Angelina Jolie Blasts Megan Fox

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hollywood’s fiercest feud is about to get a whole lot fiercer! Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie has told the world what she thinks of Megan Fox!

According to Life & Style magazine, the Tomb Raider star was recently asked what she thought of people comparing the Transformers actress to her.

Jolie — who raises six children with Brad Pitt — allegedly replied, “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

Fox, 23, was recently tipped to steal Jolie’s leading role in the next Tomb Raider film. Angelina was said to be furious.

“Angie was intent on reprising her role,” a source recently told British newspaper The Sun. “She feels it’s something she helped define and feels robbed that it looks likely to be handed to someone who she considers less capable than her.

“Angie isn’t a fan of the Transformers films and believes Megan won’t do the Lara Croft character justice. She’s also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style.”

“Angelina,” is firing back, added the source, “she is collaborating on a concept with a new sexy female action character which will absolutely blow Megan out of the water.”

Megan, meanwhile, can’t stop talking about Angelina.

“Every time a relationship ends, I say, ‘If I could just be Angelina’s girlfriend, I would be so happy,’” she has said.

“I love Angelina Jolie. She’s someone I admire and look up to. She’s my favorite actress in Hollywood. I just love that she’s incredibly honest, and I feel that she’s not afraid to be herself. She tells you exactly what’s on her mind.”



  • Anaksunamun

    Can you imagine that she would like to be a new Audrey Hepburn (and that is the reason to wear black clothes). Hepburn was a real actress, well behavior, and educated, religious and classy woman. So far from that home wrecking person!

    • Sissy

      Angelina is full of shitty trash. Hepburn is oozing with real class.

    • Guest

      There is no such thing as a “home wrecker”, sorry. Brad was the one who was married, he was the one who cheated. Angelina had no commitments to a partner.

  • Yeah!

    I agree with anaksunamun! Angelina sucks! Shes a fuckin wannabe who thinks shes gonna fool the world by tryin to make a difference, she will always be that insane wrist cutting athiest!

  • Yeah!

    By the way…Megan rules! I feel sorry for angelina that shes feelin the heat….NOT! fuck her…

  • what

    you guys believe this douchescat that this website is posting?
    they’re just trying to make another hollywood feud between two lovely and completely different ladies.

    Angelina’s personal life is not to be judged by the likes of random spectators who have never even met her. Get a life people, maybe do some good in the world instead of hating on other people who don’t even know your names or faces.

    • http://dsl chrissie

      Thank you for sticking it the Jolie, a demonic slut who actually wants us to believe she just like Hepburn! Never!

    • EJ

      thankyou i couldnt agree more with you is just some idiots making up a feud and trying to get attention so people read there bs

  • witchonwheels

    “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

    Doesn’t matter Angie honey, sorry. She’s ten years younger and it’s Hollywood. She’s the fresh new face, you’re well over 30 and pumping out kids in between starvation diets has done nothing for your looks. Her whole career is ahead of her. She has plenty of time to win awards. At the rate you’re going, you’re ten years from Driving Miss Daily. And something tells me you know it.


    This is completely made up. They don’t even know each other I know this for a fact. I don’t think Angie is even aware of Fox (why would she?) as she lives outside the Hollywood bubble. She also doesn’t watch movies other than her husband’s. Those comments don’t even sound like her!

    People are trying to link Angelina with anything and everything to make a buck.

  • Anonymous

    its a great comparison, megan has a lot of similarities to EARLY angie. the questions angelina should have asked were… is she wearing a vile of blood around her neck,has she kissed a family member in a desperate attempt to boost her PR.

  • alma gilbretta

    angelina said dat? i d0nt think so, she believes dat d w0rld cud b changd and she probably kn0ws wer t0 start it whch s n herzelf. .it wud b a messy parad0x IF she had just really said dat. . think twice!

  • carl

    “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

    People really think Angelina Jolie speaks like this? This is a desperate mag editor trying to sell copies in a dire market. Brangelina love triad is getting lame. Why not pitt Angie and some obsessed wannabe.

  • no is hating, we’re all just telling the truth! plus i have to agree with the comment above on how Megan is only 23yrs old!!! angelina wasnt “saving the world” at 23 she was busy destroying it, so who is shes to ask or say?! what a douche!

  • patricia

    hahaha, you young boys with your ^%$&*@$ for a new face and body. megan fox looks like a brunett anna nicole and will never be the actress angelina is, give me a break!!!

    • Can I get an Amen?

      exactly what my name says.
      Boys fall for anything naked with boobs and a fat ass.
      Angelina is out there SAVING LIVES, while Megan Fox does porn shoots.
      oh, and those ‘oh-so-sexy-toe-thumbs” ?
      get the hell over it, people.
      she sucks.

