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Robert Pattinson Blasts Money-Obsessed Hollywood

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Robert Pattinson doesn’t like the film industry.

The 22-year-old actor – who plays hunky vampire Edward Cullen in the recent Twilight film and its upcoming sequel New Moon (tentative release date of November 20, 2009; and possibly starring Dakota Fanning!) – says he doesn’t like the way Hollywood is obsessed with money.

“I don’t like the way the film industry is,” says Pattinson. “If you come with a good script and then it goes to the studios and gets financing, it all gets changed because they want to make money.

“And it’s like, how do you know if it’s going to make money or not? All you’re doing is making it generic when you do that, and making it generic is no guarantee that it’s going to make money, either.

“The only way to [do] that is to take risks.

“And you need to be able to trust people. So you get a company together with people you know are good and you know work hard and you can make good stuff. That’s kind of what I want to do.”

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  • alison

    I really wish he could play Jeff Buckely in the bio pic but Buckelys mum just wants someone to mime to Buckley’s songs. Rob’s too good a singer to be wasted like that. Also love him to play Moritz in Spring Awakening and the lead role in Pompeii which is based on the Robert Harris book.

  • aidansamazonmom

    Okay I get not wanting to do it just for the money. Very noble actually. You have to be able to cover all costs and pay your own bills too though. I could see if acting was a hobby but it’s a way of life and they do have to make money. I’ll never agree it’s right to pay an actor millions of dollars though. I think it’s assanine for anyone to have so much with so many hurting to keep their heat on….

  • rose

    You can tell from Robert Pattinson’s comments that he is young and inexperienced. Hollywood does follow trends and get hung up on them, but sometimes artists and the masses aren’t on the same page as to what is appreciated entertainment based on the numbers thing, so there are those that handle the logistics and demographics and the artists need to stick to what they do best. Harsh reality hits all of us, regardless of the career choice.

  • Judy Ann

    The person makes the money. Everyone has their own way of making money for me it is going to school to be a medical assistant, I want to provide for myself and my family. Taking care of my family so my mom will stop working and relax because I almost lost her once not again.

    You have to love what you are doing to really feel alive.

    As if you would ever read these. But if you do. Live life to the EX-treme. =P

  • Midori

    Yes, I agree Hollywood is obsessed with money. I understand the point that Rob is making regarding good scripts that change down the line. You start out with something really awesome. Then down the line it gets changed many times and when you finally get the finished product, it’s not the same. He wants a quality product from beginning to end. He may be young and inxexperienced, but he has a point. It would be great if you can find a studio who focuses on a quality product…not just making big bucks.

  • KC

    It’s rare to see actors who really are in it just for the sheer joy of creating a character. I know he does it to make a living, but I also see a side of him that wants to be modest about it and isn’t all about the mega-bucks Hollywood is known for. There are still some decent men in the world, and Robert Pattinson is definitely one of them. I hope he stays grounded like this, it’s so refreshing, and he is a very creative person who knows how to use his talent wisely, whether it be in his theatrical abilities or his music. Love ya, Rob!

  • helen

    I know a guy from the production of New Moon who says robert is becoming an arrogant ass with thousands of demands, including a lot of money for the sequels while Kristen is adorable, not caring about money at all. This jerk is a Tom Cruise wannabe acting as if he was Madre Teresa. He´s a hollywood whore like anyone else. Disgusting.