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Did Martin Bashir Kill Michael Jackson?

Posted by Paul

Yesterday, a British journalist paid tribute to Michael Jackson:

Martin Bashir

“I think the world has now lost the greatest entertainer it’s probably ever known. It is very sad.”

But in 2003, that same man, Martin Bashir, conducted a series of interviews with the world acclaimed King of Pop, who had then become embroiled in scandal, centering around child molestation claims that dated back to 1993.

It was good friend and spoon bender, Uri Geller, who recommended the iconic pop star to the ITV journalist. Bashir proposed that “nothing be off-limits” in this investigation, a proposal that was accepted by Jackson. Little was known that this documentary would soon cause further scrutiny towards ‘Wacko Jacko’, a name that to some, represents the agonizing final part of his life.

Geller considers the recommendation now as a ‘betrayal’, as Bashir’s cunning deception “deeply upset” the pop star. Perhaps one could even go as far as to suggesting that Martin Bashir was the epitome of canny, machiavellian men that played a part in Michael’s downfall, and eventual death.

The first and final parts of the documentary are still able to be viewed on YouTube, with ITV Productions Limited making copyright claims for the rest of the show. Even in these short clips, Bashir’s heartless and ruthless attitude to journalism and sensationalism is revealed, at the expense of the reputation of a man who is labelled, by the man himself, the “greatest entertainer”. And watching the first part of this ITV program, watched by over 15 million viewers in Britain alone, shows Bashir embracing all that Jackson should be remembered for.

One wonders then why Bashir had to bring up and prioritize upon Jackson’s child molestation claims, in an attempt to show the troubled pop star in a damaging light.

“They’re judging someone that wants to really help people” was one of Jackson’s more effective responses, and to me, it really helps justify his actions. Bashir did well to ignore these words, and continue with what can only be described as badger baiting. One must take into consideration – this is a man whose only life has been in show-business.

But that is not the main reason why Bashir’s interview is unforgivable. Watching the last part of the documentary is especially moving, as the ‘King of Pop’ has to explain himself regarding Bashir’s awkward questioning on Jackson’s children. Pleading that ‘love’ is being lost in the world, and his emotion perhaps cites his own childhood woes. It puts clearly into perspective, for anyone with a heart softer than a stone, the reasons for Michael Jackson’s special relationship with children.

So, is this what eventually killed him? A constant loss of trust that disillusioned Jackson with anyone close-by. A source agrees with this statement, which was in the press on Saturday:

“He felt very alone. Michael had no close friends around him and he always harbored miserable feelings with his father. He was always sad that his family was not with him.

“If there wasn’t a doctor with him, or a security team, then it was managers or a lawyer or a publicist. He was never alone. He surrounded himself with people who used him, and he was terribly paranoid about people using him, so he fired staff constantly. It was just nonstop people in and out of his life.

“He loved making music or just singing old songs. Music allowed him temporary peace when he went into his studio. He would relax and open up more.”

It is still, to me, a shame that Jackson’s emotional attachment with something he was never able to have is viewed as something strange and twisted. And I hope the King of Pop, who died on Thursday, will always be remembered as the King of Pop.


  • Sympathico

    I agree wholeheartedly. When you kill someone’s spirit it’s only a matter of time before the body gives up. He has Michael’s blood on his hands.

  • Mary

    There is only one answer to that question, and the answer is a big fat YES!!!!!!!

    The interview that he allow Martin Bashir to have was the beginning of the end. He was so hard on Michael and I don’t know what Michael allow him to continue to ask questions.

    Martin Bashir interviewed Princess Diana, and Michael thought that he would be fair.

    So the answer to your question is yes and ABC should fired him.

  • Edward

    Thank you for actually daring to publish this. I’m stunned to learn his working for ABC, his thought of a duplicitous weasel in the UK.

  • Shirlee

    Bashir is a very unethical journalist. He twisted the interview to fit his intention to bring down Michael Jackson. It seemed as if he enjoys bringing down African -Americans: he did the same with Marion Jones.

    Yes, Bashir started the chain that broke Michael’s spirit. MJ’s fans despise Bashir with a passion. For ABC to let Bashir pay tribute to
    Michael on Nightline was truly in bad taste.

  • Laverne

    I agree wholeheartedly that Martin Bashir has Michael’s blood on his hand. In his zeal to establish himself as a notable journalist, he sacrificed Michael, a loving human being, like a lamb to the slaughter. Now in death he pays him homage? Have he no decency? In fact, I am amazed by the comments of so many news reporters and celebrities who made so many nasty and negative comments about Micheal during the child molestation trial who are now publically grieving his death. As far as I am concerned, they all have blood on their hands. They know who they are.

  • JimmyZappa

    Thanks for proving how blind you people are. Michael agreed to the interview. The interview itself (if any of you ever saw it) was straight as it could be (what deceiving are you referring to anyway? asking questions that clearly demanded answers? Yea, that’s real deceptive since Michael was clearly anticipating lots of ass kissing).

    Michael did this to HIMSELF. And HIMSELF only. His dependancy on painkillers and other prescription medicine has been traced back to the ’80s and the people around him should’ve given him the appropriate help he needed, not medication. Plus Michael should have not added fuel to the fire by interacting with children the way he did, what did he THINK was gonna happen one day (assuming he did not inappropriately interact with a child). Plus the real perpetrator was his father who started the downward trend which was fueled by the accusations about his child molestation.

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      Thank you for saying it straight. I for one am a fan of Michael Jackson’s music, but that is the extent of it. Those that would like to see only the good side of the man live in a fantasy. It wasn’t going to matter how you edited that interview it was clear that the man was not playing with a full deck.
      What I still can’t understand is why this one man is still a media draw, other than his music library. He is dead, his fate sealed, let him rest. And for all those that believe the conspiracy hype, stop blaming others for the mistakes made by MICHAEL JACKSON! I will go on record saying he is a great entertainer, but he just a mere man, nothing greater. Don’t elevate him to heights where he should not be.

    • malcy

      Martin Bashir was the epitome of canny, machiavellian men. how true.Not many know the meaning of this.To the ordinary viewer Bashir’s questions seem fair.

  • AB

    I agree that Martin Bashir’s unethical style of journalism contributed to the King of Pops death. Let’s not forget Bashir’s employers in this also. What do thy have to say now that he is dead and they can turn to any media source and see how many fans Michael has…. absolutely nothing should be the answer. Everyone who viewed Bashir’s interview will forever remember his ‘subjective’ sytle of journalism and goal to prove a point. Who paid him to do this?? That was not true journalism.

  • Kristen

    I agree.

  • Paul Sharpre

    Millar get me my dinner you slag

  • Milla

    Martin Bashir is DEFINITELY for MJ’s death and he’s gonna ROT IN HELL, for what he’s done!

  • Milla

    Martin Bashir is DEFINITELY responsible for MJ’s death and he’s gonna ROT IN HELL, for what he’s done!

  • Chloe

    Martin Bashir is DEFINITELY responsible for MJ’s death and he’s gonna ROT IN HELL, for what he’s done!

  • alberta

    This foolish creep killed mIchael- I even learnt this in college about the amount of editing they did with the interview. He made people think Mihcael was a child molester and that caused Michael to take drugs…It hurts me that one man can ruin our favourite icon and tortue him emotionally and verbally. I am extremely sad…Londerners we should do an event to get him back

  • janet

    i seen part of that interview yesterday. i wanted to slap that man. does he not know that michael was a great and loving man. anyone that gives the most to charity than anyone else and gets into the guiness book of records for that reason, no contest. also donated 5 million from a jackson tour to three different charities. why didn’t that dude bring this up. he almost had michael cry at one point, michael said, why are you doing this to me. again i wanted to slap him. where were all his hollywood friends, i would have been his friend, my daughter would have been his friend. she was a huge fan of his. everyone suing him for things just because they are greedy. may michael rest in peace. elvis and him will have fun up in heaven. king of rock and roll, king of pop. wow. rest in peace, michael

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      If those two are in heaven, I may have a shot!

  • Tughral Mirza

    Michael Bashir is not a journalist, he is a two face selfish, untrust worthy oppertunist traistor. If he Mr. Jackson had granted him the interview it was due to the reference of Dian’s interview and he was supposed to be cautious of what to bring to the public and what not. He should be tried and penalized and the fired.

  • star

    ABC stooped to a new low by having Bashir host 20/20′s special on Michael Jackson. What an insult to a beloved entertainer’s legacy.

  • http://msn micahflores

    poop on you!!!!!!!!!!!! michael had a heart attack poor micheal

  • FB

    I really hope this article and its comment will reach Mr Bashir. His hypocrisy is – to quote a word he likes so much to use – one of the most *DISTURBING* faults I ever got to witness in a human being.

    Yet Michael Jackson was a loving, forgiving man, and no expression of hate would cross his vocabulary, not even towards this infamous so called journalist who’s hands are surely dirty with innocent blood.

    The King of Pop is above all this now, and in so many ways he has always been.
    What’s left for us is to honour his memory by loving and forgiving.

    I’ll try to do so myself, but at the same time can’t help wondering: Mr Bashir, how can you sleep at night?



  • FB

    I think we should all write to ABC and boycott the guy.

  • Dee

    Martin Bashir is a two faced, corrupt , third graded journalist who thinks he has jumped to fame because he managed to bring down a GREAT ARTIST.

    Its been a while since the interview , but even today the tickets for MJ’ s show was sold out… that simply means that people like bashir are like a little insignificant spot which can be ignored. I hate the guy and I wish he suffers all his life keeping in mind that he took a great man’s life…

    As for MJ , RIP….

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      No, what took a great man’s life is the people that he surrounded himself with that enabled him to self destruct. Don’t blame the guy that reported the train wreck. Blame the people that were responsible for creating it and steering it to its destination.

      And yes this means the fans who would overlook the bad to see only the good.

  • jan

    Michael was very innocent and couldnt see what Bashir was up to, his innocence and kindness was his inner spiritual quality and Bahir turned the interview round to make him look like a man who touched children in a sinister way. If this were the case, he wouldnt have admitted to sleeping with them, Michael was subject to the greed of this journalist who has blood on his hands.

  • richard north


  • natalie

    Absolutely he did!! My first thoughts were that Martin Bashir had better not pay tribute to MJ because he has fuelled MJ’s downward spiral. And then in black and white an editorial from Martin Bashir in The Sun a day later. He has blood on his hands! I couldn’t stand him then and hate Bashir even more now!

  • FB

    Comments containing reader’s opinions keep being censored from this ABC page about Bashir:

    It’s true.
    And it’s wrong.
    I do believe in impeccable ethical standards for information broadcasts and journalism, but, of course, how high can one expect the bar to be set by a company that would hire that man?

  • FB

    Comments containing reader’s opinions keep being censored from Martin Bashir’s page on ABCnews. It’s true. And it’s wrong. I do believe in impeccable ethical standards for information broadcasts and journalism, but, of course, how high can one expect the bar to be set by a company that would hire this man?


    martin bashir god forgive me but i dream of ………….you will be famous now fr killing my idol ,my hero and a gentle soul. you other hand is uckk ,tight ,tw faced .you ate and dined in micheal jacksons house you have no shame …………………………well your grand kids will be so ashamed of you down in history you will be remembered as an evil man

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      Try writing a post after the tourette’s tick is finished.

  • Dan

    He has pulled the butterfly’s wings off..has he killed the butterfly?
    He definitely has MJ’s blood on his hands..Mr. Bashir can you sleep at night knowing you’ve made the world a “worst” place?
    RIP Michael

  • inconnu

    Qu’il brûle en enfer avec les Chandler

  • mike

    I fucking hate Martin Bashir. I hope someone smashes his ugly face in. It would probably improve his ugly appearance. He betrayed MJ and made his life miserable. What Martin did is unforgivable. He’s no respectable journalist. He’s tabloid scum.

  • jack

    Absolutely. Michael has never been the same since that edited
    interview. Bashir used the interview to advance his own carear. It is appauling that he still present 20/20. Shame on Bashir and ABC.
    Bashir is not just a tabloid he is a sensless and heartless parasite.

  • ALAM

    The modern day Judas, Martin Bashir, has certainly killed Michael Jackson. The evil and callous Satan should not pay tribute when he has stabbed Michael thousand times!

  • Tom L

    Yes. Martin Bashir and Tom Sneddon (the prosecutor from Santa Barbara County) were both largely responsible for assassinating the King of Pop. And the both profited from that misdeed.

  • cley

    I hate this Bashir guy, I was very neutral towards MJ, but I watched the show that night and when I saw what he did, how malicious and canning he was, I felt sorry for MJ and realized how naive he was for trusting this snake..

  • Jeff

    Bashir did nothing wrong. He documented a man who had lost control of reality. Of course he was going to react to what he was seeing. Of course he would want to confront Jackson when Jackson was obviously not telling the truth. Michael Jackson may be dead, and that is a sad thing, but he had inappropriate relationships with children and abused drugs.

  • Fred

    I hate you Bashir. You would let your kids get reemed for money, you pig.

  • Laura

    I completely and utterly agree with this artical.
    I have just watched the Martin Bashir interview clips that he didn’t want put in his programme. It was all filmed on Michael Jacksons personal camera while Martin Bashir interviewed Michael- he knew it was being filmed, (this is on utube). It reveals the back stabbing and twisting of Michaels words from Martin Bashir, with the use of very pointed leading questions.

    Michael Jackson was a kind hearted man and also a legendary artist and Martin Bashir decided to give a completely distorded view of him during his documentary, just to fuel his own want for fame. He should be totally ashamed and yes Michael Jackson’s blood is on Martin Bashir’s hands, along with all of the other people who only tried to bring him down and ridicule him. When all the while they should have been celebrating him when he was alive!

    RIP Michael xx

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      So let me catch up. Are you saying that Michael Jackson was interviewed by a journalist trying to coerce the interviewee into revealing his sick truths. NO WAY!!!

  • Buttercup Elizabeth

    I just watched that Bashir documentary, and while I cannot blame him for MJ’s death, I can say he was a complete and total a-hole who egged MJ on and then enjoyed bringing MJ down for his personal gain. How Martin Bashir lives with himself doing that kind of sleazy stuff and how Bashir continues to have a career in journalism is beyond me.

    And who would trust that guy as a friend? He’s so dishonest.

    Yet, let’s be real. MJ had some problems. His mistake was trusting the wrong person to confide about his problems — an unethical parasite.

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      For a second there I thought maybe you were on board with the way the world works and that maybe MJ problems are closer to home that this one guy. I will agree that Bashir is an a hole, but that kind of comes along with being a journalist. A job requirement!!!

  • Ali

    I agree 100%.
    He wanted to achive greatness for himself by trying to bring down a man who spent all his life helping people.

  • paige

    i agree totally that reporter needs to stop trying to crack the story. MJ was a good person and may his soul R.I.P

  • Maggie

    What a bastard, indian SNAKE!!!

  • sss

    I wish Martin Bashir could read this comment cause he needs to know that he is the biggest regret that god could make creating. that interview affected Michael Jackson’s life. And i was really mad to see that a person like Bashir could live while hurting our lively humaniterian man. There will never be no one like Michael. And he was not a pervert man he likes to give children what he didn’t get.
    Bashir, you didn’t become famous because you presented that interview. Even if you were it was in a bad way. You must be ashamed of your self.
    And Michael, you may rest in peace.

  • sss

    Bahir may god kill you right now

  • sss


  • mjfan

    Martin Bashir is DEFINITELY responsible for MJ’s death and he’s gonna ROT IN HELL, for what he’s done!

    im getting an ipod touch ingraved saying

    Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
    You will be missed.

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      At least then Mike and him can duke it out in the fire pits!

  • paige

    i agree. That creep needs to stop thinking as people like there stupid.And he made MJ sound like a child melester that reporter should retirer and soon. And i hope this doesnt get out of control.

  • paige

    he killed michel big time.

    • Dingleberry Mufassa

      He doesn’t need to think it, just read the posts on here.

  • youpeoplearedelusional

    Are you kidding me? I have never seen so many delusional people in one comment thread, in my entire life. Oh, it’s all a huge conspiracy. Everyone was out to get Michael cause they were “jealous”. Please, not a single person here would trade their life with his.

    I’m not convinced he touched those kids, but once you openly admit to sleeping with other people’s children, you are simply asking for people to raise eyebrows.

    In fact, what’s truly disgusting is the demigod worship and the bat$hit crazed fans who attack anyone who doubts the infallbility of Michael Jackson. If he wasn’t a famous child star, a global icon, anyone else who possesses child pornography goes to jail.

    Yes, he was a great entertainer, perhaps the most popular to date. That doesn’t mean that he is above the law. If he wasn’t a pedo, at the very least, a regressed 10 year old that didn’t realize he was damaging those kids… But just because someone is rich and famous does not mean that the rules and standard judgment should not apply to him.

    Blaming Martin Bashir is such classic denial. Yeah, blame the messenger who gave evidence of how crazy MJ turned out to be. Oh, but I’m just a hater. yeah yeah yeah

    • Is

      Omfg, you BELIEVE the liars of SmokingGun…. sot you can stay with reading The sun and the rest of the crap. Read THE REAL docs given by the FBI, not of haters such as above…

      What a pity..

  • FB

    No, youpeoplearedelusional: you’re not a hater, you’re just “ignorant”.

    And may I add that speaking with simplicity about sharing one’s room – or even bed – is what an innocent soul would do.

    Sure Michael Jackson was eccentric in his ways, but that was of no harm to anybody and judging people’s private issues is low and distasteful.

    If you want to comment on his deeds, then your focus should be the great deal of artwork he’s left for us – his music, his magic.

    That’s what he was willing to share – together with a huge heart full of love.

    All the rest, saying anything else, would merely be cheap gossip.

    Sincerely, F.

  • George

    Sure Michael went a bit nuts, but I don’t think Martin Bashir’s documentary really helped.

  • sweat


    For those whom across path with this sleeze ball, please feel free to throw stones at him, as he threw stones to our beloved POP star Michael.


  • erika

    i do not think that he killed him, i wouldnt go that far,
    i think that he did bring a lot of stress on him.
    i saw the “living with michael jackson, take two” on youtube and i feel that he went out of his way to make him look like the worst man on the world.
    all he did was want michael to say in his interview that “he was a molester and he had tons of work done on his face, and that the charges were true” to make Bishir look good and to make Bashir go down in history!
    michael completely opened up and he just trashed him.
    that’s wrong.

  • Will

    Bashir will burn in hell for lying and killing Micheals spirit. Bashir has no honor , no ethics and is a low down dirty slimy f ….ing scum ball and even those adjectives are too good for him. I don’t know how that sick weasel can live with himself…..
    RIP Micheal, beautiful light….

  • WAI

    why would Micheal do the documentary and say those things if he was a pedo and feared conviction, I mean wake up ….. he was open and honest because it was innocent….andy why not a whole lot more accusations then, because I believe that horrid woman used her own child to fleece MJ out of his money, she was on the stand for 5 days and every day her story and peronality were different….hmmmm….. really sound convincing here. Bashir wanted sensationalism and a name for himself, well you got it now Bashir and your name is mud.

  • David

    That piece of shit spun Michael’s responses into a web that became the murder weapon. Fuck you Bashir. You ugly, ugly, selfish sub-human. FUCK YOU.

  • necie

    This man should be ashamed of himself for putting Michael through that. Michael had been through enough in his life. He broke his spirit and deceived him. He made Michael believe he was going to be able to tell his side of the story. Instead, he tried to make him look like a fool. You should feel really messed up. SHAME ON YOU, FILTHY MAN!

  • Sue

    He was an entertainer. (period).

    He wasn’t Jesus.

    I saw the documentary today. He was NOT set up. He participated knowingly and Bashir wasn’t hard on him. He asked pointed relevant questions and was given absurd answers that only made the viewer KNOW MJ was not all there, was not ok and yes, completely delusional,or on drugs?

    His so called family and friends should have intervened on his behalf and gotten him help years ago. But he was supporting all of them, and no one wanted to stop the gravey train. Shame on THEM, not Martin Bashir. Ignorance is not bliss people, it’s just ignorant.

    • fifithompson

      Mr. Bashir, the show’s executive producer James Godston (also editor or LWMJ) and their bosses think the public are stupid and until now they have gotten away (and have even been financially rewarded) with doing just that.
      The media feel they have no moral obligation to tell the truth and never will until we force them to.
      I just read The Trials Of Michael Jackson and what Sony also appear to have been doing behind the scenes is so mercenary I really feel for the poor man. It is like a feeding frenzy…. Bashir, the DA. Sneddon, Sony, the extrotionists and the tabloids.
      The press is going to be really reluctant to fess up to the part they all played in creating an invironment for those other bloodsuckers to feast on someone that should have been the pride of the nation.
      It doesn’t pay to be anything but selfish in this world because you’ll just threaten and embarrass those who don’t have it in their hearts/nature to selflessly give to others.
      They’ll be suspicious of you and make it a mission to take you down.
      This is the hell on earth that has been talked about since time immemorial.
      And the cash being made this way is so tainted that I doubt it goes to helping give anyone peace and contentment, probably just more escapism from their guilty consciences by way of materialism, drugs etc.

  • bb

    Thank you for this article. I think that Bashir has gotten away with spiritual murder long enough and it’s time to bring his disgusting tactics to light and redeem Michael Jackson’s good name.

    Somehow Martin Bashir went under the radar with his appallingly unethical journalism and it is now time for him to answer to his actions. And, it is up to us, the PUBLIC to be loud and clear about it. I would definitely go to a demonstration demanding that ABC fire him, PRONTO. What he did to Michael Jackson makes me want to cry.

  • GB

    Wow! I was just writing my blog, and wondering why I feel so terrible about the loss of Michael Jackson. I loved his music – worked that one out. And then worked through that I hoped Michael would, before the end of his life, know that there were more people who believe that he was set up by a disgusting press baying for copy.
    And then I remembered Martin Bashir’s work and googled. At the time I couldn’t believe that he did what he did, to anyone. He is a disgrace to journalism and humanity. He showed no humanity, and he now has a result.
    I am not a ‘fan’ in the traditional sense of MJ, but I do believe that he was a wonderfully talented, gentle and generous human being. I have a hunch that he was just trying to do for other kids what he didn’t have as a child. There are many people who do that.
    I hope Martin Bashir learns humanity.

  • Nippon Tuck

    Even though I liked Michael Jackson, I wasn’t blind to his obvious flaws. I think his fans, that have made most of the comments on this page, are looking for a scapegoat. Look on the website of the Times newspaper, or type “killed by his fans” into a search engine for an article by a commentator who thinks he was killed by his fans – though I’m not necessarily saying I agree with it.

  • Straw Fields

    The British style of journalism and interviewing is different from the American style. The American style – typified by people like Oprah – tends to be fawning, almost as if the interviewer is a fan themselves. Not many difficult or probing questions. Don’t forget that the Bashir interview took place after Jackson had already paid a child’s father $22 million dollars to settle a previous court case. So you can’t blame Martin Bashir.

  • marcia

    I totally agree! I watched the documentary, Bashir was a damned machiavelian man with MJ! Everyone could see it in his eyes. “Bad bad-really, really bad / You know he’s bad, he’s bad. You know it.”

  • Addy

    Mensen maken alles kapot wat mooi is!

  • Jaime

    Yes, Martin Bashir must be judged on a trial for having planned the beginning of Michael’s death with his satanic interview. Martin is responsible No.1 and the whole world must know that.

  • Maggie

    I speak for myself when I say “I am not delusional” in my comments about Michael Jackson, nor am I in “denial”. I have a brain in my head and would like to think I am rational enough to decipher for myself that the Martin Bashi documentary was not “fair and balanced”. If, (based on the facts/evidence)I thought Micheal was guilty, I would definitely have said so. Martin Bashir had one ugly motive in mind. Martin pretended to agree with Michael throughout that interview only to gain his trust to get him to open up about his most intimate and private life. Then at the very end, he stuck the diger in deeeeep.

    Though I am a fan, I was never a “crazed fan” of Michael. I simply loved him for his music, talents, and as a desent humanitarian. As far as I am aware,he was a very loving and kind person. So, my comments are not coming from a crazed-fan point of view.

    NO! Michael was not above the law. He was publically humiliated when he was arrested, hand-cuffed and tried for the charges brought against him. His fame and fortune did not win him browney points during his arrest and trial. He was treated like any otther. He was ultimately found NOT GUILTY of these charges – charges that stemmed directly as a result of the Martin Bashir documentary.

    It seems inconceivable that people are still talking about “child pornography” and “child molestation” after his aquital. If you say you don’t believe he was a Pedophile , why speak about him in this way? This is so hypocritical.

    Everyone knows Michael was child-like. He was a child at heart and he even admitted as much. But does this make him a monster? What about all the good he has done in this world with his success? Does this not count for something? He was a real, genuine human being, not a “thing”. Regardless of the fact that he made some outward physical changes, his good heart never changed. This should be what matters. And this his how I choose to remember him. No matter what others may think or say, he did a lot of good and help a lot of people.

  • Kenny

    Shame on you ABC for keeping him on your channel! I watched that crap interview when I was in High School, and thank god Michael was recording the REAL interview. Also, I will agree with others that he has the blood of MJ on him. He is on borrowed time. R.I.P. MJ

  • Sel

    I’ve just watched the Bashir interview (that I recorded at the time) again, and I feel completely sick!! How could anybody be so cruel and heartless? It’s so obvious he was trying to stitch him up. How frustrating it must have been for Michael not to be understood. Martin was relentless, he manipulated the kindness and innocence of Michael to further his own career. Michael trusted Martin and he betrayed him. I miss you so much Michael. My heart goes out to your beautiful children and family. The world has lost the brightest star of all

  • Chillin

    The “Living with Michael” interview was devastating for me to watch, so it must have been worse for Michael.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. If Bashir thought Michael was guilty, he should have told him so, not entrap the guy and get a huge paycheck from it. He should have been a man about it.

  • david

    bashir is a sleazy weasel, should be sued and put into prison. this guy needs to be tried for first degree manslaughter and abusing emotion of six billion people.

  • John Laite

    The opportunity of a lifetime that so many who loved and truly appreciated Michael Jackson for who he was and the person who got to spend time with Michael was a spineless coward who can only further his own career with what is deemed good short gossip and rumour and complete trash that so many as depraved as Bashir eat with a knife and fork…the kind that needs to know that their lives are not a complete failure by comparison which also includes the aforementioned Bashir..a gutless douchebag whose integrity weighs less than his balls which would have to be practically non existent….keep Michael Jackson truly alive and maybe in doing so his message will get out and the world may actually start to look a little bit better…

  • http://showbizspy cm

    Yes, yes. Those who know suffering always knew why he loved children. Tonight NBC/Bashir did another ‘rendition’ of that interview, only this time it was fair, and ended where it should have. Bashir has since turned into a decent host on ABC, but every time I’ve seen him I never forgot his betrayal. Now the sight of him makes me sick. NBC ran it, but I wonder if it was to cover that it’s to save Bashir from the backlash now that people are starting to stop, think, and see. If only MJ could come back. What would Bashir say to him today. CM

  • Charles

    In 1993 MJ paid $20 million to a young boy and his family to avoid criminal molestation charges and a civil suit. Nine years later, Bashir came along and MJ shockingly admitted, on camera, that he was still in the habit of inviting young boys to sleep with in his bed. Even mors shocking, he MJ so while holding hands and cuddling 12 year old Gavin Arvizo. Bashir did not force MJ to do this, MJ did it of his own accord. Less than a year later, Gavin Arvizo told Santa Barbara district attorney that MJ had molested him on several occasions, leading to MJ’s infamous trial. That MJ, after paying $20 million to silence his earlier accuser, continued to sleep with young boys for years should tell you all you need to know about his guilt or innocence, regardless of that trial’s outcome. Blaming Bashir for MJ’s strand compulsions, foolish behaviors and drug addiction/death is simply assinine.

  • Sharon



  • alwaysblue

    don’t you feel any shame.what kind of a man are you?
    how can you write these?
    at the end of the writing you wrote everybody will remember him as King of Pop.
    its true.but don’t forget that everybody will remember you as
    ”Murderer of Michael Jackson”.

  • bb

    It is not for revenge but for a sense of justice that I don’t think any of us here should let this thing go. Bashir cannot do what he did and then go on to live his life without consequences.

    It’s wrong, and it’s important for MJ’s legacy that a spotlight be shined on Bashir’s reprehensible, nearly-criminal actions (slander) that terrorized an innocent & hurting person.

    Maybe through letters to ABC, or a demonstration, or simple youtube videos, or something – we can start a campaign to get this guy fired and shunned from the world of journalism forever. That’s at the very least what should happen to him.

    A documentary needs to be made about Bashir’s documentary, because otherwise he will just continue getting away with it like he has done for the last few years.

  • Sarah

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being. I hope God has mercy on you Bashir, because as a human being, I wouldn’t.

  • Zorrro

    Bashir killed Jakson’s career and now he’s playing it all safe and pretending that he admired him and that he also feels we’ve lost a great soul. Bashir is a creep who got he’s career on ABC thanks to MJ’s downfall, by lying to MJ that he was doing a genuine balanced interview, when we all saw that his only goal was to publicly defame MJ.

    He should at least stand up to he’s opinions and continue saying that MJ is a freak, but he wont because public opinion is too strong in favour of MJ, as it should be.


  • Zorrro

    Bashir killed Jakson’s career and now he’s playing it all safe and pretending that he admired him and that he also feels we’ve lost a great soul. Bashir is a creep who got he’s career on ABC thanks to MJ’s downfall, by lying to MJ that he was doing a genuine balanced interview, when we all saw that his only goal was to publicly defame MJ.

    He should at least stand up to he’s opinions and continue saying that MJ is a freak, but he wont because public opinion is too strong in favor of MJ, as it should be.


  • Alana

    i think what you llot have writen is disgustin and wrong ! martin is my best friends dad so dot you daresay anything like that again i think your the snakes ad plus martin did not kill mj ! rip mj but sthut up about martin bashir

  • eileen

    Without any doubt bashir has blood on his hands. i felt sick when i saw him talking about Michael. He is not fit to say his name. R.I.P Michael, i will defend you to my last breath. as for bashir, crawl back under your stone.

  • Name

    Yes, he should be FIRED. I will never watch this man who did what he did to ELEVATE himself at the expense of others….the lives Martin destroyed for his own self interest. Michael Jacksoon was truly caring and did a lot for children’s charities and it was all from the heart. Unfortunately, SOME people do not operate from their heart…….

  • Midy

    This guy spent several months gaining Michael’s confidence and then betrayed him in the last interview. His “concern” regarding Michael lying about his plastic surgery was ridiculous. There are very few people who admit to cosmetic procedures. In fact it was a rude and inappropriate question – especially to a person who has given us so much. I also resent the focus on insinuations of guilt instead of the fact that Michael was found innocent by all members of a jury who had a chance to study the case. Too bad this report did not end on a good note, instead of common sensationalism. It still would have sold.

  • TJ

    Martin Bashir was very condescending in that interview and totally took advantage of Michael’s trust and vulnerability. I don’t like to use the word “hate” but I have some pretty strong negative feelings toward Bashir. His betrayal hurt Michael to the core and he should feel guilty for what that ultimately did to Michael. I agree with many of you, Bashir should be fired, but even if that never happens (hey, we are talking about America, you know), he will ultimately face judgment from the Creator.

  • Come on

    Wow, there are some absolutely delusional people here. Michael Jackson, not Bashir, decided to undergo dozens of plastic surgeries and skin bleachings, which started the “Wacko Jacko” stuff. Michael Jackson, not Bashir, paid the mother of an accuser $22 million in 1993. Why would he have done that if he weren’t guilty? Michael Jackson, not Bashir, thought nothing of dangling his own son over a hotel balcony. All of these events occurred before the interview and greatly damaged his reputation. And the interview itself? Bashir’s questions couldn’t have been more straightforward. It was Jackson’s unbelievable answers that were scandalous. Finally, it was Jackson who caused his own death, with his dangerous use of painkillers. Yes, it’s sad that he’s dead, but he brought this on himself. Unfortunately, a lot of celebrities do so.

  • Germz

    It’s funny how motherfuckers be judging michael jackson and be making shit out of nowhere. Like how the fuck do you know he got a plastic surgery? You motherfuckers ain’t doctors… most of ya’ll bitches don’t even got college degrees so please shut the fuck up and take that tabloid shit and shove it the fuck up in your ass where it belongs, maybe while your doing that try to get the head out of your ass as well.

  • Drewski

    Totally – This guy is a modern day JUDAS! – He put these ‘wheels’ in motion and should hang his head in shame – AND The FUCKER has the gall to begin a posthumous television review on the day he died….it was all a ‘story’ to him – WANkA! FUCK YOU BASHIR!

  • http://showbizspy Karen

    I am deeply saddened that a wonderful human being died. The year 2009 was to be a glorious year for the returing of the King Of Pop. Bashir is one of the many that tried to get ahead by scrutinizing a person. Michael had a terrible childhhod and a terrible life as a grown up. It is undeniable that the only things that made MJ happy was music and children because they did not a person. Michael was not happpy in life but now he is happy in heaven. I bet he is moonwalking to James Brown. Forever will be missed. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

  • http://showbizspy Karen

    I am deeply saddened that a wonderful human being died. The year 2009 was to be a glorious year for the returing of the King Of Pop. Bashir is one of the many that tried to get ahead by scrutinizing a person. Michael had a terrible childhood and a terrible life as a grown up. It is undeniable that the only things that made MJ happy was music and children because they did not a person. Michael was not happpy in life but now he is happy in heaven. I bet he is moonwalking to James Brown. Forever will be missed. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

  • Susan Olsen

    I was stunned at the bad taste ABC used in having Bashir hosting tribute footage the night of Michael’s death. It was absolutey offensive to have that traitor any where near a tribute. ABC has stooped to a new low.

  • Rozanne

    Hi to all the other fans. Gavin Arvizo accused Michael of molesting him, after Michael helped him and his family. Shame on him, because we all know it was a lie. People used Michael. He was a great person and artist, so they used him. And Bashir you was too hard on Michael. You could have gave a more positive performance in the interview. The people only saw the bad in Michael, but they do not see what he did all the years and how he helped the sick and the poor, especially children. I am a big fan and loved him so much. It is so sad. My dream was to meet him, someday, somehow, but now it will never happen. Don’t worry, those who accused Michael or did him harm will be punished. Their day will come. Like they say: “Don’t do to someone, you don’t want to do to yourself”.
    I love you Michael. R.I.P our King of Pop. You will be missed. xx
    Rozanne – South Africa

  • L.L

    Not all murderers go to prison – there are many ways to kill a person – the murderer Michael Bashir is so evil (after twisting the interview with Michael Jackson) that he is now giving tribute to the deceased star as if he is a decent journalist. He is not decent. He is worse than dog shit, scum – a murderer no doubt.

  • L.L

    I think a demonstration against Martin Bashir is in order

  • L.L

    Every time a magnificent person is born into this world and I am referring to those who are full of love, peace and harmony who try to make a change – this stinking, dirty world takes them out one way or another. So another beautiful human being is dead and he WAS murdered by certain factions in America and the British Scum dog journalist Martin Bashir.

    It happens every time, no matter where on earth or the century or year. From old prophets such as Jesus Crhist (or whatever his real name was) who were brutally murdered for trying to spread peace and love on earth to Mahatma Ghandi, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King plus many, many more that we don’t even know about.

    It doesn’t matter whether the message is political or whether they spread happiness and joy through music like Michael did. This stinking, dirty world always finds a way to drag such people down and kill them.

  • Reiallie Marevorkas

    Martin Bashir is disgusting thinking about what he did to MJ makes me ill. I believe that thier should be calls to stop the media writing lies and fabricating stories about celebrities all together its highly unfair..Bashit is “Honest Iago” whilst Michael is Othello

  • Dxb Angel

    Martin Bashir has MJ’s blood on his hand. Martin Bashir’s will come and go but Michael will live on forever with his music.

    Martin Bashir will rot in hell.

  • http://showbizspy jb

    i believe that the documentary of martin bashir killed michael jackson inside. Because it triggered the molestation charges for this unreliable kids a.k.a. gavin arviso and his family. It is so sad that michael helped him to survive cancer and then he just did it to michael. NAyway, going back to martin bashir, he will never be as famous as Michael and his tumor might well be his karma for trying to be famous by destroying people. Forever he will live by this guilt.

  • Amsterdam

    We once had a dog named Bashir. It was tiny fat dog with little legs, yellow sharp teeth and empty eyes. You know what I mean if I say empty eyes? If you dug his eyes you would find nothing to hold onto. He had no clear persona and you could never really trust him, I guess. There was something evil about that dog, It always wanted attention. I sometimes joked that he would even kill for some attention. Nevertheless, the dog seemed okay. It was a dog without any special talent, but we didn’t mind because it was just a dog. And we just wanted a dog to pet. Any dog would do, even this one. Anyway, we named the dog Bashir and the creature used to sit on our lap if he had the chance. He seemed pretty friendly after all. He really did. After some time we even trusted Bashir, so we invited him into our heart. Next that dirty dog seemed very grateful and trustworthy and he followed us around wherever we went. We even thought of him as very funny because he was so little and so boring and yet so eager to get some attention. He looked, let’s say, at some point he looked to us like a fat ugly dog you could really, really trust. We just seem to have forgotten to look him in the eye. His empty eyes… And sometimes we would say to him: ‘hey little ugly dog, you wouldn’t hurt anyone that is good to you, would you?’ And then the little basterd would angle his obese head and then it was just like he would say: ‘I’m not like that. I would never do a thing like that…’ If he looked like that he always lost some vomit from its lips. Hell. what a dirty dog he was.
    Anyway, I guess we were blinded and we fed the animal and we opened our heart to him.
    But one day, just out of nothing, that rotten dog bit the hands off of a very gifted child in our neighborhood. That child was called the Mozart of our time, and he played the piano day and night in a superb way. And Bashir knew the child very well when we met it in the street. First he seemed so happy to see him, he even licked the face of that child and we thought of that as very friendly. But suddenly Bashir attacked that beautiful child and you know what? He consumed only the hands, no more, no less. He didn’t kill it; he obviously wanted it to suffer badly. Believe it or not, but the dog seemed to enjoy the power he had to ruin the life of that gifted person. It was such a stupid dog. From all the ways to get famous in our neighborhood, the dog selected the easiest way. Well, like I said before, he wasn’t exactly kind. Then we saw it enjoying gnawing the hands of that magnificent child. He swallowed the bones and left it bleeding, and then the animal trembled with its tiny tail and ejaculated on the street, because it was a very self-centered dog. Bashir was a spiteful dog, malicious, you know what I mean? Some dogs just can’t be trusted.

  • terry

    i hate that bastard if even i catch that two faced son of a bitch i ‘ll do somthing i may regret .

  • Emmie

    I’ve just watched that horrendous Bashir interview, where he so shamelessly tried to drag the King of Pop through the mud. Michael Jackson was so naive that he allowed that media whore into the privacy of his home. And he was very classy throughout the entire ordeal. But he paid for it with his life. But what goes around comes around. Bashir has a truckload of bad karma awaiting for him!

  • Isabella

    Rot in hell Bashir!

  • Jessica

    Bashir is truely a snake! I don’t even like to use that snake’s name next to MJ’s name. ABC should fire Bashir and if they don’t someone should shoot him dead, pleeeease. He has broken Micheal’s heart and trust. Please shoot that Bashir dead! I hope he dies feeling guilty about what he did to Micheal. Yes Bashir did kill Micheal and I truely hope and pray that Bashir dies a horrible death.

  • Susan

    If I ever see that Bashir anywhere, I will stone him and I hope he goes to hell for what he did to Micheal. Micheal was so naive that he let that snake into his house. Bashir is a disgrace to his own race, if you have any decency Bashir, go kill yourself before someone else kills you.

  • suzanne

    I was mortified by the interview back then and contacted the networks and sponsors to share my thoughts. It was obvious that this Basher was one of a long list of soul crushers intent on bringing Michael down. It was truly an example of societal depravity enabled by the viewers insatiable lust for destruction. I likened it to the Jr. High school bully/gossip only on the grand stage of the world, since that is the realm in which he inhabited. His tender heart was fractured long ago due to the lies, it only recently stopped beating. He is finally at peace. God rest his soul.

  • sweat

    Bashir I guess you picked the wrong man to try to make it into journalism. May god have mercy on you, for you had none for michael.

  • Kristal

    yeah this piece of shit is a murderer, im glad i found this forum. everyone should work on a website desecrating martin bashir. LETS BRING HIM THE SAME NEGATIVE ATTENTION HE BROUGHT MICHAEL, ONLY THIS TIME IT WILL BE TRUE. cause he IS a murderer. i was so angry talking to a friend about this. it’s beautiful to find so many feel this way. “Martin Bashir MURDERED Michael Jackson” i’ve had about enough of the liars and hypocrites in the media destroying innocent people who did nothing to deserve it.

