Gerard Butler Likes Dumb Women

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler prefers beauty over brains.

The Scottish actor — who stars opposite Jennifer Aniston in upcoming movie The Bounty — says he often likes to date “dumb” women.

“Sometimes along the way in my life I don’t want a smart woman, right now I want a dumb woman,” he said.

Butler, 39, recently revealed that he doesn’t understand the rules of dating.

“I would want a woman to call me if I hadn’t called her,” he said. “If I don’t call it’s because I’m busy. But this is why I’m single.

“But there is also the element that the second you think a girl is maybe not quite as keen, there is a little more interest in the situation. Sometimes, when it’s there right in front of you, it’s not as interesting.”


  • Robbin Eskola

    Wonderfully informative.