Robert Pattinson Refuses to Lose

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson always gets his way.

The hunky British actor — who successfully wooed his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart away from her longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano — is always focused, seems tireless, keeps his sense of humor and, most importantly — doesn’t take himself that seriously.

“Rob has the balance of being the hottest dude in town without acting like it’s a given right,” a source close to the actor told an American tabloid. “But Rob always makes sure he gets his way.”

Meanwhile, sources on the Vancouver, Canada, set of Eclipse — the third film in the smash hit Twilight movie franchise — say Stewart, 19, is much happier thanks to her romance with the hunky 23-year-old British actor.

“Everyone on the set approves of their pairing, because they really like both of them,” a source recently told American’s OK! magazine. “And they hope that love will blossom even more during the filming of Eclipse.

“Kristen is like a different girl on set these days. She is walking around with a smile on her face all the time and when Robert walks on set she smiles even more. This is truly a young woman in love.”

“They are definitely a couple and they are very much in love. Neither of them is rushing into anything, they are just having a good time hanging out, but they plan to explore their relationship even more while they are filming,” added another source.

“While they aren’t going to be hiding their relationship any longer, don’t look for them to be flaunting it either. They’re still both pretty private people.”


  • Pat

    What a good article. This seems to fit the profile of Robert Pattinson that I understand. I’ve read a lot on him and there is so much junk out there. This seems to be the most logical of them all. Thanks.

  • Sue

    Well it’s about time someone finally wrote a truthful article about Rob Pattinson. So sick of all the crap and lies that have been written over the past few months. Happy to hear that we will finally see them as a couple on their terms. As far as business promos, etc. I’m sure Summit will still try to keep them apart for fear that a couple presence would overshadow the promotion of the movie. They are such a lovely down to earth couple, a breath of fresh air and not your typical Hollywood weirdo’s. Good Luck Rob and Kris. Stay strong and happy

  • Soledad

    I have to say only one thing:
    ‘I love you Rob!!!!!!!!!!!” :) :) :)

  • http://KristenRob saf

    god for him for change something positive hey Kristen & Rob

  • Kristen Stewart

    hey saf
    how are you

  • http://KristenRob saf

    fine u Kristen say Hello to Rob from me, how was your day

  • Kristen Stewart

    my day is good

  • cheri

    you can tall Rob always like kristen. Happy for them they are so cute toghter and look like they have. Mike seems he is moving on. He was already seen some other woman and went back to her place.

  • stelange

    their love slowly and inevitably blossomed right before our eyes ^o^ sweet!! ^o^

  • intrigued

    Has anyone else noticed the the KS poser and saf not only seem to always be on here at around the same time, posting comments in rapid succession in response to each other, but also consistently make the same typos from each post to the next? Not to mention the same writing style, lack of capitalization, punctuation, and, in general, intelligence (or lack thereof)? This is an observation I have made not only on this article, but on comments from many other articles this past week as well.

    I wonder if this poser also knows that if KS should ever happen to stumble across her posts and see that this person is attempting to represent herself as the public persona of KS that she could be sued. It’s not that hard to get the IP address of the person making those posts.