  • Brenda

    The audacity of this British Prick to try to pay tribute to Michael Jackson after all the unneccessary heartache, pain and suffering he caused him. Michael essentially lost his home due to false allegations and insinuations made during that infamous B.S. interview. Not to mention the loss of privacy and embarrassment Michael endured. I, as well as many other of Michael’s fans, watched as the joy, wonderment, hope and zest for living slowly faded from Michael’s eyes. It never returned. I wish for Martin Bashir a minimum of 10 times the pain, heartache and suffering to him and his family that he caused Michael! And, if everyone wishes it with me & imagines how justified it feels for Michael’s sake, we can guarantee that Martin Bashir gets his just do, by willing it into being. Will it every day, at least once a day for 2-3 weeks, and then watch the fruits of our collective willpower.

  • King of Pop

    Martin Bashir – the British TV reporter who conducted headline-making interviews with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson before becoming an anchor for “Nightline” – has a brain tumor.

  • L.L

    There is a lot of hate for you in this world Martin Bashir.

  • Sean

    Martin Bashir the Pakistani British Born Cunt WAS in EVERY way responsible for Michael’s Death.

    If it wasn’t for the Unethical Cunt of a Journalist, all those Allegations would not have started against him, creating this whole media affair of Child Molestation.
    Michael would have not fell deep in serious debt because of Court cases- BROUGHT ON BY MARTIN’s INTERVIEW IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Resorting on Michael having to do his Tour of the UK to secure 50 million pound.

    So in EVERY WAY. That Man is Responsible and if I ever meet him, I’ll make sure the Bastard Pays !

  • Robert Paston

    Why is Bashir being tarnished with the bad brush here? It was Michael Jackson that revealed and said on air that he didnt see anything wrong with sharing a bed with a child. Bashir’s betrayal of trust is totally irrelevant in exposing the perverse nature of Wacko’s life. All his fans and friends can whine all they like, but it is not normal for a grown man to share his bed with little boys that arent even his own flesh and blood. Get a grip on yourselves and wake up to the reality.

  • gold

    who is this blood sucker anyway…martin bashir? to the rest of u out there who like taking others for granted..learn from bashirs case..he traps people with pits just to have food on his table..a dirty,greedy,regrettable way of living..hmmm..those jerks who brought false accusation against micheal and sucked all his monie and all those who promoted those heartless actions like bashir killed micheal..and to all you jerks..hope you reap the world!

  • ST

    I must agree with all the other comments. The answer is Yes. This man killed his soul and his belief and his reputation and finally his heart. when i saw that for the first time i couldnt really believe what was happening there, and that one person can be so heartless and cruel, to see someone so sad, supper even more. Mister Bashir will have to live with this guilt, if he feels some, what i dont believe. even when he pays tribute to Michael, who knows if its real, because that man is a heartless journalist, and of course he has to go with the flow now. The only problem is that all the hatered words agains this man will not bring Michael back. The only hope is that he finally is happy, and not judged anymore. All the people, all journalist should leave him now. The people who really loved him, didnt believe these lies anyhow. we will always love him. And one day we will see him again.


    Michael Jackson is my favorite artist off all time and Martin Bashir ediited the footage and made michael look so bad that it killed him martin basir is a murderer RIP MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU

  • fish boy


  • T.J.

    I disagree, MJ done this to him self. In my opinion he was a pervert and really sick mentaly.

  • lola

    Shame on u Martin Bashir!Had u seen how that Martin pull the cloth on baby’s face!He was rough and made the baby cried!






  • Timothy Jarman

    You disgusting man i will never forgive you. I hope you live your life in hell… spit on you…. you are a disgrace to Britain.


    Martin Bashir is a JUDAS…..hope he enjoyed his 30 pieces of Silver for what he did to Michael Jackson. Everyone knows, he was and is, only able to ELEVATE himself at the EXPENSE of others…..AND HE WILL, AND DID ELEVATE HIMSELF BY DEVIOUS, LYING, BACKSTABBING WAYS…..GEE, WHAT A WAY TO GET TO THE TOP…..

  • liebe

    Martin Bashir, I know you’re reading all this stuff. How does it feel to be this hated ? I mean, really ? Are you proud of what you’ve done?
    … death must be the only option for you..

  • liebe

    Dear Martin, please do us a favor and die!

  • Tiri-Piri

    Dear Martin, i really hope you are reading this. Nobody wants to see your herpes infected face anymore. So die, you little smelly c#nt!!!

  • Sabercrest

    I’m sorry, but a lot of you people have big issues.

    How can you say that an interview killed him? I mean what is honestly going through your heads when you go and say that Bashir has MJ’s blood on his hands? Sure, the interview was quite immoral and it was wrong of him to deceive MJ but you can’t justify that it actually killed him. And those of you who are saying he should be put in prison are nutters.

    I don’t agree with it, but there’s been people like this in the media for ages now, and there will be people like this in the media for a long time to come. The media in general do a very good job of making celebrities look bad. It’s wrong, but it happens because it sells, which in my opinion actually shows how nice the human race really is.

    I’m a big fan of Micheal’s work. I’ve loved his music since I was a young boy and I one day decided to go through and listen to some of my fathers old records. But the fact is he did have problems. He was addicted to certain drugs, dating back to the eighties, so no-one can say he didn’t have problems. Sharing his bed with other peoples children is a little weird, but I’m not going to judge. I do not know if he did ‘abuse’ children, but I give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s not my place to decide since I wasn’t there, and no-one here knows all the facts.

    I believe he was a good man, who had some problems. But then, he grew up surrounded by the media, and we all see what that does to so many celebrities – because it is hard being constantly in the limelight, and having your entire life judged and out there for everyone to see.

    You can’t say that a single interview killed him, or started off his downfall, and led to his death. That’s a ridiculous claim. I believe he’s another casualty of the ‘media’, but I would not pinpoint one interview or one man as the cause. If a person is so fragile that one interview can cause their death then there are obviously problems there already.

    People need to stop with all the speculating and rumours, and just let the guy actually rest in peace. Remember him for the good things and the magic he gave to us. Stop with all the speculation and gossip about stuff you don’t even know about.

  • Charles U. Odiase

    I saw the interview live and concluded that Bashir had used Jackson to make a name for himself in America. He achieved his aims, but like everything else in life, Bashir will face his own day of reckoning. If Michael was a child molester, he will answer to God. If all those who sued him and made accusations lied, they too will someday have to answer to a higher authority. As for Marin Bashir, I have protested him the only way I can and that is by not watching anything he is involved with. He is a bottom feeder, a user and a yellow journalist. Rest assured. Bashir will pay in one way or the other.

  • Vertigo

    Chandler stabbed him in the back, others stabbed him in the back, but Bashir stabbed him in the back and cut his throat. I’m convinced Bashir’s deceptive patchwork of the interview destroyed Michael Jackson. Who wouldn’t be destroyed after such a vicious trap? And now that Jackson lays in a casket that fiend paid tribute to Jackson? Martin Basher is a sewer-journalist.

  • lulu

    yes yes yes HE killed him!!!!!!
    Martin Basher destroyed him.
    perro, lo mataste por usarlo, mentir con él y sacarle el dinero para tu uso.

  • issabela

    u are a jerk
    how about the willy woanka movie????

  • Monique

    F@#K this F@#K face Bashir. He killed Michael Jackson. I wish you die in slow painful death as posible together with your family. And i wish your soul will never never never be in Peace you F@#King Moron.

    R.I.P my sweet Michael. We love you Baby!

    P.S to Bashir. Use a deodorant… it exist in the world. Your kind stinks so bad.

  • David

    This Indian guy is a loser. MJ died the whole world cries, if Bashir died I would go and celebrate






  • claire

    Did you know he called Obama : dirty bastard barak and big black barack.
    Freakin racist!

  • Frank

    What nonsense. The series was aired tonight on msnbc and it was clear that MJ was a deceptive liar about his plastic surgeries and about his children (he said at that time he was in a relationship with Blankets mother). None of this shadows his talent, or greatness, but folks, get real. Michael Jackson was a homosexual (this is documented), which nothing to be ashamed of, but he lived a life of lies.

  • Tiri-Piri

    bashir’s face looks like ass O.o

  • Tiri-Piri

    Little yellow peace of shit

  • Milly

    Martin Bashir killed Heather Ledger too!!!!!

  • Zhedid

    I hear Martin Bashir was in the room with David Carradine when he died.

  • Toko

    Bashir was seen at the Dakota when John Lennon was murdered.

  • Zainab

    Bashir is the worst man on earth and he is a murderer .. MJ’s blood is in ur hand !! hope u rot in hell!

    RIP MJ <3

  • Nina

    Martin Bashir is such a cunning and wicked man.MJ ‘s interviews really protray his heart of gold.Wicked men like Bashir should NEVER be forgiven for taking such an innocent man to ransom. ABC should dismiss such a liar and deceiver with immediate effect if they want to prosper and keep their image globally.MJ THE WORLD LOVES AND ADORES YOU…..EVEN IF FAMILY AND FRIENDS DID NOT STAND BY YOU THE WORLD DOES……

  • jin

    DIE MARTIN BASHIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lukas B. Killed

    BASHIR is the biggest stupid DOG ever. Hope he wont be happy ever, he wont live long. See you in HELL BASHIR !

  • dante DANTE


  • Liza

    I am going to boycott ABC as a protest against that scum, Martin Bashir.

  • dorry

    YES he was responsible for the death of a ledgend!!!!! RIP MJ!! rot in ur own filth bashir…I HOPE U READ can you live with yourself u scum!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rudy

    Bashir I hate you so much… I hope somebody will do to you exactly the same thing ! You are responsible for the death of an angel… You will not survive to this… I am a very loving person… I love everybody but when I think to you I feel angry, I feel hate…

  • Rudy

    …Michael Jackson was a homosexual…

    To Frank : He was NOT an homosexual… Michael has no sexuality… Can you understand that ? He did not need sex into his life… He was like a child… He was a child…

  • Rudy

    I am a big fan of Michael…. Bashir you are crap… But the parents who let their kid sleeping with Michael are also responsible… I am sure Michael did not see what was wrong into his behaviour… For him it was like sleeping with a little brother or sister… Yes it was inappropriate but the parents should have make understand Michael it was inappropriate and maybe Micheal should have understood that and never do it again…. Of course parents it as Michael and like this crap bashir the idea was to make a lot of money… I would NEVER let my little son sleep in anybody bed… The place he has to sleep is at home in the proximity of the parents…

  • http://idon'tknow stefania

    mr bashir, it’s quite disgusting the way you conducted yr look on michael’s life…it’s for people like u that jackson was tring to give a message…and you can understand quite clearly what he got from the children he surrounded himelf with and why he wanted to be peter pan…i quite think you should really stay “longer” at neverland and not need to go away as u said on the documentary….u are what michael was trying to run away from adults…have no innocence and free love inside of u…but just think and see contovesial side of things and money making…or wanted notoriety and break down a star…you have no kindness…i hope deeply you find the child inside of u…and try more to listen to the meaning of michael jackson’s word and message…

  • http://idon'tknow stefania


  • ozzy


  • FL

    you are the cause of death, millions of people hate YOU! read your comments on your video in youtube. u are a horrible horrible horrible greedy man! go to hell

    dear michael may you rest in peace, i hope you know that you have millions and millions of fans who adore you with their entire hearts , we love you so much, u didnt have to feel alone all you had to do was reach out. we love u so much, it will never be a day that goes by that i wont think of you. being the humanitarian you are, you will be in heaven and there you will find happiness while you wait for your loved ones to join you.

  • RIP Jackson

    You, Bashir, were the begining of the end of The King of Pop.

  • zenith

    Here are the facts:
    1) Michael was not a homosexual, he was asexual
    2) Michael never touched those lovely children
    3) Michael never had more than two plastic surgeries
    4) Michael never took drugs
    5) most of the fans here really are in Neverland

  • Steve Green

    Martin Bashir has blood on his hands. He’s a vicious and nasty man.

  • Jill Wills

    I really think Bashir was the beginning of the end of Micheal Jackson. Full of slander, and a self righteous bigot. I hate Bashir. He was out to get him and then others got on the band wagon. Finally the court case. As Jesus said, let him who hath done no wrong CAST THE FIRST STONE! It wash Bashir’s own nasty, evil feelings which were thrown at our dear Micheal. If ITV air this program again, I’ll never watch ITV again. THIS IS NOT THE TIME – LEAVE HIM ALONE!

  • Stephie

    Hi To All, who believed that Michael Jackson is guilty on two accusations against him in 1993 – Jordan Chandler and 2005 -Gavin Arvizo…… Please read the following link,

    that Jordan Chandler has stepped up to admit that he lied in the case as his father told him so. This was all because his father wanted to be rich, and Michael Jackson is apparent, the victim. This cleared the case number 1 that Michael Jackson is NOT GUILTY. For case number 2, Gavin Arvizo, this was claimed in the same page “the Arviso boy had initially told his school administrator that he had not been molested”. But this statement has not been testified by Arvizo himself in public yet, so, I shall not claim sternly it clears all the clouds, but everybody (those that believed MJ was guilty), has the aforementioned told us something? Michael is just a child. When you were a child, I believed you like your friends to visit you at your home and stay with you overnight, in your room, to share your secrets where you do not wish your mum and dad to know about?? I am sure, everyone of us, have been through that childhood period…..But, Michael did not, he did not have time to, he needs to perform on the stage…. Most people are just judging on Michael’s behaviour from their own point of view without spending a minute or so to understand him better, so did Martin Bashir.

    Bashir, you came along for the interview with a believe that Michael is guilty as child molester, at least, you are trying to strike all attentions on this topic and steered the interview towards shaping story line that Michael was a molester and kept sleeping with children, still. Now that, the cloud is cleared that Michael is not guilty, would you (and all that who believed MJ is guilty) apologize for your ignorance??? Now that, Michael has gone, and he had suffered through thess years, AND Bashir, would you apologize in the public that you had Michael suffered even deeper and his spirit was shattered in the last 6 years, that he took 2190 days to die slowly????? Can you imagine the pain he has been through? Of course, HE NEEDS PAINKILLERS!! How could he live up to the continued betrayal and backstabbing from those he trusted with clean spirit.

    I believed, GOD heard Michael, and he knew Michael has suffered a long way and brought him back by HIS side now. Michael, is over now, you are at great peace and love. Such an angel, please stay with GOD forever and ever, and don’t you ever travel to this man’s land again, it is too tough for you. I bless you with all my hearts and wishing you RIP….

  • Jill Wills

    A MESSAGE TO ALL THE “NEGATIVES” ON THIS WEBSITE. You are MEAN, SELF RIGHTEOUS and don’t believe in LOVE. Michael was full of LOVE for all those in need, like himself, in our confused world. We don’t want your negative views. DO YOU JUST LIKE TO BE HATED? Michael loved children because he was never one himself. He wanted to give to them what he lost. IN YOUR OPINION EVERY ONE WHO HOLDS A CHILD IN THEIR ARMS IS DOING IT TO GET SOME SEXUAL THRILL. Where did that come from? Why can’t you except that MICHAEL was just full of LOVE. Its the “NEGATIVES” in this world that make it DIRTY and PERVERTED! Oh Yes, there are plenty of PERVERTS out there, but MICHAEL was NOT one of them! ASK YOURSELF “NEGATIVES”, DO YOU HAVE SEXUAL FEELINGS WHEN YOU’RE NEAR CHILDREN? Oh Boy, you’ve probably got feelings that people like us and Michael would never have dreamed of. Who’s in the wrong now? YOU and BASHIR. YES you’re entitled to your opinion. BUT SO WAS BASHIR, and look what that did to our beloved MICHAEL. LOVE YOU MICHAEL!
    We love you Michael. Always have. And I’m an old lady.

  • Giovani F

    All I have to say it this type of action is common amongts Indians. When it comes to money never trust them just as they gave their Kingdom to the British they are willing to sell their souls so that they can be somebody. Again I’m sure not all Indians are this way but being part Indian you kinda see the nature of these people and the actions of this piece of scum was expected at least from me….but when Mr Bashir lies on his death bed dying from agony I hope the only image in his mind is Michael and how he will burn in eternal hell for what he did to become somebody. Hopefully for his soul he can do something redeeming before that happens but I hope he suffers for years before he dies. Damn that was cold but he deserves it…

  • Vertigo

    What Bashir did… OMG, I’m so glad I’m not walking in his shoes. I would not be able to bare the idea I damaged such a gentle soul this bad. Bashir and his box of tricks. Yuk! It’s very sad that a true talented person like Michael Jackson was emotionally murdered by this insignificant man. It’s very sad he could not survive the hurt. Well, we know now who Martin Bashir is and we know what he stands for. He made the wrong decision and actually I believe he knows that too, but some people do everything for money and he;s not the kind of person to admit. He’s hated by many people but he got his millions of dollars, that’s all he wants. However, now that he’s in poor health himself maybe he’ll begin to think about the real importance in life. Love, integrity, family, friendship, and above all, health and time… All the things his blood money can’t buy. I hope mister Bashir realizes that he ruined important years of Michael Jackson’s life and that he decided to ruin him, for money and an hour of fame. But that money won’t bring him happiness or health. . In the end money is nothing. It wasn’t worth it.

  • anne

    Bashir proved he understood nothing of MJ. He projected his own bad thoughts and condemned and convicted from out of his own world without being able to feel and think like MJ did. I wasn’t a fan of MJ because this all happened far away from my world. But it’s obvious, even when one is objective, that MJ was as to sensitive and to good for this world. So sad.

  • sune aner

    betrayal is too soft a word; shame on you martin bashir, but remember: at the end of the day, God will see to it, that we all get what we deserve… good luck to you—–

  • anne

    @Frank. 1) Who doesn’t lie about plastic surgery? Don’t they all do? 2)May be MJ was homosexual, others call him a-sexual (as childeren, elfs, angels or God’s are). In the past it wasn’t as accepted as nowadays to be gay. It’s possible he was forced in the interest of his carrier, not to be honnest about that. But above of all, I think MJ couldn’t cope with it himself, because he wanted so much to have a nice, happy family life.

  • Emily

    Love you michael XoXoXO
    You were a sweet angel – Rest in peace now in a better place.

    Hate you Bashir – rotten snake

  • http://n/a Gresa

    I agree with all of the statemens left by MJ`s fans.It was very inappropriate for Bashir to pay tribute to MJ,more over last week to show his interview with the King.Clearly,bashir went there with an agenda,for a personal gain to scrutinize MJ,to portray MJ as someone who society should be afraid of.But,seeing his interview for the second time,I saw real MJ,his loving spirit who struggled under unexpected bashir`s attack.Seeeing the interview again and again I thoght bashir looked pathetic loser,who wend under MJ skin,very unethically,narrated distorted reality,which we all came to witness.MJ is ThE KING OF POP, the greatest humanitarian,who gave everything,now his life,just to teach us of the greatest value of LOVE.RIP in peace MJ.Bashir shame on you and types of your”class”.

  • daria

    CHECK THIS OUT: Bashir is like a finger in my throat, making me wanna be sick, alright, the same way those who speak ill of Michael do, “judging, without first trying hard to love him,” as Michael himself asked of people. BUT! This tough-to-watch interview is like a mirror to the ignorant world, versus Michael, which gave me a gift in disguise, allowing me to FEEL Michael’s gorgeous heart and soul in his responses, holding NOTHING back, being an AMAZING model to me of what’s possible! You and I, and everyone who is in touch with their inner sense of knowing (intuition), heart and soul can discern the truth; for the rest, their time to be inspired this way hasn’t yet come. Perhaps I can begin by showing them myself, to carry on Michael’s legacy, like the “Man in the Mirror?” Remember when the police locked up Michael in the courthouse washroom with feces all over the wall for more than 45 minutes and then asked him: how do you like it in there? He peacefully replied, “It’s fine, it’s okay.” Michael shines for me as the embodiment of someone like Christ: humble, loving, powerful… Even felt compelled to pick up my parents’ New Testament to read passages on the betrayal of Jesus and his crucifixion in Mathew chs.26 & 27—and for the first time in my life, I actually get all this now and can FEEL it through this super being/artist, Michael Jackson. And much more so, because of the contrast in Bashir’s much lower, less-evolved soul.

  • Faiz Rashid

    Martin bashir, is a horrible, disgusting person. He is a devil in disguise. Martin Bashir will serve his sins after death. Martin Bashir doesnt realise that he will also die some day. Martin Bashir you are going to hell and you know it. Martin Bashir is a looser. Martin Bashir is a real child molester. Martin Bashir is a dirty person with a dirty mind and dirty snake-ish personality. I hope that Martin Bashir sees what everone thinks of him. Martin Bashir is a drug addict. Martin Bashir should be sent to Guantanamo Prison where he can be raped by gay dudes.

    Michael Jackson is/was a grown up child. What he did to his body/face is his wish. Others have no right to talk about MJ like that. People who were and are jealous of MJ, would talk bad and ill about him. Respect MJ. He has done alot for the world. What he gave the media was entertainment, shows etc..and what the media gave back was only highlights of bad stuff and irrelevent stuff.
    Example: currently Swine flu is all over the world. If the Press saw MJ walk down the road..and MJ suddenly sneezed.. and then went to the doctor… Guess what the media would publish??????????????
    The media would say ” MICHAEL JACKSON HAS GOT SWINE FLU” ….

    Everyone should keep an open mind and listen less to the media. Dont believe everything..coz no 1 knows the truth!!..

  • http://none Maria Maria

    Este hombre tomó ventaja de Michael Jackson, en esta vida todos pagamos por nuestras acciones si hacemos bien si hacemos mal todo se paga en esta vida.. RIP Michael Jackson

    This man took advantage of Michael Jackson, in this life we all pay for our actions if we do well, if we do bad, everything is paid in this life .. RIP Michael Jackson

  • Nomaan

    Bashir is a stupid fucking cunt. You fucking bastard, you caused the greatest King in the world to die!! You’re a fucking HYPOCRITE YOU ASSHOLE.

  • tommy

    Had Michael given the interview to Louis Theroux, he would have had a very different take on things, with Louis being open minded enough to see things from MJ’s perspective, a man who had the ability to have anything he wanted so chased the one thing he never had, a childhood. Kids don’t care so much about money and power so they also make good company to someone who would find it nearly impossible to talk to another adult without seeing an agenda arise. It is only when people grow up that they think they can gain from other peoples loss, a lesson I wish people would get over and realize we are all one consciousness and hurting someone else will only hurt yourself.

    Martin Bashir like many other selfish distructive people, he aimed to sell Michael for what ever he could get from him. SHAME ON YOU BASHIR, may the guilt of adding to Michael’s downfall with your narrow minded interrogation get stronger everyday.

    To Conrad Murray, MJ’s doctor, how can you supply painkillers without any limit, your job is to supply health not fuel an addiction, but if the pay is right, right?

    Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arvizo you know what you did, Michel was an easy target. Jordan, is the money good for you does it take the guilt away. Gavin, Michael saved your life so that you could help destroy his.

    REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON this world was not the right place for you, too many greedy, jealous, evil people waiting to take a slice of someone as caring, innocent and brilliant as you were. For all the hope and joy you brought to the world we thank you.

    To anyone who ruthlessly gained from MJ’s downfall you are to blame. This is a truly tragic end, will people ever learn.

  • JT
  • http://Showbiz Diane Grove

    I have not liked Basher from the time he did the interviw with Jackson. I could tell he was out for blood and I believe he was the cause of his down fall. I don’t even understand why Night Line hired you, so I never watch if you are on. I hope karma comes back on you and the other reporters that don’t think about the consicuenses you have on peoples lifes . Everyone has some mental issues from the way we were raised. Yours was probably to belittle others. So if Jackson never had that wound that you made worse, he may still be here.
    Thanks For Your Help!!!
    Diane 50yr
    Denver, CO


    Yes, Martin Bashir did a “JUDAS” documentary on Michael Jackson. I wonder how Mr. Bashir would feel if this documentary would have been on one of his children. What if the documentary has destroyed his child’s life & spirit by deliberately lying and then broadcasting it for the WORLD to see. Oh well, I suppose it wouldn’t matter as long as the interviewer was catapulted and exhalted to fame by the networks. Hope you enjoyed your 30 pieces of SILVER, Mr. Bashir.

  • mikey

    martin bashir is an insensitive, hypocritical creature! heard of the word karma? what goes around comes around. you were questioning about all the sensitive issues of michael jackson which obviously hurts him a lot and yet you nevery stop and instead pressuring him even more! now you will get the taste of your own medicine. you can’t deny the fact that it is the accumulation of these art work of yours and your partners that lead to his unhappiness in life( depression, insomnia, etc.)

    RIP Michael Jackson

  • AJN

    Martin Bashir should crawl into the darkest, deapest hole in the face of this earth. I truly hate this man because he is the devil and HE IS GOING TO HELL. Martin Bashir should remember KARMA IS A B*t*H AND IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE HIM IN THE A**.Martin if you read this don’t speak about our Michael because you have his blood on your hands and you are the most hated ***t in this world.I do hope your last days on earth are cold,dark,painfull and lonely.

  • AJN


  • Helena

    I believe Martin Bashir is a jounalist who preys on the likes of MJ. I personally do not think he did Diana any favours when he interviewed her; Answers to the deviously crafted questions portrayed Diana in a light that convinced the paparazzi that she was resilient enough to cope with their incessant scrutiny. Clearly she wasn’t. I am sad that Michael was gullible enough to think he would help to portray him in a good light. Martin is and has always been after one thing only: Martins fame at the expense of the famous but vulnerable.

    I hope Michaels’ death sits on his conscience for the rest of his life

  • rocket

    Does Martin Bashir have a conscience? I don’t see any signs of one. And I agree 1000% that Louis Theroux should have done it, and Uri Geller is the moron who picked Bashir instead. ABC will be hearing about this and Bashir will be fired in shame. It’s up to everyone who’s paying attention to make this happen.

  • rc


  • ladyd

    Although I think Jackson brought some of the criticism on himself (sleeping with boys, however platonic, is just damn weird), I also think that Bashir was too hard on him. I watched the doco on youtube a few days ago, and was annoyed at Bashir looking down on Jackson for his tree climbing and ferris wheel in the backyard. I felt Bashir was getting off on feeling like more of a Man than Jackson was. What really made me mad, however, was his insensitivity, when he grilled Jackson over his father’s beatings as a child. I cried too. What an arsehole!

    The ONLY good thing to come out of MJ’s death is that people are rediscovering how good his music and dancing were, learning the truth about him, and appreciating his sensitive self in interviews. If only the media had been fairer to him when he was alive.

  • kyia

    I saw the whole interview…disgusting!
    Bsshir is a!
    Michael was so honest and sensible,and Bashir fucked him up!
    RIP KOP!!!!!!

  • lori


  • Colin Costin

    Michael Jackson was such a sensible person…he was too sensible for this world. I am sad because he was influenced by what the press wrote and by what some people thought about him. Unfortunately, the sensibility to the comments of other people is not something we can change. So We must protect our most talented, gifted people, and offer them an environment that can inspire them, offer them the chance of continuing their passion. How can any press person (like Martin Bashir) live in peace, knowing that he has done so much bad to Michael? How can Martin Bashir sleep, knowing that he got rich by unethical means, by showing to the people a scandalous image of the pop star? I find it obvious that in the documentary Michael was speaking with uttermost sincerity.

  • Prince Charles

    Diana was a dirty whore, but wasn’t covered as such. This was Bashir’s lame attempt at making his name big, but it back-fired massively. Now everyone wants to see his head on a stick. What a loser.

  • Coune

    I think Bashir must be happy now, he is the core of all this,
    Thank you, i really don’t know what kind of Christian you are but you better repent, Coz MJ is dead now but you are alive, you are going to live with this guilt forever, the bible say God is love and MJ sung this all is life. I comment because i am so sad.

  • LilyX13

    Oh come on people! Michael Jackson is responsible for his own life, and his own spiral downwards. Nobody killed Michael but himself with his self destructive life style and self pitying attitude. Even Quincy Jones says and some point you need to take responsibilty for your own life and stop pitying yourself. Michael liked to wallow in his sadness and pain and blame EVERYONE else for his woes. The whole Jackson family likes to put blame on everyone else but themselves.

  • ane

    F U C K Y O U, B A S H A R ! ! !

    only this..

  • Pachelbelle

    Martin Bashir is a stupid two faced liar! He should be really ashamed of himself to the world and to his family that he did this to Michael. Michael welcomed him into his private and life and Bashir betrayed that trust. What is wrong with plastic surgeries? Most celebrities had it? Why did Bashir have to make this a big deal? Even if Michael had millions of surgeries, what the hell is wrong? It was a result of inner inferiority that he had since he was a child because he was teased that he was ugly by his father and some people.

    Michael never experienced childhood because he was giving entertainment to people at a so very early age. That is why he grew up wanting to play and be free like a child. He also would like the world to give priority and importance to family bond that is why he wanted this children to experience the love and attention that they are missing in this generation. Most of these kids are terminally ill. Michael just wanted to help! Why did Martin Bashir has to turn the story upside down and make Michael appear like a dangerous man? Bashir is stupid journalist who wanted popularity by messing up with Michael Jackson. Bashir, who do you think you are? You are worthless.

    If you look into all Michael’s interview with other journalists, you will see that he has the purest and kindest heart who only wanted to give back to the world from the many blessings he have and spread love to people. Look at all the contributions he made to all the charities in the world. I’ve never seen a person who could be more generous than that.

    I still don’t understand why Bashir has still a career after all of these. Bashir does not have any single credibility.

  • Diana

    Well, I think Martin Bashir killed it, because all of his unethical behavior, but it was also that idiot kid who lied in 1993 just because of the fuc… money. And just now he admits his fault…why he didn´t do it before.
    Unfortunately, MJ was surrounded by interested, evil people who only wanted his money. And he was a spiritual, caring person who only had love to give.
    RIP to this talented a big person.

  • mary

    Martin Bashir
    murder murder
    absolute impostor 

  • mari carmen

    Michael you´re not alone you´re Human nature,and Bashir you know you´re bad you´re Bad you know it..

  • Miss C

    I hate Martin Bashir. He should have gone instead of Michael.

  • roamy811

    I totally agree with Sympathico…the human spirit is somewhat fragile and when everyting you hold dear is threatened or “taken away”, the effects can be long-standing. Michael was never really able to reconcile or rise above the damage caused by Bahsir, the lies of the boys, and public scrutiny. It is clear that trust was broken between MJ and journalism, and this was probably the most influential betrayal MJ faced. Michael’s spirit was all about love, trust, innocence, helping people, and performing. Bashir’s interview certainly hurt him in all those areas and it took a long time for MJ to really come back. Michael’s subsequent behavior is characteristic of emotional abuse. Blood is on Bashir and those two families who accused him. What they did was well beyond kicking someone where it hurts.

  • roamy811

    And I realize that we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts and behaviors, but ya know, no matter how much Michael tried to overcome the bs, negativity, and so-called “freedom of the press”, however, the press owed him for what it is to be a decent human being from one to another. Print what you want, but calling someone Wacko-Jacko and continually perpetuating the negativity and lies over and over, is not decent, not right and very mean. How would you like for all your faults, sensitive events etc. to be brought up every time your name is mentioned let alone to all the world to see over and over? And even when Michael did normal things like wanting a family, even that was blown up. How many people use surrogates, go to sperm banks, or donors? He was a wonderful father and no doubt happiest to be one. He was also very happy performing, and I had always wished he would have been able to make a comeback eventually, and this time, he sure would have. We all missed him while he was here and I for one was looking forward to his performance again. I will forever love MJ, and he will always be beautiful in my eyes.

  • JMR

    Martin Bashir-you are a fame hungry hippocrate dog.

  • JMR

    oops, hypocrite

  • dan

    martin bashir is a waste of life because it is his stupid interview that started all the rumors and then court cases and then medication that then lead to his mental and physical health being destroyed that then lead to his death and because of this we lost the best human being ever put on this earth.


  • daria

    Marderer SheerBash FingerInTheThroat (can’t help but twist his name at least, since I can’t ring his neck. Besides he might enjoy it, since he loves twisting and killing with his words and actions). He not only pretty much directly took out the one who was much needed and so precious to us on this planet, but he’s caused an tremendous anquish that is now rippling out in every one of us, who hurt with and for Michael, so beloved.
    So, go ahead and say what you need to DIRECTLY to him on this site:

  • Tang

    He is just a HEARTLESS devil who born to make this world the worst place.

  • rocket

    BTW it is not just “crazed Michael Jackson fans” who hate Bashir. I was never truly a Jackson fan (listened to the Doors, Tom Waits, Blondie, stuff like that) but still he was a part of my life and a fascinating personality. The Bashir interview was so wrong, so corrupt, and went by so unpunished that it set alarms off in many people who can detect evil when they see it.

    Not only should Bashir be fired, but whoever it was that hired him for Nightline in the first place. You have to have something really wrong with you to be impressed by his work. And why didn’t any of his co-hosts protest? Did they not have the guts, were they fooled by him? Surely Barbara Walters could have said something…Or is it all politics in Hollywood?

    As I said before I grew up watching Nightline, but not an episode since Bashir joined the team. I’d take Jerry Springer over Nightline at this point!

  • rocket

    Sorry, but one last thing. Somewhere else I wrote that Bashir is a poisonous stain on the title “Journalist”, and that real journalists are Laura Ling & Euna Lee. Now I just found an article saying that Michael Jackson was very distraught about Laura and Euna and wanted to help them. Real journalists risk their lives to tell the truth, rather than spread lies for their personal gain:

  • Rubylox

    Bashir is not responsible for M.J.’s death. He asked questions that so many people wanted to know at that time.

    M.J.’s responses demonstrated that he was out of touch with the rest of the world. It is NEVER alright to share a bed with children that are not your own.

    I cannot believe that M.J. did not have at least one person around him who was in touch with reality. But he probably fired anyone who didn’t agree with him. It is very sad that he is gone now but only M.J. was responsible for his life, image, and death. RIP.

  • Sandra

    Martin Bashir, formerly a UK journalist did kill Michael Jackson along with the Prosecutor. Bashir was rewarded with an anchor position on ABC News after he completed the documentary of Michael Jackson’s life. I watched the documentary again the other day and I was horrified by the way that Martin Bashir treated Michael Jackson. It doesn’t seem so bad at first, but at the end of the documentary Bashir goes in for the kill. He publically humiliated Michael J. by focusing on his surgeries and the color of his skin and eventually Michael J. broke down in tears. You have to see it — an animal shouldn’t be treated like that.

    It’s no surprise though because ABC News has been after Michael Jackson for years. Go on the internet and watch the interview Diane Sawyer did with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Then there is the follow-up interview that Sawyer did with Presley after her divorce form Jackson (this one was especially horrifying to me although they’re are both bad).

  • Sandra



  • Sandra

    Comments are being sensored by ABC. Whenever I leave a comment that does not agree with ABC’s point of view – it gets deleted within minutes. Are we still the land of the free and home of the brave or what? FOLKS, JUST STOP WATCHING ABC – WATCH THEIR RATINGS DROP – THEY’RE ALREADY IN TROUBLE WITH THEIR RATINGS BECAUSE OF THEIR CORRUPTION.

  • jess

    I think mj fans should boycott sponsors of nightline and not buy the products and boycott watching it, until they let this martin go.

  • liz

    what this guy is doing there. such a fake face showing his ignorance. he should definitely be fired. let him suffer his own sin.ABC should do that. or we should fire ABC out of our vision.. dirty television.

  • AJN



  • diana walsh

    What a nasty manipulative little man that Bashir showed himself to be in that interview. The stupid quizzical looks he gave when michael jackson talked lovingly about children made me so angry. Of course michael was naive to allow an interview by such a low-life as bashir but that was part of his trusting and caring nature – because he would never hurt anyone he presumed nobody would hurt him.

  • Phakama

    Bashir was nothing but cruel – the manner in which he interviewed Michael, even his tone of voice was patronizing. It made me feel sick, it was as if he was not dealing with a human being but a ‘freak’(whatever that is). I presume Michael was contractually bound – perhaps he couldn’t stop the process once it had begun, dunno … I’m not even a big MJ fan but I sure respect the man – Michael was a genius, kind, compassionate, sweet soul. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see that! People need to get lives and build up their own self-esteem and sense of worth without tearing down others. Bashir is a cruel man without ethics – of course he contributed to the demise of this amazing icon. RIP Michael, you are an inspiration on this earth, deeply loved. I look foward to meeting you in heaven someday …

  • rocket

    Hi Rubylox, I just want to say that according to the documentary, Michael Jackson slept on the floor while ‘sharing his bed’ with children. He did not ‘share his bed’ as in sleep in the bed with them, just literally ‘shared’ it, while himself sleeping on the floor.

    Yes, this was obviously out of touch with our culture but that does not mean it was sinister or sexual or anything like that. The man lived in a crazy bubble for most of his life, I think children were probably the only people he encountered who were ‘natural’.

    In fact I bet he wanted children around him precisely because it was NOT sexual… and not complicated. Unfortunately there are so many sickos out there that this obviously did not go over very well with the public, but I think that’s where he was coming from and it’s tragic how it all turned out.

  • pff

    bashir t une cloche reste ché toi pd tes escuse son bidon maintenan kil est mort tu veut tatirer koi la popularité comme certain .oui michael jackson est mort et c ke maintenan ke tu te reveille pourkoi ne pas lui avoir dit avant ou bien meme pourkoi lui a tu poser des question pareil c toi le pédophide enculer 7 homme la avait un coeur et tu t jouer de lui et tu te pretemp journaliste avec des sentiment pfff jte le dit encor une fois et meme toute les fois ke tu veut t un gros batar .t pas son pote a mj tu la jamais été et tu larai jamais été nn plus apres sa dit ce ke tu veut et vie bien ta vie miserable pd fuck bashir a la place de ton boss jte virerai a coup de pied au cul

  • AbuNabarij

    An eye for an eye, Blood for blood…I hope something along the lines of serious threats comes along his way so that he will always be looking behind his back wherever he may be, this way he will not have any peace of mind..I hope he ponders on the thought that zeal and fanaticism can bring out the worst in terms of reprisal or backlash. Zealousness and fanaticism can be a fatal mix.

  • ting

    Martin Bashir, you cant put your own opion on him. You are not a professional Journalist. It was the first time i saw your interview with MJ yesterday. I am totally shocked how could you do this to MJ. You are such a mean person. YOu should be in Jail!!!!!

  • sara

    MARTIN BASHIR you ARE A THOUGHTLESS PERSON!!!!you had full access to MJs life in as a journalist and throughout the interview all I saw was a jelous BASHIER who wanted fame that he could never obtain. MJ IS A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT THAT WILL LIVE ON FOREVER… YOU ARE THE FORGOTTEN JOURNALIST THAT EVERYONE CAN READ RIGH THROUGH. ESPECIALY NOW IN 09 after his death people remeber how horrible you were to MJ back then and now.

  • http://aol De

    Martin Bashir portrayed Michael Jackson as a total villain. He did not conduct the interview at all in a subjective manner. He was very judgemental, his tone and air with all of his questions implied his jealousy, and pre-conceived notions about Michael. Martin is a minority himself, but I looked at him as a total racist. As soon as I heard about Michael Jackson’s death, Martin Bashir is the first person that came to my mind. I saw him break a kind, humble man that night. I now turn off Nightline every night because Martin is the anchor. He’s very unprofessional, arrogant, stuffy, and a wannabe legendary newsman. I would not put him in the Journalists Hall of Fame, and every celebrity should steer clear of him. He’s a set-up artist, who tries to make a name for himself at all costs. Well, this time Martin you sold your soul. The death of MJ,is the Death of News. There are groups of people committing to no longer watching the news, because they don’t even search for the truth anymore. They just get a press release and everyone runs with it like it’s gospel. They spread a rumor until it becomes embedded in the public’s mind as fact. That is nothing but pure gossip, yet newspeople call themselves professionals who went to school for Journalism, just to become TV gossips. They ruined a fruitful life with it. After this I’m done with the news, they’re nothing but Mental Terrorists- one big panic fest. Leave it to the news, we’d never go outside with the constant repititious bad news. You’re giving people Alzheimer’s with the repitition. What gets me is they are unapologetic about everything. No journalist has stuck their necks out to find out where Jordan Chandler and his family are now that swindled Michael out of that $20 million. They took him and his family’s word as the truth and ended there. I hope they choke on the dollars. They will have no good end, that’s for sure. They may end up strung out on narcotics with all that money like they claim MJ was because they got it the wrong way. Where is the Maverick newsperson who will research and do a story on ‘ If MJ was being knocked out with Diprivan, maybe someone set him up and took pictures like he was guilty of a crime he didn’t commit’. Remember, when he would wake up from those episodes he remembered nothing. Anyone could have set him up. Do a story on that Martin Bashir, and the rest of you professional Mental terrorists. If it were your children, you’d thing twice and research your stories harder before you destroy a person with falsehoods. Like I said first newspapers are dying, then magazines, finally the News. You guys are DONE !!!

  • ogoest

    several media personalities accused Bashir of yellow journalism, claiming that he deliberately doctored the recordings in order to paint Jackson in an unflattering light, as well as emphasising the allegations of child molestation made against Jackson. The New York Times called Bashir’s journalism style “callous self-interest masked as sympathy.”

