Evangeline Lilly Regrets Stripping Off For Mens’ Magazines

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Evangeline Lilly regrets her past as a lads’ mag pin-up.

The Lost star, 29, insists she only stripped for the pictures because she was told to.

She explains, “I was inexperienced back then and quite trusting so I had to learn how to deal with that.

“There’s some ugly burned bridges in the past because I put my trust in people and they just didn’t follow through.

“I ended up in Maxim magazine and things like that and I would never in a million years be caught dead in those magazines. So I’m now with the right people and they understand me.”

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    Nette gemacht dieser Blog. Sowas sieht man wirklich sehr selten. Glueckwunsch.

  • http://astore.amazon.com/cheap.panerai.mens.watch.onsale-20 Michelle Bruckmeier

    Wow I have to say this is great. Even writing that post must have taken you a seriously long time. Thanks for your effort!

  • tc909

    Wait, she was “told” to take her clothes off? By whom? I guess the money she made (makes) from all those pictures was a bad thing too? Evie, you’re just an actress, get over it.

  • Captcha

    Nobody cares.

    Seriously. She’s a B list celebrity and a Z list no-talent whiny actress who thinks this showbiz stuff is like SO beyond her cause she’s so deep and smart and all that.

    But she can’t act worth a damn. OF COURSE they hired you for your body, dumbass!

  • Nobody cares is in therapy

    Comments like that only describe YOU and not her. Weak, jealous, insecure, and deeply troubled…oh yeah..and pathetic. Feel better now weirdo?

  • Anonymous

    lol you sound the weirdo getting so defensive over a minor celeb
    ROTFLMAO your SO insulted you call a normal member of the public commenting on an actresses relative lack of relative fame, and call them all those names, touchy arent you… the poster must have touched a nerve, and its funny, you cant even see that calling someone not famous, that the not famous comment applies to them, is laughable.
    I advise a spot of ‘lighten up and get a life’ rather swiftly

  • Anonymous

    What has she done to you? Quit calling her B list or Z list.

    Evangeline Lilly has more talent then you or any of your so called celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Evangeline, please get the f@ck over yourself!! You’re not that important!

  • a perverted teenager

    Evangeline Lily, (if that is your real name) those maxim mexico photos were hard to find! I think the only thing you should regret is not posing for maxim US! I mean come on, more money, more media coverage. It’s true, we all know about your old call girl commercials, so why not continue to do what you do best; BE GORGEOUS! lol.