Miley Cyrus Lands SATC Role?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is about to get sexy!

The Hannah Montana star, 16, has reportedly landed herself a role in the Sex and the City movie sequel.

The teen queen sees appearing alongside the show’s leading ladies — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon — as a way of becoming a serious actress.

“Miley sees this as a transition from teen stardom to more adult roles,” dished a Hollywood insider.

“We’re all wondering how long it will take Kim to have Miley knocking back Cosmos and ogling all the men. Seriously though, all the girls are excited to have Miley on board.”

Details of Miley’s role are still unknown.


  • kat

    What a shame! NO actress should be allowed to ‘get sexy’ until age 18, especially someone who influences younger girls like Miley Cyrus does! To me it’s almost criminal. Why are her parents allowing it?!

  • http://None Michele

    I did not consider it a ‘pole dance’. She was just holding onto the pole to keep from falling off. Some people just take something and run with it. They make mountains out of mole hills. Theu turn holding onto a pole into a pole dance. It’s just to make something ‘tabloidish’ out of it.

  • Evette

    I agree with Michele she did not pole dance she was simply holding on to the pole for support. No one would want her flying aound the stage when the cart stop, would they? I wouldn’t. They just want her to fail or mess up everything she does, just like every other teen star. I’ll be glad when Selena Gomez makes a mistake. I hope they blow her out of the water one day! She’ll deserve it! Demi Lovato is ok she has potential, just like Miley!

  • Agustin Fenbert

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