Will Ferrell: ‘Twitter Treated me Badly’

Monday, June 8, 2009

Will FerrellWill Ferrell says he got “badly treated” when he started using Twitter.

The Hollywood funnyman joined the popular social networking site to keep his fans up to date on his life but has quit after being attacked by his fellow Tweeters.

“I tweeted for four days,” explains Farrell. “I went on and got massively made fun of for the lack of humor in my tweets. I got badly treated.

“My parting shot on Twitter was to one guy who criticized me saying, ‘You are a little bitch.’ I ran away like a little girl.”

Ferrell was recently praised by his Land of the Lost co-star Anna Friel for being a good kisser.

“Will Ferrell is a really fantastic kisser,” she said. “You wouldn’t expect it from him — but he is a really, really good kisser.

“And he’s got twinkly blue eyes and he was gentler than I thought that he perhaps might be. So if anyone needs a good kiss they should just get on the phone and ask Will.”


  • BigMFG

    Time to man up and tweet like the rest of the stars! Go private! And dont accept comments from the mean public!

  • bobert

    aw, i love will ferrell<3

  • zac

    man what a way for a star to stop using twitter…. then to tell people about it.. im glad they made fun of you, did you not know that all people do is talk shit and hate? espicially if your famous and rich? welcome to america buddy and btw, man up.

  • riri

    laaame! I loved his tweets. Haters gonna hate! Don’t listen to them!

  • http://Twitter.com/WestLaJayy WestLaJayy

    Man His Tweets Were hilarious…..Smfh At The haters cuz they aint got natural talent

  • blowjob

    fake and gay

    • Shanejenks

      fuck you