who have to “GET INVOLVED” to overcome their guilt from making tons of money from playing dress-up.

  • Goog

    Lindsay Babe. Oh Ya, you are an authority figure on everything legit. Mind your own business. See You Next Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    Like we should listen to some stupid a** 22 year old bimbo! the only thing knows about the world is from seeing it while she’s on her back get f**ked by who knows who.

  • Gooberman

    OMG!!! Lindsey Lohan doesn’t like Sarah Pailin???? (pant pant gush gush) THIS IS JUST AWFUL!!!! AWFUL!!!!…. There is NO WAY I’m voting for ANYBODY Lindsey Lohan doesn’t approve of 100%. OMG!!! GMWAS!!! – Gooberman is ALL across the Universe.

  • Dick Tuck

    She has the IQ of a tree stump. Is this the best the dummycrats can do? We want them to keep talking, though, it shines a nice little light into the dummycrat soul.

  • Yukiko

    I suggest you bite your tongue or if you don’t know how to do that, have Sammy bite it for you. You don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t have the intelligence to discuss the subject and your opinion isn’t wanted. Your three little friends who care what you think don’t matter either. Be a good little girl, go have another vodka and red bull and smoke a doobie.

  • Anonymous

    Linday, my 12 year old, terminally ill daughter used to adore you. Now, she feels so sorry for you. I cannot imagine that with all your issues that you would even want to speak for, about, to the political arena. I am so glad that you at least know what a Vice President is, I am wondering if you know who our current Vice President is. Please, you need to keep your unsolicited comments about politics to yourself. My 12 year old knows more about politics than you do….

  • Anonymous

    Interesting from one who would be unknown if it were not for prostituting her body. She is by no means accused of using her brain, if she has one left.CAPTCHA

  • Anonymous

    quote “She said, “I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor, which is probably all she is qualified to be.”

    and I find it funny how a little ho like her thinks that some hack who has the fact that he has spend the last 2 years running for the big chair as the only real note on his resume is ready to lead. Brain dead sheep just parroting what her Hollywood friends chirp on about…all of them sheep, lemmings running of the obama cliff

  • Jon

    Celebrities sure have an inflated view of themselves. Ms. Lohan is entitled to her opinion in the same way you and I are entitled. But, to take her words as having any ounce of political or any other authority is ignorant. She doesn’t have even the slightest resemblance of crediblity. Here is a girl whose life is a tattered mess and she feels she can correct others? Lohan doesn’t like Palin because she disagrees with her preconcieved notions, not because the good of the country is at stake.

  • Lindsay Van Pelt Licker

    what a stupid, stupid drug addled little freak. she’s talking about a woman that wont give interviews as being obsessed with being in the media? Hello, can you say Barack Hussein Obama. ALthough, its not so much for barry anymore now that the bloom is off the rose and the media have scrutinized him a little. Linday, go kiss your girlfriend and just shut up and act.

  • Glynrd Skynrd

    It’s amazing how celerities ass-u-me that because they have stage attention that everyone wants to hear their take on politics. Actors do just that, they act, they pretend to be other people and we pay them to do that. Poor LL is a product of excess and the means to keep it up, what makes any of us assume she somehow has acquired the wisdom of the ages just because she’s cute?

  • Melissa

    I understand wanting to stay informed … I commend you for that but please look up the facts for yourself instead of listening to everyone else. Check out On The Issues-Every political leader on the issues … Very interesting that Sarah Palin who you state is against gays voted to vetoe the bill that would have denied rights to gays as unconstitutional!!!! She is not against gays … yeah she does belive in god and the bible as being gods word but she also understands real life… She is not SMALL MINDED … just from a SMALL TOWN.. there is a difference. Please stop judging people just because they dont believe in exactly what you do because when you do that you become just as bad!!!

  • Anonymous

    So cute when the Hollywood brain trust speaks…that is certainly who I look for my political advice from. As for magazine covers, so funny to mention Sarah’s covers when her man Obama has been on, what ,um two dozen in the last two months…as his wife? More covers than Sarah…but hey, lefy Hollyweird rarely leans on the truth for direction. Silly girl, politics are for brains.

  • UhHuh

    Always amusing to read the opinion of someone who doesn’t know how to act about being qualified for the White House. I assume Ms. Lohan was at least sober this time.

  • celeb clubber

    I couldn’t make sense of her comments… they sounded muffled.

  • Anonymous



    For the latest on LL

    spoiler: she committed a felony last night

  • Why??????

    Why are you supporting Obama? Please site reasons. And when you’re listing your reasons, please remember that Democrats (Which Obama votes with 97% of the time) have run this country for the last 2 years. You see… The Legislature writes laws and dictates policy for the country. The president can only Veto Legislation.

  • foutsc

    Hollywood is a giant jobs program for those unfit for real life. Where else could drug-addled bums like Woody Harrelson and Sean Penn put on eyeglasses and suddenly become an environmental expert or a foreign policy scholar?

    Thank you Hollywood for employing the otherwise unemployable. Could you imagine Lindsay Lohan or Snoop Dogg trying to count change at the 7-11?

  • Kevin

    Lohan’s should start a new political action group, “Sluts against Palin”.

  • BK

    Lindsay, what do you know about qualifications needed to run the country? What are Obama’s? You’re an idiot who gets paid to play-act for a living, so shut your suck about running the country.

  • Thanks for your leadership, Blo-han

    Thank God Lindsay Lohan is using her position of influence (derived from all that coke, no less) to show true leadership and guidance from a higher moral authority. You are a joke. Stop using valuable air. You aren’t even a footnote, you trash.

  • Anonymous

    If and when you get a brain, try using it.

  • JamieLee


    You should be looking at all the facts and figures. How long has obama been in the Senate? And it makes him a better candidate? Uhh no. Any celeb that uses a political platform for the candidates, I have to worry. I am not voting for someone just because a celeb says so, I am an individual who has her own mind.

  • TheScatmanReturnsFromTheGrave!!!

    Hobag is a stupid mistake that would have better served the world by running down the crack of her walking abortion mama’s ass and residing as a stain on the mattress. Shut up retard and get back to your box lunch (before she hopefully gets sent back to whatever turd country crapped her out). I could only hope that all the dumbasses that buy Odumba’s BS would leave this country. Maybe they could go somewhere with socialist based healthcare (the kind fatass douchebag Moore touts) and die waiting.

  • kirk

    Ms. Lohan has enough problems with the outlook of her career, a career she has pretty much squandered. Ms. Palin on the other hand is a good citizen, makes superb judgements, makes excellent decisions, and is far more qualified to be President than either Barack Obama or Joe Biden. Now, the Left can continue to bash and degrade our country or they can get out of the wagon and help the rest of us pull. Our tolerance with the Left’s tantrums are beginning to erode, we’ve had enough.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Skankhan needs to take a look in the mirror before she opens her mouth. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that shes a liberal I got 4 letters for her D Y K E

  • Anonymous

    Lohan didn’t prove shit about Palin. The only thing that Lohan proved was she needs to keep her opinion to herself. What do I care what a druged out over-hyped debutante has to say. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and know one wants to hear it. And yes according to the bible being gay is a sin. The bible doesn’t change just because the times have. It is called personal believe, why can Lohan believe what she wants but the rest can’t. It’s not like anyone is forcing her to church. Moron movie stars need to keep the word hole closed. Their opinion means nothing more than mine. Which is to say it means nothing, and don’t think your’s does.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what Lohan, Damon and all the other Hollywood folks think? These people are way out of touch with what middle America wants or needs. The next Hollywood elite that wants to bless us with their words of wisdom should keep their trap shut and save the planet of the extra CO2.

  • Greg

    What a travesty that people like Lohan are given a stage to begin with.

  • Alan C

    Oh, good – another braindead drug-addicted celebrity weighing in on politics. And guess what? *SHOCK* she’s bashing a Republican.

    “Pali pal”? Don’t pose for mag covers because you’re not a celebrity? Um…Obama’s had far more magazine covers at this point – where’s the criticism for him, since he’s been running his whole campaign as one giant celebrity appearance.

  • Anonymous

    How can getting an “endorsement” from Lindsay Lohan, the queen of sleezy behaviour, help the dems? But, please do keep it up!

    Palin in 2016!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and… Hint Hint Loho Pal – stick to posing for tabloid covers, you’re not a political pundit, you have no clue what the f___ you’re talking about. Did you even go to college?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Barry Obama the master socialist thanks you Lesi Lohan for your pathetic and airheaded endorsement. The substance abuse issues are really starting to manifest themselves now with your love of Barry.

  • Anonymous

    Well I now believe with Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and now Lindsay Lohan speaking out against Palin, I have not real chose but to vote for Obama. I mean come on these fine upstanding citizens who have an issue with reality must know what they are talking about…………….NOT!!

  • Greg

    I’m so thankful we have someone as wise and insightful as Lindsay Lohan to instruct us on who we should vote for. I must admit I’m too stupid to listen to the candidates on my own and arrive at a decision about who I’m going to vote for in November. Although I’m 51 years old and have voted in the last eight presidential elections, I still need the wisdom of a 14-year-old to help me. NOT!

  • BB

    What? She came out of a drug or alcohol induced stupor and came up with that. Back to rehab please….

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, where do you people come from?

  • what the hell

    where are these celebs on voting day??? they run there mouths and most are not even registered voters,WHY DONT THEY JUST SHUT UP AND ACT AND MAKE THERE MILLIONS

  • Chrich

    The beauty of America…Lohan is free to express her views, and the rest of us are free to criticize them (at least that the way conservatives act). I personally feel the more these Hollywood-types, who truly have no grip on everyday America reality, spew “Obama is the Messiah” retoric the more it helps the Republican ticket. If 12 – 16 year olds were voting it would be a different story.

    This election cycle is proving more and more that it is the Left that is really the party of single-issue voters.

  • Roger

    This is a godsend for the McCain-Palin campaign. Fortunately for them, most of America is smart enough to ignore (if not do the complete opposite of) what people like the no-talent, coke-addicted, nymphomaniac-turned-lesbian-to-get-attention, Ms. Lohan say. Running as the ‘family values’ candidates, it’s certainly appropriate that they would be criticized by Ms. Lohan, the very antithesis of anything even closely resembling family values. I think it makes them look better, and Obama even less credible by virtue of who his supporters are. It’s also interesting to note that, while Ms. Lohan is quick to point out why Sarah Palin–running as VP–is not qualified to run the country, she offers no evidence for why Barack Obama–running as PRESIDENT–is qualified. Ms. Palin, of couse, has run a rather important state as its governor; Mr. Obama hasn’t run so much as a gas station. (But then again, Ms. Lohan cannot even run her own life. However, if there were a Secretary of Ripping Lines of Blow off Dudes’ Members but Maybe Liking Clam Instead Probably for Attention cabinet position, she would be a shoo-in.)

  • Anonymous

    are the scourge of the earth,

  • SHRKB8

    My oh My — with endorsements like these, McCain/Palin won’t even need to campaign outside of California and New York. Keep the endorsements for OB from know nothing hypocritical losers like the Hollywood elite coming. Ahhh, it can only get easier when idiots open their mouths all the time…

  • Anonymous

    Does Sarah Palin really pose for pictures that are going to be used for tabloid magazines? NO! They use press shots that are used over and over again. Did she have an interview with them? NO! They use “sources close to Palin” for any quote they want to use in their piece. Obama, he did make interviews with these tabloid magazines, he posed for pictures with his family. What does Lindsay Lohan really know anyway? Her life is news for these types of magazines. Sarah Palin is not a media whore, Linday you are, so shut up and make more movies that noone is going to see! The Hollywood left is really pissing me off, talking trash about people they don’t even know, hating them because of their ideology.


    Useless dribble from a junkie, who cares what she says, she aint nobody. if not for her family, she would be a crack whore living on the street

  • Pat McGervey

    Ms. Lohan is a tremendously gifted actress. She has a right to her opinions, even though I disagree with everything she says. I hope she makes some really good movies soon.

  • Jack Daniels

    LL, stick to carpet munching and binge drinking. Your record shows the value of your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you DARE suggest that God is for homosexuality. Why don’t you look up Leviticus 20:13 which says that a “man who lies with a man and a woman who lies with a woman….should be put to death.” I guess it IS a sin to be homosexual. NO LINDSAY, it’s NOT a sin to be straight. Maybe if your parents brought you up right, you’d know the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey only finds her happiness in transient objects like indiscrimenent sex, drugs and alcohol and she wants to critisize other peoples views???? Why is it that that a sexual practice has to be legitimized as a wholesome activity when it causes so much unhappiness in the long run. Is the Lindsey Lohan the model of how we want society to be? Those stuck on themselves and engulfed in there own confusion and unhappiness?

  • boo_Hohan

    Oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan – forgot about her. Yaaawn! Another whack job from Hollywood. As if her opinion means anything. Hey HoHan – what has Obama done for Chicago? Oh wait, what has he done as a Senator? Do you even know what a Senator is? Ha Ha, doubt it. Go back to your parties and being a sissor sister – you know nothing

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what has Lindsay Lohan done that qualifies her to speak on this matter as if the rest of us should care? Oh yeah, she’s 22 years old and has been in and out of rehab. That certainly makes her more of a female icon than Sarah Palin, who has actually accomplished something in her life. I think Lindsay needs to return to rehab and realize why she’s so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking as an active member of the military, and a reasonably intelligent female; who gives a rats ass what you think about anything. You have proven over and over that you are a immature, ignorant, self serving P.O.S. The fact that the likes of you are allowed to vote makes me cringe. I grew up in LA area and left at 19 never to live there again, because the Liberal a-holes there are really to full of them selves. If they had any real intelligence, they would actually understand the political battle. The fact that you would support the DNC shows that you are an ignorant slut.

  • Greg

    Folks, the sooner you stop buying tickets to these silly Hollywood actors’ movies, and stop buying the products they endorse, the sooner they’ll shut up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I heard from a mind-numbed, drug addicted, no talent, morally bankrupt, waste of a human being.
    Ever notice how the left will never allow anyone to “judge”, unless of course you’re talking about a women who is married, claims her children, goes to church and fights against corruption?

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. hint tinh Lo – I’m a big HO – han.. stick to the tabloid covers because you, miss dirty HO, are not a politician. You speaking out about politics only helps McCain / Palin You do realize that, don’t you?

  • Anonymous

    ok, so she went off on how Palin shouldn’t pose for tabloid covers, but has she seen all of the covers that obama has done (either solo, with his wife, or entire family) this man was more of a celebrity than she ever was. the only reason that she is in the spotlight right now because people want to know who she is. for lindsey to even make that remark is idiotic. and, furthermore, just because the woman aspired to be a news anchor doesn’t make her less qualified to run the country. news flash, she’s not running for president yet everyone keeps attacking her as if she is. Lohan is ignorant and needs to realize that she isn’t making her presidential choice, the media already made it for her.

  • Joe

    Lohan is telling Palin that she is not a celebrity!? Exactly! Take your own advice trash! You are not a politician! We don’t CARE WHAT YOU THINK! Keep your mouth shut off the screen and stick to acting. You are perceived much better as someone other than who you really are.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure a 22 year old spoiled brat who evidently has problems identifying right from wrong is exactly the person we need to advise us on who is or is not qualified to run anything.

  • tnmccoy

    As usual, the poorly educated and super egos of the entertainment industry—this time Lindsay Lohan—have pronounced from on high that they are Liberal, Obama-cultized, and wrong-headed on any issue that affects other people. Lindsay’s even getting her facts wrong. Does she really believe that Sarah Palin ‘poses’ for tabloid covers. She doesn’t, though I can observe how Lindsay is always in pose mode. Lindsay needs to stick to your girlfriend and let the big people do what they need to do.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord yes, as you are taking away Lindsay’s only dependable press coverage!

    And I suppose 2 months of seeing Obama on the covers was just fine by you, right?

  • TZAZ


  • lifou boy

    Shut up and act. Wait, no talent? Just shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Homophobia is a word made up in the 70′s by gay political activists. The meaning is a fear of homosexuals. Look it up on Wikipedia. No one I know who sees the truth that homosexuality goes against natural law has the least bit of fear of homosexuals, only pity because it is screwing up their lives. I know Sarah Palin has no fear of Lnidsay Lohan, so it is a smearing lie for Ms. Lohan to accuse her of being homophobic.

  • Mustafah Obama

    Here I am starving in the Congo,ignored by my inflated brother Barrack. Do we really care what these rich American fags have to say? Lohan is just another spoiled bitch. We suffer, America rots. Barrack should move here and be our President and take care of his people.

  • Sal

    This is Lindsay Lohan’s opinion.
    It is not fact, just opinion.
    Some truth mixed with alot of opinion.

  • shirley

    Oh please… is Sarah going to take advise from this little bimbo????? Yes dearest … you two live in different worlds … she’s a Governor, and you’re a lesbi bimbo with shit for brains!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does she not see the double standard in this entire post? Stop posing for tabloids. Uh, Obama has posed for every magazine there is, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. She seems to have a problem with Palin’s church but no problem with Wright’s i hate America sermons? Honestly, every time someone from Hollywood opens their mouth, America votes the other way. You know why? What they consider to be “mainstream” is really far, far left to the rest of America. Bring back Gable and Stewart types and then maybe your opinions will matter again.

    Oh yeah, you need to switch from image captcha, cause it sucks bigtime.

  • Anonymous

    Someone tell this skanky ho to keep her opinions to herself. None of us give a flip what this ugly broad has the say. (She certainly does not think — e.g., her attempted mimicry of Monroe. Her skin looks like leather and she tried it anyway!)

  • worddust

    Lohan is right. We in the US are ready for the Democrat Party brand of communism. We have let too many people make too much money at the expense of the poor. We need to seize the Oil Companies, Health Care and EVERYTHING ELSE! No one can decide better how to run this evil capitalist country and your life better than Obama. The Hollywood left will be forced to make movies for free! No more outrageous million dollar payouts for six weeks of work on simple films. They should be paid the same as any Garbage collector or public service employee. All businesses should be seized and Everyone should work for the government. It’s the only FAIR way to do things. Kudos to the selfless Lohan and her fellow leftest Hollywood STARS!

  • Mark

    Are you absolutely kidding me ???? You do not think Sarah Palin is ready to become Vice President, and OR run this country ???? Yet, you are most ignorant to believe that Barak Osama is ????? Please tell me you are kidding… Please tell me that you are absolutely kidding me ???? Barak Osama has 0 executive experience, and Sarah Palin has more than Osama and Biden combined. Barak Osama has NEVER EVER run a city, or a state, nor has he ever run anything in his life. He has NEVER had responsibilities.
    Please wake up and get a clue. Because right now, you are clueless.
    Sarah Palin and McCain will indeed win this election, and not a dam thing you can do about it.

  • Anonymous

    So much that is stated in the celebrity world and on the news is given with such a lack of historical perspective. If you actually know history then most of what you hear is laughable. Obama is a Marxist. A quote from his book: “When the political winds change in America, I will stand with my Muslim brothers.” We all know how the Muslims feel about homosexuality. These fools don’t realize that the modern Christian faiths are the best friend the deviants could have. Before TV actors were at the bottom of the social and economic chain.

  • Thinker

    I may not be a drug-abusing, sexually confused, actress, but I am a thinker. Thanks, Lindsay, your remarks are right up there with P-Diddy’s, Matt Damon’s and every other mental lightweight in Hollywood. You need to try educating yourself. For instance, you do understand that under Obama’s tax code you will lose a good portion of your money to the government. Good luck with your life, I have watched my last Lindsay Lohan movie. I believe the (para) phrase is: “Shut Up and Act!”

  • Anonymous

    Judge the maturity of one’s words through the maturity of that person’s actions.

  • Anonymous

    Why is a drama-queen/ attention-whore saying that Sara Palin is running for office and not a clebrity? Two way street you idiot…you’re NOT a politician!!

  • Dee

    I mean Matt Damon, Whoopie and Liho are totally knowledgable people with deep thought processes us mere audience types can not begin to relate to. So until the all knowing one Amy Winehouse says what I should do I will just have to keep waiting. She does lead them all correct?

  • steve

    She has every right to continue to show the world how ignorant she is! Cunt!

  • Anonymous

    What makes people from Hollywood think they are an authority about politics? You are THE LAST PERSON I would listen to about who to vote for. Let me see, drugs, rehab, stupid movies, just to name a few. By the way, how many tabloids has Obama been in? What a stupid comment from another Hollywood idiot. Sarah Palin is smart, personable and will make a great VP.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a damn what Lindsay Lohan or Matt Damon or Whoopi(I had two abortions)Goldberg have to say. Celebrity worship is such a sad reflection on our society. Most of these celebrities are in and out of Rehab, litter the landscape with former spouses if they bothered to marry the other parent of a child. In fact if they say left, I’d go right.

  • Gary

    What gives her the right to ctitize Palin! Does Miss Lohan live an examplinary life and is virtueous towards her own gender. It’s obvious that she feels guilty of something, can anyone say straight! Lohan is a loser and her own Dad and Mom admit to her out-of-control behaviour, why else did they commit her to rehab! Celebs should just look at their own back yard before they judge anyone!

  • Anonymous

    Lohan speaking out is really going to help the liberal cause! What the conservatives need is more like her speaking out against the conservatives. Notice how all the hollywood types, the communist countries, and the terrorists all support the liberals! That plays real well in middle America! Wake up. The Lohans of the world trashing conservatives is the best thing that can happen to conservatism.

  • Anonymous

    She said, “I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor, which is probably all she is qualified to be.”

    If this were true, Palin would still be more qualified than B. Hussein Obama. I’m on pins and needles waiting on more idiots from the left coast to tell me for whom I should vote. They’re so smart and qualified to be political analysts.

  • Anonymous

    that makes me want to vote for mccain!!! Thankx lindsay!! i was waiting to see who you were going to vote for:)

  • Anonymous

    That’s it…the election is over! Just what we need, a gender challenged slut deciding who should run our country and what our policies should be! NOT.

    I was undecided until these Hollywood Jerks began opening their foul mouths. No more. Every time they say something, someone else decides to vote against Obama.

    Linsay Lohan should go off on a weekend trip with Pam Anderson. I mean really, they do not have a brain between them!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are in the back row, politics has and will continue with status quo as long as the voter gets angry and takes a side (left or right). That puts you right where the politicians want you. In my life time nothing has changed except the expectations keeping getting lower… Even Obama thinks planned parenthood and right to life should be a state issue, which leads me to believe that he thinks the Feds should back off. Me personally, I think the decisions right or left should not include a mans opinion at all. We need to think in terms of country with respect to politics, lets get the personalities, personal stuff and anger out of the business of running the United States. How about giving some thought to not voting for the same guys over and over, how about some term limits, how about getting to the real problems in
    Washington and stop the mindless games about who believes this and who believes that… What a waste! The entire balance sheet of US is in the toilet and we quibble over insignificant, under-rated policy that is designed to keep our eye off the ball, case in point: Lohan worries about Palins take on a lesbian relationship….. Really… Who Cares?

  • Anonymous

    What qualifies this empty headed goofball to comment on anything political. Ms. Lohan is simply the product of the pop culture, sex pandering, no values slime that has done more to degrade our society that anything in recent memory. She is afraid of Palin because by electing her we might regain some of the true American values that have been destroyed by the likes of her. She is part of the culture that has made prime time television so offensive that much of the content is unsuitable for children to watch. Thanks Ms. lohan for your contribution to the sewer. You will fade into obscurity in a relatively short time, I thank God for that.

  • Robert

    These Hollywood idiots are ruining it for Obama. The LIBERAL BIAS OF THE INFOTAINMENT media is an asset to McCain. Showbiz…what a deceitful group you are. fuc your illegible code.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another ranting Celebretard!

