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Lindsay Lohan is One Hot Mess

Posted by Adam

Lindsay Lohan has never touched an illegal drug in her life. And this picture is proof!Lindsay Lohan

Now repeat the above statement without snorting milk through your nose.

The Mean Girls star celebrated her 23rd birthday, and promoted her Sevin Nyne fake tan ranger, at Wet Republic Las Vegas on June 27, 2009.

$10 says she doesn’t make it to 24.

Lindsay recently said that she refuses to hide away and feel sorry for herself.

“If I go to a club that doesn’t mean that I’m drinking, that doesn’t mean that I’m cheating on anyone in a bathroom with someone,” she said. “All it means is that I’m going to sit with friends, listen to music because I love it and just have fun. It’s not a bad thing to do that. I can’t lock myself away.”

[Pic via PRN / PR Photos]


  • annonymous

    My advice to showbitchspy
    Hating blog is so over
    Just look at perez

  • Dante Belfanti

    Lindsay Lohan having sex with a waiter, sextape leaked out.