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Jennifer Aniston ‘Wants David Schwimmer’s Sperm’

Posted by Adam

Jennifer AnistonHow’s this one for a rumor!?

Jennifer Aniston — who turns to artificial insemination to get pregnant in new movie The Baster — wants her former Friends costar David Schwimmer to father her child.

“Jen’s been telling everyone on the set this film should be promoted as the story of her life,” a source told the National Enquirer.

Aniston, 40, is single after splitting from beau John Mayer earlier in the year.

“But the real shocker is that she says her top candidate for artificial insemination is David Schwimmer!,” the pal added.

“Jen isn’t afraid of raising a child on her own. She says David is perfect father material because he’s the whole package — handsome, tall, smart and with a full head of hair!”

“The funny thing is,” continued the source, “that Jen said when she and David were still starring on Friends, they made a pact that if they were both single at 40, they’d elope and start a family together!”

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  • Ashley

    You know how many fans that were fans of Friends… To see David father Jennifer baby… Or even see these togather… U guys say David not her type… she went out with vince guy… however u spell his name… the dude off that movie the break up… she went out with him… I think David better looking guy then him… But both of them, great, silly, wounderful guys… I think Jen got more in common things with David then that guy…

  • Debbie

    Is David Scwhimmer listening.Please both of you get together .get married have babies.both of you look so good together.

  • siska

    are david not gay?..cause one member of Friends male cast is gay!!..not sure who?