Michael Jackson ‘Was Gay’

Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was gay, it has been claimed.

According to biographer Ian Halperin, the tragic star had a string of gay lovers who he seduced by saying, “The King of Pop is going to lick your lollipop”.

In his sensational new book, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, Halperin claims “virtually everybody” around Michael knew he was gay.

Halperin claims to have tracked down two of the superstar’s alleged male lovers.

One, who Jacko was “madly in love” with, met him for liaisons at a grotty motel.

And one told Halperin, “The very first time he had sex with me he said, ‘The King of Pop’s going to lick your lollipop’. I still laugh thinking about that.”

Halperin added, “Virtually everybody has told me. Even those who are his most ardent defenders, people who maintain he is innocent of the molestation charges, insist that he is homosexually inclined.

“He rarely left his residence, but when he did, according to one of Jackson’s closest confidants, it was to meet a boyfriend at a run-down motel.

“A close aide of Jackson who confirmed the affair to me said that he had no knowledge of what went on behind closed doors at the motel.

“But the aide said Jackson would dress as a woman after midnight to meet a worker employed by the city of Las Vegas.”

A source added, “He met a construction worker and fell madly in love with him.

“Michael would leave the house in disguise, often dressed as a woman, and would go to meet his boyfriend at a motel that was one of Vegas’ grungiest dives.

“Michael was broke. He struggled to put food on the table for his children. It was all he could afford then.”



  • madeline

    you stupid mother fucker!!!
    all u want is to make money……don’t u see that all u have written are stupid things??/ junk!!! don’t buy that book!!! it is all but truth!!! NO TRUTH!!!
    nobody will know the truth only MICHAEL JACKSON and GOD!!!!!
    so shut the fuck up!!!!!


    I swear, that if you call Michael “wacko or jacko” one more time, I am going to sue your sorry punk ass to hell. Man does it bother me to read this bull shit. I 100% agree with MADELINE. You dumb asses just want money, well guess what, you ain’t getting any, cuz you’ll have to go through me first,LITERATELY!!!

  • James

    What kind of bullshit is this? Michael aint gay, he sure as hell gets more pussy then every single one of you fucktarts who writes this shit. And LMAO at your lie: “Michael Jackson not being able to put food on the table for his kids…” That nigga had 500 million dollars sitting in his bank, and like 10 million dallors worth of shit sitting in his fucking house. FUCK UP YOU FAGGOTS!!

    • Adam

      @James Bitch, please! Everyone gets more pussy than I do! Even the very-dead Michael Jackson :-)

  • Islam

    You allegations are pathetic and without any support! You should be sued for having a site that defames people.

  • Islam

    Actually, the word should be spread not to go on this website so this web master does not receive any more hits. Does any of you computer wizzards know how to do that? If not, I will try to find someone to set that website alert out!

  • lskloven

    Here begins the scum of the earth making wild accusations that they know cannot be verified. Excuse me, but what about “rest in peace”?

    • Adam

      FYI: This was originally published in The Sun newspaper; we’re just reporting it here as a matter of interest.

  • majesty

    your sick as sheet

  • Fthe PRESS

    your asses need to stop writing shit. this sounds so fake and untrue. Eventhough he was gay this shit is not even true.that man was very private, so leave him alone your asses. okay. RIP BABY!

  • teto


    REST IN PEACE MIKE ….even after you died they are trying to dirt you…..

  • emilio


  • Fay

    These rotten people hounded Michael in life now they are doing the same in death…But I’m sure he is laughing at them all…Michael had a pure innocence about him that not many understood, he was good, he had many issues about his childhood but he was coming to terms with them, as far as if he was gay or not who gives a shit it doesn’t change who he is or was..There are alot of gay superstars or rumored gay…It did not change the fact that they were famous…My father is gay but guess what he was still a good father, he still works 9-5, still pays taxes, etc. So what the hell is your point??? Follow his words to his song and “leave him alone”

  • fuckshowbizspy

    fuckin assholes,get a life..mj wasen’t gay. dressing up in woman’s clothes to meet a man at ran down hotel??? he was struggling to feed his children??? man mike had more money than your white slave owning ass. get a fuckin life nd let the man rest in fuckin peace! don’t belive this bull shit!!

