Paris Hilton Reveals Her Family Plans

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is planning to start a family — and she’s set to ask David and Victoria Beckham to be her childrens’ godparents.

The socialite and hotel heiress told British tabloid the Daily Mirror that she’s keen to have kids with beau Doug Reinhardt.

“I am going to ask Victoria and David to be godparents to my children,” she said. “We had dinner with them in LA and really hit it off.

“I’m going to name my kids David and Victoria because she is so hot and I want kids as beautiful as her.”

Paris added that Doug will “do anything for me, he’s really hot. That’s my future hubby.”

Hilton, 28, recently revealed that she had dreams of becoming the next Princess Diana.


  • Quinn

    Look at that, two names picked out, one for each of her two remaining eggs…

  • Wade Brunick

    I want more Paris Hilton can’t get enough of this hottie. I love her hair and the way she dresses. I dont know about you but I think Paris is crazy attractive to me and I love her style. Incredible body. Beautiful eyes. Perfect skin and what a sexy style. Guys Im serious… I think Paris is the hottest and most adorable girl ever do you think the same?

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    This person has disgusted me ever since she forced herself in front of a camera.She is a no talent wanna be who has no respect for herself or her family, or she wouldn’t be constantly “out There” making a fool of herself. She is a joke and now the Hilton name is a joke because of her. What a loser.She got caught with drugs again and any judge with integrity would throw the book at her and let her cool her heels in jail for a year or so.