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Simon Cowell Plays Down Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent Chances

Posted by Adam

Susan BoyleSimon Cowell has played down Susan Boyle‘s chances of winning Britain’s Got Talent – insisting the competition isn’t a “one horse race”.

“There are some acts that you haven’t seen yet, it’s not quite the one horse race you are going to think this is,” Cowell said on Britain’s GMTV Friday.

(Watch Boyle appear on the Early Show)

Boyle, 47, last week stunned judges — including Cowell and Piers Morgan — when she performed I Dreamed a Dream on the British TV talent show.

Although the audience initially had low expectations of Boyle, she received a standing ovation when she finished her stirring rendition.

When asked if he would represent Ms Boyle if she won, Simon said, “It’s difficult to say at this stage because I think we’ve got to treat it as it is, which is a competition.”

Meanwhile, bookmakers William Hill have revealed that some of their punters have staked up to £1000 ($2009) on Boyle winning the competition, and that they’ve also taken bets from countries including Belgium, Spain and Russia.

“This is going ballistic,” said pokesman Ruper Adams, “we have never had a phenomenon like it in ten years of reality TV betting, and the odds suggest that she is already unbeatable despite the fact that we have seen only a small number of the competitors.”

They’re also offering odds of 6/4 that Susan has a number one album in 2009, 25/1 that she has the Christmas number one and 100/1 that Simon is Susan’s first kiss.

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  • Tucson Bass Player

    An amazing talent, but that is probably not enough. Does she have the “IT” factor? From a marketing stand point that’s a tough one!

  • MarionL

    Susan Boyle has the “IT” factor, albeit a non-traditional one. She is a true phenom!

  • richard

    Whatever “it” is, she absolutely has “it.” A voice like that comes along once in a hundred year….such clarity, control, beauty, soul, emotion, interpretation, HUMILITY, and STAGE PRESENCE and command…command of the song, command of the stage, command…of…the…AUDIENCE. The AUDIENCE responds…they (we) were spellbound by that performance. It was almost as though she was in costume performing Les Miserables on Broadway…

    Does she have “it”?? Maybe not in the “pop” realm/genre, but I think she is destined to be an international stage and classic icon….hopefully anyway…I’d spend money for a concert and CD…in a second. And who knows, Pavarotti garnered a HUGE young fan base…I think people can recognize incredibly beautiful singing no matter the age or usual genre they listen to. And, yes, the comparison to Pavarotti is intentional.

    “IT”?? Are you kidding?? She’s got “it”.

  • http://msn Beverly

    I am not an expert but I do love music and listen to cd’s frequently and I would not hesitate to purchase a cd of Susan Boyles.Her voice is beautiful and she appears to be a beautiful person as well.
    Go for it Susan.We love you…..
    From Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Nancy Whelan

    Susan Boyle doesn’t “it”. Has has IT. No doubt about it.

  • Nancy Whelan

    Susan Boyle doesn’t have “it”. She has IT. No doubt about it.

  • Vivian

    Of course I would say she has “IT.” Probably not as much in American “pop culture” though as in the classical theatre genre.
    But definitely she’s got a wonderful voice! If I were a fellow competitor in BGT, I’d probably just quit and return next year, when Susan’s not there. :-P

  • Elliot

    to be honest, i hate her.
    yeah she’s got a good voice but so do millions of other people in this world. She was asked if she wanted to drop out of the competition, by her doing this someone else could have the chance of winning and wether she wins or not she will still be successful but NO instead she acts like a selfish cow and stays in the competition and then pretends to be all shocked when she gets read out to be in the final. It’s just bullshit, you would expect yourself to go to the final when you’ve had attention like she has about how “amazing” she is. Well i don’t like her and neither do any of my friends and anyone in my family. There’s alot of things i don’t like about her, she looks evil and manipulative and she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s ruining other peoples chances. I bloody hope she doesn’t win. I hate her i hate her i hate her.