  • Anonymous

    (Rom 1:28 KJV) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    (Rom 1:29 KJV) Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    (Rom 1:30 KJV) Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    (Rom 1:31 KJV) Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    (Rom 1:32 KJV) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  • LOL

    Ya Buncha HOMO’s!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Boy it’s a sad day in America, when we start listening to trash like Lohan-about politics.She is an overpaid club hopper.Oh yeah ,how many times has she been in rehab?I am sooooooooooo sick of movie stars thinking we give a s*** about their opinions.They live in a protected bubble and have no idea what real American families problems are.So for all you Matt Damons of the world,grow some you- know- whats and face real problems like high gas prices,high medical co-payments or being scared your job might go to China or Mexico.When these so called Multimillionaire movie stars think that they are speaking for us,think again.Until you walked a mile in a real American Families shoes,than that is when I will give a crap about your ideas and opinions on politics.Otherwise drive your luxury cars,buy you designer clothes and leave the real responsibilities to the people who matter most in America-The workers and families who are financially drowning.Lohan go to a party or something because that is all you will ever be worth!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kalibr

    I’ve been waiting for Lindsay Lohan, Pam Anderson, Matt Damon and P Diddy to share their politcal insight before making up my mind on who to vote for in November. I’m voting for McCain/Palin!

  • AmericanSoldier

    Being that this so-called “celebrity” – more along the lines of Paris Hilton and Pamela Sue Anderson – a drug-abuser & alcoholic who seems to be offended that perhaps some of what Gov. Palin believes is a little too close for her own personal comfort.

    Let’s see – MS. Lohan comes from a pretty dysfunctional family with the ultimate dead-beat dad – that equals not much of a father-figure in her life. Not even going to touch the rest of the family.

    Now, MS. Lohan can’t keep off the chemicals, and the tabloids, and she has NO problem coming across as “trailer-trash” (Marlyn pictures) – I apologize for offending good people who live in trailers.

    MS Lohan, do YOU believe that GOD is a Homophobe? Do you believe that anyone who believe that Sin – to include – YES homosexuality, like sex before marriage, adultery, idolatry, stealing, lying, not worshiping God, murder, and the other favorites are narrow-minded Homophobes, too?

    When Christians try to reach, help people – they do so out of love that GOD commands us to show – that’s love for the sinner (we all rate that), and hate for the sin. Have you seen folks who used to be homosexuals? They do exist – folks are NOT born into the lifestyle, unless we’re talking about the poor children being raised by two mommies, or two daddies.

    Like Gov. Palin’s daughter, and Brittney’s little sister, choosing to have the baby is the RIGHT choice. That’s a no-brainer question, and one that Gov. Palin appreciates, with her youngest child – one of many reasons why many Americans really admire Gov. Palin. Obama voted in the past to support abortions for children with Down Syndrome – that’s why he’s very uncomfortable with Gov. Palin, and why many liberals can’t stand the woman. Their experience attacks fall flat – when you look at the Dems side.

    By the way, GOD’s judgement (not our own) is NOT open for debate. Of course, liberals will dismiss this as narrow-minded, bigoted, Etc. – In the age of moral relatism, and hollywood-shackups,

    On the subject of experience, MS. Lohan…just how much more experience does Obama have than Palin? Funny how you can’t help speaking about the Governor – that’s an executive job…something you know NOTHING about. No – ordering flunkies around your movie sets to escort you from one room to another – especially when having too much party-time the night prior is NOT executive experience.

    Yes, Barry’s Community Organizer job, and running nearly a 2-year-long election sure has him ready…plus his softball questions from a fawning, admiring liberal media. You know the type, MS. Lohan…like the fans who fawn over you.

  • Joe Heitzman

    People, when are we going to wake up and just boycott these ignorant actors/actresses. Just because your in films doesn’t make you an expert at politics. Can anyone name the last good movie Lohan has made? what? no one? How bout Matt Damon? what? Name a Goerge Clooney movie thats made over 100 million (besides Oceans 11) . Thats right these FAILURES think that can control the masses for their own idiot. These people and musicians should stick to what their good at, NOTHING.

  • TheMan

    My god. People are listening to drunk skanks who have never lived in the real world. Who cares what she thinks. Hollywood is full of stupid people who think that they are smart because people kiss their asses.

  • LOL

    Ya Buncha HOMO’s!!

  • marshall

    LiLo falls somewhere between Madonna and Diddy on the list of people whom I trust to give sound political advice.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Ho-han is living proof that “Firecrotch” is actually an STD and can spread to one’s mouth.

  • Karla H


  • Jason Richey

    what strong words coming from someone is only looked up to by preteen girls. Lindsay is in no position to talk about the republican party calling it a homophobic because the only reason she backs Obama is because she is on some hard drugs! Lindsay says “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock? only because she has done or expiremented with everything she just stated. No one should listen to her because she is hardly qualified to be a star.. everyone has seen her acting! Lindsay needs to stop acting! acting like she cares about the future of our country is a hoax! she can barely decide which prescription to pop in the morning!

  • Anonymous

    I could really care less about how you or any one of your other Hollywood cronies feel about any important issues. Everytime any of you talk, it just shows how inept and uneducated you are at any issue that is important. Your and other Hollywood comments just lead me to not going to movies to support your egos and paychecks.

  • Wardy

    I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. But can someone explain how a 22 year olds opinion matters to anyone? On the other hand Lindsay has proven, time and time again, that given 2 possible choices, she will ALWAYS make the wrong one. So with her backing the Obama camp, it only stands to reason the McCain is the best choice, using the Lohan barometer.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the next Tera Ried has spoke, I can now vote for Obama…

  • Anonymous

    Brainless Lindsey. What a freak. She needs to keep her mouth shut on politics and try to get control of her own twisted life. Lindsey will be the next Brittany (mental case) and talk about media attention grabber..please. Grow up Lindsey. Obama is a radical muslim at heart and does not care about the American people or America.

  • Anonymous


    I feel sorry for the confused such as LL.

    As a famous person once said. “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  • U R Clueless

    Why anyone would pay attention to what this washed up charity case has to say is beyond me — yet the headline was so absurd I had to look too! Just like Lohan’s career, even though a car wreak may be tragic, it is hard not to look. But what a complete ditz she is. “only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor” — I believe that was in the 1980s before Miss Lohan was born. 4 years ago Palin had already served over a decade on the City Council then as Mayor. Hollywood can say whatever cruel, nasty, biting things about anyone they want, gay or straight, but when someone’s religious beliefs conflict with your lifestyle, you immediately vilify them. When did Palin call homosexuality a sin? Never. She passed a law extending marriage benefits to same sex partners. Did you know that? Miss Lohan’s lifestyle is going to be a sin in any religion. Anything that makes a 22 year old “child actor” look older than Sharon Stone — girl you are washed up!

  • Lawdawg

    Sorry Lohan is a talented person and a “babe” for sure! But after reading the first few sentences its easy to see she is not the most politically savvy person. She is entitled to her opinion however misguided and uninformed it may be. This blog should not be reported on and we should not waste our time with celeb political views.  

  • Anonymous

    great comments Lindsay ,,,if I were you I would keep eating your girlfriend and stay out of politics

  • japrime

    Palin has more executive credentials than Obama or Ms. Lohan. As a senator, Obama has never had to make a decision of note, and when he was asked to, he voted “present.” Gov. Palin is as qualified as any other VP candidate in recent memory, and as a governor is certainly more qualified that Sen. Biden, who like Obama and Ms. Lohan has never had to make a real decision. He’s probably slept thru a lot of long Senate hearings on foreign policy, but that probably just makes him an expert on … sleep. Oh, and he’s famous for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, witness his remarks asking a paralyzed colleague to “stand up and let the people see you,” oops. Ms. Lohan needs to zip her mouth and stay in Hollywood, where all intelligent comments are the result of scripts, not wayward waif actresses ad-libbing.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like super jeolousy to me. Or plain fear…, fear of Palin or the God of Palin. He can’t tolerate hatred against himself or his dear children. We can ignore or deny this as much as we want but it doesn’t erase the fact that He is. But he is also forgiving so I suggest for your own spiritual welfare that all you haters out there repent and Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor. First your family, then your next door neighbor and then any body else you come in contact with, whether you meet them in the grocery store, or read about them in the newspaper. It is all the Lindsay Lohans of this world. Whether they are a saint or an enemy. Hatred destroys and will destroy this country. It is not to late. Jesus lives.

  • Anonymous

    I was on the fence, but if Lindsay Lohan wants Obama, that’s as good a reason as any to NOT vote for the man.

  • The Grim Reaper

    Apparently Lindsay Lohan has NO idea how she’s perceived outside her small L.A. party-crowd – do the words whore, drug-addict, or lesbian ring any bells, Lindsay? You go girl! Keep trashing Palin all the way to the White House!

  • Kalibr

    Dear Lindsay,

    I appreciate your support and kind words, but I think it would be best if you would cease and desist. You, Pam, Matt, and P Diddy are really not helping my campaign. Therefore, I must kindly ask that you all SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Your friend,
    Barack Hussein Obama II
    (Obama bin Biden ’08)

  • boo hoo, who cares

    Brilliant commentary from someone that has a fist rammed inside her. I wouldnt piss in her mouth if her teeth were on fire.

  • Anonymous

    I scratch my head often when I see tripe like this published. Honestly, who cares what a little irresponsible girl has to say? Palin is a woman.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan is certainly not the brightest bulb in the box, but at least she has had the responsibility to not conceive before marriage. Yes, “life happens” as the McCain Team rationalizes, but what of the hypocrisy of “abstinence before marriage” plank? Another icon of brainless wonders..Brittney even waited to get married before producing. How can Palin run the White House when under her own roof she was letting the kids run wild?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this drug-using, drunk-driving tramp thinks? Keep your mouth shut and stick to the only thing that you’re good at – making out with ugly women.

  • Anonymous

    These folks have less education than the average American. Many are former waiters and current drug and alcohol addicts. Aside from the fact that they are no authority on anything, not even acting some of them, they will only help the Republicans. Keep talking weird self absorbed ego maniacs. The more you talk, the more BO will go down. Clue to self absorbed Hollywood: Stop budding into politics, start hiring real actors, make movies that people will watch (not America hating stuff) or you will keep sinking.

  • Netguy

    Lindsay Lohan is such a great role model . She is a has been who has to resort to showing her crotch in the tabloids to get any attention. Anyone who bases their vote on what this scank has to say needs help themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Once again McCAIN/PALIN won’t need to attack Obama with dufuses like this helping them. Let’s all vote for the crook from Illinois who is supported by the left wing whack jobs in Hollyweird. Sorry, I’m not rich so I don’t know how to associate with Obama or Hollywood. The part that Linsay and the left don’t get is if it all fails we have to know how to field dress a deer to survive and that two people with he same sex can’t populate the earth.

    Go back to being no body Lindsay, some people are better drunk and stupid. Plus you seemed to be really good at it. If Hollywood fell apart would we all miss it? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    wow…it must be such a great source of pride for Democrats to have Hollywood losers like Lohan thinking just like they do. Don’t even get me started on Streisand, Matt Damon, or any of the rest of the Hollywood pinheads who spend their entire lives pretending to be someone other than themselves. Wow, what a great constituency!

  • Brandon

    Personally, I feel that if someone wants to know the best place to purchase the best cocaine, they should ask someone like Lindsay Lohan. For all serious matters, her opinion should be disregarded.

  • mike

    When I want a celebs opinon, I will tell them. Lohan needs to look at the log in her eye before removing the splinter in Palin’s. When Lohan demonstrates some discipline in her life I will at least not have a knee-jerk reaction to her opinions. Unlike a lot of people that have responded I was a Lohan fan. The reason I am not today has nothing to do with her Palin comments or the recent blurb about an impending gay marriage. My change of heart came after her many meltdowns. I feel sorry for her and bad for all of the young people that viewed her as a role model.

    So Lindsay, demonstrate to us you have provided some value to our society before degrading those who have held themselves our for public service and scrutiny.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if someone should tell Lohan and Ronson that Obama also opposes gay marriage, so it’s unlikely his administration would be handing out green cards for gay couples anymore than a McCain administration.

    Anyway, I don’t so much mind people like Lohan and Ronson criticizing McCain and Palin, even if their criticism displays ignorance and cultural bigotry. What I don’t understand is how it’s assumed that Obama, who is less experienced than even Palin, is assumed to be such a great candidate, essentially because he’s not a Republican.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. What qualifies Lindsey to claim such political expertise? Did she even finish high school? Or go to college? I think it’s hilarious that she thinks what she has to say about the presidency is so profound that the rest of the country should pay heed to a 22-year-old celebrity’s opinion. She’s still just a messed-up little girl. As for Palin “posing” for magazine covers….Obama, anyone???

  • Anonymous

    We are lucky enough to live in this great country where even ignorant people are allowed to vocalize their opinions. Ms. Lohan has no political insight but because we have the freedom of speech and because she has a blog, she can spew her hatred instead of actually arguing the facts. Too bad Ms. Lohan can point out the spec in another’s eye stating that Palin shouldn’t do anymore tabloid covers because she is not a celebrity yet fails to perceive the plank in her own eye as she is unable to realize is that she herself is not a politician and still only a celebrity no longer for her acting career but because of her antics off of any Hollywood set. Ms. Lohan should really stick to her sobriety over all things instead of trying to educate the public on matters she knows nothing of.

  • Ed Rami

    Weak in mental strength, weak in moral standing and without the formal education to even evaluate a persons ability to be president how would anyone follow anything this sick person has to recommend. Shut up and keep getting your picture taken for the Rag mags. You are far better to look at than to hear of read about.

  • presto1775

    Honestly, do celebrities not know by now that if they nare going to sound off on political issues they should at least be well informed?

  • Roger

    Abraham Lincoln once said,”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Lindsay, you should have kept silent.

  • Pete

    I’m not voting for either major party candidates, but I don’t think someone as vapid, plebeian, and insipid as Lindsay Lohan should comment on the geo-political spectrum. Instead of commenting on something she knows absolutely nothing about, she should devote herself to things like acting, actually reading the scripts to movies she works on, or trying to find out whose cocaine was in her pocket the last time she was in jail for substance abuse.

  • mike

    When I want a celebs opinon, I will tell them. Lohan needs to look at the log in her eye before removing the splinter in Palin’s. When Lohan demonstrates some discipline in her life I will at least not have a knee-jerk reaction to her opinions. Unlike a lot of people that have responded I was a Lohan fan. The reason I am not today has nothing to do with her Palin comments or the recent blurb about an impending gay marriage. My change of heart came after her many meltdowns. I feel sorry for her and bad for all of the young people that viewed her as a role model.

    So Lindsay, demonstrate to us you have provided some value to our society before degrading those who have held themselves our for public service and scrutiny.

  • mike

    When I want a celebs opinon, I will tell them. Lohan needs to look at the log in her eye before removing the splinter in Palin’s. When Lohan demonstrates some discipline in her life I will at least not have a knee-jerk reaction to her opinions. Unlike a lot of people that have responded I was a Lohan fan. The reason I am not today has nothing to do with her Palin comments or the recent blurb about an impending gay marriage. My change of heart came after her many meltdowns. I feel sorry for her and bad for all of the young people that viewed her as a role model.

    So Lindsay, demonstrate to us you have provided some value to our society before degrading those who have held themselves our for public service and scrutiny.

  • USA

    Lindsay would support Sarah Palin if she had a D next to her name instead of an R. The irony of this article is that Sarah Palin is now more of a household name than Lindsay.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that Lindsay is so wise after 22 whole years on this earth. Her inexperience causes her to fail to understand that an Obama presidency would leave America a second rate country after he disarms us, and his economic policy would drive our economy, the world’s greatest, into a depression. Sarah Palin is a wise woman who has walked into high office in Alaska and made it better than it’s ever been.

  • me

    Why are we commenting on Lohan’s sexuality or preference in that regard…it is 2008.

  • John Stein

    Who in the HELL cares what this high school drop-out has to say about anything! LO-HO is simply a fool and has pissed her career away. I also suggest many others have as well, the backlash against OBAMA and his crap is going to be massive…

  • Spike

    Please go away, you are a waste of time and space and so are the people on this blog who think you are cool…

  • Baby Maker

    Oh this is so funny. Little girly girly Lindsay likely can’t even explain what the Declaration of Independence was for. The chick can’t drive, she can’t stay sober, she can’t keep a man, she can’t even keep up with her underwear. Oh, where have the good woman gone too. Oh, yea, Alaska. Thank God for all you beautiful, pro-creating woman like Palin. You are the sexiest and I want to hug all of you and make many beautiful babies. Lindsay would give me a rash of some kind – icky.

  • USA

    Lindsay would support Sarah Palin if she had a D next to her name instead of an R. The irony of this article is that Sarah Palin is now more of a household name than Lindsay.

  • Anonymous

    One, I am amazed that anyone cares enough about what Lohan has to say even to print it.
    Two, anyone who shifts their political choices based upon what actors (most of whom barely graduated from high school) spout on about, needs to step away from the voting booth and let people who can find Texas on a map make the decisions.
    Three, why is this woman in particular still in the headlines? What little talent she does have is more than offset by her ego and bad life choices. Are we going to continue to set up drug using, irresponsible, irreverent, criminal, socialites as the headline idols for our kids? How sad for us all.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Lindsay! You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig…everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs, but who cares what an undisciplined, low-life like you thinks? You are a poor example as a human and shouldn’t be trying to influence minds…of course, if they’re weak enough to be influenced by you, then they’re in a sad state to begin with…

  • sixpacktr

    Since Ms Lohan has been drug free for over a month or two, we really must give her views creedance. After all, people pay money to watch her… no, wait, they don’t do that anymore. Well, maybe she and Matt Damon can have a child even stupider than them…no wait, she can’t do that either, since she swings the other way now. Well, at least she can’t influence any spawn, and her stupidity dies with her…
    At least she can get on Oprah, I guess…

  • Rick Z – Haditha Dam IRAQ

    Once again the court jesters think they run the kingdom.

  • Anonymous

    shut up Lindsay you liberal dike

  • Anonymous

    hopefully another less than quality actress will leave this country if McCain wins!!

  • Anonymous

    The day this girl can judge anyone’s character is the day hell freezes over… Drug addict, low life, white trash bi sexual loser is now judging people’s character… What has this world come to?

  • Justin

    How ridiculous for Lohan to call someone else media obssesed! Lohan is just mad that Palin has been getting all the attention. Poor Lindsey is confused and that’s why she’s with a significantly older woman, and thinks people care about her views on politics. Palin has her life together.

  • James Mac

    Can someone please really help this kid? Between the extreme right and the “oh-so supportive” left she hasn’t an anchor to cling to other than her equally confused, immature narcisstic friend. It is hard to watch another imminent media death.

    To Showbizspy, Wouldn’t your time be better spent reporting on her inability to rehab than some faux political crap like this. It is no shock or surprise that anybody in “entertainment” hates the McCain-Palin team. Is this even worthy of “Showbiz” news. Even you ought to be ashamed at this low level of non-reporting. For your next article just get a petition of the 99.8% of showbusiness types who hate McCain-Palin and get this stupid and useless repetition over with.

  • Anonymous

    shut up Lindsay you liberal dike

  • Anonymous

    shut up Lindsay you liberal dike

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the short notes…

    Who made the new NOW “Lipstick on a pig” comment? Sen. Obama. Whose follower’s cheered/laughed/chanted at the comment? Sen. Obama’s. Who didn’t correct the situation immediately. Sen. Obama.

    Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t planning on being US VP. He was put there to get him out of NY and to make him dissappear. Many great things come/great people step forward in a short time period.

    The audacity of this unstable, juvenile, RECOVERING(a lifelong endeavor and I doubt it) attention seeker – to call Gov. Palin Pali? She should follow her own tabloid advice, and suggest it to the Superstar Obama and wife. They have appeared on more magazine covers in the last two months than Britney and Paris combined.

    Lindsay, as for answers to your questions…
    “Is it a sin to be gay?”
    “Should it be a sin to be straight?”
    “Or to use birth control?”
    Yes, as relates to your next query.
    “Or to have sex before marriage?”
    Again, yes.
    “Or even to have a child out of wedlock?”
    No. Having the child is a blessing. Abortion is the sin.

    “Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?” Name-calling and character assassination are the last hope of the loser in a discussion.

    But, no, Lindsay. Prayer is the best hope for all. Republican, Democrat, Communist, Socialist, Libertarian, Green and independent.

    Gov. Palin is a moral-minded, media-attacked, God-fearing woman. Let’s see you accomplish in the next twenty years half what she has already. Five kids(for you, to make it easy…two kids[three if you adopt]all of which must live to age 21), governor(for you, to make it easy…gov. of California), mayor(for you, to make it easy…mayor of San Francisco.)And don’t forget the top state job in oil((for you, to make it easy…you may substitute the top state job in the film industry or fruits[and vegetables, silly!])

    Sen. Obama on the other hand…
    a) bought his house on the “down low” with the help of slumlord Tony Rezco,
    b) attended the church of, was mentored by, and friend of racist Rev. Wright for 20 years. Rev. Wright recently reiterated some of his racist cooments,
    c) has served on a commitee, had dinner, partied with, and welcomed into his home, his friend William Ayers . Sen. Obama began his political career in the home of his (then and now) friend. Ayers, in the 1970′s, was a leader of the Weather Underground Organization. He participated in the bombings of NY City police stations, the US Capitol Building . The former Weatherman is unrepentant and was quoted shortly after 9/11/2001 as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs. We didn’t do enough.” He is currently a professor of English at the U. of Illinois, Chicago, and
    d) having served less than four years in the US Senate, Sen. Obama’s makes only one major claim to bipartisan legislation. A bill seeking to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world does not take alot of political arm twisting to get members of either party to agree.

    These, Lindsay and friends, are but a few of the of the weaknesses of Barack Obama.

    And Samantha Ronson’s comment shows a self-centered, mirror image of Lindsay.
    Ronson is for Obama.
    Whorellywood is for Obama.
    Recall Gore? Recall Kerry?
    Kim Il Sung is for Obama.
    Prez Chavez of Venezuela is for Obama.
    Prez Am(whazizname) of Iran is for Obama.
    The media tells us the people of Europe are for Obama.
    The leaders of Europe are for Obama.

    Anyone recall that many of the socialist governments of Europe are trying to back away from the economic failure of socialism.

    Obama is an unknown. He votes liberal Democrat policies 97% of the time. Otherwise he votes “Present.”

    Is he a liberal with a plan or a sock puppet waiting to be filled by the hands that supported him?…George Soros, moveon.orgites and the Whorellywood effete.

  • Anonymous

    Is she trying to help or hurt obama?

    celebs like her need to stop talking about this election because it plays into mccain’s hands … this will lose him more votes than it gains him

  • Anonymous

    The Messiah has been on numerous magazine covers, yet this piece of white trash never attack him. Lohan, Damon, and the other airheads in Hollywood need to keep it up. They’re not bright enough to understand this, but they’re actually hurting the Messiah.

  • Bryce

    It makes me laugh though.
    Do the Hollywood stars know that if BARAK APOLLO OBAMA becomes president he is going to tax the rich 50% of their income. So people like Lindsay Lohan will be taxed so high to “redistribute wealth” that HALF of her income will be taken away.
    Does she really want her money taken away? Or does that tell us she like all the other Hollywood stars, Ignorant and Stupid.
    It makes me laugh!

  • The Dude

    Why is it people in Hollywood think they are helping by “speaking up” for Obama and against McCain/Palin. They are just guaranteeing McCain/Palin get elected. Personally, I make it a pledge to always vote against Hollywood. You can never go wrong. The most twisted and whacky thinking always comes from the entertainment industry…or am I just being too judgemental?

  • Dave

    Every argument you use against Palin, running for VP, applies directly to Obama, running for the top job. By the way, hope the rehab goes well. You had so much promise. Take a step back and look where you’ve ended up.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care who made these comments. They are dead on. RIGHT!

    Would you expect the pilot of your plane to be qualified? How about the surgeon taking out your spleen? We have the worst financial crisis of our times and Palin is a chicken bone away from the White House. Even Lohan knows the difference between “entertainment” and the Real Deal. Too bad Mister Magoo doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Lohan, who is half her age, look older than Sarah Palin? Oh thats right, all the drugs and sleeping around. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a no-talent bimbo and her anorexic, craddle robbing friend, telling me how to vote.

