Simon Cowell’s Ex: ‘I’d Never Get Back With Him’

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Terri SeymourSimon Cowell‘s ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour insists she isn’t clinging on to the music mogul — and is adamant she’d never get back with him.

Seymour says despite her close relationship with Cowell, they will only ever be really good friends following their split last year.

“I’m definitely not clinging on to Simon,” she told the UK’s Fabulous magazine in a new interview. “We’re not together and I would never go back out with him. When we go out with friends, I flirt with guys, he flirts with other women. It doesn’t bother me at all.

“He’s also always suggesting guys I should date. Most of them I’d never be interested in!

“I would like to see Simon with someone else but I honestly can’t think of one woman who would be perfect for him. I think he needs more than one woman – and none of them should live with him. He’d definitely be happy with that!”

“Simon still has tonnes of photos of me all round his house,” Terri added. “So I’d have to go and take them all down if he starts a relationship with someone else.

“And yes, it’s true, a lot of guys would find my relationship with Simon hard to handle. I’ve been on dates since we split, ¿but with no one serious. Same with Simon. I think I would have to speak to Simon if I did meet someone because I know for sure he wouldn’t think twice about still wanting to meet up all the time and calling every day. It’s just how we are.”



  • Karen


    • Karen

      Sounds, to me like the two of you have not completetly split. Like I said SICK. Poor lady who is about to take the plundge. By the way, I think she is much more of a beauty and I can look at her and tell she is not VAIN! Give him up and let them find their own happiness. Get a life yourself.