  • martina

    hey ppl
    what s ur prob ? he s dead …cant u leave him alone …..
    y do u wanna make money stealing the bones of dead ppl …
    jus leave him alone u ass holes

  • chris

    The tabloid is, uhh, tabloid? Made of idiots, for idiots. The people who believe tabloids are idiots too. These outfits exist for money. They tag everyone ‘gay,’ And that is very disrespectful for the real homosexuals and the straight ones. They make up stories. Only idiots believed in their stuff.

    When MJ is alive, they bashed him. Even now that he is dead, they still conjure fake stories. This kind of writing is an utter DISGRACE for credible journalism and news reporting out there. This is, like, gossip that is profitable.

    This kind of people who write idiotic false statements in a whim are worse than terrorists and rapists.

  • http://n/a James Guts

    Michael Jackson is obviously GAY. I really believe that he molested two children. It really doesn’t matter if he had two gay lovers because he really was and if made him happy and aroused.

  • pat

    fuck you Ian Halperin
    you suck
    i know you lie ‘cuz you want money
    hope you die and i think think yr book can’t sell
    go to hell Ian Halperin


    Guys lets just not reply at all. Remember, the more replies he gets, the more his book sells. IF YOU ARE true Michael fan, that is the least you can do..

  • Chris

    Halperin, whats your problem? Why dont you explore all this shit when MJ is still alive? No dare to do it right cuz you are bloody no balls. I agree with MJACKSONFAN We should boycott all the press and news and let MJ R.I.P.

  • jazmeen davis

    wow…. its a sad sad day when whoever can write a story that gets peoples attention is called a journalist. this Ian Halperin is a complete coward… how dare he ATEMPT to destroy michael jackson rep. Michael jackson was truely a gift that left way too soon. i mean he was humble, giving and loving. what did this man ever do to deserve such ridicule and pain even when hes dead. was this Ian Halperin so desperate he was willing to go all the way to rock bottom just to see the top? unbeliveable and discraceful….Ian Halperin. this man did nothing but poor his guts out into the music that you probably listen to. Did you ever think of his family? his kids? do you have no heart at all? these kids have no father and barely a mother did you ever think of the ridcule they’ll have to go through for the rest of there lives?? Ian Halperin i cant help but pray that you see some of the less vulgar commets and think to yourself wow im nothing but a desperate inconsiderate spineless heartless jerk that will do anything for money. you think about that Ian Halperin you think about it long and hard

  • James Guts


  • Courtney

    I dont belive this for one secound. MICHAEL JACKSON was not gay. People arejust going to say stuff now for money/publicity. Now that he has passed people can get away with these lies. LIES LIES LIES like michael said, dont belive what you hear until you talk to the person one on one.

  • Musicman

    Look people the guy was a good singer and could dance but c’mon people how could anyone of you here say he wasn’t gay like you knew the man personally. He could have been a gay bloke easily but in saying that who cares as long he wasn’t a pedophile that’s all anyone should be caring about.

  • Mariyah

    Ian Halperin can kiss my ass. Ive never hated someone so much in my life. fuck him and his dumb ass book

  • thisIsSomeStupidshit

    One word for this load of garbage… Bullshit!

  • Tralalala

    Didn’t Halperin spend some time with MJ, in person? If so, I believe that makes him better qualified to make statements about MJ, unlike all of you wacko fans and defenders who never spent one second with MJ. You all act like YOU knew the man personally and knew his whole story when in fact you have no idea what you are talking about. MJ would never spend 3 seconds in a room with any of you. Your guesses about who the man was and what kind of person he was are no better than anyone else’s who thinks differently than you.

