Zac Efron: ‘I’m Not Obsessed About my Appearance’

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zac EfronDoes Zac Efron spend ages in front of the mirror?

Apparently not.

The High School Musical star insists he isn’t “obsessed” about his appearance.

“On a normal day,” Efron told a British magazine, “I’m usually out of the shower and ready to go in a couple of minutes. I’m not a naturally groomed guy. I like to look good, but I don’t get obsessed about it.

“Someone said to me that guys are trying to copy my hairstyle, but to be honest, this hairstyle is derived from laziness. I wake up and go — that’s it. There’s no product in it, nothing.

“If you really want your hair to look good, just don’t wash it for a day. That’s my secret.”

The heartthrob recently revealed that he used to have a mustache.

“In high school there were guys who were really tall, there were burly guys on the football team who looked like my dad — and then there was me, who looked like a little kid. I was a late bloomer,” he said.

“I actually rocked a pubescent mustache for a while. It was so unattractive.

“I was not one of the cool kids. I wasn’t the heartthrob of the class in any way. I was just a regular kid.”