Robert Pattinson ‘Head Over Heels’ For Kristen Stewart

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been getting really close these past few weeks — and Pattinson’s feelings for his Twilight costar are growing stronger by the day.

According to insiders, Pattinson — whose texts to Stewart were blamed for ending her relationship with actor Michael Angarano — may be a man on a mission.

“Rob’s dedication to winning Kristen’s heart says something,” a source told a tabloid. “He’s falling for her fast and seems to be head over heels.”

But it seems Kristen, 19, might be keen to take things slower.

It was recently reported that Stewart refused Pattinson’s offer of a free vacation.

“Kristen told Robert she’s incredibly fond of him, but doesn’t want to race into a serious relationship,” a source told the National Enquirer. “And she made it clear his constant pursuit is putting too much pressure on her.”

The source added that Twilight producers were so worried that Pattinson might blow up his on-camera chemistry with Kristen, “they begged him to chill and give Kristen space.”

Twilight insiders recently confirmed Rob and Kristen had “hooked up” — but insisted they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

“They’ve decided to be more public about going out now,” said the source. “They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve definitely hooked up.”



  • Michelle


  • Ellen

    I’m so tired of endless repetitions of old news and articles. You can hire someone to generate click events on your side. It’s pathetic. I used to like read articles here. Now – I’m hitting once a week. And this is a last one click I gave you.

  • Kristen Stewart

    i love u rob

  • http://KristenRob saf

    Kristen and Rob u desreve happiness!!!!

  • Jessica Moran

    Who makes up this crap?? Seriously!!!
    Rob’s reps have all already said that the reports about him asking Kristen on holidays was BULLS**T, and even if he had asked, could they not just want to go as JUST friends??
    I have guy friends that I go on holidays with all the time, one in particular.
    I’m out with him most days, but I have no romantic feelings for him. People ask us all the time if anything is going on because we’re so close, and it gets bloody annoying!!!
    But reading all this stuff about him being on a mission to get her… if he was, we’d know about it or even see it. It would be all over the place!
    Can people even name ONE thing that there is actual PROOF of, not tabloid gossip, or blurred pictures, but actual proof that he’s done anything romantic for her to prove he ‘loves’ her?
    Has he brought her out on a date or cooked her dinner or held her hand or flirted with her in public?? Even in interviews, has he ever hinted at anything remotely close to proving he’s head over heels for her?
    Apart from smiling a lot and buying her presents – if that’s even true – is there any solid proof of their aparent feelings for eachother? It’s gotten to a stage now where they don’t even want to be asked about their personal lives, as they know what they’ll be asked about, and they’ve had to tell their fans not to ask again.
    Its getting out of hand, It would definitaly put me off trying to start anything, be it a relationship or a hook up with some one, if no matter where we went, we were watched, had our every move scrutinised and analyzed, were asked questions, and had everyone basically annoy us about getting together 24/7.
    If we want a Robsten, we’re going to have to leave them alone, as it’s putting too much pressure on them and they’ll crack!!

    Sorry about the rant. I do think they would be cute together but I’m just sick or reading the same crap every day.

  • twilightcraazzzyy

    love ya Robert! <3 :D

  • LaLaBec

    what a load of bullshit.
    Gosh i agree with Saf again,
    they dont deserve all this crap example: rumours… & more bullshit.
    & they deserve happiness.

  • http://KristenRob saf

    Lalabec thank you i hope u fine where u from i am from Uk England

  • Laura

    Has it even been confirmed that she and Michael Angarano have actually split up? Because, to tell you the truth I haven’t really heard anything about it? :S

  • hottie224

    this is crap just leave them alone.well they must be happy together if they are dating..soo ppl dont need to get in there bizzness cuzz they prob dont like it!!!




    ILOVE YOU ROB!!!!!



  • Rose

    I’m so glad that they’re so happy!!!! And I do sort of agree with Kristen that she and Rob should take their relationship slow. Because if they rush into the relationship too quickly then they could just end up breaking up that much sooner. Take it slow get to know each other alot better. I really want Rob and Kristen’s relationship to last.

