Michael Jackson ‘Used Secret Email Accounts to Buy Drugs’

Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson held two secret email accounts which he used to buy prescription drugs, it was claimed today.

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, police on Sunday said they had only recently discovered the tragic King of Pop kept accounts with AOL and Google’s Gmail.

“The email accounts could hold vital evidence with regard to Michael’s death and the drugs he was using regularly,” a source told the tabloid. “Not only did he get prescription drugs through a network of doctors, it’s believed he may also have got them from illegal websites or drug cartels. The LAPD has to get a search warrant first and this takes a few days.”

It has also emerged police have got the number for a private mobile phone used by Jackson. Detectives had not been told about the rarely used number until last week — despite interviewing some 35 witnesses close to the singer.

Jackson, 50, died June 25 after suffering an apparent cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

His personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, is the focus of a manslaughter probe.


  • Krack

    What? Yeah, sure you can buy Viagra and some weak crap online, but it’s not like you can order up tons of Xanax. If you could he wouldn’t have had to enlist people close to him to get scripts.

    lol @ at the idea of a “Secret email account” on aol/gmail. You guys crack me up.

  • http://www.tomdegan.blogspot.com Tom Degan

    We have to give the man his due: Michael Jackson was – beyond a shadow of a doubt – a great artist whose recorded legacy will endure for decades, maybe even a century or more. But an examination of his life is riddled with questions of all that might have been; all that should have been. It is more than likely that this was a severely mentally ill human being who never sought the treatment he so desperately needed; surrounded by fawning sycophants who enabled his sickness by constantly reassuring him that he could do no wrong. As John Lennon once said in the same context about Elvis Presley, another victim of the excesses of fame: “It’s always the courtiers that kill the king”.

    The sad, inescapable truth is that for reasons we will probably never be able to fully understand, his talent and his career were ultimately wasted. Like Charlie Parker, Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland and Lenny Bruce before him, his brilliance as an artist would be overshadowed by severe, psychological torment and an unexplainable desire for self-destruction. Therein lies the real, unspeakable tragedy of Michael Jackson.


    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  • Angela

    To Tom Degan

    Well, that is only YOUR interpretation.

    You can also say that he was an incredible humanitarian and philantropist, besides a multi talented entertainment that excel in many categories like no artist before, a record braker.

    You categorizing him “severelly mentally ill human being” shows your own inside and mind. Suffice to say would have been to say he had extensive trouble w prescribed pain drugs addiction. Simple. You, however, chose the route of the tabloids, insulting, vilifying, disgusting, grotesque…

    Michael tuned a very sensitive wave to which haters and pompous pseudo intellectuals like you cannot. That was his problem, he was out of this world. But at least before dying and suffering critiques and cruxification of ppl that are not yet open to understand what he was about, he did leave a positive legacy to this cruel world that never deserved him, to humanity and this planet. Yes, he was there before the Al Gores et al that now ppl follow, he did charity when it was not cool to do charity. It is remarkable that despite his many issues (one would be enough to set anybody into desperation and freeze: child abuse, extraordinary physical pain due to scalp burns, idolatry by relentless fans, media hunting, total exposure in the public eye, lawsuits from ppl that target him like prey, constantly being hit by ppl that wanted his money, jealousies from within his family, a father that had an extra-marital child, a mother that pushed him into early Jehova Witnesses’ evangelization, etc.) he still DID something to leave his mark as a good person.

    What have you done to make this world better?
    Keep blogging stupidity and seating on your fat ass.
    Michael was hunted, yet, he left a wonderful legacy, despite his tribulations.

    Sleep sweetly in the light, dear, beautiful boy…
    God called his angel home…
    We love YOU more Michael! God bless!
    We are out of joy, he is out of pain.