  • Anonymous

    This worn out has been girl really thinks anybody cares what her whore ass says?

    Know wonder the country is nearly dead. With bird brain dingy broads like this dropping their panties for kibbles and bits, then having the nerve to comment on anything beyond wiping her ass??

    Go back home to England…..

  • Anonymous

    As far as the prayer for gay people…the real deal was, the preacher stated that he had gays within the church and heard very unflattering talk by some of his congregation. The prayer was intended for ALL people to have a better understanding of others,that may be different from ones self, including gays, without demeaning anyone using unkind words, when speaking about them. So, it was more a prayer of understanding, not curing or judgement. Listening to all and not blips of conversation is key in knowing what is going on.

  • randomdandy

    Help me Lord, I have nothing better to do. It’s my day off and I’m actually reading what this airhead thinks…think I’ll go outside and contemplate a piece of tree bark!

  • middle right

    As a conservative I do not judge people or do I judge the person for what they think/feel/believe. The only thing I do not understand or agree with is what makes these celebrities think that their opinion should be ranked above anyone else’s? With that said what scares me is the people actually believe EVERYTHING these people say. I will not judge Lohan other than that once she does a little research and maybe stay current with todays politics then maybe we’ll listen but until she can do more than watch a short clip but on by what is most likely a left wing media outlet, please be quiet

  • David

    Please…please someone tell me that Lohan is not considered a voice to listen to in this country. If it comes down to that..I dont care who becomes president, because if people are using lohan as there cultural barometer.. we are doomed as a nation, possible as a global community.Geeesh. Morons are starting to rule

  • Handrock

    I grew up in New York where my faher was a Casting Director. So I am pretty familiar with actors and actresses. Nice people, for the most part.. but most are not the healthiest people in an emotional sense. Very needy people.. So don’t be too hard on Lindsay, you could pop her bubble of self importance. Think about it, these people make their living pretending to be someone else, and then they begin to think their opinion matters. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    lindsay, lindsay, lindsay. You have not even been able to vote in an election yet. You still have alot to learn. Why don’t you stick to your acting. And by the way, being gay is a sin it is in the Bible. I am sure almost anyone can show you the story. I am not one to judge you though. It really is just not showing you in a very good light by the way you are acting. It is always so funny how somebody with your fame can stand up and talk and you feel like everybody cares about what you think. Girlfriend you have so much to learn.

  • Claude

    Define celebretard. Answer: Lindsay Lohan

  • Jim Craig

    Since Lohan is now an expert on qualifications to lead the country, perhaps she’ll tell us what makes Obama qualified to be president. For the life of me, I have been unable to find anything in his life experience that makes him more qualified than almost anyone else who has vied for the nomination of either party – well, he may be as qualified as Kucinich, Edwards or Thompson.

  • Keith from Detroit

    Hey Lindsay, did you decide this during one of your alcoholic, drug induced, thought processes or was it inspired by listening to the rest of the uneducated, ill-informed, and unqualified hollywood elites?

  • Bill Clinton

    I love Lindsay’s chestbumps but she’s got a nasty firecrotch.

  • Doc J

    I love this! ignorance is bliss.. everytime they talk about lack of experience, it points right back at Obama..Their #1 on the ticket!.. they just don’t get it… and now a new one, “don’t pose on the cover of magazines, you are not a celebrity”!! What about Obama on every magazine and television show? again, right back at the one’s they are voting for! Hollywood actors rarely have even finished high school. If they have it’s usually some tutor on the set that eased them through. They have never studied history or much else.. I personally love to watch the comedy of their uninformed collective opinions..

  • Dems are hypocrites

    “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”"…really Ms. Lohan? First off, she isn’t a celebrity anymore. She’s only famous for showing her “assets” to the paparazzi on a regular basis. And you have a problem with the number of times Palin has been on a magazine cover. Do you REALLY want to compare Obama’s tabloid photos over Palin? The guy is all over the place! Shut up and stick to getting drunk in public. It’s the only thing you’re good at.

  • Karl

    Gosh, Lindsay is sure pretty. Her political savvy and her moral compass are both screwed up pretty badly. She needs Christ, I need Christ and He really does forgive all who come to Him on HIS terms not ours. So far, Lindsay is most likely not a follower of Christ seeking forgiveness, but rather one of the millions who are stubbornly rejecting His grace and choosing Hell for all eternity.

  • Ross

    It is amazing that Ms Lohan came up with such unique and original thinking, and she better be careful taking such a divergent view from the Hollywood crowd mindset. Based upon her comments who could say she is only a mindless bimbo?

  • Will, CA. USA

    What? A Hollywood celebrity against Palin? Thw world turned upside down.

  • Anonymous

    which is not say “we” should all feel qualified to express it in a public forum. What kills me, is that supposedly tolerant people (I am sure that Miss Lohan believes she IS the epitome of tolerance) can express such hatred for views and lifestyles not their own. Unforunatley, this misguided soul lives in the rarefied bubblewrap world of Unearned Celebrity — where folks who have what little character or gravitas they might have once had pre-fame, sucked from their souls and replaced with hubris and self-importance. Pity her people.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a sin to be gay, but it oughta be a sin to be STUPID!!
    Your opinon doesn’t count to anyone with even a little bit of common sense!!

  • Anonymous

    So another Hollywood idiot who actually thinks the rest of America cares what she thinks about politics. Lindsay a word of advice stick to your day job….oh yeah you’re not very good at that either.

  • Steve

    Who cares what another “celeb” thinks. We all already know what Hollywood thinks on every issue. They all live in the land of make believe with zero concept of the real world. Most of them have brains damaged from years of heavy drug abuse so why would a normal person care about their opinion on anything of importance? Lohan is famous for her never-ending problems not because of her political saavy and brilliant grasp of world events. Lindsay, take care of your own problems and let the adults figure this one out. Your only job is to have your picture taken and keep the drug lords rich.

  • eric in nj

    i was unsure how i was gonna vote, but after hearing this twice rehabed, dysfunctional family, non-college educated actress with her incoherent and thoughtless rant Im voting for Mccain. Doing the opposite of Lohan serves one well! AND just for Ms. Lohan- check out what Obama’s church has to say about gays… cause if you think Palin’s faith is misguided wait till you see what the minister whose church Barry attended for 20 YEARS (but apparently was not paying attention?) weighs in on the issue!

  • Slick Willie

    She used to have nice boobies but not anymore
    she’s just a nasty coke whore

  • Anonymous

    It really shouldn’t surprise us that such a narcissistic young lady would even think that she may have a firm grasp on the world of politics, though she is having such a difficult time keeping a firm grasp on her own little world and life. We as rational, logical human beings need only remind ourselves that she not even worth discussing in this forum to any great depth except for the entertainment value, and address her world views as we would address the philosophical ramblings of a guest from the Jerry Springer show.

  • Billboy

    But a man who has been a senator for a total of 143 days and running for president all at the same time is qualified. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Y’all keep talking and the Republicans will win back Congress from the Democrat Party.

  • Henry

    Who the H?!@ is Lindsay Lohan, a drugged out shell of person who wouldn’t know cow dung from apples. Why is she getting press at all? OH she is a once upon a time actress. Speaks someone elses words, and doesn’t know anything herself.

  • MadMike

    I suggest Ms. Lohan just shut up and stick to acting but oh wait she doesnt do much of that anymore does she? Its hard to be taken seriously when your being photographed in Hollywood drunk passed out behind the wheel all the time, or crashing into other peoples cars and getting busted for DWI. Ms. Lohan hates when the press ask her about her sisters boob job and her family squabbles but she feels free to bore us all to death with her constant Hollywood antics. She hasn’t grown up and is not in an adult relationship by any means. I suggest Ms. Bimbo Lohan put the bottle down and go back to rehab and leave politics to the adults.

  • ainnothang

    …I have to say, when that whole “hooter shot getting out of the car” thing was going on, Brittany really has the prettiest one. Lohan and Hilton’s units looked a bit “haggard” if you know what I mean.

  • bossmom4

    Gosh. If I didn’t know who was running, or anything about the issues at hand, all I would need to do was see who publicly supports each candidate, and I could easily make up my mind! Screwed-up Hollywoodites who do not live in reality give the Dems a bad name. Lindsay and her ilk are typically uneducated, misinformed, self-absorbed idiots. Thanks for your opinion Lindsay!!! Now I know who to vote for! (whover you’re NOT voting for). Your defense of Obama is McCain’s best offense. Good play girl.

  • Anonymous

    This is why I’m voting for McCain. If an ignorant fruitloop like Lohan thinks Obama is the right candidate…then you KNOW he’s unqualified. Could Lohan answer even have a minor league debate about any topic in domestic or foreign policy? Does anyone here believe she even knows what either side’s views are on different issues? She just votes democratic because it’s “trendy” in hollywood to say you’re liberal. No matter if the actual candidate or policies don’t make any sense or are unqualified. The irony is that in 20 years, after she learns some things about life Lohan will probably be a republican and look back at her statements now at 22 and say to herself “I was such a naive idiot back then”. That’s what usually happens. Young foolish liberals usually end up wise older conservatives who wish they had had the wisdom when they were younger.

  • Rob

    Okay Lindsay, contrary to popular belief, nobody pays you to think. Much as you wish the paparazzi would go away, there are many who wish you would simply go away. In a perfect world, Hollywood celebrities (many of whom have NO education) would begin to realize that their opinion is next to useless. Everyone has an A-hole, not everyone has a stage to proselytize from.

  • Pete

    Lezbo-han needs to go away. She should be seen and not heard. actually, she should not be seen or heard. Just go away with your love interest and have fun. bye bye. and while you’re at it, take Paris with you – she’s another one that needs to be muzzled.

  • MeghanDonovan

    Lohan is correct that Paln’s experience does not qualify her to be President of the USA. Nor, of course does Barack Obama’s. No one with any sense is arguing that Obama or Palin have the experience to be President any more. The important thing to remember is that only one of them is running for the highest office in the land. McCain and Biden are the only qualified people still in the race except that Biden should be given the top spot on the Democratic ticket.

  • pissed@themedia

    Why does this moron get press? I don’t care that she speaks her mind, but why would anyone put it in print? Shame on this website and anyone who considers this moron’s opinion as valid. Do the liberals need Lohan as a beacon of freedom and justice and the voice of the Democratic party? Didn’t she steal a car and try to run people over? Wasn’t she drunk and coke’d out while doing so? Good role model. We she should all listen when the moron speaks!Media is dead. Journalism is dead. Thanks for finally killing it, Obama and the liberals.

  • John

    They won’t renew her boy…errr….girlfriend’s green card if McCain/Palin make it in office? Time to vote R!

  • Anonymous

    …for all the libs and “beautiful people” to be so scared of her. BTW, Lindsay — “media hound”? Takes one to know one!!

  • Bill Hodges

    20Sep. 14, 2008 – 10:24 PM EST updated

    Barry Hussein Obama Looking for the Stupid Vote

    America 57 States and still counting.

  • Anonymous

    I repeat – Go back to Rehab!

  • Anonymous

    The more people like her come out for Obama the better for McCain/Palin. I used to be upset about Hollywood’s best idiots opening their pie holes, now I think it is simply fantastic. They champion McCain/Palin’s cause better than their campaign could ever do! TYou!

  • Eyes Rolled

    She’s now the QUEEN of Skankville.

  • Mr. Karl

    Yes it is our first Amendment right for freedom of speech in our great country. But honestly whether you are a Democrat or Republican and if you’re a “Hollywood Star” why does it seem like we regular people honestly care of what they have to say?? First it was Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and now this whorebag. Honestly why does these cele-retards feel their opinion matters more than the common person?

  • Crystal

    Then what the heck does that make Obama? He’s on every stinking magaizine and t.v show with Wonderful “stories”but on the covers that have Palin, all the headlines are negative and actually untrue if you care to do your homework. Oh and Lindsay, you of all people should know you don’t have to “pose” and approve of the tabloids taking and using your picture in order for them to use it. They do it regardless. And while I’m glad lindsay’s writings are finally becoming coherent, I still don’t think I’ll take voting advice from Miss Lohan. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The Magic Conch has spoken. I’ve been waiting so long for Lindsey to get out of rehab, proclaim her sexuality, and advise the world on who is the best choice for President. All Hail the Magic Conch!

  • Anchoragedan

    Good one, Actor!

    Obviously Lohan is just another Hollywood ditz who doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. But what troubles me is that a few people here actually think she is speaking the truth. They actually think Lohan is saying something of substance.

    Lohan’s comments can at least be explained by brain damage and drunken stupor.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Lindsay, it is a sin to live a gay lifestyle and have sex before marriage. It is just as much of a sin as it is to lie, cheat, steal, and use God’s name in vain. But regardless, the most important thing is that no matter how good a person lives you will not see heaven unless you are born again by accepting Jesus Christ – the Son of the living God!

  • Chip

    Why is it that people actually think that what Ms. Lohan has to say is in any way important? The fact that she’s a movie actor doesn’t mean her opinions should receive national attention. Every “star” in whatever venue (movies, music, sports) has an enormous soap box from which to spew their political views (right or left). The environment of our media obsessed culture only magnifies it. As for me, I will disregard the political positions of a woman who’s job consists of putting on make-up and reading lines from a tele-prompter.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Lindsey, it’s a sin to be straight. You’re so smart. Unfortunately the world will end, but that won’t matter because we can all survive on your intensive brainpower alone.

  • Anonymous

    When I read this, I just have to laugh… I applaud you for exercising your right to free speech. Without it, I might not have had such a good laugh today and I needed it on a Monday! Let’s face it… you don’t like her because she goes against everything that you currently stand for… she doesn’t do anything to help you feel better about yourself and sleep better at night so therefore she must be evil. Your lifestyle hasn’t done you any favors Lindsay, it certainly hasn’t lended you any credibility whatsoever… thank you for your dribble… I needed it today!

  • Anonymous

    She seems a bit more intelligent since she’s gone gay.

  • The Gnome

    Lets see, we’ve already heard from Pam Anderson and now Lindsay. All we need now are Brittany’s thoughts. Put them all together and you may fill a thimble with their cranial volume. They should start their own party. Maybe call it The American Airhead Party. That’s if they could spell it without spellcheck.

  • Voice of Reason

    “I think she (Palin) unnerves people who define their life by their need to be precious.” – Dennis Miller

  • Anonymous

    Is this Lindsay the lesbian queer movie star? How would she know anything about politics if she can’t figure out whether she is queer or not ?

  • pope funny hat

    wow. the reich wing haters are out in force. for all the love their religion seems to profess, they can only express hate and willful ignorance, which is sad but illustrates a deeper problem with their lives: fear, uncertainty, the erosion of the great american ideals, the realization that smallville is a thing of the past is a scary thing to many, and sadly, their reaction is to raise the shutters and hate anyone who questions their fragile and severely outdated belief system. god is dead, long live god.

  • crazy joe montana

    Wow, Linsdsay is soooooo smart. Commenting on the tabliods was nice, at least Palin doesn’t show her shaven beaver to the paperazzi. Loslut showed her nasty little beaver alot and it is not worth looking at!!!

  • Anonymous

    What an idiot! Lindsay Lohan has NO CLUE what she is talking about. How about all of Obama’s tabloid covers and his week-long interview process with Access Hollywood? It’s very interesting that all of a sudden, she is a political expert. How about doing some research Lindsay! She should crawl back into the hole she emerged from.

  • Jeff

    I finally understand what happens to people who consider themselves influential and out of work. They jump on bandwagons of stupidity and open their mouths to prove it. I really feel sorry for this girl Lohan who has now probably become the quiet conversation of every family get-together. Hopefully she understands what she is giving away.

  • Voice of Reason

    “I think she (Palin) unnerves people who define their life by their need to be precious.” – Dennis Miller

  • Love it

    As Jesus Christ said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Lindsay has as much a right to her opinion as Karl Rove has. Actually, her opinion is probably less biased. I for one, think that anyone who believes you can “change” or “rehabilitate” someone attracted to the same sex is way too naive to be VP, Governor, or even a Mayor of a town of 6,000 people.

  • Riiiight.

    Lindsay should spend more time getting her own affairs in order before she talks about others’ qualifications for anything. For someone who has made the decisions requiring several stints in rehab, deciding to pose nude in New York Mag – really, who are you to lecture about posing in mags, not to mention the fact that Barack and his wife were on the very same mag as Governor Palin – and very publicly taking us along with her on her career spiral downward, she has very little room to opine on what others do. Why does anybody care what she thinks about politics?

    She probably wouldn’t invite Governor Palin to a party, but I wouldn’t want Lindsay coming near my kids. Governor Palin has had the big leadership roles, but also the real world experiences that the elites just don’t get. Don’t these people know that their opinions probably drive more folks to support this strong woman candidate? Keep talking Susan, Lindsay, Matt. We can’t figure out how you got to be influences in society, but whatever you say, we are sure we want to do the opposite.

  • Tones

    Pearls of wisdom? or turds of wisdom — coming from Lindsay Lohan it is the latter. I will raise my children with the hopes that they will grow up to be like Sarah Palin….not crazy broad Lindsay Lohan.

  • Peter Klein

    Why does the media even give time to air the ignorant and useless blatherings of movie stars? Lindsey cannot even make an entertaining movie yet she believes she can criticize a current governor of the United States? Palin is a mother of 5, married, is a successful governor of Alaska, is currently a VP candidate and has strong beliefs and ethics. Lindsay credits include rehab, alocoholism, losing her license, sleeping around and crashing cars! Drunks should be kept off the air and in rehab or in the gutter where they belong.

  • thevealchop

    I may not have said it the same way, but you’re right, Ms. Lohan, you sexy beast. Palin is a pawn.

  • John Hancock

    I think Lohan and Matt Dumbon and the rest of Hollywood’s nutless wonders want communism to rule the world! They have no idea what our Grandparents lived through. America is over as we know it if Hussein O’Buttmunch gets elected!!!

  • john

    I don’t think its a Lohan made these comments. A lot of younger people look up to her. I think more younger people should get involved in politics. While Im not a fan of Lohan I respect what she said. I find it admirable and intelligent. Here I was thinking she was just some typical hollywood celeb who is self centered.
    Guess this proves she is a smart woman. I agree.. Palin isn’t ready to be President. What I find surprising? How could any American vote for a party that a) has the country in the biggest economic mess since the depression b) lied to their people about so called weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq as a reason to invade them c) has their country in the largest record deficit in its history … $490 billion for those of you who are interested… I could go on but those are pretty good reasons. I know this and Im not even an American.. if only people in the USA could vote for their president by phone like American Idol….

  • Sillius Sodus

    Her grammar is awful: “I would have liked to have remained impartial”? Good grief, what a phototroph.

  • TC

    her track record isn’t one that lends itself to making political statements…what a moron

  • Anonymous

    What makes you believe that our support of you as an entertainer equates to us being interested in your political views?

  • John

    L does not have a functioning brain; she has a reprobate mind and has been turned over to her own sinful desire by God Himself. She lashes out at Sarah to justify herself but only reveals her own desperate attempt to suppress the truth about God and her rebellion against Him. The media in its own self deception gives her a voice as if she were qualified to have an opinion when her only qualifications are being a junky Christ rejecting heathen.

  • Dick Johnson

    This is great….the more these Hollywood idiots say the more votes the Republicans get.

    The Hollywood elites havent figured out they hurt their candidates alot more than they help.

  • Anonymous

    Now that we know that no less an authority on politics and government than Lindsay Lohan has spoken, what other choice is there than Obama?

  • Dfrak

    oh boy! does anybody really think that this brainless tart will actually sober up long enough to get to the polls and vote for oh-bummer? maybe she should pull her head out of her so-called girlfriend’s butt and get some air…it might do her some good. it’ll be fun to watch the libs wail uncontrollably when mccain/palin stomp them in november…can you say landslide? just say no to b.o.

  • Sighted one

    “By their fruits shall ye know them.” I see the fruits of Sarah Pallin; but all I see from Lindsay is promiscuity, addiction, bitterness, narcissism.
    I guess that in liberal circles, these qualify as credentials.

  • Anonymous


    Don’t bite your tongue, you may lose your lover.
    If they ever make a remake of the Wizard of OZ she would make a perfect Tin Man without even having to act.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Look at what B. Hussein Obama was doing four years ago. He was in the last year of his career on the state legislature where he rarely exercised his right to vote (which was his only responsibility) on issues that come before Illinois’ Congress. He certainly wasn’t gaining the experience necessary to be the President of the United States. I’m not arguing that Palin IS qualified, but only that people who live in glass houses . . . Also, let’s not forget that she is not running on the head of the ticket. One shouldn’t point to a default in another that one exhibits himself. It’s common sense.

  • Jamal

    Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and now Lindsay . . . it’s all rather convincing, but I’m not making my mind up till I hear from ROSIE! Come on Rosie, throw your 2 oinks in.

  • Common Sense

    I am highly irritated that people like Lindsay Lohan and Matt Damon have a political forum to speak in while the rest of us have no way of truly being heard. Lindsay cannot keep herself out of rehab long enough to act, but people actually listen to her political ranting. Just because she has a microphone and a podium does not mean she is qualified to lead national discourse (much as an dog-eared economy textbook and some press time does not make Bono qualified to solve the problem of third world debt.)

    The real people of this country, those with sense and a love of the nation, need to be the ones speaking out and leading the rest in true debate. These celebrities, despite the plaudits that are dropped in their laps, could not lead real lives like the rest of us. Ergo, they are not qualified to tell us how to live. Stick to your make believe world, Lindsay, and let the rest of us handle the difficult problems here in the real one.

  • Anonymous

    You know after reading about 3 pages…..Most of sound more like white trash than this young lady does. Your say your are good Christians but you are all full of HATE! I find your hypocrisy utterly disgusting. You sound like the bunch that crusified Jesus because they were so afraid of anyone different. If you were living your life in a truly Christian manner you would not talke like this to or about any of God’s creatures.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay – You are a confused little girl who has ZERO life experience. You just barley learned how to put your chonies on a few years ago. Why don’t you figure out how to run your own life first before you go around spreading your useless opinion. Why should anyone listen to a celebrity’s opinion?!?!? You never worked a real job like the rest of us!!! You Hollywood celebrities are all money kids just like Obama. He has never had to work a real job and if so it was a short P.R. stint. 99% of the world does not live like you. You are in a fairtale land so grow up and get some real life experience before you try to weigh in.

  • reformed dem

    hey loho…if i thought you could act i’d say “shut up and act”. however, since you show little affinity for even that mindless vocation, why not just go fire up the old crack pipe and fade away. You don’t have a clue what it takes to be a real woman no less a successful one.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Ms. Lohan, sober up and give a legitimate opinion. All accepting? Why? Life has standards and those unmet depreciate life and human beings. If any finds Ms. Lohan to be white trash, it’s because that’s what the girl has chosen. And what insight has she to anything?

  • Reality Check

    Lindsay, you no talent little “fire bush”. Go smoke your crack pipe and STFU. Who cares what you think?

  • Anonymous

    Lohan is a drug addict, party girl, and morally bankrupt person. People are attracted to her celebrity, but I don’t think anyone wants to live their life like hers for more than a week. I am so glad she didn’t endorse McCain. I don’t want people like her on my side, and if she choses Obama, it simply helps me know I am choosing correctly.

  • Anonymous

    this is comical. I hope more of these flea infested agents of scum keep pulling for Obama. Real, respectable human beings will take note and vote the other direction. Honestly… who would consider anything this skank says to be valid?

  • LesbianNeoCon

    ***”I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president,” she added.***

    Umm, Lindsay, dear, the one who made the “lipstick on a pig” remark was your misogynistic Messianic leader, B Hussein Obama, you clueless tart. And what exactly leads you to believe B Hussein Obama is best for this country? His proposed tax hike, or his goal of enforcing socialism? Go have a drink, shoot up, or whatever it is you do. Clearly, you’re still under the influence of some substance.

