Amy Adams Unnerved About Showing Off Her Ass

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy AdamsAmy Adams admits she was a little apprehensive about having to “show off my ass” in her new movie.

The actress says she was unnerved when costume designers for Night at the Museum 2 told her to wear thigh-hugging jodhpurs to make the most of her assets.

“I wasn’t too worried about it,” she says. “I just knew that I would be wearing tight jodhpurs which would show off my ass. Which I don’t normally do. They were very tight. . .”

Adams, 34, recently revealed that her family help keep her grounded.

“I surround myself with people who are pretty honest with me. I’d like to believe they’re honest with me,” she said.. “They’re not afraid to tell me no — and that’s to me the most important thing.”


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