Mel Gibson Chastises Churchgoers

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mel GibsonMel Gibson chastised his fellow churchgoers during Sunday services at his Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, California on Sunday, a new report claims.

The Braveheart star — whose Russian girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, is pregnant with his child — is apparently fed up with gossip among the congregation about his personal affairs.

“Mel’s completely lost it,” an insider told RadarOnline. “[His] holier than thou world is falling apart around him — all these years he’s been preaching the good holy word, and now that the wizard’s curtain has been pulled back, we find that Mel hasn’t been practicing what he preaches.”

“He paced back and forth, furiously telling the congregation that he would not stand by and be judged and scrutinized,” the source added.

“Mel got up on his stage — the altar — and went off. He tried to intimidate the parishioners by staring at everyone with his angry eyes. Mel even threatened to shut down the church if people kept gossiping about him.

“The bottom line is that if Mel hadn’t cheated on his wife and gotten his Russian girlfriend pregnant, there wouldn’t be much to gossip about — he created this mess, and now he’s trying to control it.

“He’s definitely feeling the heat for it.”


  • Shady Lady

    Like my friends always say, what goes around, comes around!!!!