  • nittygritty

    Michael Jackson made great music.
    In my humble opinion; its obvious that MJ was gay. He made himself look like a woman, he was very feminine, a dancer, singer. I observe pop culture just as much as anyone, and the media these days really support gay people, so I mean you can say we lost a genuine pop culture legend, extremely talented…. who was also gay. Freddy Mercury rocked and he was gay, Liberace, the dude from Judas Priest, Scott Stapp… Big deal, I though everyone evolved a bit on that subject. And again he was obviously gay.
    m 1977 NY hetero

  • http://hi5 Huliyah

    M.J was not gay so stop all of your lies just leave M.J alone so why all of you guys saying this about him now!!!!he is gone so let him R.I.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Doreen

    Whoever wrote this shit thinking that he would win over Micheal’s fan’s and earn money with it, well you miscalculated! Down with your bull shit! no one believes this. It’s quite cheap!! try other means next time.

  • http://www.dizisiete.friendster.blog.com Katerine Punky

    this is another bull shit!! another garbage. this can mislead people about mj. he’s not gay.. maybe ian halperin..but not mike..leave him alone.. and for those male lovers who said that they are mike’s lover.. pleas try to find other ways to get the publicity that you want.. dont use other people to gain the fame you want to achieve. don’t step on other people shoes… this gay lovers just want publicity…

  • http://ass dexter

    Michel was a facet and a bitch and he was gay

  • jazmeen d.

    i just wanted to comment again saying michael is not gay….this Ian guy? please, what a joke…whatver his reasons for coming out of the woodwork who knos? all i know is his book dont read it….and if you do.. read it so you cant be even more sure that its a pile of lies in the form of a book… EVEN in a SEA of lies the TRUTH prevails…GOD BLESS

  • kk.s

    Michael jackson was gay just because he had a 2 wives he never had sex with doesnt mean he cant be gay.

    Oh so michael isnt gay because he had 2 wived and 3 kids *sarcasm*

    he was gay and a bottom and a bitch and rode little boys cocks. face it.

    • bev

      You have a lovely way of conversing don’t you?

      • bev

        KKS does this ring any bells fan haters trolls immature????

  • Bob

    Michael Jackson was gayer than AIDS

    • bev

      Is this the same Bob that was slaying everyone on the other site the other day for having a view on Kristen Stewarts acting ability. How do you know so definately about his sexuality exactly?

      • Ashley

        Perhaps Bob was Mikey’s babe?

      • bev

        May be Ashley unbelievable the way the table does turn though??

  • BoBo

    Get over it, Michael Jackson was a card-carrying-limp-wristed-friend-of-Dorothy gay man. Many gay men marry, have children, and live closeted lives, especially when they come from a conservative religious background like the Jehovah Witnesses.

  • Janie davis

    Leave mike alone already its a new year for Goodness sake! hes dead we will mis him dearly..but its time to let the lies and such go completely…have heart…in the words of michaekl “just leave me alone”

  • http://mj clarice tezolin

    tem que morrer quem escreveu essa imundisse,se o cara disse que nao e porque nao e,quando tinha vitiligo vivia dizendo o povo falando que queria ficar branco olha a autopsia confirmou a doença dele,vai ver esse merda de escritor foi da ensima de maik e maik deu um fora nele,e disse para ele que o negocio dele e mulher ai esse merda de escritor ficou se moendo so pode ser isto.

  • http://www.watch-dexter.com/ Neville Weeden

    Hi,season 4 has ended strange because Rita is dead and I’m waiting for season 5.I think season 5 will be the best of the seasons.

  • Vanna

    Just because he talked like a girl and tattood eyeliner around his eyes and his lips pink and wore makeup all the time and had numerous cosmetic surgeries and never had a long term girlfriend except for Lisa after the allegations who left him because he would never stay home ………..just because even she couldnt do it for him and to her dismay he kept having boys stay over…..just because he admitted to sleeping with them in the same bed….just because they were all white and around 12 and there were never little girls around does not make the guy gay………………….Of course not. What are they thinking? It is perfectly normal.