Lady GaGa Likes Going Bankrupt

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lady GaGa says her addiction to outlandish outfits has left her broke.Lady GaGa

The Poker Face singer says despite having two No1 singles and a No1 album, she has no money.

“I’ve gone bankrupt about four times now,” she told British tabloid The Sun. “My manager wants to shoot me.

“Every dollar I earn goes on the show. Now we’re finally getting to a place where it’s not bankruptcy.

“Then again, with another tour coming up soon I’ll probably be homeless again.”

Of her upcoming tour, GaGa said, “I can’t give any details, but it will be one of the most important moments in music ever.”

“I’m inspired by the moonlight, sex, slasher films and pornography,” she added.

“I truthfully adore Kanye West,” GaGa went on. “I always poke fun at him and joke around. We have a lovely creative relationship. He’s so sweet. I can’t say enough good things. He’s undeniably brilliant.”

And how’s her love life going? “I’m a single girl,” she said. “I like to have a good time.

“I just sleep with the guys in the band all the time because it’s easier.”


  • HaterLover

    I had no idea jumping the shark would “be one of the most important moments in music ever.”

  • ladygagaisaslut;)

    poor gaga wah wah :-O

  • everts garay

    I think she has great talent. But i do think she is kind of crazy. She want something. She won’t last a long time. Sorry because she is a great artist, Her song will last a long time. In the beginning i thought she was only a one big hit but i was wrong.

  • Miva

    You don’t really think that Lady Gaga & debt would go hand in hand, but apparently it’s true. Mother Monster revealed that she had amassed a $3 Million debt during the first leg of her Monster Ball tour
    And now in 2011 she said that this 3M send her to bankruptcy, I hardly believe that, why doesn’t she save some money by not buying those ridiculous dresses Found this fellas