Megan Fox: ‘My Boyfriends Are Required to Have a Tattoo’

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Megan FoxMegan Fox has revealed what she looks for in a man — body art.

The Transformers actress says she’ll only date guys with tattoos.

“I have 8 tattoos,” she said. “My boyfriends are all required to have one.”

Megan — who is currently single after splitting from fiance Brian Austin Green — even joked that she will go to great lengths to make sure that her needs are met.

“If they don’t have one yet, I make them get a tattoo of my name or face,” she admitted.

Fox, 23, recently revealed that she suffers anxiety attacks if she sees her own image.

“I never look at myself, even in still photographs,” she said. “I panic if there is a monitor in the room

“I immediately go into like an anxiety attack.

“I’m insecure, I think most actors are pretty insecure.”


  • Jay Tuthill

    Megan Fox if you are reading this if you date Shia will make him get a tatto? Or is that a silly question? What kind of tatto would you make Shia get?

  • hanie

    shia got tattoos but not megan’s face or name .. but he got tattoos..

  • Al pelaez

    Ive got a Megan Fox tattoo.

  • Jay Tuthill

    How do you know hanie that Shia has tattos?

  • Lou Rufenacht

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