Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Kids ‘Running Wild’

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s six children have been running amok as the couple’s relationship reaches breaking point, reports claim.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Sources close to the pair are apparently worried  about the kids — Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 2, and 10-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne — suffering because of Brad & Angelina’s constant rowing.

“[Brad's parents] Bill and Jane think that Angelina could be suffering from postnatal depression because she’s hardly with the kids at the moment and the twins seem to have bonded with their nannies rather than her,” one insider told Now magazine.

“They can stop the babies from crying whereas Brad and Angie have no idea. When Brad and Ange are around, the older kids are clamoring for their attention, so the babies don’t even get a look in. It’s a chaotic situation as the kids are running amok. There’s no control.”

Meanwhile, Jolie is said to be furious at recent rumors Pitt is back in contact with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

“Angie went mad and told Brad not to bother coming back,” an insider said. “She told him he’d humiliated her for the last time and that if he wanted to go back to his boring shallow life with Jen, that was fine by her.”


  • anonymous

    I know Angie you feel really silly for being a homewrecker. You need God. Brad, go home to your wife and the woman you should have been with all along.

  • Tina

    Of course they’re running wild. That’s what kids do when their parents aren’t around.

  • anonymous

    The world’s most famous couple is suffering from the same exact thing that most everyone goes through when so many young children are running them ragged. Their attention is already stretched trying to keep up with all the little ones, they fail to have much attention for each other, it’s sad. You can tell the two love each other, but they are both so strained. It’ll be a shame to see them fall apart after proving they can go through all the scrutiny before. Maybe both of them need to go on hiatus for a year or two and try to rekindle (or remember) what it was that they had before.

  • Tina

    They both need to take some time off, years not weeks, to help those kids become a family. Right now they’re not a family, they’re a baby collection, and unless Brad and Angie get serious about parenthood that’s all they’ll ever be. Poor things.

  • Kaye

    I wish I could bring some stability into the lives of those beautiful children.Boundaries are what life is about. Every one needs to know where they are, children will run wild until they are told that they must stop certain things. Drugs you name it, if children are not under control by the age of 7 , it is a tough road. I am a child nurse, would love to help.

  • LittleKeats

    Personally, I lost all respect for him when he did what he did to his wife. He lied and said it wasn’t true. That nothing happened until after they split up. But, a bun was in the oven so the truth was set free. If Angelina is upset about him talking to Jen, well she’s got a lot of nerve. She’s the one who’s at fault. She’s a home wrecker. I never liked her. I always thought her to be trampy.

  • scotsgirl

    The two are the most IRRESPONSIBLE self-centered parents in the entire world.
    They brought children into a relationship that was according to them months old. To get pregnant that early in the relationship was nuts. They had passion but guess what the real world has come crashing in.
    Jolie has the wander lust always has and will, Pitt comes from the mid-west and was brought up much more traditionally and conservatively. That’s real. Once you drop 6 kids into a relationship that is once again according to Brangelina barely 4 year old is insane.
    This adopting children to fill a need Jolie has is downright selfish on her part. Adopted children need to grow into a family, especially children that are not infants. They need to find their place and fit and feel safe and permanent. These two just keep adding to the brood and then jet off all over the world with little continuity or routine.
    Good God these kids will all be in therapy for sure!

  • blady02

    Brad needs to take those children to live with his parents and re connect with the beautiful classy Jennifer Aniston. I feel sorry for those kids and I depise the skanky untalented drug ridden tramp AJ. She deserves everything she is going through and more! Cut away tramp the world is sick of you and your untalented ugly fake self righteous act. Bad actress! Brad you are a pittiful excuse of a man and I hope Jennifer makes you pay!

  • Kem

    Oh look…. a beautiful, happy, talented couple!!! Let’s all attempt to drag them down to forget our own unfulfilled dreams and pathetic self-absorption!!!

    The Press (and the sheep who believe them.)

  • Ken

    Talent yeah right. Tomb Raider and Benjamin Button man the TALENT is just plain to see. How about saying these two have real hype. Shallow life with Jennifer Aniston. The same Jennifer Aniston who got him interested in raising money for different charities instead of him wasting his time on how he should wear his hair in his face that particular day. Oh yes people while St Angelina was snorting coke Jennifer has been steadfastly since her early twenties been doing so much for her fellow man. She did it before she met Brad after she divorced him and she continues to do so without the use of cameras. That’s why you can’t convert some of us into your Brangelina cult. She didn’t waste time drinking blood or cutting herself. Some of us actually noticed how stupid Brad actually is and that his every original thought belongs to someone else. You see people a woman always has to show Brad how to care for another human being besisdes himself. He’s just full of himself. He actually thinks he’s the best actor in hollywood. HE BELIEVES IT WITH ALL HIS HEART!! Losing that oscar hurt him to the core. Those kids will get older and become the new Lohans and Spears of Hollywood. But don’t worry Brangeloonies they will never break up. At least not to the public. It will totally ruin their image. So look for them on some red carpet soon smiling like they’re so in lurveeeeee!!!

