Lily Allen: ‘Men Are Scared of me’

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lily AllenLily Allen admits it’s been a struggle to find herself a new boyfriend — because men are worried she’ll write a song about their inadequacies.

Lily’s most recent single, Not Fair, was about men who are crap in bed.

“Yes, they are,” Lily — who recently confirmed reports she has a new man in her life — told the UK’s Elle magazine when asked if men are scared of her.

“I wish I’d never written Not Fair. You know, the thought honestly — really, honestly — never even occurred to me that it would scare men. I thought it might empower women.

“I thought women would go: ‘Oh God, yes, at last somebody is saying it.’

“I didn’t think it would put me in a position where guys would be like, “Whoa, no, I’m not sleeping with you in case you write something about it!”‘