Jennifer Aniston ‘Devastated at Bradley Cooper Split’

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is apparently “devastated” that she’s been dumped by Bradley Cooper.

The star was also left reeling when she discovered Bradley had been on a date with actress Renee Zellweger.

“Jennifer was devastated when Bradley told reporters in Paris that she was ‘just a friend’ and denied they had any romantic involvement,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“It makes her look desperate — which is the one thing she dreads coming across more than anything else.

“She had no idea why Bradley would deny they went on a date — the only logical explanation she could come up with was that it was his way of trying to keep their romance private.

“But when she confronted him about it, he took the opportunity to let her down gently and say he only wanted to be friends.

“It was a huge embarrassment for Jennifer — now she feels used an upset — her confidence has taken yet another knock and she’s back at square one in terms of dating.”

“Jen was so happy to be dating Bradley,” the source added, “she saw him as a hot new guy who was finally a worthy replacement for John and Brad.

“The trouble is she falls too fast, too soon — and as gorgeous and charming as she is, it’s a bit of a turn off to guys like Bradley that she’s keen to settle down so quickly.

“Hopefully, she’ll dust herself off and find a guy who really appreciates her and treats her right, because she’s such a great catch for the right guy!

“And who knows — maybe Bradley will come to his senses and realzie he’s let one amazing lady slip through his fingers.”

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  • anon

    total lies, again

  • Jenfraud

    Poooor FRAUD. Tossed aside yet again for an OSCAR winner Renée. Cooper is brilliant, he BEAT Aniston/PR team DOWN with their own game, who tried to use him as a PR boyfriend. What does he do? He takes out an OSCAR winner for date to get back at sitcom has-been Aniston. Well done, well played :) Cooper showed all the future male stars Aniston would try to leach onto: if they leak any false “romance” rumor, date someone higher status (like OSCAR winners) right away. Embarrass Aniston.

  • gojen

    I love u Jen. But ¿what was on your mind when u dumped Tate? I still don´t get it. You looked actually very much in love with each other. If you´ve said yes, maybe your love life would be a good one. I still think you and brad got married because you needed each other to forget previous relationships. Anyway stop dating loosers and ugly guys. You got Tate and Brad, ¿can you take a break and wait for a really hot guy? Do you need a list? I can´t believe you can find a good looking and straight guy. And if that´s the case, don´t date for a while. You don´t need loosers!!

  • shawnamarieanne

    Jenfraud, what you say is so true.

    It’s clear that Jen wanted it to look like she was dating Bradley Cooper. That’s why Huvane confirmed to People that they were on a date. he could have confirmed that they were just having a business meeting or whatever. But no, Huvane had to confirm to PEOPLE that it was a date.

    Then Bradley Cooper simply went out of his way to state with words and by actions that he is NOT DATING Jennifer.

    It makes Jen look really desparate. But she had it coming to her.

    More than 3 years ago, some poster I read, predicted that no decent male celebrity would want to date Jen. They would be too afraid of being back stabbed by her as Brad and Angelina had been. Sure enough, Jen Backstabbed John Mayer too (remember he is too stingy etc etc??)

    And now, no decent celebrity male wants to date her or be seen with her. Bradley said NO, NON, NEIN, NYET half a dozen times and was purposely seen flirting with Renee Z. Gerard Butler says he’d be happy to marry any indian girl but he isn’t dating Jen. So Jen’s choices look more and more desparate.

    Thing is, if she were genuine, she would be willing to date men who aren’t celebrities. Julia Roberts did. Brooke Shields did. And many others did. And they seem happy in their relationships. But I always get the feeling Jen wants a celebrity to enhance her stardom and keep her relevant to showbiz. So she gets users like Mayer.

  • Thomas Gutzke

    This is Thomas Gutzke again, and I’m still job hunting. The key information again is at least 26 thousand dollars a year outside of Texas, and something close to 26 thousand dollars a year inside of Texas borders. Thanks to everyone for your interest. And long live Jennifer Aniston!