Taylor Swift: 'I Don't Trust Men'

March 21, 2009 by dino

Taylor Swift is terrified of being betrayed by a man.

The singer, 19, has been linked to a number of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors but stays single due to her mistrustful instincts.

She says, “I actually do not have a boyfriend. I’m completely single.

“I think meeting someone in that way is a worry for anyone in my position. You meet someone and you can’t help but be worried that they just want to date the person they see on TV.

“They are not really bothered about the real person. I think that’s a curse for any relationship. But I’m not worried. It’s not my big goal in life to get hitched and have a family. If I find someone really awesome I will think about it then.”


  • nel

    This article is complete shit! These quotes are taken from a radio interview Taylor did in Australia. Trust me, Taylor never said she distrust men. The quotes in this article have been taken completely out of context.

    Also, Taylor has not been linked with anyone since breaking up with Joe.

  • Tracy

    Taylor maybe you and Robert Pattinson should meet. You both need genuine people in your life who like you for you. Think about it!