    Bashir has become loathed by many Michael Jackson supporters, who feel that he gained Jackson’s trust during the filming of the documentary only to betray it for his own interests.

    As a result of this documentary Bashir was offered a job with the US network ABC

    Boycott ABC News and hold MARTIN BASHIR ACCOUNTABLE for HIS DISHONEST ACTIONS! This guy definitely does not deserve to be making over a million dollars a year @ ABC NEWS

  • S. Jones

    I agree that Martin Bashir played a HUGE part in bringing Michael Jackson down. He is a selfish jerk and con artist who had no regard for how the interview was going to affect Michael. I really hope karma comes back to bite him.

  • aupublic

    Bashir has brain tumor…that’s his reward for being greedy, selfish and two face…

    Think about years of what MJ sufferred, this is nothing…

    Martin Bashir – you deserve it! You will always be remembered as a two face Traitor!

  • http://facebook austine

    Martin bashir has no right to pay tribute to the man he single handedly destroyed with that aweful interview he has michaels blood on his hand . martin did this out of jealousy towards michaels undescribable talent that he or his family would never have he is a twisted little man and does not deserve any air time on tv or radio. killing innocent people is in thier blood and that is what they are good at may michaels spirit haunt him for the rest of his miserble days

  • anonymous

    Martin Bashir is an absolute idiot. A disgrace to society. He treated michael like a fool at a time when michael opened up his whole world to him. What a sad man Martin Bashir is, i hope he feels so guilty for what he has done – he has NO RIGHT in commenting on Michaels death.

    The world has lost an amazing kind soul …. may you rest in peace mike loveyou forever

  • Charles

    Anything that sells isn’t that the truth.
    Now people go get a life.

  • didi

    bashir is an ass.

  • jill

    Hiya Charles. Your comment “anything sells – get a life people”. So that’s ok is it! How about we lie about you and make loads of money. Is that OK then?
    Michael, I love you. Always will. Rest in Peace.

  • Vincent van Gogh

    Let’s not forget ABC is still rewarding the fat grandad with a job. What does this say about ABC? Right, you can never trust ABC news again.

    Dieter Wiesner, the manager of Jackson said about the influence of the fraud of Martin Bashir:

    “It broke him. It killed him. He took a long time to die, but it started that night. Previously the drugs were a crutch, but after that they became a necessity.” (Wiesner)

  • Rob Hunterding van Malen

    Bashir, it is is july 7th 2009. Today is his funeral. Why would anyone ruin the life of such a gentle person. Why did you ruin his life? You lied to us and you broke a genius down for your one hour of rotten fame. That’s why we will always spit on you.

    You can laugh about it, like it means nothing; you can say to yourself that it was just your job. You can even say to yourself that you did a good job. But you cannot lie to the images that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You mediocre man, you are a disgrace for journalism. Shame on you. I hope they’ll delete your obese face from TV. You lied to milions of people just to fill your pockets. You’ve had your one hour of fame. You’ve ruined an amazing life. You have nothing left to be proud of.

  • Neon

    Michael did trust Martin Bashir. Bashir realy has blood on his hands.
    The greatest Entertainer has died – says one nail in the casket.
    F.U. Bashir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kill bashir


  • kill bashir

    Rob Hunterding van Malen well said

  • DiDi

    F****** cunt.
    That really is all that I have to say-he is not worth the extra calories that would be burned to type up the kind of nasty man he is.
    Just a f****** cunt.
    I hope to God that he gets what’s coming.

  • DiDi

    too bad he survived that brain tumour.
    I do not wish things like this on people but this…man is not a human being. No person is s cold hearted.

  • austine

    f**ck you Martin Bashir,may you never see happiness in this life and the life after this. we hate you, may you die a painfull death. M Bashir you are a sick f**ck terrorist. Martin Bashir if you are reading this, i want you to konw taking our hero away and we will never forgave you for it.MAY YOU ROT IN HELL EVIL BASTARD

  • Lesley

    i hate you

  • Lesley

    your a horrible man. you was basically calling Micheal Jackson a lier. Your trying to make him seem the bad one when he wasnt your the bad one. Micheal Jackson was an amazing man. You asked him personal questions that was none of your buisness.. you made him get upset, and think of bad memories. i would like to see your past and all the horrible things you done. I look down on you… i think everyone does. you made out that micheal jackson was a horrible man but he was adorable. your the horrible man who needs to sort your life out matee.. RIP Micheal Jackson.. missed by millions xxxx

  • pauline

    Martin bashir had 3 complaints against him for unfair journalist pratices and misrepresentation BEFORE he met Michael Jackson. If Michael had known this, no way in hell would he had agreed to let him film him for 8 months. Everything went down hill when living with michael jackson premiered. Before MJ did that documentary, he was in great shape, he looked fine, his health was good and his weight was on point. The way this documentary was edited and narrarated is what led to the 2005 trial and thats when Michael started falling apart. From febuary 28, 2005 and so on, MJ just went downhill—-Major health problems, eating disorders, depression, etc..and the funny part about is, when bashir was called to testify he didn’t answer any questions. He just hid behind his little shield law. This bashir clown is such a loser. I honestly can’t see how this man can live with himself everyday. Even princess diana’s best friend says he tricked her into telling him everything about her affair

  • jennifer

    You started the whole incident Martin Bashir.You sold a man out-journalism or no journalism.Michael’s blood is on your hands. You killed a man.And not just any innocent ,loving,spotless, lamb of a man.God’s man. A change the world kind of man.A man with the heart of Christ.Your questions gave the family the ideas that they then carried into court and later deposited into the bank.
    Michael never recovered. As he began to climb back up, the doctor then knocked him down. I a so disgusted over this world and people in it that are like you and are so interested in having a story. If Michael were that type of man, his own children would not be safe. Sick is sick and it crosses all boundaries. You caused the firestorm that was cruel. You are responisible for the years of pain and the ruin of a man’s reputation. Torment and lack of sleep.
    I am quite disgusted that you commented on his funeral today

  • fan

    Yes, I agree – Martin Bashir should not be allowed to talk about Michael Jackson AT ALL on ABC –
    In an extremely unsensitive move, today, ABC had the audacity to have him on during Michael’s very moving Memorial Service – but frankly, I had to change the channel because I could not bear to hear that man –
    when I flipped back to ABC after the service, I heard Martin Bashir, again disrepectful to a man we had just Memorialized. Will it never stop?
    Again, Yes, I agree. If ABC doesn’t become more sensitive to the issue of Martin Bashir, yes, we should all boycott ABC. I certainly won’t watch.
    The audacity of that man and ABC.

  • MR

    Martin Bashir trashing MJ at his own funeral? Fuck you Martin Bashir you miserable cunt. Fuck you too ABC.


    I absolutely agree!!! Since I watched that interview in 2003 I felt very sad for MJ. Bashir’s constant commentary was just about making him looked like everything was wrong with MJ. Then, when he said:

    “Certainly when I made the documentary, there was a small part of that which contained a controversy concerning his relationship with other young people. But the truth is that he was never convicted of any crime, I never saw any wrong doing myself. And last his lifestyle may have been unorthodox, I don’t believe it was criminal. And I think the world has now lost the greatest entertainer it’s probably ever known.”

    I was beyond words…..WHAT A HYPOCRIT!!!!

  • N

    Bashir is a complete A-Hole and unethical B____! I can not believe he is working for an America TV station because it makes me wonder about that TV station. If I ever had any doubt he was a scumbag it was cleared during his comments through the memorial services on ABC. Every TV station I flip through during the memorial seemed to be respectful about MJ(a human being) death except ABC. B____ir’s comments and feedback are unnecessary. When the young British boy started to sing Bashir was running his mouth and speculating in a negative way about MJ. Come on he is dead already and Birshir is still trying to scoop up controversy. I had to change the channel so I could hear the young singer. Bashir you are not making this world a better place!

  • http://aol rb

    YES by all means Martin Bashir is responsible for bringing misey to Michael’s life and eventually DEATH. Now eat your heart out Bahir and rot in hell. Michael is safe now with GOD.

  • lynda

    Martin Bashir! millions of people hate you – can you feel it, hows your head – you will get it back at you

  • Anna

    ABC – DO THE needful get rid of Bashir

  • Gareth

    I watched the documentary back in 2003 and was annoyed with Bashir’s dishonest and backstabbing approach. I remember the fans uproar at the time. I’ve since moved to Canada and the very day, the very day Micheal died Bashir was on TV, for hours talking about what great friends they were and what a sad loss of an awesome talent. I am disgusted by his utter hypocrisy, he’s moved over here to cash in on the documentary he did and portray it in a positive light. The last person I expected to see on the TV screen was his and sadly it turned out to be the first. Obviously his own money, fame and success is paramount and he’ll change his image and opinion to suit. BASHIR YOU ARE A SICKENING HYPOCRITE!!!

  • anonymous


  • Melanie

    I have just rewatched the interview and alot of the parts he left out, this man should be ashamed of himself, for allowing such a negative interview to have aired. When in fact he was the most loving and generous man that I have ever seen. Over the last several days, I have really listened to the words in his songs. Such love, such caring….when I think of Neverland and what he was trying to do for young kids and to have this a..hole just take something wholesome and good and just murder it….it makes me sick!!!! How does he lay his head down at night……I am just saddened, extremely saddened.

  • AJN


  • Jenna

    I think Martin Bashir is one of the most ignorant people on this Earth. He felt as though, just because Michael Jackson allowed him into his life and his heart, that he could exploit him and make him seem like a fool on national television. He made himself seem as though he was this honest journalist, looking for the truth, when really he just exploited Michael. Anyone who has seen the program can say without a doubt that Michael Jackson is an extremely sweet, kind person. Martin Bashir didn’t even deserve to be in Michael’s presence. He is a despicable human being.
    Rest in Peace, Michael. The world will never forget you.

  • http://google sarah

    i knew that night i wtched that awful interview that bashir never understood the person he was interviewing it was like watching his chance to be understood die in the hands of a silly uncreative man, he has blood on his hands. He just falloff the earth, the creep.

  • http://google sarah

    i knew that night i wtched that awful interview that bashir never understood the person he was interviewing it was like watching his chance to be understood die in the hands of a silly uncreative man, he has blood on his hands. He should just fall off the earth, bashir the creep.

  • Tom Jones

    If you would like to make a complaint to ABC for having Martin Bashir giving commentary on the memorial follow the phone number and prompts below. The prompts are purposely difficult so here they are.

    Call 212-456-7777
    Press 1 for ABC network
    Press 2 for comments
    Press 5 for specials
    Press 699 for other
    Leave a 30 second comment

  • jpeg

    What do you expect from that curry goat eat’n piece of scum

  • Susan

    Yes, Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson, Im sure! This man is devil, he has no honor and he should no more be able to work as a Journalist!!!!!!!

  • AJN


  • Miguel

    I’m two faced my self, and I can spot another one of my kind a mile a while. I don’t know how that twit lives with himself, or who the hell would marry such a prick.

  • Madel

    Im switching channels now, as long as MArtin Bashir will be in BBC I will never tune in to that channel. Martin Bashir is the modern times JUDAS IsCARIOTE…the whole world is watching your move…YOU KILLED OUR MJ! When Michael asked US “Who’s Bad?” later will be able to answer…”Its Martin BAshir!”

  • Michael’s Gurl

    I agree wholly. Martin Bashir – MAY YOU ROT IN HELL FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MICHAEL JACKSON. YOU F*&%$#@! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Martin Bashir did to Michael Jackson the worst thing imaginable….he violated Michael’s trust. He knew from the outset the type of person Michael Jackson was and knowing this he deliberately tricked Michael and all for what? I do how you, Mr. Bashir are content with yourself. I pray that one day Mr. Bashir never experiencing the great sin he committed against Michael Jackson as I do not believe that Mr. Bashir being the person the world now knows he is would be able to endure as MJJ did.

  • Georgette

    I had not seen the interview until Michael Jackson’s passing. I cannot be sure of the effects it had on Michael, but it could not have done him any good.
    I hope this experience teaches a lesson to journalists around the world.
    God bless Michael and his family.

  • PJ

    Bashir bullied MJ during the interview, it was shameless exploitation.
    Why hasn’t Bashir tried the same tactics with Madonna, Beyonce over plastic surgery? Because he’d be told in no uncertain terms where to go.
    Bashir is a scumbag, an exploiter of people.
    Karma gets us all in the end though – he will have to answer to a higher authority.

  • Internab

    Absolutely!!! BASHIR is a heartless and soul-less devil who portrayed a tenderhearted, generous and trusting Michael, a freak and a monster. I believe in KARMA. That’s why he’s recently been diagnosed with brain tumor. One thing certain, no one will care nor miss BASH-IR when he dies one day. He will go down in history as the anchorman from hell who killed Michael J’s big and beautiful Spirit. To this day, he still doesn’t get it. In his sick–twisted–diabolical mind, what he did was good and right and justified. WHY? Because obviously, he is spiritually dead. He has no more conscience that connects him with God, to make him realize and feel remorse for what he did. The least he could do is make a public apology to Michael and his family for what he did. Maybe — just maybe God might show him mercy. Don’t you get it? Having a brain tumor buys you the time you need to change and repent for your wicked ways!!!


    BASH-IR (BASH-IT) did that so that he could position himself in a good job. USER!!! Michael trusted you… opened not only his home to a total stranger like you, but also opened his heart and soul — and you used everything that was entrusted to you, to destroy him so that you could advance! And to look at it like a feather in your cap for destroying a Legend — what an IDIOT!!! LOSER!!! How can you live with yourself? How do you sleep at night??? Because nothing seem to bother you — brainless– heartless– soulless — you belong in hell!!! When you die — you will never have another sight of him because Michael will be living in HEAVEN with GOD and you will be burning in hell forever!!!
    The station should know that when people see that face (human toxic waste– tsoo!) — we change channels ASAP! Who wants to listen to that phony horse-shit??? >>@#%&?>>


    And now you speak good things about Michael and his Family after destroying and driving him to death!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! SHAMELESS CREATURE!!! Animals behave better than you!!! You pet a dog or a cat or give them a little love and they will give back tenfolds. Michael gave you so much love — WHAT DID YOU DO??? Your diabolical ways is just beyond me!!! May you suffer a millionfolds more than you tormented Michael!!! He will rest in PEACE but YOU — BASH-IT will forever be tormented even in the after life!!! YOU SHOULD JUST GO TO HELL!!!

  • Internab

    And now you speak good things about Michael and his Family after destroying and driving him to death!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! SHAMELESS CREATURE!!! Animals behave better than you!!! You pet a dog or a cat or give them a little love and they will give back tenfolds. Michael gave you so much love — WHAT DID YOU DO??? Your diabolical ways is just beyond me!!! May you suffer a millionfolds more than you tormented Michael!!! He will rest in PEACE but YOU — BASH-IT will forever be tormented even in the after life!!! YOU SHOULD JUST GO TO HELL!!!

  • Bethany

    Thank you, Martin Bashir, for exposing this monster to the world! American journalists were too starstruck to ask the hard-hitting questions that needed to be asked.

  • Courtney

    Martin Bashir you are a f*cking piece of sh*t,
    everyone could see what you were doing,
    you were purposly trying to portray michael as some sick child molester or something, you are the only sick person here,
    can’t you see how caring and how pure michael was as a human being.
    it makes me sick to even hear the things you said, if only more people were like michael the world would be a better place
    instead we have people like you, who would do absolutely anything for money, i hope you are ashamed of yourself, and the trouble you caused michael after your pathetic documentry was exposed, i hope you live to regret every single sly comment you made you revolting pig.

    Michael Jackson-love you always.
    anyone who has a heart, will know how beautiful you are.

  • MJ_Fan

    Pls dont watch any of Martin Bashir’s programs on TV.We all give you a bad luck Martin Bashir, worst will happen to you. God will never forgive Martin Bashir & all those people who used MJ they all will go to hell after death. We all love you MJ and you will stay in our heart forever.

  • love_u_MJ

    Martin bashir is a dirty dog. we dont even want to spit in his mouth. he killed a gr8 pop star.

  • Lesly

    I agree. Make billions of people happy and fire him. I think in his heart he harbours what he tried to reflect on Michael. Oh the hypocrisy of making a statement once MJ had passed.

  • Pkolan

    Martin Bashir and crew just destroyed Michael Jacksons already crumbling spirit! i hope he rots in hell!
    All Michael ever wanted to do was heal the world, in his unselfish way, which was so mistaken and mocked at by the world. His ‘love’ was never understood, probably because no one today seems capable of such love, hence the misinterpretation.
    How long can someone subjected to such harsh words survive? how long can he justify? where every word or step he takes is judged and taken in a way, far from the truth. Its sad, but it got to him in the end, it shattered him.
    I know he is at peace now. Away from all this madness, i love you Michael, you will always be remembered

  • pak

    HELL !! YES !!!!!!! He Did….
    Even someone from the other half of the world respond quickly in the VERY SAME ANSWER !!!

    Careful of the KARMA RULE !!!….

    Bangkok – Thailand

  • indistraught

    I have read all the comments and I totally agree with all of you who believe Martin Bashir plays part in MJ’s sudden demise. But lets not forget, the Media had always been in MJ’s life degrading him, calling him names like WACKO, HOMO, and worst of all a molester.
    My heart always ached whenever something came up in the news talking shit about Micheal. The media villified him, and they wanted the world to do the same. He was crossing boundaries no man had ever crossed before with music, and they dint like it, plain and simple! So the only way to stop him was to paint this horrible picture about a man who was so far from it.
    I am ashamed to be in a world that crucifies the people that love the world the most and then turn our cheeks the other side like nothing ever happened. I blame the media and mostly the greedy people who sold their stories to these Good-for-nothing, God-forsaken, nasty piece of shit journalists and tabloids.
    Please people, i beg, lets not fuel the Media’s fire anymore of publicly destroying innocent lives. They did it to Princess Diana, MJ and now they are doing it to Lyndsey Lohan and many other child prodigies. This will only get worse.
    Micheal for all i know, you are ALIVE, you will live FOREVER because u are King of Pop, King of charity, King of Kindness, King of Love. Like you sang in your song “I’ll be there/ just call my name/ and ill be there.” We will call your name and your spirit will be there with us ur loving fans. Fly home Micheal, to another world filled with the love and play you craved for from this world that stole it from you. I will always love you. We will look up at the crescent moon where you are perched, like Brookeshields beautifully said at the memorial, and we will SMILE!!

  • Alphabetsoup100

    Its a shame ABCNews keeps him in their payroll.

    Check out these cut footages of Bashirs interview with Michael. These are the ones deliberately edited out by Bashirs team.

    You will see in these videos how Bashir was two-faced to Michael and how he dupped his subject into believing he was understanding their plight but actually ommited a lot of the things he said that would make Michael human.

    Comments he later changed once on air.

    He ruined the man for money.

  • shanell


  • tommy

    Unfortunately in this day and age we alienate children such that anyone who does anything good for children is at risk of being labeled a monster by people who want to believe there is something horrible going on. These people are the same people who spend their time imagining bad things to happening to children, where as the thought I doubt ever entered MJ’s head as it is not something a normal honest caring person would think about. The sick people are the ones who spend their time imagining children being molested not the people who enjoy the company of kids. Just because you like children does not mean you want to have intercourse with them. I mean who doesn’t like kids anyway, generally there is nothing wrong with them until they grow up and get twisted by the world into paranoid finger pointing fascists.

    I like kids (but by me saying this I know what your probably thinking you weirdo and this alone should prove my point), they are the future, it should be OK to spend time with them just like anyone else, not separate and alienate them from the world.

    MJ is innocent do your research.

  • Toby

    Uri Gellar (Psychic – I think not) couldn’t see that Bashir had an agenda. He turned Louis Theroux away, an honourable journalist man who would have probed but understood Jacksons eccentricities.

  • Louise

    Excellent comment by Tommy (above).
    Just a personal thought; i think Michael was similar to Jesus in the way he was a gentle soul who wanted to heal the world and especially loved children. The way our sick society thinks these days, if Jesus were around today, people would have made the same accusations about him!
    Everybody talks about Michaels musical talent but not enough people mention that he was one of the world’s greatest humanitarians. A seemingly impossible act to follow……….

  • Lee

    This bastard killed Michael it was this interview that fucked every think for him…….some one send me the address so i can put him to sleep or some one fuck him up………you British wanka if i find out where you you live i’m going piss in your mouth you piece of shit,Michael has done every think for music & this cock head hasn’t done shit for the world………… British bastard eat shit & die.

  • Naomi

    Hope you’re happy with yourself Bashir. That was never journalism but just judgement. Don’t worry, your judgement day will come and you have a lot to answer for. Michael we will forever hold you in our hearts and remember your true message and I hope everyone will do their part to Heal the World. We are the World, but I wish Bashir you weren’t a part of it.

  • Lee

    you mother fucker

  • stang

    Yes i have no doubt Martin Bashir greatly contributed to MJ’s death, the only solace i have is that he will go to sleep/bed everynight with the knowledge that deep down inside him he knows he ‘helped’ kill Micheal jackson,as a fan of MJ’s ever since i can remember i cannot forgive Bashir for what he did to his fellow human being,Bashir should bow his head in shame & pray to God for forgiveness,i will never understand why & how low we humans beings will sink for fame & ‘recognition’ once again Bashir may the Almighty forgive you

  • Nicholas

    I think it is very dangerous to expose an academic to some one who is child like. I think an abuse of power has occurred and it is unforgivable. Michael is known to be like a child in medical terms it is like regressional behaviour but it is also beautiful and magical. Bashir’s cynical view point was like an imitation of the British cynical attitude which is fading away as time goes buy. It is as if Bashir was seeking an identity and did not have one, so hid behind that horrible negative and cynical behaviour which you often find in the courts or with the ombudsman or when making a complaint in the Uk or dealing with officials ( yuk). I believe that his level of cynical-ness was false and it was pretence, it seems unlikely that he really thought that climbing a tree was strange. His plan to destroy Michael seemed very clear. I climb tress, walk in the country and pull faces, I am 41.

    The channel that paid for Bashire should be sued and they owe the Jackson’s a lot of money and spiritual compensation. Bashir should be struck off, and will learn the hard way. We must stop attacking spiritual people, then morning for them when they have been killed by stress. I would not wish to be Bashir, and Uk will give no loyalty. It is sad that very few black artists get signed, while it seems many white artist imitate more than ever black music (“what about us” meaning everyone as usual) Michael Jackson) the greatest has gone. I feel this is a lesson to trying to be happy, creative and open and we see what happens when we don’t. I firmly believe that Bashir was very (sick mentally) when he made the interview, he looked very ugly inside and out, his face looked full of hate as if (spitting) because that negative assault he brought to Michael SHOWED. I am so sorry you went through that Michael, (I wish I could have held your hand) I say sorry for the human race they may never learn, but you were brilliant. I loved you, fancied you, admired you wanted you, listened to you. You appealed to the bisexual side of some men also with your grace and feminine and sexy aspect it was magical and it made you a god of kings. Thank you for showing people how bad the idiotic colour class system is world side. You must have been African American, mixed race, Latin, Cuban, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and sort of white in your look. You, where the world. Thank you with all my heart for your healing messages and your beautiful pure voice it is so beautiful and touching. You had the qualities of god’s (world wide) and demi gods (masculine and feminine, with masses of compassion) wow are you powerful, I miss that already. I am sorry that the world tried to go against you; you vanished into peace. I know we will see you again in yet another form. I will know you, when I see or hear you. All my love

  • http://- Lilian

    Martin Bshir I hope that you are a shame off that documentary that you made But it doesnt matter Micheal Jackson will be rembered as a LEGEND and you…wel you had your 3 minutes off fame that time….

  • Cee

    YES, Mr. Bashir should be working for the National Enquirer because he is not a journalist. He is a deceptive scumbag who was looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Shame on him! What goes around comes around Mr. Bashir. I only hope that MJ is at the pearly gates when you arrive, but knowing his kind heart, he will forgive you.

  • Mary

    sign the PETITION to fire Martin Bashir :

  • pattycake

    YES, he most certainly did. I hope he his career dies and he spends the rest of his life reflecting on why.

  • tony51

    Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said here….but Martin Bashir truly is the lowest form of scum on this earth & it was a crying shame that ABC allowed him to speak on Michael’s death.MARTIN BASHIR SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO UTTER THE NAME OF MICHAEL JACKSON EVER AGAIN AFTER WHAT HE HAS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
    It hurt alot of us to see Michael so hurt by Bashir’s actions….but for the very least…i find satisfaction in the fact that in Bashir’s attempt to “destroy” Michael,in the end….It was Bashir who was hated & viewed upon with disgust…& a lot of people rushed to Michael’s defense 7 showed their support.
    In that way…at least Michael got to see that the world still loved him(once the real truth came out)
    The world will always love you Michael….Rest in peace “Peter Pan”

  • daria

    It’s extremely hard to shine in this world and survive when you think with your heart, feel with your mind and create with your soul. I too grew up with similarly abusive parent, my mother (who beat/ridiculed/ostracized me)—So, to a degree I UNDERSTAND how Michael was prepared by his father for the beatings, ridicule and isolation/segregation from the world. I’m grateful that the public whippings by Bashir and others didn’t break Michael earlier, before he could give us the gifts of him as the visionary, mystic, transformer, soother/lover, warrior, most courageous, sexy hot, creative genius. If you haven’t seen Michael in action, give yourself a gift of watching him on stage: –Bucharest=the capital of Rumania (one of the poorest, most brutally oppressive East Euro country), and in 1992, a few years after the fall of communism and shooting of Ceauşescu, Michael performed for an ocean of people, majority of whom didn’t understand English (they had no access), but he connected with them by communicating crisply on a level BEYOND WORDS, plunging them into experiential ecstasy from the moment he appeared on the stage, jumping up and standing completely motionless for about a whole minute. See for yourself and you’ll know the power he knew how to channel for masses, by even just standing there, empowering them, making them love so fiercely that their parched hearts, beginning to recover from the grayness of communism, woke up, sprung to life so powerfully that some of them fainted, or went into nirvanic ecstasy of sorts and had to be carried away on stretchers. I’m not pissed at Bashir anymore—he provided a great contrast for me to appreciate Michael even more as the High Priest. I’m now beginning to get acutely aware that I can no longer look to Michael for delivering me, and it sucks! I feel like a starved kid with my naked but on the ground, looking at a cake in a shop window. I think though that Michael has given me a key to the shop full of cakes and other goodies, I just have to get up and try to go get it myself. Damn!

  • RC

    What has Bashir achieved nothing. MJ has achieved soo much for the world. Bringing people togeather.

    I hate this Bashir, I think its people like these that lead to the down fall of many. He did it to get a job with ABC!, sums it up.

  • Asi

    Bashir you selfish bastarrrr*****
    you got blood on your hands
    and you WILL for sure ROT and STINK in hell
    You should be ashamed
    your work is pathetic ans so is your sorry ass face

  • Monica CAro

    Martin Bashir’s interview of MJ was shameful. All along he meant to wilfully take advantage of Michael’s candid and honest answers, making contemptuous comments about his lifestyle, his spending and unashamedly prying on his personal life. Michael answered all his questions truthfully to his peril. It is very clear that Michael has been a victim of scum media types such as Martin Bashir.

  • Franky

    For sure he did not kill him but it is obviouse that he is not a good journalist having no feeling for people only the sensation in his eyes and his own career.

    A shame that ABC let Martin Bashir comment on Jackson’s dead. Write to ABC and complain! I did it on their homepage. Democracy means the power is with everyone. So move and do something and don’t complain unheard in blogs!

  • M.J. Fan

    This guy is a scum sucking, bottom dwelling, manure throwing, Grade A, sycophantic, narcissistic, hypocritical turd! Unfortunately, M.J. trusted this twisted freak and ABC has glorified him. It’s now up to ABC’s advertisers to start pulling their advertising from the ABC until they sack Mr Bumshit.

  • M.J. Fan

    This guy is a scum sucking, bottom dwelling, manure throwing, Grade A, sycophantic, narcissistic, hypocritical turd! Unfortunately, M.J. trusted this twisted freak and ABC has glorified him. It’s now up to ABC’s advertisers to start pulling their advertising from the ABC until they sack Mr Bumshir.

  • Christine Berg

    Disgusting snake this Bashir. A person with a greedy ugly personality. Bashir deceived Michael Jackson, obviously just to make a career for himself. Bashir will always be remembered for contributed to MJ’s death.

  • DG

    Yes, when I first viewed the documentary that Bashir did on MJ, I was appalled at how this snake in the grass of a journalist could look at himself in the mirror…I do not know how he has even remained a journalist. I cannot believe that given the false impression that he gave Michael, appearing to be a friend, someone unassuming, concerned-a friend, just filming a documentary about him then clearly turn around and so blatantly backstab him the way that he did, leaves me totally and utterly speechless as to the character of this person..Who would actually hire this snake to do any interviewing or reporting for them… I hope and I pray this man’s career comes to an end. He will surely pay for what he did. I personally never really trusted middle easterners because I have the misfortune of living in a neighborhood slowly being dominated by these cold, rascist very strange people… I see first hand how they operate and I don’t trust them and I never particularly liked them. They are the rudest, most rascist people I have ever encountered. To come out of one of the poorest countries on the continent and to be blessed to have an opportunity to better oneself-to use that opportunity to put another man down is in my opinion one of the most vilest forms of human nature or humanity I have seen in this life-by this breed of people. Martin Bashir showed the world who he is and what his kind represents. His judgement day will come. I despise what he and his people stand for. Very misinformed and misguided. They believe “It’s the american way” I cannot wait to move away from them. I pray that my dislike for them does not turn to hate, then again-they are not worth it. They will die in they’re own iniquities. I truly believe Mr. Bashir will regret that interview and pay for it. To turn around, now that the man is dead-after he profited from his downfall-makes him a lowly man. Snake.

    An African American

  • Paul

    This was absolutely the most basest things I’ve ever seen the media do. You owe Mr. Jackson’s family and his fans an apology. And to demonstrate a good faith effort at contrition fire Martin Bashir from ABC News. And if not forthcoming, I will lead the boycott against ABC and Disney.


    Dr. P. Burns
    Washington, DC

  • Paul

    Anne Sweeney
    Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks
    President, Disney-ABC Television Group
    77 West 66th Street
    New York, New York 10023

    Dear Ms Sweeney:

    I am writing to express my shock and outrage at ABC’s decision to invite Martin Bashir as a commentator for Michael Jackson’s Memorial service, which aired on your affiliates across the country on July 7, 2009. Clearly it was a no-brainer for ABC to interrupt its regular line-in to cover this event because of the enormous public interest in Mr. Jackson’s life and death and it being touted as the biggest funeral since Princess Diana’s. I was willing to dismiss with the cynicism and assume that your coverage would be fair and respectful to the memory of the deceased, but it became painfully obvious this was not going to be the case, particularly when it was revealed that Martin Bashir would be one of the commentators. Of all the cultural critics, music critics, music moguls, entertainers, historians, professors of music, and sociologists, you choose Martin Bashir?

    Up until yesterday, I had a great deal of respect for ABC News and Charlie Gibson, but your decision to use Bashir was a clear betrayal to your integrity and the field of journalism. This was the lowest and most despicable acts ABC News could have ever made. It is no secret that many Americans believe that media had been unfair to Michael Jackson over the years. And many would argue that it was the Martin Bashir Michael Jackson interview that was the final unraveling of Mr. Jackson, and ultimately changed public opinion about Mr. Jackson, tarnished his reputation, damaged his career and indirectly lead to his untimely death.

    I will never forget or forgive how Bashir befriended Mr. Jackson, then manipulated, twisted and distorted his words and deeds to make it appear he might be engaging in sexual, if not inappropriate, behavior with young boys. It was clear Mr. Jackson was indeed an innocent, child-like and naïve man and Bashir toyed with and used this against him to get Mr. Jackson to admit to things that never occurred. And although the courts found Mr. Jackson innocent on all counts of child molestation, the damage had been done.

    Perhaps, Mr. Bashir is under some delusion that he is some expert on Michael Jackson, and willing to continue to capitalize off the blood of Mr. Jackson, but for ABC News to invite and pay this Judas another 30 gold coins on the day of his Memorial is the ultimate slap in the face to the intelligence of the American people, a betrayal to Mr. Jackson’s fans and the most contemptuous insult to the family and the memory of the deceased. It was clear the decision to use Bashir was indeed intentional. He was placed there to be a hyena – again waiting to savage the victim in death as he had done in life. But to Bashir’s and your dismay and disappointment there was no circus or pathologies for him to dissect and analyze.

    This was absolutely the most basest things I’ve ever seen the media do. You owe Mr. Jackson’s family and his fans an apology. And to demonstrate a good faith effort at contrition fire Martin Bashir from ABC News. And if not forthcoming, I will lead the boycott against ABC and Disney.


    Dr. Paul Burns
    Washington, DC

  • daria

    Beautifully eloquent, Paul, thank you for your taking the time and making this effort!!! Bashir didn’t just contribute to Michael’s death; he violated so many of us, who realize what really went on. But so many others didn’t get the chance to know Micheal, because they succumbed to what the media put on them. We do have the power to say “no, no more!” I’m making it my goal in life to stand up and speak up, before it’s too late for someone else. Even though it’s hard to imagine another Michael among us now.

  • Kim

    Martin Bashir is a backstabbing bitch. He had factored into MJ’s facing wrongful accusations that led to the singer’s eventual death. Bashir at first sweet talks to people and get them relaxed, lacing them with sugary compliments, then slashing with a thorny knife later. Celebs who bashir had interviewed faced untimely death, like lady Di or MJ. He is a bad omen from paki.

  • Kim

    Mj’s family should sue bashir for slander and defamation of character against MJ. they should also sue him for stirring up and instigating wrongful attention thru media by distortion and personal interpretation as the truth. Bashir should be banned from ever appearing on air and be condemned by the court.

  • Kim

    Agree with Paul above, To add a few more. MJ’s family should sue bashir for the slander and defamation of MJ’s character. it is not only unethical but illegal to use your personal, biased interpretation as the truth or conceived truth and disseminate through the media, misleading the public. He should be banned from media world entirely and face some years of jail term.

  • cindytaiwan

    after watched the film Bashir made it for MJ
    i felt so sickness of his poison mind to said in the film to Michael,martin bashir acutely killed Michael Jackson spirit
    Michael had done lot lots of charity and living sweet mind on the earth,we may tell on those songs and performances from MJ..
    but martin bashir,u are tooooo cruel person for lie to people and destroyed MJ for your own career,i hate u so much,very very much!!!

  • Jean

    Let’s go kill bashir. The stupidest way is to shoot him on the face. The next stupid thing is to have someone kill him for you. The smartest way is to have everyone turn his back on him, his family and his work, to a point where he has nowherelse to go, gets drug-dependent or stressed out, and let his body fail him and die. Then you commentate and eulogize how innocent he was in life..just like what bashir the bastard has so cunningly done on MJ.

  • J.J.

    Martin Bashir should remove himself from T.V. In particular CBS Nightline. He’s a snake in the grass, makes me sick and should be ashamed. Get OFF the air Bashir!

  • Angel

    i can’t believe how evil and hypocrite a human can be.
    first everyone is scared of Michael ( huh he’s a freak) then all of a sudden they care.
    Michael wasn’t a freak, he was just someone that you couldn’t understand, and that’s how humans react, when someone is “strange” he’s a freak.
    oh! i forgot to mention what a coward a human can be, for example Martin Bashir, claiming that Michael is a monster, then when he dies, he confesses he lied ( hey Martin you were probably afraid of him right? well guess what, don’t expect a hug or an apology. YOU ARE A COWARD! and don’t forget this,you have blood on your hands), i wouldn’t be suprised if i find out that martin Bashir has been killed, same goes for the kid who accused Micheal being a child molestor for money.
    Michael is a dear and will always remain alive in my heart, i always believed him, and understood what he was, a child in an adults body, he just wanted to have fun and play, be happy( is that a crime?) i think it’s time that people look at themself in the mirror, and realise their mistakes.

  • Bambi

    I’ll think it killed michael. Martin Bashir had no respect at all. And believe me non of the kidabuse is true. Michel loved kids, because they were onest friends. Bashir may think he did a good job, but believe me, his live wil also never be the same.

    R.I.P. Michael, I hope yoú fly in the sky, just like peter pan.

  • AJN

    Paul and Daira well said I agree and you can count on my support. There is also a PETITION at

  • Dewi

    I just watch the interview. I can see how innocent Michael jackson is. I am a mom of 14 yes old boy, am not rich but if anybody ever molesting my son, I will chase this guy till his grave, am sure all normal parents will did like me. Michael love kids n from that interview we can see how naïf he was, he is 44 yes old but we still can see childness in him. He is an artist so what if he had some plastic surgery? He did it too much yes, but so what? It’s his own body! Martin Bashir killed MJ? YES he did! He is not interview MJ but he is judging him! He killed MJ slowly, he cut MJ piece by piece! BASHIR U WILL NEVER REST IN PEACE !!!

  • Suus

    Well said, Paul. I am not a MJ fan, yeah sure I love his music and I think the man was a big sweetheart. I do however have very strong feelings on Martin Bashir. Bashir has shown me the worst part of human character. What a horrible leech. I found his interview with MJ nausiating. I do not understand how Bashir could sleep at night, knowing what he’d been doing. Making someone as innocent and pure as Michael trust you and than abusing this trust in the worst way possible by turning it around to the most horrible thing on the planet, especially for Michael. This was plain abuse. Where were Michael’s advisors during the taping of this sh*t? Everyone with an open mind should watch the OPrah interview to KNOW that MJ would never hurt a child. Period.

  • Goodness

    Fuck you Martin Bashir. You are not genuine neither are you sincere. You have suceeded in killing him, are you happy now ?

    Of course he killed King Michael Jackson, because after that twisted, snaky, manipulated interview that a lot of things started happening to Michael Jackson. How can people be so cruel? Just because he wants to make money and fame for himself

    I pray he died a miserable death. No person should ever grant Martin Bashir an interview ever again

  • daria

    Thank you again, Paul, and AJN for letting us know about the petition we can all sign to have Martin Bashir deposed, hopefully forever. Use your voice, everyone, and express yourself here, BUT also where you can affect change. Michael has done so much for us; let’s help clear his name and call the Bashirs to restitution for the damages they cause to us all.
    I signed and commented:
    “Appalled at your deceptive ‘documentary’ practices, hypocrisy, Machiavellian slander of one of the greatest man who has graced this earth, Michael Jackson. By keeping Martin Bashir on your team, you are endorsing his lack of professionalism and his low-life biases, disqualifying yourself as a reputable reporting agency. D. Sova, M.A.”

  • abc

    bashir is a backstabber. He will not even get a place in hell.

  • Aban


  • Max

    Everyone should comment on here and have Bashir fired or boycott ABC altogether.

  • Darna

    I think some of the reasons why bashir made it his mission to destroy MJ not only because he’s so big, and unbelievably good hearted — so he presumed that MJ must be faking everything — since he has never met anyone as good hearted and magnanimous as MJ; Also because MJ is surrounded be people from the Nation of Islam, so as a Christian pakistani/or indian descent?, he must really hate that.And undoubtedly, the fact that MJ is a black man. bashir give pakistanis/indians a really bad name. I’m sure one of these days someone is going to give you what you’ve been asking for.

  • Blacklegend

    you know what fuck nightline. fuck abc. fuck martin bashir.remmber martin bashir you can run you can’t hide. people will get you asshole.when president Bush talks about evildoers he meant this creep you fucking represents all evil in this earth. i hope you deserve hell. i mean it.

  • Shanti Prasad

    PLEASE look on youtube for the, “Living with Michael Jackon: Take 2″ hosted by Maury Povich.

    Maury exposes the deception Bashir committed. The URL to the first video is in the website dialog box

    Martin Bashir is not a man, he is an insect. His life will be miserable for the deception he orchestrated with Michael. I promise Bashir would not be able to show his face in Los Angeles, bodily harm would be done to him.

  • Shanti Prasad

    Sorry here is the link to “Living with Michael Jackon: Take 2″

  • Paul

    Demand that ABC Fire Martin Bashir Now! Here’s how…

    see the link below:

  • jose

    what a Jerk.

  • Paul


    See link below:

  • Shubs

    I am sure even this Bashir guy has once danced to MJ’s songs in his childhood days or attempted a moonwalk.
    It was totally crooked and cruel on Bashir’s part to portray MJ in such a negative light. I am glad that MJ’s videographer had recorded something to prove Bashir otherwise. However, no doubt Bashir’s act hurt MJ deeply and killed his spirits. Afterall, MJ was not at all guilty, a truth that the court declared too in the end.

    Isn’t it time to have a trial for Bashir now?

  • Tracy

    Martin Bashir def cause Michael all emotion problems in life. man i cant imagine someone goes on the news and saying all bad things about me.Michael took it like man but there is so much you can take…… now Michael Jackson dont have a voice. he is gone its up to us take this asshole and crucifie him.