  • Anonymous

    For someone who could not “ACT” their way out of a wet paper bag, saying she knows anything about politics is ridiculous. Keep it to your self you no talent spoiled brat. I have known loaves of white bread with more intellegence than you and your twinkie girlfriend combined. You are paid too much money for your talentless A@#. Get a real job, or perhaps another stint in re-hab is what you need.

  • Confused

    I don’t think these so called celebrities understand how dumb they sound when they open their mouths. Whoopi is afraid that John McCain will legalize slavery, And Lindsay can’t even explain what she is afraid of. These folks are insane and hopefully won’t vote. Lindsay, keep your mouth shut and get yourself educated.

  • Anonymous

    Notice she isn’t complaining when Obama’s mug is on the same tabloid covers. And did the interviewer ask if she was sober when she gave this statement? I cannot believe that anyone would even print what this dingbat has to say. Stick to acting…drugs…drinking & driving…, Lindsey. You know: The things you know and are good at.



  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Lohan is unqualified to express herself or be taken serioulsy. Next item please . . .

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay, get your drug-induced, alcohol-abusing, sexually-confused life in order before you start throwing insults at a very accomplished woman and mother. You failed at acting, singing, what next? Also, remember that the more you liberal Hollywood dolts trash McCain and/or Palin, the more regular Americans like them.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what she thinks? She’s just another spoiled, degenerate star who follows her genitals wherever they lead. She’s not very talented anyway, why should anyone listen to her idiotic rants?

  • Anonymous

    The problem here isn’t that a celebrity voices their opinion. She has a blog, and has a right to say whatever she likes in it like anyone else. The problem is the media…they are the ones that make this “NEWS”. Stop glorifying everything celebs say. Ridiculous. If any normal person had made these comments, most would say…hey good point.

  • Bill Hicks

    Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your goverment is in control. Here, here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America – you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!

  • Terry

    Please, as it was earlier well stated how can the queen of rehab, out of control life, drug addiction, etc…open her WHITE TRASH mouth. She is using up good air that the rest of us could be using. Has this GLITTERING JEWEL OF COLOSSAL STUPIDITY ever done anything of substance??? This idiot as well as matt damon should craw back to their hole and SHUT UP until you have something intelligent to say or do.

  • Disfunctional Lohans!

    Wow Lindsay.. thanks for your keen advice! I always listen to crappy actresses and celebs when it comes to choosing a leader for my country. You are so smart and have proven time and again that you have great political insight! LMAO!!!!!!! Could celebs please stop acting like they know ANYTHING?? Whos listens to these rejects? seriously? That just makes me want to vote against Obama… really.

  • Just Saying

    First off, she did not tell any truth. Just because Palin doesn’t approve of gays and lesbians does not make her a homophobe. And because she is on the cover of a tabloid doesn’t mean she’s media obsessed. I can’t go to the grocery store without seeing Obama’s face on at LEAST 5 different publications. And HE is running for president, where as Palin won’t be “running the country”, she’ll be the VICE president. Lindsay Lohan’s view is no more important than the druggie on the street, mine, or yours. Honestly, she doesn’t even seem to know what she’s talking about.

  • John

    Lindsay. look past your own selfishness as to whether she condones homosexuality or not. Our country faces challenging times. that’s the issue, you self absorbed, substance abusing, arrogant,elitist, typical Hollywood leftist.

  • Anonymous

    What a tramp. She has ZERO right to talk about someone’s morals. If it’s not drugs, it’s alcohol. Hollywood…”SHUT UP AND SING,” leave the politics to those that have a brain.

  • Actors are our Idols

    Thank you Lezlo! I also agree that you people need to lay off and listen to our actors. They make our world a better place with all that they do for your entertainment and what do we do to them? You all sit back and criticize their failures with real world trials and tribulations! Regular people who run for office have no idea how smart actors are and how important their voice is since they are a global steward for several causes that elected hometown Walmart shoppers have no clue about! Listen to Hollywood since they are the true Americans!

  • Anonymous

    How funny. this twit slams Palin for lack of experience but lets Obama slide, even though he only served in the senate for 143 days before declaring he wanted to be anointed president. She lets Obama get away with his association with racists (Rev Wright), terrorists (Ayers), criminals (Rezko) and his sexist behavior towards Hillary. How can anyone support a politician who would vote “present” over 130 times rather than take a position (yes or no).

    Lindsay, I think you have consumed one too many drink and popped one too many pills.

  • Anonymous

    And what kind of education does Lindsey Lohan have that makes her qualified to vote for anything besides American Idol? How does this trashy Lesbian for Publicy think her oppinion matters?

  • Damon

    Your ‘e a real laugh Lindsay. But you shine bright with ignorance and self engrossment. Like Matt, till you actually really do know something you should just shut up, smile and be pretty, and go snort a few lines it’ll relax you.

  • cuffy meigs

    When Obama’s buddies in the muslim world take over, homosexuals will lose. They will lose their lives. Look at what happens in the middle east. She won’t be around long.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. 109 pages of mindless drivel about a celebrity’s myspace blog on politics. Oh, drudgereport, why is this news?

  • free4all

    I hope you are as pro-bestial as you are pro-gay; it would be a such a shame to be exposed as a bigot yourself.

    It’s a good thing Obama doesn’t pose for US Weekly or any other celebrity magazines. A good thing he hasn’t been on SNL–sheesh! that’s close.

  • Anonymous

    Who says that comming from a disfunctional family can effect your tinking pocess?

  • Anonymous

    why does anyone waste time reporting what a twit like Lohan says or claims to think?

  • Anonymous


  • Thom York

    Thanks for enlightening me Lindsay… now we now know you are jealous of all the attention Sarah Palin is getting. She’s knocking you off covers. Ew, that makes you soooo mad. One note, you haven’t been on a cover in a long time. At least not for anything related to talent.

  • RichM’fingSharpe

    I agree with most of the people on this post. Who gives a shit what this piece of fucking white trash has to say. She is so confused right now. She has her non-Milf of a mom to take part of the blame. Hohan has to take the other part. My God, why do you hollyweird types and those who worship you think that regular Americans give a fuck what you think. Keep on promoting that no talent hack of a presidential candidate. He will lose because regular Americans can’t stand you actor types. What the hell are you good at? Pretending to be someone? Why are you worshipped? Because you pretend. I stopped pretending when I was about 5. All actors and female skank actors are- you guessed it……Pretenders. You pretend. That’s it!. So spare me Ms./Mr. Hohan ( whatever your role is ) the dribble about your political view. Sarah Palin could shoot you in your worthless head from about 1000yds and then she could quarter you into slabs of meat. I bet you can’t do that Hohan. Anyway, if our future vice president needs advice on how to make bad movies, ruin a career, have a gravy training mom and sister, have a dad with multiple felonies, willingly show her crotch to millions, and spend multiple stints in a hollywood resort, I mean rehab, then she will talk to you. Meanwhile, I will rely on Palin’s executive experience of running multiple cities and being a state governor. HOllywood sucks and I can’t wait till it breaks off and I have ocean front property.

  • Anonymous

    Much like in middle-eastern politics where your “friend” is your “enemy’s enemy”, then I guess I’m for Palin. Thanks, Linds, now I know who to vote for!

  • Mary Beth

    What a stupid, stupid girl…Those drugs have fried any thought process and reasoning you thought you had left…..Honey, you have more problems to conquer than Sarah Panlin!

  • Anonymous

    What is a Linsay Lohan?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she is just looking for publicity, maybe next time she’ll just get out of a car with no panties or better yet just go into re-hab (I think that is a pre-requisite now to be in hollywood)or here’s a good one turn into a lezbian, oh man – that would be the day huh?

  • wkenddad

    It giles my to the bone why anyone cares what an actor or actress says about one cadidate or the other. I certainly would not go to my 22 yo daughter and ask her about politics! Or when an out of touch actor/actress says something. When was the last time Matt Damon did any work similar to the majority of Americans? Yes, he does work when acting and goes to his trailer between shots and his nice hotel at the end of the day. He doesn’t have to lift a finger, he has assistants that take care of everything. These Hollywood types are more out of touch than either candidate ever has been. So, Lindsay here’s the real reason you has Palin: she is against same sex marriage and you and your ???? have said you want to be married.

  • brookshanes

    Lohan is passing the same judgment on Palin that Lohan claims Palin passes on her.

    The only difference is that Palin never made a personal attack on Lohan.

    If Lohan disagrees with Palin’s morals, she should vote about it. This is a democracy and the votes will speak for the country.

  • jake

    LOL, well I for one am really surprised that Lindsay is not supportive of Gov Palin. I was surprised when Matt Damon came out against Gov Palin but I guess Lindsay has the last word on this.

    If I was really interested in what some jackoffs in Hollywood thought about anything, then this would be big news but guess what — neither Lindsay nor Matt really know much about anything.

    Live it, love it, say it — PRESIDENT JOHN S MCCAIN.

    You ridiculous, uneducated, ignorant sluts!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan should be the last person to open her trap about politicians and political choices. Her lifestyle, paraded throughout the tabloids for all the world to see, shows a drunken, drugged out, DWI, party girl…if I were her, I’d be embarrased to even show my homely mug in public.

  • spit

    What a relief! I had no idea whom to vote for, and I was frustrated as all getout because Lindsey Lohan wasn’t showing favor to either candidate.

    Finally, Lindsey has made her statement and I feel informed and prepared to vote this November.! Thank yo Lindsey!

  • Anonymous

    I am so tired of the actors in Hollywood acting like they know what they are talking about. please stay with what your good at or at least what some people seem to think your good at, and that is acting, not who we should vote for or what we should do about foreign policy in the world.
    just because you read scripts well, does not make you a political analyst. if anyone in Hollywood would look at both sides with open eyes and an open mind, you would not want Obama. unless you like paying a higher capital gains tax or you believe we should have to repay taxes when your parents die and they want to give you something that they already paid taxes on, as long as you don’t mind paying double on dividend tax.
    New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet. New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren’t high enough already) New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity) New taxes on retirement accounts, and last but not least….New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!!

    if non of this bothers you, then Obama is your guy and may someone help us,,,,someone other than the actors in Hollywood who you can always tell when they are not reading a script because they sound so uneducated.

    I wish you all well, but if we are stuck with the lesser of two evils, vote McCain.

  • Anonymous

    Who really cares what “celebs” think? I mean they are people, who for the most part are spoiled, pampered, and out of touch with lots of things. I could not care less who ben afflack or j-lo or even M.J. votes for. This should have nothing to do in the news or with us.

  • Suni

    Who cares what Lindsey Lohan has to say in the first place? I hope all the media nut jobs keep spouting their trash. It only helps Palin’s approval rating!! ha, ha

  • Bill R.

    Since Lindsay Lohan is barely qualified to be an actress herself, I hardly think she is qualified to speak of others qualifications. And yes, practicing homosexuality is a sin. Lastly, homophobia is an irrational fear of homosexuals. Dislike of your perversioms does not qualify as an irrational fear.

  • chip

    four years ago she was a politician. she went to college in journalism and then became a politician. someone who hates being judged sure knows how to judge. and also if i remember right… obama is on the cover of tabloids too. but i guess that’s ok since hollywood supports him.

  • Nick Metropolis

    Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!
    Lindsay, I will personally reserve two tickets for you on that big barge anchored off L.A. that’s going to carry away all the celebutards who promise to move out of the U.S when Sarah kicks Obama’s ass in November. Just promise me you’ll leave.

  • Anonymous

    Other than waiting for her lesbian sex tape is there any other reason to bother with Lohan. Take some notes from Paris, Lindsay. Keep the sex tapes coming and if you interject yourself into politics, make it humurous.

  • Anonymous

    “if she gets elected my green card probably won’t get renewed!!!”

    Never have I seen a bigger reason to vote for McCain.

  • Clint

    “By their fruits shall you know them” let’s take a look at what has happened to the Netherlands since they have legalized same-sex marriages…

    “Many have argued that same-sex marriage would be good for homosexuals. Some have gone so far as to propose that the change would strengthen the institutions of marriage and family by reaffirming commitment and fidelity.[1] Early data from abroad, however, do not support the claim that same-sex marriage would benefit marriage in general. In the Netherlands, where homosexual relationships gained legal recognition in 1998, same-sex marriage has not strengthened the family but may have accelerated its decline.”


  • Jerry

    This young female should keep to what she does best-titallating males and attempting to act. Leave the politics to others. Please- enough already with celebrity comments

  • Chuck

    Let’s not forget that Sarah Palin has FORGOTTEN more than Ms. Lohan knows!! Living as a celeb in the bubble of Hollywood gives her absolutely no credibility in national affairs. I will give her credit for speaking her mind but no one should pay any attention to a pampered princess whose idea of hard work is rehab.

  • Not Chicken Little

    “Hollywood actors – is there anything they don’t know?” — Homer Simpson

  • MKH

    What an attention-seeking moron. She would get more press if she made these comments sans panties while getting out of her car.

  • Bill in Pa

    I shake my head at any celeb that has the stupidity to say Palin in inexperienced, yet they think Saddam Ubama IS qualified. Obama isn’t qualified to run the fry machine at Burger king. His only experience is campaigning for President. There is no way he can be qualified and Palin not. If Obama wants to keep comparing himself to the VP candidate of the other party thats fine. Maybe McCain can take his resume for future use if necessary since he is by far the most bipartison candidate running.

    You Hollywood people crack me up. 90% of you need someone to order you a pizza your so stuck on yourselves.

  • Whore Blohan

    Who cares what some second rate Hollywood whore thinks. Maybe if this whore cleaned up her own filthy life then she might have credibility. Until then no one cares what this tired drug addicted whore thinks!

  • Less1leg

    Can’t really put my finger on it Ms. Lohan, or LowLife.
    Someone like yourself, pointing a attention at someone who really does make a difference in the quality of life for many people, even has the audacity to stand in front of the public asking them to vote for her, for goodness sakes, and the stupidity of the public actually voted for her!!!

    Now let’s put this into your dilluded world. You have been a failure at drug and alcohol rehab, a drug induced and drunk fool partying endlessly around in public. You’ve failed to be properly ready for employment when contractual work is to be done, meaning you show up for work not being able to do the work.
    And you have the nerve to make a public statement about someone like Palin, you’re a freaking moron.. and the rest of you Hollywood liberal idiots.

  • Scott Wilson

    I would like to know why her opinion means anything thats newsworthy other than the fact she is a Democrat being critical of a Republican. The facts that this is news shows how pathetic the news media is to report any critics of Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    I feel as though it’s a fad nowadays for the 18-23 crowd to be, or act like I should say, they are the most politically aware people on earth. Let’s be serious..not too long ago this girl was in trouble with the law and on drugs. This is not an example of Lohan turning her life around. It’s an example of pure stupidity, that she would even blog about this..She piggybacks on whatever she hears on CNN..which is blatantly obvious..and in my eyes, having Lohan talk garbage about good for Palin! I hope this gets around more!

  • Reality

    Lindsay Lohan, thank you for your wonderful insight. We are all now dumber for hearing it! Where do you come off you washed up, carpet munching drug addict! Stick to what you know (carpet munching and drugs)! Who do you idiot actors/actresses think you are. Get a real job you poor excuses for human beings!!!!!

  • Herbie the lezbug

    Is this all you can do to get into the press these days? Your movies are laughable…Your career for that matter is a joke. Were you coked out when you said this? Why should we care about your lame opinion? Even if you were right it would be by accident. You are a celebrity for making an ass of yourself and You sound jealous that she’s not. And Lindsay honey…you really ain’t that cute…too many freckles and not enough sleep. ewww…bet that things wore out…

  • Anonymous

    If Lindsay Lohan did not have a vagina she would be useless.

  • Anonymous

    What a crock! We are supposed to take another loser hollywood type’s political comments seriously?

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    Lindsay… four simple words of advice… STFU

    Like the old saying goes, “It’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • Jerry Y

    Lohan Stick with Licking Pussy

  • Gal

    Fascist writer Westbrook Pegler, an avowed racist who Sarah Palin approvingly quoted in her acceptance speech for the moral superiority of small town values, expressed his fervent hope about
    my father, Robert F. Kennedy, as he contemplated his own run for the presidency in 1965, that “some
    white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in pubic premises before the
    snow flies.”

    It might be worth asking Governor Palin for a tally of the other favorites from her reading list.

    An article by

    by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Linday is right. Palin should be kicked in her vajayjay.

  • Gal

    Fascist writer Westbrook Pegler, an avowed racist who Sarah Palin approvingly quoted in her acceptance speech for the moral superiority of small town values, expressed his fervent hope about
    my father, Robert F. Kennedy, as he contemplated his own run for the presidency in 1965, that “some
    white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in pubic premises before the
    snow flies.”

    It might be worth asking Governor Palin for a tally of the other favorites from her reading list.

    An article by

    by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Linday is right. Palin should be kicked in her vajayjay.

  • Jack

    Keep talking! Keep opening up those idiot mouths! It just helps McCain in the end, so I say…

    Free Speech for all Hollywood Morons!

  • Mike

    Only problem is, Lindsay, as “unqualified” as Palin may be, you, at 22, don’t know enough to know what qualified it. First, Presidents do NOT run the country. That is not their job. Secondly, Obama has never been in a job that required him to make a single decision. He has no decision making credentials, neither does his running mate, Biden. They are lawyars that have ONLY sat in commmitte… voting their way through careers, and don’t know how to do anything alone.

    On the other hand, some people are natural leaders… those people rise quickly, easily seen for their unique abilities. Palin, of all of the candidates, may be the most qualified to be the executive.

    Learn how your govenrment works.

  • Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov

    There was a time in the past, when the acting profession demanded talent. Sadly, this no longer prevails, and the paparazzi fawn over people like Lohan who careen thru life, going from rehab to rehab, trashing lives and relationships and going about their daily lives in a drunken stupor. Their lives are about going to ‘clubs’ till 4am, and shopping on Rodeo Drive. These are talentless bimbos who are the product of a sick media that likes the experience of ‘creating’ these monstrosities. Now…to add the supreme insult, someone like Lohan and her ego thinks her precocious worldliness and wisdom is something that the real thinking world actually seeks. This is supremely absurd, and only the puppet and make believe world of Hollywood could manufacture such a sick farce. Lohan, one of the most self absorbed of the talentless ‘starlets’ will be a non-entity in five years, her shelf life over and stinking like sour milk. I suggest she look to herself. Get back to the basics like trying to drive a car for more than 50 feet between accidents. When you attempt to pontificate on something like politics….it makes about as much sense as trying to teach a fish how to bicycle.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Lohan is setting her course for another fall from the wagon. Perhaps with her latest insanity, she has already fallen.
    Lindsey – the climb back becomes harder every time you fall. Your looks, body, money, Hollywood status or whatever won’t keep you sober.
    Work the Twelve Steps and quit taking other peoples inventories. You will live longer and happier.

  • Anonymous

    Go back to coke snorting and muff diving and leave the grown up stuff to the grown ups.

  • Grandma Moses

    Maybe we should vote for her as VP and George Clooney as pres. I bet they would be awesome as the leaders of the free world because they are just so smart! We could also appoint Michael “listen to me, I know everthing” Moore as secretary of state. He obviously knows how to do that job.
    NEWSFLASH: If you are a hollywood gutterslut it’s better to keep your mouth shut about politics!

  • Kevin Barry

    Lindsay, thank God you broke your silence. I was begining to think you would never weigh in on this debate. The only sin here is that you think your comments matters. Your an actress, with no sense of reality, you make your living pretending to be other people on the big screen. Why would your opinion hold anymore credance than, a housewife or any other person? You only support women in office if they agree with you. It’s like the comment people make, I support the troops, but not the War. HUH? I support the troops, but I want them to lose. How is that support? I would agree that Ms. Palin may not have the experience to be the President, but neither does Obama. Only difference is, she’s not running for President, Obama is. DUH !

  • Anonymous

    The only thing funnier than her blog are the comments by people defending her… by telling others she has a good point and to not insult her or “play God” by judging her… but it’s ok for her to judge Palin and everyone else…

    Scratch that… the funnier thing is that to solidify her argument, she quotes the known political scientist Pamela Anderson with “she can suck it”. Wow… who cares what this moron has to say… stop talking about her blogs.

  • Anonymous

    Words from another Hollywood bimbo. She votes for someone based on their beliefs? God help us if she gets her way.

  • Steven

    Obama is better off without endorsements from druken, drugged up tarts. Whether Ms Lohan is finally clean or not, her very recent record of arrests and bad behavior are not exactly the stuff of glowing endorsements. If Ms Lohan really wants to help Barack Obama, she’d do well to keep quiet and watch with interest. You have to have credibility before you can lend it to others, otherwise, you just besmirch the very thing you attempt to promote.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay, you are an idiot. Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska – so she is obviously qualified to be more than a television anchor. I’m not very surprised that your views tilt left given your Hollywood and look-at-me-I’m gay lifestyle.

    Only an idiot would support another idiot. Obama has even less experience than Sarah Palin. But somehow that makes sense to you. Obama was mentored by an open communist sympathizer named Saul Alinski. Look it up. And he hangs with domestic terrorists. If you don’t support McCain/Palin you are in essence pissing on the graves of hundreds of thousands of Americans, who gave their lives fighting the very ideologies you are trying to elect into office. So get a brain and get off your bully-pulpit.


    she is only offering an opinion to get a little attention for herself since the ‘look at me I’m a lesbian now!” isn’t working…

  • lohan is skanky

    on Palin is so friggin funny! HOhan is a drunken skank who is espousing everyone elses words, it’s obvious that she herself can’t even put two words together for a sentence so she’s been coached. She along with others of her ILK, hollyweird, actually believe that REAL Americans care about what she thinks.

  • butthead

    I got something she can suck on!!! Nevermind, I don’t want aids from a lesbian cokewhore.

  • …..

    lindsey lohan = irrelevant fomo scum

  • Obama is qualified?

    Of course she support Obama, he is a celebrity just like her. and Obama is more qualified than Palin? Hardly.

    Palin actually has a record of doing stuff, what is Obama’s record? nothing, except for running for president.

  • Cheryl

    Now lets read a post on how you believe Obama is qualified to run. Whats his experence??? What has he done. I’ll be waiting for your answer.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is this bitch—name a single movie or TV show she has done. Other than whoring around the world and drugging and boozing everywhere, why is she famous. She thinks Sarah is not experienced (As opposed to the community organizer). Lohan the slut is the one with no experience—except dropping her drawers for any man or woman that comes along!

  • Anonymous

    Big talk for a fire crotch

  • Gail

    McCain and Palin just couldn’t pay for this type of endorsement. Lohan, Anderson, Damon and the other McCain bashers are exactly the type of people you would expect to support Obama. Undetermined voters see this and realize when losers like that support a candidate and trash a good person like Governor Palin, the message is, hey, I’m not like Hollywood trash, I’m voting for McCain.

  • Mark

    LL should go back to flashing her boobs for the paparazzi. Obviously anything above the neck is non-functional and for that matter who cares what this moron thinks. She was not around to remember The Jimmy Carter years. Obama would be as bad or worse.

  • Anonymous

    Like Matt Damon, Lindsay Lohan’s opinion means nothing to me! She, like Damon is uneducated and a biased, Liberal Democrat. She’s telling us she prefers Obama because she erroneously thinks Palin is against gays when in fact Palin voted for “partner benefits to be same as for heterosexuals in business.” This issue (gays) has little bearing on whether we solve our energy problems. What’s the more important issue? Lohan is all about herself and nothing else! She doesn’t care about Energy just herself!

  • Jay Childs

    Perhaps when you learn to wear under garments, use your nose to smell instead of snort and in general contribute something to society other than utter disregard for it your opinion may matter. By the way, any plans for kids?

  • Emery Woodall

    So Lindsay Lohan endorses Obama? Wow. That is right up there with the Pam Anderson endorsment. The brain trust of Hollywood has their priorities for sure. But then Khadaffi calls him “his muslim brother” and I think Ahmadinajhad likes him too. Go figure.

  • Chuck

    Nobody cares about your worthless opinion.


