Angelina Jolie ‘House Hunting in Portugal’

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie is fed up with living in America — she’s reportedly looking to buy a home in Portugal.

The Changeling star — who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — has apparently engaged a real estate agent in the southern Algarve area to find her a beachfront property.

“She loves Portugal and wants to raise her kids there,” an insider said. “She’s looking in a quaint village called Lagos. She wants to move there ASAP.”

The insider refused comment on whether or not Pitt would be joining her. “Let’s put it this way,” the pal said, “They have an open relationship.  Every day is a new day with them.

“I love them both dearly but I must confess things have been hard for them the past few months.”


  • Melinda4587

    Please, please move far, far away, Angie. I for one are so tired of hearing about every little thing you do. Ewwww!

  • Jill

    Well Melinda 28 May dont read or listen to things regarding Angelina then, it is not rocket science

  • anonymous

    I agree, even if you don’t want to hear about this low woman – they still put her every now and then on the covers and i really think so low of her I don’t think she deservees any publicity, only for all bad things she has done to other families of course. I do hope she will move away and we don’t get to hear about her anymore.

  • jilly

    OMG this site has a vIRUS my PC is fckd up!!! DAMMIT!!

  • Anthony

    Portugal is a country where property rights are not enforced. Although after puchasing a house in the Algarve Jolie might think she has a home there, the local councils can withdraw its license at any time, in which case the case cannot be occupied. Beware with buying in the Algarve! You might end up wasting a few million dollars.

  • Dirk

    Dear Anthony – I am sorry if I need to correct you. If some similar happened to you or any you might know, well that it is because you have been ripped of.
    Portugal has a very secure property transaction system. You pay and simultaneously you are a freehold owner. If the property is protect by any protection rights than the council has the possibility to acquire the property in the exact same conditions as you have. No way of wasting a couple of million of dollars.

  • Anthony

    Dear Dirk – Well, I owned a property for over a decade that was perfectly legal, with all the licenses issued by the poperty register, local council, etc. Yet recently the local council revoked its license. Since the courts in Portugal take years and years to issue a ruling on pretty much anything, I am in a limbo. I know other expats like me who have seen their businesses shut down in a matter of days for silly reasons. In short, my advice to everyone is to stay away from buying property in Portugal to avoid regret, as your property is not really yours. I am sorry that that advice makes real estate agents there less busy!

  • Luis Franco

    Hi Anthony, i have to agree with Dirk. Property trasaction system in Portugal it’s very safe. It could take some time (usually less than 6 months), but the property is yours. You just have to make sure old owner don’t have any bank loan.

    By the way i’m portuguese, and live in Portugal. Have some friends from UK living here for years and no problems till now.

    Just to give you an idea, algarve (where this house is located), just 50% of property’s are portuguese owners, the others are foreigners (most of them people from UK, Germany, and Sweden)

  • nane

    Hey, unless you was ripped into buying time sharing and thinking it was freehold, that situation is hard to happen. However, I would advice everyone who wants to buy house in portugal that they should get a good solicitor to check out the deeds first. If you get into a private deal, well theres always a chance of getting ripped.

  • anonymous

    Either way – with a full or partial ownership acquired – very much hope Angelina will get it and be out of our sight with her cheap flirt-full and moral-free behavior.

  • Anthony

    Dear Luis, You have the views of a citizen who is defending his own country. That is fine. Reality is different from what you write. Example, when renting property in Portugal you have to be very careful. If the tenants stop paying the rent it will take years for you to get them evicted because the courts are very slow (therefore you have no property rights). You cannot dispute that. Portugal has one of worst records in Western Europe in terms of its judicial system. I was not taken advantage by any private party. I have been treated unfairly by the local councils. It seems that in Portugal acquired rights are irrelevant and can be revoked (again lack of enforcement of property rights). Other expats like me have had the same experience with their businesses being given a very short time to comply with rules, and being closed shortly after. Having a property right is not about having a piece of paper that says you own a plot of land/apartment/house. It is about that piece of paper meaning something. As I wrote I am sorry that my comments are bad for estate agents there, but people need to be warned about the dangers of investing in Portugal.

  • tikes09

    yep! she fell in love with Quinta da Rocha, and her people’ve been around there. good taste, too!
    the only catch is there’s some arab dude interested too… whats heavier: hollywood money or oil money?
    current owner is some soccer millionaire

  • Paulo

    Dangers of buying in Portugal huh!!! Well I know of a few english who think that just because its cheaper here they can do whatever they please ….. it is not quite like that…. anywhere !!! if you buy a legitimate house with full licensing and paper work there is absolutely no chance of any deed being revoked. But if you buy a deal from a dodgy seller what do you expect…. this will happen in the UK too …if you are not careful….. There are certain steps you take to purchase a property anywhere in the world and if you go cheap and cut corners yes you will get nailed and probably deserved it too …. IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS…. then its the country or the people that are at fault… TSK !!TSK!!

  • Someone that really dont care

    Come on people!! their rich!! If they want to have a house in “lagos” or whatever , let them do it !! And think about it, Portugal can really need some good publicity , after all we are in a crisis and Portugal isn´t really well !!
    I don´t get it why the UK don`t like portuguese people I have some portuguese friends and they are really nice people better than some UK people that think that they know everything!!

  • Heather

    Good riddance.

  • Frederic Angels

    It seems dear Anthony was deceived by some smart real estate seller. Maybe even an english one. There are so many of them down there… He is now campaigning against the rule of law in the country. Be smarter next time, wherever you will be doing business. LOL.

  • I’m Portuguese and whatever for me


    I agree with “Someone”. Portugal does need some good publicity, it seems all you get to hear in other countries is bad stuff about us! And I gotta admitt, life in here does suck and people are poor, there’s a big crises since God knows when, but we also need things that make us think “well, maybe it’s not that bad!”…
    As for the house rent thing, I dont know, I dont have a house of my own and I’m too young to realize that (as I’m a student leaving with my parents). Plus, I’m a common portuguese girl, I don’t know how the rich rent houses here, but it shouldn’t be a problem, since they have money and houses aren’t cheap!
    As for Angelina and other celebrities that want to leave in Portugal: why always Algarve? There are so many beautiful places here, and where they can get almost none publicity at all.
    That sucks, really.

    I hope you guys like a portuguese’s opinion :)

    By the way, yesterday was Portugal’s Day!

  • http://margarida821016w raul loureiro

    se ela acha que quer,fujir do setresse da ribalta dos media e encontrar a tranquilidade num pais pequeno como. portugal e dar o futuro aos filhos longe dostress que e os estados unidos pensso que ela faz muito bem. saudacoes

  • Mimi

    Wohoo i have a house at the Algarve too :) I hope i get to see here when I’m on hollidays there :)

  • Cláudia.

    Please, you should stop talking shit about some things that you don’t know.
    Portugal is in a big crisis, but my country don’t need this publicity, we have years and years of history, we discover the all world, we have culture, beautiful places and a very large tradition.
    Who are you for talking about my country, Anthony? I’ve said bad and stupid things about your country? No, of course. You should wake up for life and go working, portuguese people are good people, we’re not a liars.
    If Angelina wants go to Portugal, she’s gonna be very good received here. Her kids gonna have a excelent education and they gonna growing up healthly and naturaly.
    But, Angelina and Brad never take her kids to here, they need stay in USA for making work, they can’t be a good actress/actor in Portugal.
    I’m really sorry, my english is a little bit confuse.

  • http://google Mike

    Portugal is in big crisis, hum ,USA has a bigger problem, unemploymeny is at the high point , crime, pig pen, that for a country with 1 of the largest economys. Sorry was.