  • Martin Bashir is a horrible man

    I DESPISE Martin Bashir for the way he twisted the interview and CAUSED the following years of TORMENT for Michael Jackson. Martin Bashir should be made to ALWAYS REMEMBER that HE WAS RESPONSIBLE for the horrible circus Michael would face for the rest of his life. If you watch the original documentary, you will see the insinuations. Gavin Arvizo HAD TO CLAIM SEXUAL IMPROPRIETY, otherwise he would always have been taunted by other kids for his “sexual” relationship with Michael Jackson (which was clearly NOT TRUE if you watch the original documentary). If YOU were Gavin Arvizo, the documentary would have put YOU in such a bad light, YOU would have sued MJ, too!

    BASHIR IS THE ONE HUMAN BEING TO BLAME for Michael’s problems, and he should be forced to ALWAYS REMEMBER IT, thanks to that HORRIFIC yellow-journalism “documentary” he was responsible for.

  • Sue

    Martin Bashir, Martin Bashir… They put the devil against the angel and guess who won! I just hope that everyday of his miserable life Matin Bashir feels the pain and the humiliation he made Michael Jackson feel. He killed his spirit and all his hard work, he made M.J loose everything so much that he had to go back touring at the age of 50 to be able to support his expenses. Michael was naive that’s the only thing that was wrong with him…he was not a child molester! You killer I hope that you’re happy with yourself.



  • Calvin Chu

    Yes, he’s one of them who destroyed MJ’s life.
    He’s the one who instigated the whole issue and killed all
    the inspiration that MJ brough to so many others.

  • navjot


  • Caine

    Martin Bashir has no right to be on air purely for the false and misleading editorial he did on MJ. The second interview proves that. What a shame that ABC who is reputable around the world has to go and hire such a TABLOID JUNKIE. I truly believe in karma and feel great pride in knowing that it is coming to Mr Bashir one way or another. To Mr Jacksons beautiful spirit your children will prove to the world one day when they are ready that their daddy was not strange but a wonderful father and human being.

  • navjot


  • hoya

    Bashir is a bad omen. Look what he did to the late princess di. That interview enraged the queen and prince charles to file for a divorce. Di had nowhere to turn to but an egyptian playboy which led to even more exposure to paparazzis. Bashir is not stirring up controversy, he stirs up hatred from people around the interviewee, ruin the lives, and lead them to an eventual death. Amazing. We’re seeing the devil here…disguised.

  • L from SKorea

    bashir’s murder record:(official & mega size, who knows whatelse…)

    Bashir interviews princess Di – soon after she was asked for divorce by the angry queen and prince charles. Bruised, she wandered around with an egyptian playboy which earned paparazzis interest even more, and she got killed while avoiding them as usual.

    Bashir interviews MJ – soon after he got sued by the angry child’s mother for child molestation tarnishing his image and bankrupting him, forcing him to go on grueling tours which he wasnt ready for due to his physical ailment, he finally collapsed after taking painkillers & drugs to ease his pain.

    Why doesnt he plain just interview? why does he try to make up stories that doesnt exist and twist it around and try to extract bad out of good? Evil thinks evil.

  • H

    cruelest & shrewdest thing ever…is to ruin someone’s life by making people turn against him, isolate him and let him die of suffering. then you commemorate him over his’re witnessing the highest form of killing here….the most cunning and despicable form of murder in which you can get away with…if we let it.

  • L from South Korea

    It was a bad judgement call to have bashir appear on TV..The cruelest & shrewdest thing ever is to ruin someone’s life by making people turn against him, isolate him and let him die of suffering. Then you commemorate his life over his’re witnessing a highest form of murder here….the most cunning and despicable form of murder in which you can get away with…if you let it.

    Bashir is a bad omen, if look what he has done. His interview with princess di enraged the queen and prince charles to file for a divorce, and she sadly wandered around with an egyptian playboy & get more vulnerable to tabloids and paparazzis which eventually did some contribution to her death. MJ’s death is related to Bashir’s interview too…or rather, related to distorted interpretation made by bashir to decisively tarnish MJ’s image. MJ got bankrupt forced to go on tours he wasnt ready for due to his physical and emotional ailment instigated by bashir. He turned to painkillers and drugs that eventually killed him.
    MJ had nothing to gain from by opening up to bashir’s interview. he doesnt need money or any more publicity than he already has, whereas for bashir he gets more credit points for interviewing someone like MJ. MJ did it as a pure favor, but comes backstabbing at the final moment. How could the president of ABC, Anne Sweeney, allow this? what brain has she got?
    Bashir not only deserves getting fired from ABC and the media world at large, but should face the court for the slandering and defamation of character and of libel. MJ’s family or some people’s organization should sue him.
    we should boycott ABC till the end if this doesnt get brought to attention.
    I’m someone from Asia living in Asia but I am connected through the internet and I feel for MJ wholeheartedly, as many in the rest of the world….

  • Raca

    Bashir is a hitman! There was some kinda contract out on him-maybe some jewish hex. All control and power hungry; well.., now you can’t hear a bad word on him, and all the paraphanelia(no, I wasn’t tryin’ to write that-you sick world) sales and music rights….,
    Micheal had a sh** of a life and stayed sweet. Who of us can say that?

  • strangerinPhilly

    I just want to know how Bashir sleep at night knowing that he have MJ blood on his hands? Its too late now and sooner or later he will pay for what he did!!!!!!They should have a public hanging for this guys and all MJ fans should be invited!!!!!

  • Laura Mauro

    Martin Bashir Must Go!!

    Demand that ABC Fire him.

    Check out this link to make your voice heard.

  • Emily

    Martin Bashir judged Michael by Martin Bashirs standards. It is Martin Bashir that I would definately not leave my kids with. His mind is a sewer. It is because of bad-minded people like him that men cannot show affection to kids. I wouldn’t have that Bashir in my house for 8 minutes never mind 8 months. If it was a woman holding hands with a 12 year old cancer victim, and paying for their medical bills and bringing her and their families on holidays she would be portrayed as a SAINT. Michael was a saint – full of kindness and love. Pity my kids didnt get to stay at neverland, they would have had such fun. I do not believe any of that evil scandal that was spread around about Michael. Love Michael Jackson forever.

  • Sab

    i hate martin bashir for what he did to michael. he was a selfish bastard. i hope he rot in hell.
    i c michael as a brave man who fought till the end. how does a man who has to face crowds everyday cope up with vitiligo? but michael did. he showered the world with his love, specially children. he’d be always remebered and loved as the kindest person this generation has ever seen. may michael rest in peace.

  • Mary

    I read and agree wuth all the posts. Martin Bashir is an absolutely disgrace to journalism. He exceeded the lower limits of journalism.One of the postings is incorrect when they said mj had no loyal fans. I am white female of 60 years old and had great respect for him. He was beautiful. I saw right thro the skunk when he interviewed MJ and anyone with any intuition would realise that he knew what he was doing. I am so angry that i could burst. ABC should fire him and if they dont then they are all scumbags like him and belong to the same mould.HOW DARE HE HAVE THE AUDACITY to pay a tribute, insincere and thoroughly inappropriate. How dare he call himself BRITISH. He should go back to the hole he crawled out of . He is a disgrace to his country and to Britain and should be kicked out of America. God bless u MJ they cant hurt you anymore, teach the Angels to moondance. Blessings to the Jackson family.

  • will

    Martin Bashir wrong for all things he said about Michael Jackson.FUCK YOU BASHIR.

  • san

    I think Martin Bashir is a dirty pig and did not deserve MJ’s company & time. He was horribly disrespectful in the inerview and almost humiliating MJ again and again. The fact that MJ still tolerated this loser and continued to answer to him politely just shows that MJ was a kind genetlemen (even with pigs).
    I think this pig Martin Bashir can still hope for some forgiveness from god if he officially appologizes to the world about his meanness and distasteful and criminal yellow journalism…..ABC should immediately fire this guy otherwise ABC runs the risk of being a completely boycotted network..
    I also hold this pig responsible for death of the legend Michael was……..

  • orena

    Martin Barshir. Wie fühlt man sich wenn man einen Herzensmenschen zerstört hat und für seinen Tod verantwortlich ist. Warum hast du das getan? Was hat ER dir getan außer Gutes? Das war reine Absicht. Du bist ein armseliger Looser.

    Lady Di starb 2 Jahre nach dem Interview mit dir. MIchael starb einen langen Tod DURCH dich.
    Leben läuft nach dem Prinzip von Ursache und Wirkung. Nichts bleibt ohne Konsequenzen die doppelt so hart zu einem zurück kommen. Da kommt ja noch einiges auf dich zu.
    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß dabei, alles Gute und noch ein schönes Leben.

    In Love for Michael

  • Disgusted

    Your interview with MJ which I recently viewed is an absolute twist on who he was. You and all the others like you are pathetic. You are all leaches. Why is it that “we” humans, can not just accept the movies, the shows the performances that celebrities supply us with? Why is it that jerks like you have to hound them, print lies and billshit. When we all go home from work, do we get hounded? NO….So leave the celebs alone. They work their hours, they do their job. If people actually opened their eyes to what we call “regular people” you can BET that there are MORE “whacked” regular people out there. Are you going to start attacking them because oh gee that lady seems a little to friendly to those kids at the day care. MJ was right, people need to care more about their children, more people need to love. Our world is becoming a sad, loveless place. Maybe deep down you are the ones with the problems, but instead of facing it you point out others quirks and off beat ideas.
    How would you feel to be hounded non-stop, day in and day out, how would you feel if some asshole(s) was always snapping your picture? The only reason celebs get so much attention on it is because they are in the lime light. Does a regular Joe get plastered all over the tabloids for a bar fight, or for getting busted for being high.. NO.. SO why don’t you losers leave the celebs alone. They deserve privacy just like us all.

    R.I.P MJ. You will always be loved.

  • yona

    MJ’s family or us fans should file a slander suit..bashir not only deserves criticism from the world but should face some legal terms for his irresponsible tabloid-like reporting. Along with ABC, the public or jackson’s family sue Bashir. Congress should enact Jackson Law…or MJ protect innocents against such horrible media distortion.

  • Willie

    Martin Bashir..I know you’re looking at all these comments, You got blood on your hands Bashir, you ruined this man, and you did it for money and for a elite, I wont call his name becaise I don’t wanna give him any shine, But Bashir you killed this mans spirit when you done this to him, because from then on his live came spiraling down, You Killed our beloved
    Micheal Jackson …..Martin Bashit,, and I hope you burn in the hottest part of hell you paskitani slumdog CIA motherfucker

  • Willie

    What Martin Bashir did was a new aged way to kill a man, It was specially designed for Micheal Jackson because he was a sencitive type person and his reputation meant alot, so there came The Repatation Murderer Martin Bashir to do a Special Op mindcontrol murdering job specially designed for Micheal Jackson.

  • joseph

    He got away with Di’s death…but not this time. You know how he was indirectly involved with late princ di. wow, he’s a bad jinx.

  • Karen

    This man disgusts me. From the first minute I heard him speak during that infamous documentary, it was evident what his true intentions were. Yes, it is he who has blood on his hands.

  • This1

    I totally agree! “Martin Bashir”‘s behavior during those interviews was unforgiveable! This man makes me want to vomit! But you can ask yourself who really gets into an unflattering light here? Is it Michael Jackson, or is it Martin Bashir himself? if you watch this documentary on YouTube, you’ll probably have a look at all of those hate-comments about Martin Bashir, and how he acted! If you’re logging on to Facebook, and search “Martin Bashir”, there are several thousands of people who aren’t too satisfied with Bashir’s rude comments during the interviews… When I watched this documentary yesterday,I thought: “Be careful, Bashir, be careful. Michael Jackson, the man you’re trying to humiliate is SO MUCH MORE than you will ever be, and now it’s a little too late to say you’re sorry! How do you sleep at night?” It’s also easy to see, when you watch this documentary, who truely OWNS during the entire interview; it’s Michael himself! Yes, Martin Bashir tried to knock him down, and he made it. (Congratulations, Bashir, I hope you’re proud.) But Michael always answered his shameless questions with, what I would call them, some very good answers! And Bashir got more upset and more desperate for every second! What touched me the most, and made me hate, really HATE Martin Bashir, was the way Martin asked so directly and (I would say it was) rude about all the difficulties during MJ’s life. It hurt me to see how MJ hid his face behind his hands, fighting the tears, while he said: “Why are you doing this to me?” when Bashir graceless asked him about his childhood, and how the beatings from his father were! However; this Martin Bashir tried to make a documentary that would be able to ruin Michaels reputation even more… and Martin Bashir, you FAILED big time! Yes, Michael is not on this earth anymore. Yes, you are not fired (not yet, but one day you will be!), you probably have made those money you wanted, and that irritates me to the bone… Maybe you got whatever you wanted afterall… PHYSICALLY! But how do you feel now? Is there a little voice in the back of your mind that tells you to watch your back? There should be. I hope you will have a difficult life, Bashir. You deserve it. My comment is graceless, but you deserve it! This is my sweet, little revenge. What did you make out of this documentary? Money. Money, money, money. You probably think you got yourself a good reputation, but you’re WRONG. The one with the good reputation is MJ himself! He made something. He WAS, IS, and WILL ALWAYS BE the best entertainer in the whole wide world. He was a wonderful human being, he united the world, and he wanted a world and a society where people could live together in peace and harmony. He never judged anyone because of their looks, their skin color or their behavior! And the world will remember him for that, maybe the world will remember him FOREVER for that! But you? What will happen to you when you die? Yes, maybe someone will remember who you were. Maybe someone will look back, and say: “Martin Bashir, Martin Bashir… oh yes! That was the man who ruined MJ’s life!” Or even better; no one will know about it when you die! your family, your friends. no one else. no one will miss you, because what di you actually do to this world? nothing! then YOU are the loser, Bashir! Michael might forgive you, because he had a beautiful good heart… but I will never forgive you! And I hope you will never forgive yourself either. Michael made an impression in this world, both because of his music and his dancesteps, he opened the doors for everyone to enter the music world! and also because of his wonderful, caring personality and his enormous engagement for saving the world. Many people will say that he never really managed that one… but he made what is the most important ingredients to how we can make a perfect world in peace! if the world lived in peace, there would be no problems! and Michael subconsciously knew how to do that! and i really hope someone involves what he found out. Michael was genius, nothing less! Just because he was different from you, Bashir, that does not mean that you can perfectly treat him the way you want! He was something great, and the whole world knows it! Rest In Peace, Michael! Your work here on earth is done, and you solved your exercize in life perfectly =D

  • look

    Buddha says those who use sugary words on others are indeed conceited, and looking for others faults or creating faults. How SO TRUE!!!!!!! Bashir befits all three terms!

  • also

    God comes in all faces…man, woman, child…MJ has embraced all three in his body. Not gay nor pedophile, but all three sensitive images within himself. In this sex crazed world it is hard to understand(bigots), but those who can think “outside the box” can see it. He is GOD!

  • Bring this fagot betrayer to justic!!!!

    Martin Bashir is DEFINITELY responsible for MJ’s death and he’s gonna ROT IN HELL, for what he’s done!

    R.I.P M.J

    From Germany

  • Ray

    I am 67 year old man. i never seen anything like this my life one news reporter kills one man’s lifes with lies.i feel for the all Michael fan’s.R.I.P

  • paul


  • Karin

    Is any possible to boycott this disgusting guy??!!

  • Fiona Ramdeen

    Bahsir, Sneddon and Jordy Chandler ALL contributed to Michael’s death. Now Jordy is saying he’s sorry for all the lies his dad made him do it apparently but he had enough time to come clean when he broke away from his father. For the years Sneddon has left on this earth I hope he lives long and suffer for the rest of his days the way he made Michael suffer. At last but not least Bashir, I hear he’s got a tumor, well what can you say about a piece of s..t like that, what goes around comes around and whatever time he has left I’m sure it won’t be good. I’m glad I missed the 20/20 show on ABC as it would have made me very angry. Obviously ABC has no shame for allowing this cretin Bashir to work for them and the audacity for Bashir to give any kind of statement about Michael. He should be on his knees like they all should be begging for forgiveness from the Jackson family and Michael’s fans for what they’ve done to him!!!
    Rest In Peace Michael.

  • chandrika

    u really deserve to go to hell bashir. ur full of shit.ppl in media should not be allowed to manipulate ppl like this cause its all full of shit.

  • Jackie

    I went to the ABC website to complain about Bashir’s presence on Nightline. Many people have. They keep pulling down posts, censoring their own website. I’ve been yanked twice. There are two places to post…under Martin Bashir’s name which can be found doing a google search on him, to Wikipedia, then the Wiki site has a link to him on ABC and also go to ABC Nightline. I think it’s a shame that they have employed a yellow journalist and have lost all credibility with me. Let our thoughts be heard!

  • Sasha

    I agree with Jackie’s post above about Martin Bashir being the yellow journalist of ABC News. He should never have been allowed to comment about Michael Jackson’s death since he himself played a huge role in it. It is time the thousands of voices who are sick of yellow journalists speak out and let their voices be heard that we will not tolerate tabloid journalism anymore in an attempt to destroy the most gifted, caring, and genuine icon of our culture – Michael Jackson. Other yellow journalists who should be held responsible for their actions and lose their “careers” are Diane Dimond, Maureen Orth, and Jane Velez-Mitchell, who ALL had an axe to grind against Michael Jackson for no apparent reason and ALL contributed to his demise. In fact, Diane Dimond wrote a book about Michael Jackson which is sold on Amazon (dot) com and the customer reviews of that book reveal what a piece of tabloid trash it is. Michael is gone too soon because these vultures broke his spirit. Not only is Bashir responsible, but so is Dimond, Orth, and Velez-Mitchell. Rest in peace Michael. We love you and will never forget you. You, Michael will always be in our hearts.

  • Ditto

    Well Karma has a way of getting back at the one’s who’s lives they distort and ruin…

    I hope Bashir dies soon, and leaves to mourn in his passing his own kids..
    I also hope, he dies, penniless, with NO SELF RESPECT, UNEMPLOYABLE, SHUNNED by all of us, and is forced to live the rest of his life, and the life of his family SECLUDED and in an asylum, where people like that, who harrass and spread lies to sell themselves and make their fortunes belong.. same as those families who lied about MJJ’s absurbed distorted false accusations on child molestations.. KARMA to them and their families as well as to the ones who made MJJ show his own personal body, to prove they were lying.. shameful, and to think all that court case, of all things happened in America, in the 2000′s is total embarassment to our country…. shame on our country and lets all hope we can get Bashir off the air, he dont deserve to work here .. go back to what ever rock he slithered out of.. F*** him!!

  • Declaration of Human Rights

    I wonder if this idiot tabloid journalist knows who British lawyer Peter Benenson was? And to think that bastard hailed from England.. what type of journalists are they educating over there???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Murdering , slandering, lying etc etc journalists… according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights MJJ should have gotten the privacy he so desperately sought after, and this Bashir, all I can say is,,, watch your back, o for sure, and your poor kids, my condolences to them already, to have to put up with something such as yourself for a father, I feel so sorry for your poor children.. they didnt deserve to be born from you.. O hey Bashir are you their biological father…??? Seems all the journalists want to ask that question, even saw Larry King on tv actually have the gull and the audacity ( mind you he even tried to cover his face as he asked that question ..idiot eh for an old fool ) but regardless, he asked that question too

  • Mayra

    We will always remeber the love MJ gave unconditionally..

  • Kelly

    How can someone do that? Michael always showed himself kind and caring. The world needs more people like him. It’s just disturbing when some people don’t find a way to feel happy and they search a way to make other people unhappy and make that a reason to feel good for. We should have mercy over everyone that act wrongly, but what this journalist did is unforgivable. Why would someone do that to another person? Can you answer me why did he have to push MJ almost off the edge with all those unnecessary questions? He will forever feel guilty for all he has done.

    Rest in peace Michael, you are in a place with people like you now. We will all meet you someday, we who never judged you and love you for who you are.

  • Tricia

    I hope you die Martin Bashir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am missing MJJ that much, I cant stand you, and I wont be looking at your ugly mugg on the tv any longer neither, you can go F*** Yourself you B@@@%%%3! Low life scum sucking DOG……

    You maybe didnt technically kill MJJ, but you sure as Hell did an AWESOME JOB at RUINING HIS REPUTATION, along with some other cronies of yours… those other Yellow Journalists… and Yellow Low Scum Bag Money Grabbing lying Authors.. but hey, if your trash sells.. WTF eh?? Don’t ever worry about how it affects the people your lies are ruining, hell no, dont worry about what your trash can do to other peoples lives much less their reputations.. ASSHOLE, I hope you croak you bastard, and soon .. well hell no, I prefer your body to rott off its carcass… hope you get Cancer you Pompous, Eggo , MONEY SEEKING asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you never find any peace no matter where you go to write your scandalous lies ………….I hope people pester you until the day you croak you S of a B

  • julie

    Honestly, I hate him. I have true genuine hate for what he did to Michael. He let that sad excuse for a human being follow him around for 8 flipping months. He should have felt honored, but instead, completely twisted his words into making him up to be the person the media painted him to be. He was NOT weird. He was not normal. He was too kind and forgiving to be a normal person. He was a bigger and better person than other people. Do I think that he is to blame for Michael’s death? I think that he was part of the reason absolutely. But that’s why Michael will be remembered for amazing things. Bashir will be remembered as the THING that killed the most amazing man that the world has known. RIP Michael Jackson. King of music.

  • 255

    BASHIR, YOU FUCKING SCUM. I hope you develop cancer and die very slowly and very painfully. You shouldve been aborted you fucking piece of SHIT. Have a nice day.
    - Vitor Smith

  • Tricia

    Wow, I just watched that video live in Bucharest.. wow.. holy crap, this country over here shouldnt have banned him , if that’s what the assholes did from performing.. cause wow.. I was and still am blown away, such talent, I miss him so much,, his music, his dance steps, gone but NEVER 4 Gotten Micheal… I also now have changed my opinion onto the people in charge of boycotting him from performing here in North America.. ,like WTF was that I read ?? Were they JEALOUS they COULD NOT compete with him, or really what was the problem??? He was an EXCELLENT performer!! and he deserves a hell of a lot more RESPECT then what he ever received, what is up with that American politician slandering him live on youtube too.. what was his name…? Republican Congreesman ? King??? Like what the hell was that old coots problem???????? Slanderizing him live on youtube, stating something about us , Michaels fans embarassing US .. or some such trash that old demented coot stated on youtube.. SHAME on that old coot too, they didnt seem to mind receiving the money he donated did they, hell know they just reached out then with BOTH their greedy hands .. bastards, all of them.. .even the old coot from the music industry who said, no Michael, we already did that route, so they / he wouldnt permit him to do that song or dance and refused to even take the time to see or hear it.. IDIOTS.. I refuse to purchase any more MUSIC from now on.. only the stuff I already own is fine with me, unless its Michaels Music.. screw them bastards.. and who is this Usher dude???? Was he too only pretending and reaching out with both hands wanting to steal Michaels fans and the money he made from his professionalism.. ?? I am curious.. or was he sincere, as anyone can shed on the tears if they find a reason to.. I hope Usher is genuine, never heard him sing until MJJ’s Memorial.. but honestly, screw it, I aint buying /wasting any more of my money on any more music unless its EXCELLENT quality or Michaels..

    As for ABC woman and Bashir, you pair of wolves can both go find another delicate creature to rip up and shred apart .. bastards.. like come on .. what the hell was that letting that Bashir bastard on air when MJJ passed away, and then on the Memorial.. like WTF …??? What the hell is wrong with people.. I know for one, Bashir better watch his back.. damned sleazy prick.. hope they pack his bag and he gets on a plane and goes to some other country, cause, if you havent caught on now Bashir bitch, your not welcomed here no longer, take your trash and leave, do us all a favour.. hope the plane you leave the country on crashes too. Asshole.. I hate you.. Yea you read that right asshole, I totally, hate you.. totally.. you need to do more than apologize … you F UP CREEPY LOOKING bastard

  • Tricia

    And another thing Bashir.. my condolences to your family.. if you even have one that is…………poor kids if you have any………………cause I know if you were my Father, I would be ASHAMED to admit that any of my genes were inherited from you, bastard!!

    Yea, since you speak english, I can only guess you also speak the language??????????? Just you havent grasped h ow to feel .. guess God forgot to bless you with a heart when you were brought into this world eh???? Bastard

  • Tricia

    And another thing what is up with Larry King ( that old coot ) wanting Michaels surgeon to offer up a DNA test to see if they were Micheals biological offspring.. SHAME on that OLD COOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He keeps asking everyone who was closest to Michael on the parental DNA of those children… like WTF is that old coots problem?? Like come on, how old is that Larry King, from Larry King live anyways…? Now how old is that old coots youngest child? I dont know, but looking at Larry King, he dont look sexy to me, so maybe we should be asking him who is the father of his last three kids… cause .. maybe its VIAGRA he uses.. cause he sure aint much to look at.. seriously though, how proud can an old coot be to impregnate a woman, and then, die from old age, when their kids are in what?? Kindergaraden, .. public school at least.. SHAME ON LARRY KING for even asking Michaels children to have DNA testing done on them, LIke what the hell.. now they want to poke those kids full of needles just to find out .. what?????? Assholes.. then the old coot gets emotional on Paris’s speech live.. Like what the hell ,, jealous cause his kids wont miss him?? Cause he will die before they even know who he is.. what questions the media want answered.. like grow up .. ask only properly etiqued questions.. JERKS.. gossip mungers.. ENOUGH of the Media crap questions.. Larry King keeps asking.. if this is hypothetical.. o come on now everyone wants to know who theparents are… like shut up Larry King.. Honestly you old coot.. when you keep repeating that DNA question, makes one wonder.. what your up to … maybe his kids need DNA testing done on them.. see how he likes that.. asshole eh…

  • Heather

    Just a really bad journalist and what he did at Neverland will never be forgotten by Michael’s fans.

  • ling

    yea, this fucking dirty nasty india just killed, murdered the King of Pop Michael Jackson in his interview, that he wanted to be famous by killing and setting Michael Jackson up and i hope this dirty nasty killer die & go to hell now!

  • ling

    go to hell & die now stupid ugly dirty shamful fake indian!
    u just killed our icon, our hero, our GOD, our angel!
    fuck indian nasty trash! screw your family! fuck u!

  • ling

    fuck u ugly indian who do u think u r? how can u sell your soul & sell MJ? u r just a trash indian ok? u r not whites, u r not blacks, just a poor low level dirty nasty stinky indian ugly fake trash! go to hell & die! die with pieces! your family 2!

  • http://goolge lillloo

    yes he did kill michal jackson i swer because he was payd to kill michal jackson because ewribody was thinking taht he is pedofil but he only loves children because he dident get that cane love that he given to chirldren

  • N.Hung

    Yes! Martin Bashir is a joke. In that film, he only cared about WHO IS REAL FATHER OF MJ’S three kids, How MJ changed his face? and did he do something bad to the children? What about MJ’s music, dance and how he contribute to the world? Martin Bashir didn’t care at all. Martin Bashir is a stupid joke. How come ABC still keep him?

  • honestly

    I hate ABC too, and Anne Sweeney of ABC.

  • honestly2

    It was coming. Betrayal, backstabbing. when you help out poor kids, dont expect they’ll be grateful when they grow up. they will ask for more. Still, out of humanity, you must help out kids…give them food if starving, give them medicine if ill, teach them to read/write,..give them love and care…but as they grow, they’ll want to go to middle school high school, college, and will ask for a job too. it all comes together. So you’re breeding a backstabbing enemies…Still MJ helped…an took all the backstabbing and crucifying to himself, LIKE JESUS CHRIST. Oh, he does look like jesus christ, with his hairdo and everything, doesnt he?

  • Nick
  • Sarah

    When i watched this i was so angry with Martin Bashir.. how could you do that to someone, act so nice and innocent to their face then say they’re not in their right mind behind their backs. And asking him about his father and his past untill the point that Michael Jackson was almost crying. I felt so sorry for him.. he had such a cute personality as well.. I agree. Marting Bashir at least contributed to Michael Jackson’s death.. R.I.P, i hope whereever he is now, he won’t have to put up with scum like him.

  • Jackie

    I am reading “MJ Conspiracy” right now by Aphrodite Jones. It outlines the 2nd trial and how Bashir’s “Living with MJ” was used as an exhibit. I’m not done with the book but from what I’ve learned, so far, is that the jurors were disgusted with how Bashir baited MJ and then turned on him. Thank goodness they saw through him. She was in the courtroom and says Bashir couldn’t even look MJ in the eyes. He knew what he did was not journalism. I’m glad they saw Bashir for what he was. I’m disgusted that ABC hired him. The other thing that disappoints me is how on Facebook, and on the petitions, people are cursing and wishing for Bashir to die. My fear is that when/if ABC reads these comments, the execs will not take it seriously. They’ll think “bunch of crazed fans who don’t watch Nightline anyway”. We should be mature in our comments and letters to them. There’s a way to get your point across with cursing. I know we are angry but let’s keep it clean. A more effective way of making out points is to point out the facts. I am listed as vegetarianjsp (unless they remove me again) on Bashir’s site. I got my point across without cursing.

  • kenneth townend

    michael jackson was free ,some one should put a bullit in martin bashir

  • 121

    How dare Martin Bashir try to speak kindly of Michael now. Michael opened up his heart to martin let him in his how and trusted him enough to let him be around his children, and martin BETRAYED HIM. Martin is a vile and pathetic excuse for a journalist and I hope he lives with what he has done, as yes essentially he responsible for Michaels death.

    RIP Michael, we will never forget you xxx

  • AJN

    Martain Bashis BETRAYED Michael Jackson like Jesus Christ was BETRAYED by those he loved,healed and tried to save. (Am not a Christan but I believe in Jesus Christ)
    Like Christ Michael had a sweet loving heart which was full of deep feelings,trust,honesty,laughter and love for the world and all children of the world.
    Michael shared his love with us through his music and by also giving to all those CHARITIES which help alot of people and children around the world.
    Michael was also a CHILD who wanted to have some fun playing water fights,climbing trees,playing ball,looking for easter eggs,laughing and doing other fun things children do.(youtube MJ funniest moments)
    Michael was the most loving man who ever walked this earth and I am happy I was bless to live along this earth with him.

    Martin Bashir is like the ANTI-CHRIST,Al-Quida,Taleban ETC. Bashir is like Osama Bin Laden and he should go back to PAKISTAN where there is murder,greed and hate. This is the only message you bring to this world Bashir and we dont want that type of message.
    To tell the truth after reading all these COMMENTS all I can see is HATE FOR YOU. I myself feel bad when I say I HATE YOU BUT I REALY DO HATE YOU. Your heart if full of greed and hate so its safe to say YOU DONT HAVE A HEART.
    Michael’s message was love your brother and sister even if you/they are BLACK OR WHITE and make the world a better place for you and for me.


  • This1

    Personally I suggest that we all who have commented here one day meet up all together outside Bashir’s house, and then give him what he really deserves… After that we go up to Jordan Chandler’s, and Gavin Arvizo’s places and do the same to them! They deserve nothing more, they killed MJ. I don’t understand how they dare to show their faces in public!

  • me

    Martin Bashir, you ruined MJ’s life cos u started those cases. He would never have gone to court if it wasnt for your stupid BIASED programme. wow, i really thought there would never be anyone worse than Hitler, guess i was wrong.

  • paris

    Bashir Devil in human flesh…… this son of bitch brings darkness, death and destruction where ever he go.look at evil eye.

  • Dennis

    Michael Jackson never rest in peace until this guy is dead beucase the pain that poor soul when through no one ever ever had go through.bashir how can u sleep at night thinking that you killed MJ. how do u live with this. i guess you dont have a heart. anyone with heart never spread lies like this. its not over in this will pay one day.

  • xikinta

    If what Bashir did is not killin then i dono what it is.I dono how that sorry excuse of a journalist even sleeps at night knowing what he did.I’m certain that regardless of what he says Bashir will be haunted for the rest of his life for what he did to a gentle loving soul.I mean seriously you dont have to do a background check to know that MJ was a humble,kind and loving person.You could easily tell by looking at him and listening to his voice that he really was gentle,caring,adorable,lovable and soft hearted.That’s why i fell in love with him.He gave so much to the world than any celeb i know.He and Princess D were really saints and i hope wherever they are they finally found their peace,i now believe the African saying “Good people don’t stay for long in this world” is actually true.

    As for Mr Bashir i hope hes enjoying his “bloody money” before his brain tumor turns against him as well cos surely with all these ppl complaining about him,bad luck is around the corner.As far as it goes i know for a fact that if ppl constantly complain about you…you will never have a good life and its a matter of time before bad luck catches with you.

    It makes me mad just to wake up everyday and the first thing that comes to mind is that MJ is dead! and there we have Bashir still coming up on tv talking abt MJ.Hes not even worth to utter MJ’s name after what he did,its like adding insult to injury.There are some ppl in this world who do not deserve to die and MJ is one of them.Bashir gota start praying cos hes not gona what hit him when karma strikes

    R.I.P MJ we shall always love u nomatter what and im thankful for the great gift you left us and your fans will forever be grateful,Just save me and the fellow fans a seat in heaven sweet Michael lol…love u alwaz <3

  • Irene


    MICHAEL ON T’AIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sakina

    hey everyone,
    you can post all your comments on martin bashirs page on ABC’s website! he has a page there.. and he’ll surely get all your msgs….i think he needs to know how much people hate him now

  • This1

    Martin Bashir, I really, REALLY hope you read all of those comments, so you’ll finally understand what a wonderful life you were a part of ruining…! I said that no one will ever remember you when you die… and in that case, no one will probably remember me either, but 1) I am still young. Opposite to you, I have my whole life in front of me. 2) I’ll watch my back! Half the world will not hate me when I die.
    How does that feel? Knowing half the world walks around hating you? You thought you won everything by making that stupid documentary… But you did not win anything but a bad reputation all over the world, a hopefully bad conscience… and a whole bunch of money! If you are really sorry, and if you really wants to tell good stuff about MJ now, I suggest that you walk straight up to the house where his wonderful children live, and give them the money you earned from making that documentary.
    When I saw the documentary I did not think of MJ as a bad person, so YOU FAILED. I thought of YOU as a bad person. I thought: “F you Martin Bashir, how can you ask him those silly questions, they aren’t even important?”. A journalist is supposed to be objective… neutral. Which you were NOT. You were judging people even before meeting them! And now you decide to tell good stuff about him? That reminds me of a story from the Bible. After Jesus was dead, the soldier who crucified him (which points back at YOU in those days) said: “Indeed, he WAS the son of God”, or something. I don’t know how to say it the exact way in English, and you sure will judge me for that. Be it.
    Martin Bashir was not the only f’ed up journalist that Michael had to do interviews with! Not at all. Most of the interviews I’ve seen with him, compares one of the worst journalists of all times. Why did they do that to him? Why did they judge him? I am completely sure that everything Michael said about his innocence during every judgement in his life was true! Why didn’t they believe him? I suppose jealousy is one of the facts… or maybe they just felt like they have a “right to do it” because he was different.
    Yes, Michael was not like everybody else… HE WAS BETTER! and maybe that’s what those journalists without any sense of life made use of. they wanted to feel better themselves. do you feel better now? knowing that you might be one of the people who are sitting with Michael’s blood on your hands? i would not feel better if I were you. I would be frightened right now. Yes, I am Christian, but I only have one word: KARMA! What goes around comes around.
    Whatch your back!

  • yuna

    Michael Jackson is the 21st century jesus christ reborn..and crucified. Interesting how history repeats itself, now in a form of a black man, and with an aid of media, Michael the jesus christ had worldwide followers(fans), Judas(Bashir and some of others), and crucification. Fortunately, he was acquitted, but destiny has it that he had to go…what if he were convicted and put in jail? At least he didnt have access to the drug and survivied perhaps?

  • Chris

    You bloody snake, how much ppl pay you for that? i cant stop cursing you when i saw the released of “the rebuttal video”. You are simply bring down Michael and yet given much different opinion in this video? Why? Remember: what goes around comes around! Time will prove means and you time is just around the corner!

  • Emily

    Tie Bashir behind a car and drive!

  • MJJ

    here is the truth about martin bashir!!! such an hypocrite!! i still can’t believe how bad some people are…

  • kasey

    Martin Bashir is a despicable human being. I wish he would just disappear from the face of the earth. I hate him with all my heart.

    For Michael Jackson to openly accept and trust a human being is rare, and he trusted Martin Bashir, the devil of all devils who humiliated MJ to no end. I believe he is to be punished for what he did.

    People are always bullying others in this world. Let’s ruin Martin Bashir’s career because that’s what he did with Michael Jackson.

  • thetruthbetold


  • http://gazelle_fast@hotmail MJfan


    SO FK BASHIR (y)

  • anne

    Bashir brought Michael to the edge but others pushed him.
    I wonder where Tohme Tohme is now.

  • michelle

    yes i think they should fired him!
    hes a bastard!!!!
    he killed michael!!!
    r.i.p M.J forever in my heart <3

  • siawanga


  • Chris

    I think this is pointless that we just express our unsatisfaction here. We should BOYCOTT all the programme that made/ involved by Martin Bashir. I’ve stop watching ABC news as i feel is a shame that they still hiring him as reported. It just waste our time to see how ridiculous he is in the show. Martin Bashir “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”

  • http: virginia edwards

    Yes ! that lowly dog help to destory thus kill MICHAEL…our BGELOVED.I never saw the program when it first aired but I was made aware of it during the molestation trial and since our BELOVED died…Martin Bashir demostrated so much jealously of MICHAEL and was determined to set him up…yuo could see and hear his distain that a BLACK MAN could spend &6,000.000.000 in one store and had such great taste and not goddy taste but real knowledge of great art .Bashier came to this country with some sick and warrped notion about about BLACK PEOPLE and especially BLAQCK MEN…and when MICHAEL did not fit his preception, he became even more angry and confused and was determined to PUT THIS BLACK MAN IN HIS PLACE. Yes ,the dog martin help to kill MICHAEL and may he burn in HELL for his part in the downfall and destruc6tion of OUR BELOVED,,,and that goes for that Uri Geller also. ..he was nothing but a paresite in sheep clothing when it came to MICHAEL..No one really loved MICHAEL but his FAMILY and his FANS…all welese were users and money and perk seeking low-life bottom feeder blood sucking bats…but they will all get their just reward in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    It’s been said so many times here already but I totally agree that Martin Bashir should be ashamed of himself. He probably doesn’t care and is laughing at the piles of money he’s raking from ABC right at this moment but the man is disgusting and replusive. Anyone who has watched Michael’s rebuttal TV special, using footage right from Bashir’s unaired parts of the interview, would know that Bashir obviously cut and edited the footage for publicity and sensationalism. He was cruel and heartless and I have no doubt that his actions devastated Michael. ABC, you should fire this man. Seriously. His very presence tarnishes your reputation.

  • sandra

    Bashir: you are a very unprofessional journalist, probably sold to someone, without any values in your life, absolutely disgusting person (I watched the famous interviews rebuilt to reach his conclusions)
    sooner or later the truth comes out…and don’t forget that what you do, you get back!

  • Demi

    Bashir was, is and will always be a jerk! He wanted publicity for himself…he got it! No, people! He is not stupid at all! He probably is the most clever person on earth…how else would Bashir be famous if not by stepping on someone else’s fame…and spirit? Now he appears to regret for what he had said and done…bollocks…he just didnt want to be stepped on after Michael’s death…he knew that the public would crucify him…sooo clever!
    There are people who agree with what he did, exposing Michael in that cruel way…he made people believe that our king was derranged! So little do these people know! Poor souls, eating anything the press feed them….that’s why some people are succesful and others eat dust!!!

  • ashreena

    yes i believe he did. martin bashir wanted to be a super hero but end up being a zero hero. long live michael

  • MJ was a sick f£&k

    Get a life you sad sad people!!

    Lets not forget he was a kiddy fiddler!! BASHIR YOU ARE A LEGEND your journalism brings the real truth to the surface and some retarded fans can’t handle that!!

    You racist dicks should remember MJ was ashamed to be black.


  • AJN


  • MJ’S FAN


  • MJ was a sick f£&k

    I am so sorry. Michael was great. i am the loser. i was mad at my boss he just fired me today being lazy at work. i just took it on MJ. i am sorry now you guys can kill me.i deserve it. i am loser of all time.

  • MJ was a sick f£&k

    I am sorry for making stupid comments on MJ.I deserve the electric chair. send me to death.

  • MJ was a sick f£&k

    I am sorry for making stupid comments about great MJ.I deserve electric chair. send me to death.I am pathetic human being i have to no know what bashir you die.

  • Jenny

    Death to martin bashir and his wife.

  • AJN


  • Max from the UK

    I think this post should be turned into a chain email rather then be confined to this forum. Bashir will probably never hear about these posts but a chain letter will probably breach his own pc and all of those that he works with.

