Angelina Jolie ‘Desperate’ to Spend Time With Brad Pitt

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie is desperate to spend some time with partner Brad Pitt in a bid to get their relationship back on track.

The actress — who has been busy filming her new movie, Salt, in New York — is planning to head back to Los Angeles amid rumors she and Brad are on the verge of a split.

“Now that Angelina’s movie is about to wrap she is planning on heading back to LA and spending some quality time with Brad,” an insider told a British tabloid.

“She is desperate to try to patch things up, but Brad is feeling like he needs some time and space to work things out.

“Because of their hectic traveling schedules, they have actually not seen much of each other.”

“The plan,” added the source, “is for Angie to go back to LA, spend some time with Brad and then travel to the South of France at the end of July.

“She also has some work lined up with the UN, for which she is a goodwill ambassador.

“That way Brad can focus on his work and she can spend some time with the children.”


  • not gullible

    yes, she so desperate to spend time with him that she moved AWAY from him into a smaller house on their property. Yeah, that’s definitely a sign that she desperately wants to spend time with him. I would find it more believable if you said She desperately wants him to spend time with their children since it looks like he’s always leaving them with the nanny while she works 20 hour days.