Brad Pitt Making Drunken Calls to Jennifer Aniston?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jennifer AnistonBrad Pitt has been making drunken calls to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, it has been claimed.

The actor, 45, has apparently been opening his heart to Aniston about his miserable relationship with Angelina Jolie.

“She was initially taken aback — especially as he sounded drunk and sorry for himself,” an insider tells Britain’s Now magazine. “He told her he misses her and that he’s sorry for any hurt caused.

“Jen being Jen immediately told him she’d never held a grudge against him and would welcome them being friends again, so long as she doesn’t have to be friends with Angelina. He agreed.

“Before the call, Brad hardly ever spoke to Jen and the relationship was strained. But this phone conversation broke the ice and opened the lines of communication once more.”

Pitt & Aniston married in 2000 and got divorced in 2005.


  • Robbins Mitchell

    Sounds to me like Angelina is eating pussy again and poor Brad has to rely on Rosy Palm for amusement…..file this one under “Why Am I Not Surprised?”

  • janeyre

    So what? All of them are silly…

  • Ancilee Kaye

    Okay, “IF” this is true than I am not shocked at all!!!!

    The way I see it is that Brad “fell” for Angelina out of attraction and lust.
    It wasn’t even about LOVE.
    I think he got a lil bored w/ Jen, after 10 years with anyone this can happen. I truly belive that Angelina went after Brad because of their HOT SEX~SCENES in that movie they made together, which was absolutely a ridiculous movie at that!!
    That movie was a downfall for both of them in my opinion. I found it to be absurd!!! And it was almost as if the writer or director planned for these two too become so close in the movie that they would eventually buckle under and end up screwing their brains out!!!!
    I just think Brad was TOTAL FOOL for screwing up his relationship/marriage w/ Jen. He really bit the dust and belittled himself by hooking up w/ controlling diva Angelina.

    Why do I say this? Because Ang has obviously got serious past issue’s from her childhood and her Father. She has no TRUE respect or commitment towards any man and walks all over them.

    I think she bit off more than she can handle w/ Brad and he will NOT put up w/ her GAMES of CONTROL and her huge a$$ EGO!!

    Ancilee Kaye, USA

  • CC

    Ancilee Kaye, You said exactly how it is…Ty cause I didn’t want to have to type all of that myself..LOL PS:LOVE YOU JEN!!!

  • cajunsher

    Brad Pitt was the fool that allowed a freak to give birth to his children. I hope this is true – it would be great for JA, but i hope she has moved on – Brad Pitt now carries as much baggage as his baby mama – psycho AJ

  • Duhh

    Oh yeah another “INSIDER” and non-ending triangle why?? it’s becoz Jennifer is again pimping another movie (hello misManagement)


    It amazes me how stupid people are. If I wrote “THE POPE IS SECRETLY MARRIED!” I wonder how many of you idiots are going to believe it.

    Not everything you read is true. If this crap was true, why wouldn’t Brad and Angelina speak up? Probably because as usual Jennifer Aniston is having another pity party. The chick needs to wise up and see that she is NOT the only woman in the world who’s husband left her for another woman! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  • Chriss

    Jennifer Aniston needs to shut up already. She keeps prolonging this BS drama so that people associate her with MOVIE STARS Brad & Angelina and keep inviting her to events.
    Wah, wah, wah, you were married to one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Those days are over. Go back to TV and shut up. Or just swim in your giant pool of “Friends” money and stay out of my face.

  • Esmelrelda

    You know that is true. Something always comes out when Ms. Aniston has a movie to promote. However, men can be stupid and Brad, I could see Brad running back to Jen and whinning about his predictament with Angie. Angie girl is tough. Not to be played with and she’s not taking any stuff. As far as issues with her father, well, her father wasn’t anything to be proud of and just because he had wonderful manners, what about the way he treated the mother of his kids? That’s why Angie may have issues. So I don’t blame her for putting Mr. Voight’s stuff on ice. I mean he basically called her out in the press and that was not cool, so she iced him. However, as a parent I do think a parent can say what they want, they brought you into this world. I think he just didn’t think it through. I believe that Angelina is controlling, but you have to be in tinsel town. So I am waiting to see how this plays out. For the children’s sake, I hope it’s not true I really do. I like the Brangelia, I reallly do. Ms. Aniston should move on, she may not want to shut Brad out totally, but I think she should not take him back under any circumstances. Jennifer think…6 kidds girl and none of them are yours and you would have to put up with Angie…otay. Nuff said.

  • http://noneya The Hustler

    Ok, so Jen is not doing what she’s supposed to. She can’t be friends with someone who ripped her heart in two and then calls drunk to say sorry. What kind of high school bullshit is this? Brad, you made your decision. So leave the pretty woman alone and go sleep with your whore.

  • mari

    The Hustler said it right. Leave Jen alone, and hopefully she won’t take him back. Somehow, broken relationships should never be revisited as they are not strong anymore.

  • Sue

    Brad should not have had kids with a nut case diva, when it was just new sex…. and all 3 of them will look damn stupid if Jen takes him back. John mayer is looking far sexier than Brad these days..

  • Texas Girl


  • G

    Angelinas a stupid whore who has no class, i used to have respect for her even though she is a bad actress but after that crap she pulled i realized shes a dumb, attention whore who adopts kids to make people think shes not a bad person…what a load of crap.
    Jen has taken this all so well shes classy, and looks better then both Brad and Angelina, shes getting sexier and better in every way. Brad is just an idiot, i dont think many people have respect for that guy anymore, and he doesnt deserve to even have Jen in his life she is way too good for that disaster of a relationship called Brangelina….

  • esd

    Jennifer Anniston has come a long way, all you need to do is keep doing what you are doing; do not take Brad’s calls, the true blessing of divorce is :HE’S NOT YOU’R PROBLEM ANYMORE, HE’S HER’S. all he is to you Jen is ” SLOPPY , AND I DO MEAN SLOPPY SECONDS . come on he’s with the nastiest woman in hollywood. sit back and enjoy the rumor’s . Jolie is still messing around with men and women , come on America ” how good can Brad be if she’s (Jolie the real joke in the relationship,) getting it from anyone and him, eweeeeeee,& yuckeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • MJ

    Yeah and that Baby born in London will do what to the sicko gossip on this Anniston produced site.

  • MJ

    Anniston can’t keep a man , even if she paid them. What is it, men can’t stand a whiney skank

  • MJ


  • Bluzulu

    I heard Brad Pitt smells like poo, because he doesn’t take showers! Ewww!!! How French!

  • S.M.A.

    “How French!”?
    What exactly are you? Uninformed and proud to be so or uninformed and racist because of it?
    Just curious.
    But I happen to know that there is nothing “french” about not taking showers. Or about “smelling like poo”, for that matter. And, seriously, you “heard”? But you don’t actually *know*, you will admit that. So how childish is it of you to post an uninformed and racist comment (and if you’re going to go and be racist anyway, why can’t you just say “shit” instead of “poo” like a toddler? Racism is far worse than cursing. Get your priorities straight.), when you obviously feel so strong about the smelling issue, yet don’t don’t care *at all* whether or not what you’re saying has any basis in fact?

  • Anna

    Im not really a Jen Aniston nor Angelina Jolie fan but there is just one fact that i know about ANGELINA,and that is Ms.Jolie is nothing BUT a Homewrecker. That’s all there is to it.