  • Shirley

    You know what ABC and Martin Bashir’s interview made me cringed years ago when I saw it. I lost a whole lot of respect for ABC when it first aired and I still do. I have always said and I still strongly believe that Journalism especially that interview with Bashir caused the downfall of Michael Jackson but don’t worry KARMA is coming, it should be eating up his soul so badly since he aired it. He has always tried to absolve himself from being the culprit and still today he believes he portrayed Michael in the light that he was suppose to, but I am sorry to say I WILL NEVER FORGIVE the nasty behaviors of journalism and its treatment of Michael, they did the same to Princess Diana. This is why I tell anyone who wants to enter the spotlight that you either stay good or if you cannot then always have a no comment stance with journalists in America or London because if you get too personal with them, they will destroy your image, your mental state and YOU. Michael always pretend to be strong and like me, he smiled even when he was in pain, many people do not understand how hurtful this is to the person who is affected.
    The press continue to vilify the rest of the family and we are all licking it up like its our last supper. When are we as a people going to hold them accountable? They mostly do this to black stars or people who are white who came from a very poor background and don’t call me prejudice for stating the truth.

  • Chris

    I think the only thing we can do is to boycott all the books or TV programme because they are gonna make more and more news about MJ, is all because of money! They are gonna hurt MJ 3 kids and family!

  • rocket

    Good idea Max. Forward this link to everybody who might care and encourage them to pass it on. It will spread quickly this way. But we also should include a template, a letter to send to ABC that each of us can send on our own and add our full names.

  • http://none Steph

    I hate him for what he has done to Michael Jackson today is july 15 2009 and i just finish watching his interview with Michael What a twisted S.O.B yes he is responsable for Michael Jackson death because he took pleasure of destroying him with LIES.
    Michael din’t deserve that he was a loving and adorable human being who cares for others for real …he was real he was sincere.
    All those lies about him make me angry and i will defend him the rest of my life!

  • angel

    Martin bashir's made a carrer out of lying
    and destroying someone, someone who was already hurt!!!

    don't understand how he can sleep at night….
    makes me SICK!

  • Applelutz

    Martin Bashir is an evil men. So sick that he paid tribute to Michael Jackson. I can't stand him, he is so fake.

  • angel

    Martin bashir's made a carrer out of lying

    and destroying someone, someone who was already hurt!!!

    don't understand how he can sleep at night….

    makes me SICK!

  • Applelutz

    Martin Bashir is an evil men. So sick that he paid tribute to Michael Jackson. I can't stand him, he is so fake.

  • LJS

    Martin Bashir made me sick the minute I watched that interview in the first place- you could see what he was doing. He is no better than Diane Dimond- they are not journalists, they are parasites. No one had even heard of either of those losers before MJ- they are absolutely disgusting and no wonder MJ felt the need to medicate himself with traitors like this in his life- ugh- disgusting- not sure how they look at themselves in the mirror after what they have done!

  • Eliza

    Martin Bashir never did anything.

    It’s his job to interview people, and Michael Jackson is a bad person.
    He fucking raped kids and praised Nazi’s.
    I praise Martin Bashir for revealing the truth about this ugly liar.
    I’m glad he died, and i’m sure his kids are alot happier

  • Linda

    there are still good people in the world.Michael was one of them.
    Who are you Mr MARTIN BASHIR?I think you are nothing just after you documentary it was clear….
    God will hurt you too.
    you hurt him about reflected us his child character.Do not forget every person has include childish character inside…

  • Leo Pandolfi

    I write from Italy, I’ve seen this interview on an italian commercial television “Italia 1″; Bashir is shameful. He even take the hand of one of the son of Jackson; instead of to be grateful for the total human availability of MJ, ha had used it for to shot in the heart against a person that he have down his defenses closer with deception. This kind of people must kept far forever.
    Questa stessa intervista è stata trasmessa su una rete commerciale italiana “Italia 1″; Bashir è vergognoso, ha persino preso per mano uno dei figli di Jackson; invece di ringraziare per la totale disponibilità umana di MJ, l’ha usata e piegata per colpire al cuore una persona che ha abbassato le sue difese e a cui si è avvicinata con l’inganno. Questo genere di persone vanno tenute lontane per sempre.

  • rocket

    Eliza, when on earth did Michael Jackson praise Nazis? He was friends with rabbis and his best friend Liz Taylor was a Jewish convert, and Nazis killed black people just as anyone else who was not Aryan. So I don’t know where you’re getting that ridiculous opinion.

    Also, Martin Bashir did not tell the truth. He distorted footage and created a lie which is the opposite of what true journalism is all about. What’s more, Martin Bashir did a huge disservice to children who really ARE molested, which is a horrible crime, by creating such lies about an innocent man.

    People should talk about that too – few things are worse for the cause of TRUE molestation victims than making a mockery with false and unfounded accusations against people who are innocent. Martin Bashir is a vile individual.

  • Chris

    I think everyone should check this out “Jordan Chandler tell the truth after the sudden death of M.J”
    This just goes to show people how money can make people do evil deeds. Jordan Chandler It’s too late for you to tell the truth!

  • cvvgg

    Yes, he did!!!!! I will never forget this cruel interview.

  • cvvgg

    Bashir took advantage of a nice, kind, and also very vulnerable Michael. Michael was too “weak” to get up after 5 min. into that interiew and say, “Scr*w you, Bashir, I won’t be talking to you after all!” and just leave. Doesn’t say much for Bashir to take advantage of someone so sweet and kind.

  • Saima

    I hate Martin Bashir, its because of his arrogance
    Michael is a lovely person who was misunderstood
    i hope martin can live with himself

  • Saima

    i cant even bear to watch tonight knowing it ws this that was the beginning of his downfall
    Martin will never be as successful, talented as michael

  • anne

    I just copied this somewhere else:
    “There is a major poll running over at as to whether Michael Jackson was good or evil. Evil is currently in the lead! I think this poll is being recorded in some sort of record book, anyways, everybody go vote for good!!” With thanks to Kelly.

  • momo

    Yes Martin did kill Bashir , I hate him and wish him a slow painful death.

  • James Rightman

    Journalists and the media have too much power and just care about their own success. In this case at the expense of a star. I know who i’d rather see dead and buried.

  • http://live Ben Garriock

    Martin Bashir is sick and evil man he got Michael’s trust and once in tor him apart all i can say is he has to live with what he done for the rest of his life and a hope it destroys one day. Michael Jackson is my hero and always will be R.I.P

  • pgh

    AJN — 14 Jul

    Idiot what a load of rubbish you and the rest of the morons are posting on here, if you think this peado was gods gift to the human race, please beam me up scotty

  • Natasha

    This man is a complete assole, he uses his own negativity to protray to everyone that he personally disliked Micheal jackson, I have never been bothered about Micheal jackson, but watching the documentary he used him and abused his his trust and twisted everything.

    I beleive what foes around comes around, he will get his come uppance.

    He should be ashamed of himeself, I feel so angry with him.

  • mark

    beat it. never been his fan. dont care for him one bit. however look at the evidence it is all circumstancial and suggestive as he must be a pedo. watching him and his reactioms tells me he has suffered as a child, based on bashirs doc.

    yes in some cases this results in a negative reaction towards children in the same situation however michael seems to discuss in great detail the gift that children bring, and in many circumstances seems to be trying to make up for his childhood, he seems genuine.



  • Amy

    I have just watched the interview with Michael Jackson and I justy want to say that I am absolutely disgusted with Martins interview. Michael was an honest decent father who just wanted to look after ther wefare and who the hell was Martin to question and make judgement on Michels life. I hope Martin rots in hell for what he did to Michael Jackson just to make a few bucks!!!. Ass Hole rot in hell!!!!!

  • Amy

    I have just watched the interview with Martin and Michael Jackson and I am absolutely disgusted!! Does Martin need the exposure and money so much that he needs to ruine innocent nice peoples kives to get in the spot light?? He shouyld be ashamed of himself. Cock sucker rot in hell for distroying Dianas and MJ’s lifes dick!!

  • Amy

    Martin die in hell – I hate you for what you did to Michael and his children.

  • Lisa Goldie

    I also completely agree. I just watched the documentary and there is a continuous disgusting and unnecessary spin put on entirely innocent footage. I can only hope that he realises his part in the death of Michael Jackson, the man whom the greatest of words fail to describe. I also hope the world learns the dangers of the media and sees the effect it has on its victims. Be in no doubt that Michael Jackson would still be alive if the media hadn’t hounded him for so long and portrayed him in such a distressing manner. Martin Bashir will die knowing he is a murderer.

  • http://matinbashir ANNETTE


  • Am

    Dear AJN why dont you go and corress your bum with a cucumber you complete and utter moron!! You are a imbaressment to the rest of the hbuman race, wake yourself up to what is going on in the world you cock sucker!!!!! Why post a comment on this website if only to belittle MJ’s life —– what the —- can you do — im guessing not very much looser

  • Lamar smith

    Hi everyone,

    so what’s need to be done with Martin Bashir public enemy #1.we know all the fact he lied now he trying to fix it. i dont think million of fan’s in the world can forgive this guy.I dont WANT him working ABC. he should be fired and deported out of united states. he have wife and 3 kids. what should happend to them? you what hell with it burn them alive. fuck it.

  • AJN

    Dear Am can’t you read? If you read all the comments you will find that I love Michael and I was commenting on that ass hole above-(comment made by MJ was a sick f$$k) I love Michael and I will never belittle him and only because your a fan of his I would let this one go.

  • martyn

    Martin Bashir did not add to Michaels death, he just did his job, at shit one never the less, living under the microscope and public redicuirale pressure and being human might have added to it, but all said and done we all loved the king of pop, lets just do a Michael Jackson live and let live love and be loved and remember a great great role model man of men love of love

  • AJN

    I know your not only an idiot but a moron as well because you say the people on here are posting alot of rubbish but you took the time to respond. What that tells us about you is not rocket science. Do you know for sure MJ was a peado? Are you going on what you heard or what you want to believe? Please tell us if were you there or not because you seem to know alot more than we do. HE WAS FOUND INNOCENT YOU ASS HOLE.

  • Karen

    Michael died when that interview was aired.. he trusted Bashir.. instead of the trust being returned he was betrayed. The guy spent 8 weeks with MJ and thast all he could come up with a badley edited joke of an interview..

  • Renee

    Bashir is scum, plain and simple ! May the same pain, humilitation and sorrow destroy you like your backstabbing interview destroyed Michael.

  • Bashamed!

    If u ask me, michael jackson did with his money what we all wish we could do. Who wouldnt want to ride around corridors and halls on a scooter ( i know i would ). Taking kids on board with cancer and giving them the experience of living in a fantasy world with no oxygen masks or doctors, probably the best medicine any child could actually understand and appreciate.
    Then the middle class mother sees the oppurtunity to make money off of his fame. Surely any Mother in the right mind who came to the knowledge that her child was molested wouldn’t accept the out of court settlement and would want justice as its the worst thing that any parent could imagine. Its so obvious from what we have seen that michael jackson was an extraordinary man living in an extraordinary world. But why shouldnt he have …

    If anything michael jackson wasnt appreciated truely until death. Im not by any means a ” die hard fan “. However i can say im one of the many millions of people touched by his death, and one of the majority of people disgusted at Martin Bashir for his deception. He was factor in michaels life that only fuelled the fire towards his death. People looking to make a quick buck has proved to be the objective of any negativity in michaels life, even the guys own Father did.

    Martin Bashir is a real example of just how horrible people can be, we all have a Bashir in our lives, and Michael Jackson is an excellent example of how amazing one individual can be. R.I.P Michael Jackson

  • denise

    I have never seen the Bashir interview in its entirety, only the excerpts here and there that I’ve caught on TV and seen on Youtube. So forgive me if I’ve missed out on something. I do know that the questions about sleeping with children were very uncomfortable and cringe-worthy. But if it’s the same interview I am thinking of, did not he also provide Michael an open forum to talk about the police brutality that he received at the hands of the LAPD? The best I recall, he was quite sympathetic in allowing Michael to state his case (unless there is more to this than what I have seen). In that regard, Michael was clearly portrayed as the victim and was given an opportunity to speak out about the injustice done to him. I guess I’m just trying to figure why so many people are so down on this interview. When I saw it, I actually came away as feeling even MORE sympathetic towards Jackson, not less. Yes, it did seem he asked some pretty hard-hitting questions, but that is what journalists do. Yet he did also give Michael a chance to speak out and be heard about the needless brutality and other issues.
    Again, I am only judging based on what little I have seen.

  • anne

    Can you please remove my reaction of 16 july on the voting? It’s a false play and just another exploitation of the dead. Sorry. I hope there is a lot of place in hell.

  • MJ Support

    Did you see the bit where Bashir told Michael that he had asked one of the children “where is your mummy?” Michael had told him that there is an agreement where he looks after them…so why is Bashir deliberately asking the child a psychologically damaging question to the child. That is child abuse. Bashir is a snake and I was surprised to hear him being on US television. They showed an edited replay of Living with Michael Jackson and he is just so slimey and really annoying and irritating to Michael. I really hope this scumbag gets his dues in Hell.

  • Chris

    Anne, what is your intention to ask people to acess to tat link and vote? you shouldn’t put tat link at very the beginning. No piece for MJ after he death because people are making fun of voting these stupid thing. What a shame

  • Nike

    If Michael Jackson was not found guilty of molesting gold diggers, he is innocent!

  • Brenda Senan

    In his tribute he gave the exact location of where he jogs each morning. I think he’d better watch his back. Some diehard fan will take note. Maybe his time is limited. How does he sleep at night knowing what he did.

  • Pan

    I think that people like Martin Bashir dont belong to human race… He’s a manipulator, an hypocrite, a backstabber and whatnot. He manipulated the interview and dumb people just bought what he showed… He’s the responsible for Michael Jackson’s “fall” and death and he’s gonna pay for everything!! He’s royally having me mad and this is a common feeling among those who loved, love and will love Michael ever after. Martin Bashir better watch his back day and night…

  • mandy

    I totally agree, watching living with michael again last night i really felt sadness for him, he had no idea he would be stabbed in the back by martin bashir, he wanted the world to see him as he is, a fun loving caring person.
    I hope michael rests in peace now knowing that he was loved and adored!

  • MJ fan

    U doggg…..u KILLED MJ…u gonna rot in HELL

  • http://google Judy Hoyte

    Martin Bashir as I watch your interview with the greatest pop icon who has ever lived, as with the other comments I have read I only hope as you live your conscious will torment you until the day you die. Watching the interview you had with MJ back in 2002/2003 you are the most bcakstabeer, hypocrite, bastard that ever walk this earth, as you and everyone else who has made millions from MJ and you will not stop. With MJ and Diana you have twisted things to makethem look bad but you can never accomplised as your interview with MJ shows that the interview was not all it seems.

  • Pan

    Michael Jackson rose to become the KING OF POP, he passed away to be the LEGEND OF POP forever!!! Will Martin Bashir interview him again in the afterlife?? wait, no! Michael’s in heaven!!!

  • Pan

    Michael Jackson rose to become the KING OF POP, he passed away to be the LEGEND OF POP forever!!! Will Martin Bashir interview him even in the afterlife??? Wait, NO! MJ’s in Heaven now!

  • MJ FAN

    Michael you will always live,

    Martin needs to get some interviewing skills, he is so cold
    Everyone will remember Michael Jackson and are sad to see him leave this bitter, horrible world.
    He is better off away from his so called father, and people like Martin who was jealous
    And i didnt get that bit when Martin said to michael wouldnt it have been easier if you let your kids go to the zoo with their nanny or childminder, and michael said no
    He is a good dad who wants to spend time with his kids

    Oh i hate him so much,
    He caused him so much distress

    Michael is a legend who is loved even when he is gone
    who will love Martin? not me for sure

  • gagavintage

    your an evil man and you will pay dearly for killING a pure good hearted man who put so much love and trust into the world, how dare you even talk about him , we hate you you have no moral and princible,WHAT THE HELL DID HE EVER DO TO YOU! YOU SUCK!!!.
    he let you into his home ,he let you hold his kids ,told you abbout his life and you went and used every thing aganist him for what? hummm? £1,000 or 2. did it ever occur to you that he is a human being to ,he is a father and someones child! and even when he died he lefted thing about the world, (his will lefted 20% to charity which is more than i can say for you)
    well i hope your satisfied, you and the rest of the low life media have killed one of the only celebries who care about our world and the children in it. THANKS!

  • herro

    This is something I feel very strongly about…my heart breaks so much for poor Michael. :( He was such a kind and genuine person, and this washow the world repayed all that he did? I’ve never seen any other celebrity donate so much of their fortune to charities, bring hope and joy to sick and underprivledged kids, and take time to talk to his fans, yet most of the world called him “Wacko Jacko”, a “kiddie fiddler”, a “white woman”, etc.

    I didn’t that interview when it first aired but I recently watched it on YouTube after his death and it made me cry. You could tell that Michael was a very sweet albeit misunderstood and disturbed man who cared so much for his children and his fans, and that Bashir was a greedy, money hungry bastard who twisted everything that MJ said or did. Bashir and the rest of the media is evil and I hold them mostly responsible for the King of Pop’s ultimate demise, and for Bashir to make such a statement upon Michael’s death is hypocritical and an insult. I’m sending hugs and kisses in Michael, his family, and his kids’ directions..XOXO and RIP to one of the greatest entertainers and people the world has ever had the advantage of seeing <33

  • K Montgomery Lee

    Martin Bashir is scum of the earth and a nasty piece of work. His real intention of making the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” was obviously out to get the most kind hearted King of Pop. I am utterly disgusted at that Bashir every twisted comment. Michael Jackson had been very trusting and kind to him but he stabbed him in the back instead. It led to the child abuse case in court. Michael became a broken man even after being acquitted and since increased his painkillers drug use. Eventually it led to his tragic untimely death. Martin Basher is responsible for his death. Because of people like this scum, we’ve lost a music genius, such a big loss to everyone worldwide. A disgusting trash like Martin Bashir should not be allowed to speak in public or write any articles. He is one sick ugly bastard! Michael Jackson was a beautiful decent loving caring human being with compassion but an ugly scum like Martin Bashir went and destroyed such a beautiful person. It just completely saddened me to the extreme. Martin Bashir, you are scum. I hope you get what you deserve!

  • K Montgomery Lee

    Martin Bashir is scum of the earth and a nasty piece of work. His real intention of making the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” was obviously out to get the most kind-hearted King of Pop. I am utterly disgusted at that Bashir every twisted comment. Michael Jackson had been very trusting and kind to him but he stabbed him in the back instead. It led to the child abuse case in court. Michael became a broken man even after being acquitted and since increased his painkillers drug use. Eventually it led to his tragic untimely death. Martin Basher is responsible for his death. Because of people like this scum, we’ve lost a music genius, such a big loss to everyone worldwide. A disgusting trash like Martin Bashir should not be allowed to speak in public or write any articles. He is one sick ugly bastard! Michael Jackson was a beautiful decent loving caring human being with compassion but an ugly scum like Martin Bashir went and destroyed such a beautiful person. It just completely saddened me to the extreme. Martin Bashir, you are scum. I hope you get what you deserve!

  • Michelle Lobo

    I hate Martin Bashir….he is the killer of Michael Jackson…he intentionally portrayed MJ in bad light…I hope he can get GOD’s forgiveness for spoiling some innocent person’s name and for me and millions of MJ fans..we can never forgive Martin…he has MJ’s blood on his hands…he will never have peace at heart

  • linzi

    martin bashir really portrayed michael to be something he wasnt with clever , vindictive editing of his interview ! ,michael was a genious he was a kind hearted man who wanted to make the world a better place , and although he was a little excentric in his behavior ! , he loved children and thats where it ends, there was never any inappropriate behavior i truly believe that ! , martin bashir is filth !!

  • Chandni

    Bashir’s is a twisted man and a man who has no value ! How could the people who planned to a documentary on Michael Jackson not know of Bashir previous attacks? How could they let Bahir do it again…he did it to Princess Diana and managed to do it on Michael Jackson…editors are crafty and the way Bshir treated and twisted Michael’s words in this documentary were really wrong! I believe if Bashir did not pull such a horrible and unforgivable plot Michael would have still been here and well!Bashir will eventually pay for his sins one day and if doesnt im sure people would take the law into their own hands if they aren’t trying to right now. Bashir you are a MURDERER! Michael RIP x

  • dante

    martin bashir was voted by the british public as the 5th “worst briton” in a public vote by channel 4 to find the “100 worst britons” and is very unpopular over here.hes a weazel

  • Tamela

    ABC is just as guilty and just as bad as Martin Bashir for rewarding this journalist for unethical practices. He set Michael up. He set out to destroy Michael and succeded. Bashir is evil.

  • wow

    One would think MJ was lucky to be acquitted….but what seemed like is that it was a cursing in disguise….had MJ stayed in jail, he may not have died now…but then, that would be unfair b/c he was innocent. Life has such a twist and turns, it’s never easy, its always screwed up, and the bitch gets you, then you die. thats life. Dont expect anything out of it. Just sweet little moments but bigger disappointments and pains….So dont let pains to haunt you.

  • ow

    To Bashir, let me tell you on behalf of the late Michael. Your questions to Michael were based on the assumption or hypothesis that he must have had something sexual or erotic on his mind when he had these boys over. You would argue that you didnt spell out these words precisely, but that’s pretty much what you conveyed in your accusatory tone of voice during the interview. You said things he did were inappropriate and worrisome and even criminal. Ok, that was one side of the spectrum. How about turning it around to the other end and think about what if he was innocent? Which is what he was….
    then to these cancer-ridden, disease-stricken poverty ridden children Michael was an angel, a savior, a messiah. The children were unable to receive proper treatment because their parents could not afford the bills, and on top of that, they had to fight for their lives, fight against the death that was looming. michael came along, paid for medical bills to those sick, invite to Neverland to those underpriviledged, and give them lots of food and presents and fun time.
    In the minds of these children and their parents, Michael is nothing but a figure they feel immensely grateful for, and YOU are the evil one that’s getting in the way, and disrupting and interfering with his good deeds to the current and future recipients. To them you’re the BAD rotten one. Has this ever occurred in your mind? You’re fixiated on the thought that you are right and you know it all, that’s very condescending and arrogant. Do not judge others when you dont know. Whats more, you are a media person. It’s your prerogative to think what you want, but do not make that a public fact and defame or slander others through the media based on your biased opinion. How could the media(ABC) be such irresponsible to let this go on air? It’s not neutral, baseless, and full of bigotry?

    there are people who do bad things and get condemned. But there are also a handful of people who do good deeds with good intent and still get condemned, just because they’re misunderstood. I’m sure Michael somehow knew what he was getting into, yet he would not relent, and he still performed these good acts, simple because it was his philosophy. It was his belief that he had to be like “Jesus-minded” to help out the kids in pain. To provide proper medical care to the sick, food to the starved(as in Somalia children). he pushed on to do what he believed to be right, until he got crucified. You should repent and pray to Michael asking for his forgiveness from heaven, and on your part, treat others fairly and do not crucify the innocents by stirring up controversy, at their expense…of life.

  • loopey princess


  • Unglaublich !!

    Mr Bahir you made an interwie were you were full of hate for MR Jackson….
    Michael Jackson – there was and will be only one in the world…he tried to bring love and healing in this world, you and the media are working hard to bring hate and fear and lies in our world no mather what it takes..
    Mcihael Jackson will stay in so many hearts forever in this world, he and his music…, you are rembered with an interwie with Michael, were you racked him to tears in his own house were you found an open door to talk to are the kind of jounalist, that do everything for money..and nothing for the truth..your comment now after he died … out of your mouth this words are disgusting..shame on this kind of jounalism…shame on you for you report 2003 …and what you did to Michael Jackson..with this interwie..2003

  • Kathy Caudle

    July 18, ’09


    Here’s my theory about this debacle. I owe it to Michael to speak up.

    Initially Martin Bashir saw for himself an opportunity to advance HIS journalism career. Interviewing the mega-star Michael Jackson was a once-in-a-life time chance, he probably thought, and Matin Bashir didn’t care if moving up in his career meant knocking down that of Michael.

    As I’ve long suspected, the parents of the the boy who falsely accused Micheal, of child rape, are the culprits who payed Martin Bashir to entrap Michael. That is the PARENTS of this boy BRIBED MARTIN BASHIR to induce Michael.

    So Martin Bashir along with this boy’s parents manipulated Michael to agree to film a documentary about himself. Knowing
    that Michael would find this an opportunity to “set the record straight” about himself Martin Bashir, then, induced Michael to agree to film a documentary interview.

    They all wanted Michael to “confess” things, especially about himself, they could use to destroy Michael. Of course when he was later falsely accused I’m sure then that Michael realized how hugely bad his misjudgment actually was.

    Micahel was mortified the program proved disastrous. I’m sure it didn’t take him long to fully appreciate the calamity caused
    because the the documentary back-fired.

    The bottom line thus is that Martin Bashir was bribed to entrap Michael. For Michael it’s very sad however that being falsely accused, eventually, took such an anguished toll on him.

    We love you, Michael.

    Kathy Caudle
    St. Louis, MO

  • denise

    I just want to apologize to everyone for my previous comment which was “somewhat” in defense of Bashir. I realized after commenting here that I actually had this interview confused with the 60 Minutes interview, and that’s what I had based my comments on. After what I have read and seen of the Bashir interview, I am in 100% agreement with everyone else. What is unforgiveable is not so much the hard-hitting journalism, but the fact that he purposely edited and left things out so that there could be no chance of Michael coming out in a fair or positive light. It really hurt me to hear that he referred to Neverland as “a dangerous place for children” when in reality it was a place where hundred upon hundreds of terminally ill children could find a little bit of joy and happiness before being taken too soon.

  • loopeyprincess

    I agree with the statement that martin bashir killed mj. He took advantage of mjs trust. He could see that his questions were upsetting mj, but he kept pushing and pushing untill mj was in tears. What kind of heartless piece of scum is this man?

    Jury how do you find the defendant martin bashir
    Juj we find martin bashir GUILTY FOR THE MURDER OF MICHAEL JACKSON! Hoe do you live with urself martin!

  • Rainbowdays

    I don’t mean to derail this thread, clearly the documentary was not Bashir’s finest moment, and he seems pretty machivelian. I believe MJ was duped and taken advantage of etc but people who are making STUPID comments by calling Bashir a pakistanti this and that need to STOP. Especially in the context of sticking up for MJ who as a,an ethnic minority, and who famously sang it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.. Bashir may need kicked up the ass, but not “back to his own country” he is a Brit, with a British passport!I just hate ignorance, no matter who it’s against, it’s certainly not what the lovely MJ would’ve wanted!

  • loopeyprincess

    erm rainbowdays if u think that bashir was a decent man then u cn just shut up coz he betrayed the trust of Michael jackson. I just watched the bits that werent included in the documentry and it shows that bashir was a backstabbing creep. And rainbowdays u just need to get lost u support a total asshole. You and bashir aint gd enough to say mjs name, ur not fit to even kiss his shoes! Bashir was an evil man!

  • siddi


    I wont feel good and peaceful till then.

  • Lola

    I was just looking at pictures of mjs neverland ranch, its looks fabulous. It was in its glory.. its such a shame that is has been taken down all thanks to martin bashir. All that michael done to make childrens lives happier and all the money he spent on his ranch down the drain, it was down to bashir. I hope hes very pleased with himself.. No one else will get to meet michael because of you bashir you HEARTLESS BACKSTABBING CREEP! I wish i could meet you coz ive got a few things id like to say 2 u! And believe me they aint gd things. YOU LOW LIFE PIECE OF SCUM!

  • Christie

    Maury Povich did a great 2 hour documentary on how Bashir TOTALLY misrepresented the documentary. Bashir go to HELL! YOU WILL!

  • Jillie Bean

    Shame on you Martin Bashir may you be haunted by what you did to Mr. Jackson all your life.

  • shock

    Still in shock that MJ died…but slowly recooperating…In a way MJ did it to himself. It may be have been an accidental death…but he’d asked for it by addicted to these prescription drugs for years and years….the porbability ratio went up with time, and finally he got hit…big time. death. RIP MJ. But wont be so saddened anymore. You did it to yourself. You have no one but yourself to blame for the crucification. We owe it to ourselves to stand strong and build resilience to go through life’s adversities. If can’t handle it, then you snap. He wasn’t strong enough and he collapsed. Nothing right or wrong about, just the facts.

  • http://google Jade

    ABC, why do you still keep people like Bashir on board? Shame on you for not knowing the difference between right and wrong. “Freedom of speech” has gone horribly wrong when you allow scum-bags like Bashir to take such liberties. You guys have no integrity, no principles if you keep him on board. Do the right thing ABC, take responsibility and throw out Bashir. His place is right alongside the trash and filth.

  • Ayana

    It is so sad, that Michael believed and opened his heart to such an idiot man as Bashir. How can Bashir continue living after doing such a thing? how could he betray such a GREAT man as Michael? Martin Bashir is nothing compared to Michael and anyone esle, Bashir is extremely sly and dangerous one. he can kiss goodbye to his name! i hate you Marin Bashir!!!

  • Lira

    Martin Bashir wanted to “Throw Michael’s name to the class with a bad name” but truth always wins. The important thing is that all Michael’s Fans do not believe in what such terrible people as Bashir say. Martin, shame on you, you are hated by EVERYONE.
    What you did to Michael is a great sin! the god will punish you himself. Hate you too

  • Bashir is a monster!

    Thanks for letting us know about petition, i think that it should be somehow advertised, as not many know about it, altogether we can do it, Bashir is not a human, but a monster! he will be fired soon and no one will support him i am sure

  • sammy


    I wont feel good and peaceful till thn.

    martin bashir u shithead motherfucker , u ll burn in hell like noone before. You were sarcastic and ur evil

    smile in the interview…if i see u in person one day, i ll kill u there and then..

    Michael, how did you allow this motherfucker currymaker cockroach even take one look at you? We shud kick his
    ass back to Pakistan.I get incontrollably angry when i hear that basterd bashir speak and ask questions to the

    GOD – Michael.

    I feel sick when i see that bastard bashir’s face and hear his voice
    I cant wait to hear news of he being killed.

    martin bashir shud be publicly hanged and executed.

    this martin bastard is just extremely jealous bcoz he himself cud not do anything in his life and remained a

    piece of shit garbage and disgusting gutter.

    my blood boils when i hear that martin bastard bashir hear speaking

  • jena

    @ow on 7/18 you have said it all.

  • emma

    martin bashir, everyone when michael jackson is mentioned will instantly think king of pop. You on the over hand hmmm if someone said martin bashir ppl will instantly think murderer!

  • louise


  • leanne


    Your butt is mine Gonna tell you right Just show your face In broad daylight…. AND IF I SEE YOU IMMA THROW STONES AT CHU! LIER!

  • leanne

    And who gave you the right to scare my family?
    And who gave you the right to scare my baby? She needs me
    And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
    They put a knife in my back
    Shot an arrow in me
    Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
    The ghost of jealousy


  • danielle

    A message for martin bashir,

    You always knew just how to make me cry
    And never did I ask you questions why
    It seems you get your kicks from hurting me

    Yes U made mj CRY, yes he NEVER asked you why he trusted u and yes U DO get ur kicks from HURTING people. U murderer. You hurt michael emotionally and mentally yet you still got away with it. Wat goes around comes around! UR NEXT BASHIR!

  • dabbly

    Every one that the Pakistani devil interview disater happen afterware in their lives. I think this guy is a curse and people should stay away from him. When I was watching the interview, he twist and turn the story his way to make Micheal look bad, and that what’s cause the controversaries in Micheal Jackson being interogated by the cops and greedy leeches to inmerge. Micheal should have walk out of the interview and tellhim a piece of his mind, but because Micheal was a gentle soul he got away with it.

  • jayne


  • Saywhat

    Drugs killed Michael Jackson. Period

  • jayne

    saywhat u can just shut the fuck up ur just as bad as bashir u and him are lying scum that arent worth anything!

  • jayne


  • myra

    I sore that interview, and thought it was condemming so when British journalist martin bashir paid tribute to Michael Jackson after his death I thought it was hypocritical, by the way their was another version of that same interview shown by fox network it was not edited the same way as martin’s interview so you got to see it in a different light, cause don’t forget Michael’s people was also there taping too. The media however ran with bashir’s version.

  • F

    What I can’t stand is everyone thought Michael was wierd for relating to and trusting children more because of the number of adults in his life who had treated him badly and then this idiot Bashir tries some lame attempt to discredit him proving exactly why Michael did not trust many adults, just like the reverend said at his memorial to Michaels kids, your father wasn’t strange it was what people did to him that was strange

  • Nikki

    well I do believe there was a conspiracy involved. This man gave so much to the world, and people just betrayed him in the end! It’s disgusting! TRULY HIDEOUS! You know, he’s probably wondering why people care now all of a sudden when they treated him terribly before. People twist things like “Ohhh he’s hugging kids! CHILD MOLESTER!” So obviously, Jordan Chandler’s dad wants money out of all this nonsense…which is the first clue that should tell you he IS NOT a molester. People “raped him of his pride.” It’s true. Watch his interview with Oprah in 1993. I mean, he was such a pure, innocent, cute, kind man. If you have any heart, you’d know his childhood was basically DESTROYED. That he lost loved ones sometimes. That his father made him SCARED. He called him UGLYYY! When he had acne, what did his papa do? Called him ugly! Yeah, if that happened to you I’m sure that’d make you a bit paranoid about your nose/face/etc.

    He wrote his songs. He sang them. He danced to them. He wrote the music. Music videos that were ENTERTAINING. HE created this for us. He donated the most to charities. Why? It’s simple! “‘Cause he’s a nice guy!”

    He loved his kids so much. You know, he’s like Jesus in a way. Or Santa Claus. Think about that. He was just good.

    But like Jesus, died…because of everyone’s selfishness. I believe a conspiracy WAS involved. I don’t know who was a part of it, but if it was Mr. Bashir, then he can rot in HELL ’cause he already caused enough pain to this guy.

    Seriously. If you believe the media’s crap, you need to stop. The media TWISTS things because that’s what they are SUPPOSED to do. They have to make things interesting, entertaining, so people freaking BUY their crap. If you CANNOT understand that, please, take that somewhere else. Don’t hate him because some wannabe reporter wrote it so. People wanted to make money off this man. He was just different, unique. But we called him a freak. But…if he is a “freak” at least he was VERY kindhearted. Sure, he’d get mad at people sometimes. I would be more than mad if people bothered me like they did to him.

    You know, it pisses me off how closed-minded people can be about all this. He had vitiligo, NOT skin bleachments. Search it up. You can see spots.

    I’m done explaining. i don’t care what you say about him, that he paid people or whatever. Maybe he had no choice or his life would’ve sucked even more.

    Leave him alone, be mature, be good, and keep an open mind. It’ll help you see the real truths.

    I’m sick and tired of this guy getting dragged down cus people want money out of him. They want to be famous and have their name in lights because they helped bring a famous black man down.

    Thanks a lot guys if you care about him. God bless all you good people.

    Anti-Michaels? Well you have an opinion. But let’s hope you also see his side too….because really–it makes more sense.

  • Nikki

    I also believe the media is covering something up about his death. It sounds HALF true, but it’s just so suspicious…Really, search it up people.

    Yeah sure drugs could’ve been a big part, but they could just say that so it FITS the picture. If it’s a murder, obviously you can’t make it an OBVIOUS one…Just saying.

  • Nikki

    I’m sorry to add more comments, but michael jackson was notttttt homosexual. I’m sorry but…my goodness, he liked girls. :D He did. I don’t see any proof of him being gay, why cus people say he was? People are overly paranoid about htis cus gays are like all over california and places.
    like prop 8. its not bad, but…people are paranoid.

    I doubt he was a deceptive liar…him saying he had 2 plastic surgies once, was kind of true. if you look, its just his nose twice. and that interview was old when he was asked that question.

    Lied about his kids? No.

    K well I guess im done for now



  • Anita

    Martin Bashir had the audacity to pay homeage to Michael Jackson. I pray he reads these comments and understand that the blood of Michael Jackson is on his hand. Bashir is an unethical journalist. You will never have another day of peace on this earth and when you die you will rot in hell.

  • daisy


  • anna marie

    The word is out
    You’re doin’ wrong
    Gonna lock you up
    Before too long
    Your lyin’ eyes
    Gonna tell you right


  • amanda pilz

    I’ve just watched part of the Bashir interview. I was hurt and shocked by Bashir’s hard attitude. He tried to trap Michael by saying Prince said he had no mother. His sneaky trap didn’t work when Michael simply smiled, nodded and said yes, Prince didn’t have a mother. Why didn’t you just come out with it Bashir if you wanted to ask the guy about Debbie Rowe? Now, who did you remind me of? – ah, yes, the Pharisees, who tried to trap Jesus.
    Had you taken a fair approach I might have wanted to even buy this footage, if possible – but no thanks. Such a cruel and biased viewpoint gives me no joy. It is YOU Bashir who is sick – YOU are the one who cannot separate a bed from sex. Have you had a perfect life? You are a judge and a hypocrite. Remember this Bashir: Judge and you will be judged.

  • Karma

    The only way to get rid of this vile little man is to sign the petition and here is the link.

  • joe

    oh come off it
    that documentary was about a decade ago..

    journalists represent what is interesting…we all know michael jackson had a load of hits and was a ‘great entertainer’ (personally i don’t rate him)..what would be the point of making a documentary based on that..

    people want to know about jackson’s paedophilia, his drug use etc that’s why bashir made the documentary which jackson AGREED to do. all this rubbish about ‘killing his soul’..come on guys grow up a bit.. i think it might have been all the valleys and morphine he was taking. maybe.

    i notice noone makes a fuss when a true great dies (ie arthur lee), someone that made music and not sub-america’s-got-talent-singing and dancing.. michael jackson is all product and no art.

    two words. earth song. HAHAHA

  • geri hardge

    Martin Bashir put the last nail in Michael Jackson’s COFFIN.
    1st of all, Michael trusted mr bashir, when mr bashir quote”tell
    me everything, don’t hold back I want to interview you.
    Close to the end of the doctumentry Bashir made it about him and forgot it was about michael Jackson,when he quote,”I became disturb of Michael bizzare ways” and change this positive interview into something bad. Michael had to go throught an unnecessary expensive trial that HE WAS AQUITTED OF. 4 years later, wanted to make a major come back to paid back debt and
    regain his dignity. If the interview was positive Michael WOULD have not lost so much money in lawyers and etc. WOULD not have tried to prepare for 50 show. WOULD not have found a DESPERATED doctor to accept extreme amount of money to do anything he wanted so he could have the engery to do the shows for his fans that he loved so much.

  • anna marie

    erm excuse me joe michael was tons better than scum that support bashir i.e. you. U r just as bad as him yall worthless pieces of shit. Bashir killed mj and u know it. U da one that needs 2 grow up not us we know mj was good so just shut up and realize that michaels supporters are decent and tha bashir is a MURDERER!

  • Kamal from India

    Mike trusted this a**hole and what he gets in return? Harsh betrayal. May you live long and suffer more than anyone else Bashir. The media is doomed in the hands of such scum.

    Guys! Wish we could tell Mike how much we loved him and will love him forever. R.I.P.

  • jackowacko

    Jacko is wacko. What kinda person is he to get hooked onto anesthetics? that stuff is dangerous, and even lethal. Most people fear surgeries and operations b/c sth. might go wrong, and that sth. is 90% anasthetics. And Mickael the wacko jacko has been abusing it for years and years….hey, yer responsible for your own life, no onelse but yourself. sure, adversities turn up here and there, but resilience is what’s needed. Survival of the fittest. And who would want to be anasthetized by some stranger doctor guy you picked up from the street to watch over you while you’re “knocked out”? who knows what they do to you body, molest you, or what not. so many kinda sickos out there.he must be a dumbo to be too trusting. hey, we lose our innocence as we grow up, bot because we want to, but because we have to. You cant trust people out there, life is like walking on thin ice. Would you put your life on a mercy of some complete stranger doctor guy by having him inject you some drug to put you out????????? what if you dont get up? what kinda liability and danger are you getting into? thats right, not many sane people would do that. Thats why jacko is wacko…It’s his destiny perhaps…live hard die hard.
    Decent guy though he was.

  • Malaika Afrika

    Bashit is an idiot, cunt, witch, i hope he burns in hell

  • ja


  • Stephanie

    Well I hardly think stating that Neverland was a ‘dangerous’ place for children and being ‘disturbed’ by Michael’s behaviour were honest, reliable or factual reporting by any means. Michael would never have signed the contracts had he known Bashir’s deliberate intention to give viewers the impression something sinister was going on but in the mean time telling Michael Jackson how great he was. Remember Bashir didnt say any of those things to Michael directly. That documentary should have ended his career not Michael’s. He was the one that focused on sex during the documentry. He is a sicked minded perverted individual with no integrity, compassion or understanding.

