Vanessa Hudgens ‘Wants an Open Relationship’

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens has shocked boyfriend Zac Efron — by revealing she wants to have an open relationship.

Hudgens, 20, was apparently furious after Efron said he didn’t want to get married until he is 40 — so she decided to make him jealous by seeing other people.

“When Vanessa heard about Zac’s plan to stay single for the next couple of decades she was shocked and shattered,” a source told the National Enquirer magazine. “She’d secretly hoped for an engagement ring within the next year or two!

“Zac’s totally upset — he doesn’t want Vanessa dating anyone else. Even though he’s not ready to commit himself to settling down at this stage of his young life, the thought of Vanessa in another man’s arms drives him crazy.”


  • yaz

    i think that h3 should go h3ad giv h3r a ring th3yv3 b33 ntoght3r for a whil3 so if h3 dnt sh3 n33ds to find sumon3 b3tta th3n hym sh3z b3autiful so h3 n33ds to do sumthin if h3 dnt want h3r wit no on3 3ls3……so y not???

  • noni Tuliao

    Hi Vanessa, the idea of going NUDE is just not good for you to do. You have been there and experience a lot of critiszm and talk about you and why do it again? And I bet Zac is not happy about it, even just reading it in the news. It will be a very bad publisity for you.