Victoria Beckham Refuses to Leave Los Angeles

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Victoria BeckhamDavid Beckham is desperate to leave America — but his wife, Victoria Beckham, is refusing to give up her LA lifestyle.

David was left reeling after a confrontation with soccer fans during a recent LA Galaxy match.

He’s now said to be keen to get away from the States and move back to either the UK or Italy.

But former Spice Girl Victoria has told him in no uncertain terms that she won’t be leaving.

“Victoria will only be leaving America over her dead body. And she’s told Becks words to that effect,” a source told British tabloid The People.

“She’s never been happier and loves living in LA. What’s very important to her is that she gets her privacy.

“She wouldn’t get that anywhere in Europe.

“Victoria’s priority is her children. She’s building a life for them in America — and a very happy one.

“She loves the fact that she can do as she pleases over there.

“She can lead a more normal life and, above all, the kids love it.

“David’s football might not be going too well, but Posh is loving it out there.

“She runs her fashion label from there and things are going brilliantly for her. The family has the rest of its life to live and Victoria wants that to be in America.”

David, 34, recently denied rumors he and Victoria had put their Beverly Hills home on the market. “As far as I know, no,” he said when quizzed about the claims.

“I hope not because I want somewhere to live for quite a few years, so no that’s not true, I’ve heard many rumors about buying and selling houses so it is just another rumor.”