    Lindsay, you have the right to your opinion, but what gives you the knowledge and know how to judge the amount of experience that someone else needs or has had. You have spent the greater part of your adulthood behind closed doors in padded rehab rooms. By the way, Obama only had 143 days of experience before he decided to run for president. That should qualify him, he has NEVER been an executive. By the way, 4 years ago Sarah Palin was a MAYOR, not a journalist. Sorry that your facts were incorrect AGAIN! Get it together girl and stay out of politics, you don’t belong here. You have little respect in Hollywood and none on the national scene. Just stay clean! try that!

  • Barb

    The Hollywood establishment believes that they and they alone are qualified to pick the next President of the United States. How incredibly sad is this?

    The real people of the United States won’t allow Hollywood to dictate to us who the next President will be.

    Maybe they will be like Alec Baldwin and make empty threats to “leave the country” again. He really stood by that empty threat didn’t he?

    Obama is the one who is media starved – he even puts his kids on the front of every magazine he can find. He has leveraged their futures for his own benefit. What a real man he is.

  • Ghost face killah

    Instead of McCain singing “bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran” he should of sang “bomb hollywood” What a worthless town, everyone there thinks they’re smarter than the rest of America and need to give us their 2 cents. Hey hollywood; SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO PRETENDING TO BE OTHER PEOPLE!

  • Not Surprised

    I don’t expect to be informed or influenced by celebrity comments such as those from Ms. Lohan, but I do see through her passionate dismissal of Sarah Palin, that she favors a limitation on freedom of religion. Are we no longer able to pray for things we believe in because someone disagrees with us? Her comment suggests that Christians are not allowed to express their beliefs through prayer. She is supporting Obama which suggests to me that she is not aware that he is Christian. And if he is a Christian, one can assume he prays to God for the conversion of sinners and he believes that there is such a thing as sin. And, homosexual acts are believed by Christians to be, in fact, sinful. Ms. Lohan has a right to disagree with that, just as Senator Obama, and all other Christians have a right to pray for the conversion of sinners who engage in such sinful behavior. I am praying for Ms. Lohan, now.

  • Anonymous

    I always find it interesting that the same folks who say conservatives are closed minded and not accepting of other people’s values are so quick to judge conservatives and not appreciate their values. AND vice versa. Until people begin to practice what they preach on both sides, nothing will ever be accomplished. We all just stay in our corners of our worlds.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what a coked-out actress thinks. Moreover, her dj friend is a moron because Green Cards are permanent. They aren’t renewed. They are only revoked in cases of serious crimes like sex abuse, murder, etc.

  • Anonymous

    You are sooooo smart and admirable Lindsay! Buh!

  • Anonymous

    What???? Lindsay has spoken…we all must follow…forget critical thinking and analysis…the Hollywood elite has those parameters covered…go lemings go and let’s all follow another village idiot over the cliff.

  • Experienced Psychtherapist

    No matter how you slice it, parse it, think it, feel it, say it…homosexuality is TOTTALY, ABSOUTELY, COMPLETELY about SEX…PERIOD! Gays look at others, straight or gay as absolute sexual objects. It is NOT an alternative life style, nor is it a gender identiy issue. Homosexuality is about haveing sexual activity with another person and their thoughts and actions are completely guided by that desire and goal fo any given moment. There is no relationship aspect to it other than having sexual pleasure with another gay person, or, if possible, an unsuspecting, courious straight person. Their drive is purely sexual and is given impetus by the hormones that are involved in sexuality…testosterone, estrogen and andeogens.
    Finaly, gays be honest, Lindsay be honest, tell the world what motivates your homodexuality…pure, unadulterated sexual behavior, not love, not communication, not a meaningful relationship (other than sex), not a mutual beneficial life with another compatable human (other than sex). So get off your lying, sinful, deceitful pedistal and get straight!!!

  • gooney Goo Goo

    Hmmm… falling in the polls? by 4 points?! I’d hardly call that falling… We’ll see what happens when we have debates. Palin’s bubble can only get soo big and right now, it’s full of empty promise. More earmarks per resident than any other state, experience she has NONE – less than O’Bama, she advocated for a bridge to no where in which she says she didn’t support, yet congress had the final say and she of course LIED about it and lastly, she said that it was God’s plan for us to go to war in Iraq. Hmmm. GOD’s Plan? Which god are we speaking of sarah? The christian god or Allah? I’m confused, as according to the other side, Allah is wagin holy war against us and the zionists… She needs to remember freedom of religion is guaranteed in these united states until the NSA decides it needs to be taken away… Empty promises, empty hopes and dreams and empty brains = republican party… The party of the rich will surely dine on themselves, as the middle class is fading fast. You and me are another number to our government.

    Frankly, who really cares what Lindsey Lohan thinks – she was probably stoned once again and couldn’t control what was coming out of her mouth! I don’t see any celebrities standing up for any republicans outside of the Govinator!

  • Anonymous

    First of all, let me say that I am no fan of Lohan or her crazy arse mom (oh so unstable) but some of the comments have gone way too far. I hear a lot of people bashing her for simply stating her opinions on HER blog which is a constitutional right that we all have. If her opinion is so pointless and irrelevent, why did you stop to read it? If you want to bash someone, hold accountable the media that searches for and then publishes this garbage!!! Just remember, too far left OR right is a bad thing…

  • Anonymous

    I really trust this 222 year old drunk. She has had so much possitive life experience. Its obvious she has great judgement. its a crime for someone that has different beliefs to show up on a magazine cover but its fine for her friend obama to do the same. Somewhat confusing to me.

  • Anonymous

    If I were undecided on who to vote for, I would now know where to swing. With backers like Pamela Anderson (what she puts in her mouth seems to now be coming out as well)& little Miss Lindsay Lohan (should wear underwear, or close her legs), I know I want to be on the other side.

    Add me to the McCain side…..

    Please tell Lindsay and Pam that Palin will not be president. For all those who think McCain is going to die as soon as he is voted in, remember that if he lives to be his mother’s age, he can still serve 6 terms as president. We only need him for 1.

    Make these the UNITED States, not the Divided States.

  • Anonymous

    The more we hear from the Hollywood liberals the better it is for McCain & Palin. So keep up the good work.

  • John

    Well, I think Lindsay made it through the 11th grade. No body ever really mentions the limited schooling that most of Hollywood has. I am surprised that they are able to construct a sentence let alone write a blog

  • marco

    We need to hear more from the Hollywoodies. Thats what they are there for entertainment. Its great to set back and watch the low class, uneducated drug heads mouth off. It gives one such a feeling of superiorty. They are all legends in their own minds.

  • Barb

    Why was her facebook comments even published? Like she is even relevant to anything? Don’t think so.

  • Tom Board

    Like most here, I completely disagree with Lohan. I generally have an aversion to most all of Hollywood. To me, that’s not the point though. This was a blog she wrote on Myspace. If she had stepped out to the media like others then I’d have a real hard time with her comments. Instead, she wrote this in her personal blog. It was for intended audience in which I am not a part. I applaud her for speaking her mind as it is her constitutional right as well as helpful to the RNC. My blogs on Myspace are for the consumption of my friends…not the general public. Give it a rest Showbiz Spy.

  • Chester

    I heard that Ms. Lohan is using Samantha Ronson as cover for her real relationship with Chelsea Clinton. Think about it, Chelsea is much hotter, her mom is gay too, and Lindsay is obviously really into politics. Win at hot girl on girl action.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm the lipstick on a pig statement, who said that? Wait…Obama said that. That was just his way of thinking he could show his disrespect for Palin and get away with it..well he didn’t. It seems that whenever a person stands up for their beliefs and their convictions, the people who do not hold the same values gets defensive. Why does Lohan reject Palin? because she see a strong woman with a strong morals and values, the opposite of herself. Palin has made tough decisions, while Obama has a hard time even making up his mind on a Vote. Present is not an answer. If she spent less time trying to feel good and put the same energy into improving mind body and soul, I am sure she would have a change of heart.

  • hollywoodsucks

    Hey Lohan, I respect the right that is given for you and your overpaid, ego-tistical, bad acting friends to lash out against the REPUBLICAN PARTY. That right you dumb bimbo was given to you by thousands of US soldiers who fought and died for our freedom. With that said, your comments just show how ignorant you and your clonies are on the political stage. I have an idea, before shooting your mouth off, please research your take before spewing out such lame opinions, by the way, your opinion is almost worse than your movies… FRECKLEJUICE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Here is a good idea.. How about you and your lib HO friend Pam Anderson both go suck it Oh! you can quote me on that.

  • Anonymous

    “Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. “Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

    Yes all of those, except for being straight, are sins. We are all sinners, Lohan just needs to except the fact that she is also a sinner.

    And is Lohan really telling Palin to stay out of the tabloids? HA! That’s laughable!!

  • Anonymous

    Besides her rant, which in itself is ridiculous, she is just spewing the typical media left, hollywood elitist “truths” that they hear or read in their favorite publications. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don’t subscribe to that mentality. Obama is the most qualified??? Yea, a community organizer…wow what a career enhancer, or a man who has spent a little over 100 days in the Senate and voted “present” more than anyone, because he didn’t want to take a stand. I wonder why, maybe because his views are extremely radical.

    The drive by’s are falling over themselves trying to get Obama’s mojo back. He is getting spanked in the polls because conservatives were not too enthused with McCain as our nominee, but now we have someone who shares our values. So the left is going to attempt to smear her anyway possible. From Randi Rhodes calling Palin a child molester, to some washed up drug addicted “actress??” has been……yes you Lindsey.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness she broke her silence. How could the electorate survive without Lindsay providing her perspective. But when will Allan Greenspan unburden himself on the latest hit music video?

  • Serendipity

    If Palin is not qualified to be presedent then what makes you qualified to make that decision?

  • Anonymous

    On 18 January 2007, Lohan checked herself in to the Wonderland Center rehabilitation facility in West Hollywood. Through her representative, she issued a statement saying, “I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health.”[69] On 26 May 2007, Lohan lost control of her car and ran the vehicle up a curb. Police also found a “usable” amount of cocaine in her car and the police lab detected cocaine in her blood. After receiving treatment for minor injuries, Lohan was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.[70] Two days later, Lohan entered the Promises Treatment Centers rehabilitation facility in Malibu,[71] staying for 45 days.[72]

    On 24 July 2007 the police found Lohan by the parking lot of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium having a “heated debate” with her former assistant who was fired several hours earlier. After failing field sobriety tests Lohan was taken to a police station where her blood alcohol level was found to be above the legal limit. While conducting a search, the police found a small amount of cocaine in her pocket.[73][74][75] Lohan was booked on a felony charge of possession of cocaine and misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.[76][77]

    On 23 August 2007, Lohan pleaded guilty to cocaine use and driving under the influence and was sentenced to one day in jail and 10 days community service. She was also ordered to pay fines and complete an alcohol education program, and was placed on three years probation. “It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs,” Lohan said in a statement.[78]

    In August 2007, Lohan entered Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Sundance, Utah for a third stint at rehabilitation, staying until discharge on 5 October 2007.[79]

    In 2008, several media outlets began commenting on Lohan and Samantha Ronson, who were regularly seen being affectionate in public.[80][81] In July 2008, several newspapers, including The Times and Los Angeles Times, published opinion pieces describing their relationship as romantic.[82][80] In mid-September, while at a night club, Ronson announced plans for her and Lohan to be married before the end of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Well I was going to vote for Obama but if Hohan is backing him I must have made a mistake.

    McCain/Palin ’08

  • IronGumby

    Lindsay, you can go ahead and pose for your tabloids, because you ARE a celebrity. But what you THINK isn’t anymore important than what anyone else thinks so don’t go thinking you can declare who should be running for VICE president, and what is ans isn’t a sin like you know or something.

  • RightStuff

    Lohan is, at best, a circus freak who enjoys being looked at for her abnormailties. Anyone who would put any credibility on any of her “political” thoughts is loony.

  • SFTech

    I could write on and on about this useless statement from LL, but why bother.
    In my opinion, if you want to take the advice of a Hollywood, whore, druggie, lesbian, junkie, then all the power to you.

    Why does Hollywood think they’re so great and mighty to tell us who to vote for?

  • jeff

    All of you people should shut your mouths and go home and read your Bibles,you know the good book. i love how some people can call themselves religous and queer.atleast we know what palin stands for… poor little lindsey doesn’t even know who she is,queer or not? take that girl/guy green card and see how they treat queers where she comes from.

  • Tommy

    What the heck does Lohan know about who is ready to lead anything. Typical celebutard thinks that we actually value her opinion with regards to political opinions. Is Lohan offering her opinion to seem relevant? Is it only because of Palin’s apparent stance on homosexuality? Lohan is afraid that the ”lipstick on a pig’ comments will overshadow the issues’. That is really hilarious. So we are supposed to accept the fact that Lohan is more concerned about issues than Palin, who has actually been in government as opposed to arrested by it? Maybe Lohan feels a kinship with Obama after all, Obama admittedly used drugs in his youth.

  • LRM216

    She is part of the problem, as are the publications that print the verbal diarrhea that comes out of used up egomanical, drugged out, sexaholics such as Lindsey Lohan. As far as I am concerned, she has never gained any right or recognition to be heard about any matter whatsoever.

  • Paul

    Don’t treat Palin like she is the author or judge of what is and is not sin. There is but one Judge. Isolating believers because your beliefs don’t jive with the scriptures will in the end prove to be less than fruitful. Lash out all you want, it’s just misdirected hostilities aimed at others who have nothing to do with your own problems.

  • EyeSpyPro

    Isn’t it time to go back to rehab, hic? what’s up with this f*cked up capcha?

  • LRM216

    She is part of the problem, as are the publications that print the verbal diarrhea that comes out of used up egomanical, drugged out, sexaholics such as Lindsey Lohan. As far as I am concerned, she has never gained any right or recognition to be heard about any matter whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    WHO the –ck cares what this white trash bimbo says? Shut up and act. Oh wait, you can’t do THAT either. Go back to rehab and eat a sandwich for pity’s sake. Oh and for all you effin’ dogooders, she has her right to say what she wants, and I have the right to say she’s a white trailer trash IDIOT.

  • Anonymous

    I think she has some good points. We should all listen to this highly educated woman. After all, she did graduate from high school, has never personally paid any of her own bills, has never had to do anything on her own. She is just like all the rest of our highly educated Hollywood types – hard working, moral, and ever so modest and caring for those of us who don’t make $10M a year for 6 months of “hard work”. Pay attention to her – she understands the trials and tribulations of the average American.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Lohan, Sarah Palin IS a celebrity. And for good reason, not for being teen drunk. Your a model citizen to be sure. Listen to you. You think you’re special? You think Sarah Palin doesn’t belong on magazine covers with the hight and mighty like you? Are we gonna see you drunk and stoned on any covers in the near future? Im sure we will. You’re a burn out. LOL!!! Already at your young age, you’re all washed up! What’s frightening is that media outlets allow you to spew your ignorant opinions. Go have another drink. Loser.

  • Anonymous

    “Circus freak”. Spot on.

  • John

    We cannot have enough of these kind of Obama endorsements. I’m serious – every time some rehab reject opens his or her mouth to decry McCain-Palin and show their support for the Messiah, the better the numbers get for the Republicans. Time and again Hollywood support for Dem candidates proves to be a liability for those candidates. We need every know-nothing, drugged-out whack-job in Hollywood to wipe the vomit from their mouths with a track-marked paw and mutter “vote Obama” so as to further alienate the remainder of normal folks in the nation and secure a McCain-Palin victory in November. Go ahead, Lindsay, keep the editorials coming!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who would take advice from this bimbo should not be allowed to vote.

  • 02Z06Vette

    Wow … the trailer tramp has spoke her drug destroyed mind! Another twit goes down the tubes!

  • Common Sense

    Drug abusing lesbian a poor excuse of an actress. Like I or anybody else with common sense care about her opinion.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that she even tries to speak of politics is funny. I wonder if there are idiots out there that wait to see what Lohan is going to do, then base their vote on it. Funny stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I truly hope your comment was sarcastic. If not, you should so graciously take their place in the walk towards the death chamber like a good Christian would. It’s ignorant people and narrow-minded opinions that stall the social growth of this planet. Perhaps you should relocate to Iran and join their clan that shares your homophobic views. As for Lindsay’s comments, they were respectful at least. And rather be punsihed eternally for the mistakes she made in her past while photographers snapped away, she should be praised for staying on the right track. Which could partially be contributed to her gal pal. Nuf said.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up Lohan, no one CARES about what you think except my 12 yr old daughter who doesn’t need you in her life anyway. Lohan, you need to really just GO AWAY, marry your litle friend and MOVE away from MY COUNTRY. Who in the world CARES about what you or any of the other celebs, who seem to live in a make believe world. This is REALITY you fake celebs, get into it or SHUT UP!@!@!!

  • Lindsey you pitiful sloth

    How soon the liberals forget…Billy-boy Clinton was a no name governor from Arkansas with aspirations to be a skirt-chasing lawyer…and somehow was VOTED President. Then what did he become…a skirt-chasing President.

    Lindsey…you and your “friend” are entitled to your opinions…however misinformed they are. Please keep them to yourself until you have real information to share.

  • Dsquared

    Who cares what Lindsay Lohan has to say! Someone who’s a drugie and other things. Why should America care about anyone from Hollywood has to say? Most of those in Hollywood lean to the LEFT and are willing to sell our country out for socialism. Obama hasn’t done anything of substance while he’s been in office. And if anyone listens to the likes of Lohan and thinks she knows what’s going on in this world, they’re an idiot, TOO!

  • Forest

    Gee…well…I guess if this is what Lindsey Lohan thinks, we should listen. I mean Sarah Palin may not be qualified to run the country, but certainly Lindsey Lohan is expert in national and international politics. How can you question her?

    Go do some more drugs you slag!

  • SoylentGreen

    Lindsay, I’m sorry that you weren’t included with Paris and Brit-Brit on the “celebrity” ad by John McCain. Maybe next time, Sugar.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay is a skank, she is another Anne Heche. She’ll grow out of this Samantha Ronson thing, yuk. Thanks Lindsay, you just bolstered the right against Obama. Any celebrity that comes out for the left does the same. Celebrities to the right know better.

  • Anonymous

    Never mind Lindsey Lohan’s, in depth and “investigative statement” on Palin’s lack of experience to run for vice president. What about Lohan’s ability to judge and to make assessments on others, with regards to her own history of poor judgment. In comparison, Sarah Palin is a stunning example of strength courage, and competence, the best things needed to “run” anything, even to be president. Shame is woefully lacking in the media and hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    I think the more the Hollywood left lunies speak and lash out with their bitterness, the better it is for the Republicans. I mean who is going to take Lindsay Lohan serious? She is a drugged out, sexually confused, immoral, attention seeking person craving fatherly love. I just think people are realizing that the majority of Obama supporters lack eduction, make immoral choice, use drugs and don’t have real jobs.

  • Message of Love

    Middle American homophobes. Crawl back under your rocks. I’ll say one thing for gay people. They aren’t hateful and venomous, as your God has encouraged you to be.

  • anonymous

    Umm, memo to you Lindsay. Homosexuality is a sin. I don’t make the rules, God does. So take it up with Him. Someday you will have that chance. In the meantime, I will pray for you. All you have to do is recognize it as sin (we all sin) and repent, or turn from it. You can’t justify it by comparing it to other sins.

  • Chris

    I see her years of drug use and other debauchery has left her a bit confused and slow. Such a shame.

  • Alan D.

    Well, We’re all very glad and relieved the spoiled cocaine addict and freshly minted lesbian has chimed in. Thank you so much Miss Lohan, … now get back to those lines you have cut on your dining room table.

  • The Man From Uncle

    Well there’s your proof.
    Sarah must be the best possible VP for the USA if Lindsay Lohan disapproves.

  • Lisa M

    So Sarah Palin can’t be on a magazine cover because she’s not a “celebrity”, but Lohan can give political advise, because she is a celebrity??? I’m tired of these losers thinking their advice means anything to normal Americans. They have babies before getting married (if they ever do), go into deluxe re-hab every other month, and get divorced more often than they change their underwear. When will they understand that we couldn’t care less about their opinions?

  • Anonymous

    Her criticism of Palin just reinforces my support of Palin. Why would I listen to the political advice of a drug addicted open legged piece of shit like LL?

  • Anonymous

    Uh, Lindsey, what qualifications do you have that makes you an expert at politics? Just what I thought…

  • Stella

    I love these celebs, most of whom have a very inadequate education, something that has always been low on their priorities in life. For every college educated one, there is probably 20 dropouts in Hollywood. There is not a very high correlation between looks and brains I get a kick out of these overexposed and sobriety-disinclined misfits lecturing their fellow citizens on political choices. Hilarious and to be ignored whenever possible!

  • CM

    …that so many people keep saying that Palin has no experience to run the country, when the Democratic candidate has absolutely NO experience whatsoever, and unlike Palin, he’s running at the top of the ticket. Why isn’t Obama running the “experience” take on the election against his real competitor – McCain? Because he can’t.

    I think I’m more blown away by people’s thoughts that Obama is anywhere close to being able to run the country. IMHO, he is not.

  • fred

    i’d like to say that i don’t care what lohan says but that would be dishonest. i care deeply… for the comic relief! LOL!

    speaking of comics, what do you sarah silverman and ben affleck have in common? :)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should just let celebrities select our leaders from now on. Whoever lindsey thinks is qualified is probably the best person for the job. I trust Lindsey’s judgment.

  • Anonymous

    You do realize that both of Barack Obama’s religions condemn gay’s and drug additcs. The Jeremiah Wright Church is Baptist which “THE” openly gay member was murdered behind the church and his first religion of Muslim the punishment is stoning to death in the streets without trial. Carefull what you wish for.

  • John

    Out of the mouths of idiots and pill poppers. Oh! how I value her opinion. She is a national role model for scum.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan is as stupid as she is untalented. Palin has more experience then EgObama. And she voted to protect gay right in Alaska. As for DJ Ronson – it won’t be Palin that won’t renew your green card – it will likely be me. Since I work for the ONLY gov’t body that can make that decision INS.

    When two idiots speak, and no one with any intelligence pays attention – does it mean they will finally shut up.

    Hey Al Gore – You may be on to something – with the amount of hot air spewing for from celebs like Whoopi, Lindsay, DJ Ronson, Matt Damon, and Pam Anderson – it looks like global warming may indeed be man made!!

  • Anonymous

    Something in one of Sara’s speeches must have pissed the dumb dike bitch off enough for her to even TRY to say something intelligent. OR could it be jealousy?

  • GOPJake

    Aw shucks we lost Lindsay Lohan’s vote!?!? Golly I hope we don’t lose the whole celebrity-drug-addict-f’tard demographic!

  • Anonymous

    When we are taking advice from this pillar of the land of fruits & nuts, it is my opinion that we are all headed straight to hell. Shut your mouth Lindsay & deal with your own problems first. Getting this country out of debt & war is probably easier.

  • BJ in Austin

    The simple fact that these Hollywood elite arseclown with backwards morals adore and love Obama, should alone shake us up to the simple fatc that Obama represents the wrong crowd.

    Values, virtue, uprightness, have been replaced with aceptance, tolerance, and a lack of a moral compass.

    The Democrats are out of touch.

  • Anonymous

    Her public image was at best bad. Now she has alienated half the registered voters. She can go cry with US magazine when no one comes to see her movies. Hollywood stars… keep your mouth shut.. no one cares and there is nothing to gain by venting….

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry that some of the people need such to state harsh words against either party. Name calling is never the answer. But, Ms. Lohan’s numbers are not correct. Ms. Palin has 8 years as a mayor and 2 years as a governor. Mr. Obama has 8 years as a state legislature and 2 ½ as a US Senator. Neither has the amount of experience that I would like. Another point, Mr. Obama who has no executive experience is running for the number one spot not the number two spot like Ms. Palin. The last point I will make is that I am not really feeling good about Mr. Obama’s associations and lack of details on how he plans to get anything done. Saying you are going to change things doesn’t make it so. You need detailed plans. I have looked and I haven’t seen any.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Lohan is as stupid as she is untalented. Palin has more experience then EgObama. And she voted to protect gay right in Alaska. As for DJ Ronson – it won’t be Palin that won’t renew your green card – it will likely be me. Since I work for the ONLY gov’t body that can make that decision INS.