  • Karma

    I HATE BASHIT ALONG THE OTHERS WHO TRIDE HURT AN INNOCENT MAN JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED MONEY,MONEY,MONEY.There are many more people like Bashit and here is another who I know will go to hell. This is a leaked phone convo of Jordans’s Chandler’s father talking about what he can get out of Michael and if you asked me, it does not sound like he gives a shit about anything other than money. Another thing is this comment should be posted because some of my previous ones were taken off. FREEDOM OF SPEACH PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • jena

    I have always beleived in Michael’s innocence but this was the best for me. On one of MJ private home movies there is a segmant in which Michael and Lisa Marie visit a hospital with sick children. There was a small child who was green Michael asked what was wrong with the child and the nurse told Michael the child needed a liver, then Michael asked if the child was going to die if he did not get the liver and she said yes. Michael said he could not let this child die. He and his Heal the World foundation went out and found the child a liver. Love is Love

  • jena

    error believed

  • kelly

    bashir a murderer all people wanted from mj was his money. noone cared about him alone. i hope all the scum that took his money are pleased wiv themslves, i dunno how bashir can live wit himself! i wouldnt be able to if id killed a superstar.

  • Ally

    Bashire you’re a DOG!! What goes around comes around!!

  • Jded

    Bashir….a certified asshole…you die creep!!!!

  • http://jjj jorik

    fuck bashir

  • Blanca

    I don´t think Bashir was fair with Michael Jackson interview and he choose to show the dark part of him, I think he did contribute to the death of Michael Jackson.
    And the children accusation was final for him, I belive he was inocent and extremelly sensitive and he love children in a way people could not understand.
    The tabloid always has been to hard on him even before the child abuse accusation, it was totally unnecesary to call him “Wacko Jacko” his a person like you and me, They should be strong laws to protects for this kind of shit cheap press How they can get away insulting people……
    He was doing so much good to people giving money away and entertaining the world, and they have to destroy him VERY SAD,

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this article. It is time to tell true who really killed Michael Jackson. Martin Bashir did it! He is absolutely unethical and he betrayed Michael! In his interview, he said that Michael “was terribly paranoid about people using him,” Yet, Martin himself was one of those people that Michael was afraid of. Bashir used Michael to gain his popularity. I would not believe anything he says on TV because he did or will continue to twist news for his own gain. Martin Bashir should never been trusted.

  • leahcimevol

    We should tell as many people as possible all over the world what was the truth and what Martin did .
    We also should claim ABC news that is still using Martin, the killer, for the broadcast of Michael Jackson.
    We should never forget what had happened!!

  • lalalalovely

    um HE NEVER SLEPT WITH BOYS HE SAID HE SHARED HIS BED WITH THEM DOES NOT MEAN HE SLEPT WITH THEM get the facts straight hun read aphrodite jone: michael jackson conspiracy oh and watch the biased interview on oh and he never touched any child if someone touched my child i would want them to be put in jail not request high amounts of money. think he offered his home to underprivileged kids kids who are suffering kids who can neve have the things that they have always wanted dumb poor people took that to their advantage and used michael he was a get rich quck scheme go to it’s very interesting half of me thinks he faked it because the investigation is so sloppy and different people saying he were fine like nothing were wrong with him and some were saying he was frail? which one is it?

  • teri baker

    I agree he has got blood on his hands. He started this whole thing off from that interview. I hope this will haunt him for the rest of his life. They say in life what goes round comes rounds. He betrayed Michael and i hope he lives to regret this for the rest of his life. All he was interested in was the Money not about hurting an innocence man and his children.
    Teri from the UK

  • Letty

    Bashir shame on you. For all of you who are still skeptical Watch this in youtube http: And see for yourself how Bashir twisted the truth. Rest in peace MJ you will always be in our hearts.

  • Catherine Coy

    Bashir will answer before his Maker. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. (Exodus 20:16)

  • Louise

    This man MURDERED Michael Jackson, he twisted everything he said and made money of beautiful, innocent MJ. I wish someone would do him in because Bashir should rot in hell for what he did.

  • Jason

    No doubt Bashir killed Michael Jackson, and it makes me so angry

  • Karen Needham

    I have just viewed the Bashir interview with Michael Jackson again followed by the recent Uri Gellar programme. After careful thought i can only conclude that this reporter had a self seeking agenda when he embarked on this 8 month journey with Michael. Bashir embodies everything we should be ashamed of as human beings; he is a bully who lacks intergrity, compassion or any vestage of basic humanity. How dare he even make comment on his death after what he did. Poor Uri Geller blames himself for the introduction but people like Bashir always find a way to ingratiate and worm there way in – remember the Diana interview – not her finest hour or her best decision.
    Does this man still work in television?

  • Stuart Randall

    Martin Bashir does not deserve to work for any self respecting broadcaster, I’m surprised he’s working for ABC – He’ll never work again in the UK where he is reviled by the public as all that is wrong with self seeking journalists who seek to destroy good people by insidious, ingratiating journalism.

    The man is never to be trusted – he has no integrity whatsoever

  • Karen Needham

    Well Said Stuart!
    Didn’t realise until tonight that he was working for ABC.
    A few very interesting comments in this thread about Bashir’s past history -

    I can’t help wondering why no one within Michael’s entourage didn’t spot the fact that Bashir was behaving in an underhand way. Someone should have stepped in and stopped him. I know its easy to say that after the event but i do wonder about that aspect of it all.

  • emilie, france

    Shame on you Martin Bashir !!! You are a yellow journalist. You deserve to be fire from ABC and never work again on any t. Michael was an angel and you destroy his life, his career and his honor.
    Michael Jackson will be forever know as the greatest artist and best man. And you will be forever know as the man who killed him. France don’t respect you.

  • speartt

    Martin Bashir does not deserve to work for any self respecting broadcaster, I’m surprised he’s working for ABC – He’ll never work again in the UK where he is reviled by the public as all that is wrong with self seeking journalists who seek to destroy good people by insidious, ingratiating journalism.
    The man is never to be trusted – he has no integrity whatsoever

  • leahcimevol

    There’s a petition ” Fire Martin Bashir”

  • shanice

    bashir should die slowly and feel the pain you ass

  • Carol

    I personally feel that Martin Bashir is nothing but a liar and a hypocrite. He destroyed Michael long before he actually died. I feel that Martin Bashir should be fired from his job. He is worthless as a journalist, who elses life will he destroy if he is allowed to continue?
    I think ABC should fire him and if they don’t want to then I think everyone should quit watching ABC and watch their ratings dwindle to zilch and see how they like that. ABC is showing their poor taste by letting this liar continue to have a job and they will not get my support in any way. I agree with the boycotting. We need to get this maggot out of here. In fact get him out of the U.S.A period!

  • M Gill

    Martin Bashir ought to be ashamed of himself, he was nothing but abnoxious, patronizing and expressed no compassion for Michael Jackson and his life as a child and as an adult. The documentry was heartbreaking, yet Martin Bashir continued to interegate and impose on Michael’s life. Martin Bashir definitely had a major negative impact on MJ’s life, I have no respect for him as a human.

  • coconut

    ABC news which is still hiring Martin Bashir is equally to blame.

  • rocket

    It’s unbelievable that Martin Bashir is actually employed at ABC. It reflects terribly on everybody at the station, his coworkers, everyone who could possibly have a say in the matter. Are they mentally and emotionally blind?

    What does this say about people who have powerful careers, can any Ghoulish creature sneak in. live amongst them. and nobody notices?

  • saskia

    Bashir started the witch hunt against Michael. Michael was an honest, lovely, generous and amazing person but was portrayed as a freak and criminal by the media. Why?? Because that’s what sells the most people. Sensationalism sells!

    Everyone who wants to know what happened in the Michael Jackson trial should read: Michael Jackson Conspiracy, by Aphrodite Jones.

    The book is based on actual court reports and shows the lies and contradictions of the Arvizo family and how everyone tried to destroy Michael to make money.

  • apple pie :)

    martin bashir is HEARTLESS, BACKSTABBING CREEP. on facebook there are groups that hate him, go to search and put in martin bashir. There R loads of them…. Martin bashir DESTROYED michaels spirit and confidence, hes the type of person mj was SCARED of. LIERS, CHEATS people that ONLY WANTED MONEY. all you lot that FOLLOW that ASSHOLE martin bashir should not even be alive. So michael had some problems BUT he was a DECENT person. unlike martin bashir. ROT IN HELL BASHIR! TAKE UR GAYASS FOLLOWERS WIT U! HATERZ! R.I.P michael jackson KING OF POP 4EVER!

  • coconut

    The truth is in the book “MICHAEL JACKSON CONSPIRACY” by Aphrodite Jones.
    I think Martin Bashir literally killed Michael Jackson.

  • http://americaonline yves0621

    Bashir did have a hand in MJs death. Because MJ was depressed enough as it was for whatever reason. Bashir pushed him to the edge with that sick, sadistic interview. Therefore making MJ want to escape from the effects of the aftermath of what that son of a bitch did Bashir caused with his satanic interview. There is no wonder why this dirty bastard Bshir did this to MJ, it is because he is a Pakistani bastard who hates Americans. That is one of the main reasons why he did what he did to MJ. That is why he could not feel compassion for MJ during the interview, because you cannot feel compassion for someone hate. I agree with everyone who says we must help BANISH BASHIR the RACIST, EVIL,UNETHICAL MF from American celebrities. He should not be allowed to practice his evil against us any longer. I say us because when he destroyed MJ, he not only destroyed MJs three children he actually lived with for a while and got to know personally, how cold-hearted can you be? but he also destroyed billions of fans across the world. HE SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH IT. If MJ is not enjoying life because of him neither should he. MAY YOU ROT IN HELL BASHIR, BUT THE HELL IN LIFE AS WELL AS IN THE THEREAFTER.

  • http://americaonline yves0621

    How can we get in contact with ABC sothat we can let them know how dispicable it was to let that terrorist-like bastard do a tribute for MJ after he helped with MJs demise. ABC, you should be ashamed of yourselves. For those of us who love MJ, we should honor him by doing all we can to get this Bashir BASTARD out of our country’s journalism. Also, BASHIR should be held accountable and sued by his family in MJs memory for the irreversible harm he caused MJ, MJs children and family. There should be a law against someone doing what BASHIR THE UGLY BASTARD did to MJ. He must be stopped.

  • http://americaonline yves0621

    I just cannot believe that ABC hired this son of a bitch MARTIN BASHIR. How could they trust someone like that to work for them. ABC network is just as bad as he is. SHAME ON YOU ABC. You also stabbed MICHAEL JACKSON in the back, even after his death, because ABC let that UGLY SMELLY BASTARD continue to mock MJ after his death by letting him pay a so-called tribute to that beautiful soul that is MJ, what a joke… Don’t worry Michael, we love and miss you, and we knew your beautiful heart…. RIPxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://americaonline yves0621

    Everyone who wants justice for what that ugly, hippocrite MARTIN BASHIR did to MJ should stop watching ABC while that SOB still works there. We should seriously boycott ABC if they want to have that piece of shit work there and give him a chance to spew more of his venom on other unsuspecting celebrities. I hope MARTIN BASHIR and ABC don’t think this is a passing reaction bought on by grieving of MJs fans. No, this is a feeling for MARTIN BASHIR or anyone who supports that SOB, and this is a feeling that will last forever. If MJ was still being accused of being a pedophile after being aquitted twice of those charges, then MARTIN BASHIR must be found guilty for murder, defamation of character and assault against MJ, because we actually saw BASHIR commit these crimes against him on tv with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears, and that can be proven. I FIND YOU MARTIN BASHIR GUILTY AS CHARGED, AND YOU TOO ABC FOR HARBOURING THAT CRIMINAL.

  • njoylife

    It makes me sad that Americans rely on gossip for information instead of taking the time and effort to recognize that the “news” has one agenda – ratings for $$$.
    The facts are:
    Michael Jackson didn’t bleach his skin to become “white”. If you look at pictures of Michael, you can see where, despite efforts with makeup, his skin is lighter in areas because of his vitiligo. Michael Jackson was proud of his family and heritage. He was probably the only true person who held no bias or prejudice of others. Sadly, this is also why he trusted so many.
    Michael Jackson created Neverland not only to enjoy the feeling of childhood, but also to help hurting and dying children enjoy the feeling of childhood with the precious little time they had left. Imagine a world where adults could feel free to play, swing, jump, laugh, at simple pleasures instead of feeling stress and pressure from daily life. I can’t imagine what it would like to not be able to simply go to a park for a leisurely walk without being “mobbed” by everyone around me because of who I am. Neverland gave Michael Jackson a chance to “live” as normal a life as this famous person could. He could have built a mansion for himself, as so many other celebrities do, but he chose to build a place for others to enjoy, parents and children alike.
    It saddens me that the “media” painted Michael Jackson as someone who would hurt children when he spent the majority of his life trying to make the world a better place for the children, and their children, etc. Parents who “accept” money when their child has been hurt instead of seeking justice for their child certainly used extortion to take advantage of a kind and giving man. Michael “settled” not because he was guilty, but because he held no judgment against the truly guilty, greedy parents, and it was simpler to give away money than to pay to defend an untruth. (Anyone who has used an attorney for any reason knows how costly this can be.) Michael trusted this would be an isolated incident because he KNEW he was innocent of any harm to a child.
    It saddens me that now the second young man’s family who tried to extort money from Michael has come forward with the truth after Michael’s death, but the “media” with egg all over their vile faces gave a one or two sentence “report” on this fact because unfortunately, in our country, the truth doesn’t make $$ for the “media”. Because of the Bashir “documentary” this family saw their opportunity to make money at Michael’s and all future sick children’s expense. Michael had to spend more money than anyone could imagine to clear his good name, and Neverland truly became Never Land again for hurting and sick children. How terribly sad.
    It also saddens me how the “media” painted Michael as a terrible father for “dangling” his baby over a balcony. Michael apologized for the poor judgment in trying to meet the needs of his fans to let them see his baby. If anyone were to watch Michael’s arm around the baby, they would see his muscles contracted and the tight grip he held. Come on now. Think about how many times we have seen parents throw an infant or small child in the air to catch it?????????? Wouldn’t you consider that poor judgment???? The child is air born!!!
    Had anyone considered that the times when Michael wore a face mask in public that he was either protecting others from a cold he had, or his immune system was weakened and he needed to protect his body from catching a secondary infection? I can’t tell you how many times I wish sick people had their mouths covered when they sneeze or cough right in the path where I am walking!
    Finally, the “media” has made it their “responsibility” to “report” every plastic surgery Michael may have had. I am 51 years old, and if I could afford a face lift to look younger as I age, I would be tempted! Consider how many actors and actresses in the spotlight have had them and other plastic surgery? I know of one actress who had breast augmentation to get larger, then smaller, then larger again. Does this make her “wacko”? Who gets to be the judge? The jealous? The self-righteous? The ignorant?
    I feel Bashir and other rat racing media mongrels demonstrated unethical, immoral, despicable actions again Michael Jackson (and others) and that THEY are the ones who truly “molested” the hurting and ill children by destroying the beauty and innocence of Neverland. Did Bashir kill Michael Jackson? One could certainly ascertain that he played a significant part in killing the spirit of a kind and generous man, which only led to further isolation of him from those who truly knew the gentle, loving humanitarian Michael Jackson was. He told HIS story through the lyrics of his music. If we had only listened to him instead of the “media”, he might not have felt so alone, and we might not be feeling so left all alone without him.
    I only hope to make 1/3 the difference he made in this troubled world. Thank you Michael for caring and sharing. RIP.

  • strawberries n cream :)

    WELL SAID NJOYLIFE! Micahel was a kind hearted person. He made neverland for sick children and when the children hade grown up they ‘mutineered’ against him they accused him of child abuse, he was taken to trial for it and was found INNOCENT ON BOTH CASES! All u haterz of mj are not fit 2 even mutter his name.

  • Anonymous


  • san

    Let’s start encouraging ABS to fire Martin Bashir before MJ’s birthday August 29th. If not we are not going to watch ABC and related programs at all. I will hold ABC as criminal partners in the unethical documentary made by the pig Martin Bashir. He even talks like a pig. I Mean Martin Bashir talking and Bill O’reiley shouting at his guests are equally disgusting….But I do not want to make light of this situation by comparing the too. Martin Bashir does not even qualify to be a journalist anymore and worse still ABC can not be allowed to keep him ABC must let this guy go. There is no other way they can retain their credibility (if there is any still left)….SOmeone mentions that these guys just understand language of $$$ and by boycotting ABC people will be talking to ABC in the same language.
    I have a suggestion for ABC CEO, he can make it look quite respectful for Bashir also by saying that Martin Bashir has decided to leave of his own freewill to pursue some family matters of importance. I mean he can also fire the guy but I am giving him optiuon to look it voluntary on the surface. But keeping this guy is going to be a major liability for ABC, unless ABC is satisfied with their 3rd tier news organization image what they have right now…

  • jayne melvin

    Martin Bashir should be thoroughly ashamed of what he did…. I would like to see how he would have coped with Michaels upbringing and eventual life……come on Martin lets interview you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..RIP Michael..there are millions who never believed it anyway…god bless you MJ..XXXX

  • Kayla

    Yes Matin Bashir killed Michael Jackson!!!

    Martin Bashir should be charged with homicide. What he did is murder with criminal intent. ABC news by allowing and commissioning such irresponsible journalism should be punished as well. These parties plunged Michael Jackson into depression that made him suffer long and hard till death took over.

    Michael Jackson’s reputation and legacy need justice. ABC news must make public apology and exonerate Michael Jackson from all the bad press made against him due to the impact of their wrong doing.

  • Lily

    Martin Bashir will be cursed all his life! My pop icon gone too soon
    mainly because of him. Shame on ABC News to hire such an evil man!

  • Lily

    Martin Bashir’s photo shouldn’t go with this article. I enjoy what Paul Millar has written, but feel uncomfortable at the sight of that
    disgusting picture of Martin Bashir’s!

  • strawberries n cream :)


    M U R D E R E R!


  • Yasin

    I have to try retrain myself from using any fowl language, towards Martin Bashir, out of respect for Michael Jackson.

    I just wanted to express some feelings towards Martin Bashir, and just want to say, you are a hpypocrite… Your intentions for a documentary, to show the world the real king of pop, was an intention of cruelty, to a kind haerted human being… You humiliated Michael, with constant stabbing of uncomfortable questions. Now, he is dead, you feel it is best to offer words of comfort… Not enoughy words can express my unpleasant feelings towards Mr Bashir…

  • Yasin

    I also hope that these messages will be seen by Martin Bashir and that he is well aware of what the world think of him…

    I overcame some information, that Martin Bashir is suffering a brain tumor. This information was produced in last year, is this still true? I wont wish that you die, but i wont wish you well or offer my deepest sympathies… This will be the last comment i make directly towards Martin Bashir, as I am sure he has many coming his way. You may not answer to the unpleasant comments but you will have to answer to God one day. I will not waste no more time, slanting those that hurt Michael, but will now forever mourn his loss and remember him always…

  • samoni

    the only thing i will say about Martin Bashir is that he is made MJ look like a fool to get him self rich .. i ask Martin Bashir what did MJ did wrong to you to diserve such a misleading documentary which made MJ look like a fool rather then a kind hearted man who love to do thing which he couldnt do and enjoy when he was a kid ..

    Martin Bashir should know better that there is nothing wrong in with a person who offer his own bed to someone and sleeps on floor instead to keep a smile on a kids face ..

    Martin Bashir you did major contribution in leading to MJ death and you should be ashamed of your self ..

  • loving you is cherry pie :)

    well said pplz. martin bashir is guilty he is a backstabbing creep all he wanted was £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££’s well congrats martin bashir, u got ur 5 mins of fame, but remember this.. mj brought light, happiness and wonderful music into our dull selfish world, lots of people wanted his money he will be remembered forever for wat he brought into our world. you may have earnt ur 2 pairs of boots but u were forgtten after a few months or even yeARS but mjs spirit will live for eternity. Martin bashir u have many ppl that despise u for what u did. so id watch ur back coz u dunno wats round the corner..

  • elli

    Please google and sign a petition to fire Martin Bashir from ABC news.

  • chooty

    I wish I can meet you and finish you …Hate you basted Bashirrrrr. You killed a great man and there will never be anyone like him. May you lot in hell..

  • cheeky chik :)

    martin bashir has a brain tumour? hmmmmmm well i hope u fucking die from it u lying piece of anfibian shit! U killed mj! i wish i could meet u coz i would kick ur fucking ass into space u lying bastard! HOPE U ROT IN HELL! MICHAEL JACKSON MURDERER!

  • Anonymous

    Martin Bashir, get out of the USA! Your hands have blood of Michael Jackson and you will be hunted for the rest of your life.

  • bananaz :)

    Martin bashir martin bashir,
    killed famous michael jackson earlier this year.
    He made up shit,
    wat a tit
    He thought he was funny,
    but still made lots of money.
    Hope that he is pleased wit himself,
    bashir get ur ass bak onto da wankers shelf.
    No one like u u slimy toad,
    hope u get killed while crossing the road.

    by bananz for da murderer martin bashir.
    hope yall like it ;)

  • Kisha

    I hope this scumbag, Martin Bashir, feels bad for what he did and I hope that when he dies, he burns in hell. He, along with many other people, added to MJ’s negative self esteem. Michael trusted and respect so many people even people that had betrayed him and hurt him. He never hurt anybody in yet people continued to insult and disrespect him until his death. So what if he shared his bed with kids? He didn’t sleep in the bed w/ them he layed on the floor. So what if he had surgery on his nose? All his life he was called “Big Nose” and made fun of because his pimples. He had that surgery because he didn’t like the way he looked. So what if he acted like a child? He didn’t have a childhood. He wasn’t like other kids he didn’t get to play much or have friends. In addition, to that he never really had a father. He wasn’t allowed to call Joe “Daddy”

    I feel that Michael was living for everybody except himself. He wasn’t as happy as he could’ve been and He seemed to never be satisfied w/himself. His whole life seemed to center around fame and nothing else and its really sad that he had to die still feeling misunderstood, unconfident, and sad.

  • Lucy

    He killed michael jackson. Simple as. if someone did that to me i would probably kill myself, but he kept on going. but his life was still going downhill. thats why we have to bring him down And/Or do the same to him >:[ Hate him soo much!


  • bananaz :)





  • Susi

    I don’t like Martin Bashir!! Poor Michael… I miss MJ so much.

  • lalala lucy :)


  • lalala lucy :)


  • JackK

    Bashir, someday someone will beat you up mercilessly I ‘ve been told. Keep running, and don’t forget to look behind your back prick.

  • Angie

    The world need to kown the truth of MJ. Bashir ,Get out of this planet. ABC is irresponsible!

  • lalala lucy :)

    bashir has mjs blood on his hands…. he crushed his confidence making him seem like a complete monster. I hate martin bashir wiv a passion and i hate the way people keep spreading shit bout mj even now hes dead it carries on!
    The facts are:
    1. he was found innocent on both cases of chld molestation
    2. he did not bleach his skin he had a disease
    3. he slept on the floor when children stayed at his home
    4. he only had 2 surgeries on his face
    5. he did not sleep in an oxygen chamber

  • Buter

    What Martin Bashir did was utterly bad. It made him wealthy and it gave Michael Jackson a bad name and a terrible life. I cannot imagine that Bashir is proud for what he did, but he probably couldn’t resist the chance to make money and to build his ‘success’ on top the heart of a person that trusted him. Because that is the saddest part. Martin Bashir knew Michael Jackson trusted him and that’s why he ruined his life. How ugly is that? How dark can the mind of a fame-horny ‘journalist’ be?

    Bashir has a bad name too because of this. He made history for the worst reason you can imagine. Everybody knows now what his slippery promises and his unfair words are worth. It is very hard to forgive him for what he did.
    I’ll be back in a couple of months and see what I can do for the fatboy of ABC. It feels horrible to feel so much repulsion for a man that is in fact a totally tedious person. He should make an excuse in some way. But that would mean that Martin Bashir would have some guts… Well, end of story I guess.

  • Rainbowdays

    Loopeyprincess…you really are loopy…read my post properly, I clearly stated that I was NOT in support of Martin Bashir, and I felt sorry for MJ the way he was manipulated and taken advantage of, my issues was clearly that people had no right to use racist language etc. to defend MJ or to criticise Bashir.So don’t say I support Bashir when I distinctly stated that I DON’T!.
    The points I made still remain, some people are idiots and they shouldn’t dare stick up for MJ using the type of language that he would hate! Cos as he said it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white! Proper MJ fans would know better.

  • Rainbowdays

    Loopeyprincess…you really are loopy…read my post properly, I clearly stated that I was NOT in support of Martin Bashir, and I felt sorry for MJ the way he was manipulated and taken advantage of, my issues was clearly that people had no right to use racist language etc. to defend MJ or to criticise Bashir.So don’t say I support Bashir when I distinctly stated that I DON’T!.I did not say, and am not saying, that Bashir is decent.

    The points I made still remain, some people are idiots and they shouldn’t dare stick up for MJ using the type of language that he would hate! Cos as he said it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white! Proper MJ fans would know that, and you’ve proven that YOU’RE not worthy of speaking his name, and certainly aligning yourself with such a sweet guy (MJ)

  • Rainbowdays

    Soz peeps for the double posting, it said it didnt go through the first time so I reposted!LOL.

  • lalala lucy :)

    rainbow days wat is ur problem! she was talking generally actually and she aint stupid either she can read so and she aint loopy mate!

    so keep ur petty attitude 2 ur damn self ok! dont start chatting rubbish bout stuff!

    get ur facts rite mate!

    • Rainbowdays

      Listen lala you’re both stupid. She was not talking generally, she replied to me.Keep out of it.I have all the fact I needs, people are being racist and it’s not right. You can dislike what Bashir done without resorting to ignorance

  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    Michael Jackson was diagnosed in 1986 with vitiligo and lupus; the latter was potentially lethal but was in remission in Jackson’s case.In a 90-minute interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993, Jackson dismissed suggestions that he bleached his skin, admitting for the first time that he had the illness. The admission went on to promote awareness of vitiligo, a relatively unknown condition before then.


  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    go onto it plz it shows da truth of mjs vitiligo.

  • Beautiful

    After the interview with Michael Jackson, the doctors discovered Bashir has a brain tumor. KARMA is a witch. Check it out on Wikipedia: Martin Bashir

  • Chris

    There is a website “ABC News: Fire Martin Bashier petition”. I’ve signed and forward to all the people i know. My family and i will never watch ABC news as i doubt why the editors ABC is agree to aired the documentary. In fact, ABC should air “THE TAKE TWO MJ THE FOOTAGE YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO SEE” by MJ camera man. We should sign the petition around, there is long way to go but we must stay firm on this. Do not support yellow journalist!

  • Beautiful

    After Bashir interview with Michael Jackson, his doctor discovered he had a brain tumor. KARMA is a witch.

    Check it out on Wikipedia.

  • Beautiful

    The most effective way to get Bashir of the air is to contact advertisement on ABC Nightline and let them know that your family, friends, and co-workers will not buy their products if ABC continues with Bashir.

    The pocket matters.

  • jamil


  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    pictures of our king of pop mj!
    haterz fuck off!

  • Gail

    I am happy to see that the fire bashir website is getting out there. We do have a long way to go, and we must keep our resolve strong on this. There are still millions of people who watch Nightline, so we need millions of signatures, too, as ell as boycotting the network. Also, (ITV) Granada television, the network that Bashir worked at during this interview process, stands by Bashir’s documentary. There are sites to complain about this unethical piece of work, as well as the network that owns it, ITV, I believe. This “documentary” needs to be permanently removed as airing material. Just go to facebook, look under I Hate Martin Bashir, and in one of the groups (the largest group), there is a SITES TO REMEMBER topic. There are many links that are requesting people’s signatures on behalf of justice for Michael Jackson.

  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    ive just brought the michael jackson tribute magazine. it says all about his life.

    Martin bashir u total wanker if u hadnt have killed him noone would have to read about mjs life and may hav standed a chance of meeting him one day but no! u had to fucking kill him didnt u u prick

  • Gail

    Great Idea!!!! Contact advertisers for the Nightline program. If anyone comes up with some names I will support the effort. Or if there is something I can do, I am all ears.

  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    count me in 2 anything that will get justice 4 mj im willing 2 help the cause.

  • Beenish

    Well I want to share with u all what Michael felt about this Martin Bashir!!!!”
    “I trusted Martin Bashir to come into my life and that of my family because I wanted the truth to be told. Martin Bashir persuaded me to trust him that his would be an honest and fair portrayal of my life and told me that he was the man that turned Diana’s life around. I am surprised that a professional journalist would compromise his integrity by deceiving me in this way. Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair programme. Everyone who knows me will know the truth which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child”

  • Beenish

    Well God will never going to forgive Martin Bashir. He was the cause of Michael’s depression, because only after his documentary, he became addicted to drugs. He didnt knew that his love for children will be considered such a bad deed and misportrayed by the people. He might have lost a trust from his own after 2003.
    Rest in Peace Michael.
    For Martin the peace would be in HELL!!!

  • Gail

    I know that I read somewhere that Michael Jackson did in fact file a civil suit against Martin Bashir due to the “documentary”. But I cannot find that article again. I believe the filing date was in March of 2005. Does anyone know anything about that? Also, please remember to go to facebook, type in Michael Jackson, and you will find a SITES TO REMEMBER…topic, please sign those petitions. We need everyone’s help. Also, I do plan to research who some of the advertisers are for Nightline. The down note, though, is that I would have to watch Nightline to find out, which helps their ratings.

  • Chris

    Well done Gail! We should do something against all these dishonor news rather than post a comment, i am trying to get more ppl to sign the petition & boycott ABC network. Diane Sawyer is just too lucky that most of the ppl did not comments on her interview in 1995 with MJ & Lisa Marie Presley. They are not qualified as a journalist. Therefore, i will NEVER support ABC Network anymore!

  • Tangy

    Michael’s life was brilliant…..He was a happy daddy in Neverland…….until Martin Bashir RUINED everything :((… Its very sad… Michael couldnt lived at Neverland anymore, he said Its not home anymore :( !!Martin Bashir!! I’m ready to kick your asshole now!!!

  • bashir is dead meat!

    Martin bashir u betrayed a brilliant man. i hope u r proud of wat u did u cunt!

    Wat u dont know is that the amount of ppl that hate u has increased rapidly, and with the amopunt of people that wanna kik ur ass rite now is so great u had better watch ur bak coz u never know wats round da corner!

  • SoCalGal

    We call for complete vindication of Michael Jackson by mainstream media. Michael Jackson was exonerated by a jury of his peers in 2005. Not good enough for his fans. For his children’s sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused Michael Jackson of despicable crimes. Many people still believe Michael Jackson was guilty of these crimes. People were influenced to believe the allegations were true by a biased mainstream media. Please join us. No links allowed here, so search at Yahoo Groups for “vindication better than tributes.”

  • bashir is dead meat!

    Dieter Wiesner, the pop star’s manager from 1996 to 2003, stated about the influence of Bashir’s documentary on Michael Jackson:

    “It broke him. It killed him. He took a long time to die, but it started that night. Previously the drugs were a crutch, but after that they became a necessity.”

    this proves that bashir is responsible for all bad things tht happened 2 mj after his documentry.(if u cn call it tht)

  • Triny

    The “Living with Michael Jackson” documentary was crue, pre-meditated deceit on the part of Martin Bashir. I read in an article that quoted Bashir (while laughing) saying, “Jackson had no idea what he was getting himself in to.”

    For months Martin Bashir got into Michael’s good graces in order to humiliate him in the end. He completely misconstrued & twisted Michael’s words around to make him out to be this monster that took advantage of children when that was never the case. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking back to this interview and and the suffering this caused Michael and his family and close friends.

    This documentary was surely the beginning of the end for Michael. No matter what is said in the media from here on out, the root of Michael’s death definitely starts with this documentary as it charted the course for the birth of the raid @ Neverland, the molestation charges and the trial that deeply hurt Michael’s spirit and trust of people. Martin Bashir most definitely has Michael’s blood on his hands as does those that have hurt him since.

  • SKS

    He has a lot of nerve after he totally destroyed Michael’s life and spirit! He shouldn’t even be allowed to get a job anywhere! Michael trusted him and he gained Michael trust when all along he was setting out to destroy him with his allegations, false opinions, and lies! He is covered with Michael Jackson’s blood and I hope that his time will come and he will pay dearly! Michael is in heaven now but Martin will never be allowed in with what he did to Michael!! Always defending, supporting and loving the most compassionate and kind person that has walked this earth in a long time…Michael Jackson!

  • Gail

    There is a new high-powered group gearing up!! Please check it out. It is designed to address the media issue. Just go to yahoo groups and look for vindication better than tributes, it needs an increase in membership and it is a most worthy group.

  • seethetruth

    the ugly man is the one of them who killed Michael at a direct or indirect way. you, Martin Bashir, a dirty man, you should go to hell with your dirty heart and your twisted soul right now!!!!!

  • SS

    YES, YES, AND ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! I hope he pays for the rest of his life! If nightline was smart and wanted more viewers they would get rid of Martin and keep him off the air!

  • emma encarnacion

    I don’t why people wants to focus to the bad things in life . Michael Jackson has been a very nice person. I have heard his songs when i was young and I have sung those songs. how I wish he is still alive because him to know that there are more people who loves him. How I wish I had met him personally,. I really cried when I read what people had done to him.

  • Gail

    Bashir’s edited “documentary” is a prime example of what tabloid-style journalism looks like. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Michael Jackson filmed his own footage, we would never had had the opportunity to view the truth. In addition, if it hadn’t been for Fox network using MJ’s footage and putting the Take Two together and airing it,and for utube continuing to air MJ’s Take Two, the viewing audience would have been deprived of what an ethical piece of journalism looks like.. Please go to yahoo groups and enter in vindication better than tributes. Let’s keep up the spirit and find ways to counter this intrusion into the field of ethical journalism. We need to do it for MJ’s kids, his family, ourselves and for the future of our world. Hi children have been left with a most heavy burden, and those who are primarily responsible are the mainstream tabloid-style reporters and the networks that support them. We need to make a change.

  • bashir is dead meat!



  • Michaeljacksonbbe

    Happy Birthday Mi Darling!

    If it wasnt for this bashir cunt ud still b ere celebrating ur bday with family, friends n fans.

    Hope u really feel bad bashir on this day i hope u feel an enormous amount of guilt for it!

  • yourgirl

    I hope Martin Bashir dies a horrible death. I hate you for what you did to Michael, you are evil and you killed him. Rot in hell. Michael will be in heaven where he belongs.

  • http://michealjackson louise

    i dont think the micheal isnt died…. i dont know why because it dosent feel like hes died it just dosent feel right it hurt me when i found out that he was died it hurt me a lot i was cryin when it was his funural when anyone crys i cry like usher and micheals daughter paris well micheal i love you and RIP xxxxxxxx love you

  • Gail

    Let’s not lose focus. There is an activist group geared towards addressing media’s treatment of MJ. We need your ideas/feedback, et. Go to: Vindication Better Than Tributes, under yahoo groups.

  • Beenish

    Well all to talk about an animal is just a waste of time. I even don want to call Martin Bashir as a human being. Human beings are like Michael, who do gud for humanity and whom people recall even after death. But martin bashir didnt get any thing in his life. he is just a portrayal of a cunning snake which we read in Genesis. A hypocrite parasite who ate for 8 months from Michael’s home and after that has sucked his blood. I wish I could have an interview to show to the world about Michael’s reality and how true human he is. bashir is not able to sleep at night coz he has blood of innocent and kind man on his hands.
    bashir’s will come and go, noone can remember him. But Michael will always be in our hearts. And he will live forever!!!

  • Susanne

    Martin Bashir you should be ashamed of yourself. Michael was a good and decent man who trusted you to do a fair documentary. You edited what he said, intentionally misleading the public. Your deception destroyed Michael reputation, along with his very heart and soul. It all goes back to you Mr. Bashir.

    How do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning. I will never watch “Nightline”. NEVER!!!!! ABC must be crazy hiring you.

  • michael fan

    Martin BASHER… we all hope you rot in the very deep bowels of are scum of the earth.

  • Chris

    Those who think that Martin Bashir deserved to fire from ABC Networks, pls go to Google search “ABC News: fire Martin Bashir petition sign”. Pls sign and forward this message to others, let’s make it happen, DO NOT SUPPORT YELLOW JOURNALIST. WE WANT THE TRUTH, NOT SENSATION!!

  • Susanne

    Martin Bashir you should be ashamed of yourself. Michael was a good and decent man who trusted you to do a fair documentary. You edited what he said, intentionally misleading the public. Your deception destroyed Michael reputation, along with his very heart and soul.

    How do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning. I will never watch “Nightline”. NEVER!!!!! ABC must be crazy hiring you.

  • wwmjd

    Geller didn’t just make the connection, he was paid $200,000. And what does that say of his psychic ability? Bashir deceived and intentionally omitted footage to spin the story to match his personal opinion. What does that say about his integrity?
    Yes, the pair hold the biggest responsibility for MJs demise. Together they destroyed his dream, the heart and soul of who he was. Everything he’d worked for was defiled and taken from him.
    MJ should’ve known he would never change the fear-based thinking of the masses. He should’ve just let a sleeping dog lie.

  • Chris

    Can anyone tell me how to access to the link of “vindication better than tributes”, i can’t find the link from Yahoo search…Thank you !

  • Gail

    One way to access the link, is to go to facebook, look up Michael Jackson, and on one of his sites, there is a topic that says: COMPLETE VINDICATION FOR MICHAEL JACKSON BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA. The link is associated wit that topic. There are thirty four of MJ’s groups that have that topic on the sites. Sometimes a topic is hard to find, because there are so many pages of topics. If that doesn’t work, post here. I will try to give you another idea, if someone else doesn’t.

  • nunya

    who cares who killed Jackson, – just as long as someone DID!

  • Jan
  • LeighG

    Bashir the snake’s homepage. Leave your comments there:
    Michael lived as hell in his last years of life because of this snake.

  • LeighG

    How does Martin Basher sleep at night knowing full well that he drove in the knife that caused the slow death of one the most amazing people who ever lived? There was a documentary by Mary who revealed a different picture of the same doctored and edited one by Martin. It reflected a man who loved and give unconditionally who innocently viewed simple things simply as child a would. For those of us who profess to be Christians Jesus called people to be like children for this very reason .As we get older we are cynical. Adults are so messed up that even child entertainers’ are considered guilty until proven innocent so it was easy for Martin to destroy a good man in this very poor journalism. It would be a failure for the world to not right this wrong. We owe him this much, he gave more any other in his position. The family should investigate this future in my opinion as this was the final straw.He health took a downhill slope, that Infectious smile was replaced by a sad vacant appearance. YOU’RE FAULT MARTIN; YOU HAVE GOD TO ANSWER TO.

  • Chris

    Thanks to LeighG and Gail, i’ve found the link but is seems like a discussion and ppl is putting the comments there. There is a small group call “I Hate Martin Bahir” and there is the link for “ABC News: Fire Martin Bashir petition sign”, but it seems like not many ppl notice on that…since there are millions of MJ fans are signing up on the facebook, i think we should send them the link to support this petition. We need to let more ppl know the truth. We want to truth, not sensation. I’ve forwarded the link to China, HK, & Taiwan MJ fans.

  • Alice

    ‘Living with MJ’ was painful to watch – good journalism means your audience makes up their mind. We were fed the horrible Bashir’s mind instead, shame on your parents Bashir – what kind of upbringing to you have? Be nasty but you lied to MJ trying to be both (for you MJ haters watch ‘The Micheal Jackson Interview: the footage you were never meant to see’ MJ thought you were honest and you knowing he was vulnerable, took advantage.

    What I would like to see happen is a first world fan funded court case at the High Court in London MJ Supporters v Bashir on the question of slander, damage and even wrongful death of MJ (we all know it was his docmentary that ‘killed’ MJ no doubt as his world came down from then).

    This can be done win or loose case, even if it is just to tear up Bashir’s character and make him feel a third of what MJ felt.

    Another case would be to stop tabloid papers and tv stations in UK calling him ‘Jacko’ he is somebody’s father and dead – show some respect for the dead (were we not taught that?)

    Martin Barshir, this is not over yet…and we will do it within the walls of justice. Bloggers keep up the pressure, that Bashir has got some skeletons in the closet and we are going to find it. Who does he think he is?

    This is about MJ the human being not the superstar! Martin Bashir will end up in the same boat as Murrey – people directly responsible for the death of MJ.

  • Dilek

    I totally agree with that. I hate Martin Bashir. He tried to crush Michael for his own profit. I wish he never finds peace in this world orthe other.

  • muhaad

    that Martin Bashir the blood sucker should be murdered

  • muhaad

    Martin Bashir ….just dont think of enjoyin life by rotting others life….u money and fame crazed idiot….

  • muhaad

    crazy money n fame crazed 2 face idiot

  • MJ is INNOCENT :)

    ha bashir u cock how could u do tht 2 mj u loser.

    I bet everyone forgotten about wat u did by now but i aint.. yes some ppl may forget mj and you over time but some ppl wont ever forget mj or wat u did. All mjs TRUE fans will NEVER forget mj.

    Rot in hell bashir scum!

  • maureen

    i think show biz should get ahold off maury povich and get the true tapes and have them on a tv show or news show to show everyone because not everyone has a computer.this will go round milloins of people.i think this world now is so mean,news people dont tell the whole truth and the media and all the crazy wonder our kids learn wrong kids go for this shit.there should be alaw that everyone that does news tell the truth about a person, i bey that would sell papers want to make millons on lies.michael right this world is going to hell,look whos running it with all this shit.