  • tammy

    Its one thing to leave your wife for another woman but to adopt and have a team of kids so soon into a relationship isnt fair to the children. Every relationship has a “honeymoon” period where all is perfect (approx 19 months).. in order to sustain a life long commitment, including children, only time will tell.

    ps, karma is a bitch.

    I love Jen Aniston, she is the perfect American sweetheart! (opposed to the blood wearing vampire that makes out with her borther)

  • Appalled

    Wow, some of you are severely full of judgment and hate. You are griping about people that you don’t even know, and will probably never meet. You don’t know what their relationship or family situation is like! For those of you condemning them- the truth is karma is gonna bite YOU in the ass!

    Also, most of you angry people can’t even spell but you are calling a very educated woman ugly and untalented. Huh- there’s a crux.

  • Ana

    It’s true Appalled, many give their opinion as if it were the truth and in fact do not know nothing about it, it is a pity, to critizise someone you do not really know in that way. I personally think they are all envy, that is the problem, it is read between lines…

  • scotsgirl

    Wow, some of you are severely full of judgment and hate. You are griping about people that you don’t even know, and will probably never meet. You don’t know what their relationship or family situation is like! For those of you condemning them- the truth is karma is gonna bite YOU in the ass!

    Also, most of you angry people can’t even spell but you are calling a very educated woman ugly and untalented. Huh- there’s a crux.

    Comment by Appalled — 14 May


  • vcfdssssssssssss

    Ange is a trampy whore, Brad is a coward and Jen is boring

  • Crisps85

    Judgmental? I wouldn’t think so since we have been witnessing so much of how Brad and Jolie got together!

    Yes, all the lies before the divorce about having nothing going on with Angelina! What a load of crap they were feeding to the public, what fools do you take us for especially with the bun in the oven!

    The noises from the hotel room, the constant messaging online and by phone, still they denied the affair between them.

    Jen felt it would be unfair to bring a child into the world when their relationship was on rocky grounds and Brad gave in to lust, now look what it’s gotten them into.

    And yes, I agree with Ken! What crappy movies Jolie has been in but no matter how many times we put “Friends” on repeat, Jen and team is always able to keep us entertained! That’s much more than what I can say for Jolie and Brad!

  • Texas Girl

    The kids are insecure. Go find some pictures of the kids with Brad & Angelina. Both of the girls & one of the boys are thumb suckers. That is a sign of insecurity. Something is going on in that home that needs to be checked out. Can’t the adoption agencies & CPS check them out. Or do they have so much money they can get away with child abuse. Verbal abuse is just as bad as beating a child. They probably fight and argue in fromnt of then kids constantly. That is why they are always trying to get attention, mostly on the older boys part. The younger kids are thumb suckers.

  • kimberly mintz

    A friend of mine who works in the business says it is well known that Jolie and Pitt rarely do anything with the kids unless it is in front of the cameras! It is supposedly well known that Angie makes the nannies hand her the babies right as she walks out the door so it looks like she is the one taking care of them instead of the nannies. They were a mess from Day 1, and this is Jen’s revenge, except now kid’s lives are being messed up, too.

  • Lynette Grobler

    Iam such a fan of both of Ange and Brad – where do we seperate the truth from the lies? If there is a problem there – I would love to help!! Have losts of ecp with children – wholesome- and think that it is awesom what they are doing for children that are underpriveliged. – Leave them alone in terms of their pers relationships – we all go through shit. I for instance have kids from a children’s home come to me – I would not likr it if all my faults were displayed publicly!!! Not that I have anything to hide – give them a break!!!

  • http://showbizspy debra

    who are you people who want the worst for someone. what gives you the right to comment on their lives are you any better i think not mean evil minded hope the best for all of them

  • http://showbizspy Jean Fischer

    How many people do you know have nannies taking care of their children 24 hours a day 7 days a week? My husband and I have five children, they are grown up now. I look back and I wouldn’t change a thing. Sleepless nights, tons of laundry, school functions, soccer practices, baseball practices. I saw their first steps and heard their first words not hired help. It’s great that they adopted. They could have adopted children right here in the United States where they make most of their money. There is nothing special about them, they are not super heros. The super heros are those who put their children lives before their own or people who take in foster children. The list is endless and these people do it because they love children they do not get rich doing this. I am so sick of hearing about Brad and Angelina it seems like they use those children to add to their fame. I think they have enough money to take time off to raise these children properly. Many parents that HAVE to work would jump at that chance. Could you imagine never having to clean or cook or get up in the middle of the night because one of the kids are sick. I’d like the money but I’m glad I raised my own children.

  • Penguin

    I don’t understand why people making comments on this site are all for Jennifer Aniston. She is so boring and ordinary. She just cannot keep her trap shut about Angelina. Also, she is vain and pretentious. Angelina is far better… She is confident, exotic, sexy, honest, and exciting. Needless to say she is far more beautiful than Jennifer Aniston. Angelina is just not a girl from nextdoor, that’s all.. If I was a man, I would have cheated on Jennifer Aniston because putting up a boring woman like her could be too much.. (I’m a woman myself!!)


