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Johnny Depp Wants to Grow a Beer Belly

Posted by Adam

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp can’t wait to retire from Hollywood — so he can grow a beer belly.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor — who started out as one of Freddy Krueger’s first victims in the 1984 film A Nightmare On Elm Street — is being remarkably modest in his plans for old age.

“I just want to become a traditional old man with a beer belly,” says Depp, who will soon be seen in gangster thriller Public Enemies. “I’d like to be sitting on the veranda of our place in France, just staring out over the lawns.”

Depp, 45, has two children — Lily-Rose and Jack — with partner Vanessa Paradis.


  • Zoe

    jOHNNY! you should not think of retirement in your age! what you need, is some vacations in a quiet Greek Island! Best regards

  • saha

    well, he didn’t exactly say he’s retiring is he? I think he would never retire because to him, acting is his life. I DO NOT want him to have a beer belly! If he does I kill him!

  • piratesfan60

    Johnny quoted this years ago. In an interview the man asked Johnny when you retire what do you see yourself doing. Johnny laughed and said I see myself sitting looking and the beauty around me while drinking a beer. He laughed again said Yes I will an old man with a beer belly looking back on my life. Johnny is so funny, sweet, and down to earth. I guess that why I have been a fan for more 20 years. It’s hard to believe he will be 46. He still looks young. I wish at my age I looked as good as him.

  • me

    He can have my husband’s!

  • Johnny Depp

    wooooooo! I wanna beer belly!

  • Malaea


    You are still so young, with so many years ahead of you. Please do not think of growing a beer belly. You are so youthful, and, people like you make us all feel so young when we are 40. Please stay who you are and take care of yourself for many many many more years to come! I’d love to see you play Sparrow for years to come. Maybe even do a sitcom or weekly tv show called Jack Sparrow adventures at sea or something! Would be GREAT!!! XOXOXO ~mAlAeA

  • Judith

    Johnny tengo 15 años y mi verdadero sueño es conocerte
    cres que porque quieras jubilarte tengo que perder mi sueño
    eso no es ser un buen idola para tus fans.
    vale haz lo que quieras
    hinchate a cerbeza y tabaco lo que conseguiras con eso es morirte antes y hacerte menos atractivo y si lo haces em vez de amarte te odiare.
    no te jubiles a los 50 jubilate mas tarde y asi podre realizar mi sueño y el de muchas mas fans

    te kiero

    pero no agas ese disparate
    porfavor hazlo por tus hijos y por tus fans

    te amamos todas

    pero no queremos que te llenes la tripa de esa porkeria
    eres un actor y tu dever no es ese…

    espero quue te llegue



  • Hydro Closet

    Hi there – first off, been a longtime fan, but this is my first comment. I thought I should probably say thanks for posting this piece, and I’ll be back!

    • EJ

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