Farrah Fawcett’s Father to Say His Goodbyes

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett‘s 91-year-old father James is flying into Los Angeles to say goodbye to her.

The Charlies Angels star — who is battling anal cancer that spread and metastasized to her liver — is said to have her family by her side as her health deteriorates.

Fawcett’s longtime partner, Ryan O’Neal, revealed in an interview today that her “treatment” has pretty much ended. He also said she stays in bed now and is on IVs.

RadarOnline reports that Fawcett can drink only a little liquid and can’t keep food down.

The actress’ father will be in Los Angeles this week, sources say, to say his final farewell.


  • http://aol parisjmar

    Absolutely heartbreaking.

  • carlos

    How I adore Farrah Fawcett, I hope God saves her
    She is not suppowsed to die not now

  • carol camp

    we love you farrah. god bless. you are such a fighter and have made us all so very proud of you.

  • susan carpenter

    god bless you Ms. fawcett……….may you forever rest peacefully

  • http://www.aol.com The Hustler

    Ok, so why does she have cancer? did she smoke cigarettes? was she a public figure, a role model, and did she smoke? That could have something to do with it. People are so stupid. Look at what you make society recognize as acceptable and then look at what they really do to themselves. Is that really a role model?

  • Smoke

    As a person of color as a child, Farrah was a universal crime fighter with perfect hair. It only bounced alitttle when she ran. Where i grew up in Jamaica Queens New York, all the kids loved Farrah and the Angels. We even had a game called Charles Angels and everyone wanted to be Farrah. She is a strong woman. I hope God lay hands on her and heal her. It can happen. He knows Best. It hurts like she is a part of my family. I think about her everyday. I hope she dont hurt much. GOD BLESS HER.

  • http://none Barbara

    It breaks my heart to see Farrah go through this alfull desease. I watched my mom at the end and all she said at the end was I’m in Gods hands now. My mom faught just like Farrah only she didn’t have the money to go to Germany. We love you Farrah and your in my prays. Ryan O’neal your a wonderfull man!

  • Shawnee

    I cannot believe we are loosing Farrah Fawcett. Such terrible news! I just watched Donny Osmond on TV talking about how lucky he is to have known Farrah and that she is such a sweet lady…I believe that. Prayers to Farrah…We love you!

  • Mike

    Ryan could’ve gave Farrah anal cancer by having sex with HPV, it causes anal cancer. If not Ryan some other guy with HPV genital warts could’ve given her cancer.

  • Jill A. Dillmon

    have respect for her…

  • Chris

    Rest In Peace, sweet girl. So beautiful and so young. God needed a new angel today. He got the best one. Now, you can fly amongst the angels….

  • Carole Heath

    Farrah Fawcett was such a brave lady, she never gave up her lust for life was amazing in my book. It was such a shame after all her long journey and her battle with cancer she never made it. Ryan O’neal must be so lost without her they seemed such soul mates. Cancer is a terrible illness just when people think they may have beaten it, along it comes again sometimes. I had a family member who died with anal cancer he was only 50 years old, I am afraid I don’t think there is a God who would allow such suffering, let’s hope a complete cure for all cancers will be found soon, more funding is needed to help find out more about this horrible illness.

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