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Robert Pattinson — Tight Fisted!

Posted by Adam

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars — but he doesn’t tip like one!

The Twilight star, in New York filming his new movie Remember Me, went to famed Greenwich Village Italian eatery Il Cantinori with three guy pals and a female friend just before 10pm on Tuesday.

The 23-year-old spent $350 on dinner — but only left $50 for the waitress.

According to OK! magazine, the group drank a $60 bottle of Chianti and Rob himself knocked back a couple of bottles of Moretti Italian beer.

The group laughed and joked at the table until nearly midnight.

“They were the last diners to leave,” says one observer.

But when it came time to pay, the group left a tip of only $50, just shy of the standard 15%

However, the waiter insisted that Rob was “very nice and friendly.”

A source onset of Remember Me recently revealed that R-Patz is struggling to deal with the constant distractions from his fans.

“It’s crazytown,” the insider dished. “There are all these girls with a lot of hormones and a lot of time on their hands.

“Some of them leave their phone numbers on Rob’s car and trailer. One read, ‘I think we’re meant to be together. Call me’.”

“Rob’s a nice guy — he doesn’t want to disappoint people,” the source added. “He stops to say hello when he can, but he just can’t do it a lot. People bring him gifts, but we can’t take them — we don’t know where they’ve come from.

“I worked on Gossip Girl with guys like Penn Badgely. We’d go out after work and play beer pong. Nobody would bother them. There’s no way Rob can do that. He’d be mobbed.”


  • dakota

    umm.. why is the article called tight fisted? anyway, who cares about what a waitress thinks about him? poor rob. i’d tell all those girls to leave him alone. the fucking no lifers have nothing else to do.

  • kayc

    wow… everybody wants something when you are famous i guess! he can keep the fame cause if it were me… bitches like this waitress would get punched in the fuckin grill and then i guess i would be sittin in the damn jail house!!

  • Reostorm

    And the point to your story is what?
    He does not go crazy with his money?
    SO WHAT!!!!!!!
    And about the girls who crazy for Robert I’ve got one thing to say to him….
    ‘There’s no buiness,like show buiness,like no buiness I know@

  • andy

    50 bucks for bringing a few drinks? Give me a break!! Tipping has gotten way out of hand. Waitress should be glad she still has a job these days.

  • jim

    Someone needs to learn math. A bill of $350 at15% is $52.50.
    So he rounded it to $50 even, what’s wrong with that?

  • OrlandoFred

    What’s wrong with a 15% tip. Isn’t that the right amount?

    What a stupid story. What a waste of everyones time.

    Why would you waste your time writing crap like this.

  • P. McGrath

    Most of the people I know calculate the 15% tip based on the price of the food and beverage before the tax is added on. That tip is not going to the government. He left more than a 15% tip
    and after the waitress created this misleading and and unfair publicity, anyone would be well advised not to patronize that restaurant. PLEASE… FIND SOMETHING NOTEWORTHY TO WRIGHT ABOUT OR FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK.

  • Darrell

    He was $2.50 off the “standard” 15%, get real do you guys have anything better to do then to put things like this up

  • g ponds

    You are a dumbass for writing something stupid. 50 buck tip..shit she ought have been happy..

  • Rita

    WTF? How much does she get paid an hour? They were there for two hours, an extra $50 is like an extra $25 bucks per hour…how many people get that kind of money? And a waitress thinks she’s got the mad skills to earn that much? Uh…you take orders and walk with food. This is an insane story. How is this news? How is this even cheap gossip? That is a HUGE stretch. Psh.

  • Lori

    OMG She was shorted $2.50….oooohhh i guess the ridiculous $350 bill broke his ass!
    Besides, that’s just what SHE said, no one knows the TRUTH. She wanted to come up with something to get her 15 seconds of fame!