  • maureen

    it was good michael had a chimp that he could talik to,so what we have dogs because we live in small what kind of art he had,watch tv brads wife bought weird art no one says anything many people in cal had face left?oprha should of talked better about that she knows all.i am only 3 yrs younger and who cares if he is or was a virgin.thats private.look at pink and gugu the singer how weird is she and kids love that.that why they wear weird clothed and there hair different color,they didnt get from michael did they?he’s father hit him ,how do you know how it feels unless you been hit like that to.dont asume you know better.dont judge people if you werent there or been through it yourselfs.there is alot of people oputthere that arent married and are alone.michael is a grear star and smart,and his mind he could still want to be back where he was a boy and go through all the yrs he missed as a child and have the only friends he knew is kids.that child case was just for moneymthink about it people. maureen

  • maureen

    not every parent came with a dame book on how to raise a what he dangled a child over the balcaney,he held his manger said on et he saked first his thought,he didnt see any problem.get over the plactic surgery people everyone had that done,we just dont see everyone that done it.everyone has thewre own type of art work,look at anglelnaa should just bought weird act work.if you watch his tapes and when he talked you would off seen this skin changed he had vitiligo he didnt hide it we just didnt pay a tenction to it.look it up.yes i think with everything going in his life at that time was to much and martin was there to help him ant put him in the that kid is living high right now on michael money and it says on the internet he’s taking his father to court.also said on internet he lied about the whole thing.he should tell the truth but on tv so his name would get clear for thought one knows what stars have to go through when you get to be a he cant go out in public and go to the stores like we can.think about it we did make michael star bout we took away his childhood in a differnt way then his father did.may be his father should be reading these too and should of gave his son love and hugs and not hits.his new daughter i haear he loves and hugs her.

  • kelle Birrell

    I feel that Martin Bashir bears responsibilty for his actions, he behaved in a truly intentional and appalling manner to the detriment of the most incredible person to have been placed on this earth. So many people would have given anything to have the opportunity of being in the presence of Michael and Bashir just wasted it disgustingly for his own self -gain. As Michael said nice stories don´t sell so Bashir made the interview appear as negative as possible although anyone with sense can see his blatant attempts to tarnish Michael´s image which doesn´t work for the people who can see Michael for what he is a truly beautiful, caring individual who spent all of his life trying to help others and bring joy to people through his music. I agree with what someone wrote above about the press showing some respect for Michael (respect he has always deserved) and stop calling him Jacko (watch his interview with Barbara Walters to see how much it hurt him to be called that). Michael you are so greatly missed that I can´t even put it into words. I pray that your family are coping and hope that you are resting in peace at last as for me you truly were an angel that we were lucky enough to have with us here on earth. I love you Michael – always have and always will. x You will live forever King of Pop in the hearts of all your adoring fans.

  • stormy

    For everyone who still thinks Michael was guilyy, still thinks for some reason he was evil go to youtube and search “Michael Jackson the Lost Documentary” or amazon “The Untold Story of

    It’s amazing how this manchild was destroyed by other people’s lies and greed. And Bashir what he did was as unforgiveable as all the other people who took advantage of Michael and yes in essence killed him!

    The mainstream media are cowards! They convicted him in the press and were to gutless to exonerate him when the truth became apparent. I can’t wrap my head around the lack of conscience but I have to agree with Germaine,

    “Michael, someone as beautiful as you were not meant for the world!” It doesn’t deserve you. It never did!

    After watching the doc email Oprah and beg her to air the documentary and clear Michael’s name!!!

  • mjfan

    Yes, he did. He did Michael wrong. He used him to get his name out there and destroyed his life. He was never the same after that interview.

  • Jordan Chandler


    A pedo was exposed in a documentary and these loonies want the messenger to be shot. Even if the programme was unfair, remember the public had access to the footage and it was up to the public to decide who they believed. It is obvious in the programme that MJ was manipulated so anyone who believed Bashir used their own judgement by seeing the footage and what MJ said. All these fans can’t get over that maybe their idol had some imperfections.

  • Jordan Chandler

    Also, MJ was clearly stoned in that programme, he is barely aware of what is going on and if you look at Bashit throughout the programme, he has a righteous tone so MJ should have figured out what he was up to. Stupidity is endemic in society but people in MJ’s position who have no need for publicity (considering how famous he was) did not need to give this man that much access. Why did he? What was the point and why did he think that Martin Bashir would have any other interest in him other than furthering his own career. It would have been far easier for Bashir to support the existing image of MJ than change public perception because programmes like this are sold on the basis of controversy and what bigger controvery than accusing someone of child molestation. He was looking for a hook, and MJ took the bait and voluntarily told him that he invites children into his bed. I mean, for a man whose career was almost totally derailed by previous accusations of this nature, why would he even bring something like that up. No sensible person would, and even if he was innocent he shoud have known that his words would inevitably be misrepresented. One cannot afford to be so naive, so in a way, if Martin Bashir killed MJ, the King of Pop dug his own grave. Also, people forget that MJ recovered from this setback extremely well, and he didn’t let Bashir get to him, so I think people here are just looking for a scapegoat, and poor Sneddon is also one of their pet hates. Would MJ want Bashir dead? I doubt it, MJ loved people in spite of their flaws and if there is just, Bashir will get his comeuppance. I think people here do not understand that no one has to live with a moral code – people use what they have to get what they want! This is what Bashir did, and it is true that he is a lousy journalist (who didn’t even know the Green Giant), but he did what many other people would have done. MJ should not have let him into his life because it is obvious when you have the world’s prize freak on the show, your show will also become a freak show. MJ didn’t believe in his freak image, but many did and he should have seen that this could become another mockery of his life. Sadly, it did but I do think he recovered from it as his sold out O2 residency shows, as well as the sales of the Thriller reissue. The Bashir thing is history now….

  • Ida Turner

    NBC apparently purchased the use of that interview with Michael and edited it for their broadcast after his passing. I taped it, because it was the least damaging part of the interview that I could stand to watch. I felt so bad for Michael, yet not understanding why he did not cut this “butt” off and kick him out of “Neverland”. Michael was a ‘gensus” with a shy personality and big heart. He had a lot of love to give, but he also needed a lot, which he only felt on stage. Bashsir was not worthy of interview Michael Jackson, though Michael thought for some reason he could trust him. BASHSIR killed the remainiing within Michael Jackson, and roit in hell for it.

  • stormy

    Jordan Chandler? If that really is you,you’re the last person who has any business criticising Michael for what? Being trusting?
    He trusted you and your family didn’t he and where did that get him? You people are the ones who destroyed his name, his reputation and his soul. You’re the ones responsible for Michael’s death! You helped tarnish his name with lies you only had the guts to admit AFTER he was gone! You have no business even speaking his name considering your role in all of this!

    You are the ones Michael should have never let into his life in the first place, then there never would have been a Martin Bashir, or a Diane Dimond or a Tom Sneddon and since everyone is responsible for their own actions they indeed DO share the blame. WHERE WAS THE JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!! HE WAS THE ONLY VICTIM,and ultimately the only casualty here.
    It makes me sick to hear anyone justifying what all the people who threw him under the bus did to him, like it’s just life!
    It’s not! We CHOOSE what we do! And who we hurt!
    Evan Chandler is evil and so are all the people who deliberately set out to hurt/destroy Michael for their own selfish ends!

  • priderock

    Why isn’t anyone here mentioned Uri Geller?. I’m not intend to look for a scapegoat, just that if several people suspected for starting Michael’s rundown, why wouldn’t this guy included?. I can’t help to think since he’s the one who negotiated this interview straight to Michael. And given that previously, he turned down another journalist, Louis Theroux to interview him. That he stated after his death he hypnotized Michael & asked him for child molestation in wich Michael denied in hypnosis state, it’s like he knew/predicted people’s opinion. Whatever it is, if you’re not believe his involvement, tell me why. argue me. bring anything you know.

  • stormy

    I know Uri Gellar is a snake too but I never heard anything about him “saying” he hypnotized Michael. For sure he betrayed him but if one was to spend all their time making a list of all the people who piled on and used Michael you could be here all night! But Michael in the end knew Gellar wasn’t his friend that’s why he was on Michael’s list!

    My point is all of this started with Evan Chandler, and the lies they told about Michael to begin with. It was so horrible so hurtful to Michael personally and his reputation that he never really recovered!

    Before the Chandlers, Michael didn’t swear let alone in his songs, Michael didn’t drink, Michael didn’t abuse prescription drugs! Afterwards he used all those as crutches to get through the days with people thinking he was a molester!

    Using drugs to numb his pain, he BECAME even more vunerable to the people who would later take advantage of him, like the Arviso family, like Uri Gellar, Rabbi Schmuley, Martin Bashir etc. All I’m saying is it began with the Chandlers!!!!
    No one had ever accused Michael Jackson of ANYTHING bad before them!
    Then it was downhill the rest of the way thanks to the media!
    Especially you Diane Dimond. Hope they all get theirs soon!

  • me

    Martin Basher yes Basher
    has a lot of nerve even speaking Michaels name.This monster has no principles or morals at all. What a COWARD to hide behind the California Shield law while under oath during the trial HE CAUSED and answer pretty much ZIP. I hope one day he finds himself a jobless old man. I believe in KARMA and hope he meets it face to face one day soon. How he even sleeps at night is beyond me.

  • bdeg

    From reading all the above comments, one thing is clear – that Micheal was a beautiful, god-like creature that only appears once in a lifetime. He tried to spread the message of love and peace, but like many other greats before him, he was ridiculed and envied, a bit like Christ was betrayed by the satanic Judas, and the way Iago betrays and entraps Othello. It really saddens me to know that the world has lost such a talented, gifted human being at the hands of weazels like Bashir – he will always be remembered as a worthless piece of sh— i hope he believes in karma and i hope his family his children and his childrens’ children will remember how Bashir brought about Micheal’s downfall and reliance on drugs to get through each day. I also cannot bear to watch Bashir’s interview with Micheal -as he is cutting away, cunningly like a sly snake and crucifying Micheal’s career and good character. Watching re-runs of Micheal’s brilliance in his dancing videos is also reducing me to tears as we now know that there will never again be another talent like Micheal.

  • Marie Snell

    Bashir has the blood of an angel on his hands.

  • AJN

    Hi all, I love the new song “This is it” and am going to see the movie. I hope his new song top the charts all over the world also hope his “This is it” movie is a big hit.
    Bashit and everyone who tried to use, abuse, distroy and hurt Michael J Jackson can suck on “£$%^&* $%^& because he might be gone but he will always be kicking.

  • LoveMichael

    I think too that this animal Bashir kill our ANGEL,MICHAEL…with his papparazzi and media friend…Mike don t forget that we love you we always love you…we miss u Michael….we want you back….R..I.P MY UNIQUE ANGEL

  • nicolee

    who cares who killed him.
    im sorry but he’s dead GET OVER IT!!!!!!
    he aint comming back so forget about it

  • Carina

    A lost of people in whole world do care about MJ and his children and we will continue to remind MJ as long as we can.Mr Bashir; he is already had has test his own medicine.

  • mj mi angel :)

    Haha nicolee u make me laugh coz ur such a dick! how can u say tht u just like them haterz scum!


    FUCK THE PRESS MICHAEL UR DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No one is the blame but for M.Jackson himself, if he was so smart and savvy he should have seen it or at least felt it,that something was not the way the interview should have been going and have called it quits ,instead of allowing certain things to appear ,if he didnt like what was aked or filmed he just should have said thats enough! but he didnt. So it is his failure and his problem not the journalist~

  • stormy

    Shoe Shine you’re like so many other people who don’t understand Michael Jackson!

    Michael was NOT a good judge of character that’s why so many people were able to take advantage of him! He didn’t grow up around NORMAL people he grew up around show biz people and they for the most part were entertainers like himself and were nice to him!

    He really didn’t know anything about what people in the real world could be like and as was said before he assumed that because he wouldn’t hurt anyone people wouldn’t hurt him. Usually by the time Michael figure somebody out it was too late!
    He was innocent, and he was naive were people were concerned!

    Also Martn Bashir spent MONTHS, 8 in total with Michael doing that documentary to gain his trust, become his friend, so by the time he started asking THOSE kinds of questions Michael was just helpless to do or say anything to him.

    Why you ask, because I’m sure Bashir must have noticed that Michael had a VICTIM mentally, caused by his own childhood abuse and Bashir used it against him! Michael after all those months had already let his guard down and trusted Bashir!

    If you really don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe you should just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
    People like you who judge what they don’t understand and have no compassion just make me sick!!!!

    Also because of Michael’s abusive childhood I’ve noticed that whenever someone was rude to him or attacked him he just took it!
    What people did to him was like tormenting a kitten, it was sick!
    Especially since he was innocent!

    search: Jordan Chandler tells the truth!
    search: Was MJ framed? (by Mary Fischer)
    search: Inside MJ’s trial

    Michael was a true angel on earth and they destroyed him.
    Heartless people like you destroyed him!

  • Sue

    I just saw This Is It and am still amazed at Michael’s genius and talent in so many spheres. His brain was made by God to absorb all the chaotic sounds of the universe and turn them into the patterns and order of music and truth. The only reason Michael needed rehearsals was for all the participants in the shows to adjust to his perfection. His voice, music and dance still exhibit the perfect talent and skills he mastered years ago.

    And, at age 50, the beautiful Michael was nowhere near the extent of his contributions to the world. I recently heard a highly intelligent elderly man tell his audience that our lives are lived in thirds. The first third is to watch; the second third is to do; the last third is to teach. One can tell from the videos of Michael over the last few years and the This Is It movie that Michael felt an urgency to teach to the world the knowledge that was concentrated in his genius brain.

    To all the true gentlemen of the world, imagine this: You’re standing at the urinal in a public restroom, say, at an airport, and a teenage male walks up to use the facility just like you are. Now give Martin Bashir a microphone and listen to the snide, insidious, accusing comments he makes about something that is clearly not a crime, yet he’s trying to speak you into being a criminal to serve his gargantuan greed. Thankfully, as Tom Mesereau showed in Court, one cannot speak a crime into existence; there must be inscrutable evidence that it did happen.

    If I were Martin Bashir, I would *choose* hell over facing Michael Jackson in the presence of the Almighty God. But Martin Bashir is not smart; he’s just evil.

    I still want to throw up every time I hear a British accent, and that’s sad because I’ve always felt a kinship to the British. Their casting Martin Bashir to wander penniless in the wilderness would go a long way in restoring the respect I’ve had for their reason and integrity for as long as I can remember. I don’t need to iterate that no American media will ever register reason and integrity in my eyes if they support Martin Bashir. Any media who supports Martin Bashir is an imploding black hole in my mind. I think most intelligent people feel the same.


  • Dave

    Why is Martin Bashir still working on Night Line (abc)? He is just dishonest in every interview he conducts. He just makes me sick.

  • Susan

    I agree with you Dave. He has no credibility. Don't know why he's still working.

  • mjlovehere

    I agree with you both. I can't imagine how he can forgive himself for his treacherous act. Night Line equally shares its responsibility of showing its dishonest by having him. Please join us at www(dot)mjtruthnow(dot)com to help Michael to be vindicated by mainstream media and sign up for the newsletter for free.

    • Tina

      This guy makes me vomit. Rot in hell. Hope that brain tumour destroys you slowly and painfully. I hope you drool and shit your pants for years before you burn in hell. RIP Michael. I love you Michael.

      • Susie

        I agree! I hope karma fixes Bashir's wagon once and for all! *grr*

        Darling Michael! I love you and I hope you get the justice and vindication you deserve! All my love to you and all fellow fans on this page! God bless…

  • Tina

    This guy makes me vomit. Rot in hell. Hope that brain tumour destroys you slowly and painfully. I hope you drool and shit your pants for years before you burn in hell. RIP Michael. I love you Michael.

  • Mama

    For all of you that love Michael. I belong to a group of people who adore Michael, just as you do. We are a family of Michael and family supporters that meet and talk every day. I am here to tell yu that this man will be destroyed, as will the rest of the media that is only out to hurt the Jackson's. We not only talk amongst each other, but are on a mission. We are taking steps and actions to stop the lies and rumors about Michael, and will not rest until that is done. The couple that owns the site have dedicated their lives to this and I also have. If you would like information on this site, or might be interested in becoming part of our family, please feel free to email me at But please, do not attempt to join if you are involved in or believe any of the lies or rumors that are out there. This is strictly for those who truly love Michael and want to join us in shutting down the media's attempt at destroying the Jackson's. AS FOR THE MEDIA, I HOPE ALL OF YOU THAT SUPPORT THE MEDIA'S TRASH HAVE ALSO READ THIS. WE WILL STOP YOU, JUST WAIT. All for L~O~V~E~ We love you, Michael, and we will not stop till the lies do.

  • i love micheal

    rot in hell bashir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i love u micheal u make me cry everyday rest in peace

  • cheryl

    Vindicate Michael Jackson–
    Terminate Martin Bashir!
    http://mjtruthnow. com
    Sign up for newsletter
    Help us make mainstream media
    accountable for their lies.

  • crazyboutmj

    I’ve felt for years that Martin Bashir RUINED Michael’s life. It’s good to know that others feel the same way. Let’s get rid of him and ruin HIS life.

  • Elly

    It is sad to see the greatest being on earth kill each other. We must do something to make this world a better place. Those who are inflicting another human such as Martin Bashir and the mainstream media journalists must be straightened. Heal the world.
    ABC management are operated by humans who are very much involved with news, therefore they know the truth. And they know very well the qualities of Martin Bashir (especially after the tons of e-mail we have sent to them).
    There will be a way, sooner or later. The truth shall surface.



  • Mau

    I watched just small bits of the documentary. My stomach just couldn’t take what Bashir was doing to that innocent soul. Michael slowly started to die after that interview. I blame Martin Bashir. How could you do this, and claim that you are a Christian? I hope your conscience eventually kills you as it killed Mr. Chandler (Jordie Chandler’s father)who shot himself in the head earlier this month. Jordie had better come clean too. I also blame Yuri Geller who set up this interview with Bashir and who was paid $200,000 for it. Yuri Geller also introduced him to that Rabbi who published that book and released tapes of Michael, again to ABC. I do not watch ABC and never will. They killed a loving, kind, caring, and trusting man who was not capable of seeing the devil in the people around him.

    I love you, Michael. Rest in peace. A lot of us are praying for Prince, Paris, and Blanket daily.

  • Pedro file

    Mucho amusement. Why don’t you all get a life. Talented singer who went the way of many others who had too much money. We all have choices and he made his. He squandered millions which could have saved quite a few lives on this planet !

  • stormy

    Pedro File
    You’re the one who needs to get a life! And a heart while you’re at it!!! I don’t know why people who use MJ as their own personal scapegoat have to seek out sites that they know love Michael and say crap like this!
    It only makes you look bad….and Michael was not a pedophile though I wouldn’t be surprised if you are!
    Pedophiles have no conscience or compassion for anyone! Sound familiar!!!

    And the more people like you I see on these boards on the internet the more I understand where the Martin Bashirs and Evan Chandlers & Dian Dimonds of the world come from!
    You’re jealous of MJ and the fact he had money. He saved lots of lives and spent more money than anyone EVER saving lives but still you talk about what he squandered like it wasn’t his to do with as he pleased!
    The money he spent, he earned! He sacrificed his childhood for it!
    If it sticks in your craw I say choke on it!
    ENVY, it’s such an ugly thing. And Michael was such a beautiful person.
    Too pure for a world populated with ugly, hateful people like you! And yes Michael made his choices, but with the innocence of a child. If he had been half as hard as you, no one would have been able to take advantage of him the way they did!
    Which by the way, was a choice too!!!

  • The Truth

    I heard Uri Geller got paid a large sum of money for persuading Michael to do the interview.

    It was Michael aged 45 who sat down and held hands with a 13 year old on camera and said there’s nothing wrong with sharing his bed with young boys.

    Michael was the deceitful one lying about how the press made up stories about him, but he forgot he and his management put those stories in the press.

    He went on global TV and said Blanket was born in a loving relationship with a woman he knew but she didn’t want to be known, later he said he had no idea who the mother was as he’d never met her. Lie after lie he couldn’t stop himself.

    This was a guy who went on TV said all the allegations were untrue and he would fight to the end and reveal the truth, few days later signs to pay out $15.5m and confidentiality agreement.

    Michael Jackson killed himself by not getting off drugs and paying someone thousands of dollars so his demand for more drugs would be fulfilled.

    Frank Dileo says Michael lied to him, having been indignent at Franks query about any drugs.

    • i4u

      I’m 100% with you stormy (previous post) and there are many points pertinent to this reply.
      IYou state Uri was paid handsomely, doesn’t that then alert you to the vultures at all times in MJ’s midst? Bashir was supposedly doing an expose of MJ’s children’s initiative. What does that say about Bashir if he’s buying off Geller?
      From other footage of Gavin it was obviously a habit of HIS to take other people’s hands. Would you have the heart to not hold a child’s hand if he took hold of yours? I wouldn’t.
      There has been a symbiotic relationship between entertainers and the press since Hollywood began. Why wouldn’t MJ’s management avail themselves of the same? Isn’t that their job? The question is what drove the media to become so treacherous and vicious?!
      You twist his words just as the tabloids did when you talk about Blanket. He said he knew the race, optical condition and IQ of the surrogate NOT that he was in a ‘loving relationship’. Do you know something that has never been revealed to the public?
      As for the settlement there are so many levels to the matter both personal and corporate, how can you even dare to express an opinion on it? I suppose he would have felt terrific to be vindicated by to destroying a boy he obviously had a deep affection for because of the child’s errant parents, not unlike the ones who caused immense pain in his own life? Then there is Sony and the dregs of the press willing to destroy everybody as well.
      As for the drugs, are you judging how a sensitive being desperately tried to stay alive under incredible pressures? I suppose if he drank himself into oblivion or became a sex addict it would have been more palatable to you and kinder to his children? He wasn’t getting high you fool, he was trying to not go crazy in a world that had stopped making any kind of sense. And why is he answerable to Frank? It was obvious EVERYONE had betrayed him at some point so he should hand his life over to Frank?
      You have a serious problem with your outlook and expectations of others; I’m glad not to be related to you.

  • The Truth

    Susie if you believe in KARMA for others, then the same goes for Michael, accept it and move on.

    • i4u

      You sanctimonious piece of disconnected effluent. Is your opinion the only one that counts? Who died and made you God and who are you to tell others who feel an innocent person has been wrongly done by to ‘move on’. Some of us care about justice regardless if someone has died.
      Your comment about Michael’s karma is saying what exactly? O yeh that’s right, it’s saying you are no different to the bloggers you’re criticising.

  • The Truth

    WOW, just read back some of the messages full of hate, wishing death on someone because they didn’t like what Michael Jackson said and did.

    You wanted the truth, you got the truth, but you just don’t want to believe it.

    If the views on here are a reflection of Michael’s “Heal The World” generation then I have to say what a nasty bunch of people.

    Some of the messages on here relating to other human beings are disgusting, and those same people will declare say they are intune with Michael and his thoughts of the world being united.

    Some of you people need to take a deep look at yourselves and realise how your loyalty was and is being exploited emotionally and financially.

    • i4u

      I think you know where the vehemence of some of the bloggers emanates. It is from long-standing frustration at seeing the machinations of a corrupt media vilify a person without proper cause. The result is hordes of closed-minded selfish people such as yourself which is naturally cause enough for emotive invective from justice seekers.
      Get used to it.
      There are a lot of us that are sick of bullies and where we once may not have got involved, Michael Jackson’s plight is sooooo undeserved we feel we have no choice but to speak up, whether a fan of his or not.

  • The Truth

    How many mature Michael fans in tribute to Michael have asked neighbours if they can sleep with their children. If the neighbour objects get emotional and weep saying you can’t believe they don’t trust you.

    Maybe you are a parent with children and could offer your children on the internet to spend the night with someone who declares they would never harm a child.

    So what if they’ve paid off a number of families to keep quiet, as long as they say love children they can be trusted.

    • i4u

      You obviously know everything about MJ so will know that he was attempting to play happy families with the Chandlers. He’d seen the seedy club world from the time he was 10. The celebrity circuit was likewise unappealing and very wisely he judged it as not the real world. Jordy was a kid without a real male role model and MJ thought he fit there and was being treated as a regular person, not a superstar. Under those circumstance how could you feel anything but deep rejection if your new ‘family’ is implying you are not to be trusted. What is so weird about that? It is human nature and MJ is a rare male who was willing to show his emotions rather than mask them with false machismo, bad behaviour or alcohol/drugs.
      It is your characterisation of what is normal that is unhealthy and the reason we have a lot of screwed up people on this planet.
      If there were more Michael Jacksons in this world I am sure it would not be such a rare occurrence to trust your children with them.
      Thanks to the rules of behaviour you promote men will continue to be closed off emotionally and just as dysfunctional and oftentimes destructive as the generations before.
      In his clumsy way Michael was trying to spare tomorrow’s children the fallout from this.
      Who are you kidding you know yourself how those families came by those funds and it sure is not an indictment of Michael Jackson.

  • The Truth

    Michael pure? He died full of Profofol.

    How many litigations was he involved in over the years. He stopped paying maintenance to his ex-wife, who was originally restricted to seeing her child in a hotel for 8hrs in every 2 months.

    A father who brought up a son to believe he didn’t have a mother, which meant a judge ordered counselling before the boy’s mother could see him.

    • i4u

      Have you conveniently forgotten the psychiatric of Michael Jackson by even the prosecutor’s doc? He was assessed as a regressed, childlike individual. I think they said a 13 year old? Everything you read him saying, his pastimes his sense of humour is so unsophisticated, naive and guileless only the truly corrupted mind would be unable to see it.
      So because I’ve taken sleeping pills to get rest when I’ve felt emotionally pained then I too an impure in the manner you imply? With the unfair treatment he received after being built up so very high I’m surprised that even the propofol didn’t stop being effective as his tolerance would have been steadily building.
      You are beating, for all you really know, an innocent man to death and then point a finger at him if he in desperation tries to alleviate the pain or get some rest to be able to function.
      Have you no humanity to see he was at his wits end? What is wrong with YOU?
      HIs arrangements with Debbie should be no concern of anybody’s as the children appear to have been absolutely thriving and there was never any indication to the contrary while he was alive.

      I don’t know you but could see you are deeply invested in Michael Jackson’s business, just as I am about seeking to stop what I see as the shortsightedness of society scapegoating people who appear ‘different’.

      Michael Jackson is the perfect foil for highlighting this issue today. You may not like some of the vitriol some are capable of, and whine that it is not in keeping with MJ’s ethos but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t want to convince us he was evil but then tell us to be kind and gentle and tolerant of his unscrupulous critics.

      We are all too aware where being TOO good got Michael Jackson and it is a lesson learned for us.

      I for one am proud to stand up for this cause and, as I have now availed myself of the ample evidence out there, wish to apologise most deeply to all his fans and supporters for not giving them their dues. They have been badly maligned and shown immense courage and heart for decades. BRAVO.

  • stormy

    The Truth,
    You just don’t have a clue do you? If you want to know the TRUTH about why MJ paid Evan Chandler and any others do your homework!

    google: Was MJ Framed? by Mary Fischer
    google: Jordie Chandler tells the truth
    you tube: Inside MJ’s trial

    Read the “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, and what about Rodney Allen a man who had a beef against a member of the Jackson family counselling homeless boys to make allegations about MJ
    to Hard Copy b4 they found out it was all lies!

    I’m sorry you have a hard time believing that MJ was an innocent soul who was trying to recapture his childhood….he would never hurt a child! And Debbie Rowe was nothing but technically a surrogate, MJ only married her b/c before then he probably still had some old fashioned beliefs he needed to rid himself of.

    And why he lied publicly! My guess is that so many journalists screwed him over (and I can think of a few right now without even trying) that he just didn’t think they deserved the truth where his kids were concerned. And wasn’t it Debbie Rowe herself who said she didn’t want to be a mother on camera!!!
    She was all about the $$$$$. Which is probably why she testified against MJ when he cut her off.
    Like a million dollar home isn’t enough for a surogate!!

    Also MJ said he shared his bed w. CHILDREN not boys! And Martin Bashir conveniently edited out the fact that he slept on the floor! If he was what you say, he would have been gay! But MJ was heterosexual, as seen by his PRIVATE relationships w. certain women!
    And of course his own childhood abuse is why the sensitivity towards children. He said he only felt SAFE w. children but if you watch “Michael Jackson’s Funniest Moments part 2″, you’ll see
    he was a child himself.
    And the opposite of what a pedophile is!
    And newsflash but when he became addicted to prescription drugs to deal with his emotional pain, he became an addict!
    And addicts lie about their addictions!!!! Duh!!!

    But THE TRUTH doesn’t really interest you, so believe what you want, just don’t expect anyone who’s done their homework to!

  • stormy

    And also what were all the allegations about!
    Geez let me think, could it be that he was convicted in the press b4 he even got a chance to defend himself.
    And was advised by lawyers to settle so the thing wouldn’t drag on for years since a crooked DA & the police were out to bring him down!

    And could it be that all the con artists worldwide hearing how many millions the Chandlers scammed out of MJ were just salivating at the chance to get their hands on some too!
    Especially since the police didn’t even bother to investigate Evan Chandler, only MJ and they couldn’t find any evidence or anyone who’d been thru Neverland to make allegations against him except for poor drugged Jordan Chandler!

    Or be paid thousands by tabloid tv to lie about like MJ’s ex-employees were, only to recant when they were under oath so as not to perjure themselves!!!

    They didn’t have to prove anything about MJ, the media did the job for them and Michael could do nothing but proclaim his innocence, since the allegations required no physical evidence!

    It’s interesting to me how people like you only see & hear what you want to and accuse MJ fans of being blind or stupid!
    Interesting indeed! It’s also interesting to me that b4 the Chandler allegations not a whiff of scandal had ever been attached to MJ & he’d been in the business then for almost 25 yrs. Do you think if enough people tell a lie, it suddenly becomes the truth???

    • i4u

      stormy, don’t forget how a charge of conspiracy was levelled at MJ and no conspirators named or charged. If that isn’t a blatant witch-hunt and miscarriage of justice I don’t know what is. That DA. Sneddon (and his sidekicks) needs to held accountable for the millions he wasted indulging his unconscionable vendetta. I wonder how many real crims got a pass during those years?

      You can bet Bashir and all those who similarly thought Michael Jackson was an easy target hadn’t counted on the multitudes willing to think for themselves, do the work and stand up to the unfairness.

      We don’t like it when we are treated like idiots and won’t rest until you all eat crow, so start a plucking.

  • ultravioletrae

    You’re darn right Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson. There is a special place is hell waiting for him.

  • sandra

    wow all i can honestly say here is a bunch of you people really need to take a good look at what you are suggesting when trying to pin all mj’s problems on martin bashir. try and remember michael was paid a fortune for that interview, which no doubt played a big roll in him accepting the propose. he knew that it was going to be a no bars type of interview from the start. he certainly was not deceived and in fact i believe he consider for sometime on whether he was going to accept the deal. so it wasn’t like he just decided to do it and had no idea what type of interview it was going to be and frankly it was suggested in the end it came down to michael needing the money pure and simple. you guys are blaming the wrong person for michael’s death. michael has michael to blame and probably some what his father and least we forget the Profofol i dont think martin came sneaking in mj’s house and put a iv in his arm and shot the Profofol in it. i understand you are feeling sad at loosing michael but you people need to get a clue. michael had so much talent and like elvis before him he couldn’t deal with it and basically killed himself and that is sad….but writing some of these comments i have read is just disgusting and very very unfair to martin bashir i’m sure most of you arrogant individuals bashing him feel you can do a better job and the racism is disgusting i saw many terrible comments.

  • stormy


    Martin Bashir deserves every nasty comment written here (except the racist ones!) He’s evil!! He did the same thing to Princess Di, made her think she could trust him and then betrayed her. And she’s not the only one! Others in Britain have complained about him!!!!

    And no he’s not singularly to blame for MJ’s death, the list is long of the people responsible for what happened to Michael starting with that liar and extortionist Evan Chandler!!!

    But Martin Bashir was like so many opportunist, he saw MJ as a way to get what he wanted and to hell with the fact that Michael was too innocent to know what he was about!
    Martin Bashir LIED to MJ, telling him he wanted to tell the truth about MJ and then asking rude questions, and then editing the film to make MJ look in the worst possible light!!!

    Living with MJ take 2, shows Martin Bashir actually telling MJ that they’re not doing a trash exposee on him, when he thought the camera’s weren’t rolling!! The man is a pig!!!

    I can’t believe you or anyone could defend such tactics!!!
    And MJ was on drugs b/c of ppl like Bashir, and having to live with the lies he (Bashir) put out there along with others…
    Could you live peacably with people thinking you were a child molestor when you knew you weren’t????
    I doubt it! What makes you think it would have been any easier for MJ when children were his salvation? Not to mention all the con artist that came out of the woodwork and tried to sue MJ for something he didn’t do. His life was already a nightmare before Bashir slithered into it!

    And even if MJ was paid for the interview he saw it as a way to get ppl to understand him and clear his name! Bashir told him that’s what they were going to do! HE LIED!!!
    And this is the mockumentary that led to MJ being tried for something he didn’t do..since it gave the Arviso family an excuse to try to get money from MJ after living off of him for 3 years previously!

    I can’t believe you could defend such an inhuman rat!

  • http://showbizspy Comment Stormmy

    Maritn Bashir is a killer. He murder MJ verbally. He desrves to be in jail for life. He is a murdrer.

  • rocketship

    stormy’s right about everything!!!!! I don’t have much else to add right now.

  • Ajaxn

    Whilst you’re focusing on Bashir, spare a thought for the people who put him up to that editorial spin. Its my belief that Bashir, like Chandler before him, were used to bring Michael down.

    I am refering to the people whom Evan Chandler refered to as ‘the experts’, people who helped him plot a path to the civil courts knowing it would result in a settlement.

    The same experts, who in this case managed to persuade Bashir to hang up his journalistic license to help promote a particular brand of public hysteria with Michael at its center.

    There’s something about peacefully intentioned people in war mongering times, which makes them vulnerable to these ‘experts’.

  • Mj

    Off with Martin’s bullocks, then his head bastard!

  • Adam McKeith

    Since Michaels death, I have been watching and listening to his body of work again. When I got to watching ‘Living With Michael Jackson’, I remember the tactics used by a journalist who can only be desribed as a con-man.

    Martin Bashir sold his series of interviews as an opportunity for MJ to show the world his innocence and reasons for certain aspects of his life. When in fact Bashir only wanted to exploit Michael.The way the film was edited it was clear to me that Michael Jackson had no clue of this ‘Journalists’ intentions.

    I found it painful to watch at times as Bashir ruthlessly questions the King Of Pop about his childhood, love life, child like behaviour and even children. In the interview Michael shows his dislike for tabloids and papers, when in fact Martin would use that very interview to show him in an extremely damaging light.

    Michael saw this interview as a positive move and Martin completely betrayed his trust by exploiting his personal life. Disgraceful.

  • Brian N. Everett

    On July 11, 1993 I was in a Las Vegas private investigator’s office. The project that started that day was to nail Michael Jackson so a “group” could rescue him from public exposure and then control his career. MJ was not free [is this why the OD?]

  • stormy

    Brian N. Everett

    I’ve read your comments over & over for days now and you’re not the first person I’ve heard say they were in a meeting over how the bring down MJ!
    What amazes me is that you ppl don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with being a party to something so sick! Not to mention illegal!!!

    Didn’t you ever ask yourself if this was wrong?
    And since MJ was publicly lied about & humiliated I’m assuming you weren’t part of Evan Chandler’s camp. Which means there was more than 1 group of ppl plotting to take MJ down!
    From what MJ wrote and released in HiStory though he seemed free enough to me!

    Maybe I too am naive…but I just cannot wrap my head around the kind of ppl that exist in this world (America especially!) cause would they have tried to do this to Elvis? I can’t wrap my head around the kind of wickedness that exists in the hearts of men
    and some lowly women! I just can’t!!!

    All of these ppl who were plotting against MJ to bring him down, get their hands on his money or to control him,helped destroy his repuatation & put him in an early grave.
    And I’d be shocked if a single one of them felt bad about it!

  • Brian N. Everett

    Yes I was part of the June Schwartz side of it, and yes there was a “set-up” but I was not a perpetrator, I just doing a legal service. [maybe not so nice] Evan Chandler’s team took over and did the work. The big bad thing is who hired us!!!!!

  • Brian N. Everett

    Wait!!! I goofed, what should be said is “what got us hired”.

  • Brian N. Everett

    Wait on more time, I mean the poor guy needed his friends to help him, but what happened gave them them the opportunity to get their 40 pieces of silver.[it's not easy to be a writer]

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    I believe that Michael was killed by greed. His fathers greed; traumatized as a young child and exploited to make money. Exposed to that kind of fear as a child can really do damage in his formative years growing up. Its funny that no one stepped in back then .I watched the Martin Bashir and saw him railroad Michael with kind words. He made him look so bad and yet befriended him at the same time.It was just to line his pockets. After that, the predators came out, accusing Michael of terrible things. I’ll never know if he was telling the truth or not, but I could see the anquish on his face and listened to his voice tremble. The media ruined his life and now that he gone they are exaulting him as if nothing ever happened.I feel so bad for Mchael because he was unique and a brilliant artist, one we will never see again. I hear his music now and it makes me sad, because he could still be alive if things went differently for him.

  • stormy

    Brian N. Everett,
    I must confess I still don’t know what you’re trying to say but that’s ok, thanks for the response.
    Still it’s interesting to understand that “setting someone up” and trying to “blackmail” them is only illegal for SOME people!

    And Adrienne I agree with just about everything you said. MJ was truly one of a kind. He was the Mozart of the 20th c. A true child prodigy who just knew how to do things he shouldn’t! Even his mother said she didn’t know where or when Michael learned to sing & dance, he just knew how! With no learning curve!

    But I wouldn’t say Joe Jackson’s greed killed him! Joe’s abuse made MJ vunerable to the evil ppl in this world that’s true.
    But unless you’ve endured POVERTY I don’t think you can call wanting to escape it greed! Poverty takes ppl’s humanity!
    I think it was why MJ always said he didn’t understand his father!

    The Media & the way they handled the allegations against MJ were shameful b/c they convicted him in the court of public opinion & didn’t seem to even investigate any other possibility. They were the only source of info a lot of ppl had! It was criminal what they did & they need to own it!

    But the real shame is MJ being labelled something he himself probably abhors more than most. After being a victim himself of childhood abuse to never be able to escape the label of “molestor” I think destroyed MJ long before his passing!

  • Brian N. Everett

    It’s time for American’s to get real. what is this saint or sinner, and nothing in the middle thing? My information is not good or bad! It’s only what happened, once one of the networks go for it, You will get a chance to see the trap this poor guy was faced with. In the production work place the workers including the actors and singers etc. are all struggling to have a life on sunday and the 8 to 10 hours they get at home each night,plus big or small your work history is public[google a name on IMDB] I would like to see more super stars die of old age.

  • Jackie Taylor

    Yes, Martin did play a role in the death of Michael Jackson.
    I thought the interview he did with Michael Jackson was a “set up” to make Michael look like a freak and a psychologically damaged person. It was terrible what the media did to Michael.
    Anything is OK in the name of media coverage.
    The world has lossed one of the greatest entertainer and generous person’s in the world.
    The media also robbed Michael’s children of having their father in their lives.

  • Maya

    Watch this documentary and you’ll find out the truth about Martin fuckin Bashir

    Michael I ♥ you, he will live forever ♥

  • Jelle Boef

    Martin Bashir was right to push this docu-interview and conducted in the way it was. There were and are still – despite a full court hearing – essential questions unanswerred in the entire MJ saga. Were he to have been a lesser man in the media, everyone would probably have duped him a pederast or even worse …

    It seems that a good part of those having a soft spot for MJ and commenting on this page have a judge, jury and executioner attitude themselves, which they even now detest Martin Bashir for. That is absolutely beside the truth and ridiculous.

    MJ may have been a childhood hero and inspiration for musical generations. Fine, I accept that. What I cannot accept and we all should not is to put someone on a pedestal that they are not. MJ is no Nelson Mandela or Jesse Jackson or Martin L. King.

    In essence, he was a talented musician exploited to the hilt by his family (particularly mum and dad) and never was able to enjoy a childhood of any other human being would have deserved. It broke the man inside and led to his sad personal life that seemed a fairy tale, but in essence constituted a nightmare for the man in question.

    I suppose like any other individual he longed to be loved and cherised by people close to him …, yet he never ever was given the chance (thanks to family and so-called friends).

  • MSM

    What about his lines of questions to princess Diana?

  • S. MAJDI

    I used to like and respect this man, as a human and a journalist, but he is bad news, his tactics for questioning Michael Jackson and princess Diana has caused them both heartache and look how both ended it up.