    When two idiots speak, and no one with any intelligence pays attention – does it mean they will finally shut up.

    Hey Al Gore – You may be on to something – with the amount of hot air spewing for from celebs like Whoopi, Lindsay, DJ Ronson, Matt Damon, and Pam Anderson – it looks like global warming may indeed be man made!!

  • combatoverridebutton

    This type of stuff only hurts Obama. Nobody is going to change their mind based on what Lohan has to say and the Right will only use this as ammo for their story line that Obama is supported by “Hollywood whackos” and “liberal elites”. Lohan, DailyKos, etc interjecting themselves into the campaign has greatly damaged the Obama campaign greatly. He can’t get his message of hope out with the red meat words from his base are getting all the press.

  • BassMan

    I’m going to go out on a limb and try to address the questions posed by this sad child.

    LL: “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    Excuse me – (1) Sarah didn’t ‘pose’ or ask to be on the leftist drivel like US magazine – they picked a stock shot, then proceeded to LIE about the status of 2 of her 5 children. (2) The same US magazine weeks ago published a glowing puff piece about Obama and his wife. So if anyone needs to be reminded to stay off the magazine covers, it’s BHO.

    1 “Is it a sin to be gay?” Lohan asked. 2 “Should it be a sin to be straight? 3 Or to use birth control? 4 Or to have sex before marriage? 5 Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

    I numbered these as it’s clear Lohan has no moral compass whatsoever.
    To #1, Yes, per the Bible which is (A) a reliable historical document, (B) the word of god, and (C) the truth. Homosexuality is unequivocally referred to as an abomination.
    To #2 – being ‘straight’ is both biblically approved and biologically normal.
    To #3, Most Catholics disapprove of birth control, but there is nothing definitive in scripture that condemns it. Certainly most Catholics and other Christians overwhelmingly would prefer a preventative method of birth control such as the Pill and Condoms rather than the Left’s (very much including BHO) favorite form of birth control which is abortion.
    For #4, Sunday School 101, i.e. the 10 commandments answers this one. (As I’m sure LL’s never read them, here’s a hint: It’s the one about ‘adultery’)
    For #5, this is the natural byproduct of the Sin referred to in #4. However, the process of gestating a child and birthing it is absolutely not a sin but murdering that child certainly is. (Hint: another of the 10 commandments, I’ll leave it to LL to research that one.)

    And finally from LL:
    “Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?”

    OK, let me break this down also.
    First, Sarah’s not narrow-minded. You confuse actions with thought. Sarah is a true christian, and as such understands this concept – “Narrow is the path to salvation and few there be that find it.” It’s not that she can’t think of or conceive of homosexuality, it’s just that she understands it is biblically wrong. News flash – Christians don’t “hate” homosexuals. They pray for them, but they also cannot condone what they do.
    Second, as noted before – who’s more media-obsessed? BHO or Sarah Palin?
    Third, here again, you misunderstand. Homophobe implies a fear of homosexuality. Christians do not fear homosexuals any more than they hate them. But LL just uses the tired old Leftist trick of argumentum-ad-hominem. Instead of presenting a rational argument to an opposing point of view, you simply attack the character of the person raising it.

  • Lohan- Trash with Cash

    Lindsay Lohans opinion is important….why???

  • Anonymous

    . . . I didn’t know this was a blog site for hypocritcal Christian homophobes and Republican party members. Seems to me if you were so righteous and/or dedicated to your party, you would steer clear of liberal sites such as this. Which brings me to real question . . . why are you reading an article about Lindsay in the first place? And to all of those people posting in regards to Lindsay’s comment about Palin not being able to lead this country . . . Palin received a degree in Journalism after going to, what, 4 or 5 colleges? And what is McCain’s education? Naval academy and graduated damn near the bottom? WOW I can’t wait for them to put their brains together. Perhaps it will equal at least half of Bush’s.

  • Ben

    I hate to break it to you but homosexuality has been a part of pretty much every major society in the history of the world. The great Roman Empire had extremely prevalent and open bisexuality. I’d say the only major society that actively prohibited homosexuality was Hitler’s Third Reich. Unless that society is what you advocate, shut your ignorant mouth. By the way, EVERY society eventually collapses, regardless of the presence of people who happen to be homosexuals. I’d say a larger determinate of the collapse of a society is the prevalence of ignorant judgmental people who have forgotten the lessons taught by history. Mind you, I don’t particularly care about Ms Lohan’s political views but I really can’t stand ignorant know-it-alls. By the way, attacks on her character rather than the veracity of the statements themselves are known as ad hominem attacks and are the first fallacy you learn when you actually learn how to think logically and rationally.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who would take advice from this airhead, is…well, an AIRHEAD!!! Let her get a real job where she has to work her ass off everyday just to make ends meet and then she might be concerned by just how much of her hard earned money Obama & Co. are going to take out of her pocket.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people listen to the ramblings of uneducated celebrities when it comes to politics?

  • Randy Smith

    First of all…. Did Lohan actually write that? Seems like to many big words. Second, if Palin doesn’t have the experience, Obama definitely doesn’t!!!

  • Anonymous

    ROTFLMAO! First France, then Russia, now LiLo…that’s the clincher!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Lindsay….maybe once you learn to make a complete sentence without slurring your words and can keep your legs together in public, you will have a little more credibility on who is qualified to be the Vice President ! Go back to your night life and leave the political statments to those who know what they are talking about !

  • John C.

    Exactly!!..who is this dumb left winger!…the only reason people follow you lindsay..I.E (photogs)is because PEOPLE WANT TO SEE YOU SELFDESTRUCT!!
    You are not talented. you sister is!..but you are leftwing trash.
    Enjoy your GIRLFRIEND while you have her.
    you are a loser!!

  • Anonymous

    The more these Hollywood idiots spout off the more average folks in flyover land will come to reject the elitism/snobbery/pop star ticket. My suspicion is they already are getting sick of them.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard you sing before, both on your albums and your absolute best vocal performance was in the movie “A Prairie Home Companion”

    It’s further proof that you should stick to singing. Your ability to think, reason and speak are just not measuring up. To think a girl with such a beautiful appearance on the outside can turn out to be so ugly on the inside. When you’re done with your rebellion against society, will you give up the abomination of homosexuality and return to God. I hope so. He did create you with beauty. Don’t spoil it forever girl.

  • Anonymous

    Like anyone really cares what this crack-head liberal hollywood whack-job has to say about anything. The hollywood crowd is so out of touch with reality they would probably elect hitler if he were running!

  • Steffy

    Lindsay should stick to eating pills and pussy. This area is not for her.

  • Face in the Crowd

    If Lindsay wants to open her mouth and participate – more power to her, but it’s her brain that is not functioning right now… Like most Holliweird people – they want America to become more like EUROPE – I’m sorry – But I thought we fought a war a few years back not to be like Europe. I’d like the trash to come off the TVs, I’d like the Garbage removed from our Radios, I want good old fashion Entertainment to come back – There was a lot of good entertainment that did not need, Nudity, and Trash Talk to make it entertaining. I’m all for Palin – she’s got my VOTE.. I’m from Illinois – and quite frankly the only thing my SO CALL Representative has done since he was voted in to office (not by me) is to run for the #1 job in the country. Shouldn’t he at least attempt to do the job he was first elected to do before he tries another job – at least Sarah did her job in the Government that she was elected to 80% approval rate – mmmm what is Congress mmmm can you count that LOW…

  • Angel

    Oh yeah, like everybody was just waiting to hear from a drug addicted Lesbo. Stick to what you know Lesbo Lohan, which is popping some more pills and acting like an imbecile.

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office” – same could be said for Obama..

    “4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor, which is probably all she is qualified to be” – once again: see Obama.

    What a load…

  • JET202

    Wow, like we really care what she has to say. With all her experience in the world, her stellar education, lifestyle ( is she sober today?). It is hard to imagine there are people who pay taxes, go to church and respect this country that they don’t think her lifestyle is just so wonderful. She has no problem condemning others for not supporting her lifestyle and thoughts, as if those people have no right to think like that. Talk about narrow minded and really pretty stupid. Typical lib, its that thinking that keeps the dems out of the white house, thank God, remember the last one was disbarred and impeached. And those of us that can recall the one before that know and remember what it was like to live thru the worst president of all time, Jimmy Carter.

  • Anonymous

    You go girl… in the meantime get yourself another Vodka because you deserve it. Regardless of what anyone says your views are very important because you are successful and a role model to the western world. You truly do understand how the world revolves. Please tell us more..

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, an uneducated drug-addict thinks obama to be the best choice here…I am voting for McCain then.

  • Patrick

    Given Lindsey’s recent reasonings & activities over the past few years, a Lohan endorsement for Obama could be interpreted as a reason to vote for McCain.

  • Poor Richard

    About Lohan’s comment to Palin: “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!” WOW – that really says it all. Another elitist celebrity has spoken from her drug soaked gutter on Mt. Olympus. Well, here’s a news flash for you, your Bimboness: If Palin can’t stray into your elitist magazine cover world, then do us all a favor and shut your f*****g mouth about politics – Charlie Krauthammer you ‘aint. Your view is no more important – and is much less insightful – than someone who shovels shit for a living. Keep it real, sis, for in reality, you are the most pathetic of all creatures – a washed-up has-been.

  • RJLigier

    but why should we care what some LGBT female has to say? Did you all of you just realize that you’ve had a fifty year free ride based on the fraudulent and fallacious research of Alfred Kinsey and subsequently, Evelyn Hooker? The turning point came in 1998 when, due to the arrogangance of the LGBT community, a social conservative was sexually assaulted on the job (Oncale vs Sundowner Offshore Oil Services). I want to thank you during this particluar election for demonstrating the multiplicity of personality disorders and character neuroses associated with being an LGBT individual, especially the narcissistically hostile and borderline confrontational behavior.

  • Anonymous

    So, someone else in the Hollywierd commune doesn’t think a self-made, devotedly married, mother of 5 beautifully adjusted kids, hunting, fishing, tax-lowering, devout Christian, servant of the people isn’t right for America. They think we should be led by people like Lindsay, and Barack for that matter, who pretend they’re someone else in front of a camera. Yeah, sign me up for a seat on that freak-train!

  • Jackalope

    What a freak! I’m suppposed to listen to somebody who plays make-believe for a living? Get out from your gaited community and back to rehab! You elisist! You have no idea. You are so moved by teh Demoratic Svengali.

  • TruthRules10

    Little Lindsay sweetheart why would I listen to your endorsement of Barack Obama? What, please tell, have you contributed to society? You are nothing but a little pathetic party girl who hasn’t amounted to much in life and your personal life is questionable. I am a professional woman, with a masters degree, and, quite frankly, your opinion BORES me!! You’re a parasite who is so unhappy with your life, you have to bring others down with you. LOSER!!

  • Ed

    Here is a young girl who isn’t even smart enough to understand the difference between male and female and how to use her own genitalia, yet she’s suddenly a brain surgeon when it comes to politics. What a sad piece of human refuse Lohan is. She should have done us all a favor and just OD’d a year or so ago so we wouldn’t have to listen to her gay puke ideas now.

  • DTP

    Ms Lohan makes some valid points, however, we are voting for a president not the vice president. Given that Biden may be more experienced than Palin, there is a great deal more experience when you compare McCain over Obama.

    Qualifications? What qualifies anyone to run for any office? What are the qualifications for VP? For president? What does it take to become a senator oe representative?

    I would concentrate more on what these two groups of candidates can do for the country not whether or not Palin is allowed to appear on the cover of some magazine.

  • Dustin

    I wonder if you had the same view of Bill Clinton, WHO HAD NO WASHINGTONG EXPERIENCE? Or i wonder if you were as upset when Obama was treated as a celebrity? Where was your blog asking him to reject the celebrity status since he is running for President “to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    Whatever you do, don’t be intellectually honest with yourself, you may actually educate yourself. Keep spitting the liberal talking points as you are spoonfed like a little child!

  • JoshuaPundit

    Here we have someone here who basically gets paid to do and say whatever someone else tells her to do and say on command and she’s a political expert??

    FTR,no US president would be able to abrogate anyone’s civil rights, regardless of their personal opinions….which by the way, THEY HAVE A COMPLETE RIGHT TO. Our laws and system prevent it.

    And as far as Palin being ‘anti-gay’ she vetoed legislation lassed by the Alaska legislature that would have taken away some rights for homosexuals – on the grounds, correctly, that it was against the State constitution.

    But hey,she’s running against the Chosen One, so let’s demonize her and her family, OK? All’s fair,right?

    As usual, intolerance and bigotry is alive and well – on the Left. Sarah Palin’s biggest sin was straying off the Leftist plantation.

  • Anonymous

    Ms Lohan is obviously a woman with a fried brain. What a dirt bag she is. Where does she get off at? She’s dumber than owl shit!!!!

  • KSoldier

    Nice hipocracy. Maybe Lohan should check her own candidate of choice when it comes to TV appearances and tabloid covers. So far Obama has made more covers than Palin, and Palin has yet to be a guest star on “SNL” “Oprah” or “The View.” Like most bigots, these Straight-hating Liberals like Lohan think the rules only apply to those they hate.

    Lohan wrote:
    “Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

  • sacrum


    To answer your questions, it is a sin to have sex without marriage, it is a sin to have a homosexual relationships, and it is a sin to have a child out of wedlock.

    The good news is God forgives those sins. So, for all the sins I have committed, you have committed and Sarah has committed, we have one thing in common and that is our salvation.

    Look not to judge others if you do not wish to be judged. I pray that everyone understands that God’s purpose will be served regardless of who wins the election…it’s how we choose to live our lives that matter. I choose to be kind. May God Bless you Lindsay and bring truth and peace to your soul.

  • Avgjoe

    More proof of another Hollywierdo in the tank for Obama. this pea-brained idiot druggie.

    As for the stupid comment about not posing for magazine cover does that include the Socilist pantload Obama who has been on the cover of every major news magazine?

    McCain NOT Hussien in ’08

    A hero & a hottie

  • Anonymous

    Nobody gives a good rats ass what you think Miss Lohan.

  • Paul

    First there’s the contrary indicator Ms Lohan; if someone who’s so screwed up in the head doesn’t like McCain/Palin and supports Obama then the clear, rational and responsible vote must be for McCain/Palin. The added bonus being that if McCain wins Samantha Ronson’s visa doesn’t get renewed and she is sent packing out of my country – which frankly would be reason enough to vote against Obama.

  • Tom in VA

    The inherent problem with democratic systems…the morons think their opinion matters too.

    I would be more worried if Lohan liked Sarah Palin.

  • Anonymous

    haha its a bad day when america takes the advice of a drugged out little girl celebrity who has no clue about politics on who to vote for. God help us all if her voice is the prominent one

  • Anonymous

    Seriously… who listens to celebrities anyway? Most are so lost from the touch of reality that their concept of what is necessary in the country is so far from what the majority of us needs.

    Bottom line – the next time I need to learn about what the best way is to put some highlights in my hair, I’ll give Lindsay a call… And as for the next president…, maybe I’ll talk to the average person (aka Sarah Palin) as to how they could make this country better.

  • Anonymous

    This is great- each attack on Palin equals another vote for McCain. Each attack by a celebrity only cements the ‘elitist’ message of republicans.

    Anyone who is only capable of identifying themselves through sexuality are sad little creatures indeed. Add to that constant drug abuse and the inability to even operate a motor vehicle (ahem, Ms Lohan) and that person is certainly NOT qualified to select our candidates.

    Keep it up though- after Damon and Anderson’s apparent ignorance (seriously- are all people in Hollywood so masochistic that they feel a need to not only display ignorance but prove it?) america is that much closer to reality.

    Ask yourself Lohan- why does Hussein only use the word VICTORY when he’s talking about his own ambitions?

    PATRIOT: “One who loves their country and supports its interests and authority.”

    Obama has always put ‘hate america’ first- and Ms Lohan has put her homosexuality (which she could be proud of WITHOUT government negating the rights of the many in support of the few) in front of the needs of AVERAGE americans. . .

  • The Anti-Lindsay

    Lindsay, you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment to most Americans. Your a self-obsessed, lying and manipulative soul, and yet you try to lecture a Vice Presidential nominee, a Governor and a Mayor who has a loving family how SHE should act.

    You’re a joke Lindsay and all of America is laughing at you. This may be the best reverse-endorsement for Sarah Palin that she could have gotten.

    “Don’t worry, only gutter trash like Lindsay Lohan is against me.”




  • Anonymous

    And where was Obama four years ago???

    Voting present in the Illinois legislature.

    Palin has more executive experience that Obama…period.

    Go back to snorting your lunch Lindsay.

  • Anonymous

    Why do we even listen to someone like Lidsay, who is unable to even utter an intelligent thought unless it’s written down for her? Lindsay needs to stick with what she knows..Hollywood and leave the thinking to those of us capable of independent thought!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a nut job….

  • Rogerer

    Lindsay Lohan??? WTF?? Who ARE you and why are you speaking? Who could listen to the little t.v. slut and honestly believe that she knows a damned thing she is saying. Go back to rehab! and take you lesbo friend with you dirtball.

  • Pat Van Alders

    How dare the epitomie of white trash even open her ignorant mouth !!!! Ms. {or Mr. we are not sure yet, what role she plays) is just one more typical OVER PAID & OVERRATED so called movie star !!!! I think the Ms. “HOhan” did NOT stay long enough in REHAB—-and that’s another thing that bugs the crap out of me how these rich untalented brats are so mentally WEAK, that there always in SO-called rehab !!!!!

  • anonymous

    since no perfect humans have yet to be created, why not stop playing God and judging people- who gives anyone the right to determine who is “white trash” or a “HO”? The minute you become infallible I may consider listening to you, until then, I will leave that to God.

  • Anonymous

    WTF. some people really have problems. “How dare the epitomie of white trash even open her ignorant mouth” REALLY? Im not a fan of lohan, or even a homosexual… but christ lady, the girl made a good point. CHILL. Just becasue she prooved what a hypocrite palin is dosnt mean you need to have a heart attack! You seem like the pretty weak one to me.

  • shabooty

    im proud of lez-loh. speaking her mind and speaking some truth.

  • Anonymous

    I always look to people in show business for expertise in science, politics, and damn near everything else. When Matt Damon spoke authoritatively about Sarah Palin, I began to waver. Now that Lindsay Lohan has spoken, I know she is wrong for America!

  • Gramps

    Considering that ALL gays and lezbos are not really even on the sub-human level, who really cares what this piece of trash has to say. All gays and lezbos should be put to death as is. GO Palin/McCain!

  • Jeff

    It sounds as though Lindsey is looking for the limelight once again like so many other actors/actresses that see their infallible Obama falling in the polls. She doesn’t like Palin? Is it such a surprise? Selfish, egotistical, immoral indidviduals always come out in groves to attack those that stand for something more than themselves. As for her stand on homosexuality, it is a SIN. Get with the program people. Homosexuality has never led nor ever will lead a society to greatness, it only splinters it and destroys it. The truth is so hard for so many to accept.

  • Gary

    Who cares what another no talent drug addicted Hollywood weirdo thinks about anything? You know nothing about Palin, or Obama, you just follow the liberal left coast herd and repeat the DNC talking points. It is sad to think anyone cares what you think.

  • Anonymous

    “…which is probably all she is qualified to be.”
    What a laugh. Another Hollywood political wannabe.
    Shut up and stick to what you do best Lindsay…flash some more of your snatch for us.

  • A. Steel

    Why are these people quoted in anything other than theatrical subjects? It’s odd, they are not trained or educated in politics, economics, history, or anything that actually matters to the nation but, the media gives them a stump. Would you let an ill-advised actor be your financial advisor or run your company? To my knowledge we have had only one actor(RR) play that most important role as my leader. Please help put these ignorant people in their place.

  • lee chen

    This girl is so mixed up it breaks my heart.
    She doesn’t have a mind of her own and her sad plight of rotten parents, addiction and now I think some serious sexual confusion is really sad. I think she is a mental case.
    I fully expect her to pull an Anne Heche in a few years and go back to males.

  • A. Steel

    Why are these people quoted in anything other than theatrical subjects? It’s odd, they are not trained or educated in politics, economics, history, or anything that actually matters to the nation but, the media gives them a stump. Would you let an ill-advised actor be your financial advisor or run your company? To my knowledge we have had only one actor(RR) play that most important role as my leader. Please help put these ignorant people in their place.

  • lee chen

    This girl is so mixed up it breaks my heart.
    She doesn’t have a mind of her own and her sad plight of rotten parents, addiction and now I think some serious sexual confusion is really sad. I think she is a mental case.
    I fully expect her to pull an Anne Heche in a few years and go back to males.

  • Anonymous

    “I really cannot bite my tongue anymore” the actress, 22, wrote on her MySpace blog Sunday.

    She then went on to say, “Samantha wouldn’t like that at all if I hurt that delicate body part.”

  • Sidonie

    Seriously, Lohan, I’m soooo glad you are a Democrat. (peals of laughter)

  • Anonymous

    What a moron this Lohan whore is. She is a drug addeled alcholic. She sucks as an actor. Palin is he best thing too happen to this country in a long time. Hey Lohan you filthy white trash whore….get out of the public life, you suck at everything you do and your family is a just as bad as you.

  • Anonymous

    A drug addicted, loser former child actress with ambiguity regarding sexual preference, gee she’s qualified to give a coherent opinion. These Hollywood types are fricken unbelievable. They’re in the movies so gosh they must be really insightful. THey know so much more than we brain deaden idiots who pay to see their cinema fecal matter. Go back to your bong hits and coke lines you self absorbed knuckle head. And please, Ronson, you sorry excuse for supposed talent – GO HOME!

  • Franco

    Lindsay, as if we would ever listen to you when we need advice. I never can understand how you Hollywood types feel the need to spew your venom as if you were superior to the average joe. So you have money, big f’in deal!!! You couldn’t make it in the real world without your celebrity status and I would not trade places for ANYTHING in the universe. Go back to fairyland and pop another pill.

  • Jim661

    If I were on the Obama campaign staff I would be thinking, “shut the f–k up! You’re not doing us any favors…”

  • just go away

    You have no clue about regular life, international politics, economics, and what is important to 95% of Americans. It sure as hell isn’t what a piece of s***, drug addict white trash waste like you thinks.
    What has Obama done, what has he accomplished? NADA
    You worry about that her church “prays” but yet Obama’s church spews hatred and racism for 20 yrs. and that is ok? He is the campaign of hope, change and unity, yet the people affiliated with him, who helped him rise, are about racism, division, separatism, a Syrian National convict, and someone who bombs federal buildings. Is that peace? Is that hope? Have HIS ads been change? NO same old same old, he is more fake than your sincerity, another dirty politician.

  • Big deal

    Who cares what this needy tabloid star thinks? Only the koolaid drinking Obamessiah worshipers. Half the crap she is trying to sell as fact is not, look it up

  • Matt

    who gives a shit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing that someone who has been so incompetent in managing her own life up till now thinks her opinion should be taken seriously????

  • Hollywood at its finest

    The more that the bumper-sticker liberal crowd continues to speak off-script and expose what a truly closed-minded, hate-filled community they represent, the better it is for Republicans. And the more easy it will be for the true “independents” out there to realize their true colors. Keep up the great work Lindsay!! It’s always fun to listen to an individual with a room temperature IQ.

  • BillW51

    The least she could do is get her facts straight to look slightly less stupid. Palin never encouraged or promoted the teaching of creationism – but being more tolerant than the so-called tolerant left she saw nothing wrong with students debating it in school if they so desired. I guess Hollywood is truly in a time warp because it was almost 20 years ago Palin was a sportscaster and she has accumulated 16 years in public service running the largest state in the union that supplies 20% of the nation’s energy. Palin was ONLY exposing corrupt oil companies and politicians 4 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is no more experienced than my High School History teacher. We seem to be intrigued by two candidates without any experience and some have questionable past. Come on if anyone else went to Reverand Wright’s “church”, made comments about typical white/black/hispanic/asian or other races they’d be out of the race.