  • Bryana

    I’m tired of the Rob trash talking about the tip. He’s from the UK. 10% to 15% tipping is the norm there, and aside from that, if you’re having a few drinks or more and focusing on the company you’re enjoying for hours, you’re probably not analyzing your bill when it comes time to go… Let it go people! He did nothing wrong. Taureans are also notoriously cautious with money and material security, so if he’s not throwing money around like it’s growing on a tree in Brooklyn, that’s a good thing. Maybe he won’t get ripped off by anyone. He’s courteous and friendly with anyone and causes no trouble. Plus he’s adorable. I’m sure the waitress was more than happy just to have waited his particular table and be treated so graciously by a celebrity.
    Okay, I’ll shutup now…

  • John

    Expectations of a tip have gotten way out of hand in downstate New York. Does the $350 dinner bill include tax? You DO NOT tip on the tax, merely the amount of the food and drink. If the $350 amount included tax, the amount of the food and drink was $322.21 (sales tax rate in NYC is 8.625%). If he tipped $50, then the tip was a little over 15%. Either way, the tip was reasonable. Certainly not the headline news the writer makes it to be. Wonder how much he tips….

  • Ttennag

    He’s a millionaire and he can’t afford to tip well. Shame on you Rob. All you people b**ching about how easy it is to wait tables should give it a go. Wankers.

  • Carol

    How greedy. My God, how much did the server expect to get?? It shouldn’t matter what the amount of the bill is anyway, but based on the quality of service you get. Most servers can only dream of scoring $50.00 on one check/group/table!! Rob is not a bad tipper anyway, 15% is customary, with 18% being the high end..and that’s for great service.

  • mariehelene

    This is such a non story. Fifteen percent of $350 is $52.50. And the kid is cheap for guessing it was around $50? Hey, these are young kids barely out of school, not the Rat Pack on a Vegas bender. They aren’t sophisticated restaurant goers. He did a fine job on the tip. This is really contrived.

  • bethy

    $50 is just right. So, what’s the point of this story ?

  • qsharris1

    Ok. So maybe none of you do fine dining, but the tip DID fall short. I’ve never been to this restaurant in NY, but I’d wager that a place w/$60 bottles might have a wine attendant as well. So, that tip MIGHT of had to be split. Secondly, who rounds a tip DOWN?! I’ve rounded up to the next dollar or omitted change that was over the right percent, but NEVER down.

    When you occupy a table, for an extended time, you should also factor that in toward tipping. I don’t sit at a nice restaurant, order salad and water, chat up w/ my girlfriends for hours and then leave a standard 10 or 15%! It borders poor taste.

    I’m sure this was just an oversight on a nice guy’s part, but celebs as recognizable as he is, get above and beyond service. I’d never encourage anyone to be grand over-tippers. Just pay diligently where recognition is due! What would have been wrong with 22%? Surely the extra 20+ bucks would have been no real skin off his nose. It would have also covered the money lost if the table could have been reseated AFTER them.

    Also, who get treated out to a nice dinner by a nice guy, and DOESN’T throw in for the tip?! Maybe Rob needs some new friends!

  • Jimper

    maybe it was a reflection of the service, maybe she gave horrible service. She should be fired for going to the press with this info as well.

  • Manlymanstuff

    50? That’s about $30 more than most people would have left., the ultimate website for men!

  • wasqaz

    anyone could have given this story to the so-called press. may not have been the server. 50 bucks was good enough [15%] if service was good.. which we don’t know if it was.. also there were others at the table who could have added to tip ..he should be wise with his money.. don’t want to be a broke hasbeen in a few years..

  • wasqaz

    how do we know he’s a millionaire???? do we have access to his tax income papers? or how much he has to pay his staff out of what he makes.. don’t assume he’s rolling in the dough..we don’t know if he’s drowning in debt.. or debt free.. i think he did very well with tipping.. now can we move on to real news

  • Kat Watson

    I agree with some of the previous writers. 1. This article is a waste of time. 2. We have no idea how the service was. 3. 15% is reasonable. 4. A TIP IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT. It’s generally a reflection on service. Although 15% is reasonable, if I was that server, I’d not be commenting about it, because it might also be a reflection on very poor performance of a job.

  • Kat Watson

    PS Don’t forget, readers, that a tip is supposed to be on the total amount of the bill, BEFORE THE TAX. (Someone else pointed this out as well). If the bill was $350, AFTER you subtract the tax, the tip was well within accepted norms. Think about it. PLUS, the comment about him sitting around until closing is rather lame – they didn’t arrive until 10 PM which could have been very close to closing time. By the way, I’ve never heard of the actor but for people to assume anyone is a millionaire these days is nuts. Just because someone is an actor doesn’t mean they’re a millionare. Actors have bills to pay – PR folks, legal, financial people etc which takes a lot away from a new actors. Articles like this and making incorrect assumptions is a waste of everyone’s time. Kat