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Hugh Laurie: ‘I Don’t Care What Happens to House’

Posted by Adam

Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie isn’t worried about what the future has in store for his character on US TV show House.

“I don’t care what happens I only care how it happens. House could become a nun or an arms dealer or a transvestite,” the British actor said during a special Q&A with fans at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles.

“I don’t really mind as long as it’s done well. It’s the how not the what,” he added.

Hugh also revealed how he’d managed to beat George Clooney in a recent poll of the ‘Hottest Fake Doctors’.

“Most of those votes were mine because there is a way of setting up a program that will vote multiple times,” Hugh confessed.

Laurie also revealed that he’s keen to get his pal Stephen Fry to make a guest appearance on House.

“I can only oil the wheels as much as I can and I keep dropping his name,” he said.

“I keep saying ‘he’s alright really, despite what you may think’, but it’s obviously a question of finding the right role, the right moment.”

“The bloke’s never off the television,” Hugh added. “He’s off doing documentaries around the world about the panda or whatever it is. He’s quite hard to get and very expensive. I’m not sure we could afford him!”