  • alyson

    Rob and Kristen deserve to be together!!!! they’re perfect for each other. And I think its so sweet that Rob wanted to take Kristen away on vacation, but I think that yeah they should slow things down because if they rush into this relationship then it could end sooner. But I also worry that if Kristen continues to want to take things slow then Rob could either lose interest or just become really angry with her.

  • Tia

    i actually feel bad.
    cos there are pics of rob in vancouver mainly umm eclipse set, and he is crying.
    well, its rumored people see different things but like in my eyes he WAS crying. apparently he is upset because the actors + his friends are telling him to back off and he really likes her and he was crying because off it. do you blame him. im not saying he was crying for that reason. im just saying what ive heard. and i dont know the website my mate showed me :/ soo dont ask. but i hate all the storys on this website [no offence] but you just put ‘a source told us’ i mean. you could be making it up for all we know. gets on my nerves.

  • Noni

    ewww.. kristen and robert = no.

    kristen is ugly as fuck.
    why does robert want her?
    like for reals man… you can get someone much better than her.

  • Jen

    Why is it that stars always fall in love while filming fictious charactors that really never pertray who they really are….Rob if she is not ready move on & maybe the next corner you turn will be true love………..

  • anonymous

    This is the same trash publication that a week ago posted that Rob and Kristen were just “hooking up” (aka having sex) and weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Now they’re claiming Rob is head over heels for Kristen. Pure bull****. It hasn’t even been confirmed that Rob is dating Kris and from the looks of it there’s no romance there, just friends. Poor Rob. No matter who he’s seen with the press will make it out to be either a sex hookup or a torrid love affair. Next week they’ll have the big breakup story (roll eyes).

  • Hi Tia

    Where are these pics or what site has Robert crying because I checked everywhere and there is nothing.

  • Yeah right

    Is this “source” the National Enquirer again? I can’t believe people actually believe this crap. If they are going to be so public as they say, why then have they both seemed to have completely disappeared? The other cast members have been photographed, but not them. Just let them be.

  • Chloe

    I totally agree with Saf…I hope they are not seeing each other I think it would be bad for the movies. Even if they are together I don’t believe it will last. I don’t believe Rob was crying on the set over Kristen either. That just sounds nuts….he would be so weak and crazy like a stalker. Until they come out as a couple…there is always going to be doubts. I think we have seen them because they are filming. If you notice we also haven’t seen Taylor,Bryce, or Elizabeth lately. They are probably filming the scene where they are in the tent together.

  • Jane

    Will someone please tell me the difference between hooking up and going together?

  • intrigued

    jane, hooking up is nothing more than casual sex

  • hottie224

    ok i only have to say, kristen may be really ugly with the new hair and i hate some of her clothes, and rob may be the hawttest man candy in the whole world ( heehee) but they make a really cute couple and they like each other and that is all that matters

  • taylor lautner

    hey all
    do watch out for new moon comin out in november !
    Taylor / Jake <3

  • Simone

    Wow…Jessica Moran! Either this is the first thing you’ve read on these two or you’re purposely in denial, but how in the world can you say what you’ve just said?
    If it’s proof you want, check out the pictures from the Kings of Leon concert. If you want further “visuals” look up the Vanity Fair photo shoot on He’s madly in love with her; you’d have to be wearing permanent blindfolds not to see it! *incidentally, he’s been giving her gifts for almost two years now, beginning with the guitar he bought her for her eighteenth birthday back in the Fall of ’07. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a present like that from someone who just liked me as a “friend.” Oh, and in case you need proof that K. loves him just as he loves her, again:::do some reading and observing. You’ll see the truth when you’re ready to see it.

  • A.E.

