Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife Branded a Drunk!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Debbie RoweMichael Jackson‘s ex-wife Debbie Rowe is binge-drinker who’s not fit to raise kids, it has been claimed.

Rowe wed Jackson in 1996 (he was a patient in the dermatologist’s office, where she worked as a nurse). They divorced in 1999.

Rowe and Jackson had two children together: Prince, 12 and Paris, 11. During her custody fight with Jacko, Rowe agreed to give up her parental rights, insisting he was a good father.

Prince, Paris and Michael’s other son, Blanket, 7, are currently living with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, at the Jackson family’s mansion in Encino, Calif.

According to one-time close friend Luka Cambio, Rowe drank up to a half case of beer in a day; has a violent temper; and should never be a part of the lives of her son and daughter.

“Debbie drank Coronas all day, and she told me many times, ‘I hate kids! I prefer dogs!’” Cambio American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“One day she took all the photographs of Michael and their children off the walls of her house. Now the pictures on the walls are of her dogs. She often said her dogs were her children.

“Debbie never spoke ill of her children, but she often said, ‘I******* hate kids!”

Cambio reportedly met Rowe when she walked into an aquarium store in North Hollywood where he worked in 2002.

“I had no idea who she was,” added Cambio, who apparently passed a polygraph exam about his claims.

“She had a number of tanks with exotic fish, and she bought fish, coral and food. Over the months, she befriended me and said she wanted me to come out to her place and service her tanks.

“We became friends. And I saw a lot.”

Cambio — a rhythm-and-blues singer, composer and producer using the stage name LuQa — also said Rowe offered to help his musical career.

“She told me she had the connections and would help me. But she never did anything unless it was for herself,” he added. “She’s an utterly self-absorbed, selfish woman. It’s all about her. And that would make her a very bad mother, too.”



  • Michael Forever

    Forgive me here but let’s get this into perspective, this gentleman’s first thought is to sell his story to the National Enquirer, after he visited Ms Rowe’s house to service her fish tanks and thinks he’s an authority to talk about whether she should have any contact with her own kids? In my opinion he’s yet another person looking for some kind of notoriety that he hasn’t earned. All of these type of people couldn’t hold a candle to Michael Jackson – this is not news, this is pointless. Why don’t you dedicate some time to trawling through the volumes of evidence that proved Michael Jackson innocent? Clear his name so that his children can always hold their heads high? He was an innocent man – he was found an innocent man, and people like this selling their stories are nothing and nobody and should not be mentioned in the same sentance as Michael Jackson.

    These people are all chancers, the ex employees, the so-called best friends, if any one of them were talking about how badly he was treated and how his tragic life reflected the fact that so many turned their backs on him in his hour of need despite the fact that he helped thousands of people all over the world when they were in trouble. Michael was innocent, not just ‘not guilty’ – he deserves his name to be cleared and for these low lifes to stop cashing in – because that’s all their doing – even his own father!!! What a shame that all these people doing the rounds of the networks now did not bother to stand by him at the time he needed them most – i.e. when he was ALIVE.

    Frankly I don’t care if Debbie drinks – so what? She hasn’t even asked for custody, it was merely a story made up by the tabloids. Now they are realising what an enigma Michael was and how they could have listened to him, not he’s gone they are moving on to the people who knew him. Sorry to point this out but you would be better served looking into his past and trying to uncover the type of man he was – an honest one. Thousands of us who took the time to do this know that he was innocent. Debbie is not the bad guy in this piece, it’s the scrounging ex employees and hangers on that he gave the benefit of the doubt to – because he wasn’t judgmental, AND the tabloids for printing such rubbish about him that would be believed by morons who don’t have a clue how to reason anything and who believe everything they read.

    I’m glad Debbie is going to be in the kids’ lives, at least someone will make sure that the children are being brought up according to Michael’s wishes.

  • LA

    This guy is just trying to get his name in the press. He should keep his mouth shut. Cleaning fish tanks doesn’t make him a expert on Debbie or her private life period.