  • Maha

    Do you really buying this nonsense facts
    1- Angie said her role as Lara is done by the second flick
    2- Angie never talked about Fox actually i doubt she know who she is since AJ is not much in the Hollywood purple.
    3- Angie would never speak that way coz it’s too childish and shallow.
    4- Fox will never become 1/4 Angie .
    5- They movie industry trying to make a name of Fox coz come on the girl can’t act and the only name in Hollywood would bring a massive attention is Angelina Jolie other wise kiss Fox Goodbay

    And please some the comment are just lame and the person who wrote the thread is just another wanna be loser

  • eternal49

    Megan Fox is the fricken wannabe. “Angel”ina will alwayz be an angel in my eyez. Angel donates to charities in Africa, Haiti, Vietnam, etc.. Megan does not! Megan will never compare to Angelina, PERIOD! All you Haterz better recognize. Megan mimmicks everything Angelina, so to me that means she ain’t got not backbone. She’s just a Beeotch!!!

  • stacy

    This is SO fake. Angelina has never and would never say anything like that, she’s not that arrogant.

  • susan

    this sounds really fake. that doesn’t sound like angelina at all. and people who are dissing angelina, shut the f*ck up, I am a fan of both of them. i love angie and megan, but honestly megan can’t measure up to angelina just yet. angie is more than an actress, she’s done stuff to help less fortunate people out and everything. she is not a bitch, even if that’s what she thinks of megan, which i don’t believe it is, but everyone has their own opinion. you guys would be thinking way differently about this situation if you were angelina. think about it. whatever, i don’t even think this is real. it doesn’t seem like her, not that i know her but just the impression she usually gives off..yea.

  • Tom

    Fake fake fake fake lies!!!!!!!!!!

  • neutral :)

    What a load of crap. These comments don’t even SOUND like Angelina Jolie and Megan already said that she hasn’t even been offered the job yet and that nobody’s said anything about it to her. The paparazzi are just blowing things out of proportion, as they always do. No offence, the behavior of the paparazzi is due to fans’ (including me) obsession with knowing everything about their favorite star. If nobody cared, the paparazzi wouldn’t be so annoying. I like BOTH Angie AND Megan, but Megan is what? Half Angie’s age? She has TONS of time to win awards and build herself up to be equal to Angie. Angie’s an accomplished woman, she donates loads of money to charity and helps the less fortunate. Megan hasn’t got that kind of money yet, but in the future, if she goes in the right path, she can be just as successful as Angie. And, WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING AN ATHEIST?! It’s people like Yeah! that cause wars. If there was no religion, there would be less wars. Look at WW2, Hitler hated the Jews cos they were JEWISH. And look at the war in Iraq, when it all comes down to the ROOT PROBLEM, it will ALWAYS be religion. And don’t go blaming the Muslims or the Jews or the Catholics or the Christians or the Mormons, we are all entitled to our own opinion, it’s how you want to express it that matters. If you’re gonna go bombing up places cos the people who live there are Jewish or whatever, then that’s wrong. But if you’re quietly praying for God to help you or something along those lines, that’s okay. We all need someone to look to for help and if it’s God, so be it. And atheists are not evil, just stating a point. Just because we don’t have a religion, does not mean we don’t have morals…

  • Jaelyn

    So many haved tried to duplicate Marilyn Monroe,it simply cannot be done.The same applies to Angelina Jolie.Neither Marilyn or Angelina had to ever try to be sensual jus comes naturally…a gift if you will.Although Megan Fox as lovely as she may appear to be…seemed to be a bit forced. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe as we all know this to be true and there will never be another Angelina Jolie.

  • Jez

    I totally agree with Jaelyn.

  • fsbdhdj

    this is bullshit. angleina wouldnt

  • truth

    Megan Fox is a a fantastic plastic!! I saw her old old pictures before she gotten her 1st and 2nd rhinoplasties and also saw her when she had tiny snake lips. She narutally born looking alot like that hanna montana star miley cyrus! Very similar. Megan has bad genetics inside and out. She admits she has NO PATIENCE, bad temper, rude, disrespectful, already a diva, bitchy and super ignorant. Every girl is a bitch but megan is defnately more then that. Angelina isnt a Wannabe, your confused… thats megan. On the other hand Angelina is secrely insecure and less confident then plastic godness megan, she is a home-wrecker and husband stealer thats her way to gain self-esteem. What a great pair to compare.