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. I think Rob wanted to be with Kristen. He is a straight forward and pretty honest guy( that is why he is my favorite celebrity ever).Therefore, when he said he was single he meant it. But that does not mean that he didn’t like Kristen and did not to want to get into a relationship with her, he just couldn’t. She was seeing someone else at the time ( Mike Angarano) and she turned him down. He could move on easily afterwards and find someone else.However, these guys get together and get to spend a lot of time together due to constant twilight filming ,so, their feelings for each other heat up each time they see each other again..I don’t believe each rumor i hear and each tabloid i read.On the other hand,i believe that he bought gifts for her and texted her like 400 times a month.. He also admitted to following around in the set,proposing to her a few times (I don’t think that was 100% joke) and that having a crush on her. Also, he said in one interview that one of the best parts of being Edward Cullen was to kiss Kristen ( watch Mtv interview with Larry Carroll)… Therefore,guys, he definitely likes her ( maybe head over heels in love with her ), no man in this world would publicly admit to things like that even after being turned down, he must be in love.Lately, the KOL concert photos prove his affection. She also shows affection.But, they are still not dating i believe.I can’t guess the reason why, relationships
    can get very very complicated. Therefore, nobody’s guess can be absolutely right.To conclude, i don’t believe that they bought a house in Hollywood, that she got pregnant and they are dating. If those were true we would definitely see some photos. No man with that affection can keep himself from hugging or kissing or holding hands…. He might have offered her a vacation,that can be true.. They will fall apart after the trilogy filming comes to an end… Therefore his affection may fade.

  • http://msn cheyl h

    i think those two love each other deeply so you people should just leave them alone and let them live their own lives just because they are celebrities they do not need all the attention if they want to be together let them be. They are very cute together. and they do love each other you can tell just by the eye contact no one can look at each other like that the way they do so stop with the garbage.

  • Fantasy world…

    I really love the people who comment on these article that tell others to leaveve robsten(puke)alone but they are just as glued to their screen to find out the latest news about this messed up couple. Or the ones who say they hate reading these articles because they are all b…shit! My question is why do you read them?? How stupid are you. Face it! you are only saying to leave them alone because you believe that KS or RP will read your comment and send you their autographs or ask you on a date. Get with it if you don’t want to read the bullshit don’t comment. As for the famouse Robsten fans, you guys need to realise that they are paid well to put up with gossip and tabloids as for the person who says she saw an article about Rob crying please tell me where it is nobody else seems to have seen this article. I truly hope this two are not together and they are good friends because first maybe i’m selfish I don’t want to see the remainder of the twilight movies messes up because of some stupid lover’s quarel. Second Rob deserves so much better than KS. She will ruin him and probably his career if he doesn’t start thinking with his right head. I know some of you no most of you don’t agree but i thought i would share my opinion. Thanks for reading!

  • Sue

    They can’t date, till they’re 28, is that what you’re all thinking?
    Honestly people, they won’t check your comments you know…
    so why getting all worked up on this?…
    If you don’t like kristen or robert, why are you here?
    you guys are so funny sometimes…
    Chillax, they’ll make mistakes, get over them, and will get a life. People does this everytime.
    If kristen wasn’t famous because of movies, would you search day and night for her??!!
    if she was a famous, let’s say painter, would the paparazzis chase her everywhere?
    She regards this as part of her career, kids, try to put herself in her place. if she was a partner with robert for business, would there be as much rumors as now??!!!
    Get a life, people, and stop posting useless comments: that’s web pollution

  • http://msn cheyl hymer not cheyl h

    who ever claims to be fantasy wourld needs to get a live and stop making rude comments about other people because youdont even know who they are and for you information i dont expect an autograph o nothing i just think people should leave them alone and him and kristen do make a good couple whether they are dating or not so i think you need to get a life and leave evey one else alone. and did you ever think that maybe if they are togethe it will amke the movies even better with even much more chemesty between them wake up they are both vey attractive people let them date whom eve they want to. kisten if you and rob are together im happy for you both dont let any one tell you to not to be together just take things slow and see where it goes the best of luck to both of you. you two ae great ill keep watching you movies good luck both of you.

  • http://msn cheyl hymer

    hi rob and kristen you guys ae doing a great job on the twlight movies keep up the good work. i wish that i can meet you both in person but you are to far for me to travel i live in wyandotte michigan and i cant afford to travel any ways you both need you space away from fans just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work and you will go far love you both. and dont listen to those fans that talk crap about you on the net. Thanks again for the great movies. bye

  • hottie224

    i totally agree with ya cheyl h. they are in love and ppl should leave them alone

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