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Amy Winehouse Wants to Start a Family

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Amy Winehouse wants to start a family – but not just yet.

The Rehab singer, 25, says she’d love to settle down have kids – but wants to release another album first.

She explains, “I’ll always have music in my life, but I don’t always have to sell it to people.

“While I love music, I’d really love to have a family and that’s the most important thing to me.

“That doesn’t mean I’m ready to start one right now because I think I’ve got another album in me.”

Asked what she’d do for a living if she gave up making music, Winehouse said, “I’d love to have a beauty salon.

“My nan, God rest her sole, pretty much trained up me and my brother Alex to be her beauty therapists when we were young – it was pretty clever of her, actually.

“I must have only been about four years old and my brother was about eight. He’d give her a full pedicure and then I’d have to paint her nails and do her hair.”