Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt ‘Faking it For The Cameras’

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Relations between Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at an all time low — but the two are putting on a show of unity for the cameras.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt“Sure, they look happy in photos,” a source tells In Touch Weekly magazine. “They are actors and can turn it on for the cameras most of the time.

“The cracks in their relationship are getting deeper and deeper.”

The couple — who raise six children together — apparently had an argument just before Easter, which is said to have resulted in Brad storming out of their rented Long Island, New York, mansion.

“He told her very clearly that he just can’t live with her anymore,” the source added. “He said it was over. He was like, ‘I’m outta here,’ and left”

It was recently claimed that Jolie had offered Pitt $90m for custody of their kids.

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  • wow

    What a relief!!!

  • Aaron De

    Why do you just reprint every stupid claim made about these people? This sounds as credible as the claim that they faked their pregnancies. LOL! “Insider” my a$$.

  • AnB

    yeah right. why would they fake it?
    You lie in every word that you written.
    if he moved out why are they together in a grocery store?

    • Adam Nutburn

      Hey, I’m guessing they were seen together in a grocery store because they are FAKING IT FOR THE CAMERAS.

      The title of this post is “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt ‘Faking it For The Cameras’”

      So, um, that would maybe suggest why?

  • AnB

    Please answer it.

  • Krysten

    Well, the fact that he moved out doesnt mean they dont see nor talk to each other anymore. It just means they dont live together anymore…

  • Ariscal

    This tabloids say one thing, the next week tabloids will say another thing which will be contrary to this week. According to tabloids Angie is pregnant, others they are happy, others they are breaking up….what king of journalist are the persons that work at Intouch, Star, National Enquirer, Us, Life & Style, etc. where did they get the journalism degree?…where do they have the principles and values of the journalism?


    These “writings” are not from professional and ethical journalists.
    They are nothing more than “reporters” who make up stories just to sell magazines. I feel so sorry for these people who are in the
    public eye and have to have all this “garbage” written about them.
    We, the public, should STOP buying their trashy magazines. Maybe they will get the message and write worthy articles of
    truth and stop the lies.

  • Harleygirl1973

    I hope , for Pitt’s sanity, it is over!! Look at how she treats him in public a lot of the time. She won’t marry him, half the time she treats him like one of her servants, but she also won’t chill out on the adoption issue, and now, she appears to have gone behind his back. If they really have split, I think he’s better off without her and, Aniston is right, Jolie is a “dirty Jezebel”. I feel sorry for those poor children bein’ in the middle of this, WHATEVER it is?!

  • Kj

    i wonder really who angie is a mean selfish bitch or kind? Billy T. hasnt said shit about her but new stuff surfaces how mean she is so what really is she

  • mother of 3

    to answer your question kj she’s a WHORE!!!!!!!

  • my opinion take it or leave it

    To those of you who doubt there is a split, what if it is true. Will you all then take sides, or just agree she is a slut and he is a slob.

  • Magpie

    Mother of 4 – and your know this because? In many cases people tend to dislike others for what they see in themselves.

  • Carie Himmons

    help me!!!!!!!! My digital camera lens into the dust, but I can not wipe their dust removal. I live in a very remote village, how can I do?

  • angiebabyfan

    angelina and brad are pathetic. I used to really admire this couple, but they are so fake. They live a total lie.