Vanessa Hudgens ‘Bans Zac Efron From Seeing Megan Fox’

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens is laying down the law!

The actress is furious that her boyfriend, Zac Efron, had a dinner date with sexy actress Megan Fox — and has reportedly banned him from seeing the Transformers star again!

“Vanessa feels humiliated by what she perceives to be Zac cheating on her,” a source told the National Enquirer. “It stings so much more because Megan is one of the hottest women on the planet.

“Vanessa demanded Zac cut all ties with Megan and swore if he didn’t, they were finished.”

“Zac’s going along with Vanessa’s demands for now,” the source adds. “He swears he only went to meet with Megan to discuss the possibility of working together in the future.

“But Vanessa’s not stupid — she knows Megan was making a play for Zac.”

But the source adds, “Zac doesn’t want to cut Megan off entirely because he thinks a work collaboration could be box-office gold. On the other hand, Zac loves Vanessa and doesn’t want to lose her.”


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  • SnOopy

    National Enquirer
    2 words that mean ‘lies’
    end of the story
    i’m still here waiting to see Zac and Megan date at Pace…lmao…such a huge pap place…and no one took a pic?oO

  • melli

    National Enquirer….uhu yea sure. *rolls eyes*

  • Laura

    Didn’t Megan go on a date with her fiance even though she was supposley on an date with Zac. I think that this hole thing with Megan and Zac is all a lie because Zac is obviously in love with Vanessa and doesn’t look like he is a man who would cheat on a girl.

  • Hubie

    well im with vanessa cuz come one going out to dinner with other girl. psshh come on!! that was a bad move zac rlly bad. well if u dont want to loose vanessa u wouldnt go out to dinner with megan.

  • Debbie

    OH, come on, Hubie. How ridiculous.

    First off, just because Zac goes out to dinner with a girl doesn’t mean that he is banging her, or that he is thinking of banging her, or that he even wants to bang her. There are such things as FRIENDS you know, and Zac and Vanessa are friends with Megan. Geez, if I was banging every person I went out to lunch or dinner with, I’d be one satisfied chick.

    Second, we have no proof that they went out. But again, if they did, it means nothing. Vanessa is confident enough in her relationship with Zac that she would not be threatened by an innocent dinner date.

    Third, as mentioned in other comments, National Enquirer. ‘Nuff said.

    Now, I guess that I should qualify the above statements because if Zac took ME out to dinner, you can be sure that we’d be banging each other – all night long. LOL

  • Tyetr

    Im sorry but this is probarly lies seriously. If a dinner date was held it would be all over the news like “Zac Cheats With Megan” and i find this crap. So untrue.

  • geppo

    The National Enquirer proves once again to be a little serious newspaper. Is yet another falsehood published to give cash.

  • kristy

    I think that V did very well to ban Zac from seeing that slut Megan. I meen come on!! She looks way older than Zac, like 30+. I believe that Zac would never do that to V but he actually admits that he went on diiner with Megan and said that they went no dinner to discuss bussiness. Crap… I really don’t think that Megan didn’t do anything with Zac because she’s a BIG SLUT. But Zac loves V and he’d never do something like that. Go Zanessa, Megan you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P

  • svenja**

    He should just dump Vanessa.. millions of girls are just waiting for it to happen anyway..

  • melanie

    megan has to leave zac alone!!
    She wants him, but she don’t have a change!!
    zac loves vanessa so much, its true love between them, nothing can come between them!
    zac (L) Vanessa for life!

  • melina

    yea vanessa should just leave him now before
    it gets me it looks like vanessa tries
    so hard just to please zac and he does whatever
    he wants with her.i love vanessa but zac is not the
    rite guy for her.thats my opinion

  • http://j-14 kiriten

    i was at this kissiing sex thing and i walked into the wrong room anad saw….. megan fox and zac efron having im like ew

  • http://Aa.a Will you go back out

    I know it hard. he will leav her and come back to you.

  • janisha

    u r the best cuz u married zac efron thanks 4 marring him ms.vannesa i lov yall so much

  • casha

    hey vanessa hudgens i would like to know if we could be fan friends cause im one of your best fans i havent been to your concerts so were can you get a all access pass from you i love you vanessa from casha o and email me at love ya

  • http://yahoo amber

    hi r u going out with vannessa if u r not i still love u because it is your decioni make u go out with her
    from amber

  • maremae

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii vanessa and zac how are you? and god bless

  • http://showbizspy AARTI

    I thnk venessa and zac mke a good pair.Zac is odd smtimes even wid me but he is truly seductive . I feel they shud marry