Robert Pattinson Won’t Comment on Pregnancy Rumors

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson is refusing to address rumors that Kristen Stewart is pregnant with his baby.

On Monday, Australian tabloid NW reported that Kristen — who became romantically involved with Rob while filming the first installment of the Twilight movie franchise — started to suspect she might be expecting when she realized she hadn’t had her period.

“When she worked out she was late, she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant,” a source was quoted as saying. “And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father.

“Kristen asked one of her friends to buy the test because she was worried about someone seeing her at the drug store.

“She’s very nervous about the whole situation.”

But a rep for British actor Pattinson — who is currently in New York, filming new movie Remember Me — would neither confirm or deny the report.

“We don’t comment on anything like that,” the spokesman told UK newspaper thelondonpaper.



  • rafaela

    why would he commend on something that we all know that is utterly ridiculous? it was absolutely possitive that some magazines will spread that rumor after a while. those magazines should be banned!!!!!

  • xstevie

    how do we no shes not prego i think she possibly could
    be but rob dosent like kids so i think if hes the father he
    would get fucking angryi love rob so i hope hes not the father…. and i hope kristen isnt pregnate

  • Kasey

    no shit he won’t comment, he’s busy and so is she and they need to leave them alone. she’s not pregnant & they’re not ove either!

  • http://yahoo stealth

    gees- are those dumb mags gonna leave the poor kids alone?????
    it’s a shame they won’t stop discussing Kristen’s periods, Rob’s hair and other stuff.
    aren’t there more vital things for them to talk, like environmental problems, teenage drug addiction or whatever else? they’re really driving ppl nuts. thumbs down for them.

  • molli1999

    i love rob and i like kristen but all this pregnanci stuff is so wrong pour rob and also kristen.why they like ruin peoples life?i imagine how they will feel when they read all these trash

  • lonewolf

    I personally think this gossip stuff is crap. People shouldn’t believe everything they here. I don’t think Kristen would want to get pregnant so she would watch what shes doing. Who knows, maybe Rob isn’t talking ’cause he’s heard enough of Kristen? Maybe he left ’cause he found out she got pregnant? who knows who cares? it’s their buissness NOT ours! The poporazi make up anything intresting these days ’cause they might get fired. What ever.

  • Ashley

    These rumors are getting ridiculous!! Kristen is NOT pregnant!!
    The reporters need to LEAVE them alone!! I’m getting upset with people telling me that Kristen is prego!! I tell them that she is NOT pregnant!! And you can’t believe half the stuff they say in magazines and on t.v.!!!!!!! I feel really bad for them bcuz she isn’t prego and yet press start rumors that she is!! Also they comment on Rob’s hair that he doesn’t wash it and stuff IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!! People need to leave them alone and actually tell the truth!!

  • Rochelle

    NW is full of BS. Everything I have read in that magazine is a complete lie. If KStew and RPattz say they aren’t together, well then, believe it, leave them alone. Honestly, the paparazzi and media need to leave some celebs alone. It’s rude and theyr obviously interfere in their lives. And Kristen isn’t pregnant. If she said she isn’t, then she isn’t. Don’t believe anything they say on TV or in magazines, unless it’s the actual person who is saying it. The media is full of BS all the time.

  • http://yahoo sah

    rob should forget about kristen and emilie de ravin , he should meet and be with the woman he is suppose to spend the rest of his life with.if kristen is pregnant she got pregnant to keep him, little does kristen know, ROB does not want his internet comments on his bio or profile.stupid sad provetic kristen.go for the love of your life rob. it is NOT KRISTEN OR EMILIE…