Emma Watson to Launch Ethical Fashion Label?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Emma WatsonEmma Watson is set to branch out from her Hollywood career — by launching her own ethical fashion label, according to reports.

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince star is close to securing a deal with Fairtrade company People Tree to create a teenage clothing line, which she hopes to launch later this year.

Emma — who was recently unveiled as the face of British fashion house Burbery — has previously said she is not a fan of celebrities cashing in on their names.

But a source close to the young star told Britain’s Daily Mail, “She’s a big supporter of ethical concepts so liked the idea of this.

“There’s also a lot of interest from other influential brands since her success as the face of Burberry.

“Acting is always going to take priority, but she’s keen to branch out.”

A spokesperson for the actress said, “Emma supports many Fairtrade organisations but has no formal relationship with any company.”


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    Well I’ll be curious to see how these designs come out. I’ve always thought Emma has had great style!

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