Salma Hayek ‘Jealous of Jennifer Aniston’

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Salma HayekSalma Hayek is furious that Jennifer Aniston‘s cameo appearance on 30 Rock got an Emmy nomination while hers went unrecognized.

The Spanish beauty apparently lashed out big time when the nominations were announced earlier this month.

“Salma was angry and swearing in Spanish when the news broke,” a source told Britain’s Star magazine. “It’s not that she isn’t happy for Jen, but she feels her own work was as good if not better.

“They just gave Jen a nomination for the press. They should be ashamed!

“It’s like the last season of Friends, when she won just because it was the last season.

“The Emmy should go to Tina Fey for her Sarah Palin impersonation [on Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash].

“If it goes to Jen, then we really know it’s fixed!”



  • Opinion

    Jennifer Aniston IS great and people ARE happy for her success if she wins she deserves it and Salma Hayek is not the one to decide who does – whatever gives her such sense of authority

  • Amanda

    I don´t believe that Salma feels jealous of Aniston…is stupid.Salma is a great and beatiful person.

  • Anonymous

    She DID NOT win in the last season of Friends. It was SJP!!! Jennifer won in 2002. Get your facts straight!

  • WTF

    She DID NOT win in the last season of Friends. It was SJP!!! Jennifer won in 2002. Get your facts straight!

  • winnie

    yeah sure just for press….come on she is a good actress and deserved the award she gets…don’t be hatin and have petty jealousness

  • kl

    if ur gonna make up shite try n at least get some of the facts straight, she won in 2002 :)

  • Sebastian Rio

    Just a quick note to say that you all really believe she was Jealous??? You should all know not to believe everything you read. Salma has never say anything bad about anyone in all the time that she’s been in the US. She’s one of the greatest actors and she is a very respectful lady. I admire her mainly for that and I think that both Salma and Jennifer are great.

    Good luck to both of them they are amazing actors.

  • Opinion

    Salma has her qualities and I agree that Tina Fey was great and everyone who is nominated has a merit. Jennifer shouldn’t win just because she’s a media favorite, but it is also unfair to say every time she wins it’s because she’s a media favorite. She’s worked her butt off these years and moved on with her life and it has irked many people to realze how much respect and appreciation she’s earned. Salma has worked hard as well but she came from a wealthy family and what she accomplished was largely because of her influences and financial support of her family and the education she received. An average Mexican wouldn’t have made it happen the way she did. She complains of unfairness, we Mexicans appreciate her but we also see the unfairness of her rise to fame. Most Mexicans don’t look like her or live like her, she had an advantage from childhood.

  • Sebastian Rio

    I totally agree with you. She comes from good family and but lets now say that she has not worked hard in the entertainment industry because in this country coming from a wealthy family doesn’t mean that she will get the lead or anything like that. It took years for her to have the name that she has right now and the position. She has worked her butt off to be where she is now. Jennifer I love her and I think that she amazing! but lets not say that Salma does not deserve an award. Lets not forget that thanks to her TALENT! she was the very first Mexican actor in history to be nominated for the best actress nomination for her rode on Frida and that film has 12 nominations. Not everything was for free. In Mexico maybe but here NO.!

    I think that she really don’t care and bout nominations or anything. She won a day time Emmy for directing the “Maldonado miracle”

    Salma is a Mexican and we all should be proud of what others Mexican accomplish here not only Salma but Kate, Paulina,Thalia etc…

    I’m Mexican American and my family is one of the most respectful families in Colima but I had to work hard for what I wanted and now I’ve made it…:)

  • Opinion

    I believe that Salma deserves what she has, but I think her performance in 30′s Rock was not that impressive. She has done good work and bad work like everyone else. Jennifer’s was better and that is a hard pill to swallow but it shouldn’t be.

    I am supportive of Latin exposure but I would disagree that Paulina or Thalia’s work is worth supporting, in my opinion they are both very shallow and not very talented performers who were put to fame by their families from childhood.

    Mexico’s famous are a bunch of soap opera people and thank God Salma left that insanity that is one of the most important reasons why I admire her.

    But I think she had a hard time believing that people would favor Jennifer over her. Well Jennifer ROCKS! much more than Salma! It’s about talent and relatability. Jennifer is extremely relatable.

    Rich families in Latin countries only breed self-absorbed and superficial people and their vibe is evident even though they want to portray depth they have no depth because their lives have been so sheltered and outside of reality.

    Many mexicans disagree that Salma is a good actress which is really sad because she has worked hard here, but I think now she sees herself above the waters and she needs to come down to the ground.

  • Anonymous

    JAJAJA Oh my god, where do they find these people???. Is it a bad thing to come from a wealthy family, have and education and getting your visa without a problem???, turns out i’m not a real mexican just because i’m not ugly, out of a slumdog or just stupid???…RIGHT!!!

  • amazing

    it’s not a bad thing to come from a wealthy family, it is a bad thing to put other actors down just because you are a spoiled brat that wants all the attention that you’ve always had all your life. it is comments like these about people who are “ugly,” poor, and “stupid” that demonstrate your arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity.