Susan Boyle Feels Like a Megastar

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Susan BoyleSusan Boyle felt like a “megastar” when she appeared on American TV alongside Elaine Page — bumping President Barack Obama out of a prime-time slot.

The Scottish singer — who shot to fame on Simon Cowell‘s UK TV show Britain’s Got Talent — says her superstar status is finally beginning to sink in.

But Boyle admits she still can’t believe how much her life has changed.

“It was fantastic to be on TV with Elaine,” Boyle told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper in a new interview. “When I watched the interview back I felt like a megastar for the first time.

“I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past few weeks. I am so happy and I never want it to end.”

Susan’s brother Gerry says the changes in the star’s life have left her spellbound.

“Susan thinks it’s crazy how her life has changed so fast,” she said. “She rang me after the interview on US TV and could barely talk she was so excited.

“Simon Cowell has put a wonderful team in place who look after her life. She loves the buzz of life in London and calls it home now.”

Susan, 48, has moved out of her council house in Blackburn, West Lothian, to a swanky flat in Kensington, West London.

“I knew when she walked on to the stage the world would be shocked,” Gerry added. “From the day Susan was knee-high she was singing.

“She had a difficult time at school because she was a loner. She’d get bullied and come home in tears. But at home she’d listen to my dad sing and sit at the piano next to my mum and play. The house was a special place for Susan. It was salvation from the bullying and she developed a brilliant voice.”


  • leonina

    All this is and invention from the Sunday Mirror and you repeated it. This is them talking not Susan. The article is nothing but a mixt of diferents stories. Susan is a humble,down to earth lady.Stop try to put your world in her mouth, we know better..The Lady has talent and is killing Adam and the Sunday Mirrow.Go and learn how to write a good article, this is more of a collage than an article.Do you get paid for this?

  • sonia

    Susan didn’t do and interview with the Sunday Mirror. She had her esclusive interview four day ago in NBC and is now back to the recording studio. Adam stop repeating what the Mirror fabricate. It will be nice for a change that you write something original and true. Work a bit for your money,man..

    • Adam


  • Misti in Seattle

    Probably would be a good idea to write your own articles based on some facts rather than quote a British trashoid. :)

  • Brenda

    As if we’d believe anything that came from the Mirror.
    Just another rag and part of the demolition ball that Susan spoke of.

  • Evelyn Thompson

    Susan is Fantastic.!!!!
    Susan is what we need more of in this world of ours this day and time.
    May the good Lord bless and keep her forever.!!!

    We Will be so glad to buy her CD’s.

    Our” Thanks “go out to Simon Colwel.

  • Antonia

    I want to know when Susan will come to sing to Boston, Ma.
    Is she coming in november 09? I know a lot of people who will be in line waiting for her and I want to be the first!
    Please let me know ASAP.
    Thank you very much

  • Antonia Alen

    I forgot to ask you about her recordings. Let me know ASAP about her CD’s. I will buy them all. Do not forget it ! Thanks