Robert Pattinson Comforts Camilla Belle

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson reached out to his ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle when she split from boyfriend Joe Jonas.

The hunky British actor — who is widely rumored to be dating his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart — was quick to console Belle over her relationship woes.

“When Rob heard about Camilla’s breakup, he called her immediately, and they made plans to see each other,” a source told a tabloid.

“They’ve been on the phone every night. They sit and talk for hours on end, just making each other laugh. He also sends her sweet little text messages throughout the day.

“Rob and Camila have remained close for the past year while dealing with their own relationships. Although they’ve both been involved with other people, they’ve always had a thing for each other.”

Camilla, the source says, is thrilled that she’s in constant contact with the British heartthrob.

“She hasn’t had much time to get upset about her relationship with Joe falling apart because she’s been swept up by Rob,” explains the insider. “She says she feels so lucky to hear one of the sexiest guys in the world how special she is.”


  • Sarah

    OMG how many different people are pattinson and stewart going to get linked to? it’s practically new people every day at this point.

  • tn1

    This is stupid. She has never been his girlfriend. Rob always said she is just a friend. I’m getting really annoyed that most of the people publishing stories, just make up everything like: “His girlfriend Kristen…” or now: “His Ex-Girlfriend Camilla…” Check your sources!!



  • Eve

    Adam, no wonder your parents named you Adam because you are a good liar… an intriguer and a good gossiper !!! You’re just like the boy who cries wolf…People will read your story alright but nobody believes you…And that is sad…

  • Good for him

    I hope this is so true..she is much better for him. She shows character and doesn’t look like a b..tch. Go Rob now your talking…class act…you have my support…Woo Hoo!

  • Vickie

    What a pile of crap

  • fluffgirl

    Well..another gossip headline to attrac our attention and it works.. I can’t keep up with rob,s life ..kristine pregnant..kristine dump rob going out with emilly..rob dump everybody and get engaged to unknow girl.. now he rings up camilla bell and tell showbiz spy all about it because he loves talking about his private life to everybody.. he can’t wait to tell you the color of his underpants today ..or what he had for breakfeast ..get ready for more headlines…rob dump fiancee ,, rob back with kristen.. kristen dump rob… ok I give up..what are you making up for tomorrow sure not to click on it …that will stop the whole things…

  • Netti

    well f*** me up the arse. what fucked up shit have you been eating and spitting out, seriously???? have you not heard of the truth. how the hell do you know who hes sweet talking at night puhleaze get some hard facts to throw around

  • TheReal411

    Rob has never been more than close friends with Kristen. Kristen has made it pretty obvious to anyone that watches and listens to her and is unbiased that she plays for both teams. She is not the kind of girl you bring home to mom. Watch her at Comic Con 2009 and Sundance Film Festival after party and interviews. Rob has been friends with Camilla since 2006 when she was in a movie with his childhood friend. Camilla is doing what all young people should do, dating to have fun and to get to know the person they are interested in better. She is is a nice girl like Taylor Swift. Joe is not a player. If she was the kind of girl some want to portray her as, she would not be friends with nice guys like Joe and Robert and they would not be interested in spending time with her. Some people actually have scruples, are selective and have self respect. They don’t want leftovers when they can have steak.
    Camilla has class, wit, charm, manners,confidence, beauty,a blossoming career, is down to earth, cultured and is a nice girl. Yep, there are a few left. She lives with her parents still and owns a condo. Girls like Camilla don’t fall out of trees every day and a wise guy recognizes that she is a rare gem. Don’t believe the lies about her. She is what she seems and is not a fake. She broke off with the Jonas boy in the summer. She will be getting married soon as she is in love, ready and knows the guy really well. They make a lovely couple.

  • dwanz

    well, Hollywood is crap! full of lies! Ent media always exaggerates things for their tabloids to sell. haha… Liars!