  • Rene Remington

    Mr. Bashir has to live with his journalism. This will only haunt him if he has a conscious. If he does not. He’s walking the other side of the line and what goes around comes around one way or another. Not always directly to the person, but to his own family. Suffering inflicted on others always comes back to roost. Just a deceit does. RIP Michael Jackson and Blessing to the family.

  • jules

    Breshears totally made Michael Jackson look like he was being shady but he wasn’t, he made him look like he was a bad parent and made him look like he was crazy. I will never know WHY Michael ever let that guy into his life, it infuriates me when I see that interview. Breshears had just done an interview with Princess Di and I feel made her look really bad, that is why I wondered why Michael ever let him into his life.

  • markey

    martin bashir is a consumate newsman and was unswayed by the adoring people who surrounded m.j. / it’s both reckless and inaccurate to mention bashir as the cause of jackson’s death.

  • Wilhelm

    I saw the interview recently and wanted to tell the world that Martin Bashir sucked on Michaels aura while he was interviewing him, using him as a source to satisfy his own frustrations and negativities. Feeding on Michaels positive energy like a karmic vampire. MJ was united to the divine, the press had tried hard to bring him down. But his union with the ultimate creative source was and is adamant. Peace with his soul.

  • Chris

    Michaels downward spiral started way before the Bashir interview, or Bashir wouldn’t have been able to do the interview. All the bile and hate toward Martin Bashir in the comments here are laughable, he did what any other journalist would have loved to have done. At that point there would have been hundreds of journalists lining up for his job and I’m sure some would have done or said much worse. Michael Jackson lived in the limelight, he spent his entire life there. If he hadn’t learnt to deal with interviews slightly harder than ‘please promote your next album/track/project’ then he got what he deserved with that interview.

    Plus let’s be honest here he did have plenty to answer at this time, he plainly had a very strange relationship with children and not just his own. If it weren’t for his wealth social services would doubtless have stepped in long ago. I’m not saying he was a paedophile but normal parents don’t dangle their kids off balconies. If this were a politician, people would have been baying for blood rather than searching for excuses.

    Also, just to clarify, I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson as a kid and as an adult I still appreciate all his music. This however doesn’t make me intellectually blind to his faults or oddities of which there were many. Perhaps some of the people on here talking about Martin Bashir burning in some righteous Christian hell ought to remember the old Christian adage ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ they could even perhaps turn the other cheek.

  • lola rose

    All you ppl tht say bshir wasnt responsible for js death, yes he died from being given too much medication BUT that interveiw/show he did contribute to mjs downward spiral. Yes mj may have been accused of things but he was found innocent and he came out stronger.

    Im sorry if some of you ppl on bashirs side think that mj fans r sad etc but thts ur problem. Tbh it comes down to this: mj=loads of ppl tht still love him, bashir= a load of ppl tht hate him. end of.

  • jilin

    Bashir should donate all he got from Michael to poor children in the world.

  • michael

    while i agree that michael jackson was one of the great singers of our time that in no way makes up for his misguided behavior and just what makes him so special?????? other then being a black singer..????there are many more people on this earth that have died that deserve much more attenion and that have help the people of the world then him…. so yes i understand that there is a fan base but that is all that it should be, no more no less

  • stormy

    Micheal Jackson was no Martin Luther King? Nelson Mandela?
    How many color lines did MJ break during his entire career?

    He was every bit as revelant as the aforementioned, in his own way he even more! Who in Russia or Poland even cared about King or Mandela? MJ was loved globally the term “transcended race” was practically invented for him!
    So many ppl don’t want to give him his due!

    Yes he had problems, yes he was damaged, thanks to his childhood! But he would have been OK if not for the seemingly endless numbers of predators and bloodsuckers who just wanted a piece! To get rich off of him! To make their careers off of him! To get back at him or his family! and the list goes on and on… Martin Bashir is just one in a long list of people who helped destroy MJ

    There’s no denying it! And what did MJ have to answer for when almost everyone that accused him was proven a liar during his trial. And the truth about the Chandlers being extortionist had been out there since 1994!

    His relationship with children wasn’t strange, they were the only ones he felt safe with or could trust and considering the horrible things grown ups had done to him, since he himself was a child, it’s not that hard to understand!

    And you people defending Bashir’s so called journalistic tactics! Only in America! In Britian and Canada journalists have to live up the a journalistic code of integrity! They actually are accountable! But not in the U.S. I guess! No wonder Bashir ended up in the States!

    And finally everyone who’s ever even met MJ’s kid’s go on about how amazing they are, that they will be his true legacy!
    That in itself should be the ultimate truth of who and what MJ was!

  • Leanne

    Well said stormy! i absolutely agree wit u

  • Shari

    This is sort of a “chicken and egg” question if you ask me. Did Martin Brashir’ scrutiny cause MJ’s weirdness or did MJ’s weirdness provoke the scrutiny?

    Blame Uri for telling MJ to trust Brashir. Blame MJ’s dad or Barry Gordy or Motown et al for ruining MJ’s childhood. Blame his doctors, his lawyers, his entourage, etc.

    But by all means don’t dream of holding MJ accountable for his own choices and behavior.

    May the King of Pop RIP–he is by no means the 1st or last who was ruined by success. Let it be a cautionary tale to child stars and their stage parents.

    But don’t kill the messenger–Brashir was just doing his job. If he hadn’t done it, we might well have more horrible stories to tell of more innocent victims of MJ’s “love for children”.

  • stormy


    Are you high?
    So many ppl read tabloid trash and actually believe. The main stream media failed in their obligations of telling the public the truth about what happened!
    With MJ and children nothing inappropriate EVER happened!

    And here you and ppl like you are maintaining that it did!
    MJ was never strange, they lied about him! Just about everything they ever said about MJ that made ppl think he was strange WAS A LIE!!!!
    That’s why the molestation lie festers to this day even though if you read “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, you see the PROOF that MJ was innocent and everyone else lied about him to get their hands on cash.

    MJ Conspiracy was taken straight from the court records of his trials and reveal actually how NORMAL Michael really was!
    If he was a child molestor why did he have girly magazines locked away in his closet instead of child porn huh?

    The only innocent victim there ever was ,was Michael!!!
    And let’s be clear about his childhood, performing isn’t what damaged him or made him vunerable…ABUSE is!

    And the sad thing about MJ is his lost childhood made him vunerable to predators. Tom Messerau described MJ as “a child in a man’s body”. Yes, blame the child for not knowing who means them harm and who doesn’t. Blame MJ for being trusting and innocent! Blame him for being too sensitive to deal with all the crap in this world that ppl insist on shovelling on gifted and vulnerable people!

    I know I’m just wasting my breath on ppl who refuse to see who MJ really was! Ppl who are so hard, they have no compassion….I just keep reminding myself that what goes around comes around….even for the likes of Bashir..
    Maybe someday all of u who are wrongly judging MJ will know how it feels!!!

  • Leanne

    I agree 100% with everything u said stormy. If some ppl cnt live up to facts they aint worth shit.

    I personally think mj was taken adavantage of but like stormy says we wasting our breath, ppl just think we r ‘crazed fans’ well NEWSFLASH we aint sorri if u ppl disagree but thts ur problem

  • Ben

    I could not really read all 700+ posts, but it seems that we all agree.

    Bashir is a terrible journalist, and an even worse person. He took advantage of MJJ, and really showed the rest of the world just what it was that Michael Jackson hated about the media: the inhumanity.

    I personally thought that it was terribly insulting that ABC had Bashir covering the funeral procession… Bashir’s “documentary” not only embarrassed MJJ, it also led a scummy family to further wreck his life with a crazy lawsuit.

    So, to answer the question, yes: Bashir did his part to kill Michael Jackson. Between the loss of his racial identity (the skin color from vitiligo and lupus, the hair from the Pepsi Commercial fiasco and lupus) and the first agonizing lawsuit, he was in pretty bad shape… He was trending upwards in the right direction until Bashir took him down.

  • Marc Gee

    God will judge Martin Bashir the way he deserves it!

  • Rose McCollum

    Can we just get on with our lives, one less child molester in this word. U no he did, dont fool ur self.

  • stormy

    Rose McCollum (if that’s really your name,it’s probaby Diane Dimond or some other person, passing themselves off as an expert on MJ who know nothing but how to promote themselves at his expense!)
    Rose….you are an ignorant woman!
    And no we cant just get on with our lives after what was done to MJ which from what I can tell must be the greatest miscarriage of justice ever in the entertainment industry!!!

    I hate molestors and rapists probably more than anyone I know. But I KNOW Michael was NOT a child molestor!!!

    But unlike you I’ve done my homework so I stand secure in the knowledge that MJ was innocent. Something I wasn’t sure of until after he died and I decided to do some research from unbiased sources!
    People like u better watch out! Yeah it’s a free, country and you have a right to your opinion. But slandering someone is against the law. And when it’s not true, it’s slander!
    Michael never did anything wrong!

    Why ppl like u have to keep saying what u must know by now isn’t true I don’t know. I can’t wait for one of you to be slapped with the mother of all lawsuits for slander.

    The difference is you will be GUILTY!!!

  • rocketship


    I am sorry to shout, but what kind of corruption is this??? I am appalled, horrified, disbelieving. His evil and dishonesty are out there for anybody to see – the Michael Jackson documentary was beyond a disgrace, it was pure evil.

    And yet he remains on Nightline? What is wrong with ABC? Where is Ted Koppel? I miss him. I have not watched Nightline since the Michael Jackson “interview.”

    If nobody is doing anything about Martin Bashir, then what about corruption that is hidden, covered up, hard to prove? Again, what is wrong with ABC and who is running the place?

  • Rachel

    not sure rocketship…I do believe Mr Bashir admitted he was wrong..if only the rest of the media would do the same…

    spread the love…

  • fifithompson

    It is for snakes like Bashir that I think the stocks were invented in olden times. Too bad for him the chickens are coming home to roost now. His own people voted him 5th Worst Briton out of top 100! How utterly embarrassing and yet he is still good enough for an American news organisation. What a joke people!!!!

  • rocketship

    Rachel, I don’t know what you mean by ‘admitted he was wrong.’ Please site your source.

    In general, corrupt people ‘admit they were wrong’ in the most minimal way required once they are cornered and do not have a choice. It means nothing.

    There is nothing loving in allowing somebody to destroy another human being’s reputation and life with betrayal corruption and lies without repercussions- letting things slide is not an act of love it is an act of violence. If Martin Bashir really cared that he did something wrong, the most basic first step would be to voluntarily step down from his post at Nightline.

    • andy

      JJ you need to call martin bashier and ask him for advice on killing someone soul and heart because you and this monster make a good couple both your heart are made of ice and evil. you know nothing about human life why are you even on this web page just to hurt, let me tell you ALL MJ FANS KNOW PPL LIKE YOU, WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON, FOR THE GREAT PERSON HE WAS, GET OVER IT!

  • JJ

    Oh STOP !!!!! This loser did it to himself! Its all good the children are safe and MJ is in satan’s neverland now !

  • stormy


    MJ was a godsend to children and no threat whatsoever as I’m sure you know.

    He was not a loser! How could Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer, ever be? He had more talent and heart than you could ever imagine.

    Satan’s neverland is more likely where ppl like you would end up than MJ , I know and that comforts me!

    But the cruely of some ppl that I will never get used to.
    Still, what goes around…

  • fifithompson

    Mr. Bashir, the show’s executive producer James Godston (also editor or LWMJ) and their bosses think the public are stupid and until now they have gotten away (and have even been financially rewarded) with doing just that.
    The media feel they have no moral obligation to tell the truth and never will until we force them to.
    I just read The Trials Of Michael Jackson and what Sony also appear to have been doing behind the scenes is so mercenary I really feel for the poor man. It is like a feeding frenzy…. Bashir, the DA. Sneddon, Sony, the extrotionists and the tabloids.
    The press is going to be really reluctant to fess up to the part they all played in creating an invironment for those other bloodsuckers to feast on someone that should have been the pride of the nation.
    It doesn’t pay to be anything but selfish in this world because you’ll just threaten and embarrass those who don’t have it in their hearts/nature to selflessly give to others.
    They’ll be suspicious of you and make it a mission to take you down.
    This is the hell on earth that has been talked about since time immemorial.
    And the cash being made this way by the amoral is so tainted that I doubt it goes to helping give anyone peace or contentment, probably just more escapism from their guilty consciences by way of materialism, drugs etc…. and can you imagine the type of parents they make?! God help the world.

  • BashirMakesMeSick

    To this day, the thought and especially the image of this vile and loveless man makes me cry anew for dear Michael, may he rest in peace. Bashir should be fired immediately by ABC, then sued for defamation and tride by a jury of his peers, in hell.


    Give me a break. Michael Jackson killed himself, in my opinion, by injecting thousands and thousands shots of various drugs into his system, taking endless amounts of pills, and just being a complete freak of nature weirdo. I believe Michael Jackson was gay and probably molested kids thinking it was okay for him to do it. While I think Michael Jackson was one of the worlds greatest performer I also believe he had a death wish because he hated himself. Sound about right?

    • fifithompson

      Gee MIKE in LOS ANGELES, you are probably missing your calling. With your telepathic knowledge you should be running the country, law enforcement or in the least become a tabloid Op-ed writer. Your certainty is very impressive. If you aren’t in direct communication with the Almighty can you please tell us how you came to your earth-shattering conclusions? Apologies for the sarcasm……. I don’t know how else to get through to you (and others just like you) without sounding like a Jackson fan.

  • stormy

    Thank you fifthompson….
    Mike in Los Angeles and others like him or so ignorant it’s frightening!

    There’s so many books and tabloids that flat out lied about Micheal. But the truth is out there too!
    Aphrodite Jones’ Michael Jackson Conspiracy, was taken directly from the trial documents and PROVE that Michael was innocent (all the way back to the Chandlers, since June Chandler had to testify at the trial..I think her name is June?!)and far from gay!!!

    Since when do gay men hide girly magazines in their closets (also from court documents!)
    Wow ppl wake up! What happend to MJ is a lesson on the corruption of not only ppl in general who target celebrities but the MEDIA!!!!

    THE MAN WAS INNOCENT!!!! He liked women, he just wasn’t obvious about especially since he was SHY!!

    My goodness how stupid and judgemental can ppl be?

  • Can’t Believe the Comments

    Oh, please! The key player in Michael Jackson’s death was Michael Jackson. What hypocrites most of you are. So many people who spoke derisively of him now have practically cannonized him. Many celebrities have healthy relationships with other people. Michael chose not to. He chose to trust people who catered to his ego, rather than those who were trying to be honest with him. And he very clearly had an inappropriate relationship with some of the children at Neverland. Even the jury from his trial said as much. This guy was no saint. He was a tragic figure, but he caused tragedy for others as well.

    Martin Bashir didn’t kill Michae Jackson – Michael Jackson did.

    • ultravioletrae

      he very clearly DID NOT have inappropriate relationships with children at neverland, READ THE COURT TRANSCRIPTS AND THE AVAILABLE MATERIAL, michael was an innocent man, you continue to tar and feather an innocent man.

  • lawmaiden

    Bashier(mispelled on purpose) destroyed Michaels whole demure. Michael was anxious to have his life depicted as a Truth, not a twisted lie, as Bashier did. Bashier “edited” everything to suit “his” pocketbook. Anyone who watched Michael grow up knows of his troubled youth, an introvert, but very “Pro” children. He wanted children to live, be happy, to be “children” while they were still children, as his childhood was taken from him. He did not molest a one not one child. They kept him living. To entertain was his whole life, He knew no other.
    Bashier contributed to the fall on Michael. He destroyed his trust, tore him down, which is what the Media wanted all along. Michael had the world he loved, love him in return, until Bashier came along. Shame on Uri too!!!!
    Bashier should not be allowed to retain his journalist/press badge. He is not worthy. And shame on ABC for hiring him.

  • ultravioletrae

    damn straight martin bashir killed michael jackson. hell has a very special place waiting for him. i have nothing but disgust for this very poor excuse of a human being and for the network that continues to employ him.

  • stormy

    Thank you Ultravioletrae and Lawmaiden.

    Obviously there are a ton of ppl out there who don’t know the truth and don’t want to know it. It’s strange how ppl like Diane Dimond used the words of liars to help convict MJ in the media because they were in a position to publish (literally) those lies!

    I didn’t know the truth about Michael until AFTER he died because that’s the first time I actually thought to look the truth up on the net! But now that I know don’t think that anyone is ever going to slander someone and have me just belieive it just b/c they say so!

    I do my own homework now. Hey Cant believe the comments, why don’t you do yours! The jury never said anything except that MJ was the victim. However there were 2 members of the jury who LATER said things that were plain lies, like they were co-erced. But like everyone else around Michael they were just trying to make a quick buck!

  • andrea ismail

    since MJ DEATH i have not seen NIGHTLINE and till this no good two face monster is still there i will not see NIGHTLINE. i will puck if i find out he had a story on MJ on his first death anniversary, OMG I WILL GO INSANE, he has no right to speak of a great man who he betrated him. Please pass on boycott NIGHTLINE on MJ 1ST ANNIVERSARY no matter how much you want to see MJ. maybe NIGHTLINE rating will drop and that BASTER will be fired!

  • nydoctor

    Martin Bashir is a scumbag, jerk that distorted the truth and manipulated and used Michael Jackson to generate ratings and propogate his career. As an Indian, no as a human, I am ashamed to call him part of my race, both Indian and human. I cannot believe this guy is on nightline, following the class of Ted Koppel.

  • Lavinia

    #736, lawmaiden, your message makes little sense, particularly this:
    “Bashier(mispelled on purpose) destroyed Michaels whole demure.”

    Definition of demure: 1 : reserved, modest
    2 : affectedly modest, reserved, or serious : coy

    Either meaning doesn’t jibe with your (confusing) message.

  • Lavinia

    Re: #735 message. Well-said.

    • stormy


      You don’t know the first thing about anything. You’re just like everybody else who believed the lies about MJ’s supposed fantasy life and inappropriate relationships with children. NONE OF WHICH WAS TRUE!!!
      That’s the real tragedy of all of this! Ppl believed MJ was strange and had unhealthy relationships with ppl.
      HE WASN’T AND HE DIDN’T!!! It was all lies!!
      Read “Michael Jackson Conspriracy” by Aphrodite Jones who thought much like you do only to find out she was wrong!

      The image of MJ was a media fabrication!
      And he never owned ANY child pornography!!! Ever!
      The pornography they found in his closet was Hustler and Penthouse, (I think) at any rate it WAS NOT child porn!
      Yet another distortion of the truth! If MJ ever owned any child porn they would have arrested him for possession of it which is illegal and he was NEVER arrested for possession of child porn. They confiscated every computer he had in 1993 and never found anything inappropriate!

      The man became a drug addict because he could never escape these lies that the media and others spread about him! The lies were taken as truth. It was only during his trial that the truth came out and the media conveniently chose not to share it with the public b/c for years they’d cast him as a pervert, as sick, as all these things that he wasn’t.
      And when they realized that he had been innocent all along they couldn’t admit that they’d allowed themselves to be used as a mouthpiece by liar and extortionists!

      Do your homework! People (term used lightly here) like Diane Dimond who made their careers on MJ’s victimization, partnered with ppl like Evan Chandler (MJ’s extortionist) and published those lies about him.
      They had their own agenda and the publishing world and the media are to blame for not doing due diligence in publishing and broadcasting LIES that destroyed an innocent man’s name and reputation!

  • VanessaR

    This “article” is ridiculous, and obviously meant only to feed the appetite of some of the folks seen posting underneath it. Used to be that meeting standards of quality were required before being published. No longer. This “writing” is a perfect example of how low the bar is to be published on the Internet.

    Michael Jackson was a brilliant entertainer. He also had some obvious mental disorders and addictions that prevented him from engaging appropriately in his life and in relationships. His very poor decisions and lack of mature behavior were his downfall, and his death after a life lived in unhealthy ways was not the fault of one interviewer. (I did not see the interview, so I can’t speak to whether or not it was properly conducted.)

    This “author’s” closing comment, “It is still, to me, a shame that Jackson’s emotional attachment with something he was never able to have is viewed as something strange and twisted” is downright bizarre. An “emotional attachment” to conducting yourself inappropriately with children will always, and should, be seen as abnormal. Just because Mr. Jackson believed his intentions were pure, one would only have to recall that his choice of reading material (pornography with young boys) shows that he was acting the part of so many pedophiles. They can’t face themselves unless they cloak their dark urges in a fantasy that what they desire is healthy.

    Just because one is a fan of this man’s music, doesn’t mean one should accept his sickness as something that was just misunderstood. Mr. Jackson himself unfortunately never fully dealt with his demons, but instead took the route of submerging himself in a fantasy world. It’s very sad that he came to such an unfortunate end. I commend the physicians who had refused to participate in his dangerously medicating himself. It’s tragic that he could not figure out how to live in a healthier way.

    Ironically, it’s folks like the person who wrote the “article” above who contribute to unhealthy celebrity distortion and fantasy.

    • fifithompson

      Sheeez, talk about plain old ignorance. “I did not see the interview, so I can’t speak to whether or not it was properly conducted.” Wow!

      Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. ~John F. Kennedy

      Unlike you, the writer of the article and most of the bloggers here, have determined what is verifiable fact from the suspicious, corrupt-hearted psuedo-psychco babble you are writing. Give us some credit as we’ve thought of and investigated all those things and they just don’t pan out and no matter how many time the tabloids and people like you want to say therwise ‘we ain’t buying it’ anymore!

      Hopefully, you will grow as a human being and your consciousness then will allow you to see things that are right in front of your eyes.

      Or maybe at least you will start bothering to watch the very thing an article (and it’s bloggers) you’re commenting about is based.

      Maybe then the ‘standards’ you sactimoniously (and hypocrically) refer to, wouldn’t be so low; the very reason most everyone here is blogging is to recover those very same standards. If you haven’t noticed, the media hasn’t been exactly pro-Jackson over years.

      JFK definitely knew something.

    • hope

      (I did not see the interview, so I can’t speak to whether or not it was properly conducted.) well STFU…. RIP MJ

    • locky

      with all do respect i think that you should know the facts before you pass any judgement.And you obviously don’t know anythind reguarding Michael Jackson and the allegation against him and ofcourse the “documentary” made by this man. Inform yourself and then speak

  • stormy

    Also (Vanessa R) since these replies are to you…..why don’t you go to youtube and look up Michael Jackson’s funniest moments part 2, and tell me what you see!

    Maybe you should try judging something with your own eyes instead of believing written and spoken lies!

  • speechless

    Bashirs time is up!!

    Sign up for the newsletter and sign the petition to get Bashir fired!!!
    Please leave message and country only,(if you do not want to leave address details).PLEASE, only sign ONCE. We, also, need heartfelt MESSAGES!

    Created by Liss ~ What you need to know,
    a video showing “what the media did not tell you!”

  • Willeyum

    Martin Bashir, Is a low life blood sucking bottom feeder.. that used Michael to gain fame and fortune …
    may the bastard rot in hell when his time comes …

  • http://yahoo hgtghp

    my live olladsert non moor
    i.don’t my cairak

  • hope

    This Martin Bash is one of the most evilest person to walk this earth I hope he repents or God forgive him cause, yes he definitely started the downward spiral that eventually killed MJ. and don’t forget this man Hippocary, watch MJ rebuttal video in which he was praising MJ.. this man is pure evil..

  • Samba

    YES…He definitely has blood on his hands. He broke Mike’s spirit… I cant believe MJ lived as long as he did after the trial…it took everything out of him..Michael opened up his beautiful and trusting heart to this man and he just stabbed it. Michael deserved sooo much more love and respect than what he got. We should have treasured him for what he did for the world. I cant fathom how this snake is able to live with himself and sleep at night knowing what he has done to an innocent man(forget his eccentricities his surgeries, the main point is that he was innocent, if you have a doubt you can research the facts for urself) This kind of betrayal for any human being is heart shattering. But what goes around comes around. Mike is at peace now and we will see him someday in paradise!!! <3

  • Jenni

    there is no words to explain how much i hate this man for what he’s done to MJ.

  • bluegem

    In exchanging journalistic integrity for self-gain, Martin Bashir sold his soul to the devil. He crushed Michael’s spirit and played a part in his death. Who knows what else Michael could have done to make the world a better place had he not suffered those accusations and the trial?

  • D

    What some of the ignorant people on here don’t want to acknowledge is the fact that there was another ‘Living With Michael’ documentary; only this one was the UNEDITED version of what Bashir fed to you poor zombies. So yes, Ba-shit needs not another job at NBC/MSNBC, but to get the heck out of American Journalism, and own up to his wrong doing. It’s trash like him who bring the standard of what is now non-existant Walter Cronkite journalism to medialoid.

  • Agnes


    Whoever employs the evil man agrees with whatever his doing. Disgusting!

  • dkr

    Martin Bashir is a scum bag and a man who can lie with a straight face for a buck and ratings. He destroyed Michael with his pathetic interview. You are a disgrace to the South Asian community who admires and loves Michael Jackson as one of their own.

  • locky

    Ηe definitly contributed to his death

  • speechless

    From most of these posts from non fans of Michael Jackson it is evident that they have not seen the Take 2 film, that Michael’s videographer was filming at the same time. This has to be seen to be able to define the editing that took place. i.e. At Bashir’s question, are you gay? The edit and innuendo was that he was. In Take 2 Michael asked for the camera to be switched off before he answered. He then said no but that he had lots of gay fans and did not want to upset them. This was the theme of editing throughout the first documentary. Bashir was ousted from UK for a similar offence. Tough Luck America!
    Without doubt, Bashir had a very nasty agenda and it showed and it was Bashir’s idea to bring Gavin into the film, Michael had not seem him for 2 years. Can people really believe that Michael would start to abuse Gavin AFTER this documentary was shown with the furore going on around it. Do some research people, stop quoting the tabloids.

  • bisma

    he really killed my baby and he will have to pay for that….

  • urinary track infection treatment

    i think more than contributing to his death, he destroyed the king of pop.

    urinary track infection treatment

  • Dark Child

    I loved My man Michael from the bottom of my heart. And i hate what he and that Dr. murry (if we can even call him a doctor)did to him and it DID kill Mike. But people lets follow his example and bring love into the world. Dot act with violence, and hate their actions even who they are but not them as a person. Because a person is a person no matter how screwed up! this is what MJ would have wanted.

    R.I.P. Brother

  • Guido

    Why is Bashir still a popular interviewer on TV? This is ridiculous that he did not get fired!! Murray finished Michael off, but Bashir began the process years before. They should both have to pay for ultimately destroying the greatest entertainer and most beautiful man, friend and father of our century!

  • Dav

    I can’t believe Martin. His soo mean to what he did to MJ
    He will regret it definately!!

  • salz

    DEFINITELY agreeee with dav!!!!!!!! he will so regret it!

  • FunctionalBrain

    What whack jobs the “author” of this “piece” and responders are — bashing Bashir for doing his job. Journalists aren’t personal PR agents for the people they interview. Jackson was accountable for the choices he made in his life and for those he made in front of the media. He made his bed and lied in it, with children.

  • Michael A. R.


    And I thought that, I was the only one to have felt that this Bas*^%rd was responsible for making Michael’s Life miserable…

    Thank you ShowBizSpy for exposing this Devil to the whole world…

    Being a fan of MJ I whole heartedly support any action that could be against this sinister backstabber!!!

    Just remember Martin Bashir you have Michael’s Blood on your hands… and have the curses of all his loyal fans… you will pay for what you have done…

  • Josh D

    Martin Bashir had NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson’s death. Bashir is a journalist, whose job is to INVESTIGATE and BRING TRUTH TO LIGHT, for the purpose of helping viewers to see the complete truth. Bashir does this very well, and the celebrity status of the person he’s interviewing does not disqualify them from being studied as thoroughly as everybody else.

    Would you really prefer a journalist who focused on the popularity and accomplishments of the interviewee, rather than the truth regarding what everybody is really curious about? If you do, then there are certainly millions of other journalists who do this very thing – that’s what sets Bashir apart as being FANTASTIC at his job.

    Nonetheless, Michael Jackson WAS a great and talented performer. His problem, though, was not that there were people like Bashir who didn’t “like him” enough….His problem was that he was absolutely insane! Nearly every decision that Jackson made in his personal life was awful, and every time he spoke honestly about his life decisions, nothing but absolute foolishness came from his mouth!

    Was Jackson’s childhood tragic? Absolutely. Did this have something to do with why he “was the way that he was”? No doubt! That’s part of the true story about Michael Jackson, though. Every one of us has at least two overarching themes in our lives….What’s DONE TO US throughout our lives…and HOW WE RESPOND. Sadly, Michael had a tough childhood, but – in spite of the fact that his talent catapulted him into the highest position of respect among pop musicians – his personal decisions were increasingly bad as he grew into adulthood (if he even actually DID grow into adulthood!).

    Michael Jackson – “King of Pop” or not – was a sinner, just like every one of us. In his case, he let the pain and the inability to make good decisions dominate his life, and everybody who ever switched on a TV set knew that he was a damaged person. Michael, unfortunately, never sought the help, the assistance, and the wise guidance that he really needed in his life. Instead, he cozied up to children and to his multitude of celebrity friends…and neither of these was a good source of wise counsel for him. So, in the end, his life completely fell apart, he continued making terrible decisions, and his life ended tragically. Bashir bold interview with Michael merely helped us to see this more clearly. In truth, the “King of Pop” had the same responsibility to grow into adulthood that all of us have, and he simply failed to do it properly.

    Earthly titles aside, there is only ONE true King – and that’s the “KING OF KINGS”, Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, overcoming sin, death, and the grave, so that ALL who trust in Him might be eternally saved from their sins and restored to a right relationship with the ONLY perfect father, God himself (Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9). Did Mr. Jackson ever seek help, guidance, or wisdom from God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth, who offers such help and love to all who seek it – or did Michael trust in Christ (rather than himself) for ultimate salvation from his own sinfulness? Sadly, his life and speech gave no indication of him doing so.

    Michael’s life WAS – indeed – very sad and tragic, and his death was no less tragic than his life. It was a loss to the entire world of music – and surely a loss to his children. Regardless, the ultimate responsibility for all of his bad decisions was due to nobody but Jackson himself. Rather than trying to blame everybody EXCEPT Jackson, let’s all remember that he was just as human as all the rest of us – with all of the same earthly struggles and shortcomings. Sadly, he did not respond to his circumstances well. Let us all LEARN from his mistakes.


    Josh D.

    MJ was indeed a religious person who spoke about God all the time! Still who are you to come here and preach to him or anyone else for that matter! Your religious beliefs are your own. Michael kept his to himself, but wow! Talk about pompous!

    And Martin Bashir was nothing but a leach. The fact that you would apply the term “journalist” to someone who did what he did to Michael is just another slap in the face.
    The man deliberately set out to subjourn the truth.
    That Michael Jackson was innocent,that he wanted to clear his name and be understood!

    The truth is NOT what someone like Bashir is about!

  • Josh D.


    I know this is hard for you to admit (being that you’re clearly a fan of Michael’s), but there’s not one thing that Bashir’s interview claimed about Michael that wasn’t true! The only disturbing things in the entire program were the insane responses from Michael himself! So, you think it’s “pompous” of me to APPLAUD the excellent work that Mr. Bashir did? That’s disappointing.

    Just what do you think Martin Bashir said about Michael that wasn’t true? Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with someone as confused and emotionally damaged as Michael was, it doesn’t take much effort to reveal his bizarre thinking and behavior! I respected Michael as a musician, but being a talented performer does not excuse dangerous behavior, and Michael displayed that consistently. All Bashir did in the interview was bring to light what was already there.

    Coincidentally, who says “religious beliefs” have to be kept to ourselves?! The Bible certainly doesn’t! All through Scripture, faith is a VERY public matter! We are called to publicly proclaim the truth of God’s love, to encourage others to respond, to actively participate in a public community of worship (i.e. the CHURCH), to lovingly rebuke other Christians who are falling short in their obedience to God’s Word, and to warn non-believers of the certain eternity in Hell that awaits them if they reject God’s love. What part of this sounds “private” and “personal” to you? In fact, the ONLY thing personal about it will be the moment that you finally stand before your Creator for final, eternal judgment – at THAT time, nothing that anybody else believes will be of any assistance to you whatsoever! At that one moment, ONLY your personal beliefs and choices will matter. Prior to that, we’re ALL called to believe and publicly proclaim the truth.

    Also, I am NOT hear to “preach to Michael”, as you indicate! Michael is dead – in case you haven’t heard – so no amount of preaching will affect his eternal condition at this point. Yes, Michael did make occasional references to “God” – but virtually everybody from any faith background does that much. I only hope that he heard and firmly believed in the true gospel – the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ – before his life was over. I have no idea what Michael believed in his heart, but based upon the odd decisions that he made on a daily basis, I would personally have concern as to where he ultimately placed his faith. Regardless, faith never has been – and never will be – a purely “personal” matter. God commands us to make the Good News very public, and I certainly hope that – for your own sake as well as the sake of the people you love – you will respond accordingly!

  • windy-pops

    i just farted.
    bashirs employed? blimey.

  • Ashely

    You; Josh D.; are a false accuser; of Michael Jackson; he did nothing sexual; to children what so ever; therefore Michael Jackson; did NOT conduct dangerous behavior; only childish BEHAVIOR; he missed as a kid; WHICH IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. NOT having sex with children!!!!!!; I don’t care how weird it may seem; to just sleep in the bed with children; and NOT having sex with them; just because if you or Martin Bashir and others sleep in the bed and will become sexual with children ; does not mean Michael Jackson becomes sexual with children. Like Michael Jackson said on the 60 minutes interview in 2005; “ “when you said sleeping in the bed with children; you are thinking sexual; it’s not sexual; I’m sorry that’s Not Michael Jackson; it’s totally ok to sleep in the bed with children; now; if you are a pedophile or jack the ripper; then it’s not ok; and that I’m not ; I was not raised that way; sorry that’s not Michael Jackson” that was 100% Michael Jackson’s words; those answers were NOT insane; those words Michael Jackson spoke was very clear and understandable; you just wish and Martin Bashir and all the other tabloid scum; wanted him to be strange; but he wasn’t ; the thing is; you all are all strange for speaking satanic lies on a innocent human being like this; and God DON’T LIKE UGLY EITHER; WHAT A MAN SOWETH HE SHALL ALSO REAP; THAT GOES FOR ALL THE HATERS AND FALSE ACCUSRES OF Michael Jackson; God can’t stand liars; it’s an abomination to him and me and to all Michael Jackson fans. What you ALL HATERS got to understand; children were his only friends; who did not judge him like you and Martin Bashir did; that’s why he loved animals and children; and JESEUS CHRIST in heaven even knew that; so what you need to do is get on your knees and repent to God for lying on Michael Jackson on this world wide web; on March 24, 2011. AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SALVATION FOR YOURSELF; God DON’T NEED YOUR HELP TO GET PEOPLE SAVED; AND CERTAINLY NOT WITH THE HYPOCRITCIAL COMMENTS YOU MADE; you are suppose to speak evil of no man; and follow peace with all men; which no man shall see the lord; and think on these things; whatsoever things are lovely; whatsoever things are pure; and of good report. Your report certainly was not of good report; your quote:”The only disturbing things in the entire program were the insane responses from Michael himself!” and other evil things you said about MJ. Looks like you need some true gospel believing; DELIVERANCE YOURSELF; talking about; MJ WAS absolutely insane! YOU NEED TO GET SAVED YOURSELF; FRIST TAKE THE BEAM OUT OF YOUR OWN EYE; BEFORE YOU TRY TO TAKE THE BEAMTHAT IS IN SOME ELSES EYE; YOU HYPOCRITE. And just to let you know; Martin Bashir believes in Voo Doo; and put witch craft on Michael Jackson and murder him with witch craft; foreigners heavily believe in VOO DOO! The holy ghost; know I’m telling the truth; I have a gift of discerning spirits and personalities; God’s giving gift to me.

  • N.M.


  • TheSmartest

    I am sickened by the fact that this guy landed a job on MSNBC. He made people think MJ was a child molester, whick I believe killed MJ’s spirit. Basher, like many Indians is racist against blk Americans. Basher is the DEVIL! Basher is a scumbag!


    For those stupid a-hole’s that’s defending Basher…ya’ll burn in hell with him, because ya’ll kept your eyes close for the truth!!


    so be carefull what ya’ll saying, cause GOD sees and hears EVERYTHING!!!

    MJ, the truth will set you free!!

  • moni

    This Bashir is a mean and evil person who enjoyed to torture poor Michael. I’ve always believe in MJ’s innocent.

  • MaLi

    Bashir is made of devil + evil !

    Your children eat Michael’s money, then soon die ugly!

  • MaLi

    Bashir, you are the biggest basterd and scum bag in the whole world! Look at your face is so so ugly and your sound is like a dog barking hard desperately too. You got a black heart, you got no heart! And you are not human but a wild mouth open money hungry wolf! You should finish yourself like Jordy Chandler’s father Evan Chandler shot yourself in the head! I don’t want dirty my hands!

  • MaLi

    Shit Martin, I hate you to death! Go to hell and will be chopped into pieces!

    Michael, you wait please! These evil people will be paid with what they have done to you!

    I love you until I die then I still love you! I am happy to die now for you!

  • Justice!

    Bastard Martin Bashir should pay back his fucking life plus his three generation together! Because they all had and still have the MJ’s blood and MJ’s money and they are all evils that’s why Bashir came out from!

    Michael opened his whole heart and entertained or wasting so much time to the fucking Bashir for a long time and showed the bastard everywhere, and he was still twisting the whole story opposit!

    The biggest Witch of son!

    I pray everyday you go to the hell and your body will be torn smashed into bits!

  • 1angryeagle

    The Jackson Family should sue Bashir for Involuntary Man Slaughter.

  • Ciacci

    Hate this guy, he should be called Martin the Basher!!

  • Neozz218

    Bashir your a murderer. how do you feel killing a legend.  If I were you I would shoot myself. MJ will be remembered for the great person he is and you will be remembered as a shit MJ stepped on. Hope you live a miserable life. 

  • jabentianshi

    Go to die!!!!!I would  kill you if i see you…….

  • 9871234

    What a lot of people don’t understand is that the Michael Jackson trial of 2005 would NEVER have happened if it wasn’t for Martin Bashir. The family that accused Michael of molesting thier son was also accusing Michael of trying to kidnap them. They said Michael forced them to say good things about them in the rebuttal interview (The footage you were never meant to see, as it was called) and that he kept them imprisoned at Neverland to do as he said. This interview was the inciting incident that ended up killing Michael. 

  • abendstern

    I’ve ever tried not to hate someone. But in this case it’s really difficult. Martin Bashir has destroyed one of the best human that our world had seen. It is prooved that Bashir has cut the Interviews in a way, which we only can call a criminal act. He is more than a murderer…

    • Vanilla


  • Hmrewedfjhg

    Martin Bashir is a scumbag who betrayed the trust given to him by a good man. 

  • badpeepshouldgonow

    I hate Martin Bashir – he is a coward and a user — leave my country (actually ABC kicked u out because we all hate u) and leave my people (nice people) to be free, you user – you dirty rat – you scumbag pric_ – you are a disgrace to all decent people and have used journalism for personal gain — unfortunetely we all know this now and it is too late.


    How DARE Bashir even mention Michael?
    He is so fake, so evil, using an innocent man in the way he did.

  • jason

    he is a part of the great conspiracy against the singer. but i know who is behind the scene controlling all these chess peices, like media, evan chandller and martin bashir. they did same with john lenon and guess who is their next target? TOM CRUISE. they already damaged his reputation in media.i will not be surprised if i hear same thing abt tom after few years. public is fool

  • I have to agree with you

    I was just watching Bashir on MSNBC and I remembered with disgust his sensationalist documentary on Jackson. I actually googled “Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson” to see if anyone agreed with me, because I’ve always felt that he was in part responsible for Michael Jackson’s demise, and ended up in this page. I always thought that interview was so unfair. And Bashir, a man who apparently can’t conceive of the idea of sleeping with children without sexually abusing them (one has to wonder if he’s the one who’s sick), continues to parade his righteousness on TV every day, as if he’s above bad and evil.

  • Guest

    Never seen anyone set out out to destroy someone else as Martin Bashir harassed, slandered, and abused an interview of Michael Jackson.

    Bashir is a disgrace to journalism and to humanity.

    Joe Jackson should focus on Martin Bashir as a responsible party in the death of Michael Jackson.

    Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson.

    Nobody else.

  • Anonymous

    Never watched anyone set out out to destroy someone else as Martin Bashir harassed, slandered, and abused an interview of Michael Jackson.

    Bashir is a disgrace to journalism and to humanity.

    Joe Jackson should focus on Martin Bashir as a responsible party in the death of Michael Jackson.

    Martin Bashir killed Michael Jackson.

    Nobody else.

  • MartinKilledMichael

    May Martin lie in hell! Michael may not have been a perfect person, but his actions spoke loudly. He gave of his own money and freely donated to organizations to help children. How much of Mr. Bashir’s money goes towards helping children? Women? Raped victims? Others? Martin… You made some fame out of killing Michael. So what’s next on your career?