Robert Pattinson is ‘Stuck-Up & Demanding’

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson might not be as nice as he seems.

According to sources on the New York set of the British actor’s new movie Remember Me, Pattinson is aloof, stuck-up and demanding!

“I don’t know what the guy’s problem is,” one source told Star magazine. “He goes from his trailer to the shoot and completely ignores all the fans who have been waiting around to see him. It’s so obnoxious.

“We had a couple days where it was really hot on set, and he wanted a specific kind of water, an iced lemonade, all this stuff that we didn’t have. So this poor assistant had to run around getting all these things. He wasn’t even thankful.”

Pattisnon also has a bad reputation with Big Apple bartenders.

“He walks in here like he owns the place,” said a Bowery Hotel employee. “This one waitress treated him like a normal customer, and he flipped.

“He was really upset that she didn’t recognize him and remember what he ordered the last time.”

Pattinson was reunited with his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart at Comic Con in San Diego Thursday.


  • Soledad

    What a lot of rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would like to know the name of “the source of this nasty comment”. ALl lies of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One more magazine that goes in the pile of “I AM NOT BUYING IT ANY MORE”.

    Poor Robert, he is such a nice guy and he has always been very appreciative of his fans.Every tabloid magazine wants to make money saying anything about him even though we know they are all lies!!!!!

    Shame on you “Star Magazine”

  • Amy Joy

    BS…don’t believe a word of this

  • Amy

    Obviously not true,,Try getting something that is actually true instead of making up BS to get people to come on the website.

  • maria-ultimate twilighter

    LISTEN….to all you STUCKUP and SLEEZY so called ”sources”. Leave all these people the hell alone ….I MEAN REALLY! The world would be a better place without you frigg’n liars buzzing around trying to find out ”what’s new?” BACK THE HELL OFF!!! TWILIGHT FAN 4EVA

  • Julie Harford

    If he is aloof, maybe the poor guy is just tired? I’d imagine having people chase you every where you went might get a little taxing after a while. That being said, I for one am waiting (semi) patiently for the new movie :).

  • teamtwilight

    Yeah right
    -pure BS-

  • Jane

    Rob was told to keep his head down and not acknowledge his fans due to the harrasment from them and he did what he was told. At the last of the shooting, he started having his picture taken with fans again late at night. As for being demanding, I think that is made up for it has never come up before anywhere else. Could someone be a little bit jealous?

  • Dee

    LMAO .. a “specific kind of water”?? Do the idiots that make up this stuff even realize that the paps have been photographing his every move?

    Therefore the fact that he has a different brand of water in his hand just about every single day is documented. He doesn’t give a rip.

    What a load of BS.

  • Katy

    robert wouldn’t do that, hes really nice , don’t make all this up god , robert and kristen , the best forever :D

  • Kara

    wow. Exhibit A of how our sleaze-media loves to knock people off their pedestals and then try to help them back up to make a buck. You guys SUCK!!! I live in NYC and hear nothing but great things about Rob, from everyone who’s met him and posted pics and stories on blogs about him greeting them at 1 or even 5 am after a long day of shooting. He HATES the big, screaming crowds (wouldn’t you!??) but will gladly approach the sane fans who patiently wait for him to finish. But now that is even not happening I don’t think, it’s gotten too insane so his bodyguards are sneaking him off set through alternate entrances. If I was an actor I wouldn’t want to break my concentration and get out of character to appease the fans. That’s not what he’s getting paid for. So give him some respect and prove you’re at least half human by refraining from publishing this CRAP!!! You are officially on my hit list. You all can go to hell at SHOW BIZ SPY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Load of shit …. nuff said!

  • Tammy

    Load of shit …. nuff said!

  • Sarah

    source name? too much…poor guy..dumb rumours..

  • hoops

    Oh guys leave him alone. He isn’t rude!!! People always have their bad days. If it is all true is was probably having one of them. He loves his fans. He has said that!!! He was obviously in the zone of who he was about to play to those fans hanging around his trailer!!!!! Give him a go!

  • ashley

    this article is a load of crap. rob is one to shy away from attention, and you’re going to tell me he was upset people didn’t notice him? stop writing nasty bs that no one will believe unless they have their heads shoved up their asses. its all just to get hits on your worthless site.

  • Holly

    This is such rubbish. Shame on you for posting it.

  • Yeah right

    Seriously, this crap has to stop. Because these rags can’t find any real information, they make it up. It’s been like this since he hit NYC. No wonder he’s looked totally miserable the entire time.

  • Suluvzy

    CRAP…..this is the second BS ive ever read~~~the first is the pregnant thing

  • Rhiannon

    I wish people would leave Robert alone this supposed “source” is probably randomer who doesnt like Robert and i mean give the guy a break im a big fan and even i realise he cant stop and talk to every fan….hes being mobbed by thousands of people everywhere he goes if he personally greeted every fan he would spend his whole life doing so…also hes propbably avised by his management not to speak to fans all the time as this will just gave them more fuel and he’ll never get any filming done

  • Vanessa

    HAHA i don’t believe this. Rob doesn’t look like the sort of person who would “flip out!” if some waitress didn’t recognise him, he seems pretty down to earth kinda guy…oh and any article that says; “sourses said” is bullcrap because it’s a lie! =)

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