    Obama as a proper candidate is a joke. The Press created the hype and I guess maybe American has been watching too many reality shows. It’s all about popularity. In such an important election the Press/Media/bloggers and pundits should be ashamed of what they’ve done by hijacking the election process.

  • Anonymous

    Is there anything you’re qualified to be other than an embarrassment to your gender?
    Since when is a second rate ‘actress’ qualified to anything other than a has-been?
    But, matt Damon on the other hand…
    Someone, please save us from these idiots.

  • Anti-Obamassiah

    This has nothing to do with her being a lesbian, this has to do with her being the epitomy of anti-moral lifesyle. I’m not talking about her being gay, she’s now being the most monogamous ever, I’m talking about snorting blow off of bathroom mirrors, having huge orgies, trying to beat up a drug dealer because she thought he shorted her on the eight-ball he sold her. Sure, she’s not perfect but would any of you want your children to look to her for a role model? So why is her opinion in this election valid for anything? Everyone does have a right to free speech but no one has a right to be heard. Palin is in no way anti-homosexual just because she opposes gay marriage. Nor is she unqualified to be in this election. If you believe she is, then you need to take a serious look at Obama’s record. He has done absolutely nothing in his career except toe the Democratic Party line. He likes to say McCain voted 90% of the time with Bush, Obama voted 96% of the time with his party despite his claims of being a reformer. His 96% voting record is with a party that has driven congressional approval ratings to 9% (at least Bush has remained in double-digits.) Also, the earmark spending Obama claims to be against doesn’t match with his record one bit, the Citizens Against Wasteful Government Spending rate him at 11% for voting against earmarks (a score of 100% is for a politician that completely rejects earmarks) Obama’s lifetime rating is 10%. McCain on the other hand received a score of 96% along with a lifetime rating of 88%. Palin cut her administration’s budget in Alaska by 80% compared to her predecesor. Not to mention she cut over $280 million out of the Alaska budget (that’s approximately 25% of the total budget.) While Obama is in a congress with 9% approval, Palin has an 80% approval rating for her work in Alaska. Palin is also credited by the Alaska Democrats for stopping the Bridge to Nowhere that Obama claimed she is lying about stopping. On the gay marriage issue, do you realize that your church would be liable to class action law suits for refusing to preform a homosexual marriage. I have no ill thoughts of homosexuals but in no way should religions be forced by the courts to change tenets of their faith at the risk of being bankrupted. Palin has a record of going against corruption in her own party to clean up her state of Alaska, Obama has never, ever stood up to anyone in his own party to reform anything. If you wonder how his economic policies would work, study the adminsration of Herbert Hoover. It’s fine that Ms. Lohan wants to put down a successful woman who has never been elbows deep in piles of coke with Nichole Ritchie. I’m glad Lohan supporters are saying no one’s perfect to anyone who criticizes her, yet you condone the hateful, unsubtantiated comments Lohan makes about a member of society who has actually strived to make it better and be a role model. If you want the real low-down on Obama, go to instead of looking for political commentary from a girl who snorted away most of her critical thinking skills and killed a promising career by not growing up. People should actually show reform after leaving rehab before claiming to be a moral authority.

  • JF

    LiLo should probably remove her head from her [blank] and the heaping pile of powder before she opens her mouth to us with her rhetoric regarding ANYTHING of ANY consequence outside of her Hollywood land of make believe. Please… dont embarrass yourself anymore… and cram it. Leave the opinions and votes to people with brains.

  • Greg

    Lindsay, what’s it like to be 22 and washed up, wearing a tracing bracelet, and unable to hold a steady relationship? Thanks but no thanks for your insights into morality, or your lack thereof.

  • Lohan, Can I be Next?

    Lindsay Lohan needs to stick to what she does best…wait, let me think…oh, that’s right, nothing. Lets be honest, her commenting on politics is no different than an addict painfullly searching for their next fix. Say or do anything. She craves the attention. Maybe if we stop listening, or writing, or caring, she’ll go away. But whether it’s a fair weather lesbian, rehab, or the next stupdid cause, I cetainly can rely on one thing for sure – Ms. Lohan will have some body on her staff create a neatly worded press release in her own…er…words. Acutally, I figured that if anything was posted on her blog, it would be …duh. It’s late, and I know I am drunk, because I have stooped to the lohan level, commenting on what a nothing has to say. Ignore her, maybe she’ll go away!

  • “The Black Guy Was Driving”

    When I was 22 years old, I thought like Lindsay Lohan, and I was probably even worse. I had no respect for the flag or my country. But the older you get, the wiser you get.

    Lindsay Lohan doesn’t know yet that the majority of Americans aren’t Hollywood elitists or Washington insiders. They raise families, they go to church, they defend our country and our way of life. Sarah Palin represents, in the tradition of “citizen government” as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, the majority of Americans.

  • http:/// Cobalt

    Another celebutard opens its mouth to bitch about political issues. You didn’t help in 2000, or 2004, and won’t help this time. Get used to the sound of Vice President Palin, liberal retards. Also, I suggest Lohan stock up on narcotics to escape reality after McCain wins in November. She should spend more time reading the Bible, reading about our history, reading our Constitution, and waste less time giving her non-opinions about issues too complex for her to understand. Idiot leftists these days. They’re only going to hurt their Obamessiah, so then again it might be good for them to keep talking. Either way she’s an idiot.

  • Dan

    Padon me, Ms. Lohan looks way too old for her age of 22. Sarah looks younger than Lohan- interesting what a life of partying with the wrong group (party) does to your looks. Men for Palin!

  • kwc

    Maybe she can tell us what the Bush Doctrine is. Her comments are such a waste of time. Oh… I suppose much all internet trash always is….

  • Anonymous

    Coming from someone who has substance abuse problems along with a whole host of other issues, she’s one of the last people who should be ripping on a candidate. But then again, most of the so-called Hollywood elite is so far short intellectually I’m surprised most of them can do much else other than be somebody else.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…..
    This is all I see up above and all I see down below. Maybe if we all killed ourselves this whole situation would resolve itself so much more cleanly.

  • Anonymous

    lohan is obviously infected with liberal bias, why should we listen to any “actor” for political advice? while she & other actors, question the qualifications of a politician on the republican side, they are “actors”, a plumber is as qualified as an actor to speak politics, is simply not responsible for us to even be entertained by. hey lohan, what are your thoughts on marion barry?

    & speaking of liberal actors, how many $millions$ do they need to give up before they are truly living the green socialist life style they are atempting to cram down our throats or do they not include themselves under their nazi like rule. kids act too, i bet my 6 year old could throw words down better than the narcissists in h-wood

    i wouldn’t so much worry about the exact stupidity dripping from her 22 year old spoiled mouth at the moment, but rather imagine what it could be like if here or others like her ever have the ability to make the following demand to you.


  • IrvTheLiquidator


    Lick the cunt and suck the fuck up.. You haven’t earned the right to speak about serious issues.. Dry out, eat some puss before you start yapping..

  • Anonymous

    How sad that such a cute girl has ended up such a train wreck! I mean, who could take her seriously after all of the car wrecks, and family problems, and relationship problems, botched rehab, and now this lesbian thing. She is obviously lost and has no idea what she’s talking about. Just another Hollywood brat turned loser. What was that latest movie release? Oh! NOTHING! No work in quite awhile! Box office poison! She WAS cute. Once upon a time. Now she’s just trash. Who the hell cares what she thinks! Her parents should be held accountable.

  • Oh No…It’s Lohan

    News flash little Lohan….you ain’t seen enough of the “real” world to consider having an opinion valuable to anyone other than your Hollwood cronies and a few thousand wanna-be actors/actresses. And since you’ve spend the majority of your post-teen years in and out of rehab, I suggest you learn to hold your tongue much better than you can hold your alcohol or drugs as it only allows all the world see you for the spoiled little has-been that you are. So, I won’t hold my tongue any longer either sweety..and trust me, I’ve seen more of the real world than you’ll ever possibly experience…the good and the bad. So let’s not pretend that you’re even in Palin’s league….you’re not. Why? Because Palin works for a living, isn’t a drug crazed drunk and actually contributes more to society than you ever will. Celebrity? Sounds like you’re jealous as your star has surely faded and Palin’s is just rising…and will surely be remembered long after you’ve driving yourself to an early grave from your childish behavior.

  • john Mathon

    Lindsey says Palin isn’t qualified to run the presidency. Does she know that Palin is governor of Alaska with an 80% approval rating and was mayor of a town in Alaska for 6 years with also incredibly high approval ratings. I wonder if Obama would be able to run a city or state and if his approval ratings would allow him to be re-elected? Consider this is his first term as senator and he got in to that position by a fluke.

  • rickster

    Let’s see what we have here…

    People unwilling to sign their real names, who are – advocating the killings of homosexuals, calling out gays and lesbians as sinners and destroyers of society, and suggesting that gays and lesbians are sub-human.

    Pardon me, but – exactly who do you people think you are?

    Acting in the name of Jesus? Maybe.

    But in his image? Never.

  • Don

    Well now that the who-ha flashing, drunken hack actress has chimed in I know who to vote for.

  • Anonymous

    One upon a time this country elected councilmen, mayors, senators, representatives and even president using a system that started with one person-one vote. Today, most of the mass media tells us we are expected to follow the direction of the Hollywood idiots. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, you have only one vote, seeling your vote to the Hollywood intelegencia is really stupid and if you choose to do so you will get the government and public policies you deserve.


    How many covers have Obama and Michelle posed for? Come’on Lindz, your in the “business” – I find it hard to believe you don’t go through every magazine looking for pictures of yourself, you are as vain as every other Hollywood, un-educated, media-influenced waste of space on this earth. Maybe you should focus your attention on getting your failing career back on track and leave the politics to those of us who don’t live in a fantasy world.

  • infinitewisdom4u

    lohan thinks or says. if i wanted a political opinion from a druggie slut i would seek out a personal entertainment specialist vending her wares and ask her. they are one and the same. talk about living in a bubble and having no clue,,,,that is the definition of lohan.

  • Splatt Ratzenberger

    Good thing America knows that Lindsay is an ignorant drunk little ho-bag. She has no credibility as a REAL human being, she only plays one on TV, and her endorsement only hurts Obama’s cause. Hugo Chavez supports Obama-Llama-Ding-Dong. Al Qaeda supports Obama, too…which sez it all. People interested in seeing America brought to it’s knees – all support Obama….so, no thanks, keep the change.

  • Please…..

    I know every american has a vote, including ms Lohan, but seriously, her life doesn’t lend much credibility to her “blog” on “myspace”. And what is with the comment that this “adult, sober relationship is good for her” bit??? What in the WORLD makes you think gay relationships are ANYTHING but abnormal?!?!?!?!?!? You people are wierd and you have the nerve to ask what’s wrong with our country. Get a mirror.

  • Anonymous

    not that she has a place to talk but seriously Lindsay is just another hollywood drama queen who can’t take control of her own life. SO WHAT if your gay or Bi or whatever I really don’t care about that. Lindsay made a comment about celebrity Does She not support a guy who thinks that his goal in life is to run for office and be a big time celebrity. just like matt ” the moron” Damen, and Linda Carter, and the retarded walking boob job Pamela Anderson Lee, they are going insane over the fact that america is now finally seeing the really BHO for the socialist two face pig that he is. Please hollywood go back to what you were doing before because america can’t stand you. I remember that Alec Baldwin was going to move out of the country when bush got elected (hey a-hole my offer is still on the table, I will buy your plane ticket.) Please Lindsay go take your Vicadin and go back to drinking your sorry life away.

  • Anonymous

    A girl who has been handed it all… and ruined every bit of it. Certainly the person who should tell us how to vote. Can’t drive safely and too dumb to hire someone to do it for her. Yeah, SHE should influence your voting decision.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really take seriously what a she has to say? Hopefully not.

    Lindsay Lohan is a misguided child. She has apparently committed the abomination that is homosexuality. I feel sad for her and her parents.

  • Yasherka

    So Miss Lohan is now an expert on what someone is qualified to do, especially someone she has never met. Oh that is rich. Why is it that the most bigoted and narrow-minded ‘tards come from Hollywood.
    Kindly note, Miss Lohan, that Mrs. Palin has actually accomplished things, unlike you or your messiah, Obama-lama-ding-dong. I’m sure you would support her were she a screaming radical feminist with five abortions as opposed to children. Or if she were a gun-hating, wino (similar to yourself).
    Regardless, your contributions to society are nothing more than being a shoddy actress and an amazingly successful bad example.
    Maybe someday you will dry out and actually learn something, anything, about the world we live in, but more likely you will drink yourself into an early grave without once leaving your comfortable little leftist echo-chamber.
    It is generally understood that you are a mental midget, Miss Lohan, why you are proud of that fact and are desirous to continually buttress that image of yourself is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    People don’t look to druggie dunken dykes for political direction. Yes, lets save the tabloid covers for hohan and obama… and edwards.

  • David

    I don’t care if she is gay or not. Who in the world would listen to a drug abused person commenting on someone who may be vice President. Oooh, Matt Damon, my apologies. Such a scholar. Team America seems to capture his passion, his “putz”?
    Anyway, keep it up, left or right, I enjoy the fencing. D

  • Anonymous

    You have to be kidding me…Linds can not be thinking that any clear minded, free thinking person cares one iota what she thinks about politics! Luckly those of us who actually vote look to people with integrity for our role models. LL has a lot of nerve!

  • infinitewisdom4u

    is someone stirring up hatred for the hell of it. a lefty troll planting hate seeds against the right.
    only passing through here, why anyone would listen to what lohan or almost every other hollywierdo would have to say about politics is beyond me. high school kids are more up to speed on what is going on with the candidates.

  • ralpherus

    As good looking as she is, the doped up drugged out little girl is too spaced out to have an opinion worth reading. Or hearing. Or paying any attention to. How sad she is shaping up to be a crime against nature….

  • Josh

    Umm, so Lindsay Lohan is voting for Obama. Shouldn’t surprise anyone given both have an affection for the blow.

    I think that is reason enough for me to vote the opposite.

  • LazyBum

    You couldn’t get a job at McDonalds and become district manager after
    143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t become chief of surgery after 143 days of experience of being a surgeon.

    You couldn’t get a job as a teacher and be the superintendent after
    143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t join the military and become a colonel after 143 days of experience.

    You couldn’t get a job as a reporter and become the nightly news anchor after
    143 days of experience.

    BUT, from the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United States Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged
    143 days of experience in the Senate. That’s how man days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World ….
    143 days.

    We all have to start somewhere. The senate is a good start, but after
    143 days, that’s all it is – a start. AND, strangely, a large sector of the American public is okay with this and campaigning for him. We wouldn’t accept this in our own line of work, yet some are okay with this for the President of the United States of America.

    Come on folks, we are not voting for the next American Idol!

  • Kellen

    Lindsay, you’re so cool. You’ve done so much to better our communities and used your celebrity for such good stuff over the last couple years, and I care soooo much about what you have to say about the election. You have definitely influenced me and all my friends, and I will be totally thinking of you when I cast my ballot! I really want to go along with what you say and vote like you, because you’re like, so cool and stuff. Obama is so totally awesome, just like your Disney movies!

  • Anonymous

    lindsay needs to stick to here day job,and not use here acess to the media to voice her opinions on politics. Does hollywood really think we care what they think. We can decide on our own who we want to support. They need to remember we are the ones who can choose not!!!!! to see their movies!!!!!!!

  • Bob Schmo

    My favorite part:

    “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!”

    So basically you’re saying that anyone running for office shouldn’t be on tabloid covers? Oops! Maybe Lindsey should blog about Obama now…? Doubtful. She would lose so much Hollywood “cred” if she didn’t do like everybody else, blindly attacking Palin while praising Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan has destroyed her reputation in hollywood as a serious actor. Now she is trying to make an intelligent comment yet failing miserbly. My not yet teen daughters used to think you were great. They liked some of your early movies when you were child. They were horrified when I showed them the Drudgereport article about you marrying another women. Now about your silly thoughts, Did you know Miss Lohan that 5 years before he became President Grant was working as a clerk in his father in-laws tannery? When the civil war started he put together a group of men to go fight and was given a commission, he rose in only 3 years to become the commander of all federal forces then shortly after the war became president for 8 years. I like Palin I don’t like McCain, I voted for Romney in the primaries, but I’ll vote for him because of Palin.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Lindsay I’m voting for Barack ‘cuz you say he is the best candidate. Next I’m going to Matt Damon’s web site to learn which stock I should invest my life savings in and then to Susan Sarandon’s for her recommendation on a first-rate book about calculus!

  • Roger

    Lindsey,I hate to say this…no I don’t,you wouldn’t make a pimple on Sarah Palans backside.You just try to stay out of jail and make stupid movies that 10 year olds will watch.

  • Anonymous


  • JAG

    Does Lindsay really think any of us care who she is voting for? Of course she’s voting for Obama, she’s a Hollywood Lib just like the rest of them that don’t really know or care what the issues are. It’s fashionable to be a Liberal in Hollywood and that’s all that matters.

  • Anonymous

    Barack Obama had only been in the Senate 143 days when announced his candidacy for PRESIDENT. He’s spent the last 19 months campaigning and raising money. He votes “present” to avoid creating a record for voters to follow to see exactly what he will or won’t do as a leader. When he does cast votes, he is the most liberal, pro-infanticide member of the US Senate. He’s even got Ted Kennedy beat!

    Sarah Palin is at the bottom of the Republican ticket, and she has more days in the Governor’s office than Mr. Obama had in the Senate at the time he decided he was ready to be at the TOP of the ticket.

    As for the tabloid covers, Barack and Michelle Obama have graced almost every magazine cover in the grocery checkout line.

    Ms. Palin’s religious beliefs have not been imposed on others during her terms as Mayor or Governor. And, she did not spend 20 years in a church that teaches hatred of another racial group as the Obama family did. (Look up “Black Liberation Theology” and you’ll be horrified!)

    As far as the “newscaster” comment, people in glass houses should not throw stones. Your movie experience does not remotely qualify you, Ms. Lohan, to make any political statements that should be regarded with any weight. Put a bumper sticker on your car or a sign in your yard like the rest of America, but remember that 50% of this country is for the other guy. A smart entertainer would not alienate half the public with rash, uniformed comments.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wait, we don’t! Cute temper temper Lindsey. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time like getting high and crashing your car into a tree or something?

    Sarah Palin is in the public eye for her intelligence. Once again you’ve proved that you’re NOT! You’re just tabloid trash, honey.

  • OsamaObama

    Sure, like she knows what Obama stands for!….Suddenly “readiness” has become an issue ..Hmm Is Obama ready? Has he ever lead ANYTHING? Is speech giving considered ‘leading’? And remember – after all Obama wants to be The Commander N chief, whereas Palin will only serve as a VP..whatever responsibilities … it entails .. she certainly is as qualified for that position as Obama for President (i.e. to be of assistance to McCain with domestic issues … and will certainly master foreign policy with the time via McCain – yes –On-the –Job- Training :)

  • Anonymous

    Great, another high school educated entertainer thinking she knows what is what in this world. Exactley what experience does the community organizer have that Sarah does not???

  • Anonymous

    Everybody THINKS they know it. The only ultimate truth is found in the Bible. There is nothing in our lives today that God has not addressed in the Bible. Many people have turned away from the truth and have decided that certain sins can be socially acceptable if we just cover up and bandaid the consequences. For example: Homosexuality/AIDS, premarital and non-monogomous sex/STD’s and unwanted pregnancies; drug and alcohol abuse/loss of brain cells, spreading of diseases and no responsibility for stupid actions. Stop the whining about how horrible life is and take a look at where most of the problems in this world stem from. They stem from immoral actions that have slowly become more “socially acceptable”. You can make some of these socially bearable, but you can never take away the consequences of these sins. They are sins and Jesus Christ can save you from your sins if you just turn and look at the TRUTH. I vote for the person who has the ability to look at the world through a moral viewpoint that realizes the infinite wisdom of God. It seems that most “movie stars” “celebrities” whatever they want to call themselves, spout pretty self centered view points. They are mostly out of touch with what the average person deals with. They have money to help bandaid their own consequences. They need to stop pushing their untruthful, sinful, behaviors onto the rest of the world and tell people it’s ok because they do it. The truth is that it is not ok.

  • Anonymous

    22 years old and barely able to keep her nose clean and she is going to try to convince adults who to vote for. She may be leagaly able to vote, but she has yet to show the maturity it takes.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these comments by Lindsay are so profound! I can’t wait to go out and rent the Herbie movie! I know she gets a lot of her wisdom from married men in re-hab! Thanks Lindsay; you’re the best!

  • Anonymous

    She’s such an empty brain who has the guts to speak out (?) Just cozy-up to your Lesbo girl-friend and leave the rest of America alone. Enough already! WE DON’T CARE WHAT HOLLY-WEIRD THINKS! We don’t care what idiot Matt Damon or Pamela Anderson also have to say and… I live in the area… get it?

    Very likely McCain-Palin will run this country next, and you’ll all be moving to Ca-na-dah! eh? Good riddance! Slimy little things!

  • Anonymous

    …I know of no one who cares at all what she thinks. What a loser. She probably thinks the junior senator’s claim that “95% of us will get our taxes cut” is true too. Umm, wait, sorry I bet she doesn’t even know what taxes are.

    Go do another line Lohan you make America proud – loser.

  • Anonymous

    I think Lohan just did a HUGE favor for the McCain campaign. She stated “the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president”. We have ALL seen her judgement calls before…enough said

  • Bobo

    If you defend trash, then you’re trash. Miss Lohan has shown herself to be trash, and she hasn’t come up from the gutter.

    Her opinion is worthless, because she isn’t credible.

  • Anonymous

    Lohan criticizing Palin’s qualifications other than in acting and drugs?!? On steering the country when Lohan can’t even steer a car. Riiiight.

  • Anonymous

    hollywood needs to remember we can choose not!!!!! to see their movies!!!! We can make our own decisions on who to support. The media needs to stop allowing hollywood to use them for their own purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay – I hope your rant about Sarah Palin’s morals makes you feel a little better about yourself. This great country was founded on two main principles, one of which was “morals.” As the founders of this country acknowledged, once the morals of this country erode, so does this great nation. These two founding principles are what separates the U.S. from all other nations.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey? What would you say to god?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lindsay:

    I wish to thank you for your public support. As you know, I have received numerous endorsements from drug-addicted, convicted Hollywood criminals like yourself. Combined with my associations to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, and Tony Rezko, I’m sure your endorsement will go a long way in convincing the american people that I am the right man to lead this country.

    Barack Hussein Obama

  • John Baker

    Great actress! You’d almost believe she really is smart. Almost.

  • Ha!

    Shame on the people who give these individuals mouthpeices, and continue to feed them the illusion that they are important…
    Ditch this shit.


    Like anyone gives %$#&*( what this moron thinks

  • byron

    Oh man!!!! Lindsay Lohan speaks!! we should all heed her words. pssssh.. talking trash is all she is good for. that and look good in nudey picts.
    Sarah Palin may have wanted to be a news anchor.. you know be on tv .. just like Lindsay want’s to be. So it’s funny that Lindsay would call her inadequate because of it.. she is calling herself inadequate.. so… you can gather the rest.
    And telling Sarah not to be on magazine covers.. well.. then say the same to Obama! I see his picture around too.

    Honestly I hope that what Lindsay says gets taken very seriously by Sarah Palin and then Sarah will come down and mud wrastle with Lindsay and steal her away from that boyish looking lesbian she has been hanging with.. .. and they (Sarah and Lindsay) can be lesbians together. I would SOOO vote for that!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Time for some more time in Rehab. This time get off the mind bogging drugs.

  • Amanda

    Right….. I’m really going to take voting advice from a bleach blond, fake breasted, cokeslut who can’t control herself in public. She looks like vomit, and so does her little girlfriend. What these hollyweird dolts don’t realize is that everytime they open their stupid mouths, McPalin’s poll numbers go up. That’s fantastic! (And the REALLY great thing is they don’t know enough to shut the f@ck up.)