  • me

    I dunno, I actually like them both. I’ve never really seen megan’s bitchy side, but I’ve only been a fan since Jennifer’s body. And angelina is beautiful both inside and out. But I think it’s kinda mean of her to trash on of her biggest fans (megan).

  • Jessica

    I think this story is complete fuckin bullshit. I could never imagine Angelina saying something like that. I could understand if she was upset about not being in Tomb Raider, thats fuckin ridiculous, but she is definitely not someone who goes around and talks shit about other people.

  • Jessica

    Also! Why the fuck would Jolie care about Megan Fox? Sure, theyre somewhat similar, but I cant see her even commenting on that fact besides to say something like, “Oh, well thats nice.” Or even, “She seems like a very nice person, but I havent met her personally so I wouldnt know.” Definitely not something condescending, as this story claims.

  • Jennifer


  • Suz

    Angelina is old news- she is just a homewrecking globe-trotter. Megan Fox is gorgeous, youthful, and is the obvious hands-down PERFECT choice to star in the next “Tomb Rader.”

  • Faz

    Megan Fox wears too much make-up and really doesn't have the versatility to be a good actor. Angelina is awesome, intelligent, caring, beautiful, graceful, talented and original. Is there seriously any competition?

  • cate

    I think Angelina is more admired and idolized for her charity work in conjunction with her movies, but megan fox doesn't seem to realise that, she just thinks tattoos and 'honesty' are the trademarks of angelina and megan just seems somewhat pretentious and unoriginal. to really make a mark and be in the category of someone like angelina you have to aim for a little more than sex kitten.

  • ann

    as long as angelina has brad, there is no competition.

  • dominic

    wow.megan is telling the press to stop comparing her to angie and angie is flaunting her own accomplishments and being total douche. go megan!!!

  • I KNOW everything

    Do you really buying this nonsense facts
    1- Angie said her role as Lara is done by the second flick
    2- Angie never talked about Fox actually i doubt she know who she is since AJ is not much in the Hollywood purple.
    3- Angie would never speak that way coz it’s too childish and shallow.
    4- Fox will never become 1/4 Angie .
    5- They movie industry trying to make a name of Fox coz come on the girl can’t act and the only name in Hollywood would bring a massive attention is Angelina Jolie other wise kiss Fox Goodbay

    And please some the comment are just lame and the person who wrote the thread is just another wanna be loser

  • verymarshi

    Wow to all those people that says Megan Fox is better than Angelina Jolie based on youth. Seriously, the only reason Megan Fox is famous is because she landed a big role in a childhood franchise. The movie was a hit for having eye candy running around in tight shirts, acting as if every line is from a cue card, so much explosions that your ears are deaf for 20 minutes after the movie. Yes she has youth but she’s a FAD actress. Once a hotter, younger, newer star shows up, Fox is a gone. No body will take her serious and give her serious roles that are not dealt with running around in scad clothing or sexually motivated. I mean seriously what’s one movie she’s done where she’s not cast as the pretty chick, or the eye candy, or “sexual” touching with another girl. Megan fox was in earlier movies that was with Lohan but was out shined, until recently backing up my theory that she’s only famous because of the Transformer franchise. She knows that her career is in danger when the franchise ends and that’s why she tries to market herself and how better to do that than to set yourself up as a double for an already established actress with many academy awards under her belt. For goodness sake the likability of Megan Fox seems only possible by her looks. If she had any real talent she would stop trying to say comments such as “Oh I would so date Angelina”, “I look up to her” “I want to be her”. Who is going to take you serious when you say that. Obviously no one in the respectable business therefore she is labeled as a vixen that is merely a copy trying to take someone’s thunder that they have earned. Wise up Megan, you’re unrelateable to most women and majority of men only sees you as eye candy. Releasing statements against other actresses such as Scarlet Johanson isn’t very much helping your case. Neither is releasing statements trying to convince women to like you. Get real talent because I predict a good 5-10 years from now, some one WILL replace you. You know, someone with talent.

  • verymarshi
  • FuryBurnsBlack

    Anybody who thinks Megan Fox is sexy is either a 14-year-old boy, or legally retarded. I’m not a great fan of Angelina Jolie, but she can at least act and has earned her place in Hollywood. Megan was unknown until she got plastic surgery, and that’s the only way she’s become known.

    Trash < Megan.

    End of.

  • Maricela

    Megan fox i way better that mommy angelina fox is young a shes starring in this industry sone people say shes a whore well she has her boyfriend since 5 years already angelina is the whore drug addicted whore here now that shes old shes in charity shes justva ugly old momy know nothing to do a side of MEGAN FOX SHES THE BEST ……….