    OMG! Who cares what these people look like. Angelina and Pitt
    were totally irresponsible bringing in so many children into their
    lives. Children need stability, boundaries and guidance. What the
    hell were they thinking? Nothing obviously. Angelina Jolie is not
    a stable woman and neither is Brad Pitt. I don’t care if they stay together or not. This has nothing to do with Jennifer so why call
    her names. For those of you who compare Jolie’s looks to Jennifer’s – how shallow can you be. Happiness in life is not based on looks but rather the character of a person and one who attains
    happiness on their own rather than trying to trap others with children. Angelina Jolie has no morals, values or character in my book. God help those children.

  • diamond

    Well said Kelly I wish I could see what these Jen Haters looked liked. Beauty is only skin deep its whats on the inside that counts and I do not believe there is much below the surface of Brad and Angelina except when the cameras are on them and being actors they can easily fake that. No Matter who has met Jen they all say the same what a lovely warm and down to earth person she is Maybe she is not in a relationship at the moment but i think she should think really carefully about going back to Brad if the stories are true because he hurt her deeply last time and sometimes that takes a while to get over and you tend to fall into wrong relationships she would be better to take some time to herself and the right one will come along it did for me so i know first hand what Jen feels like and i am no beauty myself, And especially as Brad lied about his relationship with Angelina and is cheating.His mouth can lie but his eyes give him away everytime and that is probably why he is always wearing Dark glasses. So just leave Jen alone nobody every thinks about all the work she does for St Judes hospice where sick children go along when they have terminal illnesses or all the other charitable work she does. So just leave her alone and look at your sad lives and what you do that is so great that gives you the right to call her.

  • tozh

    i think, its nature for every kids being wild…..but not so wild……
    by the way…. i’m jen haters too…… ugh… she’s S**k , and brad?? please…. 8 days again is your first biological daughter birthday….. baby shiloh….. don’t be stupid with your … i don’t know.. fake fight?? maybe…. but…. seriously… dont be stupid…..

  • Julia

    Jolie has slipped back to her old self-destruct state. Can’t you all see that? I think you should all pray for her instead of criticizing her so harshly. I won’t be surprised if she ends her life soon. She needs an intervention now that Brad effect has waned.

  • sus74

    I wish the best for angelina and brad this has nothing to do with Jen. and for all of you saying ridiculous things worry about your own life because i am sure that it is not that good for you to have to critize them

  • janie

    Friends was the worst sitcom ever to air and so vain and fake. Never made any sense to me…real men are not so gentle like that in real life… A bunch of spoiled rich kids got their parents to make a show for them. Angelina is classy, intelligent way more than Jen, and worked to earn her name..Jen has done nothing with her life because she does not have an education and seems to think that just her work on friends was enough to make her into the person she wants to be…Angie is much less shallow. I do not believe she is a homewrecker…if it were normal circumstances, yes, but you are talking about a hollywood marriage with Jen, not exactly something you could compare to a regular marriage. Jen manipulates to make it sound like something real…I ALWAYS believed she loved him more than he did her, she always smiled in the wedding photos and just got in to deep, for all we know it was not mutual, and a typical publicity jen received HUGE pay raise only because she ever married him, a talented actor and with perfect looks on top of it, so should QUIT complainingI love Angie so much, as I believe she is simply the most beautiful woman who ever lived, not just on the outside, but her substance on the inside too! I love every single bit of work she does, and absolutely loved changling and girl interrupted, meant much much much more than some stupid sitcom about friends. I hope Brad does not screw up this one, he has got a keeper!

  • Rae

    Get a grip people! EVERY relationship has it’s ups and downs. Why do you idiots give a damn about their lovelife.
    Seriously! Get a LIFE!

  • Nicky

    I Love Angie and Jen. But i’m not going to take sides just because of their issue’s, they are human being’s ppl,and ppl make mistakes. It’s so dumb to when ppl say brad should go back to jen,obviously it would never work out. He has children and they would never be able to get over the past.I don’t think Jen deserves anymore pain than she’s been through she deserves a fresh start. Brad and Angie need to work whatever it is that needs to be fixed so they can get on with their lives and be happy.As for the children who are any of you to pass judgment?Those babies were living in a third world country!! They have a life a thousand times better than what it could have been. No parent is perfect but i know they love each and every one of them. Let them have their time to work themselves out.

  • carolinabb

    I can’t compare myself to these two ppl, but from my own experience, my sons were born 1 yr & 29 days apart. They
    went thru a normal childhood & are very close now that they are adults with children of their own. And yes, I get phone calls about how the children are acting up, etc,. I didn’t have nannies but I was blessed with an extended family that helped me out while I worked. I can’t get worked up over how celebrities act so I keep
    my mind open about them b/c I am not in thier shoes.

  • health hut

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