  • urnumbersix

    Let’s make a deal. Government will stay our of America’s bedrooms and Government will stay out of America’s boardrooms. Yes? No?

    Oh — You NEED a government bailout? Er, well…. And you’re not being Socialist or anything of the kind. Right? Yeah! Well?!?

    Still — stay out of America’s bedrooms!!


  • Anonymous

    Lindsay “no man” Lohan, it is like so good to you know have your like enlightened opinion to show us the errors in our way of like thinking. I can sooo like not think sooo like deep all by like you know myself. You know…?

  • LohansAdrunkCrackSkank

    why I will never vote Obama

    Hamas Endorses Obama

    Communist Party USA (CPUSA) supports Obama

    the socialist party

    AND the ISNA “Islamic Society of North America” supports Obama

    Just a very few reasons

  • brain1

    “Lindsay Lohan isn’t happy with Republican vice presidential candidate John McCain’s choice of running mate, Sarah Palin.”

    Let’s get this right. McCain is NOT the VP candidate. Please get your use of the English language right and the titles too. Dah!

  • Anonymous

    Let me see, isn’t Lindsay Lohan the latest Mouseketeer to get drugged and drunk and run from bar to bar with her skirt pulled up over her head? What better spokesperson for Barack Obama and the democrat party. But wait! You say she has been sober now for 15 minutes. Good for her! That is plenty of time for her to completely grasp the political landscape. Howard Dean must be very proud to have another Hollywood hero who has so much in common with average America.

  • SensibleFella

    That this drug infested degenerate has the audacity (apparently of hope…hope that she isn’t forever known as a low life)to even render an opinion about Palin? Frankly, if she could be 1/10th the person Palin is she MIGHT be entitled to an opinion, otherwise…shut up and, what is it you DO exactly? Go away Lindsay…your yesterday’s news and even then a B lister were it not for your escapades.

  • Toadthewetsprocket

    Just another rich impetulant punk telling us poor proletariats that it is acceptable to elect an extreme socialist over one of those we feel more comfortable acting in a leadership role. Palin has pulled herself up from humble beginnings, taken on the ‘establishment’ even within her own party for the will of the people, and that is something seriously lacking in Obama’s resume.

    I have respect for Palin. I have contempt for would-be leaders who align themselves with anti-american causes and those who support them.

  • JB

    What a great week… words of wisdom from Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and now this idiot….who’s next?

  • Sleepin_Easy

    Yoooo…vote Baldwin in ’08 or McCain even if McCain is a bleeding heart lib…at least he MIGHT overturn Roe v. Wade…his stance on embryonic stem cell research is Hitleresque, though.

    Look for news on FASC tomorrow…cellulosic ethanol play?…hmmmm…

    P.S. The “Hmmmm” poster is a very ugly minded poster….try reading the NEW TESTAMENT, Jesus loves EVERYONE and casts no stones.


  • And We Care?

    And we really care what Lindsay Lohan or any other Hollywood celebrity says? Are they the know all and be all? They are mostly hypocritical. I’m tired of all of them threatening to leave this country if a Republican is elected. Has any of them kept their promise to leave? No, they have not. Their words are as empty as the liberal politicans they support.

  • So Sad

    Doesn’t Lohan realize she only hurts Obama with her endorsement?

    Does America care what this drugged out whackjob thinks about anything?

  • Anonymous

    The fact that this story was even printed is a credit to the downfall of this society. And for those of you that derive your political views from an uneducated hollywood reject only reiterates the point above. Grow up and learn the real issues.

  • Anonymous

    I guess ANYONE who makes it to the scandal sheets and tabloids is now qualified to be a political pundit. This little overrated white trailer-trash twit is nothing but a drugged-out airhead with the intelligence of a GNAT. Her opinion isn’t worth a damn. She is so self-absorbed. Girl, go back into the clubs where you belong

  • Jack

    a ‘two-fer’ for Obama — showbiz personality, and a lesbian … that Lohan would not support a Christian woman, mother of five, married to a man, is no real big surprise now is it? the surprise would have been for a showbiz s++t to be supporting a Republican.

  • Anonymous

    Someone who makes a profession out of pretending to be someone she’s NOT…has the unmitigated gaul to criticize ANYONE else for ANYTHING else…oh, wait, she’s a liberal!!! How fucking typical of these morons…believing some measure of money makes them smarter than everyone else. Fact is, they’re no smarter than the average street dweller. They’ve just figured out how to scam us out of our money at the box office. Lindsay needs more time in rehab, that’s for sure….

  • The Truth

    Lohan is so egomaniacal and so dumb… at the same time. Her speaking out against anybody will only make that person look more favorable. She is hurting Obama by exposing her feeble thoughts to the world. Of course, she’s so in love with herself that I doubt she even cares.

  • tangojones

    How is this woman(?)qualified to speak on any subject above a 2nd grade level?She and her husband-woman are typical uninformed liberal hollywood trash.I’m tired of these celebrity homos trying to cram their fag agenda down the throats of the American public.I can’t wait to see the backlash!

  • Anonymous

    The opinion of a bad lesbian actress whose claim to fame is her body and her trips to rehab. Yeah we are really going to care what she thinks. She is like Matt Damon and Pam Anderson. Damon says Gov. Palin is like a bad Disney movie. Interesting comparison since Damon really knows about BAD MOVIES. Anderson says she does not even want to consider the Gov. Probably because she was too busy making another porn flick or injecting silicone in her phony body. Oh I bet she is busy looking for another husband. Three morons speak to support Obama who has admitted to be a follower of MARXISM and is a racist plus he has thrown his support to the communists in his “home” country of Kenya. Read his books. Obama lies so much in his books it makes Clinton look like a nun. Calm down Bill I said “look like” not “look at”.

    Remember P E T A is: People Eating Tasty Animals

  • Oldbluesboy

    Lindsay, honey, I hope you enjoy Socialism.
    I don’t believe you know anything about Obama except what you’ve been told. Name three things he has accomplished besides teaching at the Saul Alinsky school of Marxism.

  • Grateful to Lindsay

    My most sincere thanks Lindsay… I was on the fence as to which candidate to support…but now if someone as smart and together as you supports Obama, thats good enought for me….NOT…jackass !!!

  • Mike

    Now LL really has her act together, and is a true leader of people, smart, she is intellectual, and has a great deal of experience with middle America.
    She is a dumb sh*&^%t.

  • Bubbaray

    Someone asked who has the right to call someone a “ho” or “white trash?” Me. I do. Lindsay Lohan is white trash. Plain and simple. Idjits who don’t recognize that probably have kids more coked up than that “white trash debutante” is. :D

  • Anonymous

    Another carpet muncher comes up for air!
    Hey Lindsay, I really want to know how old dinosaurs are; I really do!

  • Anonymous

    I am pleased to see that so many people are not impressed with the unqualified, uninformed comments of Lohan. Ronson’s comment go to prove just how self centered and uninformed they really are!!!

  • Ashlee

    Do they feel guilty for making so much money doing something so easy they feel the government should take more of it? All these celebrities that have money and back Obama missed out on the class that talked about how socialism and communism has failed over and over and over in the world. Really, how many times does it have to be tried before people concede the point that only in democracy and capitalism do countries flourish and thrive? Liberals seem to be truley unaware of the principals and beliefs that made our country great in the first place.

  • KYOT

    With the sexual deviants coming out in support for Obama, and with his choice of gun grabbing Biden, I have changed my mind. Up till he chose Biden, I was an Obama man(previously a lifelong republican) I am terrified at the prospect of another puppet of Israel that will sacrifice anything to fight their battles, but honestly, the people surrounding Obama are getting even more terrifying. Oh well, McCain will likely croak in his first year, and Palin is certainly the best looking prospect for president, in moere ways than one!

  • Sydney

    John McCain gets another 10,000 votes every time one of these Hollywood idiots opens their mouth against Governor Palin. So please continue.

    Oh, and Barack Obama has posed for more tabloids than Palin.

  • Steve

    If some Hollywood celebrity with behavioral problems has a recommendation, simply doing exactly the opposite is the prudent thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    Get a grip! Who cares what she thinks. It matters not that she is a drug addicted idiot. She’s a 22 year old who knows nothing of the real world. She never had to go to work and raise a family. She’s a confused liberal. I hope she gets drunk and forgets to vote. Lindsey, remember voting day is November 5.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Lindsay, for reaffirming my faith in the McCain/Palin ticket. If you were endorsing her, I’d have to rethink my support for them.

  • Anonymous

    …..that everyone here is so much better off than they were eight years ago.

    Of course an actress’s opinion is just that. It’s got the same value as any of ours.

    And tabloids (and tabloid websites) exist because people like you (and me) read them.

    So again – if you are all doing so very much better than you were eight years ago, then sure – why not eight more years of the same?

  • look out she’s getting into her car!

    What would be more dangerous to me?, sarah palin as president or lohan behind the wheel of a car????
    Since I live in LA I’d have to say that lohan presents a much bigger danger than palin does. If palin becomes president those scum bags in congress will make sure that palin steers this country in the right directions, which is more than I can say about lohan’s driving and sobriety ability.

  • Cougar

    OH! I see! Lindsay Lohan doesn’t like Palin??? OH! Palin MUST be bad, huh???

    Seriously, who the hell gives a damn about some drunken celeb’s personal opinions on politics? Celebs are NOT intellectual and informed human beings and their judgment has proven to be extremely faulty 99% of the time. All the goodness and any morality of 1,000 ‘Lohans’ will never stand up to one Sarah Palin. Plain and simple. Celebs, you do have a right to your owm opinions but I wish the SP media would quit giving you clowns such false credibility.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty rich calling Lohan “white trash.” Do you think Palin is the epitome of cultural refinement?

    She has five kids and wants to have her 17 year old daughter marry an 18 year old. Nothing says “class” like overbreeding and teen marriage!

  • Art Chick w/Brains

    Have you noticed that everyone who comes out for Obama doesn’t talk about the wonderful things that Obama has done in his political past? Instead they are mean, whiney, and even vile. Keep on yapping, you are only helping prove what most of us already know- Obama is any empty suit. Reading Lohan and other celebrity comments, proves she does not do her political homework. Once again, they try to run Obama’s non-executive against McCain’s V.P. running mate- who has a much bigger resume when it comes to making the big decisions. While Lohan may feel like her opinion is somehow important to us, she only shows her lack of knowledge.

  • Crystal

    Then what the heck does that make Obama? He’s on every stinking magaizine and t.v and of course the “unbiased” media has only great stories on him and his family, but on the covers that have Palin, all the headlines are negative. Oh and Lindsay, you of all people should know you don’t have to “pose” and approve of the tabloids taking and using your picture in order for them to use it. They do it regardless. And while I’m glad lindsay’s writings are finally becoming coherent, I still don’t think I’ll take voting advice from Miss Lohan. Thanks, but no thanks.


    Dear Ms. Lohan:

    I always love it when someone without a clue how the world works claims to be an athority on the world and who is qualified to run. Now we start with Senator Obama, as near as I can tell he has never run a gas station, much less a country, he has never led a boy scout troop, much less had any experience with the millitary. His entire claim to fame seems to be he can read lines like an actor, but god forbid the telepromter quits working, or someone else doesn’t write the words for him. As i view most of the people in show business that seem to know so much, I find very few that have an education, much less a good one, but god how bright they think they are and how they think we should all listen to their pronouncements. I for one look at what they say, do the opposite, and find it works very well. Your pronouncements fit that bill well. Theirs an old saying that goes like this, “Those without common sense, don’t have any sense”, it fits well in this case.

    Yours truly,
    Charles R. Broyles

  • Anonymous

    It appears to me that we have a goodly number of heterophobs. Or is that one of the truths that is politically incorect?

  • E-Mat

    Ah, yes. The world’s finest example of sober thinking speaks what’s left of her mind.

  • Becky S

    I am a firm supporter of Freedom of Speech, but, seriously, Lohan in taking on Palin? Now I’ve seen everything. Ms. Lohan you really must get your facts right. Four years ago Ms. Palin wanted to be a television anchor? No Ms. Lohan. Ms. Palin was a sport’s broadcaster when she was 24. Four years ago she was Mayor of Wasilla, before that, she sat on the City Council, and presently, she is Governor of Alaska. I’d like to see Ms. Lohan debate Ms. Palin for just one second. I’ve always liked a good comedy. Mr. Lohan, please stick to whatever it is that you do best. What credential does this Hollywood bimbo/drug addict have to even utter Ms. Palin’s name? Oy.

  • Anonymous

    Obama isn’t running against Palin. 1 term governer vs 1 term senator? 1 equals 1 right? McCain is the only one with any actual unity between the parties, even working with Ted Kennedy. He is proven and tested, unlike Obama. Experience for the president of the USA cannot come from the experience of running the campaign. That’s like driving to your driving test.

  • Paul

    She’s such an empty brain who has the guts to speak out (?) Just cozy-up to your Lesbo girl-friend and leave the rest of America alone. Enough already! WE DON’T CARE WHAT HOLLY-WEIRD THINKS! We don’t care what idiot Matt Damon or Pamela Anderson also have to say and… I live in the area… get it?

    Very likely McCain-Palin will run this country next, and you’ll all be moving to Ca-na-dah! eh? Good riddance! Slimy little things!

  • Edward

    Lindsay Lohan…???

    Didn’t she used to be somebody?

  • Anonymous

    Who is Linsey? And why does anyone care about her political views?

  • Anonymous

    If Palin is media obsessed, what the heck does that make Obama? He’s on every stinking magazine and t.v show with Wonderful stories but on the covers that have Palin, all the headlines are negative and actually untrue if you care to do your homework. Oh and Lindsay, you of all people should know you don’t have to “pose” and approve of the tabloids taking and using your picture in order for them to use it. They do it regardless. And while I’m glad lindsay’s writings are finally becoming coherent, I still don’t think I’ll take voting advice from Miss Lohan. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    lindsay lohan,
    you are the real pig wearing lipstick. stick to reading words someone put on paper for you. you are a moron.

  • EK

    It’s getting to the point where I wonder if these celebrities aren’t being paid by the McCain/Palin camp to take stands against them. They are paid performers aren’t they? Don’t they know they just push most of us towards the opposite side?

  • HA!

    That anyone cares what Lindsay Lohan has to say… at all. In any context.

  • Anonymous

    Like who cares what you think. Shout it from the roof tops for all anyone cares I mean you’re like Lindsay Lohan…no one important in the least.

  • Ampersand

    While she does come off as someone who is completely ignorant of the fact… (4 years ago Palin had already been a Mayor, chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and was courageously standing up to her own party) at least Lohan trying to get attention by spouting liberal nonsense instead of flashing her snatch these days.

  • Gunwacko

    Yes. It is a sin to be a homo. Yes, it is a sin to have sex prior to marriage. Yes, GOD is a homophobe. I have to laugh when I read these STUPID comments from the lefties. ALL of you lefties are running scared because you see NOBAMA losing his edge. I would rather have a woman as President than a person who HATES our country and WILL invoke the DRAFT as soon as he’s elected so that the “privilaged white folks” “lose their kids too”. McCain/Palin will win this election and you libs better get used to another 8 years of being “oppressed”! LMAO !!

  • Anonymous

    Bisexual Cocaine Whores for Obama!!!

  • Laura Ingraham

    Wow… I was looking for a title for my next book that follows my best seller ” Shut Up and Sing”… Thank you Lindsay , your comments really helped me. Look for a complimentary copy of ” Shut the F up You Stupid Piece of $h&^ ” coming your way soon.

  • Michael

    ..hey Lohan, how is Barack any more qualified for PRES then Palin is for VICE pres. ??? STick to your day job idiot. Oh wait, you aint any good at that either.

    L M A O

  • Anonymous

    Why do we even publicize this article? The person who makes these statements has received no education on or experience in politics, so why should we care what she thinks? This is an unfortunate reflection of what the reality is in our country, people will listen to what Lindsey says in the tabloids and place higher meaning on her words than on the words of McCain or Obama, Palin or Biden. Don’t listen to Lindsey, as so many will, but instead go out and make your own decisions. Listen to the Preachers not the congregation. Make intelligent choices, not off what Lindsey says but instead from the issues you’ve researched and understand. To me this whole article was all crap and shouldn’t have been given the privilege of being converted into print.

  • One Who Knows

    This confused young girl is the epitome of wisdom. We should all bow to her decades of experience cum laud.

    It is a sad day in America that so many young people have lost – completely lost the ability to think issues through. For a supposed celebrity to make such comments about a governor of one of our states, and to do so as if she were going to run the country is absurd on its face.

    Lohan knows nothing of politics much less Governor Palin. But it sure sounds like she knows the democrat playbook of soundbites.

    Lohan is damaged goods. She could not have a normal relationship with a man if her life depended on it and instead settles for an abhorrent relationship with one of her own gender.

    Lindsay – you need to understand there are things much greater than you in the world. One of them is God, and He says your lifestyle CHOICE is sinful.

    End of story.

    God bless Sarah Palin for thinking of others more than herself. Especially considering her baby.

    It’s a real shame Lohan’s mother couldn’t have done the same.

  • Barry

    Want to see lipstick on a real pig – look at Lindsay Lohan or Michelle Obama1 Two pigs in a poke – so to speak!

  • Dr. Silicone

    It has come to our attention in the medical community that the over indulgence of silicone implants and botox, (as well as bad movie roles), has had a weakening effect on the brain cells of celebrities everywhere. “Ground Zero” for this phenomenon seems to be somewhere in the Hollywood,California area of the world.

    Side Effects include:
    • Anger, lashing out, at woman who don’t choose abortion, or otherwise may have conservative roots.

    • Delusional ideas about Sarah Palin
    • A strange and unusual worshipful admiration for Barack Obama- at any cost.
    • Confusion
    • Bad movie roles
    • And last but not least- hunger for attention!!

    There is still hope, though much of the damage has been done. There are some O.A. Meetings (Obama Anonymous) you can attend, though there are not many in the Los Angeles area. There are others who have been where you’ve been.

  • Lib

    When I listen liberal talkers I know that we lost already. Mostly, because of people like you who can’t keep their lips shot.

  • Anonymous

    I assume Ms. Lohan is a trained actress, and in that arena her opinion counts. But what makes her opinion about politics or morality or any other subject worth listening to. She is no more qualified to give advice on politices as she is on medicine.

  • Anonymous

    Another hollywierdo who thinks we give a crap about what they think. Stick with the unreal, that is your expertise.

  • Go Home Lindsey!

    Lindsey really needs to look at herself in the mirror before she opens her mouth. If she is going to bring up Mrs. Palin’s past how about we bring up Lindseys. Flashing her crotch in public for everyone to see – HEY! There’s a real class act lady there, let’s bring that one home to mom! Her sex and drug addictions – self destructive behavior that has totally consumed her speaks volumes. She supports someone who still does not know what the hell he himself supports, however; one thing is for certain – Obama is a die-hard rabid pro-abort, he even believes in killing a child who survives an abortion (infanticide) and has pledged to pass the Freedom of Choice Act if elected (this bill will over rule any futher laws against abortion and many that already exist today). Choice is a pretty word until you have to look at the end result which is a dead baby. Dont believe me? Check out
    Get real folks, if you really rely on people like Lindsey to help you make your decision than we are really in trouble. As far as homosexuality goes- yes it is a sin but we have to love the sinner and hate the sin. Loving does not mean condoning destructive behavior. As far as homophobes goes – it seems to me that the part of this word is formed from the word phobia which means fear. I really don’t know anyone who is afraid of gays. I do know many, myself included, that are disgusted by the act. So from now on let’s use the word – homodisgustis!
    Lindsey, please check back into rehab and put on some more clothes!

  • Makes you wonder

    It is amazing how Lindsey speaks of her issue with Sarah but doesn’t explain why obama-biden are qualified to lead this country. Neither one on that ticket has any experience running anything. If you are worried you should worry about those two in charge. So my question is Lindsey “Why is Obama more qualified than Sarah Palin? Any of you other geniuses can try to answer. It will be funny watching you fumble all over yourself!

  • AnyonebutBarack08

    Thank you Lindsay for so clearly summing up Sarah Palin. 4 years ago, she had aspirations to be a television personality you say, weren’t those your aspirations 4 years ago? Looks like she is stealing the lime light you somehow think you deserve. Would she be a better person if she got on T.V. being a coked-up bimbo, parading around another coked-up looking bimbo?

  • Anonymous

    Who is this dumbass? Go back to rehab

  • Anonymous

    If Palin is “media obsessed” then what does that make Obama? Then what the heck does that make Obama? He’s on every stinking magaizine and t.v show with Wonderful “stories”but on the covers that have Palin, all the headlines are negative and actually untrue if you care to do your homework. Oh and Lindsay, you of all people should know you don’t have to “pose” and approve of the tabloids taking and using your picture in order for them to use it. They do it regardless. And while I’m glad lindsay’s writings are finally becoming coherent, I still don’t think I’ll take voting advice from Miss Lohan. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Just because it’s fun to rehash…

    Dear Dr. Laura:

    Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the other specific laws and how to follow them:

    When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord – Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

    I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

    I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness – Lev.15:19- 24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

    Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

    A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination – Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this?

    Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

    Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

    I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

    My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? – Lev.24:10-16. Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

    I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

  • Anonymous

    Millions of folk know who Sara Palin is, but who is this Lindsay Lohan gal that the media would care to get an oppinion. The article has no point nor any weight or convince anyone. Is this Lohan gal some sort of celebrity? I couldn’t tell you one movie she has starred in. Ever heard the Song, Being a Celebrity?

  • a_shirted_jim

    The fact you would think anyone would actually care what your opinion is interesting what is even more pathetic is your galpal really only cares so she can continue to honor us with her special ability to spin records. That’s right I said spin records! That is not a talent – that should be reason enough to vote for mccain. Getting this waste of time out of the country sounds like a nice reason to me!

  • f*ck republicans

    F*ck Republicans, they are all scum

  • Anonymous

    Go and fill your mouth with pussy and leave politics alone.

  • Observer

    Ms Lohan and so many others announce their opinions on how unqualified they find Mrs. Palin is to be VICE PRESIDENT while at the same time declaring that Mr. Obama is the most fully qualified person to be PRESIDENT! This is completely contradictory. They seem ignorant of the fact that Mr. Obama has NO executive experieince and the only thing he has ever run is his own campaign. He has been in the Senate for less than 4 years and 2 of those have been almost full time campaigning for President! Campaigning does not qualifiy you to hold our countries highest office. Mrs. Palin has been a Governor making decisions for 2 years. She has not pushed a “right wing agenda” but has not given into a “left wing agenda” either. Yes, she does question the far from certain “truth of global warming” which seems even more questionable now that Alaska has had one of its coolest summers in a very long time. Mrs Lohan and Mr. Damon should really try to analyze their arguments which are obviously just emotional rants and in no way logical.

  • Johnnie Walker

    Who is Lindsay Lohan? Is that the tit chick who tried to imitate Marilyn Monroe recently?

  • Calvin

    I find it very sad that has been actresses like Lohan and Anderson have to try to find publicity by attacking a person who is trying to do something important. Anderson is only good for oral sex and plastic boob jokes. Lohan has put her career in the dumper with her own self destructive behavior. Point of fact, Palin is running for VP and has more executive experience than the democratic nominee for President. Don’t these Hollywood notheads realize this. No, I haven’t forgotten the live action Ken doll Matt Damon’s equally off target remarks. I wonder what publicity whore will be speaking out next, maybe Amy Winehouse? She has just as much credibility as Anderson, Lohan, and Damon. As they say Lindsay, shut and act. By the way, I saw an ad for a woman selling herself on the Internet and she goes by the name Lindsay and looks like Lohan.

  • Dave/peoria

    Seems all of the tramps and druggies of the hollywood elite are coming out for Obama. No wonder America is rejecting the new left. Abortion, drugs, sexual perversion and materialism.

    Lets see, a 20 something who just got out of re-hab and numerous sexual liasions is tryi