    • Dacota

      ..what? No. Just no. First of all, Angelina is only 34. She is not old.

      Second, sorry, but Megan is indeed a whore.

      Angelina has been ‘starring in this industry’ way longer and better than Megan. She’s been in so many amazing movies, and Megan’s been in, like, four? Five, maybe?

  • melissa


  • jennifer

    It doesn’t matter how old Angelina gets. She could still kick Megan Fox’s ass without even trying. She is a natural beauty goddess while Megan Fox needed tons of surgery! And this is SOOO not the way Angelina Jolie speaks. She also doesn’t give a hell whether Megan Fox takes over Lara Croft, because she is done with Tomb Raiders. Megan Fox needs to stop being so stupidly insulted when she is compared to Angelina Jolie. It’ll be the best compliment she’ll ever get. She should go fuck herself!

  • iloveangietm

    There is no comparison between the two if you ask me. Megan can’t hold a candle to Angelina when it comes to beauty. And as far as acting…. Angelina has been in numerous movies, while Megan has been in simply one or two. Megan repeatedly copies off of Angelina’s style. Yeah, they have many physical features in common, such as the brown hair, blue eyes, and tattoos. But the truth of the matter is…. the more you compare the two, the more you see how Megan is trying to be a “Mini Angelina Jolie.”

  • JezebellaX

    I can’t believe people are actually believing this carp.I didn’t even finish the whole “article,” and stopped reading after “according to Life & Style magazine.” Who the hell believe anything that comes out of Life and Style?!

  • CICI


  • noneyabidness

    lol @ the atheist bashers here… fuck god…… LMAO

  • Dacota

    People who say Megan’s better are just dead wrong. Even those who don’t like either of the two will agree. Not only was Angie here first, but she has done a lot as a humanitarian and an actress, she’s more skilled and beautiful than Megan will EVER be. Megan is just an Angie wannabe who can’t act, nothing more.

  • real eyes

    Jennifer Connelly protege

  • vallley

    Jolie is a whore if you ask me, but seriously saying megan’s better? MF has like 0 sized tits and had tons of plastic surgery. not the tons of plastic surgery that kinda made her tits big and this and that, but the miraculous ugly-duckling-to-a-beauty transformation kinda plastic surgery.

    Jolie wins in a hotter department, her tits are nice big/ she’s got some sex scene as a masturbatory material all in place to be the SEX SYMBOL.

    saying i’d love to be Jolie’s girlfriend is so 1999 of Megan. saying she never flushes toilets is as frigging unoriginal as it ever gets.

    the only audience megan has is 14-year old teenage boys cuz normal adults that have life are spending time working and doing shit other than defending some lame bitches that make zero diff in their lives on faceless posts.

  • vallley

    i wonder if all the people making comments were required to post their true photos on here.

    only lil acne kids follow MF and thats the sad truth

  • DanyDoll(:

    Angie Is Awesome Megan Is A Whore(:

  • Chanel.

    Okay. FYI, to everyone of the little girls on here bashing Megan. You don’t know her…at all. Get over yourselves. Two, Angelina is a wonderful actress. She has amazing talents and she’s done so many things to help the less fortunate out. Fucking wonderful. Great. Fannn-fucking-tastic. That has nothing to do with anything. This whole thing is totally made up, and if you think it’s real, you’re probably the most ignorant dumbass on this planet. Congratulations. Anyways, Megan- has not been in Hollywood that long. She’s just been getting out there, she’s willing to admit things a lot of other people won’t admit. And don’t get me wrong- as an actor in itself I think Angelina is one of the best. So don’t even go off saying I’m bashing, because Angelina has definitely made a name for herself. She can act. Period. But Megan can too, and half the time? When she’s getting bashed on? It’s always by little girls who’s boyfriends are drooling over her instead of them. ;D Anyways, so even if this story WAS true? Which it’s not. It’s bogus. But just was true. MeganFox<3 All the way. Thank you and have a GREAT fucking day.

    • Dacota

      Actually, Megan really can’t act. The only reason she was cast in Transformers was because Michael Bay made her wash his car as an audition and saw her potential as eye-candy, no actual skill involved there. Aside from that, come on. Her attempts at real acting are cringe-inducing.

      Also, have you even heard half of what comes out of Megan’s mouth? She is rude, hostile, and frightfully dumb. I read an account by a few people who worked with her on Transformers and they said she was a complete bitch.

      Of course the entire story’s bullshit, but either way Angelina owns Megan in terms of skill, looks, and personality.

  • kendal

    hahahahahhahha i agree with chanel all the way.
    megan in.
    angiehoe out.

