Jessica Simpson Wanted to Play Ken & Barbie With Tony Romo!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson‘s relationship with Tony Romo hit breaking point when she insisted they dress up as Ken & Barbie for her birthday party, it has been claimed.

The couple began dating in November 2007, but split on July 9 — the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday.

“Jessica, a supposedly mature 29-year-old woman, kept flitting around her Dallas Cowboys super-jock squealing like a little girl, saying, ‘It’ll be so much fun, honey. All my friends are coming, and we’ll all be dressed up like dolls. And you’ll be my ken!’” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Jess totally missed what any woman with half a brain could see — Tony was rolling his eyes like he desperately wanted timeout. There was no way Tony was going to dress up like a Ken doll. He never would have lived it down. His teammates would have roasted him to death.

“But sadly, Jess just didn’t get it!”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that, still reeling from her split from Romo, Simpson has vowed to stay single for at least six months.

“She needs time to clear her head, so she’s putting dating on the back burner,” a source said.

“Jess knows she’s overly needy and tends to define herself by the men she’s with.

“Jessica wants to figure out what she does to repel men and fix it.

“For the time being, she’s refusing to be set up, she doesn’t want to date, and she’s definitely avoiding meaningless hookups.”


  • M&M

    I actually spoke to Jessica a few times at awards shows and her BREATH was disgusting every time. It was so bad that I’m sure it took part in Tony’s decision to bolt. Icky stuff no joke.