Blind Items!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blind Items

1) As a guy, this one is extremely painful to write. This A list movie actor who was also a star on television has a scene in a recent movie where he strips down to his underwear. Because of the lighting no one noticed anything amiss. It was only when the movie was being edited that his penile piercing was noticed through the underwear. A large piercing that had to be digitally removed. [CDAN]

2) “Which male model who used to be involved with an A (well, B+)-list Hollywood actress is telling anyone who will listen about her shocking booze and drug habits?” [StyleList]

3) “This pint-sized actress is best known for her TV work, but her movie roles have been hits and we’re pretty sure that she’s on her way to the A-list of the silver screen. Anyway, she has become well-known in Hollywood for sweet ways when it comes to coffee consumption. She’s made a habit of tipping $20 when she buys a cup, and now she’s often paying for the person in line behind her on top of it. What a great way to be! It’s not Leighton Meester.” [Blind Gossip]

4) “Which closeted — and married — actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff.” [NYDN]