Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Eye $3m Love Nest’

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to take their white hot romance to the next level — they’re reportedly eying up a $3m home in West Hollywood.

The couple is reportedly sharing Rob’s hotel suite while they’re in Vancouver, Canada, shooting Eclipse — the third Twilight film.

And if the living arrangements go well, Kristen, 19, and Rob, 23, will look to buy a house together when they wrap filming in October.

“Kristen wants a super-romantic place to share with Rob in Los Angeles,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

The house the couple has their eyes on has three bedrooms, its own pool, hot tub and several fireplaces.

“She’s been calling it their ‘future love nest’,” the insider added.

“Kristen showed Rob the photos and he thought it was perfect. Even though Kristen is buying it, she wants Rob to be happy with it to.”

However, the insider adds that Kristen doesn’t have to do much to make the hunky Brit happy.

“He was doing everything he could to get her back, and it finally worked,” said the insider. “He fell in love with her on the first Twilight shoot, and she’s still the one.”



  • haley

    Who are these insiders and sources?

  • sara

    WOW , like i hope its true but i think they r rumers ..u know i rly wanna c a proof
    nyway ,GO ROBSTEN <3 <3

  • Guest

    Al tough I would really really be happy for them I think is just tabloid stories. I don’t believe anything from the media until themselfs have confirmed this information. I think the Media needs to leave them alone and let them be happy and quit making lies to sell!!!!

  • naree uk.

    We hope it’s true..and we very very happy.. love you Rob&Kristen.

  • oh me oh my

    Too Bad…. that i dont buy the magazines and get to look them up for free on the net :(………..So FOr ThE MeDIa who are trying to make sales with magazines you half to think of the power of google first …you cant sell us your LyEs

  • Sophie


  • becky

    oh come on people who gives a shit what they are doing in there private life we cannot be all in there face all the time its so stupid just leave them alone and let them be together or not who cares anymore? Iam a huge fan of theirs and the twilight saga but seriously let it go already.

  • lats

    hahaha cant stop laughing at this ridiculous article.Robsten love nest…yah right!

  • Dayna Mills

    How are they looking for a house in LA when the two are very busy in Canada filming?!

  • guest

    It would be so if they are actually dating. a massive fallout would be so entertaining.

  • Ashley Green

    thats wat u guys are doing the whole time! lol

  • alice

    I THINK ITS TRUE! go robsten!!
    has anyone noticed that they havent been denying all this rumours like they used to? ;)
    i think they are a couple, and a great one too :)

  • http://KristenRob saf

    good luck!!!!

  • Oh my god…

    Are they crazy…they just met…I hope he screws her over the idiot..if this is true imagine what her ex thinks about all this. She is nothing but a stupid little girl and he needs to definetely get a grip on reality. Go home to England go shack up with someone who will understand you and cherish what you can over them. This little pothead is on the rebound and she’s gonna get you good.

  • upsidedown
  • Kristen Stewart

    rob i cnt wait to live with u

  • twilight fan

    I won’t believe any article that uses “the national enquirer” as its source.

  • Kristen Stewart

    i am so excited for our new home

  • LaLaBec

    Have any of u guys noticed they always use the
    same pic of rob & kristen when they have a new
    article on them ??

    btw i doubt national Enquier or whateva
    is a relable source …

  • Haha

    Yeah right!!! C’mon leave them alone!!!

  • regi-pixi

    whatever, whether the reports are true, i hope they are an item forreal, they look soooooo adorable together, =), make it official already!

  • tuly

    i hope they remain couple forever ever ever n ever.

  • tuly

    there s no need to make any nasty news abt them.if they r in love let them be.let them spent their time as they want.why dont the press leave them alone!

  • http://msn cheyl hymer

    good for you both i hope it works out for you

  • sharg

    to Kristen and Rob,

    Whether you are a couple or not, you both hold a special place in my heart. You have dazzled the entire world on-screen and I for one hope and pray you both have blessed lives. It is no ones business if you are together and buying a home, or whether you are just friends. That is your business and no one else’s. Just do what you know whats right in your hearts and don’t give a thought to anyone else. You are both wonderful people. Like I’ve said before, just keep on keepin on. You’re both strong individuals and you both can beat the media and all their idiotic lies. My hat is off to you both.

    Sharg (Sharon)

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