Gerard Butler’s Getting Fat!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler‘s getting fat — and he’s embarrassed about it!

The actor piled on the pounds while filming 300 and is reportedly hitting the gym hard to get back in shape.

“He’s so embarrassed that his six-pack abs have gone, he works out wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses,” a source told Page Six. “Can you imagine the ladies’ response when they think they scored a Spartan warrior but instead see that gut!

“He joined a private gym in Chelsea, Peak Performance, that’s so discreet, it’s on the eighth floor and strictly limited to approved members.”

It’s no wonder Butler’s gaining love handles — the 39-year-old recently revealed that he makes late-night trips to the fridge!

“My late-night pigging-out binges,” he said of his worst habits.

“I went to my fridge the other day and was so angry there was no bread.

“I called my assistant and said, ‘What happened to the bread?’ “She said, ‘Your trainer told me to take it!’”


  • weetiger

    Hey Adam- Are you nuts as well as blind? Gerard Butler can in no way, shape or form be considered FAT!

    You cadged a bunch of snippets from other interviews and concocted this mess of a post that is both misleading and untrue. What’s the point?

  • Michaela

    To quote yourself, “It’s called a Stairmaster, Gerry, use it!” hehehe…I love you, Gerry…pre-300 or post-300…doesn’t matter! I just got back from watching The Ugly Truth..and two hours of my favorite person on the planet turned into my worst nightmare lol…I mean, I know Gerry talks like that in actual life, but to actually hear him and see him all at the same time..way too much for me! hahaha The whole movie I was like, “omg, Gerry! You did not just say that!” hahaha

  • Colin

    Just because you join a private gym it only works if you GO to the gym.

    No doubt he will bounce back in no time.

  • Eric

    why can’t you scumbag, sleezy, worthless, greedy paparazzi just leave people alone! I mean GOD DAMN! they are people too! a whole lot more famous than you’ll ever be. I’m not going to go all “Chris Crocker” here, but you people need to take a look at yourselves before pointing out the flaws in others.

  • http://msn Graham

    Could someone tell me what the hell love-handles are, please?

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