  • AngieLiker

    megan is nothing in compared to angelina jolie…… she’s a kid and angie rulezzz…. and this is a fact so people shut the fuck up.. and end this fucking debate now…… this site is shit angie can’t talk like this…. she’s a mature person for ur info…. people don’t believe this shit news..
    and… at last. angie rulez…. megan is also good but angie is awesome and angie has more fan following..

  • bubblecup

    LOL Angelina Jolie is a great actress, Megan fox can’t act lol , they are both beautiful women, But It seems like megan fox is trying to be Angelina Jolie, if u look at what Megan fox looked like before all the plastic surgery … she looks nothing like Angelina jolie, But the after pictures.. they shout ANGELINA JOLIE wannnna be.

  • Kevin

    Megan and Angelina both are mental psycho actresses who should have every Oscar for their whoring ways! They both tie in that department plus these bitches have both holes on their heads and share a volatile and explosive psychotic behaviors.

  • Maxiboy

    Yoooooo people i like angelina jolie and megan fox both are sexy hot beautiful and awsome and imagine them together i mean megan lijes angie so it could happen but both of them are not even the half good as michelle rodriguez is, michelle is da best better than anyone else and a lot of people dont like her cause she is a tomboy but i say that is one of the things that makes her unique (not to mention that she is more beautiful that Angie and Megan) other things that makes her unique is her tough character and her sexy voice and body and face that looks like a angel but an dangerous angel cause she is pretty and tough at the same time and 100 more stuff.This is maxiboy da puertorican bad ass yo soy boricua pa q tu lo sepas,bien puertorriqueño y de purr cepa peace out Michelle Rodríguez you da best

  • brad pit

    f u all

  • lena

    Well, it’s seems like Megan’s 15 minutes has gone to oblivious with movies such as “Jennifer’s Body and “Jonah Hex”. She can’t act, if it wasn’t for special effects in “Jennifer’s body” and Amanda Seyfried, her bad acting would destroy that film just same as “Jonah Hex”. Most of her projects were canceled after that film, botox beauty is not enough and yes she did quite a lot to her face and boobs.
    I don’t like Anegelina i think she is full of it, but at least she can act and she is one smart lady.

  • terry fraser

    how many guys has she sleeped with ,makes the personnality,hope one was not duncan morin( plug),my brother,to jolie.

  • mubarak

    When the sun is involed you know its bullshit

  • Mortis

    Hah, you fools! Megan Fox is a wanna be Jolie, she straight went to the surgeon and asked for the Jolie look-a-like package. So what if Jolie is getting older, check out the movie Gia, Jolie is 100% natural and growing old gracefully. Why should Jolie “allegedly” say jealous shit when she knows what she’s made of. Megan may be young now but give it a few years and Jolie will be a classy old broad while Megan will look like Michael Jackson. Megan’s tattoos are a copy of Jolie’s. The reason Megan says she wishes she were Jolie’s girlfriend is because the stalker read that Maxim article in which Jolie mentioned that she could fall in love with a woman or a man because love is love, doesn’t matter who it is. Therefore Megan’s even trying to copy the sexy bi-curious image as well. Megan is a dishwater actress, who used to look like a dishwater girl next door before becoming a clone, who also seems to be a magician that’s got everyone fooled.

    • http://showbizspy barbara


  • lee gapusan

    Angelina is beautiful & an Academy Award or Oscar winner
    already. There’s no comparison.

  • http://showbizspy barbara


  • douche


  • Juicy Couture

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  • alexander

    if you only see the work of angelina in sudan specially in darfor, syria, quake in pakistan haiti, kenya and somalia all for UNICEF and refugee. you wont compare her to any actress as they dont measure with angelina not even an inch. have u see audrey hepburn carrying a sudanese orphan? pls. and i believed angelina will never say that


    Audrey Hepburn never KISSED her brother, horses, was not lesbo, heroin addicted and so on. No need to improve her image across “humanitarian” “activity”.

  • Smtthechuckster93

    its not their talent people are comparing its their looks, hell i still cant pick one

  • Farrell

    Both are beautiful women!!!
    Media wants a story and a new fresh face….personally, I love both women Angelina still hot and sexy. I personally think Megan is the upcoming sexy/bad/nice girl look all in one, age wise the younger one. Angelina had her time and now is aging gracefully with charaties around the world and remains in the public eye .

  • momo23

    megan fox is pretty and all but she wont be a good lara croft nobody can take angelinas place shes the best for lara croft and always will be hands do

  • Emmanual

    i think jolie and megan are dirty with all surgery lol not real beauty at all.!

    • Becky

      Ikr mostly megan